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Ariel Rider D-Class Review – A Dual Motor Ebike that Handles it All

I have to admit, my first few seconds with the Ariel Rider D Class made me a touch nervous. I’ve never been a motorcycle rider, and my one foray as a friend tried to teach me didn’t go well. I mention this because the Ariel Rider D-Class definitely looks and feels like a mini motorcycle. After reviewing the Ariel Rider X-Class last year, we were excited to get our hands on a D-Class for a full review. By the way, the D in D-Class stands for dual motor, which most certainly adds to the fun factor of this electric bike.

The D-Class, currently priced at 5000,399 is an ebike in a class of ebikes that feel more like lower-speed motorcycles. On my recent ride on one, we even navigated a construction zone that was rougher than we expected. It cruised over the soft mounds of dirt and divots and pits like they were nothing. Thanks to the fat tires and suspension, the ride was remarkably smooth even over the roughest terrain or loosest dirt that would swallow up a mountain bike.

The D-Class stands in a class almost its own. With its dual motors powerful enough to pick up the front tire from a standstill (Seriously, it’s a combination of feeling a little jarring, but satisfying knowing just how powerful this ebike is), this is a bike for some serious off-roading or fast street riding. Nothing will stop you on this powerful machine. Just be sure you ease into it so you don’t hurt yourself.

Before we get into the details, one note about assembling the D-Class. The box was larger than most ebike boxes since the front wheel comes installed. This is a good thing because remember, there is a motor (along with appropriate power connections) on the front of the bike. This made the D-Class one of the easiest bikes to assemble, especially considering the way the handlebars slide into place. Note that there is a range of handlebar height adjustability depending on your preference.

Ariel Rider D Class – the frame

Much like the Ariel X Class, straddling the D-Class feels like getting on a motorcycle. Its saddle (could you even call it that?) is a long, wide motorcycle-style banana seat which, with the pegs installed, means another rider could easily ride on the back. The cushy rear seat on the D-Class is much softer than the elongated seat that is available on the X-Class.

Everything from the handlebars to the suspension screams motorcycle. Speaking of handlebars, some riders will certainly appreciate the more upright riding style compared to the more aggressive riding style on the Ariel Rider X-Class.

One nice touch? A bottle holder comes built into the top tube (well, between the two tubes that make up the top tube). On a bike this smooth, you could actually pull off having a drink in the holder without it spilling all over the place.

The Components

The D Class comes with an 18 Ah battery (864 watt-hours) with Samsung cells, which Ariel Rider says is the same top-of-the-line technology used in Teslas. The battery should last around 50 miles, according to Ariel, but that’s pedaling with low-level pedal assist, which surely few will do on a bike this fun. realistic – other owners say you’ll probably get about an hour or so of cruising around with the throttle, more or less depending on whether you use a single or dual-motor mode. This lined up with my own test ride — about half an hour of riding, switching between the two modes, took up about half the battery.

Ariel Rider opted for an inverted suspension fork on the D-Class which seems to break in over time. It helps too that you’re riding on Kenda Krusade Sport 20×4″ fat bike tires (which add to the motorcycle image). And the Tektro hydraulic brakes with 180mm rotors will help you stop all of that momentum. We love that Ariel Rider includes hydraulic disc brakes on several of their ebikes.

Some nice touches: front and rear lights that also resemble motorcycle lights – they were nice to pop on as dusk approached at the end of our test ride. The front light is especially powerful and you are bound to be seen by other motorists. And the brakes feature a motor cutoff, a feature which immediately cuts power to the motors when the brakes are pressed.

Another feature worth calling out is the color LCD screen, positioned right in the center of the handlebars. It is the nicest display on any ebike that the Ebike Escape team has tested out. It has loads of information and you can go into the advanced settings and customize the bike further to your liking (Ariel Rider has a nice user guide online).

Our picks for the Best City and Urban Electric Bikes of 2023

There are an absurd number of e-bikes on the market today, and they come in all shapes, sizes, and variations, and intended uses.

Because of that, we’re not going to kid you (or ourselves) by claiming this best list is perfect. What this list is, is a hard-debated and long-considered inventory of – in EBR’s opinion – some of the best city and urban e-bikes available.

We know all of these bikes intimately; we’ve pedaled them hundreds of miles up hills, through traffic and we’ve even put them through a gamut of tests to fully understand how well they perform. Those on this list stood out the most from the dozens of similar bikes we’ve tested.

We evaluated city and urban bikes based on a few key criteria, mainly:

  • Range: How long will the battery last? And how long could you actually ride the bike before it becomes uncomfortable? City and Urban bikes typically need to cover shorter distances but they should be able to last for a solid day of riding.
  • Weight: Could you carry the bike up a flight of stairs or lift it onto a bus? This is a tough bar to clear for most e-bikes, but we feel the cutoff for city and urban bikes is around 50 lbs.
  • Maneuverability: Can the bike fit into tight spaces between cars and is it quick enough to dodge pedestrians? Also, does it fold up?
  • Other: We also weigh a host of other variables, ranging from the type of rack(s) it’s outfitted with to the bike’s styling and body positioning.

Remember that many of these criteria are subjective. The EBR brain trust has a lot of experience on bicycles, but by no means are we trying to impress an elitist position on what bikes should and shouldn’t be used for. That’s the cool thing about bikes — especially e-bikes! — you can do just about anything on any bike if you try hard enough.

Aventon Soltera

The Best Overall City and Urban Electric Bike, 2023

While Aventon is probably best known these days for its fat tire Aventure model, their Soltera e-bike brings the same level of quality, performance-for-cost value, and reliability to a city model that hearkens back to the company’s roots.

As a 41-lb, feature-light e-bike, the Soltera’s design is heavily influenced by the fixed-gear (or “fixie”) bicycles that initially put Aventon on the map. As such, it doesn’t have too many bells and whistles, but it does feel remarkably solid and well-built. The bike is available with either a single-speed drivetrain that calls back to its fixie heritage, as well as a 7-speed option for more flexibility. It’s also a Class 2 e-bike,

The Soltera’s stealthy appearance will appeal to those who don’t want an obvious e-bike, and its small but effective 350W rear hub motor is subtle enough to appease anyone looking for a feel resembling that of a non-electric bicycle. Considering that it IS an e-bike, however, the Soltera’s 36V, 10 Ah battery gave the single-speed version we tested an impressive range.

To top it off, the Soltera is firmly planted on the affordable end of the spectrum of e-bike prices; the single-speed version can be picked up for around 450,000. For those wanting more flexibility with gearing, the 7-speed option is just a couple hundred bucks more.


  • Stealthy design; the recessed battery and rear hub motor are the only things that identify this as an e-bike.
  • A low weight of just 41 lbs makes the bike responsive, easy to carry, and faster to accelerate or climb hills.
  • Considering price, the range provided by its 36V, 10 Ah battery is solid.
  • The option of either a single- or 7-speed drivetrain.
  • We appreciated the rear taillights being inset into the seat stays, as well as the full-color display.


  • The bike’s small-ish 350W rear hub motor requires a bit of work from the rider, but adds to the Soltera’s non-electric spirit.
  • The absence of included accessories (like a rear rack) may be a turn-off to some but can be added separately.

Lectric XP Lite

The Best Affordable City and Urban Electric Bike, 2023

We don’t often recommend e-bikes below the 450,000 mark due to performance and quality concerns, but every model we’ve tested from Lectric has met – and often exceeded – our expectations. The Lectric XP Lite lands on this list for its budget-friendliness, but also for its portability; the bike folds to a compact size for transport and/or storage and is easy to lift and carry.

Weight is a big factor for city bikes; the lighter they are, the easier it is to carry them up to a 2nd- or 3rd-story apartment. The XP Lite’s 46 lbs falls below our threshold for urban e-bike weight, and its battery can be removed to shave off another 7 lbs when carrying. Such a low weight also allows the bike to be more nimble and maneuverable, and grants it faster acceleration.

The XP Lite is basic, but still highly functional; its single-speed drivetrain keeps things simple and cost-effective but requires less maintenance, and riders can rely on the pedal-assist system to adjust speed and hill-climbing ability. Furthermore, commuters looking for utilitarian accessories like fenders, a cargo rack, and pannier bags can add Lectric’s “Carry Package” for an extra hundred bucks.

It’s capable and versatile, too! The bike’s 300W motor is modest, but as a Class 2 e-bike, it can travel up to 20 mph through throttle or pedal assist. It lacks a front suspension, but knobby tires can allow riders to cut across short dirt lots or take similar shortcuts.

The Lectric XP Lite has a lot to love for budget-conscious riders, which is why we chose it for the Best Affordable City and Urban Electric Bike.


  • A great bike at a great price! It’s fun and practical, which is a rare combination for under 450,000.
  • Nimble maneuvering thanks to a low weight of just 46 lbs.
  • Lifting can be made easier by removing the 7-lb internally-hidden battery.
  • Fewer flats thanks to tubes that come pre-filled with slime.
  • Can handle limited travel on dirt with its knobby tires.
  • The bike has a surprising 275-lb total payload capacity!


electric, trike, accessories, your
  • Not a HUGE deal, but we’d prefer the ability to ride without the key in the battery.
  • The single-speed drivetrain is cost-friendly and simple, but may be limiting to some riders.
electric, trike, accessories, your

Buyer’s guide to adult tricycles

A decade ago, it was almost impossible to find an adult trike on sale in the UK. But in the intervening years, adult tricycles have undergone an explosion in popularity, resulting in a wide range of options for those wanting to ride on three wheels.

Now, you can find tricycles with different wheel configurations, off-road tricycles, electric tricycles and disability tricycles. In this guide, we explore the world of tricycles for adults and everything you need to know if you’re looking to buy a tricycle.

electric, trike, accessories, your

What is an adult tricycle?

People choose to ride tricycles for a variety of reasons, including balance issues and having not learned to ride a bicycle. ICE Trikes

Quite simply, an adult tricycle is a cycle with three wheels. Adult tricycles have a single wheel and a pair of wheels, either at the rear or the front.

The sitting and steering configuration and drivetrain vary little from a standard two-wheel bicycle, with the rider atop a saddle and powering the cycle with their legs.

There are many reasons why adults ride tricycles as opposed to two-wheel cycles. Some adult tricycle riders have moved across to three-wheel cycles due to balance or health issues.

Other tricycle riders are part of the nearly 10 per cent of UK adults who have never learned to ride a bicycle. Many adults find that learning to cycle is significantly easier with three wheels providing a stable platform from which to get going.

Within the UK, and globally, there are a wide variety of tricycle manufacturers ranging from the likes of Pashley, which offers a vintage-style tricycle, to more niche adult tricycle specialists who create rugged off-road mountain-ready or disability-specific trikes.

Pros and cons of adult tricycles

The greatest advantage of a tricycle over a bicycle is the cycle stays upright when you start and stop moving.

However, once you’re under way, the terrain you’re riding on can have a greater impact on stability with off-camber and pot-holed paths and roads causing instability that you naturally avoid on a two-wheel bike.

Tricycles generally have low step-throughs making them easier to mount than many bicycles, and a good choice for some older riders. The large space between the pair of wheels is ideal for storage or carrying children.

Unlike bicycles, where larger wheels increase stability, larger wheels on trikes raise the centre of gravity making them less stable on uneven terrain or at speed.

Some electric trikes include a ‘walking’ function so that riders can move at a slow pace without turning the wheels. Riders can find this gives them the confidence to ride more and further, which in turn can build the fitness they need.

The electric motor assistance means a loaded trike with shopping or passengers can still make it up hills.

Tricycles can be tailored to the individual needs of disabled riders in several ways. Riders can be made to feel more secure and comfortable on tricycles, with the addition of trunk and torso support and even ankle foot orthoses (AFOs), which keep their feet and ankles in the correct alignment and in position on the pedals.

Sadly, due to increased engineering and reduced production volumes, tricycles tend to be more expensive than standard bicycles. However, there is a good market for second-hand trikes, which is the best way to buy a ‘cheap’ trike.

Types of adult tricycle

Delta tricycles

Delta tricycles feature a single front wheel and pair of wheels at the rear. These tricycles provide a wide wheelbase and low centre of gravity, giving stability and storage space. Most of the adult tricycles on the market are in this format.

Tadpole tricycles

Tadpole tricycles have two wheels at the front and a single rear wheel. These are great for riders with spatial awareness issues because they can see the width of the two wheels and know immediately whether they can fit through a gap.

Tadpole tricycles can also be more stable than delta tricycles, so this wheel configuration is more common on tricycles for off-road riding.

Off-road tricycles

Off-road tricycles are designed to go over rough terrain, giving riders access to more of the countryside.

They will often feature large-volume tyres with plenty of grip and a suspension fork for a smoother ride.

Off-road trikes often include a larger 24in front wheel with smaller 20in rear wheels. This combination of wheel sizes aids manoeuvrability and stability because the smaller wheels at the rear reduce the centre of gravity overall.

Electric tricycles

The Rad Power Bikes electric tricycle is framed as “car-alternative transportation”. Rad Power Bikes

Electric tricycles are increasingly common because they help riders cycle with the added weight of luggage and enable them to travel further. Electric tricycles also reduce the need for wide gear ratios.

Like on the best electric bikes, the electric motor’s assistance kicks in with pedalling. Many electric tricycles also have a walking function and a throttle, which can overcome inertia when setting off.

Disability tricycles

Beyond unique adaptions for a rider, such as torso support or pedal-related devices, disability tricycles are generally wheelchair transporter trikes.

These tricycles have a flatbed at the front that holds a wheelchair or a bucket seat, which supports the passenger.

These adaptive cycles enable people with paralysis to enjoy the experience of cycling.

Racing and touring tricycles

akin to their two-wheeled counterpart, racing and touring tricycles often feature drop bars and 700C wheels.

They are elegant speed machines, which are comfortable and capable of long-distance riding.

The Tricycle Association is a great place to start if you’re looking to ride one of these.

Folding adult tricycles

The downside of adult trikes can be their size, with the large wheelbases making them difficult to store or transport.

Folding adult tricycles are one option if space is a concern. Many folding tricycles fold in the middle, reducing their length, and there are some that fold small enough to fit through a conventional doorway.

If you’re looking for a tricycle that folds even smaller, the Italian manufacturer Di Blasi has created a trike that folds completely, leaving you with a cube barely bigger than the wheel diameter.

00w Quietkat Fat Electric Bike

Quietkat Apex Electric Hunting Bike

One of the best bikes for hunting, the Apex 1000 has a maximum unassisted speed of 25MPH. Just like the Warrior 1000, this eBike can haul a lot of gear and has a load capacity of 300 pounds. The bikes also share the same BBSHD 1000w Mid-Drive motor and a 48v/11.6ah Panasonic battery.

A digital display is also included with the Apex 1000 which makes keeping up with the battery life a breeze. This will help to prevent running out of juice and you will know when it is time to head back home for a charge. Ride in comfort no matter the terrain with Mozo Air Suspension. Stand over a height of 32 inches.

This bike comes in two different colors including black and camo. Shimano Deore 9-Speed gearing and a stainless-steel drive chain will help you blaze new trails. The Apex 1000 is the perfect bike for those hunters looking for both quality and value. Along with the Warrior, this is the alpha male of the Quietkat line of ebikes in terms of muscle.

00w Rambo Fat Electric Bike

Rambo R1000XP G3 Carbon

If you are looking for a hunting eBike that will allow you to quickly get from point A to B while not being seen, then the R1000XP G3 Carbon might be right for you! Designed with the big game hunter in mind, the R1000XP G3 has a maximum carrying capacity of up to 300 pounds.

With a durable aluminum alloy 6061 frame, this bike will have no problem handling the pressures of deep woods hunting. This impressive bike is powered by a Bafang 1,000-watt BBSHD high torque mid-drive motor that will give you a top speed of 28 MPH without pedaling.

The motor is encased in the frame of the bike which gives you better ground clearance. A long-lasting eBike, this model comes standard with a Panasonic 48V 14.5AH battery that can be quickly recharged while not in use. This gives you a total range of 20 miles without the need for pedaling. A thumb throttle allows you to easily control the bike while you are ascending difficult terrain.

The total weight of the eBike is only 69 pounds which makes it easy to carry around. A digital display makes it easy for you to keep up with your speed and battery usage. Already before the launch date, the R1000XP has been selling well as the robust standard that is Rambo holds through here, always tough but now even more powerful.


The bike came packaged correctly. It was easy to put together. It is an absolute blast to ride on the road or off-road in the grass or hard sand.Solid buy. Daniel B

00w Rambo Camo Electric Hunting Bike

Rambo R1000XP G3 Camo

Another tough and rugged 1000-watt eBike model that Rambo has to offer is the R1000XP G3 True Timber Camo. This stealthy bike comes in a True Timber Viper Western-pattern that will let you easily blend in your surroundings. Great for reaching hard to get to locations, this bike is powered by a Bafang 1,000-watt BBSHD high torque mid-drive.

Having this much power will give you a maximum speed of 28 MPH without the need for pedaling and a maximum range of 20 plus miles. A long-lasting Panasonic 48V 14.5AH also helps get you from place to place without having to worry about running out of juice. Great for extended hunts, this eBike has a maximum carrying capacity of up to 300 pounds.

This will allow you to carry plenty of gear while out in the backwoods. Just like many of the Rambo models, the R1000XP G3 comes with a durable aluminum alloy 6061 frame. Keeping up with battery usage and your speed will be easy to do because this bike comes with a handy digital display.

00w/750w Bakcou Electric Bike

Bakcou Mule

The Bakcou Mule comes in two different power options, the 750-watt and the 1000-watt. Each of these options comes standard with a Bafang mid-drive electric motor with a torque sensor. The bike has a maximum range of 40 miles making it one of the best for hunting ever produced.

This powerful eBike was designed with the hunter in mind and comes in several different colors including matte black, gloss red and Special Edition Kuiu Verde 2.0 for those looking to blend in with nature. Stopping quickly on the trail won’t be an issue with the Mule because it comes standard with a pair of 203MM hydraulic disc brakes. A set of aggressive skid-proof pedals help hunters power past even the toughest off-road challenges.

While this eBike is a powerful animal, it also provides a smooth ride for hunters with its shock-absorbing seat post. The strong aluminum alloy frame that this model is built from can stand up to the test of time.

A pair of 26-inch by 4-inch tires help you power through mud and blow past the sand. It has a load capacity of up to 300 pounds so carrying around your gear will not be a problem. Driving this model in the wild is very easy because it comes with a 9-speed Shimano Alivio Hill-Climbing gearing system. Stand over a height of 26 inches.

The MULE is by far their most popular bike and has become the benchmark of a high standard! Bakcou have spent countless hours in research, development, testing, and trial of the MULE and believe it is the absolute BEST hunting ebike on the market!

The torque sensing Bafang Ultra mid-drive motor certainly sets it apart from its competition but the air suspension, hill climbing, small front chainring and large rear cassette gearing, wide handlebars, locking grips, aggressive wide pedals, large 203 rotors, and hydraulic brakes, Maxxis Minion tires with puncture-proof lining placed between the tube and tire is what makes it so comfortable, safe, functional, and fun to ride. As you can see, the Mule in all its glory is one of the best eBikes for hunters.

electric, trike, accessories, your

This bike is an absolute beast, and a blast to ride. It came extremely well packaged, and assembly was a breeze. It is feature rich, and the purchase experience was very simple and enjoyable Christian A

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