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Comparison of Scooter and Moped Insurance Rates Across Different States in 2023

I’m entering my third decade of riding motorcycles. Through the years, I’ve found a few bikes to love, some fun ones, and the occasional model I’ll never use again.

Whether I’m on a scooter, a moped, or something else, I’ve found that the one common denominator is to have motorcycle insurance.

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Even when you’re on an under-50cc model, there is always a risk of something happening. In my case, I was rear-ended while driving through a small town in Wisconsin. It was a hit-and-run, and I got ejected from the bike and slammed into a parked car.

Thankfully, someone saw the collision. I only remember a little, but they found my information and stayed there until more help arrived.

Scooter and moped insurance are available in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Even when it isn’t required, I highly recommend looking at quotes for your make and model. You never know what might happen.

I’ve tried to get at least three competitive quotes for my motorcycle insurance, but asking each company for this information is worthwhile. Since rates are highly variable based on your driving record and where you live, I’ve found that restarting this process every two or three years can be an excellent way to save money.

electric, moped, insurance, rates

How Much is Scooter and Moped Insurance Annually?

Since scooter and moped insurance is highly individualized, the quotes I can get differ from those for everyone else.

I’ve compiled the rate-based information released by all the national and regional motorcycle insurance providers. These quotes are then averaged, with the top two providers explicitly listed for your consideration.

In our analysis, the average yearly scooter or moped insurance in the US is:

Full coverage includes comprehensive, and collision coverage and is about 2.6 times more expensive than a minimum liability policy.

Factors that impact scooter insurance rates in the US:

  • Age of the operator
  • Driving history of the operator
  • Type of scooter being insured
  • Location where the scooter is driven

Below is the breakdown of state-by-state lowest cost so you get a clearer picture of what’s happening in your location.

I’ve included a liability-only section and one with full coverage, including comprehensive and collision.

This data is based on the following motorcyclist profile.

( ) Rates in these states are highly variable based on exact geographic location, driver history, and insurer policies. Please request a quote to receive your specific rate.

( ) “Markel Specialty” in the areas where traditional motorcycle insurance isn’t offered, but you can still get a policy for a moped or scooter.

Why Are Liability and Full Coverage Rates Similar in Some States?

Mopeds and scooters are often treated as motorcycles for insurance purposes, but that is not the case in all states.

When I researched rate-based information in Connecticut, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Vermont, the rates were similar for liability and full coverage (comprehensive and collision) because of local laws or user requirements for low-displacement engines.

Local statutes are also variable in many of these states, so someone with a rural address could see a significantly different quote than someone living in a large city.

Some insurers classify mopeds and scooters as vehicles different from motorcycles, while others lump them into a single two-wheeled category. If you think a quote is unreasonably high, ask if they have a specific policy for your 125cc engine or below.

Moped Insurance

We offer mandatory liability coverage for those who own a 30, 45, or speed pedelec. This coverage will protect you in case of injury or damage to others’ property and vehicles.

It’s important to note that the law requires moped insurance and includes liability coverage for any damages or injuries you may cause as the owner.

Scooter Insurance

Whether they ride to save on gas, be environmentally friendly, or just have fun, most scooter drivers share a common truth: the transportation laws in their state of residence require them to have scooter insurance. King Insurance Partners insures mopeds and scooters under our motorcycle insurance policies. We cover gasoline-powered scooters with engines from 50cc to 500cc or larger. Our agency also offers electric scooter insurance — if your two-wheel ride is street legal, we’ll probably insure it. To get insurance for your moped or scooter, contact us for a free quote today.

Do I Need Scooter Insurance?

The answer is probably yes. Most state’s transportation laws require scooter riders to have liability coverage for any scooter that has an engine larger than 49ccs, travels over a certain speed (usually 20 m.p.h.), or otherwise rides along with street traffic. It’s easy to find the insurance requirements where you live through an online search; your local department of motor vehicles website is a trusted source. Alternatively, our insurance agents can advise you on the scooter laws where you live.

Liability insurance usually covers bodily injury and property damage caused by scooters. There are also optional coverages, such as comprehensive and collision as well as protection for scooter contents. Our insurance company provides scooter liability insurance and several other types of coverage options that fit any budget, circumstances, or legal requirements.

Bodily Injury Property Damage Liability Insurance

The cornerstone of a scooter insurance policy with Kings Insurance is liability coverage, which is mandatory in most states. In the event of a scooter accident in which the scooter rider or driver is at fault, the liability insurance reimburses the affected motorist(s) for any expenses resulting from the accident. Bodily injury coverage pays for medical costs caused by injuries to other drivers or their passengers, while property damage coverage pays for destruction to other vehicles or nearby property — including signs, fences, parked cars, and more. Liability insurance also covers legal expenses in the event the scooter rider is sued because of an accident.

Comprehensive Collision Insurance

Comprehensive coverage and collision insurance cover scooter repairs in the event of damage as well as the cost to replace the scooter if it’s totaled or stolen. While comprehensive and collision are two optional types of coverage, if a scooter is your sole means of transportation, or if you value peace-of-mind on the road, these valuable policy add-ons are worth having. Most comprehensive and collision insurance has a deductible that is paid before reimbursements kick in. Typically, the higher the deductible, the lower the monthly insurance costs. Our insurance agents can help you determine the ideal coverage level and payments.

Carried Belongings Insurance Coverage

There are two ways in which people lose belongings on scooters. The first is by dropping an item that gets lost or broken as a result, such as a smartphone (gadgets can also be damaged from riding in the rain). The second way property is lost on scooters and mopeds is due to theft, like when a helmet is stolen off the handlebars, or someone breaks into the storage compartment below the seat. Whether your personal items are dropped while you ride, the items become wet due to rain, or your belongings are stolen from the two-wheel motor vehicle, King Insurance Partners has coverage options to protect each of the items that you ride with.

How Do I Get A Scooter Insurance Price Quote?

Contact King Insurance Partners for a fast and easy scooter insurance quote! It’s that simple. To quote you an accurate price, we’ll need some information about your ride, such as the make and model, the model year, its engine specs (gas or electric? how many ccs?), whether you’ve made modifications, and where you plan to ride.

Here are some of the most common scooters we insure:

  • Honda Metropolitan
  • Honda Ruckus
  • Yamaha Zuma 50
  • Yamaha Zuma 125
  • Yamaha Vino 50
  • Honda PCX150
  • Honda Forza
  • Suzuki Burgman
  • Vespa Piaggio
  • Vespa Primavera

Don’t see your scooter listed here? Contact us to find out if we offer auto insurance for your ride!

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The cost of electric scooter and bike insurance in the UK and where to get it

There are three reasons to get insurance. to cover yourself, to insure your ebike or escooter from theft or damage, and to protect others. Insuring electric bikes is easy. there are lots of places to do it. With electric scooters, it’s much harder as they aren’t yet road legal. Jump to Insuring your electric scooter. Insurance isn’t REQUIRED for electric scooters or bikes (although this may change for escooters if the law is relaxed to allow them on public roads). It is advisable though.

How much is electric bike insurance?

Insuring an electric bike is pretty simple. There are specialist firms like Cycleguard and Cycpleplan, standard insurers like Directline, and you can use price comparison websites as well. To get a clue as to the range of prices, we got premium costs for a £1,200 estarli ebike stored in a wooden garden shed from a range of places and used for leisure only in the UK. We used a London address. premiums elsewhere should be no higher. We assumed we had no accessories, always obeyed the law(!), and always locked our bike up securely. With electric bikes, the standard insurance is for theft and accidental damage to the bike. You can then opt to include covering injury (or death) to yourself and injury to others or their property. For theft cover, you’ll need to lock it up and make sure to check the lock requirements. we recommend the LiteLok Core Plus. It’s worth noting that your home insurance is unlikely to cover an ebike due to their costs. but it is worth checking first (and even if it does, it may only cover the bike at home).

Typical ebike insurance premium costs

Cycleplan quoted us £56.41 including public liability cover with a £19.61 (35%) introductory discount. so a year later the price will rise to around £75. They are a highly-rated company (Trustpilot 4.5-star rating and 4.81 at Smart money people). Adding personal accident put the cost up by £7. Get a quote from cycleplan. With Direct Line, getting insurance was tricky though. they didn’t recognise the Estarli or Cowboy brands. But they did allow us to insure a Carrera Vengeance E Mens bike. Cover was £82.80. with another £15 each to add public liability and personal injury. Cycleguard was much easier as they didn’t ask the make of the electric bike. They quoted £100.11 for an annual policy with an extra £26 for personal injury and £16 for public liability.

electric, moped, insurance, rates

Gocompare’s website said it offered electric bike insurance but didn’t work. We also tried Moneysupermarket.com who gave us 32 quotes (shown in the graph) ranging from £50.99 a year to £116.02. All the quotes above £75 included one or both of public liability and personal insurance cover (the eight cheapest quotes up to £68 did not). After all that, we reckon you should get a quote from cycleplan as their combination of cover and premiums was best. plus we didn’t have any problems with brand selection.

Electric bike regulations

  • It must have pedals capable of propelling the bike.
  • A maximum power of 250W or less
  • And a maximum speed of 15.5mph with power assistance

How much is electric scooter insurance?

Google electric scooter insurance and there’s not much to be found. this is because many insurers aren’t offering cover yet, as privately owned escooters aren’t road legal. There are several companies who look like they offer cover. but when you fill out your details, they say they’ll ring you the moment they start to sell policies.

Typical premium costs

This is a problem as your existing home insurance is unlikely to cover the theft of an escooter. We did find one company offering cover. The main factor affecting costs is the price of the escooter:

  • Cycleplan quoted us £47.38 to cover an £800 scooter. that price includes an introductory discount of £14.74 (so it will be more in the second year) and includes insurance tax. It’s for a London home address.
  • When we put the cover up to £1,200, the price rose to £68.57 (still with the discount).
  • Up to £30,000 of theft and accidental damage insurance if your escooter is stolen while you (or an immediate family member who permanently lives with you) are using it (and using it legally if away from your home).
  • Injury (or death) to yourself under personal-accident cover.
  • Injury to others and property damage. The standard cover is £5 million in public liability cover in case you are sued. You can choose what level of public liability cover you have. Adding another £1m cover adds about £8 to the premium.

What escooter insurance covers

Make sure you read the restrictions though as they cover where you can use your scooter AND how powerful it is:

It is currently against the law in the UK to ride e-scooters on public land including parks, pavements, footpaths and roads. You will only be covered by this policy when using your e-scooter on private land with the landowners permission. In addition, the e-scooter’s electric motor output must not exceed 250w/15.5mph.

Cycle plan are a reputable company with a 4.5-star rating at trust pilot and 4.81 at Smart money people. Get a quote from cycleplan.

What Does Moped and Scooter Insurance Cover?

Moped and scooter insurance generally includes coverage types similar to motorcycle and car insurance, such as:

Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability

Moped and scooter bodily injury liability insurance covers injuries you accidentally cause others in an accident. Property damage liability pays for damage you accidentally cause to someone else’s property, such as a car, fence or pole.

Collision and Comprehensive Insurance

Collision and comprehensive insurance are separate, optional coverage types, but are often sold together. If you have a lease or loan on your moped or scooter, your leasing company or lender will likely require you to carry these coverage types.

  • Collision insurance pays for repairs if your moped or scooter is damaged in an accident, regardless of fault.
  • Comprehensive insurance covers problems such as theft and damage to your moped or scooter from vandalism, flood, fire, falling objects or striking an animal.

Carried Contents and Belongings

Carried contents and belonging coverage pays if your belongings are damaged, stolen or lost while you’re riding the moped or scooter.

Medical Payments

Medical payments coverage, also known as MedPay, covers medical bills and funeral costs for you or your passengers if you’re in an accident, no matter who was at fault.

Uninsured or Underinsured Motorists

Uninsured motorist insurance pays for you and your passengers’ medical bills, lost income and other expenses if someone crashes into you and they do not have liability insurance. Underinsured motorist insurance pays for your injuries if the at-fault driver does not have adequate liability insurance.

Moped and Scooter Insurance Discounts

When you insure a moped or scooter you may be able to score a discount such as:

  • Multi-policy discount.Bundling insurance is when you buy two or more policies from one insurance company and get a discount. You may be able to bundle moped or scooter coverage with another insurance type, such as auto, home, RV or boat insurance.
  • Multi-vehicle discount. When you insure more than one vehicle, such as a car, motorcycle, moped, ATV or snowmobile, you might get a discount. You may also qualify for a multi-vehicle discount if you insure at least two mopeds or scooters.
  • Safety discount. If you take an approved moped or scooter safety course, you may be able to pick up a discount.
  • Storage discount. Some companies give discounts if you keep the moped or scooter in a garage.

How Much Is Moped and Scooter Insurance?

Moped and scooter insurance can be as cheap as 4 to 6 per month. For example, scooter insurance through Progressive is as low as 75 a year for basic liability insurance. A company called Voom sells pay-per-mile coverage for mopeds and scooters that it says costs as little as 50 a year. Those are inexpensive compared to how much motorcycle insurance costs, which is an average of 178 per month, according to Forbes Advisor’s analysis.

electric, moped, insurance, rates

To find the best deal on moped and scooter insurance, compare quotes from multiple insurers—starting with your current insurance company for car, home or renters insurance.

Your cost for moped and scooter insurance depends on factors such as:

  • Coverage you choose
  • Driving record
  • Engine size
  • Location of your home
  • Mileage
  • Model, make and vehicle year of moped or scooter
  • Years of riding experience
  • Your age

Do I Need Insurance If I Rent a Moped, Scooter or E-Scooter?

Insurance laws vary by location regarding mopeds, scooters and e-scooters insurance, so depending on the state and city you’re renting in, you may need insurance.

Before hopping on a rented moped, scooter, e-bike or e-scooter, review the rental agreement’s terms of service to see if any insurance is provided or if you’re left personally liable and responsible if you don’t buy your own insurance. Ask for clarification if you’re uncertain about whether insurance is required and what—if any—coverage is included with the rental contract.

For instance, the Texas Department of Insurance notes some cities in Texas require scooter rental companies to have insurance coverage, but this mainly covers damage to public property, not injuries or other property damage, like damage to a vehicle you crash into.

Will My Car Insurance Cover a Rented Moped, Scooter or E-scooter?

Don’t assume your car insurance will extend to a rental of a moped, scooter or e-scooter, as most likely it will not.

While car insurance coverage usually extends to a rental car, it doesn’t typically cover a rented motorcycle, moped, scooter or e-scooter. That’s because these vehicles have fewer than four wheels.

Will Motorcycle Insurance Cover a Rented Moped, Scooter or E-scooter?

Yes, it might. Some insurance companies extend motorcycle insurance coverage to rentals of other two-wheeled vehicles. For example, with Foremost’s Elite motorcycle insurance package a rental motorcycle or moped is covered under the policy’s enhanced rental coverage.

If you need insurance for a rented two-wheeled vehicle and have a personal motorcycle, moped or scooter insurance policy, contact your insurance company to verify what coverage will extend to rentals.

A motorcycle insurance policy (or one for a moped or gas-powered seated scooter) likely won’t extend to an electric scooter because it’s not a two-wheeled vehicle and you stand on the e-scooter.

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