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Best Long Range Electric Scooters [Hands-On Tested 60 Mi / 100 KM Beasts]

For many people (myself included), the range of the electric scooter is its most important feature. If you’re frequently relying on your scooter for long commutes or other lengthy trips, you are going to want a scooter with the longest range possible. This guide reviews the longest-range electric scooters available.

  • Best long-range electric scooters
  • Electric scooter with the longest range – Dualtron Storm Limited
  • Best value best waterproof long range electric scooter – EMove Cruiser
  • Best long range scooter under 3000 – Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro
  • Best long range scooter under 2000 – Wolf Warrior X Pro
  • Best long range scooter under 1000 – Ninebot Max
  • Best long range scooter under 500 – Turboant X7 Pro
  • Best long range scooter under 300 – Eskuta KS-350
  • Fastest long-range electric scooter – Weped SST
  • Best long range electric scooter with a seat – Dualtron Ultra 2
  • Best offroad long range electric scooter – Kaabo Wolf Warrior
  • Best climbing long range electric scooter – Dualtron Achilleus
  • Best long range electric scooter for heavy adults – Weped FF
  • Most portable, best long range electric scooter for commuting – GoTrax GMax Ultra
  • Official manufacturer range vs user reported range
  • How much range can I expect from my electric scooter?
  • Stay safe
  • What is the best value-for-money long range scooter?
  • What is considered long range in an electric scooter?
  • Electric scooter range vs battery life
  • How much range do electric scooters have?
  • What is the electric scooter with the longest range?
  • What does the range of an electric scooter depend on?
  • What is a good range for an electric scooter?
  • How much range does the Xiaomi M365 have?
  • How much range does the Xiaomi M365 Pro have?
  • How much range does the Ninebot Max have?
  • Does the electric scooter range decrease over time?
  • How can I increase the range of my electric scooter?

Best long-range electric scooters

If you prefer to watch the video format of this guide, check out our video on the longest-range electric scooters on our YouTube channel.

Dualtron Storm Limited Specifications

Best value best waterproof long range electric scooter – EMove Cruiser

Emove Cruiser Specifications

Best long range scooter under 3000 – Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro

Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro Specifications

Best long range scooter under 2000 – Wolf Warrior X Pro

Wolf Warrior X Pro Specifications

Best long range scooter under 1000 – Ninebot Max

Ninebot Max Specifications

Best long range scooter under 500 – Turboant X7 Pro

Turboant X7 Pro Specifications

Best long range scooter under 300 – Eskuta KS-350

Eskuta KS-350 Specifications

Best long range electric scooter with a seat – Dualtron Ultra 2

Dualtron Ultra 2 Specifications

Best offroad long range electric scooter – Kaabo Wolf Warrior

Kaabo Wolf Warrior Specifications

Best climbing long range electric scooter – Dualtron Achilleus

Dualtron Achilleus Specifications

Most portable, best long range electric scooter for commuting – GoTrax GMax Ultra

GoTrax GMax Ultra Specifications

What to know before buying a long range electric scooter

There are a few things to keep in mind before buying a long range electric scooter.

If you have a long commute and you live in a somewhat rainy place, you will have to take into account the water-resistance of your scooter. The longer you ride, the more chance to catch some rain. If your scooter is not very water-resistant, try and add some extra waterproofing on your own.

As these scooters are more powerful and have bigger batteries, it is also natural that they will use more power for charging. Electric scooters are very cheap to charge, but you can expect these machines to cost two or three times more to charge than a regular scooter would.

Official manufacturer range vs user reported range

There is a very big caveat that we kind of touched on before, but it deserves more attention. That is the issue of what the manufacturers advertise as maximum range versus what real people in the real world get as a maximum range every day.

  • little or no wind
  • flat straight and smooth roads
  • a person weighing not more than 220 lbs / 100 kg, usually around 176 lbs / 80 kg
  • most often in the power saving or Eco modes, since those are the best for the battery life

Naturally, many of these make sense. You will rarely face very strong winds, and you will often ride at lower speeds. Most people usually don’t weigh above 220 lbs / 100 kg.

The biggest objection I have about the way these tests is that they are done on straight, smooth roads. That is not even close to the way people will use the scooter.

Testing the scooters on roads with obstacles, where they might be forced to stop, turn, and adjust to the road, would paint a picture much closer to reality. But then, standardizing this would be very difficult, so the next best thing is probably testing on smooth flat roads, and let the users take that into account.

For that reason, we’ve included a lot of user-reported data about how much range people get from various scooters in the real world. For me, that data is far more valuable than the official range estimations from the manufacturers.

As we can see, often times the perfect test lab range is quite close to the real-world range that users get, but sometimes it is significantly lower, sometimes even more than two times lower.

While the advertised speed will give you a fair estimate of the scooter’s capabilities, you should be aware that it may not always be the case.

electric, scooter, pounds

The manufacturers don’t necessarily try to hide the fact that they’re marketing the range they get from their scooters in perfect scenarios. Under the glass bell of lab conditions set up specifically to get as much range out of the scooter as possible, these scooters will get much higher ranges than what you and I will get on our rides to and from work.

If you want to get a general idea of how much actual range you can get from a specific scooter, see the electric scooter real range calculator.

How much range can I expect from my electric scooter?

Pessimistically looking, you can expect the range you get in your everyday use to be between 50% and 80% of the range specified by the manufacturer. Some users, however, report the same range in the real world as the official one. This will depend heavily on your weight, the scooter and battery age, the road conditions, traffic, and how much up and down you go.

electric, scooter, pounds

Stay safe

The truly long range scooters will oftentimes have very powerful motors and batteries. While some will be specialized for range, most will also be very fast as well. So typically, you will have to take safety even more seriously than usual with other scooters.

This is even more important if your rides are actually long, like with long commutes. You will be on the road for significant amounts of time, which means you will have to be prepared for many things. You want to make sure you are comfortable during your ride so that you can FOCUS solely on the ride itself. If you’re going on a really long ride, consider having a spare tire with you (if you have air-filled tires of course).

Also, remember to stay focused. It’s very easy to get carried away by the magical flow of a long ride and lose attention.

Frequently asked questions about long range electric scooters

We all love long range electric scooters, and naturally, there are a ton of questions around them. Let’s answer them.

What is the best value-for-money long range scooter?

The best value-for-money long-range scooter is the EMove Cruiser. Priced at just around 1499, it is the only scooter that can truly reach ranges of 62 miles / 100 kilometers, and not cost you an arm and a leg. You will get a great performing, amazing long range scooter for a very fair price.

Check the full review of the EMove Cruiser to learn exactly why this is the case.

What is considered long range in an electric scooter?

For an electric scooter to be considered long range, it should have at least 25 miles / 40 kilometers. That is already a non-trivial distance for a vehicle that operates on lithium-ion batteries, and can have a lot of real-world applications.

I can’t even remember the number of times I’ve heard of an electric scooter described as long range, only to see in the specs that it has a range of 15 miles / 25 kilometers. We can’t really consider that long range, as that’s pretty close to the average range of electric scooters, as the research below will show. It only makes sense that a long-range scooter should have a range that’s significantly longer than the average range, right?

Also, there’s always the issue of the official vs user-reported range. Very often, the official range is the one that is obtained in ideal lab conditions, and should not be taken at face value (more on that below).

The 25 miles / 40 kilometers is a good cutting point, and it will label around 60% of scooters as not long-range. 25 miles / 40 kilometers will likely translate into 15-20 miles / 25-32 kilometers of range in real-world usage, which is a pretty big, useful number.

Electric scooter range vs battery life

Often times, people say battery life of the scooter, but they actually mean “range”. They even use kilometers or miles to measure it. Both of those terms usually refer to the same thing.

Sometimes, battery life is also measured in time as well, and refers to the time a single battery charge lasts. For me, that makes much more sense. When you talk about how long the “life” of something is, time is the most logical measurement. Still, measuring battery life in time is not very useful, since the amount of time a battery charge lasts can vary wildly.

How much range do electric scooters have?

The most common electric scooters in use today will have an average range of 18 miles / 29 km, ranging from 7 Mi / 11 km to 53 Mi / 85 km. The average across every single electric scooter for adults is 28.5 Mi / 46 km.

What is the electric scooter with the longest range?

The electric scooter with the longest range in the world is the Dualtron Storm Limited, with a range of 136.7 miles / 220 kilometers on a single charge.

What does the range of an electric scooter depend on?

  • the motor power
  • the number of batteries
  • the total battery power
  • the total battery capacity
  • the age of the battery
  • the weight of the scooter
  • the load that the scooter carries
  • the age and overall condition of the scooter
  • the road curvatures and conditions

Some of those are very hard to change.

Upgrading the motor, for example, is pretty hard to achieve. If it’s the biggest limiting factor, buying a new scooter altogether may be a much better option.

Also, you can’t control what kind of road you need to travel on (going up or down, turns, obstacles, etc), nor the conditions of the road. They both can negatively affect the range you get. Going up and down, turning, and stopping often, will drain your battery faster, which means you will get less range. Wet roads will probably reduce the range you get as well.

What is a good range for an electric scooter?

You will always want more range, so the more you get, the better. Any range over 30 miles / 50 kilometers is already very good, and will enable you to somewhat forget about the battery level. Scooters with an official range of less than 18 miles / 30 kilometers will provide very small real-world ranges, and will not result in a good user experience.

How much range does the Xiaomi M365 have?

Officially, the Xiaomi M365 has a range of 18 miles / 30 kilometers on a single battery charge. The official number has been pretty consistent with the range reported by owners in real-world scenarios.

How much range does the Xiaomi M365 Pro have?

Out of the box, the Xiaomi M365 Pro provides a range of 28 miles / 45 kilometers per single battery charge. That is consistent, if not somewhat less, with what users have reported after testing the range for themselves. Some owners have decided to further customize the battery of this mega-popular model, and have managed to achieve much higher ranges, closer to 40 miles / 64 kilometers.

Top 3 Best E-scooters for Heavy Riders

#1. Emove Roadrunner Electric Scooter

The Emove Roadrunner isn’t your everyday scooter. Voromotors took a big risk bending the design almost to the ‘electric bike’ end. Did it pay off? Well, from the numerous positive reviews, it’s safe to say yes.

This flagship electric scooter isn’t just for show, the unique design was made to perform and deliver satisfying functionality alongside.

Not only is it able to conveniently hold weights beyond 300lbs, but the scooter’s 48V 26.1 battery and the dual hub motors can also deliver up to 50 miles in range.

But that’s not all there is to this hybrid masterpiece, let’s go over the details and discover why this is a top choice for so many heavy riders.

Features of the Emove Roadrunner

1) Motor and Power

These two factors are very instrumental when it comes to scooters designed for heavy riders. You see, the efficiency and power of a motor determine how much load the frame can carry, among other factors.

Thankfully, each Emove Roadrunner comes with a power-packed front and rear motor with 350W and 500W respectively. Since it doesn’t just have one but two energy-efficient motors, this electric scooter can conveniently attain speeds of 35mph.

However, speed without good range is practically useless. Unfortunately, this has become a concern for many scooter drivers because of how easy it is for batteries to give up at the oddest times.

2) Range

We found that the removable 48V battery proved to be more efficient not because it lasts super long, but simply for the easy swap option. Slightly below the battery, there’s a key lock and handle that makes battery replacement on the go hassle-free.

You’re probably wondering how this affects the range exactly. It’s almost too easy, unlike other e-scooters that require vigorous and detailed battery replacements, this one allows a simple slide-in-and-out operation that could turn fifty short miles to a hundred in a matter of seconds.


  • The electric scooter comes with both head and rear lights, which makes it more road-worthy and safe to drive at night.
  • Users felt more comfortable going over 25mph on a seated electric scooter as compared to doing the same on a standing one.
  • Users mostly applauded the Smart incorporation of a removable battery that does not require much adjustment to swap out.


  • The seat reportedly gets a bit uncomfortable, especially during long rides.
  • Some users complained about the suspensions being a bit stiff on bumpy terrains.

Main Features:

  • Riders Weight Limit | 330 lbs (150 kg)
  • Motor | 350W Front 500W Rear Motor
  • Range | Up to 53 Miles
  • Battery | 48V, 26.1Ah Dynavolt
  • Speed | 34 MPH

#2. Hiboy Titan Pro Electric Scooter

Some people may be a bit skeptical about flagship products and their predecessors. Once a brand gets a product almost ‘perfectly right’, it’s hard to see the need for an upgrade. This is why reviewing the Hiboy Titan Pro Electric Scooter will be quite interesting.

The Hiboy Titan already made waves on the market, and when it comes to weight capacity, both the Titan and Titan Pro allow a 286lbs weight capacity? So, why does the Titan Pro carry ‘more weight’ when it comes to reviews, hype, and laudability? Let’s find out.

Features of the Hiboy Titan Pro

1) Climbing Ability

If we are honest, most electric scooter riders aren’t just in it for a nice and convenient commute. People want to head out on free days and explore new terrains, ride through traffic without breaking a sweat, and probably conquer much higher planes.

Which Electric Scooter Offers the Highest Load Capacity?

With a whopping 330 lbs payload capacity, the Emove Roadrunner certainly takes the lead. This versatile, hybrid scooter may look like an electric bike, but it probably does all the things you’ve dreamed of doing with a scooter.

electric, scooter, pounds

The seated design is just a plus for users who love the extra functionality. The electric scooter itself weighs 55lbs, which is relatively light to carry around.

Plus the pneumatic 14” tires help to keep this powerful machine propped up and sailing smoothly regardless of the range or course it’s on.

There aren’t many e-scooters that allow more than 265 lbs, which is what makes the Emove RoadRunner the clear choice for a heavy person who doesn’t mind switching things up now and then with a seated electric scooter that still delivers on speed, comfort, and enhanced functionality.

How Many Pounds Can an Electric Scooter Hold?

In most cases, the average electric scooter allows weight limits of 220 to 265 lbs. Due to their lightweight structure, it just makes more sense to take on less weight to avoid wear and tear or any other performance compromise.

However, some manufacturers have gone above and beyond to ensure scooter drivers on the heavier side can still enjoy a thrilling ride. Plus, some designs even have an add-on option in case there’s a plus one (kids) or any other loads to carry.

Just remember not to exceed the weight capacity of the electric scooter you eventually choose.

How Much Do Mobility Scooters Cost?

When it comes to mobility scooters, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of cost. Depending on the type and features of the scooter, as well as the retailer you purchase it from, can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. One of the most important factors that will affect the cost of your mobility scooter is the type of scooter you choose.

There are three main types of mobility scooters: manual, electric, and motorized. Manual scooters are the least expensive option, with most models falling in the 200-500 range. Electric scooters are typically more expensive than manual models, with starting at around 600 and going up from there.

Motorized scooters are usually the most expensive option, with starting at around 450,000 and rising depending on features such as size and weight capacity. Another factor that can affect the price is where you purchase your mobility scooter. Department stores or medical equipment retailers will typically have higher than online retailers or private sellers.

It’s important to compare from multiple sources before making a purchase to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible. Finally, keep in mind that some insurance plans may cover part or all of the cost of a mobility scooter if it’s deemed medically necessary by a physician. If this is something you think may apply to you, be sure to check with your insurance provider before making any decisions about the purchase price.

In short, there is no easy answer when it comes to how much a mobility scooter will cost. The price will vary depending on factors such as type and features, as well as where you make your purchase.

What is the Lightest Weight Folding Mobility Scooter?

If you are in the market for a folding mobility scooter, you may be wondering what is the lightest weight model available. There are a few different manufacturers that produce these types of scooters, and the weight can vary depending on the make and model. The average weight of a folding mobility scooter is between 30 and 50 pounds.

However, there are some models that are as light as 20 pounds. When choosing a mobility scooter, it is important to consider how often you will be using it and how easy it will be to transport. If you plan on using your scooter on a daily basis, then a heavier model may be more suitable as it will be more durable.

However, if you only need your scooter occasionally or for short distances, then a lighter model would be ideal as it will be easier to carry around. Some factors that can affect the weight of a mobility scooter include the materials used in its construction and the size of the battery. Lithium-ion batteries tend to be smaller and lighter than lead-acid batteries, so they are often used in lightweight models.

Carbon fiber is also much lighter than aluminum, so some high-end models use this material for their frames. If you are looking for the lightest weight folding mobility scooter on the market, there are several options available from different manufacturers. Do some research to find one that meets your needs in terms of price, features, and portability.

Does Insurance Cover Mobility Scooters?

Assuming you are referring to health insurance in the United States, the answer is that it depends on the type of mobility scooter and what Medicare or Medicaid plan you have. If your mobility scooter is considered medically necessary, then it should be covered by your insurance. This usually means that your doctor has prescribed the scooter for you and it is not just a convenience item.

If your doctor has determined that a mobility scooter is medically necessary, be sure to get a written prescription before making any purchase. There are two main types of mobility scooters: manual and power. Manual mobility scooters are not usually covered by insurance because they are not considered medically necessary.

Power mobility scooters may be covered if they are deemed medically necessary, but this will vary depending on which insurer you have and what type of policy you have. Medicare generally does not cover manual or power mobility scooters, but there are some exceptions. Medicaid plans vary by state, so coverage for mobility scooters will depend on where you live.

Some states may cover power mobility scooters if they are considered medically necessary, while others may only cover manual ones.

Mobility Scooter That Fits in Trunk

A mobility scooter that fits in the trunk of your car is a great option for those with limited mobility. These scooters are lightweight and compact, making them easy to transport. They offer a comfortable ride and can be used indoors or outdoors. There are many different models available, so you can find one that fits your needs and budget.

There are many different types and models of mobility scooters on the market, so it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. If you are looking for a mobility scooter that is lightweight and easy to transport, then you should consider a folding mobility scooter. Folding mobility scooters are designed to be compact and easily portable, making them ideal for those who need to travel with their scooter or store it in a small space.

Most folding scooters have a weight capacity of around 250 pounds, so they can accommodate most users. When folded, these scooters are typically no larger than a suitcase, making them easy to transport in the trunk of a car or on public transportation. Many models also come with built-in carrying handles or wheels for even easier portability.

If you are looking for a lightweight mobility scooter that is easy to transport, then a folding model may be the right choice for you.

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