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How Long Do Electric Scooter Batteries Last? And How Can You Increase Their Lifespan?

Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as an infinitely rechargeable battery.

Like the lead acid batteries we still find in flashlights and remote controls, the lithium ion batteries in electric scooters will all eventually wear out, even if it takes them a lot longer.

Lithium batteries begin to lose capacity after a few hundred charge cycles, then their efficiency gradually decreases until the battery starts to lose its charge entirely. Generally, this doesn’t start to happen until after you’ve put 3,000 to 10,000 miles on an electric scooter.

Ideally, the average electric scooter battery’s lifespan corresponds to the average electric scooter’s lifespan. And how long do electric scooters last? Well, that can be anywhere from two to four years or more, depending on factors like good maintenance, frequency of use, and proper battery charging and storage practices.

Lower quality batteries might need replacement before other major parts, but in our many years of experience with electric scooters, we’ve found that when a scooter fails, the problem is rarely one with the battery charging or with battery capacity.

That said, it’s fairly easy to find a replacement lithium ion battery for electric scooters by most makers, and most batteries can be installed with minimal technical know-how.

Know Your Scooter’s Battery Type and Capacity

Battery Specs

When you’re buying a new scooter, you’ll want to look at specifications like the battery type, capacity, and quality. Higher voltage batteries are great: they translate to more power available to electric scooter motors (which is why high performance scooters like the Apollo Phantom have 52V batteries and above). BUT, high voltage does not mean a longer battery lifespan.

Battery specs only tell part of the story of the advancement of the lithium ion battery for e scooters. But they tell an important part. Knowing and understanding specs like voltage, amp hours, and watt hours (a measure of volts x amp hours) can help you calculate battery life and make your own range estimates.

Electric scooter batteries are actually rectangular battery packs made up of smaller cells wired together in series or parallel. The given size of the battery is a number that describes the size of its diameter and length of its cells. Most electric scooters for adults use 18650 cells (18mm x 65mm), which are similar in shape but slightly larger than AA batteries.

18650 cells have many advantages, including long lifespan. They have some cons as well, including a high sensitivity to temperature. recently, some premium electric scooters like the coming 2023 Apollo Pro are using larger 21700 cells for potentially over 60 miles of range. These batteries have higher capacity and power output, but they also require proper charging, storage, and care.

Battery Quality

It might come as no surprise to learn that brand name batteries last longer. High quality electric scooters brands tend to source quality electric scooter batteries from known electronics makers like Samsung and LG.

But many generic cells are made in the same factories as the name brands and can have nearly the same reliability. An overall reliable manufacturer will source quality parts even if they aren’t stamped with household names.

How to Extend E Scooter Battery Life?

Electric scooter battery life also depends to a significant degree on responsible charging and storing practices and the degree of use. You can help prolong battery life by caring for it with the few tips we recommend below, using charging habits that ensure you get the maximum capacity out of your battery before it starts to sunset.

Learning how to take care of your electric scooter, and its most important part, the battery, is part of learning to be a better e-scooter rider in general.

What are Charge Cycles and How Many Do I Get?

Again, the battery‘s lifespan is counted in charge cycles, typically stated for an electric scooter battery as somewhere between 300. 500 full cycles of charging/discharging. These numbers roughly correspond to around 3,000 to 10,000 miles of wear and tear.

HOWEVER, it’s important to note that the battery doesn’t just die when it reaches its number of full charge cycles. It slowly starts to lose capacity. After around 500 charge cycles, most electric scooter batteries will lose around 20% of their full capacity.

Scooter batteries can lose around 30%-40% of full capacity after 10000-2000 cycles until the battery fails to hold enough charge to power the scooter and is effectively dead. Generally, you’ll want to find a battery replacement before this point, but it’s rare, as we’ve noted, for a battery to fail before a scooter’s other major parts.

Electric Scooter Battery Care: Best Practices

Batteries, like human bodies, are systems of energy storage and exchange. And like humans, they get stressed when pushed out of their comfort zone.

For an electric scooter battery, the comfort zone tends to be somewhere between 20% to 80% charge, a kind of goldilocks range that avoids the potential for overcharging or total discharge.

Both overcharging and totally discharging are stressful events for the battery and can shorten its lifespan.

electric, scooter, extra, mileage, brisk, battery

It’s fine to charge your battery to 100%, especially if you’re going on a long ride, but make sure you unplug it as soon as it has reached full capacity and do not let it overcharge.

Charging without overcharging

How to Avoid Overcharging

Many electric scooters use battery indicators that show the state of charge in a percentage. This makes it especially easy to tell when you’re at 100% full charge, and once you’ve reached that point, you should immediately unplug the scooter from the charger.

Even if your electric scooter does not show battery life in percentages, you can still unplug it before it overcharges. Once the scooter has reached the full recommended number of charging hours, unplug it. The battery indicator should be fully in the green.

If you want to keep your battery in that 80% sweet spot, then unplug it as soon as the indicator light turns green. (A green light does not mean fully charged right away.)

Using these charging practices means you should avoid charging your electric scooter overnight while you’re asleep or leaving it on the charger while you’re at work. These methods of charging are convenient and we treat a lot of our rechargeable devices this way, for better or worse, but overcharging electric scooter batteries is not only inefficient but potentially dangerous.

Don’t Let Your Battery Completely Discharge Either

When a lithium ion battery is completely discharged, it causes the cells to age prematurely.

You’ll especially want to avoid a total discharge if you’re storing your electric scooter for long periods of time or not riding it frequently. Try to keep your scooter around the 50% charged mark and check it periodically, topping off to 50% if needed.

Storing an electric scooter you don’t ride everyday in the 50% range will help prevent thermal runaway and also prevents the battery from becoming fully discharged, a state of exhaustion that shortens the number of charge cycles available to the battery and thus shortens battery life.

Never Let the Battery Get Too Hot or Cold

Apart from charging and discharging, extreme temperatures can also affect battery life and performance. Heat accelerates aging in lithium-ion batteries, while cold temperatures can reduce battery capacity.

Most electric scooter batteries are designed to work in a wide range of temperatures, but keeping your scooter in too hot or too cold of environs will decrease its lifespan.

Ideally, store your scooter and battery in a cool and dry place with temperatures ranging from 32F to 77F. Never store your scooter in direct sunlight and never leave it in a locked car on a hot summer day.

If you ride your scooter in very hot or cold temperatures, always let it cool down or warm up to room temp before plugging it in to charge.

Battery Usage

Scooter Riding Habits

You’ll need to consider your riding needs as well. It should go without saying that if you ride an electric scooter every day, you can expect to put more wear on a battery than if you only take it out on weekends and holidays.

If you want to maximize battery life, consider making fewer trips and riding for longer distances. Taking good care of your electric scooter battery and monitoring how you use it will go a long way towards extending its longevity. Paying attention to charge cycles, proper charging and discharging habits, temperature, and your riding habits will all help you get the most out of your battery and maximize its lifespan.

And if you’re using an electric scooter as your primary commuter vehicle, it’s in your best interest to buy a high quality scooter from a reputable maker who won’t go cheap on the scooter’s most important part: the battery.

The Importance of Maintenance and Firmware Updates

Performing all the basic maintenance on your electric scooter will prolong battery life by making sure the vehicle is running at the most efficiency possible and thus consuming less power while using it to go farther and faster.

Proper maintenance includes making sure your electric scooter has the latest firmware updates. Electric scooters that integrate IoT, like those made by Apollo, can integrate firmware updates based on real-world rider data and statistics.

Scooters with the Longest Battery Life from Apollo

Advances in battery technology, software, controllers, and battery management systems have enabled premium manufacturers like Apollo to build electric scooters that go farther than ever before.

Apollo has become well-known as a maker of electric scooters with the longest range in their class. The new Pro (which is nothing at all like its original “Pro” they marketed in 2021) promises up to 62 miles of range thanks to its larger 21700 battery (hence the scooter’s thicker deck).

The 2023 Explore, another name Apollo has brought back from the past for a truly futuristic scooter, will likely have similar specs, though we’ve only seen a teaser so far promising “unlimited range.”

In fact, Apollo has long made electric scooters with some of the longest range available on the market, from the 2022 Apollo Air, which ESG has tested at 31 miles of range, to the Apollo City 2022 and City Pro, with 30 and 38 miles respectively.

On the high performance end, Apollo’s 2022 Ghost and Phantom V2 top out at 39-40 miles, and the coming Phantom V3 will be even more efficient.

Apollo Scooters with the longest range

  • Apollo Air: 31 Miles
  • Apollo City 2022: 30 Miles
  • Apollo City Pro: 38 Miles
  • Apollo Ghost 2022: 39 Miles
  • Apollo Phantom V2: 40 Miles

These are electric scooters made from some of the highest quality parts, including their battery cells, which will last the useful lifespan of the scooter, and maybe beyond. However, the inevitable question remains. What if you need a replacement battery?

Apollo Battery Replacements

Apollo does not recommend servicing their scooters yourself. If you are in need of an electric scooter battery replacement, the best thing to do is contact Apollo Scooters Help Center to find out about getting your scooter serviced by a professional tech.


What if I lose my charger? Can I buy one on Amazon?

No, you should never use an aftermarket charger. Every reputable electric scooter maker stocks replacement chargers. If you lose your Apollo battery charger, you can order a new charger for your scooter directly from their website.

How long should I expect my scooter’s battery to last?

That depends on how you use and maintain your scooter. Generally speaking, a high quality lithium-ion battery will last up to 1,000 charge cycles until it stops holding a charge. However, proper care is key to ensuring a long battery life span.

Why can’t I charge overnight again?

Overcharging a lithium ion battery places additional stress on the cells, which can result in fewer charge cycles or even a fire caused by the internal heat buildup called thermal runaway.

ELECTRIC Scooter for Extra Mileage. Brisk

Get ready to drive the most lightweight E bike for extra mileage presented by AMO Electric Bikes. The newest member of the AMO EV family, the Brisk electric scooter, is enhanced with a stunning and pragmatic design to suit the latest trends. With Brisk, range anxiety and excessive maintenance costs are entirely eliminated. Learn more about this lightweight marvel below.

A brushless DC motor, commonly known as a BLDC motor, powers the all-new Brisk, an electric bike that is incredibly agile and portable. Additionally, it is electrified by durable VRLA batteries, which further reduce the cost of the two-wheeler EV. The VRLA battery set’s fast charging capabilities allow you to easily and quickly travel from one location to another.

Features that make AMO Brisk electric bike popular

Brisk is a cheery two-wheeled electric mobility machine with ideal dimensions that provide incredible aerodynamic performance. Due to its lightweight and streamlined design, Brisk, with a kerb weight of only 98 kgs, is simple to operate. With a 15-degree gradeability and 170 mm of ground clearance, you may ride easily across gently sloping terrain. Because of the elevated seat height, which is 800 mm, this e-scooty provides an outstanding riding experience.

Many characteristics of the steel-framed electric two-wheeler are not found in other EVs made by other firms. Brisk is a great mobility provider that can typically drive you about the city seamlessly in terms of efficiency and cost savings.

electric, scooter, extra, mileage, brisk, battery
  • Performance: Brisk is an electric scooter designed for middle-class and rural Indian consumers that offer unusually high performance and low maintenance. The finest feature of this new e scooter is that it has two types with a maximum range of 75 and 100 kilometers and an optimized speed of 25 kilometers per hour. This essentially aids in maximizing efficiency since speed is optimized for e-bike performance. A further benefit of the Brisk’s 249 watts of power is that you can drive it without registering or getting a license.
  • Styling features: The Brisk is your standard electric scooter for everyday purposes, therefore you may like to have a spoilt appearance. In order to elevate the exterior appearance of the e-vehicle, Brisk has integrated style enhancers in addition to performance capabilities. The Brisk electric scooter’s already stunning appearance is enhanced by the LED lights, which include the headlights, backlights, and illumination light. Additionally, you save energy and obtain greater efficiency when all the lights are LED. The best feature of this incredible electric two-wheeler is that the pillion backrest has plenty of room for you to store your valuables or even a helmet.
  • Tyre and Wheels: The innovative Brisk with digital display is a true game-changer for a comfortable and smooth ride because the electric vehicle is operated with premium tubeless tyres. The tyres, which are mounted on 10-inch alloy wheels, offer not only excellent grip but also a pleasant experience and striking composition.
  • Safety Features: If the aforementioned praise for Brisk isn’t enough, you’ll undoubtedly be astounded by its safety features. The technologically sophisticated electric scooter is loaded with safety features that increase user confidence. The following are some of the safety measures that come with the Brisk electric scooter:
  • Speed Control Switch
  • Anti-lock Braking System (EABS)
  • Engine Kill Switch
  • Anti-Theft Alarm
  • Centralized Locking System
  • Side Stand Sensor

Why choose Amo electric bikes over other two-wheeler Electric Scooters?

In the long run, AMO Electric Bikes are both affordable and economical. If this doesn’t impress you, try to drive one to see for yourself how effective they are at your local or nearby AMO dealership. Our electric bikes also help you save a lot of money on maintenance because they are almost maintenance-free. Given that AMO has either a limited or optimal speed that doesn’t distort the efficiency criteria, the efficiency is flawless.

  • Thanks to their upgraded design and tyres, AMO Electric Bikes can provide you with the smoothest ride ever.
  • Our e-scooters don’t have a complicated mechanical system, which gives you uninterrupted, peaceful riding.
  • Thanks to the fast-charging characteristics of our VRLA batteries, our e-bikes can be charged quickly and kept in operation constantly.
  • We have a great suspension system in place for all of our EVs. For instance, the telescopic fork suspension at the front wheel and the spring-loaded gas suspension at the back make Brisk quite convenient.

Going electric makes sense if you care about the environment, but AMO Electric Bikes may be the best option if you don’t want to spend a lot of money. If you’re in the market for a fashionable, modern EV brand, go no farther than AMO. If you want something light, Brisk can be a resourceful accomplice.

Battery Scooter Features

Encapsulating unstoppable energy, speed and powerful trustworthy companion for everyone. With eye-soothing looks to moderately high reliability. Brisk EV provides you all.

The Best Electric Scooters, According to Experts

New York State officially legalized electric bikes and scooters after a state budget agreement was reached in early April 2020, making getting around on motorized wheels easier than ever—and just in time, as many city residents were looking for alternatives to public transit at the start of the pandemic. It also doesn’t hurt that current electric scooters are better than ever, too. “Battery technology has vastly improved over the years, giving riders a quicker charge time and longer range,” says Ben Gibson, managing director of MicroScootersUK. “These technological improvements make electric scooters an even more viable method of commuting for more people.”

When you’re scooter shopping, the main factors to consider are weight, distance, and battery life. Typically, scooters weigh between 20 and 90 pounds, can hit speeds of 15 to 50 mph, and cover as much as 75 miles in on a single charge. The experts we spoke to recommended that first time buyers look for a scooter that is, above all, lightweight because “getting the scooter in and out of the apartment or office can be tedious,” says Manuel Saez, the CEO and co-founder of Brooklyness, a scooter subscription service.

Many of the experts we spoke to also highlighted the importance of a good suspension, which allows your scooter to glide along the road smoothly, even when conditions are less than ideal. As KC Cohen, the owner of Joulvert Electric Bikes and Scooters in NYC, says, without sufficient suspension, “it will feel like riding a jackhammer.” Gibson also warns that the e-scooter market has been flooded with cheaper models, which “are often made with less robust parts and can be prone to product recalls.” And Damon Victor of Greenpath Electric Bicycles says, whatever you do, ”don’t buy a cheap scooter with a cheap suspension. If the suspension breaks while at speed — well, it is not pretty.”

Another thing to keep in mind, says Eric Levenseller, the CEO of Levy Electric, is “the level of post-sales support you’ll be getting.” He adds that first time purchasers often “think an electric scooter will last them as long as a traditional bike, with little maintenance required. But electric scooters, while simple in their design, have complex electronics and battery systems that will likely require replacements over time.” Almost every expert we spoke to echoed this sentiment, so before buying, make sure your e-scooter can get proper maintenance and has a good warranty with replaceable parts. We asked six electric scooter experts (plus two other pros) about the best scooters available right now. Here’s what they recommend.

Best budget electric scooters

Victor says this one is “inexpensive and insanely reliable.” He says that while the Dolly is lightweight enough that you can haul it around the city with relative ease, “it also has a built in ‘dolly’ feature, where you can pull out a handle and roll it on two small dedicated wheels, like carry-on luggage.” It’s the only e-scooter on the list that has this feature, which is especially useful when your battery runs low. Instead of carrying your 30-pound deadweight scooter back to a charging station, at least you can roll it.

Weight: 28 poundsRange: 15 milesWeight limit: 255 poundsRecharge time: Four to six hours

This is the “ultimate budget scooter,” says Chuck Temple, founder of Electric Scooter Guide, who has tested more than 75 electric scooters for his site. “The M365 is quite sleek and well thought out. It’s also easy to use and uncomplicated, making it a great beginner scooter,” he says. The M365 has a 14.6-mile range, “a decent top speed of just under 16 mph, and a braking mechanism on each wheel, with the rear one being a disc, which we consider to be reliable,” he explains. Plus, there are pneumatic tires: “Large tires are safer because they take less force to roll over bumps, and being air-filled helps to cushion the ride.” They grip the road better, too.

Weight: 26.9 poundsRange: 18.6 milesWeight limit: 220 poundsRecharge time: Five hours

Best lightweight electric scooter

The Micro Merlin is one of Micro Scooter U.K.’s best-selling electric scooters, says Gibson. “It is lightweight and has four speed settings, making it suitable for every type of journey.” He also notes that the Merlin has “cruise control for effortless riding and an integrated dual suspension for comfort, a three-hour full recharge with regenerative braking, LCD display, and a 15-mile range.” It weighs only 24 pounds — one of the lightest on our list — and can hold a weight of 220 pounds.

Weight: 24 poundsRange: 15 milesWeight limit: 220 poundsRecharge time: Three hours

Best long-distance electric scooters

“I would recommend this particular model for leisure rides. It has a wide base and tall standing height, both features that make longer distance riding more comfortable,” says Levenseller. This is a heavier scooter, weighing in over 40 pounds, so it’s less ideal for commuting. But if you need to leisurely get somewhere on the weekends, this could be perfect for you. The Ninebot KickScooter Max also stands out with a 40-mile range, though it does have a longer charge time, at six hours. It can reach a top speed of 18.6 mph and handle a 220-pound weight load. Plus, it has an LED dashboard, making it easier to check maintenance issues, power levels, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Weight: 40 poundsRange: 40 milesWeight limit: 220 poundsRecharge time: Six hours

electric, scooter, extra, mileage, brisk, battery

“The Cruiser is basically the Toyota Corolla or Honda Accord of electric scooters,” says Temple. “It’s super-practical and has features that make it comfortable for long-range commuting: huge tires, a large standing area (called a deck), turn signals, a good top speed, good hill-climbing ability, and legendary range.” Temple says the EMOVE has a range of about 50 miles, and it will charge in under 12 hours. At 50 pounds, it’s not exactly lightweight, but many riders will be willing to overlook that for the scooter’s long range and reliability.

Weight: 59 pounds

Range: 50 miles

Weight limit: 350 pounds

Recharge time: Nine to 12 hours

Best electric scooter for even longer distances

“This is the Tesla Roadster of electric scooters,” says John Klinger, the brand manager of MiniMotors USA. Though it’s much heavier, at 95 pounds — almost three times the weight of some of the other recommended models — it “comes with a huge battery pack which will give you up to 75 miles of range, top speeds of over 50 mph (please ride responsibly), and great suspension, which is adjustable,” Kinger says. This scooter is perfect for longer distances, with almost triple the range of other models on our list. It also has ultrawide tires that are great if you travel on less than ideal road conditions. “It’s super impressive that you can have a personal transport device with 50 miles of range that will cost you 50 cents to charge up,” says Klinger.

Weight: 95 poundsRange: 75 milesWeight limit: 265 poundsRecharge time: 20 hours

Best commuter electric scooter

“For someone that is using their scooter primarily for short-distance commuting, I don’t think there are many better options than our original Levy model,” says Levenseller. “It’s also the only electric scooter with a removable battery, meaning you don’t need to carry the whole scooter around with you to get a charge on it.” You can store a backup battery in the stem of the scooter, just below the handles. It has a ten-mile range, a three hour charge time, and it weighs around 27 pounds, “which means carrying it with you on the subway, up the stairs, and tucking it away in your office shouldn’t be an issue.”

Weight: 27 poundsRange: Ten milesWeight limit: 230 poundsRecharge time: Three hours

Best electric scooter for carrying more weight

The IMAX S1 has an adjustable power setting via a “control panel on the handlebars,” says Victor. “This allows one to increase the wattage to either go faster or get up a hill. Or, one can choose a lower setting to go further in distance and get better range.” It takes only about three hours to reach full battery, and it has a range of up to 20 miles and can reach a top speed of 20 mph. The IMAX S1 is one of the heavier e-scooters, weighing around 36 pounds. But it has a powerful motor and pneumatic tires for long, comfortable rides. If your main concern is comfort, then the IMAX S1 will do the job over long distances, but it weighs almost 12 pounds more than some of the other models the experts recommended, which could be a major drawback for some people.

Weight: 36 poundsRange: 20 milesWeight limit: 528 poundsRecharge time: Three hours

Best electric scooter for a comfortable ride

“This thing is the Maserati of scooters,” says Victor. “Not because of its powerful motor that can go over 40 miles on a single charge, but rather,because of its advanced suspension, system which makes it one of the easiest scooters to control and handle on the market.” The suspension, he says, also “makes it one of the most comfortable for long rides.” It reaches a top speed of 15.5 mph and it can reach a 68-mile range if you use the eco-mode setting, though you’ll have to wait seven hours for a full charge. Plus, it weighs only 27 pounds, and it can hold a maximum weight of 264 pounds.

Weight: 27 poundsRange: 68 milesWeight limit: 264 poundsRecharge time: Six hours

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Battery-swapping allows for a fully charged battery to be installed in minutes or one to remotely charge the battery of their EVs.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 electric scooters with removable/detachable battery.

Electric scooters have witnessed the widest acceptance in the new electrified world. They are comparatively cost-effective with a low running cost and quick charge cycles. Battery-swapping allows for a fully charged battery to be installed in minutes or one to remotely charge the battery of their EVs. Let’s take a look at the top 5 electric scooters with removable/detachable batteries.

Hero VidaPrice – Rs. 1.45 lakh

Hero MotoCorp forayed into the electric mobility space with the launch of a new e-scooter – Vida. The brand’s first-ever electric scooter, Vida V1, is offered in India at Rs 1.45 lakh, ex-showroom and claims to offer a riding range of up to 165 km per charge. The Hero Vida claims to have a top speed of 80 kmph.

Bounce InfinityPrice – Rs. 64,299

Bounce Infinity uses a 2 kWh 48V 39 Ah swappable battery pack that is paired to a hub motor. This electric scooter claims a top speed of 65 kmph while producing just 2.9bhp of peak power and peak torque of 83Nm. The Infinity uses an IP67-rated lithium-ion battery that claims to take four-five hours to charge and offer a range of 85 km. It gets two ride modes Eco and Sport.

Bengaluru startup launches EV charger for small businesses at Rs 10,000: Compatible with 2,3 4-wheelers

Hero Optima CXPrice – Rs. 62,190 – Rs. 77,490

The Optima CX draws power from a 550W BLDC motor that produces 1.2bhp of peak power while being mated to a 52.2V, 30Ah lithium phosphate battery. The scooter takes 4-5 hours to charge and claims a range of 140 kms. The Hero Optima CX has a top speed of just 45 km/hr.

Simple Energy OnePrice – Rs. 1.10 lakh

Bangalore-based Simple Energy’s first electric scooter, One is powered by a 4.8kWh battery pack that offers a range of 236km on a full charge. The scooter claims to accelerate from 0 to 40kmph in 2.7 seconds.

Okinawa i-Praise PlusPrice – Rs. 1.45 lakh

Okinawa i-Praise Plus electric scooter uses a 3.3 kWh lithium-ion removable battery pack is giving it a range of up to 139 kilometres. The battery in this electric scooter claims to charge in 4-5 hours with a micro-charger and an auto-cut feature. The scooter is offered with a 3-year battery guarantee and a 3-year or 30,000 km (whichever comes first) electric motor warranty.

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