14 Best electric bikes and scooters for adults in 2023. Ecobike electric scooter

What’s the difference between an ebike and a seated electric scooter?

The key difference lies in the source of propulsion. Electric scooters are exclusively propelled by a throttle control and a DC motor. An electric bicycle (or ebike) is normally but not always activated by the use of the pedals to power the motor (pedal assist or pedelec) without a throttle.

Now you may be wondering, why would anyone want to pedal when you can just press a throttle? Pedal assist ebikes actually gives more distance per charge because it consumes only a fraction of the electrical power a fully automated ebike or escooter consumes.

Let’s say, it takes approx 200W of power to run at 25km/h on a straight road. On a pedal assist ebike, it will consume 100W of power from the battery pack and 100W of power from the rider. This compared to a full 200W of power that is solely powered by the battery when operating a throttle controlled escooter (or ebike). You can potentially double your range per charge on a pedelec!

However, pedal assist ebikes have been around for a while. We at sgscooters are more concerned about portable ebikes or electric scooters with seats that are foldable, lightweight and compact. That is our whole reason for our existence.

Pedalless Ebikes

What do you call an ebike-looking vehicle that does not have pedals? It’s ambiguous, but according to the latest legal classifications, they are classified as electric scooters and hence are not allowed to be used on public roads. For our purposes, we will classify as such:

Pedalless Ebike = Electric Scooter with seat

In this blog, sgscooters will introduce the Best Pedalless Portable Ebikes in the market.

URB-E – Coolest E-Scooter with Seat

The Urb-e hails from Pasadena, California and it is probably one of the few production seated electric scooter that is able to carry the “Made in the USA” tag. Wholly designed, engineered and manufactured in the US, the Urb-e has a boxy design with round cutouts for weight savings which makes for an interesting concept. Riders can customize the look by inserting different colored sleeves into the main frame. Here’s a video of how the Urb-e is made:

Sgscooters had the privilege of trying out the Urb-e and we found that although there is a slight learning curve to mastering the steering, its easy to get a hang of it after about 5 mins of practice. The coolest part is their quick folding and that makes it truly portable and seamless for a commuter. Its literally a one-second fold by lifting up the seat saddle and pressing it down.

Specification-wise, due to legal speed restrictions, the max speed for each is 20mph or 32kmh. Every full charge gets you about 30km. However, when we tried the Urb-e, it took abit of balancing for us to get used to the ride. Maybe it was just our balancing skills or lack thereof. We would like to think that the small 8 inch tires played a part in the stability of the Urb-e. The 8 inch rear wheel drive motor packs plenty of punch for its size, but does not offer the stability or grip that we were looking for.

start at USD 1499 for the basic scooter and 1699 for its more powerful, higher torque version. They have a sports version which goes for 1999 too. Considering it’s made in the US, the are pretty reasonable. Its available for order direct on the Urb-e website.

Stigo – Most portable E-scooter with Seat

The Stigo was conceptualized around the same time as the Urb-e and has taken a similar rocky path to production. The Stigo is designed and engineered in Estonia (where??) and manufactured by the same Taiwanese factory that makes Decathlon bikes. After 3 years of development, it seems Stigo is turning the corner and finally launching the first production Stigo.

At first glance, the Stigo looks big. And heavy. However, when you actually do pick it up and ride it, you will feel how light it is right away. The frame is designed in such a way that the frame is wholly made from aluminum alloy hollow tubes that are welded/screwed together.

The Stigo is as comfortable as they come. Their seat design is the coolest part. As opposed to a normal bicycle saddle, the Stigo has a wider saddle (for bigger butts) and is made of a flexible but tough plastic composite. The weight is incredibly light for its size at only 14kg for the basic version (range of 20km) and 15kg for the extended battery version (max range of 35km), giving it a range similar to the Urb-e for the top end.

Sgscooters recently visited their factory and witnessed a full blown production line churning out Stigos for an official launch in October 2016! Take a look at the pics below:

There is no learning curve to ride the Stigo unlike the Urb-e. A big reason is due to the larger 12.5 inch tires of the Stigo which makes balancing easier and also going up and down kerbs a possibility! Folding the Stigo is an ease too. It takes all of 3 seconds to fold and unfold it.

Check out our very first Stigo ride…with one hand on the steering wheel and the other hand filming. That would not have been possible on an ebike/escooter with smaller tires.

start at USD 1300 for the 20km version and USD 1500 for the 35km version. Pretty reasonable if you compare it to other premium electric scooters in the market. The Stigo is available now at Falcon PEV.

Triad 750 – Rugged E-Scooter with Seat

The Triadmotion 750 is considered one of the most rugged seated electric scooters on the market. Rugged usually also means a similar weight to match. The Triad is made of a stainless steel base which sets it apart from its lightweight peers which are made mostly out of aluminium alloy.

The Triad 750 is based on a 750W front wheel drive motor but has a wide base of about 70cm making it more balanced and stable than the previous 2. Its heavy duty front wheel suspension system makes it a much more comfortable ride than the Stigo or Urb-e.

All these features and ruggedness comes at a cost of course. 30kg of it. But if you want something that climbs any slopes and any hill, tackles rougher terrain (as rough as the roads can get in Singapore) and still be able to drink your coffee without spilling it, the Triad 750 is something you might want to consider.

Triad 750 with front shock absorbers

start at USD 1070 for the basic version and USD 1200 for the SF2 version, cheap if you consider the amount of features it contains. The Triad is real value for money. The Triad 750 is now available Falcon PEV for both versions.

best electric bikes and scooters for adults in 2023

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Rather than dust off your indoor exercise bike, electric bikes and scooters are a great way to get around — especially while the weather is warm.

Electric bikes put less pressure on you to pedal, allowing you to carry heavier reusable grocery bags, take farther trips and arrive at your destination in less sweaty conditions.

On: bikes

NYC hospital worker in viral Citi Bike fight ID’d as family sets up GoFundMe to ‘save livelihood and reputation’

Similar to electric bikes, electric scooters make zipping through town a breeze.

With scooters, the only thing you need is a bit of balance, as there’s no pushing or pedaling required.

Since there are so many models to sift through, we spoke with Ben Foster an e-bike expert at the family owned and operated electric bike store Strictly Ebikes. He gave us the low-down on the different options out there and how to choose the right one for you.

Be it bike or scooter, make sure they have a full charge, grab a helmet and then hit the road.

See below for a wide range of options for both, including electric scooters and bikes for adults, fat tire electric bikes, electric folding bikes, folding electric scooters and more.

Click below to shop a specific category:

Click below to jump to our FAQ with the e-bike expert:

Electric bikes for adults

Cutest electric bike: sixthreezero EVRYjourney NEW 500W, 1,400, original price: 2,000

Take a ride around the block and then some, with this adorable electric bike perfect for warmer weather trips.

From sixthreezero, the new model of the EVRYjourney is decked out in spring colors and ready for you to ride. Our favorite is the sage green bike above, but it also comes in brown, blue and yellow. The bike and its accessories can be customized to your liking as well, using the widgets on the site.

Best electric commuter bike: Rad Power Bikes RadCity Step-Thru 3 Commuter Bike, 1,999

Welcome to Rad City, population: you.

This slick electric bike is from Rad Power Bikes and it sure is rad. The white version is decked out with a low-step frame and a rear rack on the back, perfect for city riding and errands when you don’t want to take the car.

Easiest electric bike to ride: Trek Verve 2 Lowstep, 2,850

Ride safe and smooth this summer with an e-bike from Trek.

The Verve2 Lowstep is a perfect electric bike for those who want to enjoy riding more, but value a smooth and comfortable ride over all else. The pedal assist will help you ride longer and more confidently, while the suspension seat post and low step will make getting on and off a breeze. The bike comes in the blue color above, as well as in a metallic silver and a bright magenta.

The original electric bike: Bluejay Bikes, 3,295

Get on your pastel Bluejay Bikes, to kick off the summer in style.

There are 12 colors to choose from, including mint green, blue, white and black, all of which can be ordered in two different sizes — one for those 5-foot-5-inches and below and one for 5-foot-6-inches and above.

Best electric mountain bike: Schwinn Marshall Adult Electric Hybrid Bike, 1,290, original price: 1,600

Mountain biking is a lot of work, so why not make it a bit easier?

Amazon carries this Schwinn brand electric mountain bike, coming in four colors and two sizes to accommodate all riders. The bike has seven speeds and a pedal assist motor as well, can get up to 20mph with the throttle and can last up to 35 miles on a single charge.

Budget-friendly electric bike: Priority Ace, 599

The Priority Ace electric bicycle is a belt drive e-bike that eliminates the hassle of a fixing a traditional bike chain. You’ll be pedaling in the sunshine in no time — without the lecture from your wallet. With an under 100 price tag it comes with a single speed, two sizes and two styles to customize it to your comfort.

Electric fat tire bike: Wing Freedom Fatty 2, 1,299, original price: 1,999

Simply pedal to kick start the electric benefits of this fat tire bike. The Wing e-bike features a speed of up to 25 mph, built-in headlights and taillights, a battery range up to 60 miles and anti-theft tamper detection and alarm.

Folding electric bike: Ancheer 16-inch Folding Electric City Bike, 510

Made to be lightweight and easily collapsible, this is the ideal electric bike for city-goers. Simply store it in any corner, any vehicle and any space. Further details pedals for riding when the battery dies, a removable battery, ability to ride on the road or trail and more.

Electric scooters for adults

Fast charging electric scooter: Yadea KS5 Electric Scooter, 500

Let your electric scooter take you everywhere, and you can take it everywhere in return.

The new Yadea KS5 electric scooter is super easy to use and even easier to fold and store away when not in use, that it may just become your go-to mode of transportation this summer. Charge up quickly with 5H Fast Charging and then ride up to 25 miles, going about 18mph at max speed. The scooter also has Bluetooth capabilities, paring to any enabled device, as well as its own LED screen to show battery life, headlight status, a speedometer and more.

Longer range electric scooter: Hiboy S2 Pro Electric Scooter, 670, original price: 900

Hiboy is a great brand for electric scooters, and we found one on Amazon for a pretty good price. It can reach speeds up to 19 mph and can travel up to 25 miles when charged up, one of the longer ranges on the market.

Best electric scooter for commuting: TurboAnt M10 Commuting Electric Scooter, 360, original price: 450

Save some extra cash and consider trading in your car or metro card for one of these. This electric scooter from TurboAnt is designed with the commuter in mind, with a lightweight design for easy storage once in the office and an 18-mile range on a single charge. Plus, the under 500 price tag is hard to beat.

Best folding electric scooter: Hover-1 Rally Electric Folding Scooter, 250

Scoot into summer, and with savings no less.

The Hover-1 electric scooter is now on Amazon, sold for just under 400. The scooter is both electric and foldable, making it easy to ride and even easier to store in your garage or home when done. It can go as fast at 12mph and about seven miles on a single charge.

Best electric scooter design: Segway Ninebot KickScooter Air T15, 800

If you thought Segway was only for tours and mall cops, think again.

This Segway brand electric scooter is a game-changer, winning multiple awards for innovation. The Ninebot KickScooter Air can go as fast at 12.4 mph and about nine miles on a single charge. The whole scooter weighs only 23 pounds and folds up to be 8.7 inches, making it a portable and easy option for both riding and storing when done for the day.

Electric scooter with shock abosorbent tires: Gotrax GXL V2 Commuting Electric Scooter, 300

Featuring an improved console, longer battery life and folding mechanism, this Gotrax electric scooter is a popular choice. It also features a hand brake, shock absorbent air-filled tires and holds up to 220 lbs.

FAQ with the e-bike expert

The different types of electric bike models

Among electronic bikes, Foster says there are two main types you can choose from: step-over and step-through.

“Step-over is the diamond-shaped frame you probably remember from childhood,” he told The Post. “Step-through is missing that top bar, making it a more relaxed style — one that’s also better for shorter people.”

You’ll also want to consider what you plan on mainly using it for as Foster explained models with “fat or knobby tires are better for riding on trails or gravel” whereas “smoother and narrower tires provide a better ride on the street and give you more battery range.”

There’s also the power output to consider, which, according to Foster, will tell you how quick “but not necessarily faster” the bike is. These power levels can range anywhere from 350W to 750W, but it’s also important to remember “a higher power draw means you run down the battery more quickly.”

best, electric, bikes, scooters, adults, 2023

You’ll also want to determine the speed and whether you’d like a pedal-assist or throttle-assist. This is categorized by “class” as Foster describes with class one e-bikes being “pedal-assist only” with no throttle and “a maximum assisted speed of 20 mph,” a class two e-bike is throttle-assisted with a max assisted speed of 20 mph and a class three e-bike comes with pedal-assist only, no throttle and a max assisted speed of 28 mph.

Other characteristics to consider

For adventure seekers, Foster usually points people to a knobby-tire model with more power to handle both hills and off-road environments. Commuters should lean more towards “an easy-to-live-with model with a solid range,” while “if they’re an urban dweller, they may want a foldable model that can fit into an apartment,” he said.

What he thinks is the most important characteristic though, is “buying from a reputable brand or shop that will support you after the sale.” Make sure you look into the warranty policies of the electric bike you’re looking as as a new e-bike should have one for at least one year.

After narrowing down your selection, Foster suggests reading professional reviews and opinions from real people using sources like eBikes Forum or Electric Bike Review to “get an authentic sense of how different models perform.”

If you still find yourself with unanswered questions, he encourages visiting a shop to ask them.

“Ebikes are new to most people, so it’s totally okay to have questions!” he said.

Beginner e-bikes v. models for more experienced riders

For beginners, Foster says to look for “an e-bike with a lighter chassis, which means a smaller battery, and a less powerful motor.” Step-through frames are usually more popular among new riders, he points out the frame “really comes down to personal preference.”

Cost is also a consideration to take into account as newer riders may prefer to “get their feet wet with a lower-cost model that has fewer bells and whistles.”

Most experienced e-bike users Foster has assisted tend to have a “need for speed” so they are typically interested in models with a higher output level. These are also “often people who are avid bikers and like traveling long distances” that means a bigger battery may be a priority, which will also increase the weight of the bike.

What to avoid in an electronic bike or scooter

Custom or home-built e-bikes and e-scooters should be avoided as some repair shops won’t even service them. Foster says this is due to the fact that “they tend to be jerry-rigged together, and can even be unsafe.”

best, electric, bikes, scooters, adults, 2023

The emphasis should be on comfort over needs, too. Make sure your try out different models to find the most comfortable design to ensure you’ll ride it.

Ecobike electric scooter

Fast Shipping from Europe, 12 Months warranty, 247 support!

Shipping: Electric bikes ship from Poland to EU countries, door to door, free shipping and TAX, shipping time 3~7 days

Specification: 750W Powerful Motor, 20 inch / 15ah Removable Battery With Invisible Design, 20 inch / 26 inchX 4.0 CST fat Tire

Front and Rear Mechanical Disc Brakes / The front and rear shock absorbers

Shimano 7 Speed Transmission / Lockable Extended Suspension Fork

Three Riding Modes 5 Level Pedal Assist / Multi-functional LCD Display

Oversized Comfort Seat / Free Front Cargo Basket

Cmacewheel GW20 20inch fat tire ebike

Cmacewheel GW20 Folding electric bike 20inch 20 x 4.0 fat tires, suitable for all kinds of ground. The 750W powerful motor can reach 30-45km per.

Cmacewheel Y20 20inch step through electric bike fat tire

Folding electric bike 20inch for lady Y20 20 x 4.0 fat tires, suitable for all kinds of ground. The 750W powerful motor can reach 30-45km.

Cmacewheel RX20 750W 20inch fat tire electric bike

Cmacewheel RX20 750W 20inch Folding fat tire ebike.750w Brushless Rear Motor-48V 15Ah Removable Lithium Battery-45km/h Max Speed-20×4″ Fat Tire-Range: 70-100km Assistant Model-Grade ability: 30Degree.

Cmacewheel KS26 750W 26inch fat tire electric bike

Electric Bike CMACEWHEEL KS26 750w 26inch Fat Tire Ebike 26 x 4.0″ Fat Tires, Suitable for all kinds of ground. 750W Powerful Motor, 20AH Battery, Battery life.

Cmacewheel GT20 Pro Folding Electric Bike 750W 20inch

20inch fat tire electric bike GT20 Pro.750w Brushless Rear Motor-48V 15Ah Removable Lithium Battery-45km/h Max Speed-20×4″ Fat Tire Foldable ebike-Range: 70-100km Assistant Model-Grade ability.

best, electric, bikes, scooters, adults, 2023

Duty Free to Door 14 Inch Folding Electric Bike 15Ah in Poland Warehouse

14inch Folding Pedal Assisted Electric Bike 15Ah Double Disk Bike General Features: Motor: 36V, 400W Frame: 16″ Aluminium alloy Battery: 15 AH Lithium battery Wheel size.

Cmacewheel RX20 Max Dual Motor 20inch

Dual motor 2750W electric fat bike RX20 Max.750w2 Dual Motor. Front Rear Hub-48V 17Ah Removable Lithium Battery-45km/h Max Speed-20×4″ Fat Tire-Range: 70-100km Assistant Model-Grade.

H1 14inch Mini electric bike

14inch folding electric bike H1 36V 10ah removable lithium battery. 25km/h max speed. Range: 70-75km assistant model. A lightning-fast sense of movement, flying around the.

Cmacewheel GW20 20inch US

Get 50 auto discount while checking out Cmacewheel GW20 Folding electric bike 20inch 20 x 4.0 fat tires, suitable for all kinds of ground. The.

Off road electric scooters

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Electric Bikes vs Electric Scooters: Which One Should You Choose?

Micromobility has arrived. Personal electric vehicles are solving last mile problems and replacing car trips as major cities move away from car-centric infrastructure. Increasingly, commuters are realizing how much faster and easier it is to get to work on an electric scooter or e-bike than it is to sit through dreaded rush hour traffic or live at the mercy of unreliable public transportation systems.

When it comes to which personal electric vehicle is best, the choice between an e-bike or e-scooter might already be made for you by some critical factors, including portability and storage capacity. Can you fit a full-sized electric bike in your tiny studio apartment? Carry one up the stairs in your building with no elevator? If not, you’re probably leaning toward a scooter or a maybe a small, folding electric bike.

But there are many other considerations, especially if you’re just figuring out how to transition from more traditional modes of getting around.

Some other points of comparison include the need to access other modes of transportation easily or to carry larger loads; the distances you typically have to travel; or a desire to get some optional exercise along the way. Both energy-efficient options are excellent choices in their own right, but these are very different kinds of vehicles, as we’ll see.

Comfort and Convenience

If you asked 3-4 people to name the ideal personal electric vehicle you might get 3-4 different answers. Bodies and needs vary. Some people might find riding an electric bike challenging or impossible. For others, standing and balancing on a scooter or skateboard can be too difficult. For a number of riders, an electric bike may simply be the most comfortable option.

Most electric bikes have large frames and tires to accommodate the added weight of the battery and motor. Electric mountain and hybrid bikes also include full or partial suspension systems, which are as useful on bumpy, potholed city streets as they are on the trail. If comfort is your main concern, you might consider the huge range of electric bikes, which do come in lighter, folding options to better meet a need for portability.

That’s not, however, to say that electric scooters don’t offer a comfortable ride—they do. Many high-performance models even feature large pneumatic tires and suspension systems, though at the cost of a larger vehicle that may not be easy to fold or carry and can weigh as much as an e-bike. For most people, these heavy add-ons defeat one of the primary reasons for owning a scooter—convenience.

Most lightweight, durable scooters like Unagi’s Model One—which comes in at under 30 pounds in both its single and dual motor versions—ride smoothly and comfortably over level pavement and can easily be folded and stowed in a closet or carried onto public transportation. Electric bikes, on the other hand, can weigh anywhere from 50 to 100 pounds.

But convenience is a relative term. If you plan on using an electric vehicle to do your regular shopping or move kids from place to place, there’s no better choice among the range of options than a heavy-duty electric bike with a large rack, extra seating, and cargo capacity. If you want to pound the pedals and get a workout on your commute, a lighter-weight electric bike might suit you best. If your ideal mode of transport is weaving through the traffic, traveling light, and having the option to easily grab a taxi or hop on a bus or train, a lightweight folding electric scooter should be the clear choice.

Speed and Range

It’s true that the majority of electric bikes will outperform most lightweight e-scooters in top speeds, though there are, of course, exceptions. In order to keep weight down, scooter manufacturers equip their vehicles with smaller batteries and motors. Most electric scooters tend to top out at speeds of 22 mph, where electric bikes may reach speeds of up to 30 mph or more. But if you’re riding in heavy traffic or on crowded city streets, speed may not be a foremost concern.

E-scooters are sleek and nimble and can easily maneuver around cars and other vehicles that slow cyclists down. In a comparison between several different personal electric vehicles, one Electrek reviewer writes, “I rarely felt like needed to go faster than the scooter’s top speed because I had to slow down to pass cars anyways. With such a thin vehicle, it was easy to slide between and around cars that were stuck in traffic when on streets that didn’t have a bike lane.”

It’s also true that electric bikes will generally have much longer ranges and will therefore work best for longer commutes and adventures, though their larger batteries can take more time to charge. Many people who choose to purchase an electric bike live in low-density areas with lots of roads and trails and longer distances to cover. Scooter buyers, on the other hand, might tend to live in large cities where lower speeds and ranges are worthy tradeoffs for convenience, portability, and maneuverability.

Cost and Safety

Cost is certainly not the least consideration when deciding between an electric bike and electric scooter. If you need to haul things, spending the extra money on an electric bike may be the preferable (or only) option. That said, not all e-bikes cost more than high-end electric scooters (just as not all e-bikes are as harder to carry and store). The amount of money you’re willing and able to invest in a personal electric vehicle will greatly depend on your specific budget and transportation needs.

Price differences tend to be negligible between higher-cost electric scooters and lower-end electric bikes. On the other hand, some high-performance, specialty, and cargo electric bikes can set you back several thousand dollars. You can purchase an electric scooter of similar quality and durability, like the Unagi Model One, for under a thousand dollars. It’s also worth considering that the scooter will be far more theft resistant.

Electric bikes are at a much higher risk of theft because of high resale and because they must be left outside on most trips. This makes cost of ownership go up due to expensive bike locks and e-bike insurance. Electric bikes also require far more maintenance than well-made e-scooters, which may need no more than a battery replacement every few years.

When it comes to riding safely, an electric bike can be a better option on the road than an electric scooter. There are several reasons for this, some having to do with the design of the vehicles themselves: scooters are lower to the ground and their wheels are much smaller, so they don’t handle bumps and jolts nearly as well. Scooter riders are also less visible to drivers than cyclists are.

However, some significant reasons for the disparity come down to rider behavior, as the Electric Scooter Guide points out. We are conditioned from early childhood to take bike safety seriously, but “for 20 years we have ridden kick scooters” like the Razor “as a toy, and all-of-a-sudden we see one on the street, not realizing these new devices are more akin to a motorcycle than the toy we used to know.” Maybe for this reason, e-scooter riders are much less likely than cyclists to wear helmets, and thus more likely to be seriously injured.


As we’ve noted, the choice between an electric bike and an electric scooter (if you have to choose!) can depend on a number of variables that differ widely between individual riders. No personal electric vehicle is designed to meet every possible transportation need. When it comes, however, to cost, convenience, and ease of use, electric scooters might just be the best option for the majority of urban commuters and riders-about-town.

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Electric Bike. 30/hr|90/day

Our classic step-over electric bikes are easy to ride. There are 5 speed modes for you to choose from, ranging from 10. 20 MPH. Our ebikes have a range of 25-60 miles on a charge and have big comfy seats.

Step-thru Ebike. 30/hr|90/day

Our easy step-thru electric bikes are easy to ride. There are 5 speed modes for you to choose from, ranging from 10. 20 MPH. Our ebikes have a range of 25-60 miles on a charge and have big comfy seats.

This easy step-thru model is great for ladies and gentlemen who prefer an ebike that’s smaller and easier to hop on and hop off.

Electric Scooter. 25/hr|80/day

Our electric scooters are super fun and easy to ride. They’re user friendly and great for adults and teens. The electric scooters have 3 speed modes, ranging from 10. 18 mph. In the highest speed setting, they go as fast as our electric bikes, so everyone in your group can stick together with ease. They have a range of up to 20 miles on a charge, so you can explore all day long.

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