Mqi gt standard range. Model history & versions

standard, range, model, versions

Mqi gt standard range


standard, range, model, versions

With a robust and larger frame, the MQi GT gives you ultimate riding confidence on theroad. The powerful 4th Generation Niu Energy Lithium Battery and Bosch motor makesthe MQi GT a force to be reckoned with. What’s more, a 70km/h top speed and70-80km range offers the power you need to take charge of your commute.

Features may include:

Our 3rd generation iconic halo light offers wider, safer, and moreefficient lighting. Equipped with daytime running lights and 360°illumination features, see or be seen both day and night.

Our Electronic Braking System (EBS) provides regenerative power that intelligently puts power back into the system when braking. Our standard front and rear disc brakes provide an additional layer of riding safety.

The MQi GT has been designed to be a comfortable ride for both rider and passenger. The MQi GT has a seat that is 30% longer than our NQi Series, built-in footrests, and an optional extended backrest for the passenger.

  • Comfortable Seating for 2
  • 269Kg Load Capacity
  • Passenger Handles
  • Passenger Footrests
  • Manufacturer Genuine Scooter Co
  • Model Name MQi GT
  • Trim Name Base
  • Generic Type (Primary) Scooter
  • Engine Type Bosch
  • Engine Power 3100W I 3000W
  • Exterior Colors: White, Red, Blue, Silver, Black

mqi gt evo

Instantly feel the driving force of the 4th Generation NIU Energy Lithium Battery combined with the powerful NIU motor.Impressive power makes this ride positively electric.


The new MQi GT EVO is the best in its class. period. Featuring a large, solid frame, but with a relatively light weight of only 128kg, the 5000W motor powers the EVO to speeds of up to 100km/h, effortlessly competing with any 125cc moped on the market, petrol or electric. A customizable LED dashboard, 3 easy-to-switch riding modes, and brilliant lighting ensure that you can conquer any commute with ease.


The Smart LED dashboard displays everything you need-to-know in a glance. battery status, riding mode, speed connectivity, and more. Express your style and switch between three unique display faces.


Our 3rd generation iconic halo light offers wider, safer, and more efficient lighting. Equipped with daytime running lights and 360°illumination features, see or be seen both day and night.


Take on any road with 14 inch wheels that offer improved grip and handling. Increased ground clearance ensures the MQi GT EVO can handle a variety of road conditions with ease,while a rugged,durable steel frame guarantees confidence and peace of mind.

standard, range, model, versions


Our Electronic Braking System (EBS) provides regenerative power that intelligently puts power back into the system when braking. The standard front and rear disc brakes provide an additional layer of riding safety, allowing you to stop when and where you need to.


The MQi GT has been designed to be a comfortable ride for both rider and passenger.The MQi GT has a seat that is 30% longer than our NQi Series, built-in footrests, and an optional extended backrest for the passenger. The 275kg payload also makes transport ideal with optional cargo rack.


Keep your hands free. Bluetooth keyless entry means you can can just hop on and ride, no digging through your s or bag to find your keys.

The NIU App has a full suite of insights in the palm of your hand. With a few taps you can perform a quick status check or quickly locate your e-moped in real time. Download the app and use the demo version to learn more.

Features may include:

Top Speed 100km/h, Up to 75km Range

4th Gen. NIU Energy Lithium Battery

14 Wheels, 180mm Ground Clearance

Classic Design, Customizable Display Faces

All-new Smart Features and Bluetooth Keyless Entry


Extend your range and save battery. Up to 45km/h.

Ideal for all day riding. 75km/h top speed.

Instant acceleration. 100km/h top speed.

  • Manufacturer Genuine Scooter Co
  • Model Name MQi GT Evo
  • Trim Name Base
  • Generic Type (Primary) Scooter
  • Engine Power 72V 5kW
  • Exterior Colors: White, Silver, Black, Red, Orange, Blue



With five colors, the MQi Sport gives you freedom to choose the scooter for your style. Our MQi Sport takes the world-class design of the MQi-Series and updated it for two riders. The intelligent LCD dashboard and easy-to-use controls make the MQi Sport ideal for your everyday urban commute.

Features may include:

  • All Steel Chasis
  • Titanium-Aluminum Alloy Swing-Arm
  • ABS Plastic Paneling
  • Front and Rear Hydraulic Shocks
  • Storage Options

A hook and storage box to carry your belongings.

Cleverly concealed footrests can be easily deployed for added comfort.

An embedded side light for additional safety.

Niu MQi GT review: The perfect electric scooter for Europe?

Designed in accordance with the 11 inch waterproof standard.

The FOC analyzes riding data in real time and works with the motor to give you a more comfortable riding experience.

Our front and rear hydraulic disc brakes engage instantly to significantly reduce the scooter’s braking distance.

Our electronic braking system recycles up to 6% of the energy generated after braking back into the battery pack, which effectively extends your cruising range which means more time on the road.

The MQi Sport uses state-of-the-art technology to collect and analyse over 200 different vehicle diagnostics every minute. Want to find out more? All of your scooter’s information is one tap away on your NIU App.

  • Manufacturer Genuine Scooter Co
  • Model Name MQi Sport
  • Trim Name Extended Range
  • Generic Type (Primary) Scooter
  • Engine Type Bosch
  • Engine Power 1400W
  • Exterior Color: White, Red, Blue, Silver, Black/Red Stripe,

Ride quality brakes

The Niu is nimble enough around town with its skinny, 14 wheels and CST tyres and has the turning circle of a shopping trolley. For zipping around in traffic and up and down inner-city pavements I have no complaints. The linked brakes are also more than powerful enough for a small scooter.

The issues come when you start to apply a little more lean-angle. With a 69mph top speed, it may be tempting to see what the GT Evo is capable of in the bends but unfortunately the centre stand grounds out almost immediately. When you are riding such a quiet bike, the sound of steel on asphalt comes as a real shock.

And I’m not talking about pushing the bike out of its comfort zone with heroic and unrealistc lean angles here, even slow speed cornering in the city centre can ground you out. Whether this is the result of design or an underpowered spring on the stand, it’s not good enough.


The GT Evo’s 5kW motor (equivalent to about 6.7bhp) means it’s plenty fast enough to keep up with town traffic and in Sport mode will cope with short blasts in national speed limits, too.

Unlike a conventional twist-and-go 125. where you rev the engine and wait for the CVT to feed power to the rear wheel – the Niu jumps straight off the line as soon as you’re ready. I found that I left it in Sport mode most of the time but I can see that using the less powerful modes would make sense in heavily congested 30mph or 20mph zones.

standard, range, model, versions

The one-button cruise control system is a nice touch too and makes it easier to stick to the speed limits on longer urban stretches.

Once you are out on the open road, the GT Evo whirrs up to around 50mph in no time and then climbs steadily but without imperative to a top speed of around 70mph depending on the conditions. It’s certainly fast enough to keep up with its petrol rivals.

Reliability build quality

Niu are a Chinese firm but they’re a long way from building knock-off versions of existing western or Japanese models. The GT Evo feels nicely put together with cool, modern styling and impressive, customisable TFT dash.

Not only that, but the Niu comes with its own SIM card which allows it to update its own software overnight (if left outside) and give you live GPS positioning and journey tracking through a mobile phone.

The keyless system is a little clunky while you’re getting used to it but works well once you are. You can change the keyless settings in the app too.

Obviously only time will tell when it comes to reliability but with few moving parts to worry about, next to no servicing and a two-year warranty, it’s difficult to see what could go wrong.

Value vs rivals

Here’s the rub: the Niu costs £4099 with the revised Government electric vehicle grant and that’s £550 more than a Honda PCX. That means you could buy a new PCX, helmet, gloves, jacket, lock, VED and insurance (provided you live outside London) for the price of the GT Evo alone.

The Niu can have as many gadgets and gizmos as it likes, but while it’s cheaper and easier to buy a petrol scooter, the majority of riders will.

In terms of electric competition, the GT Evo is almost £1000 cheaper than the slightly slower Super Soco CPx, which costs £4999 for a dual battery version. It’s £2300 cheaper than the 125-equivalent version of the Vespa Elettrica, too, so if you’re sprcifically looking for an electric scooter in this category, the Niu represents the cheaper end of the market.

NIU MQi GT Evo. 100 km/h

Der MQi GT Evo verkörpert die wirklich drastische Produktanpassung im NIU E-Scooter Portfolio. Mit 72-Volt-Technologie, 100 km/h Spitzengeschwindigkeit und maximalem Output von etwas über 9’000 Watt zieht er zumindest bei vollen Akkupacks sehr, sehr anständig. Wenn du am Gasgriff drehst, sehen dich Benzinroller-Fahrer definitiv nur noch von hinten. Die Reichweite ist eher für Stadt und Agglo gedacht als für lange Touren. Wenn das deinem Fahrprofil entspricht, wirst du belohnt mit absolutem Hightech der neusten E-Roller-Generation.

Der NIU V-Motor liefert hohes Drehmoment. Die beiden portablen Li-Ion-Akkupacks à je 72V/26Ah können direkt im Roller oder extern an jeder beliebigen Steckdose geladen werden. Pro 100 km verbrauchst du ca. 4 kWh Strom, was etwa CHF 1.20 Energiekosten bedeutet. Dank des ziemlich sauberen Schweizer Strommix verursachst du ein Minimum an CO2. und direkte Emissionen gar keine.

Die 14-Zoll-Räder sorgen auch auf holprigem Untergrund für viel Laufruhe. Generell fährt sich der Roller etwas spurtreuer als die anderen NIU-Modelle.

Das intelligente Bremssystem mit hydraulischen Doppelkolben-Scheibenbremsen verzögert nicht nur brachial, sondern speist auch Energie in das System zurück.

Ein tolles, neues Feature ist die Bedienung ohne Schlüssel: Den MQi GT Evo aktivierst du, indem du einfach in seine Nähe gelangst mit der Fernbedienung oder deinem Handy. Starten, Sitz öffnen, abschalten und verriegeln passiert alles über den Startknopf.

Der Bordcomputer kommuniziert über eine integrierte SIM-Karte ständig mit der Cloud, damit du in Echtzeit Daten wie Diebstahl-Alarm, Fahrverhalten, Diagnostik und Akku-Ladestand auf dein Smartphone bekommst. Die eingebauten Sensoren alarmieren dich, sollte der Roller unerlaubt bewegt werden.

  • Intuitives Farbdisplay mit in der App anpassbarem Erscheinungsbild
  • 14-Zoll-Räder
  • Drei Fahrmodi
  • USB-Stecker zum Laden deines Smart Phone
  • LED-Beleuchtung
  • Tempomat
  • Integrierte Alarmanlage
  • Keyless-Go-System
  • Splitter zum parallelen externen Laden zweier Batterien


Elektro-Roller mit zwei Akkupacks, zwei Fernbedieungen mit versenkten Schlüsseln, ein Ladegerät, ein Splitter und Cloud-Service für drei Jahre.

Bereitstellung (Lieferung Importeur zu MOBILIZE, Montage, Prüfung. Abnahme, Immatrikulierung) werden für CHF 125.- separat verrechnet (bzw. CHF 175.- bei 0%-Finanzierung). Das entspricht einer Beteiligung von dir an Aufwand und Kosten dafür von ca. 50%. Auslieferung und Instruktion an dich sind bis eine Fahrstunde von Küssnacht kostenlos.

Erforderlicher Führerausweis

Der MQi GT Evo gehört in die Führerscheinklasse A1 und kann ab 16 Jahren gefahren werden. Beachte, dass die Kategorie B (Auto) nicht ausreicht, sondern ein 12-stündiger Grundkurs (ohne Prüfung) nötig ist, um von B auf A1 zu gelangen. Mehr Infos dazu.

Der Elektroroller beinhaltet 2 Jahre Garantie auf Teile und Austauschservice. Bei Wartungs- und Reparatur-Arbeiten stehen wir dir im Regelfall mit unserem mobilen Service bei dir vor Ort zur Verfügung oder sorgen für den Transport deines E-Rollers zu einer Service-Stelle.

NIU MQi GT 4831×2 Standard Range – L3e 70km/h Review (2021)

NIU BQi-C1: An E-bike for urban cyclists

With the BQi series announcement, NIU once again reaffirm their commitment to electric urban mobility. From light vehicles to motorcycles, NIU is now developing its e-bike offerings with the BQi and providing more options to riders. This BQi-C1 e-bike is built with urban cyclists in mind and features:

  • 45 km/h (28 mph) top speed
  • Up to 100 km (62 Mi.) of range per charge
  • 48V removable battery
  • 750W max output
  • Single-speed derailleur
  • Class 2 3 e-bike (US class)
  • White, glossy gray, and matte black color options

The BQi-C1 also features a V-shaped step-through design for ease of use and a wider fit to a range of riders. No details on pricing were announced as they will be released closed to the release of the e-bike.

NIU KQi2 and KQi3 Max: micro-mobility solutions

After the successful launch of the KQi3 on Indiegogo, NIU continues to deliver on micro-mobility solutions with their first kick scooter product. The company announced the KQi2 and KQi3 Max kick scooters. The KQi2 Pro features a more personalized design with:

  • 25 km/h (17 mph) top speed
  • Up to 40 km (24 Mi.) of range per charge
  • 48V battery
  • 600W max output
  • Customizable deck grip tape
  • White and gray color options

What really sets this scooter apart from the pack, is the option to swap out deck grip tape on the KQi2 with different colors, patterns, and styles. On the higher end of cost bracket, they released a new version of the KQi3: the KQi3 Max. The Max is meant to reset the standard for electric kick scooters, featuring:

  • 35km/h (21 mph) top speed, depending on the region
  • Up to 65 km (40 Mi.) of range per charge
  • 48V battery
  • 900W max output
  • Self-healing pneumatic tires
  • Robust and highly durable build quality
  • Black or gray color options with red accent

Other NIU products in the 2022 lineup

In addition to the expansion of the product offerings for electric motorcycles, scooters, and kick scooters, NIU also refreshed a beloved classic: the NQi GTS. The 2022 version of the NQi GTS got an increase to top speed of 80 km/h (50 mph) and up to 95 km (59 Mi.) on the extended range model. It also features two new colors, gloss black and matte gray, in addition to the previous white with red striping color scheme.

Lastly, the YQi, an exciting new gas/electric hybrid scooter, with the goal of transitioning more riders around the world toward electric vehicles. This “gateway scooter” combines a liquid-cooled 150cc engine with an electric motor to reach a top speed of 110km/h (68 mph) and a range of 250 km (155 Mi.)

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