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The couple who cycled the world on a tandem bicycle

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On December 1, Laura Massey-Pugh and Stevie Massey, both from the UK, cycled through a blizzard into Brandenburg Gate in Berlin approximately 180 days after setting off on a journey to become the fastest cyclists to circumnavigate the world on a tandem bicycle.

The husband and wife team, who began their grueling challenge on June 5, traveling for around 18,000 miles (28,968 kilometers) through 21 countries, were greeted by thrilled friends and family, who’d been anxiously awaiting their arrival in the rather brutal weather conditions.

“It was dark. It was also snowing. They [their friends and family] were absolutely frozen, but they still got their banners out and everything,” Massey-Pugh tells CNN Travel.

“So it wasn’t quite how we’d envisioned it, where we’d arrived in a blaze of glory – it was more of an absolute battle right to the end. But I think that’s just made us even more proud of our achievements.”

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Wheelie on a yamaha r1 ��

Tandem bike challenge

Laura Massey-Pugh and Stevie Massey arrive at Brandenburg Gate, Berlin on December 1 after cycling around the world.

Taking on a record-breaking tandem bicycle journey wasn’t something the veterinary surgeon would have thought was on the cards for herself before she met Massey at a beer festival in 2015.

While they were both keen cyclists, Massey-Pugh says she was more of a “day-to-day commuting cyclist,” while Massey was an experienced long-distance rider who’d been using tandem bicycles since he was a youngster.

“He regaled me with his stories of long-distance bike rides, and riding from Land’s End [mainland Britain’s most southwesterly point] to John O’Groats [a Scottish village located on mainland Great Britain’s northeastern tip] and back again,” Massey-Pugh says of their first meeting.

During their second or third date, Massey took her out on a two-seater bicycle, and the experience “almost brought her to tears.”

“Little did she know that she would have become a super stoker,” he says, explaining that a ‘stoker’ is the person who stays at the rear of the tandem, while the person at the front is described as the ‘captain.’

While the pair, who were married in 2018, have been on many solo bike rides together, they “really clicked on the tandem,” although it took Massey-Pugh a little while to adapt to it at first.

“The actual tandem is not that hard to get used to, particularly if you’ve ridden bikes before,” she explains.

“If you’re in the backseat like me and you’re used to riding and steering your own bike, I think it can almost be harder to suddenly relinquish all that control and not see where you’re going.”

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New record

They reached 9,000 miles (around 14,500 kilometers,) their halfway point, while in Australia in September.

Back in 2020, the couple read about two women, Cat Dixon and Raz Marsden from the UK, who’d broken the world record for the fastest time circumnavigating the globe on a tandem bicycle.

Although they were incredibly impressed by the achievement, Massey-Pugh says she couldn’t help thinking “we could go faster than that,” and decided to look into things further.

They quickly discovered that while there was a current record for the fastest women and the fastest men to complete this challenge on a tandem bicycle, there was no record holder for a mixed male and female team.

In order to achieve the record, they would have to meet a number of requirements from Guinness World Records, including cycling for a minimum of 18,000 miles in the same direction, pass through two antipodal points, locations on opposite sides of the planet, and start and finish at the same point.

Once they’d contacted Guinness and committed to the task, the couple began what turned into around 18 months of “hard planning,” and training.

The couple, who’d ridden thousands of miles on a tandem together by the time they began their six-month trip, say that just getting to the start line felt like half the battle.

Getting a tandem suitable for a trip such as this proved to be one of the toughest challenges.

“It’s a very niche thing, a tandem,” explains Massey. “So it was [a case of acquiring] parts from all around the world to get exactly what we wanted for the job we had to do.

“We found the best people in the business who knew the best to advise us. And it bore fruit in the end.”

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Say hello to 2023 Yamaha R1 GYTR Pro 25th Anniversary Limited Edition

Sippi Vig Jul 26, 2023

KUALA LUMPUR: Yamaha is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the iconic R1 with the introduction of the new R1 GYTR Pro 25th Anniversary Limited Edition. This special edition of the superbike is an ultimate track-only machine with only 25 units to be offered exclusively in the European market.


As the name suggests, the 2023 Yamaha R1 GYTR Pro is kitted with Genuine Yamaha Technology Racing (GYTR) pro components, including.

  • A carbon fibre rear subframe
  • A modified fuel tank lowering the centre of gravity
  • Magneti Marelli ECU

The bike is developed by the same Yamaha Motor Research and Development Europe racing engineers responsible for the World Championship winning R1 WorldSBK machine.

As for the suspension, the ultimate R1 superbike benefits from an Ohlins FGR front fork and TTX mono shock with a pneumatic preload adjuster. Helping the bike stop are Brembo brakes at both ends.

The bike is finished in an exclusive red, white, and black livery, which pays homage to the first generation Yamaha R1 introduced in 1998. The all-around carbon fibre bodywork of the special R1 is lightweight and promises optimal aerodynamic performance.

The special 25th Anniversary model also comes equipped with advanced electronic software rider aids, like anti-wheelie, traction control, launch control, engine braking management, and adjustable fueling.

Powering the R1 GYTR Pro 25th Anniversary edition is a 998-cc, liquid-cooled, 4-cylinder engine that generates a maximum power of 200 PS and a peak torque of 113 Nm.

Upon introducing the special-edition R1, Eric de Seynes, President and CEO, Yamaha Motor Europe, said, “The launch of the GYTR Pro range of performance parts is a proud moment for everyone at Yamaha Motor Europe. Now we are able to offer technology developed in tandem with our WorldSBK and EWC race programs directly to our customers.”

Adding to that, Andrea Dosoli, Road Racing Manager, Yamaha Motor Europe, said: “We have developed the range of GYTR Pro performance parts alongside our World Superbike and Endurance World Championship race programs, to enable us to offer our customers the opportunity to experience a level of performance that is truly unique.”

The 2023 Yamaha R1 GYTR Pro 25th Anniversary Limited Edition is priced at EUR 159 000 (approximately equal to RM 801,479).

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Tandem bicycle wheelie


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To commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the R1, Yamaha Motor Europe has commissioned an exclusive run of 25 R1 machines that will be hand built from the chassis up and will feature the full range of GYTR PRO performance parts.

The R1 GYTR PRO 25th Anniversary will be assembled exclusively by experienced technicians in one of the the 25 GYTR PRO Shops across Europe and will be immediately identifiable as the ultimate track day tool courtesy of the special commemorative livery adorning the race developed carbon fibre bodywork.

The R1 GYTR PRO 25th Anniversary, which boasts a specification as close to that of Yamaha’s world championship race bikes as it is possible to get, is only available to order online, with customers also able to specify at which GYTR Pro Shop the bike will be prepared to their exact requirements.

To ensure that they can fully realise the incredible potential of their R1 GYTR PRO 25th Anniversary machines, each of the 25 owners will also spend a day at a race circuit with a team of dedicated Yamaha technicians. After initial set-up at the track, owners will be run through exactly the same process that Yamaha’s world championship teams use with riders such as Toprak Razgatlıoğlu to fine tune the settings of the bike to match their specific riding style.

This combination of the exclusive, race proven specification of the R1 GYTR PRO 25th Anniversary edition and the technical expertise available through Yamaha’s GYTR PRO Shops, provides a unique opportunity for Yamaha customers to own what is, without doubt, the ultimate R1.

With only a limited number of 25 bikes available, potential owners will need to move fast if they are not to miss out. Click here to get the full details, and register your reservation, where you will select the GYTR PRO SHOP at which your R1 GYTR PRO 25th Anniversary edition will be hand built to your exact requirements.

Unfortunately for Aussies this appears to be a Europe only offering.

Andrea Dosoli – Road Racing Manager, Yamaha Motor Europe

“We have developed the range of GYTR PRO performance parts alongside our World Superbike and Endurance World Championship race programs, to enable us to offer our customers the opportunity to experience a level of performance that is truly unique. To mark the 25th Anniversary of the R1 we have brought together the bike, the full range of GYTR PRO performance parts and the knowledge and experience of our GYTR Pro Shops to provide a turn-key solution for those Yamaha customers who demand the very best. With the R1 GYTR PRO 25th Anniverary edition our customers have the opportunity to enjoy a unique bike; a bike that is as close to the specification of our world championship race machines as it is possible to experience without having a Yamaha contract to race in WorldSBK or EWC.”

Eric de Seynes – President and CEO, Yamaha Motor Europe

“The launch of the GYTR PRO range of performance parts is a proud moment for everyone at Yamaha Motor Europe. Now we are able to offer technology developed in tandem with our WorldSBK and EWC race programs directly to our customers. Designed by our WorldSBK race engineers and tested by our professional riders, the GYTR PRO range represents the pinnacle of what is possible when it comes to making our race developed technology available to our customers. The turn-key package we are offering to mark the 25th Anniversary of the R1, which I had the great pleasure of unveiling during the Yamaha Racing Experience in Mugello, is also unique. Each of the exclusive R1 GYTR PRO 25th Anniversary edition units will be hand built with the full range of GYTR PRO performance parts by the experienced technicians at one of our GYTR PRO Shops, who will also provide technical support during a dedicated set up day at the racetrack. This is a process that few people, other than our professional racers, ever get to experience.”

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