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Office To Outdoors: Embrace Your True Rider Self With The Perfect Motorcycle

The tapestry of Indian cities is crafted by people with diverse yet distinct tastes, each with their distinct flair and lifestyle. Some express themselves in loud and bold ways, while others pick edgier palettes. I fall in the company of the latter, especially when I’m riding my Pulsar N250 to zip around these urban spaces.

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Picking my speed demon wasn’t easy. It took me nearly 6 months to make the decision to get my bike. But, I can tell you the wait was worth it. However, you needn’t spend all that time deciding which bike to go with.

If you’re looking for the ideal motorcycle to match your persona and conquer all shades of life, we’ve got you covered. Discover the perfect mean machine tailored to your individuality, ensuring an unforgettable journey from the office to the great outdoors.

The Urban Maverick

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For the city slicker who thrives on the urban buzz, a nimble and stylish commuter bike is the way to go. Explore motorcycles that effortlessly navigate through the city’s labyrinth, adding an extra dose of excitement to your daily commute. As a city dweller, I chose my Pulsar N250 because it brings me a sense of effortlessness and freedom while riding it, despite Delhi’s ever-growing traffic woes.

The All-Round Enthusiast

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Seeking a bike that adapts to your every mood and adventure? Opt for versatile motorcycles that effortlessly transition from daily commutes to leisurely rides, promising an all-encompassing riding experience. Thanks to my Pulsar’s versatility. I’ve been able to navigate anything that the city has to throw at me.

The Wanderlust Voyager

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If long journeys and road trips are your calling, touring bikes offer comfort, luggage capacity, and endurance, making every journey a memorable one.

In conclusion, the road to finding your perfect motorcycle is as diverse as your personality. Embrace your true rider self and embark on a journey that aligns with your unique lifestyle, from the boardroom to the uncharted trails of the great outdoors.

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In This Post:

The list of touring bikes below is arranged in ascending price order. I’ve mentioned the worldwide availability of each bike, roughly speaking, and the manufacturer-suggested retail price (MSRP, aka: RRP or list price) in £/€/ as applicable.

This is not an exhaustive list of every single touring bike on the market.

For one thing, such a list would be hundreds of entries long. For another, this isn’t a product comparison site. I’m a veteran bicycle traveller with years of real-world experience, and my goal with this blog is to tell you what you need to know, not to churn out search-engine-optimised fluff in order to generate more ad revenue.

(If you really want that list, there are other bloggers out there who will charge you money for downloadable lists of touring bikes that’ll take you days to wade through and leave you even more confused than when you started.)

My intention here is to give you a taste of the diversity of commercial touring bikes available today, considering the three big pre-purchase questions I’ve covered elsewhere.

(Note that several entry-level touring bikes have been discontinued in recent years, including the Adventure Flat White, Ridgeback Tour, Dawes Galaxy AL, and the Revolution Country Traveller, to name just a few. You may find leftover stock of these bike still being sold today at a bargain price, and you can be sure they’ll do just as well as any of the other bikes in this list.)

Cube Touring

Summary: Feature-rich flat-bar trekking bikeAvailability: WorldwideList Price: £800 / €730 / US760 / CA450,090

The entry-level touring bike from major German bike maker Cube is the affordable and simply-named Cube Touring. The basic model in this extensive range is currently one of the cheapest off-the-peg touring bikes on the market, and is widely distributed across Europe and North America.

If you’re used to the appearance of British or American designed tourers, you’ll notice some big differences, such as the flat handlebars and adjustable stem, the resulting upright riding posture, and the front suspension fork, as well as other details like a kickstand, a hub dynamo, and LED lights as standard. These are all fairly typical features of touring bikes from German and Dutch makers, where utility and comfort takes precedence.

In an effort to cater for a diverse customer base, the Cube Touring range comes in several frame variations and sizes, including the classic diamond frame (5 sizes), women’s specific with a sloping top-tube (3 sizes) and a step-through frame for riders with impaired mobility (3 sizes), all in a choice of two colour schemes.

The ‘semi-integrated’ rear rack, which is held in position by the mudguard/fender, is unorthodox, and the seat stays and front fork don’t have standard mounting points, complicating any modifications to the bike’s luggage-carrying capabilities. Riders looking for an entry-level touring bike that can be upgraded in the future may also decide to pass on the Cube Touring for these reasons.

The rest of the specification is impressive at this price point. The entry-level Shimano V‑brakes and drivetrain components are sensible. As with any bike, you’ll want to fit your own preferred saddle, but the inclusion of ergonomic grips, lights, fenders and a kick-stand makes the Touring more or less ready to hit the road right out of the box.

All that said, perhaps the bike’s strongest selling point is the price. The recent disappearance of several popular entry-level touring bikes has left a gap at this end of the market – one that the Cube Touring happily fills.

  • Check out the full Cube Touring range on the Cube website.
  • Find your local dealer in Cube’s online directories of stockists in the UK and Europe, the USA, and Canada.
  • Don’t buy this bike online. Support your local bike shop (UK list)!

Decathlon Riverside Touring 520

Summary: Good value forward-thinking light tourer Availability: UK EuropeList Price: £800 / €800

There’s no denying the success of Decathlon’s no-frills approach to designing, manufacturing and selling sports and outdoor gear. The Riverside Touring is the entry-level model in Decathlon’s new foray into touring bikes, and for many riders will be a welcome addition to the sparse options at this lower-budget end of the market.

The Riverside Touring 520 is based on an aluminium frame, whose geometry sits somewhere between the old-school rigid mountain bike and today’s trendy gravel/hybrid rides. The frameset sports a big range of mounting points for more or less any luggage configuration you might imagine, including a front lowrider or fork cages, a traditional rear carrier rack should the semi-integrated stock rack not be to your tastes, and no less than five bottle cages.

The riding position of the Riverside Touring leans towards relaxed and upright, with the sloping top-tube helping with mounting and dismounting, and flat bars with so-called ergonomic grips and bar-ends atop a stack of head-tube spacers, all pointing to a bike designed with the casual or newcomer rider in mind. Comfortably wide 1.75″ tyres will be equally content on asphalt and gravel at the 700C (28″) wheel diameter.

Looking at component choice, Decathlon have specified a 1×11 drivetrain (ie: a single front chainring driving an 11-sprocket rear cassette); unusual on a tourer where riders tend to benefit from a wide and fine-grained range of gear ratios. The hydraulic disc brakes are also an unorthodox choice for a touring bike. Both will have traditionalists up in arms, citing increased chain wear rates, a reduced choice of gear ratios, and the near-impossibility of repairing hydraulics on the roadside.

There is a certain amount of validity to such criticisms, but a quick scan of the many customer reviews of this bike suggest that these concerns may be more theoretic. In the regions of the world this bike is likely to be used, spares and repairs for this bike will be abundant. And if you want to take it further afield, you can always fit cable disc brakes and/or a regular drivetrain.

Certainly one of this bike’s great strengths is how widely available it is for test-riding, Decathlon having hundreds of locations across Europe and increasingly further afield. Indeed, I can easily imagine a first-time tourer with a reasonable gear budget walking out of the store with not just the bike but a full set of luggage and maybe some camping gear too.

There are only four frame size options, however. Taken together with the wheel size, this may prevent those with short body lengths from finding a good match with the Riverside Touring 520.

In summary, while Decathlon have leaned pretty far into the crossover between classic touring and the gravel bike trend, there’s little to find fault with at this price – and there’s considerably more scope for upgrades here than other entry-level touring bikes in this list.

  • Buy the Riverside Touring 520 in the UK from Decathlon.
  • The bike is also available from Decathlon branches across Europe and beyond.

Fuji Touring Disc/Disc LTD

Availability: Sporty steel-framed light road tourerList Price: £1,250 / €1,450 / US450,500

Japanese manufacturer Fuji’s entry-level touring bike is the Fuji Touring Disc (mainly for the US) or Disc LTD (for Europe). It features a Reynolds 520 cromoly frameset with classic British/American-style drop-bar touring geometry and a full set of mounting points for racks/lowriders, fenders, and bottle cages.

Both versions feature the well-regarded TRP Spyre cable disc brakes, 36-spoke 700C wheels on Shimano hubs, and a reasonably solid rear rack as standard.

The plain Disc has a Shimano Deore 3×10-speed chainset from the mid-level ranges of the mountain-bike series of components, and is a little more bare-bones than some of the bikes in this list: you’ll need to fit your own front lowrider, fenders, lights, etc. The Disc LTD has many of these accessories fitted as standard, and has a 3×9‑speed Shimano Sora chainset with slightly higher gear ratios, making it a more road-oriented package.

Both variants represent high ambitions in a good-value package aimed at a rider who wants a classic road-oriented touring bike, with the plain Disc in particular still happy on a bit of gravel and dirt.

The Fuji Touring Disc and Disc LTD come in no fewer than seven frame sizes, allowing precise fitting and fewer compromises for short or tall riders. A final note is that the distribution of the Disc and Disc LTD model variants seems to vary depending on whether you’re looking in Europe or North America, so do check what’s available in your local area.

  • Find a list of global dealers on the official Fuji website.
  • Don’t buy this bike online. Support your local bike shop (UK list)!

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