Electric scooter age 5. Understanding the Different Types of Electric Scooters

Best Electric Scooter for Kids – Top 5 (2023)

With the rise of technology and a global push towards more sustainable modes of transportation, electric scooters have fast become a common sight on our streets. Not just a commuting tool for adults, these innovative rides have captivated the younger generation, offering a fun and exciting way to explore the outdoors. However, when it comes to children, the selection of an electric scooter involves much more than just picking out a favorite color. Safety, speed, weight capacity, and other features need to be thoroughly considered to ensure a joyful and secure ride for your little one. This article aims to guide parents and guardians through the landscape of kids’ electric scooters, breaking down the important factors you need to consider and reviewing some of the best models available in the market today. As the world of electric scooters evolves, we understand the need for up-to-date and comprehensive information. So, let’s get rolling and find the perfect ride for your child!

#1. Kimi 3 Wheel Electric Scooter for Kids and Toddlers Ages 2-9, Premium Front Light and Wheel Lights, Boys and Girls, Safe Kick Lightup, Folding EScooter, 10 Miles Range

  • Safe and reliable: The scooter features a dual-braking system, including an E-ABS braking system and a mechanical rear brake, ensuring secure and controlled stops.
  • Enhanced stability: The wide deck and big wheels provide excellent stability, making it a safe and fun ride for kids of all ages.
  • Eye-catching LED wheel lights: The light up wheels not only add a cool visual effect, but they also increase visibility during low-light conditions.
  • Convenient and portable: The scooter is easy to fold, making it easy to transport and store.
  • Long range: The scooter has a range of 10 miles, or 90 minutes of ride time, so kids can explore for hours on end.

The Kimi 3 Wheel Electric Scooter is a great way for kids to get around town and have fun. It’s safe, reliable, and easy to use. If you’re looking for an electric scooter for your child, the Kimi 3 Wheel Electric Scooter is a great option.

Here are some additional details about the Kimi 3 Wheel Electric Scooter:

Order your Kimi 3 Wheel Electric Scooter today and let your child enjoy the fun of riding an electric scooter!

Best Electric Scooter for Kids #2

#2. Gotrax GKS Lumios/Plus Kids Electric Scooter, Max 7.5mph Power by 150W Motor and 60 min Ride Time, 6″ LED Flash Wheel or Deck Lights, Approved UL Certificate for Kids Ages 6-12

The Gotrax GKS Lumios/Plus Kids Electric Scooter is the perfect way for kids to get around town. With a max speed of 7.5 mph, a 150W motor, and a 60-minute ride time, your child will have hours of fun. The LED flash wheel or deck lights add a touch of style, and the UL Certificate ensures that your child is safe. This scooter is perfect for kids ages 6-12.

  • Max speed of 7.5 mph
  • 150W motor
  • 60-minute ride time
  • LED flash wheel or deck lights
  • UL Certificate
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Weight limit of 154 lbs
  • Safe and fun way for kids to get around
  • Easy to use
  • Durable construction
  • Long battery life
  • Stylish design

The Gotrax GKS Lumios/Plus Kids Electric Scooter comes with a 1-year warranty.

Order your Gotrax GKS Lumios/Plus Kids Electric Scooter today and let your child enjoy the fun of riding an electric scooter!

Here are some additional details about the scooter:

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  • The scooter has a lightweight aluminum frame that is easy for kids to carry.
  • The deck is made of fire-retardant material for added safety.
  • The brakes are easy to use and provide a smooth stop.
  • The scooter is available in a variety of colors to suit your child’s taste.

Order your Kimi 3 Wheel Electric Scooter today and let your child enjoy the fun of riding an electric scooter!

Best Electric Scooter for Kids #3

Top 5 Electric Scooters for Kids in 2023 ��

Understanding Electric Scooters for Kids – Best Electric Scooter for Kid

Electric scooters are essentially motor-powered versions of traditional kick scooters. They’re built with a rechargeable battery, a motor, and a throttle mechanism to control speed. But an electric scooter designed for kids isn’t just a scaled-down version of an adult one. Manufacturers take into account various factors, such as the average weight, height, motor skills, and safety requirements of children in different age groups, to create models that are appropriate and safe for kids.

Why should your child ride an electric scooter, you ask? Besides being an exciting activity, electric scooters can help in the development of fine motor skills and balance. It also encourages outdoor play, getting kids to take a break from screens and gadgets. over, as a clean and efficient mode of transport, it instills a sense of environmental consciousness in young riders.

Key Features to Look for in Kids’ Electric Scooters – Best Electric Scooter for Kid

Selecting the best electric scooter for your child can be a daunting task, given the plethora of options available. But don’t worry; we’re here to help you out. Here are some key features you should consider:

  • Safety: This should be your top priority. Look for scooters with reliable brakes, stable riding platforms, and a reasonable maximum speed. Models with lower speeds are generally safer for younger kids.
  • Battery life and Speed: The battery life determines how long your child can ride the scooter on a single charge, while the top speed determines how fast it can go. Choose a scooter with a balance of both, appropriate for your child’s age and skill level.
  • Durability and Build Quality: Kids are not always gentle with their toys. Therefore, a scooter with a robust build and high-quality materials can withstand rough use and last longer.
  • Weight and Portability: The scooter should be light enough for a child to handle but also sturdy enough to remain stable during use. Some scooters also come with a foldable design for easy storage and transport.
  • Age Appropriateness and Weight Capacity: Check the manufacturer’s recommended age and weight limit to ensure the scooter is suitable for your child.
  • Extra Features: While not necessary, additional features like LED lights, Bluetooth speakers, or adjustable handlebars can make the ride more fun and enjoyable for your child.

Remember, the best electric scooter for your child isn’t necessarily the most expensive or the one with the most features; it’s the one that best fits their needs and abilities while ensuring their safety.

Best Electric Scooters For Kids [For Every Age, Budget, And Use Case]

Chances are, if you, a close friend, or a relative, are a parent of a younger child or a teenager, you have either been pestered by the kid for an electric scooter, or you soon will be.

When that time comes, you will want to be prepared, and know exactly which electric scooter to pick for a kid based on age, weight, height, and personality.

  • What to consider when buying an electric scooter for a kid
  • Best electric scooter for kids ages 7 and younger – Ninebot Zing E8
  • Best budget electric scooter for kids ages 7 and younger – GoTrax GKS
  • Safest electric scooter for kids ages 7 and younger – Swagtron SK1
  • Best electric scooter for kids ages 8 to 11 – Razor E100
  • Best budget electric scooter for kids ages 8 to 11 – Pulse Performance GRT-11
  • Safest electric scooter for kids ages 8 to 11 – Ninebot Zing E10
  • Best electric scooter for kids ages 12 to 15 – Hiboy S2 Lite
  • Best budget electric scooter for kids ages 12 to 15 – Razor E200
  • Safest electric scooter for kids ages 12 to 15 – RND F14
  • Best electric scooter for teens ages 16 – Hiboy Max3
  • Best budget electric scooter for teens ages 16 – Voyager Ion
  • Safest electric scooter for teens ages 16 – Inokim Mini 2

What to consider when buying an electric scooter for a kid

The most important factor to keep in mind when buying an electric scooter for a kid is its height and weight, especially its height. Additionally, you must keep in mind the kid’s age, and other related factors such as whether the kid has reached a growth spurt yet, how fast is it growing, etc.

Electric scooters for kids are typically categorized by age, and the average kid’s height and weight are taken into account when designing these models.

  • for kids ages 7 and younger (typically not younger than 4, as kids that young may not be ready for an electric scooter)
  • for kids between ages 8 and 11, or before the first major growth spurt of the kid
  • for kids between ages 12 and 15, or after the first major growth spurt
  • for teenagers ages 16 and up

For the last category, the teenagers that are already 16 or older may have already reached their adult height, or are very close to it and will reach it very soon, which is why I recommend getting them a regular adult scooter.

One smaller but possibly important factor to consider here is the child’s character. If the kid you’re buying the scooter for tends to be more dynamic or rowdy, then I would recommend getting that child a safer scooter, which means a slower scooter with stronger brakes and better build quality. Kids like that tend to get injured more often, and a safer scooter will make sure they either avoid or mitigate the potential injuries.

On the other hand, even if the child you’re buying the scooter for is on the calmer side, you may still believe that a safer scooter may better suit them. Typically, scooters for children will be either more on the fun side, or more on the safe side, and you’ll have to use your own judgement in the end here, but I believe that rowdier kids may benefit more from a safer scooter.

Finally, there’s always the budget you have set for the scooter. Scooters for kids are much cheaper than scooters for adults, especially the ones for younger kids, but there can still be a lot of variance in price. You can still end up spending several hundreds of dollars even on a kid’s scooter, but you may also spend even less than a hundred in some cases (which is why electric scooters are great as gifts, too).

So, with all of that in mind, we will now explore all the best options for buying an electric scooter for a kid, based on the kid’s age, height, weight, and personality, and your budget. Also, remember that the kid must always wear a proper electric scooter helmet while riding the scooter at all times.

Swagtron is another well-known brand that manufactures primarily budget-friendly electric scooters, and a key advantage they also have in the children’s scooter market is that they specialize in these models. There are a few budget brands out there, but Swagtron is the only one that sits right at the intersection of being both a budget brand and a children’s brand.

Priced at just 89, the Swagtron SK1 is the cheapest electric scooter for younger children. However, I don’t recommend it as the best budget option (see the GoTrax GKS above for that, it’s just a few bucks more and it’s better in many important aspects).

The Swagtron SK3 is the best choice if you’re looking for the safest possible electric scooter for children ages 7 or younger.

There are several reasons for that, the most important one being its top speed. The scooter is capable of only going 6.2 mph / 10 kmh, and at those kinds of speeds, serious injuries are not very likely even for younger children.

Additionally, the scooter doesn’t have a hand-operated acceleration system, and the only way to engage the motor is to ride it by kicking off the ground and developing a speed of 3 mph / 4.8 kmh, after which the automatic acceleration system kicks in and boosts the speed to the maximum top speed available.

The scooter uses the typical rear-fender foot brake found in many children’s scooters, and while a hand-operated brake would be great, I don’t think there’s a need for it when the scooter can only go as fast as it can.

The scooter is meant for kids between ages 5 and 9, and it’s actually the electric scooter with the youngest recommended rider age in the world. It has a weight limit of 143 lbs / 65 kg, and the maximum handlebar height is just 33 in / 84 cm. The handlebar height is adjustable as well, making this scooter ideal for the youngest riders out there.

One surprising thing about this scooter is its build quality. While Swagtron produces good scooters for the they charge, many of their models, especially the models for adults, are not known for the best engineering and execution, and build quality is infamously low even for some of their most popular models. Luckily, the Swagtron SK1 is an exception here, and the simple design of the scooter doesn’t seem to cause any problems down the road. The scooter sells really well, its owners are very satisfied, and while there’s not too much complexity in this scooter for a lot to go wrong, it’s truly great that almost always nothing actually goes wrong.

While the low top speed can be seen as a feature rather than a bug, it’s harder to find a positive thing about the range being low. Sure, the weight of the scooter will be lower, but with a range of just 4.35 Mi / 7 km, and a ride time of around 45 minutes, the scooter isn’t terribly fun. It will be good enough for the youngest of children, but they may quickly get bored of it because of its mediocre performance.

Now, the weight of the scooter is just 8 lbs / 3.6 kg, which makes it one of the lightest electric scooters for children in the world. The dimensions are also very small, and while the scooter doesn’t fold, it’s still pretty portable nonetheless.

The tires are from solid rubber, and have a diameter of 4 inches, which makes this scooter unsuitable for almost anything but the smoothest surfaces.

But, again, if you’re buying an electric scooter for a younger child that may be prone to getting into accidents or suffering injuries, then a safe scooter is the way to go, and the low speed and acceleration features of the Swagtron SK1 make it the safest scooter for children ages 7 or younger.

Where to buy the Swagtron SK1 from?

You can find the Swagtron SK1 on Amazon, no other listing online will provide a better deal on price and shippint terms.

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Swagtron SK1 Specifications

Razor Power Core S85, best for 8 to 12 year olds:

This is the best and safest for children aged 8 to 12. It’s not the fastest but the speed of 10mph is right for this age range. Safety and build quality are on a different level to most rivals. It’s got chunky, pneuumatic tyres making for easy riding on bumpy ground. We gave it the highest score of any kids scooter we tested.

Things we liked include the comfy grip, the effective brakes and just the overall quality.

Its main drawbacks in our tests are that it’s a bit noisy (although you could argue that means people will notice it coming) and the 35-minute range might just leave your child wanting more.

Gabe’s verdict: Very, very fast. Also very fun. I really like the big pneumatic tire at the front which makes rough ground feel way more comfortable.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Buy an Electric Scooter

Windgoo T10, best for teenagers:

The zippy Windgoo 10 is the best scooter for teenagers (but too quick for kids any younger). It accelerates fast up to 15mph with a claimed a range of 15km.

We like the great puncture-proof, 8-inch tyres and good ground clearance so you can ride over all sorts of terrain. Charge time is only 3.5 hours.

The main drawback we found is the braking system which is only an electronic brake and footbrake (no lever brake). so it’s not as fast a stopper as some other models we’ve tested. And our testing found this will struggle uphill with riders over 80kg

Gabe’s verdict: Comfortable and nice. and very fast. Very, very, very fast. It’s also very fun.

Important legal and safety information

Can a 10 or 11 year old ride an electric scooter?

Almost certainly. It doesn’t take long to get used to the riding stance or the controls. You need to make sure they are confident with the brakes and acceleration method. But kids as young as four can ride electric scooters safely. just make sure the specs (motor power and max speed) are suitable for the age of your child.

Is an electric scooter safe for a 10 or 11 year old?

As long as the specs are appropriate, it’s safe for a young person to ride a scooter. but you also need to make sure the child is a safe rider. Helmets should be mandatory and we strongly recommend elbow and knee pads. Make sure they’ve practiced the brakes, especially if they are a type they haven’t used before.

How do I choose a scooter for my child?

Above all else. safety. These are motorised vehicles and can cause injury to the rider and others. So make sure speed and power specification are suitable for the age (and maturity) of your child. After that, it’s down to ride comfort, features. and probably which design your kids will like.

What do customers mostly want to know about the Hyper GOGO Electric Scooter?

  • 1. Folding Electric Scooter Body
  • 2. Installation Tools
  • 3. User Manual
  • 4. Adapter

1.How to Start Hyper GOGO FS08 Electric Scooter?

Simply give it a kick start and gradually press down the thumb throttle, and the electric motor will kick in.

2.How to stop it?

electric, scooter, understanding, different, scooters

Release the thumb throttle and gently step on the rear fender with one foot, the scooter will then stop safely.

3.How many speed modes are there? What do the letters ’’E, N, and S’’ correspond to?

There are 3-speed modes. E = Economical mode. Max Speed-5 mph; N = Normal mode. Max Speed-8 mph; S = Sport mode. Max Speed-10 mph.

4.What is the range and battery life of the electric scooter?

Max range: Up to 5 Miles. Max Speed: Up to 10 Mph. Actually, the riding time is according to the rider’s weight, speed, road conditions, etc.

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