Best Electric Scooters for Adults $1,000 – $1,500. Electric scooty for adults

What is the best electric scooter with seat for heavy adults?

While shopping for an electric scooter, comfort should be a critical factor to consider.

Electric scooters come in different manufacturing designs and one of those is having a seat to enhance comfort while riding.

One of the Frequently Asked Questions we receive almost daily is, “what is the best electric scooter with seat for heavy adults?”

Today, we are going to present to you our list of the best electric scooters for heavy adults with seat based on their weight limit, seat comfort, and overall riding experience.

  • Our Top 6 electric scooters for heavy adults with seat
  • 1) EMOVE RoadRunner: The overall best electric scooter with seat for adults
  • EMOVE RoadRunner Pros
  • Cons
  • 2) YUME X7: The top range adult electric scooter with seat
  • YUME X7 Pros
  • Cons
  • 3) Fiido Q1S Seated Electric Scooter: The best budget electric scooter for heavy adults with seat
  • Fiido Q1S Pros
  • Cons
  • 4) YUME D5: Best casual adult electric scooter with seat
  • YUME D5 Pros
  • Cons
  • 5) YUME X13: The best premium electric scooter for heavy adults with seat
  • YUME X13 Pros
  • Cons
  • 6) YUME D4 with seat for heavy adults: The best city electric scooter
  • YUME D4
  • Cons
  • How did we decide on the best electric scooters for heavy adults with seat?
  • FAQs about heavy adult seated electric scooters

) EMOVE RoadRunner: The overall best electric scooter with seat for adults

Best For: Those looking for a comfortable e-scooter with a seat

Top Features:

The EMOVE RoadRunner electric scooter is one of the most unique electric scooters for heavy riders with a seat.

The RoadRunner’s seat is a long one with memory foam.

While riding, it is one of the most comfortable electric scooter seats you can find out there.

With the ability to carry heavy adults weighing 330 lbs, the EMOVE RoadRunner is not only perfect for riding on-road but also offroad.

Featuring dual motors (350W at the front and 500W at the rear), you can expect to hit a top speed of 34 miles per hour without breaking a sweat.

The RoadRunner features 14-inch tires, which, when coupled with seat helps to navigate even the toughest terrains without having your bums complaining.

One of the primary reasons why we feature the EMOVE RoadRunner as the best electric scooter for heavy adults with seat is that it is among the few gadgets that feature swappable batteries.

The top range of this e-scooter is 53 miles and this means in a single battery swap, you can ride up to 106 miles.

This EMOVE model features a Dynavolt 48V 21.6 Ah battery and as you perhaps are aware, Dynavolt is one of the most reputable battery manufacturers out there.

If you love riding at the dead of the night, the RoadRunner is relatively a safe ride since it features a bright headlight, rear brake lights and turn-signal lights.

This means other road users can see you from a distance and this could help prevent a would-be electric scooter accident.

) YUME X7: The top range adult electric scooter with seat

Best For: Those who love offroading

Top Features:

If range and speed make your heart melt without compromising on quality, then the YUME X7 electric scooter is the perfect choice for you.

The YUME X7 foldable electric scooter with seat for adults has its saddle made of some black ergonomic leather.

The supporting material is aluminum, which means the seat is perfect for fat and heavy adults.

One of the many reasons why we find the X7 a perfect choice for 330 lbs is that along with the ergonomic seat, it also has a motorbike-grade spring hydraulic suspension.

As you chew the roughest terrains, the stability of your ride is fanciable enough.

For offroading, YUME X7 is perfect for each and every big rider since the ground clearance is ideal for riding across most if not all the terrains.

The tires measure 13-inches, and the X7 is one of the few electric scooters that feature massive tires along with the dual front and dual rear suspensions.

The best thing about YUME X7 is that the seat is detachable.

This adds convenience to the mix, especially for those who would like to carry their scooter in their car’s truck.

(Sometimes a seat that isn’t detachable can prove futile to fit inside a small car).

For the night rides, YUME X7 e-scooter is closer to none, all thanks to its array of light colors.

Featuring 4 Front Led Lights, Deck Lights, Brake Lights, and Turn Signals, the X7 always stands out against its competitors.

For the top speed, you can expect to hit 55 miles per hour within no time and get a top range of 80 miles.


Save 100 when you use AMOS-X7 as your coupon code as you shop for the YUME X7 e-scooter with seat for adults.

) Fiido Q1S Seated Electric Scooter: The best budget electric scooter for heavy adults with seat

Best For: Heavy adults

Top Features:

If you are looking for an affordable choice for your up to 150 kg worth of weight, then the Fiido Q1S Seated electric scooter with suspension is your perfect choice.

This electric scooter is perfect for those who would like to travel for a couple of miles and at moderate speeds.

This specific Fiido Q1S scooter has a maximum range of 18 miles and a top speed of 15 miles per hour.

best, electric, scooters, adults

Featuring a geared motor, the Q1S has more torque and goes at a faster speed than its brushless motor counterpart.

This scooter has both front and rear suspension, which brings it at par with more premium models as far as the suspension design is concerned.

The Fiido Q1S electric scooter with seat for heavy adults has its saddle manufactured using memory foam.

Along with the dual suspensions, the riding experience is further better and the comfort is further enhanced.

After all, it would be really tiresome to go for a distance of more than 15 miles and at a low speed while standing.

best, electric, scooters, adults

Another advantage with the Q1S is that it is one of the most portable electric scooters for heavy adults.

Regardless of its ability to carry more than 300 lbs adults, it is manufactured using lightweight, yet sturdy materials, which makes portability as convenient as possible.

This specific model weighs only 44 lbs, which is a third lighter than most electric scooters with the same loading capacity.

) YUME D5: Best casual adult electric scooter with seat

Best For: Those looking for a dual-motorized e-scooter with a seat

Top Features:

YUME D5 is a perfect mid-range electric scooter for big riders with seat.

With the potential to go at a top speed of 40 miles per hour and a top range of 40 miles, then the YUME D5 e-scooter is a must-have for most enthusiasts.

Some of the features that set apart the D5 from most electric scooters is that it features 4 spring shock absorbers at the front and another at the rear.

With these and the seat, the YUME D5 is one of the most comfortable e-scooters at that price.

The seat in YUME D5 is detachable and this means that you can turn your electric scooter into a motorcycle within no time.

Featuring dual 2400W motors (1200W each), then the D5 can tell you why it can hit up to 40 miles per hour in gear 3 without breaking any sweat.

The battery is 52V 23.4Ah, which also makes the top range something to envy about.

However, note that the weight limit for the D5 is 264 lbs and so it is perfect for heavy adults who don’t surpass that capacity.

Another thing to note is that the D5 comes in 10-inch offroad tires and as such, this scooter excels both on-road and offroad.

Along with these pneumatic tires, seat, and suspension, you can hit some tough terrains without worrying about any disappointment from your YUME D5 electric scooter.


You can save 80 when you use AMOS-D5 as your coupon code while shopping for the YUME D5 seated electric scooter.

) YUME X13: The best premium electric scooter for heavy adults with seat

Best For: A top offroad electric scooter for heavy adults 300 lbs

Top Features:

The YUME X13 electric scooter with seat for heavy riders is the most unique ride I have ever seen.

Featuring dual 8000W motors, you can expect to hit a top speed of a whopping 63 miles per hour within no time.

Coming with a massive 72V 40.5 Ah battery, you can hit a top range of 70 miles before your battery asks for more juice.

With a killer sit-down manufacturing design and the potential to attach/detach the seat when need be, you can absolutely not go wrong with YUME X13.

While seated, comfort is synonymous to this beast, all thanks to its massive memory foam electric scooter seat.

Besides, the front side has dual hydraulic suspension while the rear features a spring suspension.

These, along with the massive 13-inch tires make the X13 electric scooter the best for offroading.

Removing the seat from the X13 is one of the simplest and as such, there is really no worry about having a sticky seat with you.

Made of sturdy aviation-grade material, the X13 is a sturdy beast that is self-sufficient to carry adult riders weighing up to 150kg.

One of the downlights of the X13, though, is that it weighs a whopping 141 lbs.

This means it’s impossible to describe this scooter as portable in any way.

Regardless of its weight and manufacturing design, this scooter is able to fully charge in just 6 hours, specifically if you use the dual charging ports.


You can save 100 as you buy YUME X13 when you use AMOS-X13 as your coupon code.

You can read our full YUME X13 e-scooter review in this article.

) YUME D4 with seat for heavy adults: The best city electric scooter

Best For: For those looking for an affordable e-scooter with a seat

Top Features:

If you are looking for an affordable city electric scooter, then the YUME D4 scooter with seat for heavy adults could be what you are looking for.

With the potential to carry heavy adults weighing up to 264 lbs, the YUME D4 comes with dual 2000W motors.

These propel the scooter to hit a top speed of 40 miles per hour while at gear 3.

The battery of this scooter is 52V 23.4 Ah, which makes the beast hit a top range of up to 40 miles.

Featuring 10-inch pneumatic road tires, the D4 is perfect for commuter riders who aren’t interested in doing any off-roading.

The YUME D4 scooter also has a comfortable detachable seat.

When coupled with the front quad suspension, the D4 scooter aims to please any rider regardless of what the road’s terrains looks like.

Not to worry, though, the YUME D4 electric scooter with seat for adults can do a bit of off-roading but since the tires aren’t off-road, it may not excel as its older sibling – the YUME D5 does.

About its weight, the D4 is one of the lightest electric scooters ever manufactured by YUME.

It weighs 60 lbs only and this means portability isn’t an issue for heavy adults.

Besides, placing this e-scooter in your car’s trunk is easy and fast, regardless of keeping it with the seat or not.


Save 80 when you use AMOS-D4 as your coupon code while buying the YUME D4 electric scooter for adults with seat.

We have our detailed YUME D4 e-scooter review right here for more details.

How did we decide on the best electric scooters for heavy adults with seat?

As a heavy adult, one of the most important factors to consider as you buy an electric scooter for adults with seat is dual motors.

A single-motor ride will arguably struggle to haul your weight and as such, going for dual motors is perfect.

Besides, dual-motor electric scooters will mostly go faster than single-motor gadgets.

Also, there is the issue of the seat design.

Before we narrowed it down to the 6 rides we have featured in this article, we trialed on 10 electric scooters and the other four which didn’t make it in our mentions had the other features standing out but the seats were not as comfy.

Heavy riders absolutely deserve comfort and as such, the seat manufacturing designs and the overall quality of those saddles were vital factors for us to take into consideration.

Thirdly, the overall features mattered a lot to us.

For instance, You need a great ride with killer suspension and shock absorption features.

best, electric, scooters, adults

The scooters we have featured here have either road or off road tires to make your choice easier and faster.

Lastly, it’s all about value for money.

There are other adult electric scooters with seat that are far much cheaper than what we have featured here but then they offer little to no value for money.

You can fully rely on us for what we have presented to you.

FAQs about heavy adult seated electric scooters

Are electric scooters with seat for heavy adults safer?

Yes, electric scooters for heavy adults with seat are generally safer.

This is so because most of the weight is concentrated in the seat and so controlling the scooter in case it hits uneven terrains or even bumps is easier as compared to standing.

Additionally, it’s really tiresome to keep on standing.

Sometimes you can easily lose FOCUS when fatigue kicks in.

With sitting, you already feel comfortable and can conquer rough terrains with a sense of safety.

What is the best electric scooter with seat for heavy adults?

The YUME X13 is the best premium electric scooter with a seat for carrying heavy adults.

For the best overall ride with the potential to swap the batteries, then the EMOVE RoadRunner e-scooter is your best choice.

Best Electric Scooters for Adults 1,000 – 1,500

This article was a product of teamwork between staff members and external contributors.

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Electric Scooters in the 1,000 – 1,500 Strike a balance between power, stability, portability, and Range.

With the rising fuel cost, it’s no question why adults are searching for a more economical, convenient, and fun method of transportation. We all have unpleasant experiences with being stuck in traffic, late buses, unreliable subways, and expensive fuel prices; why not save money, have fun, and go electric?

22 Best Electric Scooters for Everyday Adventures

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  • Electric Scooters are a fun, economical, and convenient method of transportation

    To make your research easier, we’ve compiled some of the best electric scooters for under 1,500. For riders new to the personal electric vehicle space, the key features to look for include the following:

    • Top Speed: The very top speed the drivetrain can reach. Most models in this average category speed of around 20 mph, some reaching up to 33 mph! Much faster than walking and waiting.
    • Range: Measured in miles, the range is the max mileage a full battery can output. Riders who are heavier or riding up steep hills can expect less range.
    • Weight: The size and weight are a massive deal if riders need to transport their scooter into a car or up a flight of stairs. Make sure your commute can accommodate lifting the scooter if needed.
    • Cost: Budgets will vary from rider to rider. Expect that 1,000 scooters are entry-level, premium scooters with some of the best drivetrains and added features for easy riding

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    34 MPH 37 Miles 66 LBS. 1,299

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    50 MPH 50 Miles 114 LBS. 2,895

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    50 MPH 60V 20.8AH 86 LBS. 1,709

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    33 MPH 56 Miles 52 LBS. 1,399

    62 MPH 105 Miles 105 LBS. 4,299

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    35 MPH 50 Miles 55 LBS. 1,695

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    62 MPH 70 Miles 115 LBS. 3,195

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    43.5 MPH 65 Miles 72 LBS. 2,495

    62 MPH 74 Miles 100 LBS. 4,199

    Commuter Friendly

    27 MPH 30 Miles 57 LBS. 1,299

    Voro Motors: Save 50 with code VROOOMIN

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    Best Long Range Electric Scooters [Hands-On Tested 60 Mi / 100 KM Beasts]

    For many people (myself included), the range of the electric scooter is its most important feature. If you’re frequently relying on your scooter for long commutes or other lengthy trips, you are going to want a scooter with the longest range possible. This guide reviews the longest-range electric scooters available.

    • Best long-range electric scooters
    • Electric scooter with the longest range – Dualtron Storm Limited
    • Best value best waterproof long range electric scooter – EMove Cruiser
    • Best long range scooter under 3000 – Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro
    • Best long range scooter under 2000 – Wolf Warrior X Pro
    • Best long range scooter under 1000 – Ninebot Max
    • Best long range scooter under 500 – Turboant X7 Pro
    • Best long range scooter under 300 – Eskuta KS-350
    • Fastest long-range electric scooter – Weped SST
    • Best long range electric scooter with a seat – Dualtron Ultra 2
    • Best offroad long range electric scooter – Kaabo Wolf Warrior
    • Best climbing long range electric scooter – Dualtron Achilleus
    • Best long range electric scooter for heavy adults – Weped FF
    • Most portable, best long range electric scooter for commuting – GoTrax GMax Ultra
    • Official manufacturer range vs user reported range
    • How much range can I expect from my electric scooter?
    • Stay safe
    • What is the best value-for-money long range scooter?
    • What is considered long range in an electric scooter?
    • Electric scooter range vs battery life
    • How much range do electric scooters have?
    • What is the electric scooter with the longest range?
    • What does the range of an electric scooter depend on?
    • What is a good range for an electric scooter?
    • How much range does the Xiaomi M365 have?
    • How much range does the Xiaomi M365 Pro have?
    • How much range does the Ninebot Max have?
    • Does the electric scooter range decrease over time?
    • How can I increase the range of my electric scooter?

    Best long-range electric scooters

    If you prefer to watch the video format of this guide, check out our video on the longest-range electric scooters on our YouTube channel.

    Dualtron Storm Limited Specifications

    Best value best waterproof long range electric scooter – EMove Cruiser

    Emove Cruiser Specifications

    Best long range scooter under 3000 – Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro

    Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro Specifications

    Best long range scooter under 2000 – Wolf Warrior X Pro

    Wolf Warrior X Pro Specifications

    Best long range scooter under 1000 – Ninebot Max

    Ninebot Max Specifications

    Best long range scooter under 500 – Turboant X7 Pro

    Turboant X7 Pro Specifications

    Best long range scooter under 300 – Eskuta KS-350

    Eskuta KS-350 Specifications

    Best long range electric scooter with a seat – Dualtron Ultra 2

    Dualtron Ultra 2 Specifications

    Best offroad long range electric scooter – Kaabo Wolf Warrior

    Kaabo Wolf Warrior Specifications

    Best climbing long range electric scooter – Dualtron Achilleus

    Dualtron Achilleus Specifications

    Most portable, best long range electric scooter for commuting – GoTrax GMax Ultra

    GoTrax GMax Ultra Specifications

    What to know before buying a long range electric scooter

    There are a few things to keep in mind before buying a long range electric scooter.

    If you have a long commute and you live in a somewhat rainy place, you will have to take into account the water-resistance of your scooter. The longer you ride, the more chance to catch some rain. If your scooter is not very water-resistant, try and add some extra waterproofing on your own.

    As these scooters are more powerful and have bigger batteries, it is also natural that they will use more power for charging. Electric scooters are very cheap to charge, but you can expect these machines to cost two or three times more to charge than a regular scooter would.

    Official manufacturer range vs user reported range

    There is a very big caveat that we kind of touched on before, but it deserves more attention. That is the issue of what the manufacturers advertise as maximum range versus what real people in the real world get as a maximum range every day.

    • little or no wind
    • flat straight and smooth roads
    • a person weighing not more than 220 lbs / 100 kg, usually around 176 lbs / 80 kg
    • most often in the power saving or Eco modes, since those are the best for the battery life

    Naturally, many of these make sense. You will rarely face very strong winds, and you will often ride at lower speeds. Most people usually don’t weigh above 220 lbs / 100 kg.

    The biggest objection I have about the way these tests is that they are done on straight, smooth roads. That is not even close to the way people will use the scooter.

    Testing the scooters on roads with obstacles, where they might be forced to stop, turn, and adjust to the road, would paint a picture much closer to reality. But then, standardizing this would be very difficult, so the next best thing is probably testing on smooth flat roads, and let the users take that into account.

    For that reason, we’ve included a lot of user-reported data about how much range people get from various scooters in the real world. For me, that data is far more valuable than the official range estimations from the manufacturers.

    As we can see, often times the perfect test lab range is quite close to the real-world range that users get, but sometimes it is significantly lower, sometimes even more than two times lower.

    While the advertised speed will give you a fair estimate of the scooter’s capabilities, you should be aware that it may not always be the case.

    The manufacturers don’t necessarily try to hide the fact that they’re marketing the range they get from their scooters in perfect scenarios. Under the glass bell of lab conditions set up specifically to get as much range out of the scooter as possible, these scooters will get much higher ranges than what you and I will get on our rides to and from work.

    If you want to get a general idea of how much actual range you can get from a specific scooter, see the electric scooter real range calculator.

    How much range can I expect from my electric scooter?

    Pessimistically looking, you can expect the range you get in your everyday use to be between 50% and 80% of the range specified by the manufacturer. Some users, however, report the same range in the real world as the official one. This will depend heavily on your weight, the scooter and battery age, the road conditions, traffic, and how much up and down you go.

    Stay safe

    The truly long range scooters will oftentimes have very powerful motors and batteries. While some will be specialized for range, most will also be very fast as well. So typically, you will have to take safety even more seriously than usual with other scooters.

    This is even more important if your rides are actually long, like with long commutes. You will be on the road for significant amounts of time, which means you will have to be prepared for many things. You want to make sure you are comfortable during your ride so that you can FOCUS solely on the ride itself. If you’re going on a really long ride, consider having a spare tire with you (if you have air-filled tires of course).

    Also, remember to stay focused. It’s very easy to get carried away by the magical flow of a long ride and lose attention.

    Frequently asked questions about long range electric scooters

    We all love long range electric scooters, and naturally, there are a ton of questions around them. Let’s answer them.

    What is the best value-for-money long range scooter?

    The best value-for-money long-range scooter is the EMove Cruiser. Priced at just around 1499, it is the only scooter that can truly reach ranges of 62 miles / 100 kilometers, and not cost you an arm and a leg. You will get a great performing, amazing long range scooter for a very fair price.

    Check the full review of the EMove Cruiser to learn exactly why this is the case.

    What is considered long range in an electric scooter?

    For an electric scooter to be considered long range, it should have at least 25 miles / 40 kilometers. That is already a non-trivial distance for a vehicle that operates on lithium-ion batteries, and can have a lot of real-world applications.

    I can’t even remember the number of times I’ve heard of an electric scooter described as long range, only to see in the specs that it has a range of 15 miles / 25 kilometers. We can’t really consider that long range, as that’s pretty close to the average range of electric scooters, as the research below will show. It only makes sense that a long-range scooter should have a range that’s significantly longer than the average range, right?

    Also, there’s always the issue of the official vs user-reported range. Very often, the official range is the one that is obtained in ideal lab conditions, and should not be taken at face value (more on that below).

    The 25 miles / 40 kilometers is a good cutting point, and it will label around 60% of scooters as not long-range. 25 miles / 40 kilometers will likely translate into 15-20 miles / 25-32 kilometers of range in real-world usage, which is a pretty big, useful number.

    Electric scooter range vs battery life

    Often times, people say battery life of the scooter, but they actually mean “range”. They even use kilometers or miles to measure it. Both of those terms usually refer to the same thing.

    Sometimes, battery life is also measured in time as well, and refers to the time a single battery charge lasts. For me, that makes much more sense. When you talk about how long the “life” of something is, time is the most logical measurement. Still, measuring battery life in time is not very useful, since the amount of time a battery charge lasts can vary wildly.

    How much range do electric scooters have?

    The most common electric scooters in use today will have an average range of 18 miles / 29 km, ranging from 7 Mi / 11 km to 53 Mi / 85 km. The average across every single electric scooter for adults is 28.5 Mi / 46 km.

    What is the electric scooter with the longest range?

    The electric scooter with the longest range in the world is the Dualtron Storm Limited, with a range of 136.7 miles / 220 kilometers on a single charge.

    What does the range of an electric scooter depend on?

    • the motor power
    • the number of batteries
    • the total battery power
    • the total battery capacity
    • the age of the battery
    • the weight of the scooter
    • the load that the scooter carries
    • the age and overall condition of the scooter
    • the road curvatures and conditions

    Some of those are very hard to change.

    Upgrading the motor, for example, is pretty hard to achieve. If it’s the biggest limiting factor, buying a new scooter altogether may be a much better option.

    Also, you can’t control what kind of road you need to travel on (going up or down, turns, obstacles, etc), nor the conditions of the road. They both can negatively affect the range you get. Going up and down, turning, and stopping often, will drain your battery faster, which means you will get less range. Wet roads will probably reduce the range you get as well.

    What is a good range for an electric scooter?

    You will always want more range, so the more you get, the better. Any range over 30 miles / 50 kilometers is already very good, and will enable you to somewhat forget about the battery level. Scooters with an official range of less than 18 miles / 30 kilometers will provide very small real-world ranges, and will not result in a good user experience.

    How much range does the Xiaomi M365 have?

    Officially, the Xiaomi M365 has a range of 18 miles / 30 kilometers on a single battery charge. The official number has been pretty consistent with the range reported by owners in real-world scenarios.

    How much range does the Xiaomi M365 Pro have?

    Out of the box, the Xiaomi M365 Pro provides a range of 28 miles / 45 kilometers per single battery charge. That is consistent, if not somewhat less, with what users have reported after testing the range for themselves. Some owners have decided to further customize the battery of this mega-popular model, and have managed to achieve much higher ranges, closer to 40 miles / 64 kilometers.

    How much range does the Ninebot Max have?

    The Ninebot Max has an official range of 40 miles / 64 kilometers. Learning the lessons from the Ninebot ES series, the company finally decided to upgrade the battery and provide an amazing budget-friendly option with tons of range.

    Does the electric scooter range decrease over time?

    Electric scooter range depends primarily on the battery, and as the battery gets older and more worn-out, the range of your scooter will suffer as well. While there are things you can do to prolong your battery life, you will likely have to completely replace it after 2 to 3 years of usage. The good news is, with a new battery, you will continue getting the most range that your scooter can provide.

    How can I increase the range of my electric scooter?

    There are a lot of things you can do to increase the range of your scooter. Some of them require modifying your scooter, and some not so much.

    Among the safest things you can first try is making sure your scooter is clean and functioning properly. Defects will definitely subtract from your range, and filth stuck in the wheels, motor, or battery will have a negative effect as well.

    Also, make sure you’re never draining your battery completely. Being as disciplined as possible about your battery will make sure it lasts longer and continues to provide you with the range you got on day 1. This is one of the most common complaints people have as their scooters age. While part of it is the natural and unavoidable wear-and-tear that all batteries suffer from, a lot of it is the user’s fault. Simply don’t let your battery get empty, charge your scooter regularly, and you will keep getting the best range you can.

    Another important factor is the weight that the scooter carries. Naturally, the more weight it has to pull, the more power it will use in less time, which will result in less range.

    There are two ways to reduce the weight that the scooter has to pull.

    One is to reduce the load your scooter has to carry.

    If planning a long trip, strip down everything that might be redundant to you. Never sacrifice safety because of this (you won’t lose much load anyway), but maybe you don’t really need to carry your backpack with your laptop and charger and half your office in it.

    I’ve seen many reports and reviews from heavy users that say their range is not affected too much by their weight. But there is a significant part of owners, over a large number of scooters, that report getting ranges much smaller than advertised.

    Besides the load the scooter pulls, the weight it has to carry can also be reduced by making the scooter itself lighter too. However, these are advanced modifications outside the scope of this post. We will address them in another one, but for now, unless you’re 100% sure you know what you’re doing, don’t remove any parts of the scooter in order to make it lighter. Just know that expert users customize their scooters for range by making them lighter.

    Finally, the most important part, the one that determines your range the most, will be the battery (or batteries of your scooter). Of course, the bigger, better, newer, more powerful the battery is, the more range you will get.

    Lucky for us, the battery can be improved upon, and in many cases, it’s not a difficult thing to do at all. Many users have done so safely.

    There are quite a few notoriously weak-ranged models that basically need a second battery in order for them to have any serious range. Some scooters even have a planned room and parts for adding the second battery easily.

    Depending on the other parts of your scooter, mainly the motor and the electronics in the controller, you may be able to upgrade the battery in your scooter for a more powerful one. The key is to check the maximum voltage that the motor and the electronics are able to support. If that limit is a lot lower than the voltage of your current battery, upgrading your battery to one with a higher voltage will provide you with more battery power, hence more range.

    But other than increasing the voltage, you can also go for a battery with a larger capacity. This is done by getting a battery that has a higher charge. Again, make sure that the voltage is within the limit of what your scooter’s electronics support.

    There might come a time when you simply have no other choice but to replace your battery. As they get old and through more charge cycles, batteries lose capacity. For electric scooters, that translates to a loss of range. The general rule is that after 1000 charges, you may see your battery capacity drop to 50% of its initial one. That will probably mean you need to renew your battery. If doing so, check if it makes sense to go for a stronger battery if you need so.

    A much better option than replacing your battery is adding an extra one, especially if your battery is still not that old.

    Some scooters come with the option to add a second battery very easily, like the Ninebot ES2. Others do require a bit of modification, which may lapse your warranty in some cases. But you can be sure that adding a battery will increase your range by a lot.

    By how much? Well, if you add a second battery, the same as the first one, you will not get double the range, but you may increase your range for up to 70% more. That is some serious beefing up.

    If your scooter doesn’t have an option to easily add a second battery, you will likely have to install the second one in series. That means you will connect the second battery to the first one, or after it might be a better description. That way, the voltage and the current the motor gets will not change by a lot, but the total capacity of your scooter will improve. That means more range.

    Beyond these methods, there are further customizations that owners go for to get even more range. However, they often require advanced mechanical and electronics knowledge and experience, so they are outside of the scope of this article.

    If you know a scooter mechanic, talk to them to see if they can recommend some additional methods for getting more range. Usually, they may recommend making the scooter lighter by removing parts they know are mostly bulk, or even doing things like rewinding the motor or changing the sprockets.


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    Electric Vehicles Store

    An electric vehicle is an effective solution to save fuel. Buying an electric vehicle online is an easy way to bring home your vehicle. Their energy-efficiency and environment-friendly designs are two main reasons for the rising popularity of electric vehicles. Among these vehicles, electric scooters have grabbed the attention of many customers. People often use these scooters for daily use and to commute short distances. These scooters are available in various colours, including red, black, blue, silver, and grey. You can pick any of these as per your choice. These scooters can cover a distance of 75-160 km easily. These electric vehicles are convenient and comfortable to use. Whether you use these scooters for everyday use or late-night fun rides, you can use them as per your requirement. Check brands that sell these vehicles are bounce infinity, Okaya, Ampere, BGauss and more. Thanks to their noise-free engine, these vehicles prevent noise pollution. It is a good alternative to vehicles that run on fuel. While driving these vehicles, you can easily pass through a congested road. Before purchasing a new electric scooter, you should check all the important features. It would help if you researched all the details, including the body, tyres, batteries, etc. You should also check the motor power, body material, charging time, etc. Enjoy your ride with a stylish and sophisticated vehicle. There are many new models available online. You can pick any of these as per your choice and requirement. You can also check and compare electric scooters online. Buy an electric vehicle online and enjoy your ride.

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    The meter is not working and it’s showing the engine logo in the bike, and when it’s showing means something is wrong in the bike. so guys please verify eve.

    The meter is not working and it’s showing the engine logo in the bike, and when it’s showing means something is wrong in the bike. so guys please verify eve.

    Buy Electric Vehicles Online to Travel in an Eco-friendly and Cost-effective Manner

    Electric vehicles are gaining popularity, as they are a sustainable and economical way to reach your destination. Environment-friendly, fuel-free, and quiet, (online) electric vehicles make navigating busy roads a breeze. EVs, such as e-bikes or electric-powered scooters, are suitable for running errands nearby or commuting short distances. You can look up different models of these two-wheelers online and check details, such as their riding range, charging time, motor power, material, braking system, and more. over, most EVs sport contemporary and futuristic-looking designs, so you’re sure to stand out from the crowd. So, whether you’re looking for an electric scooter for your daily office commute or a fast electric bike to go on rides with your buddies, you’re sure to find a suitable model online. Check out of EVs online and choose from top brands, such as Ampere, BGauss, Bounce Infinity, Okaya, and more.

    Top Features of Electric Scooters and Bikes

    A typical EV scooter or bike can cover distances of up to 75-160 km with ease. A two-wheeler with a high range would be an ideal choice if you intend to go on several long rides. But, if you plan on riding mostly locally, a two-wheeler with a range of up to 75-80 km should be adequate. over, EV two-wheelers can reach speeds of up to 60-80 km/hr, making it possible to reach destinations in a timely manner. And, since electric vehicles do not consume fuel, they can also enable you to save money. To power up the battery at home, you simply connect a compatible charger to the battery and connect it to a power source instead of heading to a charging station. Additionally, (online) electric vehicles tend to feature excellent braking systems that enable you to stop as quickly as possible without risking injury. In fact, several of these vehicles are also equipped with front and rear suspension systems, allowing you to ride smoothly on even bumpy roads.

    Additional Features

    Most electric-powered two-wheelers have futuristic, modern designs that make them a stylish transportation option. The sleek, lightweight design of these two-wheelers makes them easy to handle and move, allowing you to manoeuvre through traffic despite peak traffic times. Most of these two-wheelers are fitted with bright LED headlights, dual LED lamps, or both, allowing you to see in low light and nighttime conditions. This way, these EVs help ensure your safety. The lithium ferrous phosphate batteries in most of these two-wheelers are believed to pose no fire hazard as well. Additionally, these batteries offer double charging cycles, thus extending their lifespan. Portable chargers are included with almost all EV two-wheelers so that you can conveniently charge the batteries wherever you go. Several of these (online) electric vehicles include key fobs that allow remote starting or stopping, reverse modes for backing out of tight parking spaces, multiple drive modes, and other features. So, buy electric vehicles online to travel daily in a cost-efficient and eco-friendly way.

    Question and Answers

    A.Electric vehicles charge their batteries with electricity rather than using fossil fuels like petrol or diesel. Due to their greater efficiency and the lower cost of power, charging an electric vehicle is more affordable than buying petrol or diesel to meet your travel needs

    A.The Okaya Faast F2B is jam-packed with features such as LED lights with DRL, telescopic suspension, LFP battery, and more. Additionally, it has three complete riding settings (Eco, City, and Sport), reverse, and walk assistance.

    A.The Okaya ClassIQ is driven by a 250 W brushless DC hub motor with a top speed of 25 km/h. The motor is coupled to a replaceable 48 V 30 Ah Lithium-ion battery pack having a range of 60–70 kilometres. It takes 5 to 6 hours to charge the battery.

    A.Yes, the Bounce Infinity E1 scooter includes a portable charger and a detachable battery. Any plug location will allow you to remove the battery and charge it.

    A.The features included in the Bounce Infinity E1 are drag and reverse modes, geo-fencing, an anti-theft system, cruise control, and a tow alarm. Additionally, Bounce provides a smartphone app that gives users virtual control over several e-scooter features.

    X7 Pro Folding Electric Scooter

    Our multiple warehouse locations offer free shipping to the 48 contiguous states of the US and Canada. Orders will be delivered within 5 business days.

    Our professional service continues long after your purchase. Feel free to contact TurboAnt’s technical support team at, or call 1-833-310-2205.

    Our warranty policy covers all electric scooter orders for up to 12 months after sales, and the 30-day return and refund policy allows you to buy with peace of mind.

    • Highlights
    • Specifications
    • Packaging
    • Q A
    • Model Comparison
    • Reviews

    Detachable Battery, Rich Benefits A superior choice for efficient and sustainable urban mobility.

    10 Ah Detachable Battery 30 Mi Maximum Range 350 W Brushless Motor 20 mph Maximum Speed 275 lb Load Capacity 3 sec Quick Folding Triple Braking Disc, electronic foot brake 15° Climb Capability

    Innovative Design, Heightened Performance

    275 lb (125 kg) Maximum Load Spacious Deck

    The X7 Pro is compact yet sturdy to carry weight, and its wide, anti-slip deck allows both feet in a secure, comfortable position.

    30-Mile (48 km) Maximum Range

    A morning ride to your workplace, a noon meet-up with friends blocks away, and an evening visit to the supermarket, all on a single full charge.

    20 mph (32 km/h) Top Speed

    It is the right speed for you to beat the heavy traffic and arrive at work on time, even after a quick stop at your favorite coffee shop.

    350 W Powerful Motor

    The motor releases remarkable power when quick acceleration is needed, while its balanced throttle response offers a smooth everyday ride.

    Convenient Use, Enjoyable Experience

    10-inch pneumatic tires maximize shock absorption for added riding comfort.

    The on-board computer displays speed, battery status, and riding mode.

    Eco Mode permits travel at an energy-efficient speed to extend battery life.

    Comfort Mode delivers an ideal riding performance for most daily trips.

    Sport Mode boosts your ride with a maximum speed of 20 mph.

    Cruise Control Maintains your desired speed automatically to avoid hand fatigue.

    3-Step Folding Mechanism Makes your e-scooter ride both time-saving and space-saving.

    Lightweight Frame Allows easy transportation whenever portability matters.

    15° Climb Capability Handles hilly streets effortlessly at a press of the throttle.

    Thoughtful Features, Enhanced Safety

    3 W LED Headlight The front-facing LED light illuminates the path far ahead, helping with early detection of adverse road conditions such as water puddles and loose rocks. It also increases the rider’s visibility to other vehicles and pedestrians.

    Triple Braking System A responsive rear disc brake and front electronic brake, both activated by the hand lever, work jointly with an auxiliary foot brake mechanism to achieve a short braking distance of 16.4 feet. The taillight blinks in red when braking to alert people nearby.


    • 1 x X7 Pro Electric Scooter
    • 1 x Charging Adapter
    • 2 x Handlebars
    • 1 x M6 Hexagon Wrench
    • 1 x User Manual

    Q A

    What makes the X7 Pro folding electric scooter a best-seller?

    The X7 Pro folding electric scooter for adults is a great commuting e-scooter that delivers good value for money. With a top speed of 20 mph and an extensive range of 30 miles on a single charge as well as a detachable battery design, the X7 Pro is the top choice for commuters who want to be more efficient, all while being healthier and greener. Its twin model X7 Max with a longer 32-mile range does the same. But if you want to ride further, then the 50-Mile Dual Battery V8 Long Range Electric Scooter is worth taking a look at.

    Are the X7 Pro and the X7 Max folding electric scooter the same?

    The X7 Pro is TurboAnt’s classic model of folding electric scooter for adults. It is known for its detachable battery design that allows for fast battery change and convenient recharge. The X7 Max is quite similar to the X7 Pro but with some adjustments: an increase of 2 miles in range, a battery lock, and an elevated deck.Both models are an ideal option for commuting, daily activities, and leisure riding. Riders can choose either one depending on their own preferences and needs.

    Or you can go to Electric Scooters for Adults for more advice on which folding scooter is right for you.

    What is the load capacity of the X7 Pro folding electric scooter?

    The maximum load capacity of the X7 Pro is 275 pounds, making it able to carry both heavy riders, or riders carrying extra weight with them. If you are not sure about which kind of e-scooter is suitable for you, read the article to learn more. Best Heavy Duty Electric Scooters for Heavy Adults (275 to 350 lb)

    You can also read this article to learn more about the e-scooter’s weight limit. A Guide to Electric Scooter Weight Limit

    What is the size of the X7 Pro’s tires?

    The X7 Pro’s tires are 10-inch pneumatic tires with good shock absorption performance. There are other tire types available on the market, and you can read The Guide to Electric Scooter Tire to learn more.

    What PSI level should I keep the tires inflated at?

    What is the recommended rider height for the X7 Pro?

    Is the handlebar adjustable?

    What is the X7 Pro handlebar width?

    What is the length and width of X7 Pro’s deck?

    What is the weight of the X7 Pro?

    What is the weight of the X7 Pro battery?

    What do riders like most about the X7 Pro E-Scooter?

    Urban commuters love it for its detachable battery design that makes transportation and battery change recharge easy. They also enjoy it for its powerful performance which allows it to be used for various riding purposes such as daily errands and leisure riding. Click here to see what other riders say about the X7 Pro and why it is trusted and recommended.

    Can the X7 Pro E-Scooter handle hills/inclines?

    The X7 Pro E-Scooter can climb up to a 15° slope. However, the actual degree that the X7 Pro Electric Scooter can handle will be affected by factors such as the rider’s weight and the riding speed.

    Can I ride the X7 Pro on gravel paths?

    Riding on gravel paths or other uneven surfaces will affect the riding experience. We highly recommend riding the X7 Pro on smooth, hard surfaces for a more comfortable ride and to keep the tires in good condition.

    How long is the X7 Pro’s warranty?

    Our warranty policy covers all electric scooter orders for up to 12 months after sales, and the 30-day return and refund policy allows you to have peace of mind when you buy. Click here to learn more.

    Can I ride the X7 Pro in the snow or rain?

    The X7 Pro is an IP54 rated electric scooter, but we do not recommend riding in the snow or rain for your safety and to keep the e-scooter in good condition.

    Do you have accessories for the X7 Pro E-Scooter?

    Are there any product reviews of the X7 Pro E-Scooter?

    Where can I find more information about the X7 Pro?

    Click here to explore user guides for the X7 Pro Electric Scooter.

    Are the detachable batteries of the X7 Pro, X7 Max, and V8 interchangeable?

    The batteries of the X7 Pro, X7 Max, and V8 are all detachable but cannot be used for another e-scooter model due to their different inner structures. Please double-check your e-scooter model before ordering the battery.


    X7 Pro

    Featured On

    “The TurboAnt X7 Pro is like a real ant: small and light with surprising ability. Discover how it stacks up against other budget commuters in this TurboAnt X7 Pro review.“

    “In my opinion, the Turboant brand is synonymous with bringing excellent value to consumers who don’t necessarily have a thousand bucks to splurge. They’ve done an excellent job at making Smart design decisions that would yield the absolute best bang for your buck possible.”

    “The ability to swap out the battery adds significant, meaningful functionality to the scooter. We love the ability to ride 15 or 20 miles out without having to worry about how much range was left in the battery. It was also helpful to ensure we always had a fully charged battery ready and waiting at home.”

    Very easy to put together. It seems to be built very sturdy. Only been using it for a week but my daughter loves it so far.

    I recently purchased the Turboant X7 Pro Scooter, and I am thrilled to share my experience with this outstanding electric scooter. From its exceptional value to its remarkable performance, this scooter has truly exceeded my expectations. One of the standout features of the Turboant X7 Pro is its suspension system. this scooter effortlessly glides over bumps and uneven terrain with minimal feel of the uneven roadway, providing a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience.

    One of the best scooters I have bought! I have been searching for a birthday gift for my son and I came across this and I immediately ordered it. Right when it got delivered, my son fell in love with it. Their customer service is amazing!

    Used for a few days now and can confirm the scooter works well for commuting on the flat roads in my area. Battery life is decent too as long as there aren’t any steep inclines.

    I love it because you can also fold it and have it with you. Works great. I had to charge it up all night before I used it to make sure the battery was fully charged.

    I got one of these right when they came out almost 3 years ago now and it still works perfectly fine. As I’m a e-scooter enthusiast having owned models made by most of the most prominent players in the industry (Segway/Emove/Hiboy/Hoover-1) in terms of bang for the buck you just can’t beat Turboant X7 PRO as it offers a very responsive zippy ride in an aesthetically pleasing package with pivotal innovative features such as a detachable battery and last but not least unheard of range at this price point!

    I bought this for my Grandaughter in Decemeber. we all enjoy it so much we just purchased a new one same exact model. It has been very reliable. We take it everywhere, camping to the beach and just all around the neighbor hood

    We always get lots of compliments when we go out with our scooters. They are so much fun and we get lots of miles off of a fully charged battery

    This is very fun and easy to ride! It’s very lightweight I am so happy that I picked this one. So easy and comfortable to ride and has plenty of power. Very happy with this scooter.

    I love the scooter. It’s build quality and design is perfect for my work. I love the specs and price is fair. Very easy and comfortable to ride it.

    I ride my scooter daily to work in the mornings. It’s solid, but I’m not jumping off curbs and stuff like that. I try to be gentle with it, and get my moneys worth. This scooter has been worth it so far. I’m happy with it

    Great electric scooter, very easy to assemble. The scooter was already charged and ready to go as soon as unboxed.

    This scooter is absolutely worth every dollar. I use it for work and scoot 10 miles per day saving me hours of walking.

    Probably the best e-scooter on the market right now. I spent hours doing my research before purchasing this and I’m so glad I didn’t give in to other models or brands.

    Very good scooter. Lightweight, yet can get to 20mph. Range is 20 miles. I use it everyday and it saves money on gas if I have to use a car. Very convenient to get to places within 3-7 miles. With Metro (subway), I can get anywhere in Washington DC area that is about 10 miles from the Metro station. I ended up buying 3, one for me and the other two are for my son and daughter and they also love it!

    We are satisfied with the scooter purchase. Going to Walmart, Lowes. UPS, and other places without the necessity of driving a car is amazing. It does contribute to save gas and reduce emissions.

    I bought this scooter as a way too cut down on my gas bill. I live in town and ride it too work and back every day. So far it has been wonderful!

    I use my scooter to commute most days now, and it’s so fun! I go about 30 min one-way at the most, and for that distance it’s perfect. My legs and arms get a little tired, but I’m sure I’ll build up the stamina if I keep riding. The cruise control is really nice when I’m on a smooth bike path. When I’m on the street with cars I just go slowly and carefully. I was worried about carrying it up down stairs, but it is not too heavy. Folding and unfolding are super quick. I charge the battery back to full when I get home, and that’s been working great so far. I got a portable air compressor to keep the tires in shape- it’s only been about a week of consistent riding, but the tires have been staying in the recommended psi range so far. I really can’t think of anything to complain about! It’s small and lightweight, and goes as fast as I need it to. Unless it’s raining I ride it every day. I am looking forward to using it right up until we get snow on the ground this winter.

    Super nice scooter. I bought this for my daily commute to campus and it turns to be a very useful vehicle that I would like to take with me. It arrived folded but very easy to assemble and took me only 5 minutes. It’s a little bit heavy for me to carry but still you can walk with it if you don’t want to ride on it.

    Have had it out a few times since I purchased it and pretty impressed overall. The battery in speeds are a little bit lower than advertised but also I’m larger individual on it. Would definitely recommend. Sounds like I might also need to buy another one.

    I love it so far. Great speed, great road quality and overall a very good ration on price/quality. I am glad I got this. The only reason I gave it 4 stars, is that the second time i used it I started hearing a clicking constant sound while riding. The reason is the small hook used to fold/unfold the scooter. While riding it keeps rubbing on the base of the tube and makes a kind of annoying sound. I hope there is a way to fix it and I would make my review 5 stars. Thank you !

    My son loved his birthday gift! The shipping was quick and TurboAct service was great. I recommend this scooter.

    I delivered it last week and installed it in two minutes! You don’t even have to charge it the first time, and it’s full battery. I rode it around the community experience a circle, very satisfied. And it has lights and bells. It’s perfect. The speed is good, the braking system is sharp and the safety measures feel very good. It’s also small and folds up easily enough to fit easily in the trunk. This car is perfect. I think I like it more and more.

    I love too ride it it’s so much fun could be a little faster but 20mph it ok but overall it’s amazing

    I love the freedom the scooter provides. Being able to fold it up was super important to me and it’s easy to get in and out of my Venza. I’ve been able to hit 20 mph on the straight away so that’s cool. I’m 6’1 and 198 pounds, just to give some reference. I’ve only used it a few times but so far I’m happy with it!

    The review are pretty much exactly what we expected my daughter and can wait to take the scamping. they r the perfect weight for our travel trailer and the fold up so nicely the will fit in the car or trailer…

    I have used the scooter a few times to ride back and forth between offices in the city. I mostly am on a bike path, and it does the job. Gets moving fast, especially when going downhill.

    The scooter is great. However, I erred in not getting a stronger scooter that could really climb hills. No scooters at this size and strength motor can do that. I hadn’t done my research properly because I live in a very hilly area. If you do not live in a very hilly area, this scooter is a fantastic introduction to e-scooting. It accelerates rapidly, battery lasts a long time, it’s a hoot to ride and easy to learn. My adult daughter family who live in flatter terrain just might get it and I’ll get a stronger one to manage hills. Don’t forget a helmet and you’ll have a blast on this inexpensive scooter.

    I just took my X7 turbo ant electric scooter for the first time about 8 Miles on variable Terrain mostly flat surface some rough Stone area but felt confident even with a heavy backpack. After the Lost of my e-bike the comparison is somewhat different as the e-scooter does require more cautious grip and FOCUS but with a wide deck and plenty of platform for my feet, a safety helmet, elbow pads I feel safe using all safety precautions. I am a senior so it is somewhat heavy to pack under the grocery cart but fits well. It is well worth the safety measure of a larger heavier scooter than a lightweight which I was going to buy, I’m very happy with my choice of the X7 as it’s comparable to the e-bike. I can pack it easier on Rv and trunk of car, quicker access and storage in house where it is safe from theft. I only would like the availability to lock it up at a bike rack but I haven’t figured that out yet. An added locking feature for a bike rack would be nice. The removable battery is a biggie, I can take the battery off and charge it when I go camping or home, one of the main purchase decisions that was important for me along with the larger dock, heavier frame. throttle ,cruise control,speed monitor and larger tires. So far I feel very confident with the strong tires as I live in the desert where there is a lot of thorns that go through bicycle tires easily you have to watch the terrain very careful in the desert.

    okay, i have to say this scooter is awesome. i got it for my son to ride back and forth to school and the store or wherever because his bike got stolen and this is easy to store inside.

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