52V 21700 ebike battery. 52v 21700 ebike battery

v Luna Wolf Pup Battery Pack

52v 4ah200 watt hours (see our article about calculating ebike range)State of the art Samsung 21700 40T cells (see spec sheet)35amp continuous BMSWater resistant and collision proof Under 4 pounds and tinyWire bonded (single cell fusing)All the benefits and features of the Wolf Pack but smallerXT90 with spark resistor for charge plug, XT60 for charge plug

Another lists of Firsts

Luna Cycle is proud to announce a brand new state of the art battery made right here in the USA. In the ebike world where innovation seems to come slow, Luna is always fast and furious. We pride ourselves with our engineering and innovation right here in the USA. 2 years ago we announced the 2P Mighty Mini Cube battery which has been a very successful little pack for many riders. In 2019 we it a step further and do a 1P pack. the smallest most powerful ebike battery ever made with some of the best technologies ever. We cast it in the perfect shape to literally fit right up against a mid drive motor. We are the first ebike company to utilize the 21700 cell (the latest form sized cell used by Tesla).

Pup Sized and Big Power

For an ebiker bike real estate is your most valuable commodity. the Pup Pack is designed to fit almost anywhere on a bike. Using bleeding edge Samsung 40t 21700 cells it is as power dense as lithium packs come, and putting out ludicrous power despite its small compact size makes this a very special pack…despite its wimpy name “Pup Pack”.

We made the Pup Pack to fit any bike. especially full suspension mountain bikes which for years we have had the problem of where to fit the battery pack. Many sexy modern mountain bikes do not have any room in the triangle even for the smallest battery pack.maybe even not the puppy.

For that reason we designed the Wolf Pup so it can wedge right against the popular Bafang or Cyclone Mid Drives under the down tube. and have enough power to drive them to the moon.

Raw Ingredients Like No Other

For this pack we take advantage of the best hot rod battery cell on the market. The Samsung 40t. 21700 form factor (same as the latest Teslas) that is rated at 35 amps continuous per cell, and still having an amazing energy density at 4000 mAh per cell.

This pack is using our latest technology of injection molding the battery with military grade polyurea, which makes the pack both water and impact resistant. You can use the Pup Pack as a weapon and throw it at somebody (it is the size of a softball) and pick it back up and ride off with it.

Like always we use XT-90 and XT-60 for charge and discharge connectors, a connector that has become a standard for ebike batteries since we started building them 6 years ago.

We use quality silicone wire on this pack so that you can easily replace a burned or worn connector.

Every component in the pack (besides for the Samsung 40t cells and XT connectors) are custom designed and made in our El Segundo Factory. You get the ultimate in safety and reliability in this little pack at half the price of our Wolf Pack.

Versatile Mounting

The Pup pack has strong Velcro straps on one side and an indention to match nearly any bike frame downtube so that it can be strapped under the downtube. If you are running a BBSHD or BBS02 this pack is designed to nestle right up against the drive unit.

On the bottom side if the pack is a sheet of magnetic stainless steel, which not only makes the bottom of you pack bulletproof. you also have the option of mounting the pack on the top of your downtube using the Wolf Magnet mount system utilizing your bikes water bottle bosses. (Sold Separately)

With these two available mounting methods, coupled with its small size, this pack can be mounted just about anywhere. Also you can mount multiple Puppy Packs on different parts of the bike for added range. on the seat tube, on the handlebars, on the downtube…let your imagination go wild. Extra Wolf Pups can also be carried in a back pack for the unimaginative. Imagine an extra Pup Pack can give an extra 200 watt hours of boost whenever you need it. For back packers we are offering a XT90 leash extender…

Luna Success Story

For years we have had 5 full suspension KHS bikes with BBSHDs installed that we could not get a Wolf or Shark battery to fit no matter where we installed it. KHS who is local to us would show us no mercy and let us change the bike for another one despite being one of their largest dealers. We tried selling the bike with a Mighty Mini in a seat bag but nobody liked that dorky look. Now we finally have a Pup Pack that fits easily in the triangle or under the downtube. and we can finally sell these full suspension bikes…1600 deal of the decade! Watch our FB page for when this beauty comes up. first come first serve. Without the Pup Pack these bikes would still be collecting dust in our lobby. The Pup pack makes dream builds possible that might not otherwise be possible. We at Luna believe in building dream bikes. and encourage everyone to build their own dream bike. We hope the Pup pack will help solve some problems of where to put the battery. no reason any more for back pack batteries!

Extra Mounting Options:

  • Wolf Magnet Mount (20)
  • Circular Dual Magnet Mount (20)
  • Dielectric Grease (3)
  • XT90 Leash extender (20)

V Ebike Battery Supplier from China

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  • 500 Collaboration partners
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Your Professional 52V Ebike Battery Manufacturer

TLH battery has one professional electric bike battery manufacturer for over 10 years. We provide a 52V 18650 e-bike battery for a 48V motor which supplies more than 10% energy.

Our model TLH-EV036 and TLH-EV032B can be made as 52V.

V Ebike Battery

Model:TLH-EV036 52V 14.5Ah-17.5Ah Built with 30A continuous discharge peak current 40A Peak discharge current

Model :TLH-EV032B 52V 14.5Ah-17.5Ah Buitl with 30A continuous discharge current 40A peak discharge current

Strict Quality Control Process for 52V Ebike Battery Order

  • 52V Ebike batteries will be tested by our 48V motor
  • Only use Samsung, Panasonic, and LG cells
  • BMS is customized by our engineer and 100% fully testing
  • All 52V e-bike batteries have the falling testing

TLH Battery.52V Ebike Battery Supplier from China

TLH battery has been manufacturing a 52V e-bike battery pack for several years. If you would like to make your 48V motor electric bike more powerful. You can choose a 52V e-bike battery instead of a 48V Ebike battery.

The battery management system of our 52V e-bike battery is designed by our engineer director which has a small BMS size to suitable our battery case.

If you would like to design your own 52V e-bike battery

V E-bike battery – The Ultimate Guide

With the increase in electric bikes’ sales in the pandemic, users are looking for more efficient and powerful batteries.

52 Volt electric bike batteries are especially known for their bigger size and improved performance.

Here we have answered all the essential queries about 52V E-bike batteries to help you choose the best e-bike battery solution.

  • 1. What Are the Basic Guidelines for Installing The 52V E-Bike Battery in The Bike?
  • 2. What Are the Important Features of the 52V E-Bike Batteries?
  • 3. What Are 52V E-Bike Batteries Made Of?
  • 4. What Are the Maintenance Tips for 52V E-Bike Batteries?
  • 5. When Should You Discard the Old 52V E-Bike Battery?
  • 6. What Are the Available Upgrades for the 52V E-Bike Batteries?
  • 7. What Are the Consequences of Overcharging 52V E-Bike Batteries?
  • 8. What Are the Payment Options Offered by The TLH for the Purchase Of 52V E-Bike Batteries?
  • 9. What Is the MOQ for 52V E-Bike Batteries by TLH?
  • 10. How Should You Check the Battery Health of A 52V E-Bike Battery?
  • 11. Is It Possible to Charge A 52V E-Bike Battery with A 48V Charger?
  • 12. How Should You Keep the Large Quantities of 52v E-Bike Batteries?
  • 13. How Often Should You Charge Your 52 V E-Bike Battery? / How Long Does A Single Charge Of 52V E-Bike Batteries Last?
  • 14. Are 52V E-Bike Batteries Safe?
  • 15. What Experience Do You Have in The Manufacturing of the 52V E-Bike Batteries?
  • 16. What Safety Measures Should be Taken for 52V E-Bike Batteries?
  • 17. How Are 52V E-Bike Batteries Better Than 48V E-Bike Batteries?
  • 18. How Do the 52V E-Bikes Batteries Perform in Harsh Temperatures?

What Are the Basic Guidelines for Installing The 52V E-Bike Battery in The Bike?

Installing the e-bike battery in the bike is an important task in terms of the performance and the built of the bike.

There are plenty of aspects to be considered before installing an e-bike battery, such as the size of the electric bike, the framework of the bike, and the location for the battery to be placed.

Although most of the electric bikes have batteries fixed on the carrier rack, other areas of the bike for battery placement include saddle downpipe and frame down tube.

Figure 1 E-bike battery placement locations

52V E-bike batteries are quite compact and lightweight and can be placed on electric bikes with any battery placement area.

For installing our rectangular 52V E-bike battery to the bike, hose clamps or aluminum anchors can be used.

For the electric bikes with carrier rack placement, the batteries simply go into the rack.

TLH e-bike battery packs are made for all kinds of electric bikes and we also offer customized packs for our clients with one year guarantee.

What Are the Important Features of the 52V E-Bike Batteries?

Our 52V E-bike battery pack is designed with improved range, consistency, and speed using an additional series of cells to give extra power to the electric bikes.

We ensure to provide digitalized user interference for the 52-volt e-bike batteries which guarantees a better understanding of the battery pack.

52V E-bike batteries designed by TLH hold unparalleled value for the e-bike market due to their higher voltage and power efficiency, hence increasing the battery pack’s lifespan.

The higher voltage of 52V E-bike batteries allows the e-bikes to reach 28-30 MPH speed, equipped with our protective circuits and efficient battery management system.

For 52V E-bike batteries, TLH offers several network models including UART, CANBUS, Profibus, and Ethernet, etc.

Besides these models, we have services that provide you customized communication network for the electric battery pack.

If you are unsure which network plan to opt for, our team will provide you the best plan according to your specialized need.

We provide lifetime backing to our customers for our 52V E-bike batteries and the lifespan of our batteries ranges from 1 to 3 years.

We also deal with waterproof packaging and hard shells for the 52V E-bike batteries for the safety and protection of the battery packs.

Figure 2 E-bike battery cover

Our 52V E-bike battery pack is made with cell balancing and we use cells from renowned companies such as Panasonic, Samsung, and LG, etc.

52V E-bike battery pack offered by TLH has an LED battery pointer which gives the indication for the remaining power in the battery before the recharge.

We are here to plan BMS and 3D plans for e-bike batteries per clients’ needs.

What Are 52V E-Bike Batteries Made Of?

Like all of the e-bike batteries, our 52V E-bike battery packs are made up of lithium ions or lithium polymer.

52V E-bike batteries are rechargeable batteries made with one of the typical types of Li-ion cells called 18650 cells.

Some manufacturers use lead-acid to make e-bike batteries, but they are not as practical in real life as Li-ion batteries.

Both Li-ion and lead-acid e-bike batteries use cells with their respective electrodes and electrolytes.

Due to the issues regarding weight and the quality of the batteries, lead-acid batteries are less common in most parts of the world.

For example, in Europe, acid-lead e-bike battery manufacturing is only 1%, whereas, Li-ion e-bike batteries represent 99% of the total.

Many e-bike batteries are made from the extensions of lithium ions such as Lithium Polymer (LiPo) and Lithium Manganese (Li-Mn), which create inexpensive but fragile batteries.

We offer customized Li-ion 52V E-bike battery packs in ranging capacities, volts sizes, and shapes that can be built according to your needs.

What Are the Maintenance Tips for 52V E-Bike Batteries?

E-bike batteries are a crucial component of electric bikes, that require ultimate care and maintenance for their maximum performance.

Our 52V E-bike batteries are highly durable and can keep running up to ten years in case of regular maintenance and care.

Here are some of the important tips TLH recommends for the 52V E-bike batteries;

To preserve the e-bike battery, it is essential to remove the e-bike battery before cleaning the electric bike; it ensures the battery’s safety.

It is advisable to remove the batteries from the electric bikes when they are not being used, this keeps the batteries secure and in good condition over a more extended period of time.

When storing the 52V E-bike batteries, always place them in a cool or room temperature area, free from moisture.

Storing e-bike batteries in cool places lowers the risk of overheating the cells, which ruins the battery performance.

To keep the batteries safe from dust and moisture and to keep them at a normal temperature, always use battery covers.

We provide waterproof covers and hard shells for this purpose to ensure the protection of the batteries.

Stay aware of the charge time for the battery, overcharging or undercharging the battery affects the lifespan of the battery.

All of our e-bike batteries are Li-ion and they work best when completely charged, however, fully discharging the batteries regularly reduces their ability and performance.

Electric bike batteries are highly flammable and hence, should not be open for seeing the contents and not be put in a heated place.

When Should You Discard the Old 52V E-Bike Battery?

There is no one answer to this question, as the lifetime of an electric bike battery varies depending on multiple factors.

The simplest answer is that the lifespan of a battery is determined by its utilization, which indicates when it is time to discard the old battery.

Our 52V E-bike battery gives you 600 charging cycles which is a lot, especially at such high voltage.

In case of increased utilization than the set limit, battery performance will be compromised and it would have to be replaced before 600 charges.

If the battery is not being overused and kept with proper care, you would not have to discard it for almost 2.5 years.

We suggest charging the 52V E-bike battery packs at least once every 30-40 days for our retailers.

What Are the Available Upgrades for the 52V E-Bike Batteries?

In terms of upgrades of voltage and amp, 52V E-bike batteries are already an upgraded version of 48V E-bike batteries, with more cells.

Most of the electric bike batteries’ upgrades FOCUS on increasing the voltage of the battery to give it more power and hence better speed of the bike.

There is not much to upgrade in the 52V E-bike battery pack, however, TLH offers an improved version of this which is a 72V E-bike battery solution.

What Are the Consequences of Overcharging 52V E-Bike Batteries?

Charging a battery the correct way is a crucial task as it determines the lifespan of an electric bike battery.

For the 52V E-bike battery pack, it is best to consult the user manual provided by TLH, to fully understand the charging requirements.

Overcharging an e-bike battery is never advised, as it can reduce the lifetime of the battery and lead to malfunctioning.

The lifetime of a battery is basically the number of cycles completed before the battery becomes less efficient.

One of the dangerous consequences of overcharging the electric bike battery is overheating, which leads to a couple more problems of its own.

Overheating of an electric bike battery poses the risk of fires or blasts, although it is a rare sight, the chances are still there.

In case of having a fully charged battery in the bike, try to ride it to its maximum limit so that it is not in full charge while out of use.

Fortunately, our e-bike batteries are made with an LED pointer which lets you know the remaining battery percentage so that the chances of overcharging are limited.

Other than that, we make our batteries with Smart charging systems that stop the charging when it is fully charged so that there is no fear of overcharging.

What Are the Payment Options Offered by The TLH for the Purchase Of 52V E-Bike Batteries?

We accept payments through platforms such as PayPal, Payoneer, Visa, and Union Pay.

We make sure you approve the sample product before moving to the actual production of your order.

Typically, we request 30% of the total payment before starting the battery packs’ mass production.

After the creation has been done, batteries are packed and ready to be shipped, then we ask for the remaining 70% of the payment to be made before actually transporting the order.

For the clients that are looking for payment security, you can make your battery pack requests through our Alibaba store.

What Is the MOQ for 52V E-Bike Batteries by TLH?

Prior to the final battery pack request, we offer free sampling to our clients.

We do not believe in setting a specific number for minimum order quantity for 52V E-bike battery packs, however, we prefer clients requesting a handsome number of battery packs.

Our are much more reasonable and customer-friendly than the market and we also offer generous discounts to the clients with a huge amount of quantity.

After the mass production, we always offer multiple amendments to the packs until you become satisfied with your final product.

How Should You Check the Battery Health of A 52V E-Bike Battery?

Knowing the battery health of an electric bike helps estimate how much life the battery has left.

You can test the battery health of an e-bike battery by checking its current, voltage, and resistance.

For the purpose of measuring all three of these aspects, a multimeter is used.

The multimeter can be connected to the battery and shows measurement options for whichever function you want to check, be it voltage, current, or resistance.

Before starting to measure the battery’s health, make sure that the battery is in complete charge and has been removed from the e-bike.

Figure 4 Multimeter for E-bike batteries

Using the multimeter, check that the voltage shown is the same as the voltage mentioned in the battery specifications.

Repeat the same for the other two functions as well and compare them to the user manual of the battery.

The 52V E-bike battery pack most commonly measures a range of 58VDC to 42VDC.

Is It Possible to Charge A 52V E-Bike Battery with A 48V Charger?

The answer is no; you can not charge a 52V E-bike battery with a 48V E-bike battery charger.

The 52V E-bike battery is known for its higher voltage which then offers better performance and speed.

The charging voltage is much higher in 52V E-bike battery packs and can not be charged with a lower voltage battery pack.

The 48V E-bike battery charger doesn’t fulfill the charging needs of 52V E-bike batteries because it can only charge up to 70% and then stop due to voltage difference.

How Should You Keep the Large Quantities of 52v E-Bike Batteries?

We advise our clients to store their 52V E-bike battery packs in a dry and cool place to keep the batteries from overheating.

The recommended temperature for keeping the e-bike batteries is between 0°C to 10°C; at this temperature, the battery aging process slows down.

Temperatures as low as – 10°C and as high as 60°C can damage the battery and hence should be avoided.

Storing the e-bike batteries with a full charge or full discharge is unwise as it can affect the battery cells.

It is best to keep the battery packs with at least 50% charge, constant humidity levels, and at room temperature.

Studies suggest that the battery decomposition process is the slowest between the charge of 35-75%.

It is because at the charge of 80% or more the chemical activity of electrolytes and electrodes is Rapid.

In case of storing the battery packs for a longer period, try discharging them every 2 months.

Before storing the battery packs, separate the terminals of the battery to avoid any short circuit accidents and choose a storing area away from the fire hazards.

For using a battery, stored for a long time, always make sure all of its safety guidelines still apply and the protections are functional.

How Often Should You Charge Your 52 V E-Bike Battery? / How Long Does A Single Charge Of 52V E-Bike Batteries Last?

Our technical staff suggests that you should charge the 52V E-bike battery pack after each ride.

We recommend that you should cycle about 24 km to 114 km in a single charge of your 52V E-bike battery.

A typical Li-ion e-bike battery can be charged up to 90% in 2.5 hours and sometimes less depending on the voltage.

We provide 600 charging cycles for our e-bike batteries and recharging at a battery usage of 50% is considered as ½ of a charge cycle.

21700, ebike, battery

Keeping your battery fully charged every few weeks is essential, and on average you should recharge the battery packs when they have charged between 30% to 60%.

Never discharge your e-bike battery completely.

Are 52V E-Bike Batteries Safe?

52V E-bike batteries are completely safe as we make sure to test them in every aspect before sending them into the market.

We follow a strict quality control process for all of your orders for e-bike batteries.

Our QC staff examines and inspects each and every battery for your order and resolves any issue on the spot.

The technical staff at TLH is experienced at protecting the battery insulation to avoid any mishap from weak layers.

Tests are carried out to examine voltage, current, and charge life to enhance the user experience.

52V E-bike batteries are prepared with a Smart and efficient communication network, which allows us to be responsive to the faults faster.

Our e-bike batteries contain cell balancing systems installed, that regulate proper discharging and charging of the batteries.

You might have concerns about the ignition from e-bike batteries under certain conditions, but it is extremely rare and even becomes impossible if the batteries are kept and charged correctly.

For the safe use of 52V E-bike battery packs, keep them in a cool and dry place away from combustible substances.

What Experience Do You Have in The Manufacturing of the 52V E-Bike Batteries?

TLH is one of the leading names in Li-ion battery packs production with multiple variations and customizations.

We have been producing battery packs for electric bikes for the past fifteen years, with customer experiences from all over the world.

All of our E-bike batteries have advanced communication networks and profitable correspondences, such as CANBUS, Bluetooth, and UART.

Our sales team has outstanding communication skills and offers the best battery solutions for international clients.

Our staff is highly experienced and qualified for the creation, inspection, quality check, stuffing, and delivery of e-bike battery packs.

What Safety Measures Should be Taken for 52V E-Bike Batteries?

To avoid accidents or mishaps related to our 52V E-bike batteries, we have listed some important safety measures;

In case of inactivity, take the battery down to a minimum of 30% and store it in cool, dry, and constant weather.

After every 30 charges or so, completely discharge the battery so that it can regain its power and act effectively.

Avoid leaving the e-bike battery in a place where the temperature gets too hot or too cold, for it can lead to battery problems and might even cause accidents.

In case of cycling the electric bike at 100%, there will definitely be heat generated from the battery, let it cool down by removing the battery from the bike and pacing it in a cold place.

How Are 52V E-Bike Batteries Better Than 48V E-Bike Batteries?

We deal in electric bike batteries with ranging voltages, such as 36V E-bike battery, 48V E-bike battery, 52V E-bike battery, and 72V E-bike battery.

Among them, most common for electric bikes are either a 48V battery or a 52V battery, with each having its own properties.

The major difference between the two battery packs is performance and power.

One of the many reasons a 52V E-bike battery is considered better is because it offers better performance.

The efficiency and the power attained by a 52V E-bike battery is way higher than a 48V E-bike battery due to higher voltage.

The battery life and the charging cycles offered in the 52V E-bike battery are also longer as compared to the 48V E-bike battery.

The 48V E-bike battery suddenly drops in power at half-discharge, whereas the 52V E-bike battery will keep up the same power.

Most of the new models of electric bikes are compatible with 52V E-bike battery packs.

How Do the 52V E-Bikes Batteries Perform in Harsh Temperatures?

The electric bike batteries by TLH have ideal performance and activity even after the optimum temperature.

Our lithium-ion batteries are comparatively better at handling extreme temperatures as compared to other batteries.

Even though an electric bike battery is less reactive to extreme temperature, always try to keep and store it at room temperature.

Constantly covering and uncovering the battery packs can decrease the battery’s ability to resist harsh temperatures in the long run.

For understating the battery performance at certain temperatures, you should consult the user manual that comes with the battery pack.

People who live in extreme temperature locations, either too low or too high, need batteries with harsh temperature utilization.

For those, we can design warm and cold covers for the battery packs to normalize the internal temperature.

About TLH Battery

TLH Battery Has been the number one leading lithium-ion battery manufacturer for over 15 years.We are focusing on custom battery pack solutions for industries.

TLH Battery owns three international service centers in United Kingdom, America, and Germany. helping you address your troubles and quality issues.

Li-Ion Ebike Battery Charge Charts

Whats an 80% charge on a 48v battery? on a 36v? 52v? These charts give answers to questions like these on all common ebike battery voltages.

Remember, ALL numeric charts show ballpark values that may be numerically correct, but no generic chart can match your individual cell characteristics, your pack’s age or its chemistry. Bottom line: imperfect charts like this are still good baseline references. Use these and teach yourself how to read the voltage gauge on your display screen.

Quite some time ago, I produced a series of charge status charts for a variety of common lithium-ion battery voltages. They’ve become a fairly common link to help folks out on various groups who use these battery voltages in their ebikes.

I built them using Google Sheets, so they are not web pages, which I suppose has kept them from being widely linked in search engine results when people are looking at such things.

Here for the first time are direct links to the charts on a normal web page.

Volt (10S) Battery Charge Chart

The first link is to the lowest voltage: 36v. Generally this is the lowest voltage you will find on a modern, commercial ebike. Note that its called ’36 volt’ but really that is the ‘nominal’ value. A 36v battery is actually fully charged when it is at 42.0 volts.

Volt (13S) Battery Charge Chart

The next common size is 48v. These batteries are fully charged at 54.6 volts.

Volt (14S) Battery Charge Chart

The next battery voltage is 52v and very common. 52v batteries will work on systems designed for 48v, and why is easier to understand when you become aware that a ’48v’ battery really tops out at over 54 volts. A ’52v’ battery tops out at 58.8v, so it essentially lets you use a 48v system for a longer time at higher voltage levels that it is already designed to utilize.

Volt (16S) Battery Charge Chart

With a 100% charge voltage of 67.2 volts, when you have one of these you are getting into high voltage territory

Revv 1

20 MPH on throttle pedal assist. Additional class modes speeds.


Powerful 750w sustained geared hub motor with 95nm torque


30-60 miles depending on battery, rider weight, terrain, incline, level of assist, etc.


Durable Alloy Frame with internal protected locked electronics


Frame geometry components built for a comfortable upright position


The Revv 1 ships pre-programmed as a class 2 (pedelec) ebike which enables speeds of up to 20 MPH on pedal assist and throttle. The multi-class speed system gives riders the ability to configure the settings and switch between Class 2, Class 3, and ‘Off-Road’ mode which unlocks speeds of 28 MPH for private road use only. Learn more.

Service Support

Seasoned Bike Mechanics Offer Expert Technical Support and Friendly Customer Service.

1-Year Warranty

Every Ride1UP eBike Comes With a Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects. Terms Apply

Free Shipping

On All Bikes to Contiguous 48 States. 400 Direct Shipping to Canada. Exclusions Apply.


  • FS Frame Dimensions:
  • Total Weight 93lbs
  • Handlebar Height 40.5”
  • Handlebar Reach 14.75”
  • Seat Height 32.5″
  • Stand-Over Height 32.5”
  • Wheel Base 49″
  • Total Length 72″
  • HT Frame Dimensions:
  • Total Weight 83lbs
  • Handlebar Height 40.5”
  • Handlebar Reach 14.75”
  • Seat Height 32.5”
  • Stand-over Height 32.5″
  • Wheel Base 44”
  • Total Length 69″


Powerful integrated moto-style headlight and brake taillight. FS frame shown includes turn signals. (Signals not included on HT Frame)

Handlebar-Mounted, Two-Tone LCD Display. Customizable Pedal Assist (PAS) Settings and Advanced Metrics for Intelligent Riding Feedback.

All-terrain 20″x4″ e-moped fat tires for cruising comfort and advanced cornering traction. High performing and reliable –– perfect for variable terrain.

Heavy-duty, adjustable chainstay kickstand. High-load capacity for extra support and stability.

52V 4 Amp (FS) charger and cable 52V 3 Amp (HT) charger and cable LED indicator provides real-time charging status.

Two keys for the removable battery system. Theft protection design –– battery anxiety begone!

Shipping Information

In-stock Revv 1 models will ship out in the next 2-3 business days. Refer to each respective model for expected shipping times.

The bike will arrive 90% assembled (electronics are pre-assembled). Basic assembly is required.

The Revv 1 shipping dimensions vary by frame type:

FS (Full Suspension) – 62.5″ x 12.5″ x 34″ (L x W x H)

HT (Hardtail) – 58.5″ x 13″ x 34″ (L x W x H)


When will the Revv 1 ship out?

In-stock Revv 1 electric bike models require extra processing time and will ship out within 2-3 business days of placing your order.

Can I test ride an electric bicycle?

We are a direct-to-consumer electric bike company both in pricing and strategy. You will generally pay a premium for the ability to test ride an electric bike through a dealer. However, our electric bikes have been thoroughly tested by top reviewers such as Electric Bike Review, Electric Bike Report, Cycling Weekly, Clean Technica, Electrek, and many others who have published their reviews on YouTube. You can read electric bike reviews on any of those sites. Additionally, we are now supporting an independent network of owners offering their bikes for demos. Learn more about electric bicycle demos here Locations

What is the Return Policy for Revv 1?

We only accept returns on unopened and unused electric bike shipments for this model that have been reported within 14 days of delivery. You must provide photo documentation to verify the ebike was not opened or used. After approval by Ride1Up, return is subject to a 350 restocking fee per bicycle.

Once the bike has been received and passes inspection, Ride1Up will issue the refund less the 350 restocking fee. Learn more

What can I expect ordering a bike from Ride1UP?

This article will explain all about what to expect when ordering an electric bike from us. Ordering With Us

Can I upgrade the Revv 1’s battery?

If you purchase the Hardtail (HT) frame type, which comes with a 15ah battery, you can purchase the 20ah battery if it is in stock as an add-on. We cannot replace the 15ah battery with the 20ah battery before shipping out the hardtail bike.

Can I switch the handlebars to another electric bike model?

No, you cannot switch the handlebars on the Revv1. The variations you see on the site are the only options we have for our electric bike models.

Can you ship to _?

We only ship our electric bikes within North America. The Continental United States is FREE. Shipping electric bicycles to Canada is 400. Currently, not shipping to Hawaii. We are not responsible for any additional tariffs charged by your local government which are often-times applied after importing electric bikes. Unfortunately, we are not able to ship our electric bikes directly to Europe or Alaska at this time. You can use a shipping forwarder like ShopUsa.com to reach your country.

Are the bikes water-proof?

The electric bikes are not water-proof, they are water-resistant, rated IP-65. While we do not recommend leaving the bikes out in the rain or riding in the rain or other hazardous conditions due to personal safety, our electric bikes can handle water exposure. Leaving your ebike in the rain or other hazardous conditions could shorten the lifespan of the electric bike.

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What Is a Moped-style eBike?

The difference between an ebike and a moped-style ebike is all in design and top speed. Typically, moped electric bikes have programming and motor capabilities that allow for a higher top speed than class 3 ebike regulations allow. This is more than 28 mph, but designed for private property and technically not legal to ride on public roads at these speeds. Additionally, moped-style electric bikes are typically designed with wide tires, classic moto-inspired styling and have a retro look, akin to cafe racer motorcycles.

Our Revv1, available in Graphite Gray and Moss Green, is pre-programmed as a Class 2 e-bike, so you can ride most anywhere at twenty miles-per-hour with throttle and pedal assist. However, you can unlock the programming to reach speeds north of 28 mph. This is intended for private property only.

This agile and robust bike is tough enough to cope with the most demanding of rides. However, with its practical and sturdy design, it remains suited to any rider with a comfortable saddle, upright riding position and throttle forward use-case that provides a boost up to twenty-eight MPH or more when unlocked for “Off-Road Mode”

What Is the Difference Between a Moped eBike and Electric Moped?

A regular electric moped works on a twist-and-go basis. Akin to a motorcycle, they do not have pedals, require insurance and registration and are heavier than an electric bike because of a larger battery and frame build. An electric moped ebike incorporates a motor, does not require insurance or registration and has pedals so in theory, the rider is intended to power the bike by pedaling. This design bypasses the regulatory needs of a moped, has a smaller, lighter battery and incorporates an element of exercise that you do not get with an electric moped or electric motorcycle.

Ride1Up’s electric moped bike takes all the best bits from both types of vehicles and blends them to create something different. The Revv1 is a moped-style e-bike engineered with a café racer, moto-inspired design, giving our riders the best of both worlds.

What Are the Benefits of a Moped Ebike?

There are tons of reasons to consider an electric moped bike, commonly referred to as a moped-style ebike, whether you’re looking for a next-gen e-bike upgrade or an electric moped experience capable of more than a typical commute.

The Revv1 suits every environment, from stop-start city travel to off-road adrenaline-fueled rides and everything in between. Variable settings allow you to ride safely anywhere, releasing higher speeds for weekend off-roading or sticking to permitted top speeds on public roads. An electric moped ebike provides great energy-efficiency, where you can rely on the pedal assist to extend your range or use the throttle when you’re looking for a more thrilling, faster pace experience.

You’ll find the quiet motor, and lack of fumes a literal breath of fresh air, whether you’re navigating through heavy traffic or enjoying the feeling of cruising confidently for a superior ebiking experience.

How Is the Revv1 Different From a Traditional Electric Moped?

The Revv1 is a full-spec moped-style ebike with the safety features and functionality you’d expect from any premium-quality ebike–but the comparisons stop there! This exceptional electric moped acts like a hybrid between the two, with the capacity and build to cope with high-speed, rough multi-terrain off-road rides, with a super-stylish frame, rugged wide-profile tires, and a powerful motor.

Riders can commute in style, with an ergonomic frame created for comfort, and let loose on private land, by switching to Off-Road mode and unlocking speeds of twenty-eight MPH and above. If you’re after a fantastic moped-style ebike that looks incredible and adds exhilaration to your off-road adventures, the Revv1 is the only bike for you.

This is not an electric scooter, but like some of the fastest electric mopeds, we’ve added some extra-special features to boost your riding experience, with superb traction tires, a two-tone mounted display, and moto-style headlights, turn signals, horn and bright braking lights as a finishing touch.

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