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Inmotion S1 review: as good as it gets!

A long range commuter scooter with impressive performance. I loved the cool LED lighting and it’s easy-to-use controls. The large display is helpful while commuting but the weight of the scooter is NOT for extensive carrying.

Let’s be honest and… quick with this review: if you’re searching for the best VFM electric scooter in the market currently, then you’re in luck! Meet Inmotion S1 and buy it ASAP from here!

Let’s go over now the reasons we liked it so much…

Electric Scooters have been around for quite some time now, but their sales have began to rise only the past few years during or after COVID. Their main usefulness is probably for people living in urban and inner city areas, or in areas which have good bicycle paths. They’re also easy to use, easy to maintain and not so hard to drive

Inmotion has been working extensively on urban electric transportation like electric unicycles, E-bikes, and e-scooters for years. The S1 is one of their latest creations, an adaptation from the InMotion L9 model, which was crowdfunded on IndieGogo successfully back in May 2020. The L9 and S1 look very similar, they share the same controls and share the same smartphone application.

Basic Package

The Inmotion S1 has a multitude of features, the most noticeable of which are its big LCD screen display and Bluetooth Mobile App. Riders can set and access their performance settings, ride information, and performance diagnostic for any troubleshooting with a simple touch of the screen. Inmotion is leaps and bounds ahead of other electric scooter manufacturers in terms of technology and connectivity, and they’re a joy to watch. The S1 also includes a headlight, taillight, side mood lighting, and a bicycle bell for added safety.

Design: heavy duty

As you can see from this review, the Inmotion S1 is not light. In fact at a weight of 24 kilos, it will be a bit difficult to carry it around while commuting in metro lines etc. I loved the footrest deck. It’s solid and anti-slippery and able to withstand the weight of (max) 140 Kg (!). It packs 2 suspensions, one front and one at the bottom back so any ride is a treat, no matter how bad the road is.

One thing you should note from our review: the height of the handlebars is not adjustable, and it may be a bit high for children or small sized adults.

The S1 comes with full IPX5 certification, and the battery is rated at IP67. This means that you can easily use it while light rain, driving through wet roads etc. with no problem at all.

InMotion L9 Quick Specs:

  • Top Speed: 18.6 mph
  • Range: 59 miles
  • Weight: 52.9 lbs
  • Max load: 308 lbs


  • Smooth throttle
  • Long range
  • Comfortable suspension
  • Tall stem, great for tall riders
  • Sturdy locking mechanism for the folding stem
  • Amazing headlight
  • Beautiful deck lights
  • Innovative turn signal
  • Beautiful console display
  • Spacious deck
  • Improved charge port covers

What I think:

For this review I tested the production model InMotion L9 that backers of the successful Indiegogo campaign will soon be receiving. It’s a beautiful and sturdy electric scooter that’s packed full with amenities.

The Unboxing:

The InMotion L9 leaves a lasting first impression before you even open the box because the box is enormous! The box that the InMotion L9 came in was so big, my daughter thought I had purchased a bicycle!

The L9 e-scooter comes safely packed in a huge amount of packing foam. While all the packaging may seem a bit wasteful, it is refreshing to see an electric scooter delivered with such protective packaging.

Compared to the E-Twow GT Scooter which came with minimal packaging or the Segway Ninebot Max which came with the box half open and partially destroyed and part of the scooter exposed, I’d rather have my precious e-scooter delivered double boxed with plenty of foam.

A little assembly is required to put the InMotion L9 together. You will be attaching the handlebar and folding clip with 7 screws which is pretty straightforward. A hex wrench is provided.


Once all assembled, the most striking feature of the InMotion L9 is its size. It is a big scooter. From the outstretched handlebars, to the impressive display, to the tall sturdy stem, to the spacious and wide deck, the L9 scooter is a marvel to behold.

Wire management is streamlined and the overall look is premium.

The InMotion L9 really shines at night (pun intended). The headlight is positioned at the level of the high handlebars which provides the best illumination I’ve ever experienced on an electric scooter at this price point.

The deck lights emit a pleasing blue glow under the scooter. The deck lights also automatically blink red when it senses you turning, working like a turn signal which is a nice touch.

Summed up, InMotion L9 electric scooter looks big, sturdy and beautiful.

Acceleration and Top Speed:

The ECO mode is a joke and I would never use the scooter at that setting. Much too slow.

The scooter is punchy and responsive while remaining smooth and controlled when at its highest speed setting. I could accelerate with confidence and never heard any rattling or experienced any speed wobble.

The top speed of around 18 mph seemed a little limiting after having ridden other scooters like the Turbowheel Lightning (top speed of 40 mph). It felt like the scooter could go faster, but right now the scooter is limited to a top speed of 18 mph.

You can’t have crazy speed and range at the same time. To preserve efficiency with the motor and batteries, top speed was sacrificed. A reasonable top speed of 18 mph was set so we can enjoy the impressive range.

My wife found 18 mph to be more than adequate for her and it is the perfect speed if you are riding with Onewheels, which our family often does.

ECO mode tops out at 10 mph and only my wife enjoyed riding at that speed.


The reported range of 59 miles on a single charge is amazing for a sub 1000 electric scooter. But how did InMotion come up with that number? I reached out to Liam at InMotion who I had the chance to meet and ride electric unicycles with at CES in Las Vegas back in January and he shared the following:

The conditions are 60% top speed (18km/h), 75 kg, 25°C, and cruising on a flat road.

Liam from InMotion

It’s good to know what conditions they used to get their reported range of 59 miles: A 165 lb rider traveling about 11 miles per hour. Of course, no one rides on a flat road at such slow speeds so expect lower range in real world conditions.

Of note, it was that same CES at the InMotion booth where NBA legend Shaquille O’neal and I test rode the InMotion electric scooters.

Ride Feel:

If you plan on riding an electric scooter for more than 20 miles, you better hope that it’s a comfortable ride. Thank goodness for the dual suspension paired with the 10 inch front and rear pneumatic tires which makes the InMotion L9 the most comfortable commuter scooter I’ve ever ridden.

inmotion, battery, safety

The spacious deck has plenty of room to place even the largest of feet and the rubberized grip felt surprisingly grippy while making cleanup of the deck a breeze.

The Flaws:

The InMotion L9 is a smooth range monster that gives you one of the best long range rides for 900 and while it has some great innovations and add ons like the headlight and bell, there are some flaws.

To fit all those batteries and features into the scooter to get big range and comfort, InMotion had to sacrifice portability. For a commuter scooter, the Inmotion L9 is a big and heavy scooter.

While the entire package feels solid and premium, some commuters may find the size and weight unsatisfactory.

With the long deck, tall stem and lack of foldable handlebars, the scooter is big and bulky even after folding it which makes it difficult to put into a car trunk.

The InMotion L9 just isn’t very portable, but with a 59 mile range, maybe the scooter wasn’t designed to be put into a car trunk but rather to replace your car all together.

Finally, my biggest gripe with the InMotion L9 is the out of the box setup process. When I get a brand new shiny toy, I just want to take it out of the box and go.

Unfortunately, the setup process with the L9 is a pain and thank goodness you only have to do it once to get going.

To even use your InMotion L9 scooter you need a smartphone and you have to download the app, then create an account which wants to collect your phone number and email.

The app will also request access to your phone, phone’s location, photo gallery, camera, and the app asks for permission to record audio, video, and to take pictures. It seems like a lot of personal information to give to an electric scooter company.

Here are some screenshots of the process:


InMotion put everything they could think of into the 900 L9 electric scooter which is good and bad. You literally have all the bells and whistles with this scooter from the headlights, bell, shocks, big pneumatic tires, automatic turn signal, it’s the commuter scooter for the rider who wants it all– including big range.

To have all the bells and whistles and amazing range abilities, the one thing you can’t have is portability. It’s a big scooter that shorter riders may find a little uncomfortable riding for long distances.

The ride is smooth, the range far, and the amenities are plenty. Check out pricing and availability for the InMotion L9 at eWheels.

If you are in the market for a commuter scooter, check out some of the others that I’ve reviewed.

inmotion, battery, safety

The Segway Ninebot Max is similar to the InMotion L9 but with less range and without all the bells and whistles. For a quick look at the specifications of the InMotion L9 vs the Segway Ninebot Max, check this article out.

For an extremely portable electric scooter, check out the E-twow GT. For great all around commuter scooters check out the Turbowheel Swift or Fluid Free Ride Horizon.

If you want something a little more fast and fun, then be sure to check this beast of an electric scooter out. It’s the best bang for your buck when it comes to speed and fun.

InMotion S1

Are you looking for an eScooter to keep you going for miles and miles and miles? Well we have just what you need. The InMotion S1 boasts a whopping 95km range and a 500 watt motor as well as a dual suspension setup to tackle any day to day surface. Couple all those with it’s ability to climb 30% slopes and you have the perfect urban explorer machine. After all this exploring, fold your scooter up and take it wherever you go.

inmotion, battery, safety

Delivery in 3-10 Business Days


The Inmotion S1 is a large, solid escooter that can travel longer distances versus it’s rival, the Ninebot G30 Max. When you turn the S1 on, the automatic indicators flash. Other features of the S1 include a full suspension and an IP55 water resistance rating. The Inmotion S1 has 33% more than the Ninebot in terms of range, reaching up to thirty miles at full speed in real-world conditions. This next-generation escooter can be controlled by the handy Inmotion mobile app.

The Inmotion S1 eScooter is the latest technology developed by Inmotion’s company. It supersedes the previous S1 model by so many of its features. Their range has substantially been increased up to 60 miles. The scooter has a compact design and is still sleek making it an incredible invention.

The brake system of the S1 is dual incorporating an electromagnetic regenerative brake on both front and rear. As well as this, it has been rear wheel drive to give you that extra boost when tackling inclines.

For rides on uneven surfaces, the escooter pneumatic tires, a widened deck, and a dual suspension make it comfortable to use.

InMotion S1 Battery

The battery can be charged twice as fast by the dual charge feature which allows two chargers to charge a battery at the same time. This reduces the charge time by more than 50% reducing the time used from seven hours to 3.6 hours saving a lot of valuable time.

The Inmotion S1 has an amazing waterproof feature which is not common amongst other scooters. The body is IP55 rated, the battery is IPX7 rated, and the controller IPX6 rated. Waterproof features come in handy during the rainy seasons. The S1 can climb steep hills due to its 500W motor and subsequent powerful battery. The S1 can comfortably climb a 30-degree steep hill. These features combined and many others make the Inmotion S1 eScooter the best option.

It should be noted that the Inmotion S1 is for private land use only.

Inmotion L9

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Solid construction, high performance

From the first look at this electric scooter, it is clear that the manufacturer is really serious about it. It testifies to that quality aluminum construction whether waterproof both for the individual components in the scooter and for the scooter itself.

Inmotion The L9 has a front-wheel drive engine with nominal power 500 Wwhich offers maximum speed 30 km/h and up to 30% climb. The maximum engine power under load is up to 1000 W.

Unbelievable range

In addition to the performance of the scooter, the range on a single charge is also a very important parameter. The IMNOTION L9 electric scooter has a battery with a capacity of 12,7 Ah, which gives us a total of 54 V 675 Wh.

The range given by the manufacturer makes it fantastic 95 km. Of course, this is a value tested under ideal conditions, but even so, the real range will be more than sufficient. Other advantages include the possibility of charging with two adapters at once, when the charging time becomes 7,2 hours only 3,6 hours.

Built-in double suspension

We are still not done with the positives of this scooter. The manufacturer installed it on a scooter for maximum comfort front and rear suspension, which significantly helps in safe and comfortable driving. Of course, they are then 10 ″ tubeless tireswhich will further improve the comfort.

Other interesting features include the built-in fender support directly on the fender body, a powerful double headlight, a rear warning light or double sensory lighting on the underside of a scooter that automatically indicates a change of direction when cornering.

On the handlebars of the scooter we find a bell, throttle control or a brake lever, which activates the rear disc brake, but there is also a regenerative electronic front brake. The scooter offers an up-to-date overview of the set riding mode on the display (there are three of them here in total) or the range.

Inmotion L9 is a scooter with a high-quality folding mechanism, thanks to which you can fold the scooter in less than three seconds. The dimensions of the unfolded scooter are 1307 x 520 x 1275 mm, the dimensions of the folded scooter are 1307 x 520 x 560 mm.

Carrying capacity of the scooter Inmotion L9 is up to 140 kilograms, with the scooter alone weighing approximately 24 kilograms. You will also be pleased with the built-in cruise control, a wide area for standing or the possibility to connect the scooter to the application Inmotion.

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