Best Cheap Electric Bikes in 2023. Budget electric bicycle

Best Cheap Electric Bikes in 2023

Cheap electric bikes are becoming easier to find with each passing year.

Advancements in technology and increases in popularity mean low-cost e-bike brands are constantly popping up, offering more competitive options that are more accessible to the general public.

Like the nine we’ve reviewed for this article, the best cheap electric bikes should cost less than 2,000. In addition, they should serve their intended purpose and be relatively reliable.

It’s worth remembering that low-price e-bikes will, on average, run into more issues than the expensive alternatives by big-name brands. That said, it’s a worthy tradeoff if it opens the possibility of owning one.

The article will cover a selection of the best budget ebikes available in 2023 and finish with a short guide on what to expect from the sub-2,000 range.

Co-op Cycles Generation e1.1

The Co-op Cycles Generation e1.1 is an urban utility machine with a compact, high-capacity frame, making it the best cheap electric bike for carrying cargo.

Co-op Cycles chose 2.4″ Schwalbe puncture-resistant tires, a 70mm Suntour fork, upright geometry, and a step-through frame to create an enjoyable ride quality, despite the smaller 20″ wheels. It also has a highly-adjustable seatpost and handlebars, so it’s easy to find the perfect fit.

The Generation e1.1 has a long integrated rear rack that’s compatible with various accessories or a child seat. In addition, it has extra durable wheels, a heavy-duty kickstand, and a high-torque motor to deal with the cargo weight.

Impressively, this cheap electric bike comes with Tektro hydraulic disc brakes which are solid for the price. However, the 7-speed Shimano Altus drivetrain leaves you short of gears when riding on flat terrain or with an unloaded bike.

Add the Co-op Cycles Generation e1.1 to your shortlist if you need an affordable urban utility bike with brand-name componentry.

Electra Cruiser Go!

Electra’s Cruiser Go! is the best budget electric bike for riders who want comfort but don’t need super high performance. This model comes with a straightforward aluminum frame that’s relatively lightweight for the category (~46 lbs).

A non-removable 250Wh battery and light-duty 40Nm Hyena motor help keep the weight down but return modest range and power. Also, keep in mind that with just a single-speed drivetrain and light-duty motor, this e-bike will struggle on steeper gradients.

One noteworthy feature of the Cruiser Go! is its torque sensor, which makes power transfer smoother and more natural than the lone cadence sensor typically used for hub drive systems. That said, getting going from a standstill without a throttle or low gear requires more effort.

This e-bike has typical cruiser comfort with mustache handlebars, a low and laid-back seated position with Electra’s Flat Foot design, 2.35″ balloon tires, and ergonomic touchpoints.

best, cheap, electric, bikes, 2023, budget

Consider the Electra Cruiser Go! if you want the best cheap eBike for comfort cruising.

Aventon Pace 500.2

Aventon’s Pace 500.2 step-through is another straightforward urban model with cruiser characteristics like swept-back handlebars, plush touchpoints, and low, relaxed geometry.

Unlike the Cruiser Go!, the Pace 500.2 has powerful electronics, including a 500W motor and 614Wh 48V battery that returns up to 47 miles of range. Unfortunately, the cadence sensor produces a clunky power transfer.

The 8-speed Shimano Acera drivetrain is solid at this price and gives you plenty of range to get the most out of the battery. Aventon also included hydraulic disc brakes for reliable stopping power and lower maintenance.

Unfortunately, this bike doesn’t have a rack or fenders for commuters, but there are mounts to add them, and you get integrated lights. Finally, you get puncture-resistant 2.2″ Kenda tires to take the sting off bumpy roads.

Overall, there isn’t much to fault in the Pace 500.2, and it’s easily among the best affordable electric bikes thanks to the blend of performance and comfort.

Charge City

The Charge City is an urban commuter e-bike that stands out for its convenient folding components and fully-equipped setup.

All Charge e-bikes have folding handlebars and pedals that reduce their footprint for neater storage in urban apartments. They also have tire pressure indicators and puncture-resistant tires.

The frame is well designed with smartly integrated cabling but with a cheap-looking externally-mounted battery. The City is lightweight (45 lbs) and responsive with fast 40mm tires making it easier to pedal on low assistance levels. However, the tradeoff for this speed is the bumpier ride quality, a frequent complaint from owners and reviewers. In addition, the gear range is limited when pedaling at higher speeds.

Power comes from a light-duty 45Nm Bafang motor and 418Wh battery, with an absolute max of 50 miles but typically returns 25 to 40 miles.

Again, this bike is ideal for the urban commuter who doesn’t rely heavily on electric power and has limited space for storage at home.

Lectric XP 3.0

The Lectric XP 3.0 is the best cheap electric bike with a fully equipped setup and folding frame. The brand is known for producing high-value e-bikes in the budget price range, and the XP 3.0 is their flagship model.

This e-bike has a solidly-constructed frame with a convenient folding mechanism for neater storage or transportation. However, the 64-lb weight makes it difficult to carry, so it’s not ideal for multi-modal commuting.

Lectric integrated a rack into the frame, resulting in a 150-lb capacity. It’s also compatible with a passenger accessory kit. The 55Nm, 500W motor is enough to power you up light to moderate climbs without issue, and the 500Wh battery can last up to 45 miles if you’re using the 7-speed drivetrain. In addition, you get a throttle for easier riding in busy city traffic.

Other notable features include 3″ puncture-protected tires, a 50mm travel suspension fork, and 180mm mechanical disc brakes.

Choose the Lectric XP 3.0 if you want the best cheap eBike under 1,000 with all the extras for urban riding and a folding frame.

Rad Power Bikes RadExpand 5

The RadExpand 5 is Rad Power Bikes’ unique folding option, with solid components for the price and the brand’s renowned reliability.

This e-bike costs 50% more than the Lectric XP 3.0, which is hard to justify considering the components aren’t significantly better. However, it does have more powerful electronics, including a 750W motor and 672Wh battery, but a similar max range of 45 miles.

The high-volume 4″ tires with light tread and puncture resistance make for comfortable riding off-road and on bumpy pavement, and a rigid fork doesn’t add unnecessary weight, although it’s still quite a heavy bike.

The rear rack can support 55 lbs, and you also get fenders and lights. With fat tires, a steel fork, and upright adjustable geometry, the RadExpand 5 is very comfortable.

Add it to your shortlist if you want an e-bike with a balance of reliability, affordability, and versatility.

Ride1UP Roadster v2

The Ride1UP Roadster V2 is a cheap, lightweight electric gravel bike designed to provide just enough assistance for short days on the trails or mixed-terrain commutes.

This build has 42mm gravel-specific tires with light tread and sleek tan sidewalls, helping you stay in control on loose terrain. In addition, you get Tektro mechanical disc brakes which are adequate for a cheap Class 1 e-bike.

The Roadster’s electronics and cabling are seamlessly integrated into the frame, giving it the look of a traditional bike. A 350W motor takes the effort out of your rides, and the small battery will continue to assist you for up to 30 miles. That said, this bike is easy to ride without assistance if your battery dies while you’re riding.

A single-speed Gates Carbon belt drive is highly durable and requires no maintenance, but it limits your ability to pedal on steep gradients. Finally, you can add a rack and fenders if you plan on commuting with this e-bike.

All things considered, this is among the best cheap eBikes for light gravel riding and fast commuting and a great choice if you appreciate simplicity.

Wing Freedom 2

  • Price:1,099
  • Motor: 350W Bafang hub, 55Nm
  • Battery: 8.8Ah, 10.4Ah, 14Ah, 36V
  • Range: 35/45/60 miles
  • Drivetrain: 7-speed Shimano Tourney

The Wing Bikes Freedom 2 is the brand’s flagship model, sporting its distinct monotone frame with a straight top tube and smartly-integrated lights.

Wing’s models are some of the best budget eBikes for security. They come with a remote locking key fob, an integrated tamper-detection alarm, and a hidden Apple AirTag slot for tracking in the event of theft.

The Freedom 2 is available in three battery sizes with three distinct max ranges. The 36V, 350W hub motor won’t blow you away but provides enough assistance for urban rides. In addition, the relatively low weight of 39 lbs and responsive frame make it easy to ride the Freedom 2 without motor power.

Unfortunately, the groupset is very basic. You get Shimano’s bottom-tier drivetrain, which rapidly loses performance, and cheap mechanical disc brakes require frequent maintenance. That said, for 1,100-1,400, this is expected.

Choose the Wing Freedom 2 if you want one of the best cheap electric bikes for adults who need extra security features.

Vvolt Alpha

Vvolt’s Alpha is the brand’s cheapest model, which says nothing about the quality; it’s a sleek belt-drive e-bike that takes the stress out of urban living.

The single-speed Gates Carbon belt drive is silent, greaseless, maintenance-free, and incredibly durable, making this bike ideal for commuters in flat-ish areas.

The Alpha has electronics typical of this price range, although from lesser-known brands (Xplova/Celxpert). The hub motor will provide enough assistance for most urban rides.

The 2″ tires have light tread and come on 27.5″ wheels, allowing you to tackle light off-road terrain. In addition, the Radius hydraulic disc brakes provide plenty of stopping power for a Class 1 e-bike.

Overall, this is among the best affordable electric bikes for riders who value low maintenance and durability.

What to Expect from Cheap Electric Bikes in 2023

Budget e-bikes are ideal for daily riding in urban environments, such as commuting and running errands, and some can handle light off-road terrain, such as the RadExpand 5 or XP 3.0.

The variability among cheap electric bikes is limited, as electric bike cost constraints restrict the level of components that can be used. For example, only hub motors are available at these prices, and drivetrains are limited to basic 8-speed configurations or below.

Most brands selling cheap models are direct-to-consumer, meaning you purchase them through the company’s website, allowing the brand to save costs and pass them on to the consumer. So let’s see what you can expect from the best budget electric bike models in 2023.

Motor Type and Ratings

As mentioned, the cheapest electric bike models only use hub drives. These bikes are more affordable than mid-drive ebikes, but they aren’t as efficient, and they have lower torque levels and uneven weight distribution.

Rad Power Bikes RadExpand 5’s 750W rear hub motor.

Power and torque ratings vary hugely between hub-drive motors. Manufacturers will choose the motor based on the bike’s purpose, how much range they want to get, and how light they want it to be.

For example, the Generation e1.1 utility bike must pull heavy cargo, so it has 350W and 80Nm of torque. In contrast, the Cruiser Go! has 250W and 40Nm of torque because it’s a single speeds cruiser for flat, leisurely riding.

Sensors and Throttle

Most hub-drive systems have cadence sensors, which act as an on-off switch for the motor, provide an unnatural ride feel, and usually a slight lag before the motor engagements. Some manufacturers (Electra) add torque sensing, which dynamically provides power based on the force you push into the pedal, resulting in a more natural ride feel.

Most hub-drive e-bikes have throttles. These allow you to start from a stopped position without turning the pedals, reducing the effort needed when riding in a busy urban environment with lots of traffic and lights. However, relying on the throttle will drastically reduce your range. The Vvolt Alpha and Ride1UP Roadster V2 don’t have throttles.

Battery Capacity, Range, and Charge Time

Battery capacity is limited in cheap e-bikes, as high-capacity batteries are expensive and largely unnecessary for urban/commuter models. In addition, more energy-efficient mid-drive motors aren’t accessible, and cheaper components are usually heavier, decreasing range.

The e-bike on our list with the longest range is the Wing Freedom 2 with a 14Ah, 504Wh battery and 60 miles max range. Most models in the sub-2,000 category have roughly a 45-mile maximum, averaging around 30 miles in normal riding conditions.

Thirty miles is plenty for most urban riding, but you’ll typically have to charge more frequently if you do longer rides. Keep an eye out for e-bikes with short charging times and removable batteries if you plan to recharge at the office.

Brakes and Drivetrain

The best cheap electric bikes have hydraulic disc brakes, but mechanical discs are more common because they’re cheaper.

Hydraulic discs are usually more durable, require less maintenance, provide better modulation, and are more powerful. The Pace 500.2 and Alpha are two budget e-bikes that use them. In addition, look out for trusted manufacturers like Tektro and Shimano, as they typically last longer and are easier to find replacement parts for.

Vvolt Alpha stands out on this list by having a carbon belt drive and hydraulic disc brakes at a low price.

Drivetrains range from single-speed chain drives to 8-speed Shimano Acera drivetrains. The wider the drivetrain, the more gears you will have for pedaling at high speeds and climbing hills. In addition, wider typically denotes higher quality, for example, Shimano’s 7-speed Tourney (bottom tier) vs. 8-speed Acera (third tier).

A single-speed drivetrain is adequate if you ride primarily on flat terrain at leisurely speeds. Some cheap e-bikes even have belt-drive systems which are three to four times more durable than chain drives, greaseless, and maintenance-free. For example, the Vvolt Alpha and Ride1UP Roadster V2 both have belt drives.

Frame Design and Integration

A good indication of an e-bike’s price and quality is the integration of electronics and cabling and the attention to detail in frame design, such as the placement of wires, electronics, and mounts. The Wing Freedom 2 or Vvolt Alpha are examples of e-bikes with cleverly designed and integrated frames.

Externally routed wires and electronics are more susceptible to damage. However, if everything is integrated it can be challenging to access if it’s not well thought through. Some design features to look out for include the positioning of the battery, charger port, and bottle cage mount.


Direct-to-consumer brands make most of the best cheap electric bikes, so they are ordered online and delivered partially assembled. Each brand and model requires varying amounts of time to finish assembly.

Some companies, such as Charge Bikes, send their products almost completely assembled, with just a few short steps to get the bike ready. Others, like Ride1UP, have a laborious and challenging assembly process.

If you want to purchase a bike and have it assembled by a professional, REI offers professional assembly services for its Co-op Cycles bikes. Alternatively, you can take any e-bike purchased online to a local e-bike mechanic for assembly and tuning if you’re not confident doing it yourself.

Extra Features

Don’t expect to find an array of extra features even on the best cheap electric bikes, as these manufacturers must keep costs down. However, the best brands find a way to squeeze in practical extras.

Wing Bikes Freedom S has a sleek color display integrated into the stem, which is a nice touch at this price point.

Puncture resistance is an invaluable feature for urban or commuter-style e-bikes. Changing flat tires is a pain for any rider, but doing it on the way to work or returning from the store with bags of groceries is even worse.

Most of the models reviewed above have integrated lights powered by the battery, so you don’t need to remember to charge them. However, the Cruiser Go! and the Roadster V2 don’t come with lights, and the Alpha’s lights require disposable batteries.

Security features like Wing’s tamper-detection alarm and remote locking fob are also valuable for urban riders, although uncommon. Finally, the Charge City has unique tire pressure indicators which help you avoid flats by maintaining the optimal air pressure. This bike also has folding handlebars and pedals, making it easier to store at home.

Cheap Electric Bikes USA: 8 Superb E-Bikes under 1500

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In the past few years, there’s been a marked rise in the popularity of electric bikes. They are slightly more expensive than regular bikes, but still much cheaper than fuelling and running a car.

As the market has grown, more electric bikes have come to the party. Thankfully this now means you can come by an electric bike for a reasonably cheap price – 1500 or even under. Here’s a list of Discerning Cyclist favourites.

Cheapest E-Bikes in the USA: Top 8

At first glance you might not recognise this as an electric bike. Great for slicing through city streets on a commute.

Suitable for pedalling too and from work. The front suspension fork promises extra riding versatility.

With 5 assistance modes, 21 gears and a front suspension fork the world is your pedalling oyster with this bike.

Taking cues from motorbike inspired design, this e-bike is extremely plush to ride thanks to dual suspension and fat tyres.

Rolling on fat tyres, this electric bike is for those who want to ride beyond the humdrum and explore their riding boundaries.

With an 1000W motor, dual suspension, 4″ tyres and equipment like lights, mudguards and a pannier rack, this e-bike is feature packed.

Folds for convenient storage. When it comes to value for money this is an e-bike that has plenty for the price.

Electric Bike Benefits

Like anything these days, electric bikes have their detractors but do ignore them – e-bikes can have many benefits for many different people.

Electric bikes enable more people to enjoy the pleasure of cycling. It’s not uncommon for people these days to not have ridden a bike since their school days. Whether it’s old age, an injury or operation or a lack of mobility, electric bikes make it easy for anyone to enjoy the pleasure of pedalling.

Don’t think that riding an electric bike isn’t going to help fitness though. Studies have shown that electric bike riders ride further and more often than those who ride regular, non-electric bikes – just be sure to use the pedal-assist mode rather than the throttle!

Electric bikes help you explore new places. Whether you live at the bottom of a very steep hill or are hemmed in by fantastic forest tracks, electric bikes make any type of bike ride more accessible and ultimately more fun.

Electric bikes could also make cycling to work a viable option. The electric assistance makes long distances achievable and with the power on, the ride home isn’t a drag either!

Speaking of which, an electric bike is often a faster (and cheaper) way of getting around, to work or on short journeys when compared to a car or public transport.

best, cheap, electric, bikes, 2023, budget

How Much Money Can You Save with an E-Bike?

Let’s face it, cars are expensive. Buy one and you are facing large monthly payments or a hefty upfront cost, even for a second car. The spending doesn’t stop there either. Insurance, servicing and fuel can quickly put a dent in your wallet. Public transport isn’t much better either.

Electric bikes offer an excellent, affordable alternative to other modes of transport. The average e-bike costs around 2000 – the average price of a car can easily top 30,000.

It’s the same for running costs or should we say charging costs too. An electric bike costs around 0.04 per mile (or around 0.18 per charge) to run with a non-electric car hitting around 0.16 per mile – you don’t have to be a mathematician to work out the difference.

In the US, there’s also the possibility of buying an electric bike with a rebate or subsidy (how much you save depends on the state you reside in) to save even more money.

Best Electric Bikes under 1500

With a motor, battery and controller, it’s no surprise to understand that some electric bikes are expensive. But the good news is that there are plenty of electric bikes available for less than you might think.

Typically electric bikes under 1500 will have fewer watts, but there are a few on our list with extra powerful motors for speed and hill climbing performance.

Aventon Soltera

Weight: 43lb Wattage: 350w Range: 41 miles Gears: 7-speed

Standard and step-through frames

The Soltera by Aventon is the ideal e-bike for zipping around your local town or city. Two frame types are available. Both have been designed to be ridden fast and handle quickly and nimbly. Both pedal assist and throttle options are available to riders. In pedal assist mode, riders can choose from 5 different assistance modes. The top speed from the 350w motor is 20mph and the riding range is a shade over 40 miles.

  • Colour display with app sync
  • Thoughtful battery integration
  • Integrated lights

The Best Electric Cargo Bikes of 2022

Haul kids, dogs, gear, and groceries with our favorite electric cargo bikes. With options ranging from front-load trikes to smooth-riding longtails, we’ll have you ready to pedal in no time.

For more than a year, our neighborhood has been testing a multitude of amazing electric cargo bikes. We’ve hauled everything from babies, kids, dogs, wood, inflatable SUPs, and even huge Costco and farmer’s market hauls. If our destination is within 15 miles, we go on cargo bikes.

Below, we highlight, categorize, and review the best bikes we tested. They were all standouts in their own unique way. But before we dive in, check out the lingo below, which helps explain the different styles of electric cargo bikes on the market today.

Electric Cargo Bike Styles

Long-john bike: These have the cargo box up front with the front wheel stretched out in front of you. Some also have the capacity for another passenger to ride on the back. This style takes a bit of practice when you first get on, as it handles a little differently than a traditional bike.

Longtail bike: These ride more like traditional bikes and can fit up to three small passengers (kids) riding on the tail. Most can also fit a clip-on seat for younger kids (9 months and up).

Front-load trike: These have two wheels and the cargo box in front. This stable style can fit as many as four kids in the box and sometimes an extra kid or panniers on the back.

Scroll through to see all of our recommendations for the best electric cargo bikes or jump to the category you’re looking for. At the end of our list, be sure to check out our comprehensive buyer’s guide.

The Best Electric Cargo Bikes of 2022

Best Overall Family Bike: Yuba Spicy Curry

Yuba’s mission is to make bikes that can easily haul kids, gear, and groceries, all while putting a big smile on everyone’s face (bystanders included). Other than its awesome name, we love the Spicy Curry (5,199) for its sturdy, tank-like feel. Even when it’s loaded down and our son is waving side to side on the back, we barely notice.

For some extra money, you can choose different add-ons for the bike depending on your lifestyle. We wanted to make this bike our main one for taking our son to preschool, so we opted to get the adjustable Monkey Bars (200) as well as a Yepp Maxi Easy Fit kid seat (259).

Our son loves the combination of the seat and the Monkey Bars. He gets to ride up high so he can see Mom or Dad and can hold on whenever he feels like it. Later, we added the 2-Go Cargo Bags (199) and the Bread Basket (200). This more than doubled our carrying capacity.

The frame looked big at first sight. But after adjusting the cockpit and seat to my 5’1″ height, I was pleasantly surprised at how natural and comfortable it felt. It has easily been the neighborhood’s most widely used bike. It’s simple to adjust the size of the bike, and it fits a wide variety of heights.

The components consist of a Shimano Deore 10-speed adjuster and Shimano Disc Brakes. And although I was wary at first of the non-internal hub, I grew to really like how much it felt like all my other bikes. The large front wheel helps smooth out bumps; it’s smooth enough that my son regularly falls asleep on the way home from school.

The motor is a very powerful and smooth Bosch Performance CX mid-drive with a 36V 500Wh battery. It has four levels of assist: Eco, Tour, eMTB, and Turbo. All of these are easy to click through on the control panel, which also displays the mileage, range, and speed.

On a single charge, I can get up to 55 miles on Eco mode or about 25 on full Turbo mode. The eMTB setting switches between all the modes depending on how it senses I’m riding, and I average between 30 and 40 miles.

Again, this bike has been the most used in our neighborhood of four families. It is easy to adjust, feels most like a regular bike, and can haul up to 300 pounds. At 60 pounds and 6 feet in length, it’s not the easiest of the bunch to store. But for carrying capacity, length, and price, this is easily one of the best electric cargo bikes money can buy.


  • Weight: 60 lbs. (without any of the add-ons)
  • Length: 6′
  • Carrying capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Range: 25-55 miles depending on mode and capacity
  • Best for: Around town errands, kid pickups and dropoffs, dogs, big grocery or hardware store buys



Best Budget Cargo E-Bike: Rad Power Bikes RadWagon 4

While this cargo e-bike (1,999) is still a major investment, it’s one of the most affordable options we’ve found. And although it may lack some of the capacity and extras of other higher-end bikes on this list, we’ve found it’s a solid contender and a great ride for most people.

The 750 W geared hub motor provides plenty of power, even when loaded up to the max 350-pound payload. It has five pedal assist levels, and we found it very easy to change between modes.

Weighing in at nearly 77 pounds, our smaller riders were worried it would feel unmanageable. For riders of all sizes, however, it rode smoothly and never felt overly heavy. The double-leg kickstand is sturdy and provided enough stability to load and unload wiggly children.

The 22X3 inch tires gave a very smooth ride while keeping the ride low and stable. It’s worth noting that these unusual tire sizes can be hard to find in local bike shops. It’s not a bad idea to have a spare on hand just in case.

Like other electric cargo bikes, the RadWagon 4 has integrated lights, so you won’t have to worry about forgetting your bike light at home.

The battery for this bike charged quickly, and we easily got 30-45 miles of travel, even when loaded down and traveling along hilly terrain.

All in all, this is a quality electric cargo bike at an unbeatable price.

best, cheap, electric, bikes, 2023, budget


  • Weight: 76.7 lbs.
  • Length: 6.5′
  • Carrying capacity: 350 lbs.
  • Range: 25-45 miles depending on mode and capacity
  • Best for: Around town errands, kid pickups, and dropoffs



Best Compact, Daily Commuter: Tern GSD S00 Folding Bike

The Tern GSD (4,999-5,799) is simply a remarkable all-around bike. Many of the complaints about cargo bikes are that they are big, heavy, impossible to transport, and hard to store. All of that (except weight) gets turned upside down with the Tern GSD, which aptly stands for “Get Stuff Done.”

Tern Bikes is known for its ingenuity in creating folding bikes. So when the brand came out with a cargo bike that was the length of a regular commuter bike and could fold down to fit easily in most midsize SUVs or minivans, many bike commuters (including us) took notice.

The bike is even made to stand vertically on its back rack so that it takes up minimal space when stored inside. For the urban family who lives in an apartment building, people with limited garage space, or anyone who just doesn’t want to deal with a big classic cargo bike, the Tern is the answer.

Other specs that set the GSD apart are its carrying capacity of 440 pounds and the ability to fit two high-powered Bosch batteries on it. This gives it an impressive range of up to 155 miles. From the Green Guard non-puncture tires to the infinite-adjust internal geared hub, this bike is clearly made to last.

Like the other bikes, you can customize it however you like. We opted to try the Clubhouse basket (200), the Cargo Hold Panniers (175), and a Thule Yepp Maxi child’s seat (220). We were pleased to find out that the Cargo panniers were still usable with the Yepp Maxi seat over top of them. And with the batteries, panniers, and rack all sitting lower than your average bike, the handling and riding experience for both the driver and passenger is very smooth and comfortable.

Like all the other cargo bikes on this list, it fits a range of riders from 5′ to 6’5″. The unique handlebar, seatpost, and stem adjustment make it even quicker and easier to truly find a perfect cockpit for riders of various sizes. We used this bike exclusively for an entire week to see how quickly we would need to charge it. It lasted the entire week. We clocked 90 miles, using a mix of tour and eMTB mods, and it still showed two of five battery bars.

At 4,999 with a single battery and 5,799 with a dual battery, this one comes in at the middle of the pack price-wise. But it has our vote for being one of the most versatile, longest-lasting, and smoothest rides out of all of them.


  • Weight: 70 lbs. (with one battery)
  • Length: 6′
  • Folded length: 71″ x 16″ x 33″
  • Carrying capacity: 440 lbs.
  • Range: Up to 200 km
  • Best for: Ultimate one-size-fits-all family utility bike


  • Stem/handlebars/seatpost can fold down in 5 seconds, allowing it to fit in many vehicles
  • Can carry a ton of gear and people
  • Compact for e-bikes
  • Attention to total detail seems highest of all bikes
  • Just an outstanding design overall


Best Kid-Hauler: Bunch Original Family Cargo Bike

This crowd-stopping, front-loading trike (4,285) gets high points for its lower price range (compared to other e-cargo bikes) and ease of assembly. It literally showed up at my house fully assembled via a semi-truck. All we had to do was take off the packaging, adjust the seat, and it was ready to go.

The big cargo box fits up to four kids and comes with comfortable cushions and easy-to-use shoulder straps. In the span of a few weeks, we took it out with all combinations of cargo: a dog and two kids, three kids and a cooler full of snacks, and even a week’s worth of groceries. Our 2-year-old loved it because he was up high and could chat with his friend across from him.

The bike has additional add-ons like a rain cover and a sunshade, which the kiddos and dog all appreciated when the elements became too much. Unlike other cargo bikes where it’s hard to secure your stuff, the cargo box has a lockable under-storage box that can easily fit a purse, computer, and other smaller valuables.

The components aren’t of the highest quality possible, but the combination of the Shimano Tourney SL-TX50 and the 500W 48V Dapu Hub motor created a smooth shifting and pedaling experience. And the easy-to-charge battery kept us motoring around town for almost 25 miles before we had to charge it up again.

The standover design and easy-to-adjust seat make it fit a wide range of sizes. I’m barely 5’1″, and I can ride it just as well as my 6′ stepdad. The control panel is also very intuitive, making it easy to turn on your headlight and see speed and battery life.

For the family who wants something to replace their car for short, local trips, this bike is the perfect ride. However, it’s not for the person who wants to get to where they’re going fast. While the motor will assist up to 20 mph, it comes with a factory set max of 15 mph (this is easily changed via the settings).

And because it’s a trike, the bike’s handling is a bit unstable at higher speeds, especially in corners where you can’t lean like a normal bike. So we’d recommend keeping that 15mph limit for a while until you learn the limitations. Think of this bike as more of a “take it easy and enjoy the sights” bike. It’s a super fun experience to share with your kids.


  • Weight: 148 lbs.
  • Length: 6′
  • Carrying capacity: 220 lbs.; four kids, a mixture of one medium dog and one kid, or two kids and a big grocery buy
  • Range: 20-30 miles depending on load and speed
  • Best for: Taking multiple kids to the local park, dogs, and big grocery buys


  • Comes fully assembled
  • Has a secure lockbox
  • Thick, durable, flat-proof tires
  • Can fit up to five kids (with one on the back)


best, cheap, electric, bikes, 2023, budget
  • Heavy
  • Harder to back up and turn around than other more bike-like models
  • Can take up a lot of space in the garage

Smoothest Ride for Big Loads: Yuba Electric Supermarché

For hauling a big grocery buy, transporting your SUP to the local surf wave, or taking your dog and kiddo to the river for a hike, this bike (5,999) is the ticket. With a Bosch Performance CX mid-drive motor and PowerPack 500 battery, the ride is fast and smooth.

For ease of use, there is a range of gears and four levels of pedal-based electric assist. Like all the others, it only can get up to only 20 mph, but it feels like you’re going much faster. And at stoplights, it was the easiest of the bikes to start due to the internal hub that allows you to switch gears while stopped.

It takes a bit to get used to the longer and heavier front end, but after a few practice runs, it felt very natural. The hard part is recalibrating your turns on your conventional bike!

The control panel is the fanciest of all of the interfaces. It lets the user see how much power they’re using, how long the trip is, total milage so far, and how many miles you have left on your charge. The Magura MT5 Next Hydraulic Disc brakes and the always-charged LED lights keep the parents happy and the kiddos safe.

The range on the Supermarché lasts anywhere between 20 and 40 miles. For our family, we used it three to four times a day with an average of 7-mile outings carrying 200 pounds. We drained the battery down to one bar almost daily. Luckily, it’s very easy to park it in the garage and charge for another round. The step-through frame and easy-to-adjust cockpit fit the entire neighborhood, with heights ranging from 4’9″ to 6’5″.

Although 5,999 sounds like a pretty high price, when we compared this to other premium-brand long-john bikes, it was actually one of the lowest prices. And if you know you’re going to use it daily (and save some money on gas), it may just be worth the cost. The Supermarché is also available in a non-electric option for 2,999.


  • Weight: 78 lbs.
  • Length: 8’5″
  • Carrying capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Range: 20-55 miles depending on load and power-assist mode
  • Best for: Big Costco buys, giving the kids a ride to school, food or paper deliveries



  • The passenger can feel the bumps more than if they’re on the back of the bike, as it lacks shocks
  • It’s long and on the heavy side

A Great Value: Radio Flyer L885

While the new L885 cargo e-bike (1,999) from Radio Flyer is still a big investment, it’s one of the more affordable options at the moment. Other bikes in this price range arrive without any carrying capacity included. Radio Flyer adds in the kid/cargo carrier which is a major bonus for many families. And although it does not have the higher range like some of the other bikes listed here, we’ve found it a very solid choice for many families out there.

The 500W brushless hub motor coupled with the five-level pedal assist and a half-twist throttle provide plenty of power to ride up any hill or pick up speed at the start of an intersection. We found that even when loaded down at its full capacity of 400 pounds, we could get a full 40 to 45 miles out of it before charging it again. And if more battery power is needed, there is an option to buy another battery for 499. For our daily use, however, we have yet to feel like we need this.

The bike weighs in at 73 pounds but feels surprisingly light and nimble, especially when compared to the Tern GSD. The 26-inch front wheel and the 20-inch back wheel are both standard tire sizes, which is nice for changing out the tubes and tires if needed. So far, after about 200 miles of riding — some on dirt and sharp rocks as well as over some glass (on accident) — I have yet to have a flat thanks to their 3” puncture-resistant liner.

The L885, like many electric bikes these days, has integrated lights, which adds to its carefree nature. The dual leg kickstand is also great for stabilizing the bike while unloading wiggly kids.

The battery charges on par with the other bikes listed here. As long as I remembered to plug it in at night every two to three days, we were good to go for another couple of days of riding.

All in all, this is an amazing electric cargo bike at a very affordable price.


  • Weight: 73 lbs.
  • Length: 83.78″
  • Carrying Capacity: 400 lbs.
  • Range: 45-50 miles
  • Best for: errands around town, picking up and dropping kids off, nearby adventures



  • Front basket and rear basket are a little small for carrying large amounts of groceries.
  • One bike does not fit all sizes

Lightest Weight Ecargo Bike: Tern HSD P9

The new Tern P9 HSD (3,699) is the younger sibling to the older dual-battery GSD model. Where the GSD is longer and heavier, the HSD is more compact, much lighter, and has less carrying capacity. The P9 HSD can fit into many different categories.

With one wheel in the commuting realm and one in the cargo category, this bike can wear many hats, depending on the user. For our purposes, we turned it into the ultimate kid, gear, and grocery hauler. However, Tern has many different configuration options on its site for carrying cargo. With a 115 cm wheelbase, 170 cm in length, and coming in at just under 57 pounds in weight, this bike is the lightest and most compact e-cargo bike we have tested yet.

Tern is known for their unique bikes that can be easily stored and have the ability to fit many different riders on one single frame. The HSD can fit me, at 5′ 1″, and my stepfather, who is 6′ 1″, thanks to an easy-to-adjust cockpit and seat.

Unlike other cargo bikes, this bike was amazingly nimble and easy to maneuver. With a custom Suntour suspension fork, it made the bumpy roads a bit more enjoyable for both me and my passenger. The battery, a Bosch Powerpack 400, and the motor, a Bosch active line, both helped power myself, my five-year-old son, and a ton of farmer’s market goodies around town with no problem thanks to its 375-pound carrying capacity. With a range of 69 miles, I have yet to worry about running out of battery even after a full day of back and forth commuting.

The HSD features integrated lights and a double-sided kickstand for easy on and off for cargo and passengers.

Overall, this little bike packs a powerful punch. It’s easy to store (as with all Terns, it can be stored vertically), can haul everything from gear to dogs to one kid, and is surprisingly very light when compared to other e-cargo bikes. It’s also fun to ride!

While it is not the most expensive bike, it does still dent the wallet. For those looking for more bells and whistles, the HSD comes in 5 different models with the P9 being the most affordable of them all.


  • Weight: 57 lbs.
  • Length: 170 cm
  • Carrying Capacity: 375 lbs.
  • Range: 69 miles
  • Best for: Daily commuting, grocery trips, single kid drop off and pick up, and can fit every adult in the family


  • Very light
  • Can still carry a large load even though it is so small
  • Can fold and fit into small areas


Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose an Electric Cargo Bike

What Kind of Family/Rider Are You?

Before starting your search, first ask yourself what you will be using the bike for most. Grocery shopping? Kid pickups and dropoffs? Delivering pizzas? Taking your dog to the dog park? Hauling the boards to the local surf wave? All of the above? When you narrow your search down in this way before you start looking at the options, it makes it less overwhelming.

What Is Your Budget?

New electric cargo bikes can range from as low as 1,800 to as high as 8,000. Cargo boxes, panniers, front boxes, kickstands, and kid seats all cost extra and can add up quickly. However, after doing a quick search on my local Craigslist and online market groups, I have seen some pretty good options out there that are much cheaper than buying them brand new.

How Long Is Your Average Commute?

Identifying how long your longest average commute is will give you a good idea of what kind of range you’re looking for. There are a lot of options as far as battery and motor power are concerned. And more and more bikes are coming out with the option of attaching another battery to the frame.

How Much Space Do You Have to Store It?

Making sure you have enough space to store it is very important. Other than the GSD, many take up a substantial amount of space in your garage. Some, like the Bunch Bikes, have an outdoor cover that protects them if you are storing them outside.

What About Bad Weather?

Cyclists and commuters know that the weather makes no guarantees. What starts as a dry ride can quickly turn into a downpour. Aside from packing a good rain jacket, there are a couple of accessories we’ve found particularly useful.

For the colder months and mornings, Yuba bikes came out with the only rain cover to fit over a long tail bike. We have been using ours for the past couple of months and our kids love to be cocooned up in it. While it doesn’t cover their legs, it does keep the cold wind and rain off their faces and upper body.

The setup is super easy. It attaches to the monkey bars and can either be left on or taken on and off. We have kept ours on all winter long. On warm days we can roll up the sides for more airflow and on super cold days, we just zip it all up.

And if you’re looking for a cargo basket cover, check out Argo’s rain canopy. It takes a few minutes to set up for the first time, but after everything is installed, it takes just two minutes to put up or take down or stow away. Our boys absolutely love the cover. They call the Argo their “spaceship” and love being all cozy underneath their “magic” cover.


What is an electric cargo bike?

An electric cargo bike, or cargo e-bike, combines the best of both two-wheeled worlds. It’s a larger, gear-hauling bike with a motor. So, you can load it up with kids or groceries, and still be able to pedal uphill on the way home.

Cargo bikes are very popular in bike-friendly countries like Denmark, but their popularity is growing rapidly in the United States.

What is a pedal assist bike?

Pedal-assist is a common mode or design for many electric bikes. As opposed to running the motor with a throttle, the power is integrated with the pedaling.

Generally, you can choose from assist levels ranging from Eco to Turbo. The higher the level, the more assist you’ll get (and the faster you’ll drain the battery).

What is the best electric bike for the price?

This varies widely depending on your use and needs. For the ultimate family and gear hauler, the Yuba Spicy Curry is hard to beat.

If you’re looking to get a budget-friendly cargo e-bike, the RadWagon 4 is reliable, durable, and among the lowest-priced electric cargo bikes around.

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Viribus Panther Electric Mountain Bike

Priced at under 800, this bike offers impressive features for its price point. The 350W motor provides plenty of power for uphill climbs, while the 21-speed Shimano transmission allows for smooth shifting on any terrain. The 26-inch wheels with anti-slip tires provide excellent grip and stability, best budget e mtb.

Write content to help your customers to better understand your products or policies.

Write content to help your customers to better understand your products or policies.

What is the battery energy?


Class 2 Electric Bike

You can reach a range of up to 37-90 miles percharge. Plenty for a day’s adventure or most trips to travel and back.


Engineered to put safety first

Every ebike receives a thorough 50-point inspection before it reaches your door. How in-depth is it? Even the screws are double-checked.

500Wh Removable Lockable Lithium Battery

You can reach a range of up to 34-90 miles per charge.

Our 48V 10.4Ah lithium battery locks securely when parked, recharges from zero in 5 hours and faster when starting from a partial charge, and provides over 90 miles of range in hybrid mode; riders on level paved roads can expect to get over 34 miles even when cruising along at full speed throttle control. Plenty for a day’s adventure or most trips to travel and back.

Shimano 21 Speed Derailleur

When it’s time to exercise or just stretch your legs a little, the professional thumbshifters on each handlebar keep gear changes fast and simple, offering more speed or torque right at your fingertips as you fly through straightaways or backwoods trails.

Convenient thumb throttle puts 350/650W worth of power at your fingertips.

A suspension fork with up to 80mm of travel means the high-quality lockable suspension fork has a good shock absorption effect, reducing the bumpy feeling when riding on rough roads.

Bright led headlight makes your ride much safer at night. Please turn on the led headlight when riding at night. This electric bike adopts high-quality accessories, you can get a comfortable riding experience.

500Wh Removable Lockable Lithium Battery

You can reach a range of up to 34-90 miles per charge.

Our 48V 10.4Ah lithium battery locks securely when parked, recharges from zero in 5 hours and faster when starting from a partial charge, and provides over 90 miles of range in hybrid mode; riders on level paved roads can expect to get over 34 miles even when cruising along at full speed throttle control. Plenty for a day’s adventure or most trips to travel and back.

Shimano 21 Speed Derailleur

When it’s time to exercise or just stretch your legs a little, the professional thumbshifters on each handlebar keep gear changes fast and simple, offering more speed or torque right at your fingertips as you fly through straightaways or backwoods trails.

Convenient thumb throttle puts 350/650W worth of power at your fingertips.

A suspension fork with up to 80mm of travel means the high-quality lockable suspension fork has a good shock absorption effect, reducing the bumpy feeling when riding on rough roads.

Bright led headlight makes your ride much safer at night. Please turn on the led headlight when riding at night. This electric bike adopts high-quality accessories, you can get a comfortable riding experience.

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