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Xiaomi Mi Essential Electric Scooter. Folding. 100 Kg Payload. Max 20KM Range. 8.5 Pneumatic Tyres. 24 Month Warranty

With the simple things in life, sometimes you just want your electric scooter to be light and easy. Getting yourself from A to B with style and without any fuss couldn’t be easier with the no-frills design of the Xiaomi Mi Essential Electric Scooter.

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The warranty covers the motor, battery, charger, frame, mudguards, computer.

The whole ethos of the Xiaomi Essential Electric Scooter is its simple looks and lightweight body. Just weighing 12 kg this scooter can be easily lifted onto a train, back of your car or into the office.

Xiaomi Mi Essential Electric Scooter Key Features:

Fast Folding in 3 Seconds

Duo Electric and Disc Brakes

Made from Low-Density, High-strength Aerospace-Grade Aluminium Alloy

Stylish and Minimalist design

App and Multifunctional Display

Thanks to its lightweight design the 500-watt motor propels this sleek scooter up to a maximum speed of 20 Km. And with adjustable speeds of 20, 15 and 5 Km/h you can easily navigate the urban landscape at safer speeds and levels.

The Xiaomi E-Scooter has a decent range of up to 20 Km, which is plenty of battery life to deliver you to your destination.

You’ll find that hills are a piece of cake as the Xiaomi Essential can easily climb a hill gradient as steep as 10%.

How to make your Xiaomi Scooter Faster | Increase Speed of your Scooter in 2023

If you’re like me, you love the thrill of cruising around on your trusty electric steed, feeling the wind in your hair and zipping through the city streets. But let’s admit it, sometimes we crave a little more speed to really amp up the excitement!

That’s why I’ve got some exciting tips to share with you on how to make your Xiaomi scooter faster.

Get ready to rev up your ride and leave everyone else in the dust as we dive into some awesome hacks and tweaks that’ll have you flying down the road at lightning speed.

Buckle up, because we’re about to take your Xiaomi scooter to new heights of velocity.

How to make your Xiaomi Scooter faster

Xiaomi Mi (M365) Electric Scooter

Since its launch in 2016, the Xiaomi Mi M365 has held the title of greatest electric scooter in the world. The M365 is the workhorse scooter chosen by ride-sharing businesses to be distributed throughout major cities throughout the world.

Since its inception, the design has been imitated several times by various scooter manufacturers keen to take a piece of the personal market pie. Check out our Xiaomi M365 speed hack below.

  • Weight – 12 kg
  • Folded dimensions – 107 by 43 by 48 cm
  • Motor power, continuous – 250 W
  • Top speed – 26 km/h
  • Range – 45 km
  • Battery capacity – 280 Wh
  • Battery recharge time – 5 hours
  • Max rider weight – 100 kg
  • Brake type – Regenerative Disc
  • Tire type – 21.6 cm Pneumatic (Inner Tube) Pneumatic (Inner Tube)
  • Built-in lights – Front Rear
  • Water resistance – IP54

How to Remove the Speed Limit on Your Xiaomi Mi (M365) Electric Scooter

The Xiaomi M365 Pro is a standout scooter because of its incredible value in terms of range per pound and acceleration per dollar. The Pro is like flying economy plus in comparison to all of the other entry-level options available. You have the impression that you are receiving more, but you are unsure.

It has a very basic appearance, a simple display, simple operation, and an entry-level price, but keep in mind that it is the larger brother of the well-known scooter, and is a significant improvement over the original.

The Pro is a significant upgrade over the M365, with a larger battery capacity, longer range, and superior hill-climbing ability. It also outperforms most other entry-level scooters on the market.

electric, scooter, essential, safety
  • Weight – 14 kg
  • Folded dimensions – 112 by 43 by 48 cm
  • Motor power, continuous – 300 W
  • Top speed – 26 km/h
  • Range – 43 km
  • Battery capacity – 474 Wh
  • Battery recharge time – 8 to 9 hours
  • Max rider weight – 100 kg
  • Brake type – Regenerative Disc
  • Tire type – 21.6 cm Pneumatic (Inner Tube) Pneumatic (Inner Tube)
  • Built-in lights – Front Rear
  • Water resistance – IP54

How to Remove the Speed Limit on Your Xiaomi Mi (M365) PRO Electric Scooter

How to Remove the Speed Limit on Your Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter

  • Download and install the m365 DownG app from Google Play Store.
  • Download modified software Xiaomi M365 Max Speed Firmware.
  • Open m365 DownG app and click CONNECT to find your Xiaomi Scooter.
  • Go to OPEN BIN and search for a custom firmware you downloaded earlier.
  • Tap on FLASH
  • If it doesn’t work, maybe you recently updated the Xiaomi Home app or have the newest Xiaomi scooter model. Try to search for custom firmware on cfw.sh.
  • Now you can drive your Xiaomi Scooter at full speed.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 1S

Xiaomi’s 1S electric scooter is a superb entry-level product in Xiaomi’s 2020 range of electric scooters. It accomplishes the job, but because it is more economical, it is understandably lacking in a few upgraded features that are common on higher-priced e-scooter versions.

Different ways of making your Electric Scooter faster

To make things easier to comprehend and use, the methods for increasing the speed of your scooter are classified into three types:

Risk-Free methods

These methods are safe ways to get the most out of your scooter. They do not necessitate tampering with its internals, pose no danger of flaws, and will not invalidate your warranty.

They will, however, often only eliminate some of the impediments that prohibit your scooter from attaining the maximum indicated speed. If you want faster speeds, you’ll have to fiddle with your scooter’s internals and dive a little deeper. Before you do that, be sure you’ve examined all of the risk-free options and that you can get at least the maximum speed that you should be able to achieve without risking damaging some of the mechanical components.

Modifying methods

If you’re determined to speed up your scooter, you need first to understand what you’re getting yourself into.

All of the modifications have one goal in mind: to allow you to travel faster than the scooter manufacturer intended. If you want to get the most out of your performance, you must first remove the speed limiters.

If you want to go any farther, you’ll need to perform some more battery optimizations, such as updating the battery to a more powerful model, adding a second battery, or both.

All of these procedures have the potential to void your warranty and harm your scooter.

Advanced methods

There are a few more mechanical ways to increase the power of your scooter. They also include opening up your scooter and making significant adjustments to its internals, so they should only be used as a last option.

Make sure your scooter is fully unlocked and you are in the fastest mode (risk-free)

If your scooter has been unusually sluggish from the start, you are most certainly dealing with one of these problems.

Some scooters start in a locked mode, usually to comply with local scooter rules and regulations.

Typically, you must link the scooter to the smartphone app and create a profile there. You should then be able to access the top speeds.

In addition, practically every Xiaomi electric scooter includes multiple driving modes, generally three. Make sure your scooter is on the quickest setting if you want to travel the fastest. Modern scooters typically swap modes by double or triple pressing the power button on the screen.

Examine the manual or a tutorial for your specific Xiaomi electric scooter model. Typically, the directions are quite simple to follow.

Charge your battery to 100% (risk-free)

Your speed will be heavily influenced by your battery.

While the key elements will be the power of the motor and the power of the battery, the battery level frequently plays an essential impact as well.

A battery’s voltage decreases as its charge decreases, and this decrease in voltage immediately causes a decrease in performance. This applies to both lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries, but notably to the latter.

Fortunately, most current scooters, particularly Xiaomi Electric Scooters use lithium-ion batteries, so this will not be as noticeable as it would be with scooters from 10 years ago, for example.

When the battery is nearly depleted, many scooters enter power-saving mode. To conserve energy, they frequently limit performance and the maximum speed at which you may go.

Renew your battery (risk-free)

If you’ve owned your scooter for a long time, you’ve definitely noticed that the battery capacity has decreased.

Even modern batteries incur wear and tear with each charging cycle, so this is unavoidable. Estimates vary, but your battery will wear out anywhere from 20% to 50% after 1000 charges.

Some folks will reach that milestone in less than two years. The typical scooter’s battery life is between two and three years.

electric, scooter, essential, safety

Remove the speed limit (modifying)

There are two methods for removing the speed limit.

  • One method is to install modified firmware.
  • The alternative option is to physically remove the speed limiter.

Because it does not need to physically modify your scooter, installing custom firmware is considerably preferable to the physical technique. Firmware for the most popular models is quite well-tested, and there are fewer things that can go wrong.

Clean the motor (advanced)

I would not recommend doing this yourself since you risk harming the scooter’s mechanics and voiding your warranty in the process.

However, it is likely that dirt, dust, oil, or other matter is preventing the engine from running smoothly.

Phone Holder

Typical Price: 15

Cell phones are an integral part of life. But they can become a distraction when riding an electric scooter.

Phone holders are very useful when riding. Whether you need to follow GPS directions or check a notification, you can safely do so without having to let go of the scooter handlebars and risk a nasty fall.

Phone holders install onto the scooter handlebar, and firmly grip your phone to keep it in place. Not only do you stay safe from any wipeouts, your phone does as well.

We like Fluid Freeride’s Freehand Lite, designed specifically for mounting on electric scooters. But at 39 it’s a little pricey. For less expensive options, see our list on Amazon.


Typical Price: 35

Our favorite: a super-bright 750-lumen LED light from NiteRider.

A proper headlight is essential when it comes to seeing and being seen at night. Most electric scooters have dim or low-mounted lights, which do not illuminate the road well.

A bright attachable headlight can make a huge difference when riding at night — not only does the light help you see the road better, but it also makes you visible to other vehicles on the road.

Learn more about staying safe when riding at night.

Rear Light

Typical Price: 25

Our favorite: a 150-lumen red LED light from Cygolite.

Electric scooters universally have low-mounted rear lights that don’t project far and are not easily seen at night.

electric, scooter, essential, safety

An attachable red light that you can clip to your helmet, backpack or any other high-mounted position will increase your visibility and help you stay safe in high traffic areas.

Learn more about staying safe when riding at night.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Essential Lite

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Another scooter from the Mi model line

As many of you know, Xiaomi was behind the era of electric scooters, and their Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter M365 kicked off. The manufacturer now comes up with a new model of scooter, which is designed for undemanding riders.

The biggest upgrade occurred in the construction and design of the scooter. Also new is the indicator, which lights up in the event of automatic detection of a device fault.

On the display it is possible to monitor your speed in real time, the remaining percentage charge of the battery and other similar instant information.

Low weight and keeping compact dimensions

Thanks to its compact dimensions, the novelty is relatively light. It weighs 12,5 kg and retain a person weighing a maximum of 100 kg.

The material used is an aviation aluminum alloy, thanks to which it is Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Essential Lite quite a resilient companion.

The presence of 8,5-inch wheels with a durable surface, which reportedly does not wear out so quickly, can also be very pleasing.

The device also comes with double braking system, engine reverse braking capability, and battery recovery during braking.

The battery itself has a capacity of 5100 mAh (187 Wh) and is guaranteed by the manufacturer range 20 km. Compared to the original model of the scooter, it is a downgrade, which surprises us. The engine is standard power 250 W and the scooter is able to come out 10-step climb.

V Mi Home application In addition, you can view more information about your ride, including the ability to update the scooter’s firmware. You will also find tutorials for beginners here.

electric, scooter, essential, safety

Next up Mi Electric Scooter Essential Lite it also features a folding construction, anti-slip pattern and other safety features.

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