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Bike VS Scooter: Who comes out on top?

A sense of competition always simmers under the surface of similar modes of transport. Whether it’s mountain bikers vs roadies or skateboarders vs BMXers, but one of the biggest considerations for people living in the cities nowadays is. bikes vs scooters!

When it comes to commuters, a folding vehicle is ideal. To take your chosen wheels onto the train with you during rush hour, and to quickly unfold and whizz onwards, leaving your fellow train passengers queueing for the bus, can bring on a sense of winning even while the day has barely begun.

But why compare the cycle-commute and the scoot-commute? Bikes are the more efficient form of transport, they are fast and easy to use, so how could a scooter possibly compete?

Looking for the ideal Commuting transport read our thoughts on folding bikes vs folding scooters?

Road Danger

The number one reason most people are put off cycling in cities is road danger. If the cycle infrastructure is lacking, many people aren’t willing to risk their lives on their way to work. Those that cycle already will know the dangers all too well but a quick look on for ‘cycle safety’ never fails to show up a litany of dangerous situations riders are facing every day.

The use of a kick scooter offers you a whole new network of opportunities, it’s easy to hop up and safely ride on the pavement. This means you can easily cut through different routes to get to your destination and most important of all means you can avoid sharing your route with motorists!

Standing Posture and No Saddle Sores

The stand-up posture of a kick-scooter not only gives a certain thrill factor when freewheeling down a hill but is also kind to your back and neck. Maybe not the most aerodynamic riding position, but an upright scooting position is comfortable for miles. Modern jobs are increasingly sedentary, so scooting gives you a rare opportunity to open up your posture and riding position to directly counteract this.

It stands to reason, no saddle = no saddle sores. Anyone who has spent a long time in the saddle could tell you it’s not always kind to your behind. This is not a worry on a scooter though, in fact, it’s the opposite! Scooting is a fantastic exercise for your glutes

Learn all about the glute benefits of kick scooter in our blog guest post. Your Bottom Needs A Scooter!


You can, of course, go a lot further on a bike when compared to a scooter. But, the standard cycling position on a normal bike can be quite uncomfortable for a lot of people. If you’re getting into road biking and you’re locking your feet into pedals it can be quite an intimidating position to find yourself in with cars racing past you. This is something that isn’t an issue for a lot of people but is enough to put some off cycling altogether.

Scooters, by comparison, are very accessible; the riding position is extremely natural, the footplate is low to the ground if you need to hop off, the speeds you get up to on flat land are never too dangerous and the movement to propel yourself is low impact.

Stress Factor

There is not just a risk factor associated with cycling on the road, there is also a stress factor. Admittedly exercise is a proven tool to unwind, why ruin this with lorries hurtling past, and buses tailgating, taxis cutting you up, and pot-holes to dodge.

In contrast, by scooting, you can leisurely scoot down the pavement, finding the freedom to alter your route, down backstreets, tow-paths, finding broad pedestrianised sections. Taking in the sights, exploring while exercising, now that sounds like a more enriching commute!

Easy Maintenance

A scooter has less moving parts and therefore requires less maintenance than a bike. Just a quick check of tyres and brakes and off you go!

Naturally, most of the time bikes will have no problems either, but the fact is there are so many more things that could go wrong with your city bicycle.

best, scooters, scooter, bike

No need for a special kit

For the more style-conscious among us, wearing lycra into the office is a no. But chancing getting your best jeans caught in the chain is also a no. A scooter has no chain, so you can pretty much scoot in whatever you like – no room for lycra-clad warriors here folks!

Price, Weight and Foldability

A SwiftyONE is around half the price and half the weight of a folding bike of comparable quality, with significantly less maintenance involved in its upkeep, who could argue with that?

The folding mechanism of SwiftyONE has one clear advantage, that it can be rolled on its front wheel while folded. Its slim profile when folded is also particularly convenient for storage, both these factors are unrivalled by a folding bike.


The bicycle wins on speed – sure enough, the bicycle has a mechanical advantage. To that we say, take note the words of Mahatma Gandhi,

“There is more to life than increasing its speed”

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User Reviews

It is very good experience to ride a new activa deluxe obd.I am happy to share that it is very comfortable and suspension is also very good.

I have been using the tvs jupiter scooter for over a year now, And i must say that it has exceeded my expectations in many ways.Here are my thoughts on various aspects of the scooter: design and build quality: the design of the tvs jupiter is sleek and contemporary.It features a well-proportioned body with stylish lines and attractive color options.The build quality is commendable, With sturdy construction and durable materials used throughout the scooter.The fit and finish are top-notch, Giving it a premium feel compared to some of its competitors.Engine performance: the tvs jupiter is equipped with a 109.7 cc, Single-cylinder, Air-cooled engine.The power output of around 7.8 bhp and torque of 8 nm provide ample power for city commuting.The scooter accelerates smoothly and has a decent top speed, Making it suitable for both urban roads and occasional highway rides.The engine is refined and offers good fuel efficiency, Contributing to its practicality as a daily commuter.Ride comfort: one of the standout features of the tvs jupiter is its excellent ride comfort.The scooter comes with a telescopic front suspension and a gas-filled rear shock absorber, Which effectively absorbs bumps and undulations on the road.The seating position is comfortable, Offering ample space for the rider and pillion.The seat itself is wide and well-padded, Ensuring a fatigue-free ride even on long journeys.Handling and maneuverability: the tvs jupiter is a nimble scooter that offers great maneuverability in city traffic.It is lightweight and easy to handle, Allowing riders to navigate through tight spaces with ease.The scooter’s compact dimensions make it effortless to park and maneuver through congested areas.The brakes, Both front, And rear, Provide good stopping power and inspire confidence while riding.Features and storage: the tvs jupiter comes packed with useful features.It includes an external fuel filler cap, Which is a convenient addition for refueling.The scooter also features an led headlight, Which offers excellent visibility during night rides.Additionally, It has a spacious under-seat storage compartment that can accommodate a full-face helmet and some additional items.There is also a front storage compartment with a USB charging port, Allowing you to charge your mobile devices on the go.Fuel efficiency: the tvs jupiter is known for its fuel efficiency.With its ecothrust fuel injection (et-fi) technology, The scooter delivers impressive mileage figures.On average, It can provide a mileage of around 50-55 kmpl, Which is quite good for a scooter in this segment.The fuel efficiency, Coupled with its 5.3-liter fuel tank capacity, Ensures fewer fuel stops and lower running costs.Overall, The tvs jupiter is a reliable and feature-packed scooter that offers a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience.It stands out with its excellent build quality, Fuel efficiency, And ride comfort.Whether you use it for daily commuting or occasional rides, The tvs jupiter proves to be a practical and value-for-money choice in the scooter segment.

At the of bying i was in doubt that shiuld go for suzuki brand or stick to my fev brand Honda but i finaly made my mind for access 125 top model in i have no regrate of my choice.Best pic up and does not go down as bike do get old evry day is like new bike feel.

Electric Bikes vs Electric Scooters: Which One Should You Choose?

Micromobility has arrived. Personal electric vehicles are solving last mile problems and replacing car trips as major cities move away from car-centric infrastructure. Increasingly, commuters are realizing how much faster and easier it is to get to work on an electric scooter or e-bike than it is to sit through dreaded rush hour traffic or live at the mercy of unreliable public transportation systems.

When it comes to which personal electric vehicle is best, the choice between an e-bike or e-scooter might already be made for you by some critical factors, including portability and storage capacity. Can you fit a full-sized electric bike in your tiny studio apartment? Carry one up the stairs in your building with no elevator? If not, you’re probably leaning toward a scooter or a maybe a small, folding electric bike.

But there are many other considerations, especially if you’re just figuring out how to transition from more traditional modes of getting around.

Some other points of comparison include the need to access other modes of transportation easily or to carry larger loads; the distances you typically have to travel; or a desire to get some optional exercise along the way. Both energy-efficient options are excellent choices in their own right, but these are very different kinds of vehicles, as we’ll see.

Comfort and Convenience

If you asked 3-4 people to name the ideal personal electric vehicle you might get 3-4 different answers. Bodies and needs vary. Some people might find riding an electric bike challenging or impossible. For others, standing and balancing on a scooter or skateboard can be too difficult. For a number of riders, an electric bike may simply be the most comfortable option.

Most electric bikes have large frames and tires to accommodate the added weight of the battery and motor. Electric mountain and hybrid bikes also include full or partial suspension systems, which are as useful on bumpy, potholed city streets as they are on the trail. If comfort is your main concern, you might consider the huge range of electric bikes, which do come in lighter, folding options to better meet a need for portability.

That’s not, however, to say that electric scooters don’t offer a comfortable ride—they do. Many high-performance models even feature large pneumatic tires and suspension systems, though at the cost of a larger vehicle that may not be easy to fold or carry and can weigh as much as an e-bike. For most people, these heavy add-ons defeat one of the primary reasons for owning a scooter—convenience.

Most lightweight, durable scooters like Unagi’s Model One—which comes in at under 30 pounds in both its single and dual motor versions—ride smoothly and comfortably over level pavement and can easily be folded and stowed in a closet or carried onto public transportation. Electric bikes, on the other hand, can weigh anywhere from 50 to 100 pounds.

But convenience is a relative term. If you plan on using an electric vehicle to do your regular shopping or move kids from place to place, there’s no better choice among the range of options than a heavy-duty electric bike with a large rack, extra seating, and cargo capacity. If you want to pound the pedals and get a workout on your commute, a lighter-weight electric bike might suit you best. If your ideal mode of transport is weaving through the traffic, traveling light, and having the option to easily grab a taxi or hop on a bus or train, a lightweight folding electric scooter should be the clear choice.

Speed and Range

It’s true that the majority of electric bikes will outperform most lightweight e-scooters in top speeds, though there are, of course, exceptions. In order to keep weight down, scooter manufacturers equip their vehicles with smaller batteries and motors. Most electric scooters tend to top out at speeds of 22 mph, where electric bikes may reach speeds of up to 30 mph or more. But if you’re riding in heavy traffic or on crowded city streets, speed may not be a foremost concern.

E-scooters are sleek and nimble and can easily maneuver around cars and other vehicles that slow cyclists down. In a comparison between several different personal electric vehicles, one Electrek reviewer writes, “I rarely felt like needed to go faster than the scooter’s top speed because I had to slow down to pass cars anyways. With such a thin vehicle, it was easy to slide between and around cars that were stuck in traffic when on streets that didn’t have a bike lane.”

It’s also true that electric bikes will generally have much longer ranges and will therefore work best for longer commutes and adventures, though their larger batteries can take more time to charge. Many people who choose to purchase an electric bike live in low-density areas with lots of roads and trails and longer distances to cover. Scooter buyers, on the other hand, might tend to live in large cities where lower speeds and ranges are worthy tradeoffs for convenience, portability, and maneuverability.

Cost and Safety

Cost is certainly not the least consideration when deciding between an electric bike and electric scooter. If you need to haul things, spending the extra money on an electric bike may be the preferable (or only) option. That said, not all e-bikes cost more than high-end electric scooters (just as not all e-bikes are as harder to carry and store). The amount of money you’re willing and able to invest in a personal electric vehicle will greatly depend on your specific budget and transportation needs.

Price differences tend to be negligible between higher-cost electric scooters and lower-end electric bikes. On the other hand, some high-performance, specialty, and cargo electric bikes can set you back several thousand dollars. You can purchase an electric scooter of similar quality and durability, like the Unagi Model One, for under a thousand dollars. It’s also worth considering that the scooter will be far more theft resistant.

Electric bikes are at a much higher risk of theft because of high resale and because they must be left outside on most trips. This makes cost of ownership go up due to expensive bike locks and e-bike insurance. Electric bikes also require far more maintenance than well-made e-scooters, which may need no more than a battery replacement every few years.

When it comes to riding safely, an electric bike can be a better option on the road than an electric scooter. There are several reasons for this, some having to do with the design of the vehicles themselves: scooters are lower to the ground and their wheels are much smaller, so they don’t handle bumps and jolts nearly as well. Scooter riders are also less visible to drivers than cyclists are.

However, some significant reasons for the disparity come down to rider behavior, as the Electric Scooter Guide points out. We are conditioned from early childhood to take bike safety seriously, but “for 20 years we have ridden kick scooters” like the Razor “as a toy, and all-of-a-sudden we see one on the street, not realizing these new devices are more akin to a motorcycle than the toy we used to know.” Maybe for this reason, e-scooter riders are much less likely than cyclists to wear helmets, and thus more likely to be seriously injured.


As we’ve noted, the choice between an electric bike and an electric scooter (if you have to choose!) can depend on a number of variables that differ widely between individual riders. No personal electric vehicle is designed to meet every possible transportation need. When it comes, however, to cost, convenience, and ease of use, electric scooters might just be the best option for the majority of urban commuters and riders-about-town.

Go Active LB

Since August 7, 2020, Long Beach has had a permanent citywide Shared Micromobility Permit Program for electric scooter operations. Four Operators were selected through the Request for Proposal process, which allows Operators to apply for a 12-month Micromobility Permit. Through the City’s program, each Operator can deploy up to 1000 e-scooters. Deployment of the program’s e-scooters are only allowed on City pre-approved drop-zones. Operators are responsible for the maintenance, operations, and disinfecting of their fleet of e-scooters daily. Mobility staff will continue to monitor the program and provide recommendations on program changes to the City Council as necessary.

Go Long Beach App:

Residents and businesses are encouraged to report any e-scooter parking violations through the City’s Go Long Beach App. Once reported through the app, e-scooter vendors will typically remove the vehicle within 2 hours.

E-Scooter Vendor Contact Info:

The public should contact vendors directly regarding issues with vehicle maintenance, billing, and questions regarding pricing and user apps.

Bird: 1-866-205-2442 Lime: 1-888-LIME-345 VeoRide: 1-855-836-2256

E-Scooter Reduced Fare Programs:

Questions or Комментарии и мнения владельцев on the program? Contact City of Long Beach:

Want to downsize a car but not ready for a bicycle? Here’s why you need a seated electric scooter

Gas are ridiculously high and they just keep climbing. Your car isn’t getting any cheaper, but buying a new electric car also isn’t in your budget (and let’s face it, putting one more car on the roads isn’t helping anyone either). An electric bike would be a GREAT alternative, but maybe you just aren’t ready to go 20 mph on the side of the road with cars whizzing past your handlebars.

But there’s another great solution that you might have overlooked: the humble electric scooter. I’m talking seated electric scooters, like the Vespa kind – not the Razor kind. And here’s why you ought to give them another look.

This might sound like a crazy idea, giving up a car in favor of an electric scooter.

But I assure, it’s not crazy at all. In fact, it’s how my wife and I live. And how billions of others live across the world. It’s only in America where a scooter is seen as an oddity. Pretty much everywhere else, they’re simply a given.

I’ve written before about how my daily driver is a fun little 125cc-equivalent electric scooter. And the fact that I live in a city helps, but its 50 mph (80 km/h) top speed would work just as well in the suburbs.

You can check out that scooter (known as the NIU NQi Extended Range) in my video below. However, there are so many great options out there now that I’m not going to tell you which one you should choose. Instead, let’s see why any of them could be the perfect car replacer for you.

best, scooters, scooter, bike

I’m constantly carrying things like this on my scooter, though adding the rear cargo box sure helped!

Aren’t scooters for girls?

Most people who think this tend to have a dated image in their mind of Audrey Hepburn on the back of a ’50s Vespa. Well, we’ve come a long way folks. Believe it or not, anyone can ride a scooter, and everyone does.

But Kluftinger perhaps puts it best when posed with the question, popping a squat on three different scooters and succinctly answering that none of these inanimate objects care what his genitalia looks like.

Will scooters ruin my pants?

As little as we want to admit it, reality isn’t always blue skies and sunny days. It occasionally rains, and that’s a bummer for scooter riders.

There’s a saying among cycling commuters that “there is no bad weather, only bad clothes.” Essentially, riding can be done rain or shine as long as you dress appropriately.

While that’s largely true, it doesn’t hide the fact that swapping on rain pants and an extra jacket is an annoying extra step, whether that be for cyclists, scooter riders, or anyone else on two wheels. If it’s a light drizzle though and you have a scooter with a decently sized front shield (so not a Honda Ruckus), you likely won’t get very wet at all on the bottom half thanks to the scooter naturally redirecting the wet airstream around itself and its rider. Coming to a stop will still leave you getting rained on, but many winter riders already install a skirt on their scooter to keep road spray off, which also helps with rain.

Ultimately, weather is an annoyance that is faced by all two-wheelers, but that can largely be mitigated with a bit of prior planning. And even if an electric scooter is your second vehicle and you rely on a car for the days with bad weather, that’s still a lot better than driving a car 100% of the time.

best, scooters, scooter, bike

Are electric scooters fast?

They sure can be! Don’t be fooled by some of the slower 20 mph e-scooters that masquerade under electric bike laws.

There are plenty of fast electric scooters out there, and many are quite affordable. The CSC Wiz will carry you over 40 mph (64 km/h).

My NIU NQi Extended Range gets darn close to 50 mph (80 km/h), though admittedly the top speed is a tad bit less with two riders and a half-discharged battery. NIU’s latest MQi EVO electric scooter pushes even faster up to over 60 mph (100 km/h).

And these are all small, lightweight electric scooters that are often considered to be 125cc-equivalent scooters.

best, scooters, scooter, bike

Even higher-speed and higher-power models like the new BMW CE 04 push the envelope even higher to reach 75 mph (120 km/h), offering minimum highway-level performance for commuters that need to access a mix of slower and faster roads on their way to work.

Aren’t electric scooters expensive?

Sometimes, but not always. Many electric scooters are still fairly new. And new rarely means low-cost.

There are low-power and low-speed electric scooters that can be had for under 2K, but most are going to start closer to 3K.

My scooter was priced closer to 4K in the US when I got it, though I wasn’t in the US and I paid a higher price thanks to import taxes.

Obviously a cheaper gas scooter is going to save some cash over an electric scooter, at least initially. But just like with cars, the gas cost will add up. Gas scooters may be more efficient than gas cars, but the gas still costs the same price, even if you’re using less of it.

Electric scooters, on the other hand, have almost zero operational costs. I use around US 1 in electricity per month to charge and ride my electric scooter. Let me repeat that. My 50 mph electric scooter that takes me and my wife all over the city and is the reason we don’t need a car – it costs me just 1 per month in “fuel.” And then there are the maintenance savings. Unlike gas scooters, which are in constant need of engine maintenance, electric scooters are almost maintenance free. I haven’t had to repair or replace a single thing on my electric scooter in two years. I’ll probably replace my tires in a year or so just due to age, but even my brake pads are still in good shape (partially due to using regenerative braking from the electric motor instead of brake pads much of the time).

So yes, electric scooters will cost a bit more than gas scooters at first. But the fuel savings and the maintenance savings alone will quickly add up and outpace a gas scooter.

In fact, electric scooters are so economical that many people won’t even need to trade their car in order to buy one since an electric scooter is a fraction of the price of a car. As I mentioned before, it can make a great second vehicle, and there’s a decent chance it will even become your first vehicle.

Or as Kluftinger put it while kicking a car door closed, “To get a scooter you won’t even have the sell the old box. Just whenever you can, think outside of it.”

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