E trike boracay. Sunset Paraw Sailing

E trike boracay

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trike, boracay, sunset, paraw, sailing

Ultimate 7 Best Things to Do in Boracay

Boracay is an island located in the western part of the Philippines. It has consistently been considered as one of the best islands in the world. Some people would think that there’s only the famous white beach on the island. But as a long time resident on the island, I can definitely say there are many activities in Boracay to fill your days. But if you’ve got limited days, we are here to help! Here’s the ultimate 7 best things to do in Boracay for your next visit.

Best Things to Do in Boracay Overview

How many days in Boracay is enough?

If you are a first time visitor, 4 to 5 days is enough to spend in Boracay.

What is Boracay best known for?

Boracay Island is best known for its white-sand beach, amazing sunsets and fun night scenes.

What do many visitors do in Boracay?

Many visitors come to Boracay to have a beach getaway, go swimming, snorkeling, party and just relax.

trike, boracay, sunset, paraw, sailing

Ultimate 7 Best Things to Do in Boracay

There are so many things to do in Boracay, however, if you’re limited with your days. I am giving you this list so you can feel like you’ve really enjoyed your stay.

One of the cheapest ways to go around Boracay if you’ve got the time is using the Hop on/Hop off bus by Southwest. You buy a local card or they actually have a tourist card good for 3 days and use it to get on and off anywhere on the island too.

trike, boracay, sunset, paraw, sailing

Sunset Paraw Sailing

One of the best and most unique sunsets in the world can be seen in Boracay. This is also because of these wind-driven boats called Paraw. Paraws are double outrigger sail boats in the Philippines and they usually come around sunset time to sail. Imagine riding them and feeling the wind on your face while the sun is setting. It’s one of the most fun and beautiful experiences on the island.

You can easily hire or book them online and get some discounts. Cost starts from Php2500 for the whole Paraw and can take about 8 people. You can also go to White beach around 4pm and ask the touts if you can join a group so you won’t have to pay for the whole Paraw yourself. The ride takes about 30 minutes.

Boracay Water Activities

From island hopping, parasailing, jet skiing, kitesurfing, paddle boarding and kayaking, you wont run out of things to do in Boracay. You can even get to ride on a crystal kayak and get your photos taken by now professional guides against the crystal clear waters of Boracay. You can book most of these activities online too.

For the more serious types of water activities, scuba diving, freediving and kite surfing are also available for you to get your lessons, be certified and enjoy. You can read our list of best water activities in Boracay to make your planning easier.

Indulge in a Massage and Spa Treatment

The ultimate relaxation is to get a massage and spa treatment while on your holiday. If you just need a respite from all the walking you’ll do along white beach, there are many foot massage place there. However, if you want the ultimate indulgence, you can have a beauty and spa day.

Tirta Spa is one of the established spa place on the island. You can also check Shangri-la hotel in Boracay and ask them for their packages and get to enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches on the island.

Beach Hopping and Relaxing

You are on a beach getaway so of course you need to actually enjoy it on the beach too! But then after you’ve had you fill of White Beach, there are many other beaches on the island to enjoy and see. Go to Puka Beach for its interesting shell-filled sand. Bulabog beach is the adventurous side where you can enjoy watching the kite surfers, then find your way to Ilig-iligan beach for that quiet and beautiful area where most tourists don’t even get to visit.

Eat and Drink your Way around the Island

You’ll surely gather an appetite after all these activities you can do in Boracay. Thankfully, you don’t have to look further than around D’Mall and Station 2 area of white beach to find places to eat and drink. I’d say go further to Station 1 and have some sunset drinks and slowly make your way towards the centre part of the beach for dinner, and then drinks.

Do Some Yoga and Exercise

If you’ve been on the island for a while, you will notice that locals are very active and sporty. This is because even before sunrise, you can find people running, swimming and even playing sports on the beach. You can start your day with a morning yoga at Eat Play Heal or arrange it with your hotel. Then before the sun sets, you can go for a run around the island and end up on white beach while waiting for the sunset.

This is one of the best ways to enjoy and take care of your health and body even when you’re on a beach getaway.

Have you been to Boracay? What were the things you did there? Let us know in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев!

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Boracay opens October 1; island trike phaseout

This just in: Boracay will open to additional tourists on October 1.

The Boracay Inter-Agency Task Force (BIATF) announced its decision at a Tuesday night meeting. It was expected because the economic region on the popular vacation island, and the mainland port area, have taken extreme financial hits without tourists.

Domestic tourists will be allowed onto Boracay from all over the country – including Manila – with a negative COVID-19 test. Manila has had the most COVID-19 cases in the country. However, cases continue to pop up in Aklan Province.

Casual foreign tourists are still not allowed, as had been hoped.

Prior to Oct. 1, only regional tourists from Panay Island or the greater Visaya area can visit Boracay.

Everyone is hoping this is the start of growing and lasting income for the tourist-driven economy of Aklan Province, and Malay Municipality.

Before the pandemic, domestic tourists made up 930,000 each year to Boracay’s total 2.3 million visitors.

I do not think there will be 930,000 Filipino tourists flocking to Boracay in the coming months. But hopefully, there will be many thousands to lift the businesses and livelihoods on Boracay and the mainland because people are desperate, and it’s heartbreaking to see.

Motorized trike phaseout

Meanwhile, the tricycles, or “trikes” (Filipino motorcycles with carts used as taxis), reportedly will continue to be “phased out” starting on the same date, October 1. The cleaner, more efficient electric trikes, or E-trikes, will eventually become the only taxis on the island.

The older gas trikes were to be phased out back in December 2019. However, the Christmas typhoon knocked out power for a long time and prevented charging, and then, the coronavirus pandemic further delayed phase-out plans.

Drivers have pleaded with officials not to cut them out, even though their livelihoods have essentially evaporated without tourists.

I understand the reasons to switch to the more efficient, cleaner energy vehicles. But I still ride motorized trikes now and then. I feel bad for the guys trying to make a living.

And, when a driver doesn’t try to rip me off and is honest, like the kind man pictured at the top of this post, I make a point to tip – often very well.

(By the way, Kalibo trike fares increased. Here is a link to the new fare structure; even though the headline is misleading – the story is about Kalibo fares, not Boracay fares.)

Side note: Haves versus have nots

I found this opinion by a Filipino columnist interesting – if only because it shows the widening gap between the haves and have nots thanks to this crazy coronavirus crisis.

It’s the same in America, from what I can see from the other side of the planet — that there is a growing sense that it’s not republicans or democrats or independents at war, that it’s not older generations versus younger kids. It’s really simply this: the greedy rich against the needy poor.

I canceled my subscription to the New York Times years ago. But I still check it now and then. Here’s an ad recently shown to me:

That Thailand’s tourist office is buying ads to show NYT readers is telling. The new travel rules are being made right before our eyes: governments are targeting people with more money. ‘Average’ Americans generally do not read the New York Times. But elites generally do.

Thanks for reading, “Boracay opens October 1, trike phaseout restarts same day.”

Amazing pictures of Boracay during the pandemic:

about the nearby mainland:

E trike boracay

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Boracay Private Land Tour (1-4 pax)

See some of Boracay’s best tourist attractions as well as hidden beaches. Take in the sights of the other side of Boracay as you cruise down from Bolabog Beach to New Coast. Witness the beauty and crystal clear waters of Puka and Ilig-iligan beaches as well.

Options: 1-4 Pax (Php2,340) 5-6 Pax (Php3,060)

Note: Rates are per unit. Children 0-4 years old are free of charge.


Boracay Private Land Tour with ViajeRoyale.com: Compare our Boracay Private Land Tour Rates 2023 and SAVE.

This tour package is ideal if you want to see more of Boracay than just White Beach. On this 3-hour day tour around the island, you’ll see some of Boracay’s best tourist attractions as well as hidden beaches. Take in the sights of the other side of Boracay as you cruise down from Bolabog Beach to New Coast. Witness the beauty and crystal clear waters of Puka and Ilig-iligan beaches as well.


Inclusions ✓ 3-hours private Land Tour ✓ Visit tourist spots and attactions ✓ Visit and swim in Puka and Ilig-iligan beaches ✓ Friendly local guide to escort you

Itinerary ✓ Operating hours are from 9:00 AM to 12:00 NN OR 2:00 to 5:00 PM daily ✓ Guest meets up with the Tour Guide at the meet-up location ✓ Tour Guide brings guests to the private vehicle ✓ Guest goes ahead with the activity ✓ Tour guide brings back guest to the meet-up location

Sites ✓ Bolabog Beach ✓ Willy’s Rock ✓ New Coast ✓ Belmont Beach ✓ Keyhole ✓ Ilig-iligan Beach ✓ Puka Beach

Important Info Sites may slightly change to suit the weather Guests are welcome to bring cooked food and drinks for no additional corkage fee as long as they practice proper garbage disposal The vehicle can only accommodate a maximum of 6 passengers. Children 0-4 years old are free of charge.

Pickup / Drop-off Point Default: Beachfront of Yellow Cab Boracay, Station 1 (Yellow Cab is next to Astoria Boracay) Habagat Season (June-September): Moksha Cafe Boracay, Bolabog (the cafe is next to Reef Retreat Resort)

How To Get There Take an e-trike (PHP50) and proceed to the meet-up location.

HOW TO BOOK Click Add to Cart button above and complete the booking process. Make sure the date, as well as the time you wish to avail of the activity, is completed upon check out. Should you need more details, you may call us at 63 36 2881369 / 63 922 2389788 / 63 975 1224877. A printed voucher or an electronic voucher (via mobile device) displaying your name or the voucher number must be presented to the tour coordinator upon availing of this activity

CONFIRMATION Once booked, a confirmation voucher will be sent to you shortly via email. In the event that you do not receive an email from us, please check your Spam folder or notify us via email.

CANCELLATIONS Free Cancellation – 72 Hours Notice

How much does a tricycle cost?

There are government ordinances in place to regulate the rate that tricycle drivers can charge for varying distances. A tricycle driving within or between Stations 1 and 3 is supposed to cost ₱10 per passenger, however, in reality, this rate will never be charged to tourists.

Tricycle drivers report their daily expenditure with regard to operating a tricycle is ₱2,000 plus their gasoline petrol expenses. At a standard ₱20 a ride, a driver must complete over 100 rides per day to break even and not incur any loss. Even though tricycle drivers are overcharging for their service, use your judgment to decide what is acceptable. Be a responsible tourist and support the local economy.

Realistically, what should I pay for a tricycle in Boracay?

Most trips along the main White Beach area between Stations 1, 2, and 3 should not exceed ₱60, depending on how much weight is in the tricycle and time of day. In this area, drivers can get quick turnaround of customers, so they naturally prefer to stay around the DMall area and Station 2. For areas further away such as Diniwid Beach and Puka Beach, drivers may ask within a wide range of fares. Don’t be afraid to reject a driver if you feel the price is too high, or join other nearby people to share a cab. For trips that stray from the main road, these are referred to as “charter” trips and cost a flat ₱150, as it is quite difficult for them to drive down some roads.

Truthfully, it isn’t necessary to find private service since there is only one road and it is always full of tricycles. It would be rare to wait more than 30 seconds for a cab to show up. In the event that you wish to hire a tricycle (for example to arrange an excursion or change hotels), simply ask any driver you feel comfortable with, remembering that paying a (relatively) larger fare will ensure the driver’s assistance. How much to pay is, once again, up to individual discretion, although a maximum ₱200 payment will suffice, and the driver will be happy to assist.

Please treat tricycle drivers with respect, and understand their economic situation when discussing fares. Also, please prepare your cab fare in small bills. Tricycle drivers in Boracay work very hard to provide a great service, so help them out by providing exact change whenever possible.

Official Tricycle Taxi Tariff Structure:

Station 1 to Station 3 “Hop-on Hop-off” Rate is ₱10 per passenger.

trike, boracay, sunset, paraw, sailing

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