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How to Remove the Speed Limiter on an Electric Scooter?

Before starting the process, you should know that every scooter has its way of removing the speed limiter. In some electric scooters, you have to cut wires, while in some, you can do that using display and particular buttons.

Generally, when removing the speed limiter on the electric scooter, you will have to perform easy-to-do steps. By doing these, you will highly ensure the maximum speed of your vehicle.

7 Easy Steps to Make Electric Scooter Faster by Display:

  • Turn on the electric scooter display.
  • Press, and hold the electronic brake from the handle
  • During operation, keep the brake pressed.
  • Now, you have to press the power button, and it’ll show you P1 on display.
  • Move P1 to P3 by using a button here, called Light.
  • When you have done with this, press the “S” button to set your desired settings.
  • Congratulations, the speed limiter has been removed now. Turn on the scooter, get your hands off to the brake, and enjoy your ride.

7 Simple Steps to Manually Increase E-Scooter Speed by Removing Limiter:

  • Start with the two crosshead screws at the bottom, front of the deck, and remove with a pincer.
  • Next are the two crosshead screws at the top; remove them with a pincer.
  • Now, slide the casing open towards the front wheel.
  • Here, you will have a look at a bunch of wires. Usually, there are four wires of one color. Let’s assume you have found the four white wires; what’s next!
  • Pull out, and cut them at the base using a screwdriver.
  • Tape the wires to keep them clean of dirt, and then close the casing by sliding it back.
  • Pull the four crosshead screws back, and you have done this!

So, that’s how to increase the speed of electric scooters by removing the limiter. But still, there are lots of other factors present that can make your electric scooter faster.

How to Make Your Electric Scooter Faster?

Making Electric Scooter faster is mainly demanded by people to enjoy more fun journey on their E-rides. If you are one of them, you can also make your scooter fast by following these easy steps.

Remove Speed Limitations

Removing speed limitations by removing the speed limiter is one of the easiest and top ways. You can perform this using your electric scooter display without getting your hands dirty. Also, you can do this manually using the tool. You can check out the above section in this regard!

Keep Your Battery Charged

If your electric scooter battery is not adequately charged, you will undoubtedly face lower top speed and poor acceleration. The lower the battery level, the lower the rate will be.

If you have an electric scooter, you will surely experience performance differences when the battery goes downwards. It has been observed that electric scooters will show poor acceleration when the battery is 35% to 40%. On the other hand, it’s hard to reach the maximum or top speed when your scooter’s battery ranges from 20% to 40%.

So, to enjoy the maximum speed of your electric scooter, you have to make sure the battery is adequately charged and the maintenance. Otherwise, your electric scooter will not go to full speed.

speed, unlock, clean, risk-free

Prioritize the Use of Airless Tires

Airless tires are found to be stickier with the road and ensure less friction with the ground. So, when you have less friction produced, ultimately, you will enjoy higher speeds. Besides, it has been observed that these tires also promote autonomy, enabling more chances to ride more miles.

Sprockets Change or Renovation

Sprocket renovation depends upon the age of your vehicle; if it is new, definitely renovation is not a good option to adopt. To enhance the electric scooter speed, the sprockets should produce no friction. So, you are highly advised to spray some oil after intervals to reduce the friction.

By the time, sprockets wear and generate more friction, even with other components. That’s what highly impacts the scooter speeds. You can also change them with new ones; this will create a huge difference.

Parts or Accessories Maintenance

Maintenance of electric scooter accessories is a bit of essential advice to you, by following which you can ensure maximum speed of the scooter. Even if a single part is not working correctly, try to maintain or replace it. If you don’t do this, it’ll later impact other features too.

For example, shocks and bumps highly impact the other electric scooter parts during high-speed riding.

Use an App to Make Electric Scooter Faster

An electric scooter can be a great way to get around, but sometimes you need extra speed. There are things to make your electric scooter faster, but one of the easiest is downloading a particular app.

There are a few different apps available that can help you make your electric scooter faster. One of the most popular is the “ Electric Scooter Speed Boost App ” and it’s available for Android and iOS devices.

Once you download and install the app, you must open it up and follow the instructions. After you’ve installed the app, you’ll need to restart your electric scooter. Once it’s turned back on, you should notice it going faster than before.

Electric Scooter secret Speed Limit Remote Control : Underground

Technical Hacks Increase Scooter Speed Limit

These are the changes that you do not have to make in your routine. For example, the replacement of shocks and bumps, when they reach their durability or rewind of motor, etc. These are the things that can be included in uncommon changes.

It has been observed that uncommon changes highly boost the electric scooter speed. Here, the two significant distinctive changes to maximize the speed of an electric scooter have been described below.

Change Your Scooter Battery

Changing your electric scooter’s battery may be hard for you. We understand that it’s challenging to find a suitable battery that will fit in the tiny space, but doing this will highly maximize the scooter’s speed. When you change the battery, proper and higher voltages will transfer to all of the resting components that propel you to higher speeds. Keep this highly in your mind!

Before changing, or replacing your battery with a high voltage battery, make sure your scooter and its components are built for higher voltages or not. Because if you fit a powerful battery into the scooter, maybe it can damage the electrical components of the motor itself.

Rewind Your Scooter Motor

It’s a risky and complicated solution that should not be performed while you have a time warranty. Once your genuine contract has expired, you can implement this method. Rewinding an electric scooter motor will give you less torque and higher RPM, directly increasing the scooter speed.

Let’s analyze how we can remove speed limiters on different electric scooter models!

How to Remove Speed Limiter on Electric Scooter Ninebot?

Well, when you wish to remove the segway speed limiter is easy. What you need to do is you have to download a mobile application and connect it to your electric segway Ninebot scooter via Bluetooth.

Here, Xiaomi Flasher is an application. Install this into your smartphone. Now, power on your scooter and connect to your vehicle. You will find different flash versions, download any of these, and it’ll start progressing.

Once it has been downloaded, turn off your scooter, and then on after a while. Now, go to the web and search for When you reach that page, make settings according to you, and click on the download button.

Then go to ES downG, allow the app, and then connect to the scooter. That’s how you can maintain and increase your scooter speed.

Different ways of making your electric scooter faster

To make things easier to understand and apply, the ways to make your scooter faster are divided into three types:

Risk-free methods

These methods are all safe ways to get maximum speed from your scooter. They don’t require messing with its internals, don’t pose any risk of defects to it, and will not void your warranty.

However, they will typically just remove some obstacles that prevent your scooter from reaching the maximum advertised speed. If you want speeds higher than those, you will have to play around with your scooter’s internals and dig a bit deeper. Before you do that, make sure you’ve gone through all of the risk-free methods and you can get at least the maximum speed that you should be getting without risking messing up some of the mechanical parts.

speed, unlock, clean, risk-free

Modifying methods

If you are determined to modify your scooter in order to speed it up, you should know what you’re getting yourself into first.

All the modifying methods serve one purpose – to enable you to go faster than the scooter manufacturer intends. If you’re really after getting the most out of your performance, you will first have to remove the speed limiters.

If you want to go even further, you will have to do some additional battery optimizations, either upgrading the battery to a more powerful one, adding an extra battery, or both.

All of those processes may void your warranty and damage your scooter.

Advanced methods

Finally, there are a few other mechanical methods to get a little more power out of your scooter. They also include opening up your scooter and doing serious changes to its internals, so they should only be considered as a last resort.

Tips to make your electric scooter faster

These are all the ways you can increase the speed of your scooter.

Make sure your scooter is fully unlocked and you are in the fastest mode (risk-free)

To the more experienced rider, this one will be obvious.

But I’m still surprised by the number of people that keep complaining that their scooter was slow, only to later find out that they’ve either not done the setup properly, or are not in the fastest possible mode.

If your scooter has been unusually slow from the beginning, it is likely that you are facing one of these issues.

Some scooters start in a sort of a locked mode, most often to comply with local laws and regulations for scooters.

Most often, you need to connect the scooter to the mobile app and create your profile there. You should then be able to unlock the maximum speeds.

Also, almost every electric scooter has more than one driving mode, usually three. To be able to go at the maximum speed, make sure your scooter is in the fastest mode. The modes in the modern scooters are usually toggled by double or triple pressing the power button on the screen.

Go through your manual or a tutorial about your specific scooter. The instructions are usually very simple to follow.

Charge your battery to 100% (risk-free)

Your speed will greatly depend on your battery.

While the power of the motor itself, and the power of the battery will be the primary factors, the battery charge level often plays an important role too.

The voltage of a battery drops as its charge drops, and the drop in voltage is directly causing a drop in performance. This is true for both lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries, but especially so for the latter. Luckily, most modern scooters have lithium-ion batteries, so this will not be as pronounced as with scooters from 10 years ago, for example.

Many scooters enter power-saving mode when the battery is getting close to being empty. To save power, they often limit performance and the maximum speed at which you can go.

For some scooters, there might be a drop in top speed even if the battery level drops below 90%.

People have reported this over and over again – when their batteries are near empty, or sometimes even half full, their scooters just don’t perform as well.

Charging your battery to the fullest will make sure your scooter gives you the maximum speed it is capable of. If you can’t find the exact charging time for your scooter, see the scooter charge time guide, or the scooter charge time calculator.

Turn off the lights and other components that drain the battery (risk-free)

Related to the above, you want to make sure that your battery can be used for your performance as much as possible, and for auxiliary functions as little as possible.

I’ve noticed this myself, and seen countless reviews and Комментарии и мнения владельцев online that confirm it as well. For a lot of models, the maximum speed will suffer when the lights are turned on. This is true even for cars, as lights are one of the biggest consumers of batteries, and cars usually have even bigger batteries.

Now, a warning: safety must come first! If you’re driving at night, especially in areas that are not well lit, don’t turn off your lights. Those few extra kilometers per hour are not worth risking your safety.

For maximum speed, just make sure your scooter’s lights are turned off during the day, or potentially turned off if you’re riding in a very well-lit area.

The same applies to the other resources that require energy in your scooter.

Reduce the load (risk-free)

It is a fact of physics – the less weight your scooter needs to pull, the faster it can go. If you lose unnecessary weight, you can expect your max speed to go up.

Another safety warning – never get rid of your helmet or other safety equipment just for the sake of going faster! Again, really not worth it, and it won’t do much anyway.

However, you can reduce some of the load if you plan your trips. I’ve noticed that I can’t hit my all-time highs on my Xiaomi M365 Pro if I have an 8 kg backpack on me and I’m pulling full grocery bags.

Also, I noticed that when I was heavier, my scooter performed worse in general. It moved slower, the battery got drained faster, and even the rides were less stable. Just for reference, I was about 210 lbs / 95 kg, and when I dropped down to 181 lbs / 82 kg, it seemed like my scooter has been brought back to life.

Finally, you can replace some parts with lighter ones. Removing some metal parts and replacing them with plastic ones will take off some weight, although that’s not something I would advise, as it may also reduce the stability and the overall robustness and structural integrity of the scooter.

How much can faster can I make my electric scooter?

For most scooters, the increase in top speed will be between 3 to 9 mph / 5 to 15 kmh. However, some owners have managed to increase their speeds by 15 mph / 25 kmh, and in certain cases even more.

As we saw, there are a few downsides to trying to increase the cap on your scooter’s speed.

It is possible that there are legal limitations in your region, and you should always take that into account.

Apart from that, there are some safety issues as well. Some scooters have really powerful specs, and you should be at least somewhat experienced to handle their maximum speeds. With great speed comes great responsibility!

Finally, there is always the ever-present risk of damaging your scooter if you go with the riskier methods. As mentioned, the companies don’t like you to poke around their products too much and will void your warranty if you modify the scooter in any meaningful way. Meaning, you might end up with a broken scooter, and one without a warranty.

However, it’s not as bad as it sounds. Millions of people all over the world have successfully increased their speed limits without any consequences and are now happy users.

My advice: go for the non-intrusive, risk-free methods first, and only go for the customizations if that’s not enough. Avoid the most advanced customizations, they will probably not be worth the trouble. If you want a fast scooter that bad, you’re better off looking at fast scooters that come prepared for high speeds out-of-the-box.

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Benefits of unboxing an electric scooter

Unlocking an electric scooter has several advantages. The first is obviously to take advantage of all the real speed available to your scooter. On some models it also allows for torque or in other words acceleration.

On some models that are electronically limited, there are applications that allow you to customise your own firmware in order to modify the acceleration curve, the maximum speed, or the electromagnetic brake. This is the advantage of being able to customise your electric scooter à la carte.

Inmotion S1 Electric Scooter Review

Disadvantages of unbridling an electric scooter

There are also several disadvantages to unbridling an electric scooter. First of all, as we have seen, it is forbidden to ride on public roads. This is a major disadvantage. over, if you take this risk, in the event of an accident your insurance company may cancel your contract (unless you have signed a contract with a maximum speed for your electric scooter that is higher than the law in force. This is quite possible, as the insurance code is not governed by the law in force)

Electronically speaking, unbridling will have a direct consequence on the range of your electric scooter. The more amps you draw, the less distance you can cover.

For some electric scooters where you can modify the firmware à la carte, you must also be careful about the parameters you modify. Pulling too many amps could for example burn out the controller of your electric scooter if it is not reinforced. It is always preferable to keep a safety margin to remain within the manufacturer’s margins.

Unlocking an electric scooter: The different methods

Let’s see now what are the different possibilities to unlock an electric scooter. Keep in mind that not all methods will fit your model, or that your model may not go faster than 25Km/h due to its construction.

Cable unhooking of an electric scooter

This is the most common method used by manufacturers and the easiest way to unlock an electric scooter. To do this, simply disconnect a cable or cut it depending on the model. To locate it, this cable makes a loop on the controller and is generally white or grey in colour. This is particularly the case for Dualtron, Minimotors, Speedway, Zero, Vsett, Kaabo, etc. electric scooters. Always check with photos or videos before cutting a cable on your scooter. Please also note that some manufacturers may deny you warranty if you cut a cable, we advise you to always check with your dealer if you can do so without loss of warranty.

The electronic debriding of an electric scooter

Electronic debugging involves replacing your controller’s firmware with a custom firmware that increases speed and acceleration according to the settings you need. This technique requires a controller that is equipped with a bluetooth port and a third party application that allows you to flash the new firmware. This option is possible on the Xiaomi m365, Pro, 2, 1S, Essential (Attention it is not possible for the moment on Xiaomi Scooter 3), Ninebot ES2, ES4, Ninebot Max G30.

De-bridging by replacing the motor, battery or controller

It is possible to debride your electric scooter by changing components such as the battery, the motor or the controller. However, we are talking here more about increasing performance. Indeed, changing the battery or the motor while keeping a clamped controller will not make you go faster than 25Km/h. On the other hand, if you are already unbridled, replacing the battery with a battery with a higher voltage (Volt) will increase the top speed. Likewise, replacing the controller with one that delivers more amps will increase the torque (acceleration) of your scooter.

Meter debriding, electronic or hardware

It is possible on some models like the Kaabo or the latest Dualtron and Speedway that your electric scooter has a clamp at the meter in addition to the controller loop cable. On the Kaabo it is generally an electronic clamp. For the Dualtron and Speedway, Minimotors has recently added a small switch on the PCB, to access it you will have to open the meter.


You will notice in the picture that all the cables in the controller must be installed in the motor, battery, brakes, or throttle.

Except for the black and white cable, you will find it connected to each other, and when separated from each other, it will bypass the speed limiter

Steps for Disabling Electric Scooter Speed limiter.

1-Turn off the electric scooter

speed, unlock, clean, risk-free

2- Locate the controller, which is usually under the front of the scooter or under the deck

3-Disconnect the main cable from the battery (it is usually red in color).

4-Disconnect the speed limiter cable, then make sure it is well insulated

5-Put back the Deck or the front cover again

6-Power on your electric scooter enjoy the maximum speed !

How to unlock speed limiter using your electric scooter software?

After we explained the method of bypassing the speed limiter via the controller, we should clarify that there are some manufacturers of electric scooters such as Xiaomi, Apollo and SwagtronThey have ways to override the speed limiter without having to manually disengage the speed limiter

“However, in my opinion, this method does not provide the maximum speed of the motor. For example, if the specified speed is 15 miles per hour, the software hack will only raise the speed to 20 miles per hour, which is not much compared to the previous method that provides the speed as fast as the motor can provide.”

In the next part, we will explain how to bypass the speed limiter using the scooter software

Since each company has its own system, we chose four brands as an example “Xiaomi, Apollo, Unagi and Swagtron”

If you have a different scooter, perhaps you should search for the method for your electric scooter, or follow the method we explained earlier.

How to unlock Xiaomi electric scooter speed limiter?

As a general rule, you can remove the speed limiter on the Xiaomi electric scooter by downloading the BMS107 firmware

Important Note: There are some customized firmware that some people use to bypass the speed limiter, but these firmwares lead to disabling some safety features such as APS. Therefore, you should be very careful when changing the firmware.”

How to download install BMS107 on Xiaomi Scooter?

The following method works with Xiaomi models manufactured after 2017.

1- Download M365 DownG from Play store or Apple store.

2-Power on your Xiaomi scooter

3-Open M365 app connect it to your scooter via Bluetooth

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