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An electric vehicle is an effective solution to save fuel. Buying an electric vehicle online is an easy way to bring home your vehicle. Their energy-efficiency and environment-friendly designs are two main reasons for the rising popularity of electric vehicles. Among these vehicles, electric scooters have grabbed the attention of many customers. People often use these scooters for daily use and to commute short distances. These scooters are available in various colours, including red, black, blue, silver, and grey. You can pick any of these as per your choice. These scooters can cover a distance of 75-160 km easily. These electric vehicles are convenient and comfortable to use. Whether you use these scooters for everyday use or late-night fun rides, you can use them as per your requirement. Check brands that sell these vehicles are bounce infinity, Okaya, Ampere, BGauss and more. Thanks to their noise-free engine, these vehicles prevent noise pollution. It is a good alternative to vehicles that run on fuel. While driving these vehicles, you can easily pass through a congested road. Before purchasing a new electric scooter, you should check all the important features. It would help if you researched all the details, including the body, tyres, batteries, etc. You should also check the motor power, body material, charging time, etc. Enjoy your ride with a stylish and sophisticated vehicle. There are many new models available online. You can pick any of these as per your choice and requirement. You can also check and compare electric scooters online. Buy an electric vehicle online and enjoy your ride.

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Buy Electric Vehicles Online to Travel in an Eco-friendly and Cost-effective Manner

Electric vehicles are gaining popularity, as they are a sustainable and economical way to reach your destination. Environment-friendly, fuel-free, and quiet, (online) electric vehicles make navigating busy roads a breeze. EVs, such as e-bikes or electric-powered scooters, are suitable for running errands nearby or commuting short distances. You can look up different models of these two-wheelers online and check details, such as their riding range, charging time, motor power, material, braking system, and more. over, most EVs sport contemporary and futuristic-looking designs, so you’re sure to stand out from the crowd. So, whether you’re looking for an electric scooter for your daily office commute or a fast electric bike to go on rides with your buddies, you’re sure to find a suitable model online. Check out of EVs online and choose from top brands, such as Ampere, BGauss, Bounce Infinity, Okaya, and more.

Top Features of Electric Scooters and Bikes

A typical EV scooter or bike can cover distances of up to 75-160 km with ease. A two-wheeler with a high range would be an ideal choice if you intend to go on several long rides. But, if you plan on riding mostly locally, a two-wheeler with a range of up to 75-80 km should be adequate. over, EV two-wheelers can reach speeds of up to 60-80 km/hr, making it possible to reach destinations in a timely manner. And, since electric vehicles do not consume fuel, they can also enable you to save money. To power up the battery at home, you simply connect a compatible charger to the battery and connect it to a power source instead of heading to a charging station. Additionally, (online) electric vehicles tend to feature excellent braking systems that enable you to stop as quickly as possible without risking injury. In fact, several of these vehicles are also equipped with front and rear suspension systems, allowing you to ride smoothly on even bumpy roads.

Additional Features

Most electric-powered two-wheelers have futuristic, modern designs that make them a stylish transportation option. The sleek, lightweight design of these two-wheelers makes them easy to handle and move, allowing you to manoeuvre through traffic despite peak traffic times. Most of these two-wheelers are fitted with bright LED headlights, dual LED lamps, or both, allowing you to see in low light and nighttime conditions. This way, these EVs help ensure your safety. The lithium ferrous phosphate batteries in most of these two-wheelers are believed to pose no fire hazard as well. Additionally, these batteries offer double charging cycles, thus extending their lifespan. Portable chargers are included with almost all EV two-wheelers so that you can conveniently charge the batteries wherever you go. Several of these (online) electric vehicles include key fobs that allow remote starting or stopping, reverse modes for backing out of tight parking spaces, multiple drive modes, and other features. So, buy electric vehicles online to travel daily in a cost-efficient and eco-friendly way.

Question and Answers

A.Electric vehicles charge their batteries with electricity rather than using fossil fuels like petrol or diesel. Due to their greater efficiency and the lower cost of power, charging an electric vehicle is more affordable than buying petrol or diesel to meet your travel needs

A.The Okaya Faast F2B is jam-packed with features such as LED lights with DRL, telescopic suspension, LFP battery, and more. Additionally, it has three complete riding settings (Eco, City, and Sport), reverse, and walk assistance.

A.The Okaya ClassIQ is driven by a 250 W brushless DC hub motor with a top speed of 25 km/h. The motor is coupled to a replaceable 48 V 30 Ah Lithium-ion battery pack having a range of 60–70 kilometres. It takes 5 to 6 hours to charge the battery.

A.Yes, the Bounce Infinity E1 scooter includes a portable charger and a detachable battery. Any plug location will allow you to remove the battery and charge it.

A.The features included in the Bounce Infinity E1 are drag and reverse modes, geo-fencing, an anti-theft system, cruise control, and a tow alarm. Additionally, Bounce provides a smartphone app that gives users virtual control over several e-scooter features.

Price list: 7 electric scooters under Rs 300,000 in Nepal for 2023

With a consistent increase in petrol prices, the demand for electric vehicles–both four-wheelers and two-wheelers– has surged in Nepal in recent months. Since then, there is a positive ratio in the electric vehicle market in Nepal. Many people are seen changing to electric vehicles from fossil fuel-powered vehicles and searching for budget-friendly two-wheelers.

Among two-wheelers in the electric market, electric scooters are more popular in Nepal than electric motorcycles due to their budget. So, here is a list of seven electric scooters costing less than Rs 300,000 in Nepal as of January 2023.

SN Model Price
1 LVNENG LX04 Rs 209,000
2 Yadea S-Like Rs 255,000
3 Komaki SE Pro Rs 274,000
4 Pure EV EPluto 7G Rs 275,000
5 NIU MQI Sport Rs 276,000
6 NIU GOVA G-03 Rs 277,000
7 Segway Ninebot E100 Rs 291,000


The Chinese company LVNENG has few models available in Nepal. Among them, the cheapest is the LVNENG LX04. The small and stylish electric scooter is an affordable find with a range of 75 km and a max speed of 45 Kmph.

It is powered by a 1.44kw Bosch motor and has a battery capacity of 48V26Ah, which depending on the number of batteries can provide a range of 75–150km. LX04’s top speed is 45km/h as well. Additionally, for safety, it incorporates disc brakes on both the front and rear sides as well as an 80/100-10″ tubeless tyre. Additionally, it has a 150mm ground clearance.

Dimension Length: 1,700mmWidth: 700mmHeight: 1,050mmWheelbase: 1230mm
Tyre 80/100-10-inch Tubeless
Battery 2 48V26Ah lithium battery (portable)
Motor 1440W Bosch motor
Top speed 45 km/h
Charging duration 6 hours
Max loading 217kg
Brake Front and rear disc brakes

The price of LVNENG LX04 in Nepal is Rs 209,000.

Yadea S-Like

The Chinese company Yadea started its journey in 2020 in Nepal. Within a short period of time, Yadea gained popularity in Nepal. Currently, Yadea sells three models in Nepal, out of which, Yadea S-Like is a budget-friendly scooter.

S-Like, which is marketed as an urban city commuter, is made to help you manoeuvre through congested city streets. With features including a 4.2-inch LCD panel with automatic light adjustment, the scooter is well-equipped.

It also has an IP65 rating for resistance to water and dust. A 2000W lithium-ion battery powering the scooter can be fully charged in six hours. The scooter’s maximum speed is 50 km/h, and its range is 60 km.

Dimension Length: 1,752mmWidth: 680mmHeight: 1,450mmWheelbase: 1,300mGround clearance: 180mm
Motor GTR 3.0
Battery ATL lithium
Top speed 50 km/h
Range 60 km(single battery)
Charging time 6 hours
Brake Front: DiscRear: Drum
Storage box capacity 18L
Tyre 12-inch Tubeless
Max power 2000W

The price of Yadea S-Like electric scooter in Nepal is Rs 255,000.

Komaki SE Pro

Like other electric scooters, the Indian electric scooter company Komaki has provided some outstanding electric scooters and the first electric cruiser bike in Nepal, Komaki Ranger. Komaki electric scooters and bikes are sold by Unity Trading Concern Pvt Ltd in Nepal.

electric, vehicles, store, cheapest, scooter

Komaki Se Pro is a sporty electric scooter with a top speed of 65km/h. The scooter has some notable features such as the TFT screen. The screen has a real-time surround view, real-time navigation, Android applications and other Smart features. Found mostly in heavy-duty bikes, Komaki has provided a double disc brake system in this scooter.

Rated motor power 2000W
Peak motor power 3200W
Top speed 65km/h
Range 85-100km
Charging time 4-5 Hours
Battery capacity Lithium-ion(LiFePo4)
Battery capacity 72V 30Ah
Charging cycles 2000 times
Front brake Disc
Rear brake Disc

The price of Komaki SE Pro in Nepal is Rs 274,000.

Pure EV Pluto 7G

A classic retro-style electric scooter is the Pure EV Pluto 7G. Sold officially by White Lotus Motors in Nepal, Pluto 7G is a popular electric scooter in Nepal and can be seen on the roads quite often.

Pluto 7G has eye-catching looks and is probably inspired by the Vespa or Bajaj Chetak. With classic vibes and a modern system, Pluto 7G has a variety of features. The scooter has alloy wheels with a high torque motor with rear suspension.

The scooter is also provided with an anti-theft provision with a Smart lock and regenerative braking. It has a wide LCD screen with multi-speed modes. Pluto 7G has a top speed of 60 km/h and 90-120 km of range.

Tyre Front: 90/100-10Rear: 3.00-10
Motor 1.5 KW nominal and 2.2 KW Peak BLDC motor
Battery 60V 2.5 KWh (Portable)
Range 120km
Display 5-inch MF LED
Brake Front: DiscRear: Drum
Top speed 60 km/h
Charging time 4-6 hours
Charger output CC-CV portable 67.2V 10A

The price of Pure EV Pluto 7G in Nepal is Rs 275,000.


The Chinese company NIU was launched in Nepal at the end of 2017. After the launch, NIU released some absolute beasts in Nepal. NIU captured the market quite fast in Nepal due to its wide range of options, quality and looks. Eco Infinity Pvt Ltd is the authorised distributor of NIU scooters in Nepal. Among some of those, NIU MQI Sport is one of the most affordable versions available in Nepal.

electric, vehicles, store, cheapest, scooter

NIU MQI Sport has a standard NIU design with a steel chassis and a titanium-aluminium alloy swing arm. The scooter has front and rear hydraulic shocks and disc brakes. It takes about 6-7 hours to get a full charge and has a top speed of about 45km/h. The scooter has a range of about 55-65km after a full charge. The scooter also has the feature of cruise control.

Top speed 45km/h
Range 45-55km
Tyre 90/90-10 tubeless
Charging time 6-7 hours
Battery 48V31Ah lithium-ion
Ground clearance 126mm
Weight 72kg
Motor 1500W
Peak power 1488W

The price of NIU MQI Sport in Nepal is Rs 276,000.


Another NIU masterpiece is the NIU GOVA G-03 electric scooter. The GOVA G-03 is just slightly more expensive than the MQI Sport. The scooter has the feature of EBS (energy recycling system), which converts the braking energy into battery power. It uses 100 per cent Smart lithium battery technology and cruise control.

The GOVA G-03 has a 2000W motor giving 2200W peak power. It gives about 60-70km in full charge. The top speed of the scooter is 60km/h. It has a ground clearance of 110mm and a seat height of 745mm.

Range 60-70km
Top speed 60km/h
Charging time 4-5 hours
Motor 2000W
Battery 60V40Ah lithium-ion
Max power 2200W
Weight 72kh
Tyres 3.00-10 – Dual disc
Seat height 745mm
Ground clearance 110mm

The price of NIU GOVA G-03 is Rs 277,000.

Segway Ninebot E100

Segway is a widely known company all around the world with the introduction of the original Segway. Delivering some of the best electric transports, Segway also has various products in the Nepali market. Ihub Pvt Ltd, led by Lokesh Oli, also known as Bijuli Dai, is an authorised importer and distributor in Nepal for Segway-Ninebot.

One of them is the famous electric scooter Segway Ninebot E100. E100 comes with some of the best features including safety, a keyless system and many more. E100 has a top speed of about 58km/h and a range of about 60-100km. The scooter has a Matrix LED headlight with six lenses that uses intelligent sensor technology to automatically adjust the brightness in response to the environment.

Dimension 17556751135mm
Weight 80kg
Top speed 58km/h
Range 60-100km
Max power 2400W
Brake Front: DiscRear: Disc
Charging time 7-8 hour
Ground clearance 130mm
Tyre Patented anti-skid tubeless tyres
Motor Tailored brushless motor
Loading Capacity 150kg

The price of Segway Ninebot E100 is Rs 291,000.

Verify: Are electric scooters for 39 legit?

ATLANTA — An 11Alive viewer saw what she thought were too good to be true deals on electric scooters and asked our Verify team to check it out.


Are ads for 39 electric scooters designed for senior citizens legitimate?


No, 39 for an electric scooter is not in line with the cost you’ll find at reputable retailers.

What we found

Carolyn Reese sometimes uses a wheelchair to get around but wants something lighter. Her search for an electric scooter led her to devices costing hundreds, even thousands of dollars, until she turned to There, she found multiple ads claiming she could buy a scooter for 39.

“I didn’t see any for under a thousand for my needs and then I started seeing all these ads for 39,” Reese said.

Some of the ads make it appear that 39 scooters are sale items from well known stores. We reached out to Costco about the ad that includes their logo.

The answer—“We do not advertise.”

Links on the ad have nothing to do with Costco.

An internet search led us to numerous legitimate companies selling lightweight scooters for anywhere from 500 to 3,000.

Friends of Disabled Adults and Children is a non-profit in Tucker that refurbishes donated items. There, scooters are provided to families in need, typically for no more than the cost of replacing the battery.

However Chris Brand, president of FODAC, said that process alone is more than 39

“Those batteries cost about 140,” Brand explained. “If you had a gently used one you had to buy new wheels for, or new tiller or electronic parts for, those all individually cost very very high.”

The FTC wouldn’t address the scooter ads directly, but told us “online advertising must tell the truth and not mislead consumers.”

The ads Carolyn Reese is seeing are likely too good to be true and at best misleading.

What Is The Cheapest Electric Scooter? [And How Is This Low Price Possible?]

As an electric scooter enthusiast that is also a value shopper, I frequently check what is the cheapest electric scooter on the market.

Surprisingly, even though electric scooters are considered to be expensive by many, there are a lot of very affordable options, and some of them are actually quite decent scooters.

electric, vehicles, store, cheapest, scooter

After a lot of research and going through every electric scooter model out there, I’ve found the answer to what is the cheapest electric scooter today, and it may surprise you.

What is the cheapest electric scooter?

The cheapest electric scooter for adults is the Swagtron Swagger 1, costing just 239.99. The scooter is not a very popular model however, and it has poor reviews and possibly low quality. The cheapest electric scooter that adults can use in 2022 (and is not completelly terrible) is the GoTrax GXL V2 Commuter. It costs only 349. The cheapest electric scooter for kids is the Razor E90 Core, priced at 97. With a weight capacity of 120 lbs / 55 kg, it’s only meant for kids and can’t be used by adults.

You can find the GoTrax V2 Commuter at the official GoTrax store, or Amazon. You can also check out my complete GoTrax GXL V2 Commuter review if you want to find out more about this excellent budget model.

If you are interested in the cheapest electric scooter for kids, check out the Razor E90 Core on Amazon.

When it comes to electric scooters, you shouldn’t assume that cheap means low quality.

Still, it will probably not mean the best model ever. Read on to learn how to get the most value for the least amount of money.

What are the best cheap electric scooters for adults?

These are all pretty solid models for their price range, all coming from established budget brands.

The best electric scooters for adults under 300 are:

They can be great commuting, lightweight options, which can last you a long time. You will not get racing performances with some of them, but they will do the job of reliably take you from point A to point B.

My recommendation from these models would be the GoTrax GXL V2 Commuter. It has the best track record out of all of the 5 scooters on this list. It was designed specifically to be a strong budget commuter, which is what a lot of people need. Coming from a popular brand, this scooter is great value for money in my opinion, and a great alternative to the Kugoo Kirin S2.

Where to buy the GoTrax GXL V2 Commuter from?

The GoTrax GXL V2 Commuter is currently only available in the US. The best place to get it from is the official GoTrax store. If you buy through this link, there is a 10% discount on this scooter. Shipping is free and should take 3-5 days. The scooter can also be found on Amazon, and you should check that listing as well in case there’s a better deal available there.

GoTrax currently don’t ship to Canada. Fortunately for Canadians, the GoTrax GXL V2 Commuter can sometimes be available on Amazon Canada.

As GoTrax scooters are not available outside the US, the best equivalent to the GXL V2 in Europe would be the Kugoo S1 Pro on Geekbuying. As usual, shipping is free and takes about a week.

GoTrax GXL V2 Commuter Specifications

What are the best cheap electric scooters for kids?

When it comes to electric scooters for kids, most of the good scooters come from the Razor brand, and pretty much all of them are relatively cheap. These are some of the cheapest electric scooters for kids:

  • Razor Power Core E90 – 97
  • Swagtron SK3 – 99
  • Mongoose React E1 – 113
  • GoTrax GKS – 149
  • Macwheel E9 Pro – 159
  • RND F14 – 169
  • Razor E100 – 178
  • GoTrax Glider – 200
  • Swagtron Swagger 8 – 239.99

How much do electric scooters cost?

In the full case study on electric scooter prices, we answer a lot of questions related to the of electric scooters, and the value they provide.

While electric scooter are subject to frequent changes, the average electric scooter price across all models is usually between 1100 and 1300. Today, electric scooters cost 1194 on average.

That average is on every single electric scooter model.

It may be less representative of what you would find in the real world though, since a lot of the most expensive scooters skew the average up, and they are not very common.

How much does a good electric scooter cost?

With those criteria in mind, we can answer exactly how much does a good electric scooter cost.

On average, good electric scooters cost 1094. A good electric scooter will cost more than 550.

Is it worth buying an electric scooter?

Electric scooters are an amazing investment. They will significantly cut down your transportation costs, sometimes even to a third or a quarter of what you’re spending now. The typical electric scooter will pay itself off in transport savings the first year.

In the long run, your electric scooter will save you a lot of money. On average, you can expect savings between 400 and 700 every year.

Charging your scooter is dirt-cheap. It’s almost like you get to ride your scooter for free. I do full research on the cost of charging your scooter in the complete guide. In almost every country in the world, fully charging a medium-priced scooter costs under 3 cents during off-peak hours.

Even the mediocre scooters today have ranges of 18 Mi / 30 km, which means you can ride that much for 0.03.

Compare that to your average car, which spends about a gallon of gas to cover the same distance. That’s between 2 and 5, depending on the time and where you are.

That brings us to the following conclusion:

Electric scooters are at least 60 times more cost-efficient than a car!

While the price of public transport tickets is around the same as a monthly payment of an electric scooter over one year, the electric scooter is a much safer, cleaner, and far more flexible means of transport.

Plus, at the end of the year, you keep your scooter, which means the expenses stop there.

Without a doubt, electric scooters are a great investment.

Do electric scooters last?

You can safely expect even the cheapest scooters to last at least 1 year at the very minimum.

Of course, sometimes you may get a faulty product. Luckily, pretty much all the brands will replace your scooter if it has arrived with a defect. I haven’t seen a brand that doesn’t offer at least 6 months warranty on all parts, with most offering at least a year.

So, even in the worst-case scenario, which is pretty rare, you will be covered for a whole year.

The medium-priced scooters, on average, should last 5 years or more. A lifespan of 3 years is considered the bare minimum.

High-end, premium, expensive scooters, on the other hand, may easily last for decades.

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