49Cc dirt bike speed. COBRA CX50JR

Best Mini Dirt Bikes For Kids: Compare Save

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  • By Harry Spampinato
  • Updated Jan 3, 2023 at 5:14pm

Thinking about introducing a youngster into the world of motocross? Whether you’re interested in a motorbike that’s just fun to zip around on, or a beginner level pit bike for kids to really learn how to rip, our top list of the best dirt bikes for kids has highlighted all the top options for children of all ages and experience levels.

If you’re new to the world of dirt bikes or simply don’t know much about small engines, make sure to scroll down and read up on engine capacity, 2-Strokes vs. 4-Strokes, and more. We’ve also highlighted some kids motocross gear to maximize safety while tearing it up!

What Are The Best Dirt Bikes For Kids?

The Superrio 49cc 2-Stroke Mini Dirt Bike is another awesome mini dirt bike for kids that is particularly great for first-time riders due to its size, engine strength, and price point!

This mean little bike has a modest-sized, 2-Stroke engine with a top speed around 20mph, so you won’t have to worry about your young ones ripping this one too fast. The weight limit is about 130 pounds while the seat height is 22 inches, so there’s not a ton of space for bigger kids although there is enough power!

This buzzy little engine takes an oil mixing ratio of 25:1, so be mindful of that due to the fact that many 2-Stroke oils specify amounts that are specific to 50:1 mixtures (just requires some simple math to work out).

If your child can balance on a regular bicycle without training wheels, they’re probably ready to give this mini dirt bike a go. It’s responsive, but not too touchy, and the suspension and steering is forgiving. Customer reviews furthermore insist this bike can handle a beating, so the kids are welcome to wipe out all they want on this one!

This bike is designed to be totally suitable for some trail riding, so break out the mud-goggles and knee-pads!

There are some complaints about difficulty starting up this bike, as well as regarding some finicky issues and adjustments after the initial assembly. You’d be wise to thoroughly go through this dirt bike checking all hardware, chain tightness, and vibration prone points of the frame before allowing a child to ride. If you’re not confident maintenancing the bike yourself, the simple 2-Stroke engine design will be a breeze to go through for someone with a bit of mechanical know-how.

For the cost, it’s tough to beat the value of this sporty little dirt bike!

Cobra 65cc starts with the 85cc #dirtbike. #2stroke #motocross #skills #extremesports

SYX MOTO Holeshot-X Kids 2-Stroke 50cc Mini Dirt Bike

The SYX MOTO Holeshot-X Kids 2-Stroke 50cc Mini Dirt Bike is another awesome first-time rider option that features a bit more pep than the bikes previously listed with a top speed around 30mph.

Once the kids learn to brrrapp this one around, they’ll be no slowing them down. This mini dirt bike feels like the real thing (if you’re sized accordingly) featuring stellar suspension, torque, and handling ability. The 2-Stroke engine is peppy and loud, and the automatic transmission makes it a piece of cake to ride.

This pit bike is just 50 pounds, so it’s a lot easier for smaller kids with low strength to maneuver than some of the beefier 4-Stroke options. It’s also a breeze to pop it in the back of a truck, or even an SUV in order to seek out some fun trails away from home!

The seat height of the Holeshot-X is about 23 inches, making it ideal for smaller sized kids, and still suitable for taller kids (it’s really up to the rider how little leg-room they can tolerate). The weight capacity is around 160 pounds, so this bad boy will have no problem zipping around even if you choose to go for a rip yourself!

This bike is pretty peppy and fast for a dirt bike for kids, especially if it’s their first machine. The good news is, there’s a speed limiter so you can cap the top speed as your child gains familiarity with the bike and becomes more comfortable.

The 2-Stroke engine may be a bit finicky at times, but you’ll learn to conquer its annoying tendencies and to properly maintain it with a little practice. For the cost, this is an excellent value mini dirt bike that the kids will get a ton of use out of!

Burromax TT40 Mini Motorcycle Dirt Bike

The Burromax TT40 Mini Motorcycle Dirt Bike is a great little easy to ride option for first-time riders that offers a fair amount of power and seating that’s suitable for kids of all sizes.

This mini dirt bike is built with a 40cc, 4-Stroke engine, so maintenance is minimal. There’s no oil and gas mixing required, and the carburetor likely won’t need to be serviced every year. That being said, taking this engine apart will definitely call for a bit more mechanical know-how than a 2-Stroke engine requires, so working on this bike yourself when you have to may be a bit tricky!

The adjustable handlebars and 21-inch seat height accommodate taller kids just fine, while the weight capacity is rated at 145 pounds. This is a mini dirt bike that can be ridden for years due to the seating orientation (the height is pretty low) and weight limit.

This dirt bike is absolutely suitable for bigger kids, but keep in mind it’s a lower powered, 40cc option that only has a top speed of around 22mph. Its a lightweight, highly maneuverable bike that handles really well for first-time riders, but once the kids get a hang of this one they’ll be thirsty for more torque and higher speeds.

The suspension and 12.5 inch diameter pneumatic tires are suitable for offroad use but certainly are not the ideal option if you’re seeking a mini bike for trail riding.

All in all, an excellent value beginner’s dirt bike that’s easy to set up and ride, as well as built to last!

Best 50cc Dirt Bike 2023

Motocross is an unforgettable experience for anyone, and kids are no exception. The thrill of going fast, learning a new skill set and finding a beloved hobby at a young age are all exciting opportunities. The chance to bond and share that experience can make riding even more special. However, there are numerous choices when it comes to buying a 50cc dirt bike, and it’s safe to say that you should feel confident in your purchase.

Before taking off on a new 50 cc dirt bike, it’s important to consider all of the options available to you and your junior rider. Kids 50cc dirtbikes are produced by many different companies, and reliability and safety are top priorities for a young rider. Electric dirt bikes for kids have become popular as well for their eco-friendly fuel and quiet engines.

Ultimately, it’s important that you familiarize yourself with each dirt bike so you can make the best decision as a parent. Just like adult riders, junior riders have their own preferences and needs that should be accounted for. One major feature of all the bikes on TeamMA’s list is that every model comes standard with an automatic clutch for easy learning.

0cc Automatic Clutch

While some smaller bikes may insist on a standard clutch, the 50cc dirt bikes below have automatic clutches to keep things simple. Taking the frustration out of learning can help your young rider enjoy the process as they adjust to the basics of motocross. Many of these bikes have a single-speed transmission to further take the FOCUS off of shifting before the time is right.

Below you’ll find a list of TeamMA’s contenders for the best 50cc dirt bike of 2023. Junior 50cc dirt bikes are built to a rigorous standard much like their larger counterparts, and choosing a dependable dirt bike can last your junior rider for years to come.

49cc, dirt, bike, speed

Top 50cc Dirt Bikes for 2023


KTM Racing was founded in Austria in 1954. Their “ready to race” slogan has given them a highly competitive reputation in the world of motocross. With over 200 championship titles, KTM has a versatile and reliable line of dirt bikes regardless of rider size or experience.

2023 bring updates to the graphics to be inline with the bigger capacity bikes, frame has been reworked to reduce seat height and engine modifications, especially to the cylinder head, improves pick up and torque.

The KTM 50 SX is no exception to this rule. KTM uses the same top-quality components on the 50 SX as they do on their top-of-the-line models. A lightweight steel frame helps with precise cornering easy handling, and the single speed transmission keeps things simple. With flashy orange graphics, black anodized rims and a kick start like the pros, your junior rider is sure to feel confident riding the 50 SX.

The 50 SX dirt bike comes with a 2-stroke engine and tops out at 45 mph. Safety-wise, the engine power can be reduced for less experienced riders with a PowerParts kit directly from KTM. A reliable liquid engine cooling system ensures consistent speed and power throughout the ride, and robust front rear disc brakes will guarantee steady handling when things get hairy. The KTM 50 SX is a top-tier choice for your junior rider that they’re sure to enjoy for a long time.

Why we like KTM 50cc dirt bike?

Much like the Husqvarna TC 50, the 50 SX is on the high end of 50cc dirt bike purchases. These two bikes are almost identical in their specifications, aside from the seat height and tire sizes. The larger front tire on the 50 SX helps with more precise steering for a junior rider that’s still learning, while the seat height is ideal for taller riders. This feature, combined with the overall quality and reputation of KTM, make the KTM 50 SX an easy top five choice for TeamMA.

While the Honda or Yamaha models may be ideal for shift awareness, the 50 SX is best for overall speed and engine performance. This rugged potential is exactly why it’s a feature on TeamMA’s list. This dirt bike is ideal for young, experienced riders in need of an upgrade. Kickstarting the KTM 50 SX feels like starting a big bike, and what junior rider doesn’t love that?

KTM 50 SX Specs:

Honda CRF50F

Honda launched their first dirt bike in the 1970s, and they’ve been the first of many Japanese manufacturers to dominate the sport. Still the largest motorcycle manufacturer in Japan, Honda’s entire line is reliable, affordable and gives other kids dirt bikes a run for their money.

2023 CRF50F has some graphic updates a new pink version but not much else.

How Honda CRF50F compares to other bikes?

The CRF50F comes standard with an air-cooled 4-stroke engine and a 3-speed transmission. A throttle limiter is included on the CRF50F, so the top speed of 40mph can be adjusted by simply turning a screw before riding. Husqvarna and KTM both also have optional limiters, but both of these models require an additional kit to do so. The CRF50F is both the most affordable and customizable choice in this regard.

With almost a gallon tank capacity total, the CRF50F is reliable for long jaunts and any adventures your junior rider is ready for. Although none of the bikes on TeamMA’s list require shifting, the presence of a 3-speed transmission allows a young rider to familiarize themselves with how a dirt bike shifts during a ride. This awareness is a solid step before the actual learning period comes.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best 50cc dirt bike to buy?

The answer to this question will largely depend on three factors: budget, height and riding experience. Riders with less dirt bike experience will want to go with an option that allows for power reduction, at least initially. The Honda CRF50F has a pre-installed throttle limiter, while the Husqvarna TC 50 and KTM 50 SX have power limiters available as add-ons with your purchase.

For smaller riders who may be new to dirt bikes, both the Honda CRF50F and Yamaha TTR-50 boast the lowest seat heights of the bunch. These 50cc dirt bikes are designed to last at least ten years with proper care, so your choice will last them until they’re ready to upgrade. Both of these models stand at a similar price point. All that’s left is to determine what other features are most important to your junior rider!

For larger or more experienced riders, models like the Husqvarna TC 50, KTM 50 SX and CX50SRX KING are more ideal. All of these dirt bikes possess high-level features like liquid cooling systems and massive airboxes. These models are ideal for a junior rider who has spent some considerable time on a dirt bike and is ready for a step up. That’s not to say that a new rider could not adjust, but control is important while learning and it’s good to keep this in mind as a parent.

It’s important to factor safety gear into your overall cost as well. Much of the dangers that face motocross riders can be avoided with good judgment, but it’s better to be prepared for anything. Motocross is a full-body sport that requires serious coordination, so having the relevant protection can’t be understated. A sturdy kids helmet, gear set and boots will help keep your junior rider protected for whatever comes their way. Besides, it’s a rite of passage to get excited and wear your gear around the house because you’re excited to race! Your junior rider will take pride in not only looking good, but also pining for their next ride.

What age group is a 50cc dirt bike best for?

As a general guideline, 50cc dirtbikes are intended for the 4 to 8 age group. However, this recommendation is also dependent on the height and experience of the young rider. Higher seats and more powerful models are intended for an older, seasoned rider, while shorter seats smaller models are perfect for beginners. If your kid is older, read our review about the dirt bikes for 10 year-olds.

What is the fastest 50cc dirt bike?

Among the above models, the fastest 50cc dirt bike is either the KTM SX 50 or the Husqvarna TC 50. Both bikes top out at 45 mph with a 2-stroke engine, single speed transmission and a liquid cooling system to guarantee solid temperature control and a reliable ride.

Many of these 50cc dirt bikes can be modified to go faster with aftermarket parts, but this requires careful attention to installation and repair experience. Make sure you are familiar with the process if you plan on modifying the dirt bike for your junior rider. Their safety is in your hands!

How much does a 50cc dirt bike cost?

Price will ultimately depend on what sort of 50cc dirt bike you have in mind, but the range is variable. At the lower end, 1699 – 1799 models from Honda Yamaha will guarantee a dirt bike that holds up for smaller riders new to the sport.

For larger or more experienced riders that can handle more power, the remaining Cobra’s CX50JR, Husqvarna TC 50 and KTM SX 50 are considered the top end models at around 4799.

It’s important to weigh out what exactly is appropriate for your junior rider to make an informed decision. Less experience usually means less power, and vice versa. However, the top end models offer optional power reduction kits if you want your junior rider to grow into their bike.

How much maintenance does a 50cc dirt bike require?

Unlike larger dirt bikes that require frequent maintenance, 50cc dirt bikes are relatively easy to care for. Regular oil changes and air filter cleaning will help extend the life of most 50cc dirt bikes for up to 15 years.

The dirt bikes on this list are made to be dependable and, with steady care, will offer excellent protection for your junior rider. Part of this process involves being attentive to how the dirt bike performs during rides. If something sounds off, or your rider complains about an issue, take the dirt bike to a mechanic to be sure there are no lingering problems.

Safety is crucial while learning so that your junior rider develops trust in their ability. Staying on top of potential issues will help your junior rider feel secure and confident in their newfound hobby, not to mention provide you some comfort and security as well!

Motocross is all about having fun and mastering a new hobby. The above 50cc dirt bikes are reliable and offer a seamless transition into an exciting new adventure for your junior rider.

How long to reach the top speed on a Honda Ruckus?

Assuming you’re a relatively average-sized person on a bone stock Ruckus, reaching speed on a Honda Ruckus can take anywhere from 20 seconds to a full minute. Much of this depends on the riding conditions (elevation, gradient, wind speed, etc.) but generally speaking you’re looking at about 10 seconds of relatively constant acceleration up to about 30 mph, then a very slow climb to somewhere in the neighborhood of that 40mph top speed we discussed above.

There are three major things you can do to change the top speed of your Honda Ruckus: adding power, subtracting weight, and modifying the final drive ratio. As is the case with any two-wheeler, there are countless ways to go about this, but here are the six most common ways owners add a few extra mph to the Ruckus.

Airbox Delete

One of the single most effective ways you can get your Ruckus closer to highway speeds is by opening up its restrictive air intake system. The quickest and easiest way to do this is to replace the factory air filter with a free-flowing aftermarket filter, ideally something like a pod filter from the folks at UNI or any one of the dozen copycat oil and foam filters currently on the market.

Most Ruckus owners don’t stop there though, which is why removing the airbox entirely is a popular upgrade. Completely removing the airbox and replacing it with a simple hose and pod filter setup drastically improves engine breathability, and also reduces clutter under the seat to give your Ruck a cleaner custom look.

Aftermarket Exhaust

There are plenty of good reasons to swap out the Ruckus’ factory exhaust for an aftermarket unit, and top speed is one of them. The stock pipe Honda fits to the Ruckus weighs somewhere north of 12 lbs, and a good aftermarket system will cut that weight by more than half.

Aftermarket pipes are also much less restrictive than factory systems and play an important role in boosting power when used in conjunction with the upgraded air intake described above and an upgraded fuel delivery system (more on that below). Keep in mind, however, that if you go with an overly open exhaust system, you’ll actually lose power compared to the factory unit.

Most Ruckus owners seem to agree that when using the factory carburetor, the largest diameter exhaust you’ll want to run is 16mm, and anything larger than that will require more drastic modifications, tuning, and investment.

Aftermarket Variator

All Honda Ruckus scooters use a belt-driven automatic CVT transmission to transmit power to the rear wheel. That means that unlike typical motorcycles, where changing the chain and sprockets can improve either your acceleration or your top speed, you’ll have to change a special part called a “variator” to achieve similar results.

Without getting too deep into the details, one of the benefits that a CVT and variator setup has over a conventional chain and sprocket combo is that by replacing the variator and the weights that control its movement, Ruckus owners can improve both acceleration and top speed simultaneously with the right setup.

Rejet the Carburetor

If you’re going to start modifying your intake and exhaust to get your engine flowing freely, don’t forget you’ll also need to tune or “rejet” your carburetor to match. By swapping out the jets inside the factory carb, you’re effectively matching the flow of fuel being fed to the engine with the increased volume of air from the intake, which will increase power, improve throttle response, and smooth out power delivery.

Failing to match your carb’s performance to your intake/exhaust setup will create an excessively lean condition. which is what we want to avoid. You shouldn’t need to rejet your carb if you’re adding something as simple as an aftermarket air filter, but if you’re considering deleting your airbox entirely as described above, a jet kit is a must and many owners will even go so far as to replace the entire carburetor with a larger diameter unit.


Another option for increasing the top speed of your Ruckus is swapping out the factory Ruckus gears for a set of final drive gears from a Honda Metropolitan. If you’re not familiar with the Metropolitan, it’s a Vespa-style scooter that Honda has been manufacturing for over half a century in one form or another.

49cc, dirt, bike, speed

This is a popular upgrade among Ruckus owners who have already completed most (if not all) of the modifications above, and are finding their Honda Ruckus top speed limited by engine RPM rather than engine power. The idea here is that once that little 49cc engine is making enough ponies to break the 50mph mark, it can also handle pulling taller gears.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Honda Ruckus Top Speed

How fast is a 150cc Ruckus?

Before we get into the actual top speed of a 150cc Ruckus, we need to clear something up: Honda doesn’t actually make a Ruckus in this size, they never have, and in all likelihood, they never will.

The only larger displacement Honda Ruckus (Big Ruckus notwithstanding) you’ll find out in the wild is one that’s had its engine swapped for something larger and more powerful than the factory 49cc single. For most riders, the holy grail of Ruckus swaps is the immensely popular 150cc GY6 engine, which is about as close to plug-and-play as you’ll find for your Ruck.

The top speed of a GY6 Ruckus (or any other 150cc swapped Ruckus, for that matter) will vary wildly depending on a list of factors including other performance modifications and rider weight, but generally speaking, your average rider gets somewhere in the neighborhood of 65-70 mph with a 150cc engine swap.

Can you ride a Honda Ruckus on the freeway?

While laws vary a good bit between states, they’re all in agreement about one thing: Because the Ruckus is an “under 50cc scooter/moped” it’s illegal to drive on the freeway. Yes, the Ruckus is 100% street legal. and in most states doesn’t even require a motorcycle license to ride, but the small size and low top speed make it a liability on fast-moving freeways.

Is Honda Ruckus 49cc or 50cc?

All Honda Ruckus’ (with the exception of the “Big Ruckus” discussed above) use a simple 49cc engine. This is an intentional move by Honda to have the Ruckus qualify as a small displacement scooter for legal/registration reasons, and is unlikely to change anytime in the near future.

How many miles will a Honda Ruckus last?

Like any well-made, low-stress motorcycle engine, the motor of the Honda Ruckus can easily last for 50,000 miles or more with only basic routine maintenance like oil and filter changes and a fresh spark plug every so often. The more you neglect basic maintenance, however, the faster the engine will wear, so take care of the simple things and your Ruckus will take care of you in return.

Can you ride 2 on a Ruckus?

While you can technically squeeze a second person onto a Ruckus, the simple answer here is no. Most state laws prohibit passengers on small mopeds like these, and to make matters worse, there are no passenger pegs on the Ruckus to begin with. We’ll also note that while the engine has a respectable amount of pep for a single rider, adding an extra 100 pounds of weight into the equation isn’t going to do any favors for performance, both in terms of the Ruckus’ top speed and stopping distance.

How Fast Does a 50cc Dirt Bike can Go?

Going fast on a dirt bike is a blast but you are here because you are wondering how fast a 50cc sized dirt bike can go?

Most 50cc dirt bike models are for kids and can go as fast as 24 to 40 miles per hour. 50cc motocross dirt bikes can reach speeds up to 45mph. If you want your kid to go even quicker, you can invest in aftermarket parts. However, higher speeds are not recommended for off-roading as you can lose control.

The speed of a 50cc dirt bike depends on a few different variables. However, sometimes going fast on a dirt bike might not be an option.

Things that effect the speed of a 50cc dirt bike

For example a Honda CRF50 has a different transmission, motor, and gearing that a KTM 50 SX. Both these 50cc dirt bikes fit within the “50cc” engine size but are totally different dirt bikes.

Basically within the 50cc dirt bike world you have 2 types of dirt bikes

Its important to note this as each has its own top speed.

cc transimissions effect over all top speed

The transmission on these 50cc dirt bikes also has a major effect on the overall top speed. For example the trail 50cc dirt bikes like the Yamaha TTR50 come with a 3 speed semi-automatic transmission. These are big and bulky and only give you 3 gears.

The transmission on the KTM 50SX is a centrifugal clutch that does not have any gears but as the motor spins faster the shoes on the clutch engage on the rim of the clutch housing transfering the power to the wheels.

This type of clutch will allow for higher top speed than a stock 3 speed semi-automatic transsmission.

49cc, dirt, bike, speed

So, how fast is a 50cc dirt bike?

The top speed on most 50 cc dirt bikes is between the following speeds:

How to make a 50cc dirt bike go faster:

How do you make a 50cc dirt bike go faster? The first thing is gearing. Start with smaller sprockets and this will allow you to have more top speed. The second is to find more power. This can be done by a better air filter, exhaust system, and engine work. This allows your dirt bike to get more power on the top end, allowing for more power.

49cc, dirt, bike, speed

However, I cannot stress enough that the sprockets, in the end, are what will have the most effect on your top speed. Changing the 3-speed gearbox on the Yamaha TTR 50 or Honda 50 CRF is going to be VERY tough and not really a possibility for most people.

Overall, the 50cc motocross dirt bikes come with a 2 stroke motor that tends to make more horsepower per cc then a 4 stroke. The trail dirt bikes come with a air cooled 4 stroke motor which are easy to ride but not really built for speed.

Dirt bikes for 6 year olds in order of top speed

Some dirt bikes, which is especially true of electric dirt bikes, are able to be controlled by you as the parent. The control you have is over the top speed of the dirt bike.

This is important so that your child doesn’t go careering off at top speed and hurt themselves when they are just beginning.

In the above list, both the electric bikes have a way for the parent to control the top speed. You’ll be able to gradually increase the speed of the bike as your child improves their confidence and ability.

Of the other 50cc dirt bikes in the table, it’s also the Honda CRF50F that has parental control too. This 50cc kids dirt bike has a manual throttle limiter you can adjust as your child improves. This allows you to buy a 50cc petrol dirt bike and allow the bike to build the confidence of your son or daughter safely.

Where your child is able to use their 50cc dirt bike

Of course the most important part of having a dirt bike is being able to use it. But safely too. Some of the 50cc dirt bikes in the above list are quite powerful, for example the KTM 50SX 2020 can reach speeds of 72kph (45mph), which is fast.

72 kph (45mph) isn’t the type of speed you want your kid doing on a 50cc dirt bike in a small backyard I suggest.

So you need somewhere for your kid to ride their dirt bike safely and where others aren’t going to get annoyed.

cc dirt bike with training wheels

You can either buy a 50cc dirt bike with training wheels already installed, or you can buy a 50cc dirt bike and retro fit them afterwards.

Here are some examples of dirt bike training wheels on eBay.

I hope you enjoyed this article about what age is a 50cc dirt bike for

I’d love to hear from you. Tell us about your adventures of dirt biking in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below. Please also share your photos. Either from your cameras or videos from your GoPro’s!

If this article hasn’t answered all of your questions. If you have more questions about dirt biking (or specifically about what age is a 50cc dirt bike for), please comment below with your questions.

There will also be many more articles about dirt biking for you to read and learn about this fabulous sport and hobby.

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