Best E-Bike Rental Companies For Couriers. Zoomo e bike battery

Pathfinder 500

Choose between:a) Delivery to your local authorized Magnum Dealer with in-store assembly (included); b) Home delivery DIY assembly (included); or c) Home delivery with at-home assembly by a local bike mechanic (starting at 149).

There are so many ways to get in touch with our Support Team! Chat, call, or drop us an email.

Warranty Protection Up To 5 Years

1-Year limited warranty (included), plus extended product protection plans available for 2, 3 and 5 years (starting at 210).

The Magnum Pathfinder 500

Work hard and play harder! The Magnum Pathfinder 500 is an e-bike that suits your active lifestyle. Whether it’s used for recreation, exercise, commuting, or for the pure joy of power-assisted movement, the unisex Magnum Pathfinder 500 with its step-through frame will match your physique and your skills, and exceed your expectations.

  • Category Fat Tire
  • Class Can be configured to a Class 1, 2, or 3 E-Bike.
  • Frame Type Low-step
  • Seating Relaxed
  • Perfect For Paved / Light Trails / Recreation


The heart of The Pathfinder 500, the long range 48V / 13Ah / 624Wh battery blends in smoothly with the frame for a sleek look. It powers up to 50 miles, depending on variables like body and cargo weight, terrain, wind direction, and pedal assist level.


50 miles (80 Kilometers) Max Range


20″ x 3” Fat Tire Wheels

The Pathfinder’s 3” fat tires absorb shock and heighten stability. They will improve handling over unexpected pot holes and uneven pavement, providing extra traction, control, and comfort.

Plan your ride ahead with Magnum’s illuminated LCD display. It lists Battery Charge Level, Current Speed, Assist Level, Odometer, Trip Distance, Average Speed, and Max Speed. all the information you need right at your fingertips.

The powerful, reliable, and serviceable 500W Motor has 6 modes of pedal assist, for speeds of up to 25 mph.

Clearly view the road ahead with the integrated, powerful front headlight, and alert other vehicles to your presence with the brake-activated rear taillight.

The Tektro Hydraulic disc brakes and their large, rigid rotors will bring you to a smooth, controlled stop every time you apply them.

The long range 48V / 13Ah / 624Wh battery blends in smoothly with the frame for a sleek look. It powers a 30 – 50 mile range depending on variables like body and cargo weight, terrain, wind direction, and pedal assist level.

The Pathfinder 500’s rigid aluminum frame, with its step-through design is easy to mount and dismount, and it serves as a strong, reliable platform for the bike.

Best E-Bike Rental Companies For Couriers

How to rent a bike if you want to become a delivery driver.

Delivery workers need an efficient transportation mode for quick and hassle-free deliveries. Given that, e-bikes are an option to consider. However, a high quality e-bike can run into thousands of dollars, well out of reach of couriers.

Fortunately, e-bike rental companies are a ray of hope for couriers seeking to spend less on gas, deliver more, and make extra money instead of getting stuck in a car.

Best e-bike rentals for couriers

If you’re facing a budget squeeze, buying an electric bike would be the last thing on your list. But that shouldn’t stop you from dreaming about boosting your work efficiency.

E-bike rental companies provide a viable solution by allowing you to rent e-bikes and enjoy flexible plans. Here are the best e-bike rentals to help you save costs and add to your income.

) Zoomo

Zoomo, the world’s leader in light e-vehicles, operates worldwide and offers flexible payment plans for delivery riders. The company has 100 million in funding and aims to transition every urban mile to light e-bikes.

The rental company partners with companies like Uber Eats, Doordash, and Deliveroo and offers you peace of mind by taking care of everything as you ride on the road. For instance, it features IoT to provide safety and better manage your riding experience. The company also equips its e-bikes with GPS tracking features for a hassle-free fleet.

Whether you’re a regular or an occasional courier, the company has a plan for you.

You can pick from Flex, Boost, and Ride-to-own plans for 49, 199, and 279, respectively. The three plans are billed weekly or monthly. So, you can pick an option that suits your preferences.

) Rybit

Delivery Rybit offers durable rental e-bikes to make your job less stressful and more profitable.

The 1000W robust batteries allow you to travel long hours without worrying about charging the bike. Besides, the company also offers an extra, swappable battery, saving your precious delivery times.

Delivery Rybit offers Starter, Premium, and Elite rental plans for 14, 80, and 240. All you need to do is visit the site, and request a bike. The company will check the availability before getting back to you.

Later, you’ll be asked to submit your ID documents, and you can pay the rent to collect the bike.

And if you’re in San Francisco, check out Rybit’s storefront where you can talk to someone in person and get help with your bike if you need to.

) Sunryde

Sunryde Electric Bikes is helping couriers replace expensive car rides with affordable e-bikes. The company’s bikes feature a powerful 750W motor and offer a speed of 28 miles per hour.

Zygg E-bikes takes the riding experience to the next level by handpicking e-bike models for each city. You need to select the city and choose from some incredible e-bike models.

The company also offers excellent customer support to address your queries. Besides, ZyggCare takes care of e-bike maintenance and repairs.

You have the option to pick from Model Qx, Q2, and R for 54, 59, and 59 weekly. You can also rent the bike on a monthly basis for 129 and 159 (Q2 and R models have similar pricing).


JOCO’s high-end electric bikes are built to last and eliminate the trouble of owning, keeping, and maintaining the bike.

The company empowers delivery riders by letting them FOCUS on deliveries and managing the day-to-day hassles of storing, locking, and cleaning the bike.

The brand aims to reduce carbon emissions and make the air fresher and cleaner. You can choose from several pricing plan options, from 6-hour Power Pass to 24 Hour Day Pass and 7 Day Weekly Pass. The 6-hour pass costs 12, while the 24-hour pass costs around 24.

best, e-bike, rental, companies, couriers, zoomo

Lastly, the weekly delivery pass requires you to pay 65.

However, make sure you read the description thoroughly to avoid penalties.

) Honorable Mention: Pico

Pico doesn’t offer ebikes, but rather scooters and mopeds. Their plans start at 25 weekly with several perks, from routine maintenance to phone app and liability insurance. You can extend the membership and explore several model options.

Regardless of the moped you pick, the company guarantees quality. Its electric motor offers a quiet operation and lets you outsmart traffic through limited space.

The bike also has room for placing the delivery bag, helmet, or any personal belongings. Finally, the Pico app takes functionality to another level by letting you manage subscriptions from the comfort of your phone.

Why use an e-bike for delivery?


Completing daily orders on a regular bike can get incredibly daunting – even for strong cyclists. Therefore, a regular bike puts a cap on your work by exhausting you sooner. An e-bike, on the other hand, allows you to pick extra shifts and work for long hours. Not only does it add to your income, but it also makes your work less tiring.


The cost of keeping an e-bike’s battery charged is far less than filling a car’s tank with gas. So, instead of spending half of your income on gas, consider a cost-effective option: electric bikes.


E-bike users significantly reduce their carbon footprint using an environmentally friendly transportation mode. Plus, you also reduce noise pollution because most models are almost noiseless. You can ride through quiet streets without disturbing others.

orders in less time

Time is money for couriers. The quicker you complete your orders, the faster you can drop them off from the to-do list and generate a higher income. But how quickly you deliver the orders significantly depends on the efficiency of the transportation mode.

An e-bike offers a fantastic way to get around the city, bypassing traffic jams and making more deliveries.

Because you’re on a bike, you can glide through the side streets to reach your location quicker. What’s more, you do not need to park it far from the delivery location; instead, go right up to the door.

Besides, standard e-bikes cruise at 22 mph, which is relatively faster than a regular bike.

Put them all together, and you’ll cut the delivery time down, finishing more orders in less time.


Why rent an e-bike?

If you work as a courier only occasionally or it’s your side job, there’s no point in purchasing an e-bike with high upfront costs. Besides, those who plan to switch the courier job soon shouldn’t invest in buying one.

Further, anyone on a tight budget would naturally hesitate to purchase a thousand-dollar e-bike. Therefore, renting an option can be your best bet.

Are electric bikes good for delivery?

Electric bikes are perfect for couriers and delivery workers as they allow a hassle-free way to get around tight city streets without compromising speed. This lets delivery workers complete more orders and generate a higher income.

Should I buy or rent an e-bike for deliveries?

Buying an e-bike doesn’t hurt if you have enough money and are a regular delivery worker. However, renting an e-bike is ideal for those facing a budget squeeze. It will save you from paying high costs upfront and give you an efficient transportation mode that fits your budget.

Final words

Pulling up to a restaurant on a sidewalk is more convenient than battling for parking. Likewise, gliding through narrow city streets saves more time than waiting in heavy traffic for long hours.

If you don’t have the budget to purchase an e-bike, you still have the option to rent it. Choose one of the e-bike rentals mentioned above and make your daily work more fun and fruitful.

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The Best Electric Bikes: Upgrade Your Commute For A Sustainable Ride

At Luxe Digital, we independently research, review, and recommend products we love and that we think you will love, too. Learn more about how we curate the best products for you.

We’ve been lucky over the past four years to test and review some of the best electric bikes on the market. From the top electric commuter bike to fat tire e-bike, folding bikes, and eMBX — if you can name it, we’ve most probably tried it. When testing the most popular electric bike brands, we follow strict testing guidelines to make sure that we can compare e-bikes objectively (more on that below).

What does it mean for you?

Well, if you’re here, I’m guessing you want to understand the different ebike options available today and figure out which electric bike is best for your particular use case.

If that’s you, you’re in the right place.

This is the fourth year in a row that we update our ranking of the best electric bikes. We’ve organized our list by bike category (e.g., city bike, cruiser, mountain bike, etc.). We’ve also shortlisted the top three overall best ebikes that we think will be great options for most people.

In a rush? No problem! Here’s our shortlist of the absolute best options available right now:

Why you can trust Luxe Digital? We’ve been regularly updating our ranking of the best electric bikes since 2019. We started by testing only high-end ebikes. Those were expensive, premium options at the time. But since then, we’ve broadened our ranking to also include more affordable ebikes across multiple categories as the market itself has evolved.

We personally ride as many of the bikes in this ranking as possible to give you our unique point of view and hands-on experience. If we were unable to get our hands on a particular model but thought it was worth being included on our list for your consideration, we performed detailed online research to give you the best recommendations possible.

The 11 best electric bikes of this year

Here’s the full list of the best ebikes of the year. You can directly click on the category that you’re most interested in:

  • Overall best electric bike:Ride1Up-LMTD
  • Best premium ebike:LeMond Prolog
  • Best value electric bike:Ancheer Commuter
  • Best foldable ebike:Lectric XP 3.0
  • Best cargo utility ebike:Specialized Haul ST
  • Best city commuter electric bike:RadCity 5 Plus
  • Best electric cruiser bike:Flyer Cruiser
  • Best mountain bike:Specialized Turbo Levo Expert
  • Best fat tire electric bike:Ride1Up RIFT
  • Best road electric bike:Specialized Turbo Creo
  • Best electric trike:Lectric XP Trike

Methodology: Our approach to testing and ranking the best electric bikes

At Luxe Digital, we rate every product against the values that are important to us:

  • Craftsmanship: How is it made? Is the brand using high-quality materials and expertise?
  • Design: How does it look and feel? Is it aesthetic and timeless?
  • Function and purpose: How well does it perform? Does it achieve its stated claims?
  • Impact: Does the brand have a positive impact on your daily life and the planet?
  • Value for money: Is it worth its retail price? Is the price justifiable?

Things you should pay attention to when buying an electric bike

Let’s quickly go through the things you should take into consideration when shopping online for an electric bike.

There are really only two factors to consider when comparing electric bikes: What you’ll do with your ebike and how much you’re ready to spend on it.

We told you it would be quick

Okay, there’s a little bit more to it once you get into the details, but these are the two important questions you should start with to keep your search for the best ebike focused and relevant.

Once you’ve defined your use case and budget, you can start comparing technical specs and features for the different electric bikes that are most relevant to your needs.

We’ll do that in a second, but first, let’s briefly talk about the three different types of electric bikes available today. There are categorized into three classes.

The three legal classes of e-bikes

First thing first, you should understand the class of ebike you want. There are three legal classes of electric bikes on the market in the US:

  • Class 1 electric bikes: The easiest and safest to start with, class 1 ebikes use a pedal-assist motor to support your ride. You need to pedal in order to engage the electric motor. The motor will disengage as soon as you reach 20 mph.
  • Class 2 electric bikes: These ebikes are equipped with a throttle motor that you can engage without pedaling. The throttle is usually a grip-twist or a button. Type 2 ebikes are also limited to 20 mph.
  • Class 3 electric bikes: This is the fastest class of e-bikes with a pedal-assist motor that can reach a top speed of 28 mph. While you don’t need a license to ride them, it’s highly recommended.

Check our dedicated guide to electric bike classes to learn more about the system and see examples for each type. Check also your local rules and regulations to know where and how you can ride each class of ebike. For example, the city of New York enacted a law in 2023 prohibiting the sale, lease, or rental of electric bikes that fail the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standard 2849.

Next, let’s see what you want to use the bike for.

The eight categories of electric bikes

Based on our experience riding electric bikes for several years, we’ve broken down this guide into eight categories of ebikes. These categories are based on different use cases and terrains. It’s important to choose a bike that suits how and where you want to ride to get the best experience possible.

Here are the eight different categories of electric bikes you should consider:

best, e-bike, rental, companies, couriers, zoomo
  • Folding electric bikes: They are designed for portability and can be stored in small spaces. Folding bikes are ideal for travelers, RVers, city dwellers, and office workers who want to easily store their bikes. Just keep in mind that their design usually makes for a less stable ride.
  • Utility cargo electric bikes: These bikes offer a large cargo capacity and can be customized to your needs, which makes them perfect to replace your car for most trips. Cargo ebikes are heavier, however, and thus best suited for riding out straight from your garage to school to drop your kids or to the store.
  • City commuter electric bikes: These are great if you primarily want to ride to and from work. Commuter bikes are designed for city use and can replace your car. They have quick power output, higher speeds, and features like brake lights to improve your visibility on the road.
  • Cruiser ebikes: This type of bike is built for comfort and ease of use. They are perfect for long slow rides on dedicated bike lanes or by the beach.
  • Mountain electric bikes: Purposefully built for off-road use with rugged suspension systems, light frames, strong tires, and frame geometry that make them well-suited to riding trails.
  • Fat tire electric bikes: Specially designed for off-road and rough terrain. They have wide tires that provide traction and stability, and a powerful motor that helps you to move quickly over different surfaces.
  • Road electric bikes: Ideal for riders who want to go faster and farther on well-paved roads. Road ebikes are lighter and come with narrow tires to improve traction and speed.
  • Electric trikes: These three-wheelers are a category on their own. They offer additional cargo space (ideal for children or groceries) with a comfortable and stable ride.

We’ve selected a winner for each category in our ranking below.

Now let’s look at the technical specifications to consider when comparing ebikes.

Technical specs to consider when comparing ebikes

You’ll see a lot of technical jargon on manufacturers’ websites when comparing electric bikes online. But really, we think you can narrow it down to only two essential elements:

Motor power output: The speed and electric assistance you need.

The electric motor determines how fast you can go and how much electrical assistance you will get while pedaling. Electric bike motors are measured in Watts and typically range from 250W to 750W—the higher the number, the most powerful the motor. Powerful electric motors will deliver more torque to carry heavier weights. They also accelerate faster and can reach higher speeds (although your top speed will be limited depending on your bike’s class).

Another thing to consider with the electric motor is its placement on the bike. There are two common options on the market: hub-drive motors, delivering power to one of the wheels, and mid-drive motors, delivering power to the pedal crank.

Hub-drive motors are cheaper and easier to maintain, but they’re less efficient and make tire replacement more complicated. On the other hand, mid-drive motors are more expensive but also more efficient and offer a more balanced weight distribution.

Battery capacity: The distance and duration of you ride.

Your ebike’s battery determines how far and how long you can ride. Batteries are measured in watts per hour (Wh)—the higher the Wh number, the more power storage. Higher Wh batteries are generally also heavier, however, so you’ll need to find the right balance between the overall bike’s weight, your own weight, and what you want to do with your bike.

Another thing to look out for is the option to remove (or not) your ebike’s battery. Some models offer a removable battery, which might be more convenient for you to recharge or store. Removable batteries are also easier to change if your battery gets old.

Now that you understand the two most important technical specifications related to electric bikes, let’s look at a few extra elements to consider:

  • Weight: the battery and motor can add significant weight to your bike. Understand how that might affect your ride quality, speed, and distance.
  • Tires: depending on your use case, you’ll want appropriate tires for the terrain.
  • Step-over vs step-through: this refers to the height of the bar in the middle of the frame. Step-over bikes have a high bar that provides more balance and rigidity to your ride. Step-through bikes have a lower bar that makes it easier to get on the bike. I generally recommend step-over for most scenarios, but a step-through is a good option short distance commuting.
  • Safety features: look for options such as integrated lights and capable breaks. Break lights are especially important if you want a city bike to ride in the traffic.
  • Warranty: we only recommend ebikes from reputable manufacturers, but you should always check what the warranty is like and the quality of the brand’s customer service.
  • Additional features: a few extra things to consider depending on your use case is the type of suspensions and the electric bike’s interface (for example, does it come with an app).
  • Payment plan: there are so many options available on the market this year that you’re bound to find an electric bike that suits your budget. Many states and brands offer attractive financing plans, vehicle loan programs, or cash incentives to help support your purchase. We’ll mention them in our review below whenever possible.

One more thing before we get to the main course: you should check our selection of the best electric motorcycles if you want more speed and comfort while riding. And if you’re looking for a cheaper and lighter alternative, we have a detailed guide to the best electric scooters too.

Now, let’s get to the most interesting part of this article: our ranking of the best electric bikes of the year!

Overall best electric bike: Ride1Up LMTD

Ebike category Class 3
Motor 750W rear hub with 95Nm of torque
Battery 672Wh
Top Speed 28mph pedal assist and 20mph throttle
Range Up to 50 miles
Weight 53 lbs

Why Is My Ebike Battery Flashing Blue (Explained)

An ebike battery is typically a lithium-ion battery that powers an electric bike. The batteries are usually mounted in the rear hub of the bike and provide power to the motor. When a battery is flashing blue, it may mean that there is a problem with the battery.

There could be a few reasons why your ebike battery is flashing blue. The most common reason is that the battery is dangerously low and needs to be recharged as soon as possible. If you’re not sure if your battery needs to be recharged, you can check the voltage level by using a volt meter. If it’s below 3.7 volts, then it needs to be recharged.

Additionally, if your ebike isn’t being used for an extended period of time, the battery may start to lose its charge over time. To prevent this from happening, always make sure your ebike is plugged in and used regularly.

Why Is My Ebike Battery Flashing Blue

When an ebike battery is charging, it will likely flash blue. This is because during the charging process, the battery’s cells are being filled with electricity at a Rapid pace. The blue light is simply a warning that the battery is getting too full and could potentially burst if not discharged properly.

What is the meaning of the blue light flashing on my electric bike battery

Electric bikes are becoming more popular, especially in urban areas. They are great for short trips around town, but they can also be used for longer rides if the battery is recharged frequently.

The blue light on a battery indicates that it is low on power. This can be caused by a number of things, including running out of juice while you are riding, not charging the battery often enough, or having a faulty electric bike battery.

If your electric bike battery is flashing blue and you think it might be low on power, it is best to recharge it as soon as possible.

How Can I Tell If My Ebike Battery Is Low On Power

If your ebike battery is flashing blue, it may be low on power. To determine if your battery is in need of a charge, you can try checking the voltage and seeing if it falls below 3.7V. If it does, it’s time to recharge your battery.

How Often Should I Charge My Ebike Battery

You should charge your electric bike battery as often as possible. Recharging the battery will help to keep it operational and increase its lifespan. You can charge your battery using a standard home charger or an electric bike charging station.

How can I avoid the blue light flashing on my electric bike battery

When an electric bike battery is charging, a blue light will typically flash to indicate that it is working. This light will usually stop flashing once the battery is fully charged.

However, some electric bikes may continue to flash blue until the battery is completely drained. This behavior is due to a limitation in the design of some ebike batteries. When the battery reaches 0% charge, it will continue to try and charge even when the blue light has stopped flashing.

This can lead to the battery being overcharged and eventually damaged. To avoid this problem, make sure your electric bike batteries are fully charged before you start riding and always disconnect your bike from the charging cable when you’re finished.

Can the flashing blue light on an ebike battery be fixed

Ebike battery flashing blue could mean a few things. If the light is blinking quickly, it could mean that there is a low battery. If the light stays on constantly or flashes in a pattern, it could be indicative of a faulty battery. In either case, the best course of action would be to take the ebike in for servicing.

Steps to fix the flashing blue light on an ebike

Step 1: Check Battery Connections

Step 2: Clear any obstructions from the battery connectors

Step 3: Replace the Batteries

Step 4: Reinstall the Electrical System

If the flashing blue light on your ebike is coming from the battery, there are a few things you can do to try and fix it. First, make sure all connections between the battery and the bike are tight. If there are any obstructions, Clear them out by gently pushing them out with a small screwdriver. Next, replace the batteries if they’re low on power. Finally, reinstall the electrical system and check for any issues.

Final Statement

When an ebike is first turned on, the battery will usually flash blue (or other colors) to indicate that it’s getting ready to start charging. This happens because the battery needs time to reach a full charge.

Over time, the battery will stop flashing and will just stay blue. This means that the battery is no longer charging and needs to be replaced.


Here at SG Fleet, we’re always looking for ways to aid fleets in moving to a greener future and add more options to keep your people mobile.

That’s why we’re delighted to announce that we’ve recently teamed up with Zoomo to offer e-bike salary sacrifice for last-mile/short-distance delivery.

About Zoomo

Zoomo is the world leader for light electric vehicles (LEVs), and they have a mission to transition every urban mile to transport powered by renewable sources. That means they share our vision of providing efficient and sustainable vehicles to help individuals and businesses reduce the impact of their emissions on the environment.

Indeed, we believe their e-bike range has the potential to help fleet businesses enormously as we approach 2025 and 2030 EU targets for lowering fleet CO2 emissions. That’s just one of the reasons why we’ve joined them after their recent USD 20 million Series B funding round as their newest strategic investor.

About Zoomo e-bike leases

A specialist in e-bike lease agreements, Zoomo currently offers two market-leading ways of getting around in urban and off-road environments; all for a very affordable monthly payment.

The Zoomo Zero (pictured above) is what the company calls ‘the most advanced bike on the road.’ It has a front wheel motor that’s capable of propelling the bike up to 15mph, an electronic lock to keep the bike safe from thieves, hydraulic brakes, and a battery life of up to eight hours, with a four-hour charge time. With its solid front forks, it’s an ideal road bike and makes zipping around a city a breeze.

The Zoomo Sport, meanwhile, has been designed for comfort, durability and style. It boasts a 250w rear wheel motor that gets the same 15mph speed as the Zero’s front motor, but has front suspension that makes it amazing for forest paths and dirt trails. It also includes a motor lock, plus a similar battery life and charge time to the Zero, making the Zoomo Sport a more versatile low-emission run-around that’s suited to all kinds of terrain.

What our partnership with Zoomo could mean for your fleet

ways to get and stay mobile

In a climate that’s proving decidedly challenging for vehicle availability, the first big benefit of this new partnership is that SG Fleet customers, old and new alike, will have access to Zoomo’s fleet of e-bikes. If you’re seeking a greener and more commercially viable way to make last-mile deliveries, particularly in built-up urban areas, this could be the perfect option.

Salary sacrifice e-bikes

Our partnership with Zoomo will also allow us to offer businesses of all sizes the chance for their employees to take advantage of e-bike salary sacrifice or e-bike leases through Novalease. a program we’ve previously only offered for car leasing. Both arrangements take the lease payments from the employee’s salaries before tax is taken, meaning your people can enjoy tax and National Insurance savings on the lease cost of the bike.

best, e-bike, rental, companies, couriers, zoomo

The future is greener

SG Fleet and Zoomo partnering for e-bike salary sacrifice and last-mile fleet delivery means that the UK vehicle leasing market just got greener – and we’re just getting started.

“This is an important investment for SG Fleet” said the company’s global CEO Robbie Blau. “We’re excited to work collaboratively with Zoomo in this arena that will allow us to deliver light electric vehicles as a viable, sustainable mobility alternative to enhance our customers’ fleets.”

“We’re also proud to partner with SG Fleet to help consumers and enterprises reduce the environmental impact of their transport,” said Zoomo Co-Founder and CEO Mina Nada.

“Light electric vehicles are the heart of our business and offer transformative growth. Our expertise in this space builds a strong platform for SG Fleet’s customer offering. We see immense potential in offering SG Fleet’s customers access to cleaner, more commercially viable solutions for last-mile delivery.”

Want to find out more about Zoomo e-bike lease options?

We know it doesn’t always make sense to send a 1.5t vehicle on a shorter cross-city journey – which makes Zoomo e-bikes the perfect option if you’re looking to reduce your fleet’s carbon footprint.

Additionally, e-bike salary sacrifice and novated leasing options allow your people to directly pay for e-bike hire from their own gross salaries, allowing you to lower your business’ scope through carbon emissions.

Whichever options appeals most, our partnership with Zoomo just gave your fleet even more ways to go green – which is great news for your business, your people, and the planet at large.

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