Bosch ebike motors compared. Yamaha / Giant Syncdrive

Bosch E-Bike Systems. What’s New 2020 To coincide with their 10-year anniversary, and after much speculation Bosch recently introduced their new 2020 motors – that’s right, plural. And the innovations continue with the SmartphoneHUB display and new powertube batteries. Bosch Performance Line CX – redefining e-mountain biking and performance riding with a completely new motor … Read more

Yamaha mountain bike motor. TranzX M16 eBike Motor


Differences Between Top Mid-Drive Electric Bike Motors Electric bicycle (eBike) motor technology has steadily improved since its inception back in 1895 ( US Patent 552271 A ). The crude 10-volt battery-powered eBike patented by Ogden Bolton, Jr. set the stage for what is now an ever-growing class of bicycles. Multiple companies have emerged as of … Read more

Budget ebike build. Are spare parts available?


E-bike Conversion Cost – How Much Does It Cost to Convert Your Bike to an E-Bike? Electric bikes are the new way to get around! people are ditching their traditional bikes for an e-bike; whether for commuting, exercising, or just recreational riding. However, investing in a new battery-powered bike can prove to be a costly … Read more

Alta motors dirt bike. Touratech Suspension Service | Gear Review


Alta unleashes 50-horsepower, street-legal Redshift EXR Alta Motors has expanded its electric dirt bike range with the road legal Redshift EXR. Beefed up to 50 horses and packing upgraded WP suspension and a 4-hour trail riding range out of a 1.5 hour charge, the EXR looks like serious sideways fun in a zero-emissions, near-silent package. … Read more