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Top 5 Best E-scooter Products of 2023

Have you asked yourself why you should buy an e-scooter? It’s perfectly understandable if you need one for mobility, given the many perks of owning such an affordable, green, and ultra-portable mode of transportation. Especially if you’re an adult or a teen, you would need it to go around often.

But what features an electric scooter should have to make it worth your hard-earned money? It should have a long battery life and a powerful motor to log more kilometers between charges and take you to your destination faster. Your e-scooter should also have a highly visible headlight and taillight for your safety while traveling in low-visibility situations. Your electric scooter must also have powerful brakes to let you stop on time and avoid a collision or hitting a pedestrian.

Other must-have features in electric scooters are rigid but lightweight construction, portable build, excellent shock absorbers, wide tires, and high-end electronic features, such as dedicated app support and controls for cruise and speed adjustments.

No.1. Hiboy S2 Pro

Hiboy, a high-tech electric mobility solutions company, was established in 2014 and has since gained extensive expertise in manufacturing top-tier single-person electric transportation products. Over the years, Hiboy has diversified its product lines, now offering electric scooters, e-bikes, electric skateboards, kids’ electric bikes, electric skates for kids, and various accessories to enhance their utility.

The company’s primary goal is to provide customers with safe, reliable, and high-quality products at reasonable prices. Hiboy focuses on offering unique designs that cater to individual habits and riding styles, with the aim of making commuting enjoyable and convenient for its target consumers, bypassing the hassles of traditional mass transportation like buses and subway trains.

One of the remarkable products in Hiboy’s lineup is the S2 Pro electric scooter, designed for adults and teenagers aged 16 to 20. The S2 Pro boasts several high-end features, making it a trendy choice for buyers seeking the best electric scooter for adults in their daily commute.

Hiboy S2 Pro E-scooter Features

These are the most noteworthy features of the Hiboy S2 Pro e-scooter:

The S2 Pro has a 25-mile range travel capability, allowing you to cover more grounds on a single charge. It also delivers more than a decent 18mph of top speed to take you to your destinations on time or even earlier. Meanwhile, its honeycomb tires will give you confidence knowing it’s safe from punctures and skids.

Is Swagtron Swagger 5 The Best Cheap E-Scooter?

Swagtron is an established brand in the world of personal electric transportation. They were the one of the first companies that went through the trouble of making an explosion-proof hoverboard, and since then they have been putting their tech savvy to different devices, like electric skateboards, scooters and very popular folding electric bikes. Their line of products includes everything, from fun gadgets for kids, to robust and solid commuting electric scooters.

Swagger Elite is not the new scooter. And unlike many other electric transportation devices that have just come and gone, this scooter was able to stand the test of time. Despite the fact that it originally came out in 2018, this scooter is still in demand and still sold all over the world. This means that you can find lots of experiences and reviews online, as well as lots of YouTube videos on how to address any issues that might come up.

After the Swagger 5, Swagtron has released a new flagship scooter, Swagger 7, but the new model did not replace the very popular number 5. Main reason is that Swagger 7 is almost twice the price of the 5, and there are not many swift and solid commuter scooters for around 300.

Design and Build

Build quality of Swagger 5 is solid. The rubberized deck is 17.4” by 6”, which is on the smaller side, but it still provides enough room for standing. Aluminium alloy frame keeps the scooter lightweight, but it is sturdy enough and does not feel flimsy at all.

A nice LED display shows the battery level, current speed and Bluetooth status. For more, there is a smartphone app, but more on it later. There is a single button just under the display to power the scooter on, control speed mode and turn the lights on.

Considering that this is one of the least expensive electric scooters, it’s expected that some parts feel and look cheap. For example, the brake lever feels plastic-y, the cover for the charging port will fall off very soon,

A big weak point of this scooter is the fact that it does not have any suspension. Pneumatic tires do a good job compensating the lack of springs, and to be honest, this is not an off-road scooter, it is designed for flat paved roads only.

Motor Power

The Swagger 5 features a front 250W hub motor. This is pretty much the standard for entry-level lightweight urban electric scooters. The motor is relatively quiet compared to some other scooters.

Swagger 5 has the zero-start option, meaning you can get it moving only by pressing the throttle, but if you want to preserve the motor you should start by kicking off with one foot until you reach a certain speed, and then the automatic acceleration will take on. You can also engage the cruise control for consistency. This puts less stress on the motor, adding to its longevity.

Battery and Charging

This scooter features 36V, 216 watt-hour lithium-ion battery pack. The charger comes with an integrated battery indicator that lights up red when charging and changes to green when the scooter is fully charged. Charging time is about 3.5 hours, which is excellent. All Swagtron electric devices feature Sentry Shield technology, which offers multiple layers of battery protection and safety.

swagger, scooter, bluetooth, tires

How Fast Can Swagtron Swagger Go?

The advertised top speed of Swagger 5 is 18mph, but you should have in mind that this is the speed achieved while testing in the ideal conditions and with a 165lbs rider on board. The top speed that you can get in reality is about 15-16 mph, which is enough for you to get where you need to be fairly quickly.

Of course, top speed depends on the terrain, so you can even get to 20 mph when you go downhill, but on an incline, you will be able to go no faster than 9-10mph. Also, as the battery charge is getting lower, the top speed will decrease as well.

Cruise control and speed modes

There are three speed modes to choose from, first one is for maximum battery savings, third one is for maximum speed, and the second one is the happy medium. You will get riding experience if you switch between modes. Cruise controls engages automatically, you can turn it on via the smartphone app or holding the throttle for 5 seconds maintaining the speed you want to cruise at.


When it comes to something that depends on so many different factors, like range of the scooter, real-life tests are the only thing that then show you the real data. Swagtron used to have a reputation for overestimating their electric scooters’ range, so we had to put this one to the test.

The advertised range of Swagger 5 is 6-11 miles, which is about right. If you ride it sensibly, not hitting the top speed all the time, you can expect to get to the 9 miles, providing you are an average weight adult. The more you weigh, and the more inclines you come across on you trip, the distance you will be able to go on a full charge will be shorter.

How Does Swagtron Scooter Compare to Others?

Swagtron 5 vs Xiaomi M365

It’s no secret that the Swagtron Swagger 5 is pretty much a rebranded version of Xiaomi M365. While it is hard to look past the similarities, the two very popular scooters are not quite the same. Quality-wise they are neck-a-neck, folding mechanism is the same, but the reason that Xiaomi cost much more is the battery capacity and the range of 18 miles, as opposed to anywhere between 6-10 miles on the Swagger 5. If you want to know more, read our full review of the Xiaomi M365.

Swagtron 5 vs GOTRAX XR

These two are in the same price range, and for us, there is no clear winner between the two. Each one comes with some unique advantages, for example, Gotrax has a better range, while Swagger provides more torque, better acceleration and better hill climbing ability.

swagger, scooter, bluetooth, tires

Gotrax has both pneumatic tires, so the ride is a bit more comfortable, though neither of the two is made to go over rough terrain. Gotrax XR does not come with an app, but it does have a cruise control. Speaking of the portability, Gotrax XR folds so the handlebar stem is parallel to the deck, which makes it a bit easier to carry.

Swagtron 5 vs Razor E300

Razor E300 is probably one of the first “mainstream” electric scooters and definitely one of the most popular ones. While we love everything Razor e300 has to offer, as you can read in our review, more modern scooters, ones with lithium battery are stealing the show. Swagger 5 is better than Razor e300 in almost every aspect; it’s faster, has better range, it’s light, portable, has more additional features. But those who love tinkering with their electric scooter will appreciate the simplicity of the design and the possibility for modification of Razor E300. But if you want a scooter to assemble, ride and don’t think about it, Swagger 5 is a better option.

Hardware specs

If you have ever seen a scooter, then you understand this. There’s nothing remarkable about the design. Having said that, let’s look at the specifics of the iSinwheel i9Pro electric scooter. We’ll start with the handlebars, moving from left to right.

swagger, scooter, bluetooth, tires

On the left side, we find the standard brake lever. You squeeze it to engage the brakes. You can also see the small bell. You pull the lever down with your thumb and let it go. It impacts the bell dome, making a familiar ding sound.

Continuing to the right side of the iSinwheel i9Pro electric scooter, we see the lock that clamps the handlebar to the rear fender when the scooter is folded. It is spring-loaded so a quick push releases the handlebars.

In the middle, we see the control button and information display. At the bottom of the display, it shows the five-bar battery indicator. When the battery is exhausted, the left bar flashes red. Above that, we see the three drive mode indicators for Eco, D S. The manual doesn’t explain them at all and only Eco S can be engaged. We did discover that Eco limits the speed to 12MPH. We never figured out what “D” is or how to engage it. Above the mode display is the two-digit speedometer. There will be no triple-digit speeds on this!

The control button does several things. Pressing it turns on the scooter. Holding it turns the scooter off again. When on, a single press turns the front and rear lights on or off. An indicator lights up on the control screen when the lights are on.

A double press switches between Eco and S drive modes. A triple press switches between MPH and KPH. This is also not documented anywhere.

Finally, on the right grip, we find the thumb throttle. Pushing it down accelerates. Releasing it engages regenerative braking. If you cruise at the same speed for three seconds, it engages cruise control so you don’t have to keep the throttle pushed. That is a nice feature and reduces rider fatigue.

The front bag straps on the handlebar and upright post. It has a key ring clip, a small for carrying relatively small items, and perhaps the charger.

Here, you can see the small charging port with its rubber cover on the left side of the platform. You can also see the nicely textured non-slip deck.

The iSinwheel i9Pro electric scooter has a sturdy kickstand that is mounted on the left side of the deck.

The front-mounted LED headlight provides modest forward illumination.

The rear-mounted red LED provides some additional visibility. When braking, it flashes to alert anyone following that you are slowing down. In bright sunlight, it was apparent that it could be a little brighter. Take a look at the small bump on the top of the rear fender in front of that green dot. That is the tab that the handlebar clip locks onto when you fold the scooter.

Just above the headlight, we find the sturdy clamp that secures the post and handlebars in their upright position. To fold the scooter, you lift that small switch on the left and pull the paddle forward.

Final thoughts

First, a couple of observations:

  • It is easy to ride and does a great job navigating bumps and curbs
  • It folds easily to decrease storage space and improve portability
  • The top speed decreases as the battery is used – it would be great if it could produce constant power right up until the battery is exhausted
  • The display is all but useless in bright sunlight – an LCD display makes more sense
  • Riding for a long time can be a little taxing – choose shoes with good cushioning to improve comfort
  • A rear view mirror on the handlebar would be a great addition
  • It would be great to be able to disable the scooter

If you fit the rider profile, the iSinwheel i9Pro electric scooter is a great scooter at a reasonable price. It is perfect for short errands that do not require hauling anything. In addition, it is fun to just take the scooter for a short ride around. If you vacation in a camper, tossing a couple of these in the camper for zipping around the campground makes perfect sense. If you have a five-mile or less commute, this could certainly reduce your need to drive. Of course, its limited water resistance could be an issue if the rains come before your trip home.

One last note – the iSinwheel i9Pro electric scooter is not available directly from iSinwheel. The only model there are the S9 and S9Pro models. Amazon has those as well, but I couldn’t identify the different between the different models. Shop with care.


Setup of the Swagtron Swagger 5 Boost is very easy. Most of it comes assembled and all you really need to do is attach the brake handle and the two handlebars. These screws into place and the brake one just needs to be tightened with a screw. After that, just charge it up with the included charging cable. It should only take a few hours to charge. Once that’s done, you’re pretty much ready to go.

swagger, scooter, bluetooth, tires

There is a Smart app you can download, though it’s not necessary to use it to get the most out of the scooter. Pretty much everything can be set on the built-in digital display. The only thing you would need the app for is to set whether or not you want to turn on cruise control mode and if you want the accelerator to only come on after the scooter starts moving.

Speed settings can be adjusted on the digital display with three different settings. Pressing the button while it’s on will show 1, 2, or 3. The higher the number, the faster the top speed. I would probably start out at either 1 or 2 until you get used to how fast this thing accelerates as well as getting used to the brake which is a little too good. A light tap on the brake handle will stop this thing on a dime so you need to learn how to decelerate first and then kind of feather the brake.

Once you get the hang of that and learn how to safely maneuver, you can kick up the speed. And let me tell you, the Swagtron Swagger 5 Boost really hauls. Acceleration is quick with the scooter almost wanting to kick out from under you and going top speed is scary fast. Setting 3 for top speed should really only be used if you have plenty of open space where you won’t run the risk of hitting others. Nothing is worse than a high-speed crash. I’d also suggest wearing at least a helmet just in case. Anyways, this is one fast scooter and will definitely get you to where you need to go in style.


Electric scooters are great for city living. Let’s say you need to travel several blocks to work, but you don’t want to drive because parking is a hassle. You also don’t want to walk because it’s kind of far and you don’t want to get all sweaty. What do you do? If you’re lucky enough to live in a city where you can rent an electric scooter, then great. But not everyone is so lucky. I myself would rather own my own electric scooter and the Swagtron Swagger 5 Boost has been amazing so far. This is a really simple electric scooter to operate and has all the features you’d ever want in one.

You can pick up a Swagtron Swagger 5 Boost right now on Amazon.

Swagger 5 Review: our final thoughts

There is no doubt that the Swagger 5 is an excellent electric scooter for its price range. Comparing it to its expensive competitor – the Xiaomi M365, it incorporates all the advanced features as well as design and quality. Although it offers a bit lesser range, it cuts the cost of about 40% – which makes it an inexpensive electric scooter with impressive quality and functions.

So we’ve made the scooter’s riding tests and come up with the thinking that this is a great not overpriced scooter and one of the best electric scooters in the market today.

  • Product Note: Max speed and range per charge vary based on several factors, including: rider weight, riding surface, incline, ambient temperature, battery level, riding style (stop/start vs cruising), etc.
  • UPGRADE: LARGER 300W MOTOR — We’ve added an upgraded motor to our flagship foldable eScooter, giving riders power enough to SWAG up to 18 MPH.Bluetooth Enabled: Yes
  • ENHANCED BATTERY FOR EXTENDED SWAG — Focus on the ride, not the charging. The fine-tuned 36V long-range battery can last up to 11 miles per charge. Fully charges in just 3.5 hours.
  • ADVANCED AIRLESS HONEYCOMB TIRES — Say “bye” to flat tires with our maintenance-free 8.5” honeycomb tires for extra smooth, puncture-proof rides.
  • SINGLE-CLICK FOLDING — Quickly fold down the Swagger 5 Boost with a foot-actuated folding mechanism. Perfect when you need to SWAG and go. Easy storage, easier portability.

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