E bike tours croatia. Why Visit Croatia?

Cooking exploring e-bike tour of the Dubrovnik countryside

This excursion starts with a transfer to the village of Gruda situated in the Konavle field. After brief instruction by a guide, discover of the Konavle region through cycling adventure starts. On this tour, we explore Dubrovnik countryside on E bikes. Biking starts in the valley and we follow the roads to the coastal area. After panoramic ride and stop in the village of Mikulici we follow the road back to the valley and the river Ljuta. After sightseeing and shortstop on the river we head up to the picturesque village of Pridvorje, where we visit the Archaeological museum of Konavle. From the monastery, we continue cycling up, to the villages above the valley where is the farm and tavern for the lunch and cooking class. On this route we make stops on a few interesting points:

  • The archaeological site of Illyrian Tumulus (4 th century BC),
  • River Ljuta with spring and old water mills (17 th century)
  • Archaeological Museum Franciscan monastery in Pridvorje (15th century)

Our hosts welcome us by traditional liqueurs and figs made in their own production. Further, they take us on a tour through their beautiful property and to the fields. Here we pick up traditional vegetables and fruits. Obtaining the necessary ingredients for preparing traditional meals, dishes and refreshments, cooking class becomes a very fun journey.

The class ends with a tasteful traditional meal in which we all enjoy in tasting and sitting around the table like a traditional family.


A tour with Electric assisted bikes (E-bikes)

Private bike tour through historical sights, exploring the local way of life, cooking.

Duration: approximately 7 hours, cycling distance; 35-40 km, Difficulty level: easy to moderate

Number of participants: minimum 2 persons

Fully guided: yes transportation to start site: yes

The Dubrovnik Old City and panorama

After enjoying the view from the famous panoramic spot overlooking the Old City of Dubrovnik and its surroundings, the driver takes you to the entrance of the Old City. Here, you are accompanied by your private guide on a sightseeing tour on Stradun (Placa), Dubrovnik’s main street. You get…

Mostar Počitelj – where the west meets the Orient

The historic town of Mostar is the most beautiful town in Bosnia and Herzegovina: the Old Bridge area and Mostar’s Old Town are listed as UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. Mostar is a bilingual town, a place where the East meets the West, divided by the Neretva River. The historic…

Easy Riders

E-BIKE is far from cheating. it is an outstanding way to get around Korcula with its uphill and downhill sections taking you to and from gorgeous little bays on either side of the island. Or think of situations when you’ve had a nice meal in a local tavern and instead of riding home against all odds you just turn on the silent engine and move forward with a style.

This tour will take you to quite a few stunning spots, show you, not just the interior with its fields, vineyards and villages, but also some of the most mesmerizing pebble beaches. you’ll find out a lot about local history, ways, and overall you’ll be able to cover more of the area thus adding value to the time spent cycling.

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You’ll make stops to see things, relax, refresh, swim (if desired), and, on a full day tour, to taste great wines and eat some great food in a local tavern. And above all you still get to do a descent amount of workout without too much sweat. Join us and enjoy the ride!!

You can choose between half and full day tours.

Riding with ease

When: 9:00 am every day (we can be flexible, so ask!)Price half day: 1 – 2 persons: 340 eur. 3. 4 persons: 370 eur. Every person above that number: 92.5 eurIncluded: English speaking guide, E-bicycle, helmet, water, dried fruit/nuts Price half day (with lunch): 1 – 2 persons: 500 eur. 3. 4 persons: 580 eur. Every person above that number: 145 eurIncluded: English speaking guide, E-bicycle, helmet, water, dried fruit/nuts, lunchPrice full day: 1 – 2 persons: 640 eur, 3. 4 persons: 740 eur Every person above that number: 185 eur Included: English speaking guide, E-bicycle, helmet, water, dried fruit/nuts, wine tasting, lunch Distance: 20. 40 km Duration: 7 – 9 hours What to bring: comfortable sport shoes, breathable clothes, hat and sunscreen, water bottle, little backpack, swimwear (if you decide to go for a swim), lightweight and breathable rain jacket (in case of rain and wind) Tour type: e-biking, walking, youth and family, nature wildlife, cultural, agriculture Terrain: the road is combination of asphalt and gravel Activity level: medium Kid friendly: minimum 14 years old. Only children with parental escort can participate in this tour Meeting point: let us know where you are staying and we will pick you up there/at nearest spot and take you to the start of our tour

Notes: Itinerary depends on weather conditions, time of season – daylight hours, group size and fitness level. Let us know if you have any relevant medical problems and food preferences/dietary restrictions.

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385 91 6224 566


Turistička agencija Južno more d.o.o., Put sv. Antuna 4, HR-20260 KorčulaOIB: 42604424953, ID Code: HR-AB-20-060344257

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When to Bike and Boat Croatia?

High season to take an island hopping bike tour of Croatia is July and August. You can avoid the summer crowds (and heat!) by biking Croatia during the low season in June, shoulder season in September, or the off season of April and May, and October.

I went on the last bike and boat tour in October and the weather was perfect! The water is still warm enough for swimming after a fun ride (albeit the first five minutes were, shall we say, ‘chilly’:). In fact, the Captain knows all the best swimming holes! Step off the rear deck to take the plunge, or if fearless, dive or do a flip from the third floor upper deck.

To help you plan your Croatia adventure, here’s the average monthly weather for Split and Dubrovnik.

Day Croatia Island Hopping Itinerary

The motor yacht goes back and forth between Split and Dubrovnik, so you can choose which starting point works best for you. This is my affiliate, Boat Bike Tours itinerary from Dubrovnik to Split; just reverse it if you start in Split.

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Difficulty of a Croatia Bike and Boat Island Hopping Tour

You should train for this adventure. While manual bikes were used by a third of my group, most of us opted to upgrade to an e-Bike. There were some challenging hills that I definitely used the e-Bike’s power support. There is also one long 40 mile day that includes a long, steep incline. Everyone did fine! And with a guide in the front and the back, you can cycle at your own pace. I never felt ANY pressure to ‘perform’!

You can also bring your own bike. Just tell them what you want to use when you book. For sanitary reasons, bring your own bike helmet. I also wore bike shorts and packed a new gel bike seat cover, just to be on the safe side: my bottom tends to get sore earlier than my legs.

I’d rate this adventure a 3 out of five if you use an e-Bike, and a 4 or 5 out of 5 if you use a regular bike on some of the more challenging days.

Private Custom Online Training for Adventure Travel :

Be sure to mention ATA to get a 10% discount on your training.

WE highly recommend the company Funactive ( aka Italybikes). They offered excellent personalized service. The staff were friendly. The transportation was aways on-time. And even the lack of real “English” translations added an air of authentication.

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Freddy Mair, the owner of Funactive, personally met with us and added his own touch of “the real thing”.

We are already booking our next European e-bike trips for 2014.

For further information on trips discounts, you may contact me by leaving a comment below.


A word of caution about the “train” ride. Some rail stations (bahnhof) have lifts, and others not. So if your ʻplatformʼ is number 3 or higher you may have to walk your bike up down some very steep stairs.

Of course, then there is the loading. Bikes must be loaded into rail cars marked for “bikes” and this is no mere task when you consider that these ebikes weight in the neighborhood of 45 to 65 lbs.

I must say that “getting our bikes on off trains” was more than we bargained for. If not for the kindness of strangers, in many cases we would have been in deep Yogurt!

So seniors may want to to rethink this particular chore. For next year we plan to do a “work around” for day trips involving trains.

European bike etiquette ( safety ) is not the same as America. We never heard a “Behind You” or “OnYour Left”, so take a rear view mirror for your bike or helmet.

If you have any Комментарии и мнения владельцев and/or questions for Jane and Carolyn, please leave them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев section below.

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Комментарии и мнения владельцев

Hello, I really enjoyed reading about you e-bike adventures. I am originally from Denmark but have lived in Montana for decades. I am currently on vacation in Copenhagen and have looked at lots of e-bikes, both for here and for more mountenous areas. I wonder if you have a favorite brand and model – that i can purchase either here in Europe or in the US. I find it confusing to talk only to people selling bikes. I, too, am a biking senior (74 years old) so I would really appreciate some advice. Thanks again for sharing your experiences online. Bente Winston [email protected]

Hi Bente, I have limited experience as each trip provided a different ebike. I liked the Mathitech in Italy. Not sure of the model except to say it was black had rear mounted battery. It was lightweight had good power We definitely liked the SwissFlyer used in Croatia. That one was white had the battery mounted in middle. We found the brand used by Eurocycle on our Danube tour had intermittent problems. I believe it was a Modelo ( something similar) Not sure these bikes are available in US. Let me know what you find, Jane in Tucson,AZ

Wow, thanks south for the trip report! I got an ebike several weeks ago while out in Colorado and realized that it would be a great way to bike around Europe …. I cycled Europe at 30 and it was great fun, and definitely the best way to get a sense of the countryside… Always wanted to go back but, remembering cycling the alps at great shape and 30 realized it might not be so much fun ( I turn 63 tomorrow) these days… And then I got my ebike ( to replace my Vespa that I used around New Orleans …. And it’s like being 10 years old again!! Zipping around even in the worst of the heat and humidity in New Orleans ( my commute is about 15 miles from uptown to the French quarter and back… Not bad on a regular bike but easy to decide that I didn’t have the time, it was hot, whatever…. And, as you say, you definitely get exercise ( actually maybe more because I’m having so much fun zipping around that I’m pedaling harder and going everywhere on the bike!! And I can ride with my 23 year old son again ( a great equalizer ), anyway starting to plan on Europe next summer, thinking of the passus to Vienna but the Dolomites sound interesting … Thanks so much!!

Hello Candice, We are glad you enjoyed our ebike tour Report. In fact we enjoyed it so much that we are now immersed in travel plans for 2014. The first leg of the trip is a 2 week transatlantic cruise starting in New Orleans to Barcelona. And since you are a resident of new Orleans. we’re thinking you might have information on things to do that are perhaps ‘ off the beaten path’. You might even have recommendation for places to stay ( not high end), and Finding an ebike rental company so that we could zip around like you We leave on April 27 on Royal Caribbean, it’d be great to get some insider information as we’ll probably stay in new Orleans 4 days Both of us agree that the Dolomite trip far surpassed the Danube. We can give you more rational re: this opinion later if you are interested PS What make/ model or ebike did you end up purchasing ? hope to hear back from you, Jane Carolyn in Tucson, AZ

Great, should be a good time of year to be in New Orleans… Unfortunately, as of yet, there are no ebike rental places although there are some bike rentals ( it is very flat here)…let me think on places to stay, etc… I’d be happy to show y’all around when you’re down here, New Orleans is actually a great cycling city, much easier and more fun to get around on a bike than car in traffic jams due to lots of construction … Check out park view guest house on st. Charles ( street car line and across from Tulane) and there are some guest houses in the garden district and bywater area ( i’ll do a little a little research and get back on that) ….the quarter is easy to get to on streetcar so not necessary to stay down there and uptown is very pleasant, locals and students, lots of restaurants and great architecture… I find New Orleans endlessly amusing to walk and bike because if the architecture ! When my Vespa died after 10 years of yeoman duty I started researching ebikes because of the proliferation of bike paths and high insurance rates but was a little reluctant to spend a large chunk of money on something without a test ride… As it turned out, I had to drive out to Colorado to pick up my German shepherd ( my son was returning to New Orleans in a packed Subaru and Rambo is too old to fly) so I went to ( coincidently) petes ebike shop in boulder, they were great, very knowledgable and let me test out all sorts of bikes… In the end I got a BH Emotion sport bike ( manufactured in Spain not china) which is sort of like a hybrid road/ commuter bike and lighter than other ebike models ( I have to haul it up and down 4 steps to get into my house in uptown New Orleans) and rides much like my road bike ( I had to defensively assure my regular bike shop in New Orleans that I was replacing Vespa not my bicycle with the ebike!)… And once I got it, I realized it would be perfect for bike touring in Europe again… So i would live additional info on your bike tours! Anyway, I’ll keep an eye out for other ebikes, surely some entrepreneur will realize that would be perfect for this city!

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