Do Electric Bikes Need Keys to Operate. E bike battery key

Do Electric Bikes Need Keys to Operate?

Electric bikes all come with a set of keys, but are these keys required to operate the bike, or are they for something else? In this article, I will explain what the keys for an ebike are used for and if they are required in order to ride the bike.

There are some electric bikes that can only be ridden if you have the key and it’s in a certain position to turn on the bike. While on most other ebikes, you only need the keys to unlock and remove the battery.

Electric bikes are different than electric scooters or motorcycles and can be ridden like a regular bike even if the motor is not turned on.

But, do you need a key to turn on the motor or to ride the ebike? Keep reading and I will go over some interesting facts about keys and ebikes!

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Do I Need a Key To Start-Up My Electric Bike?

This will depend on which ebike you get. Most mid-drive ebikes only need the key to remove the battery but my Lectric XP 2.0 folding ebike needs the key for the system to turn on.

Until I bought the Lectric I didn’t think you need keys to operate the bike. Now I find that on some of them you do. (I’m still learning things too)

Still, I have yet to find an ebike that “starts up” with the keys. Electric bikes will turn on with the push of a button.

I have not tried every make and model out there but some electric bikes will need the keys to work.

Do I Have To Leave The Key In My Ebike While I’m Riding?

With my Lectric XP 2.0, you have to leave the key in and at a certain position for the system to turn on, and with my Bosch bike you don’t need the keys at all.

Sorry, but a lot of these answers will depend on which ebike you bought.

I know that Bosch, Yamaha, Shimano, and Brose mid-drive ebikes only use the keys to remove the battery and my Lectric XP 2.0 needs the key in at all times for electronics to work.

If you don’t want to have to bring your keys with you every ride, I would make sure your ebike doesn’t need the keys to work, before you buy one!

Now, the key does not “start-up” up the Lectric XP 2.0 but it needs to be in the “on” position to turn on the system from the controls.

How Do I Replace My Electric Bike Key?

If your electric bike key has its own serial number, you can check the lock brand and they will have a replacement program for their keys. If there is no serial number, then you may want to have some extra keys made before you lose them or they break!

If you happen to lose both of your keys and have no other option, you can take your whole bike to a good locksmith and they should be able to make a cast of your lock and cut a replacement key from that.

This is not an inexpensive option, so I would be a bit preemptive and have a couple of spare keys made in advance.

Your key should only fit your bike. Even if you have 2 of the same bike. Every lock is different so that somebody can’t just buy an ebike and have they key for every other ebike of the same type.

Make a note however that if you do have 2 of the same ebike, the keys will look the same but only fit the bike they came with.

You may want to mark them so that you don’t get them confused. I’ve had to do this for many customers that bought the same pair of ebikes.

Why Isn’t My Electric Bike Key Working?

I find it is good to add some chain oil to your lock every so often if your key becomes hard to turn or hard to insert.

Oiling a lock will also help keep your lock from freezing in really cold temperatures. Condensation can build up on the metal and freeze inside the lock, making it impossible to use your key until you have melted it.

Chain oil also works well on car doors!

Can I Remove My Ebike Battery Without the Key?

This would not be easy. You will likely need a good locksmith. The battery lock is designed to secure the battery to the bike and be theft-proof. Usually, the only way to remove the lock itself is with the battery removed.

If your battery is locked to your ebike and you don’t have the key, but need to remove the battery, the only way to do it without damaging the bike is to take it to a locksmith. A good one.

The battery is not designed to be removed without the key, so don’t lose your keys!

If you have an ebike that does not need the key to operate, then just keep them somewhere safe.

At the End of the Day

If you don’t want to have to deal with using a key to get your ebike to work, then make sure before you buy an ebike that this is not required.

Pretty much any mid-drive electric bike will not need keys to operate and some less expensive online hub drive models will.

I recommend figuring this out before you buy your new ebike and it shows up at your door. By then it’s too late!

How To Start An E-Bike Without A Key? (Solved With PICs)

Losing an electric bike key may be one of the things that disturb the peace of any electric bike rider because losing this small key turns your bike from a fast electric bike to a regular bike. Despite the importance of this key, most cyclists lose it a lot, and the journey begins to search for alternative ways to start the electric bike without a key. In this post, we will explain How To Start An Electric Bike Without A Key? as well as alternative ways that you can use to operate the bike

What is the use of the ebike key?

Before we get into the technical ways in which you can start an electric bike without a key, let us first know what are the key uses of an electric bike, which are completely different from the function of the key in a car or motorcycle. As a general rule, the key is used in an electric bicycle to lock the battery to the bicycle frame and also to close the electric circuit, which allows the passage of electric current from the battery to the motor. Based on the above, if the function of the key in terms of starting the electric bike is to close the electric circuit, then if we manually close the electric circuit, you will be able to start the ebike without a key!

How to Paypass the ebike ignition?

In this part, we will assume that you are able to remove the battery from the electric bike (later we will explain in detail how to remove the battery from the bike without a key) “Disclaimer: the below method required electrical technical knowledge and may cause damage to your ebike or harm you so do it at your own risk please take all the necessary precautions”

A step-by-step guide to bypassing the Ignition key on an electric bike?

Note: The goal of using a switch is the ability to manually control the closure or opening of the electrical circuit.

ِِAdvantages of this method bypassing the Ignition key:

In my personal opinion, this method has one advantage, which is your ability to use your ebike without the need for a key, or more precisely, it is a temporary method until you find the key or change the lock completely.

Disadvantages of this method:

  • This method needs some electrical information because it is a rather advanced method
  • The battery will not be locked and easy to be stolen
  • If the battery or bike is in warranty, you will take the battery out of warranty if you do this way

Alternative Way to Start An Electric Bike Without A Key?

In this section, we will discuss other alternatives that you can use to Start An Electric Bike Without A Key.

1-Contact manufacturer to get another key

If you bought your electric bike from a well-known manufacturer, you can contact them and give them the serial number of your bike and they will send you a replacement key, as all known manufacturers have a system that contains all the bike data.

2-Order A new key.

If you know the code for your electric bike key, you can make a copy of it online. There are many sites that provide this service, such as AXA

3- Drill the lock.

This method depends on the drill key core so that you can remove the battery and then you can change the core or change the lock completely to get a new key.

Note: When drilling, always start with a small bit, and if you cannot remove the battery, you can use a larger bit so as not to break the tire or battery.

check out this video for how to replace the lock core.

4-Use a screw to remove the battery and change the lock.

In this method, you will use a thin screwdriver to remove the battery from the body of the bike, and therefore the lock can be changed by following the previous method.

This method can be used if the drill is not available or if it is used This method depends on inserting a thin screwdriver between the battery and the body of the bike and then pressing against the direction of the battery exit.

5- Pick a Lock.

This method depends on releasing the pins inside the lock using a thin piece of metal, and the advantage of this method is it does not need any tools, all you have to do is use a screwdriver in the direction of opening the lock and then using a thin metal tool press on the inner pins of the lock so that you can open the lock.

6- Use a blank Key.

One of the things that I personally tried is to use the blank key.

What is meant by the blank key is a key that does not have any cuts. You can go to the locksmith to try the blank key, and in fact, this method works with 60% of batteries, especially batteries outside the frame of the electric bike.

How to avoid losing your ebike Key?

In this part of the post, we will give you some tips that will help you avoid losing your electric bike key.

1- Make a third copy.

This advice I personally gave when I received my electric bike, as the bike came with two copies of the keys. The first thing I did was take the code for the key and I made a third copy of the key and put it in a safe place at home.

In fact, this method helped me a lot, whether it was in an emergency situation or if One of my family members wanted to use the bike when I was not at home.

2- Always keep your ebike key attached to your keychain.

The key to the electric bike is very small and will not represent anything to you if you attached it to your keychain as we are always having our keychain within our hands so, make sure that it has your electric bike key.

if the matter for you is not pleasant, you can put it in your wallet.

3-Always Keep a copy of your ebike data.

When you receive the electric bike, it is good to ask the seller for the details of the electric bike, whether it is the serial number or service tag, as well as the key code, then take pictures of all this data and send it to yourself on the e-mail to keep a copy of all the data.

This will help you if you want to make a backup copy of the key, follow up on maintenance, or even if you want to sell the bike in the future.

4-Give a key copy to your close friend or relative.

One of the good things you can do is to make a backup and give it to your close friend or someone you trust to keep at home.

From experience: The person you give the key to will keep it more than you because he feels responsible for it and also if he does not use your ebike so he will not lose the key.


As a general rule, you can start an electric bike without a key by connecting the two wires attached to the key manually using a switch. this closes the electrical circuit and connects the current from the battery to the motor.

Alternatively, you can order a new key from your ebike manufacturer or make a copy using online websites or replace the lock core using a driller or screw

How to Start an Electric Bike Without a Key [6 Ways]

Electric bikes are the newest introduction in the growing world of urban transportation. Following electric vehicles, electric bikes are very popular amongst people who have daily commutes and prefer fitness over anything. Why choose a regular bike when an e-bike is faster, more reliable, economical, and easier to use than an electric car.

However, one problem that people face with electric bikes is losing their keys. If you don’t have your key, you can’t start your bike, and you’re essentially stranded. Right?

Well, not quite. Ideally, electric bikes need keys to start, but there are a few other ways you could start up an e-bike without an e-bike key. You could also ride the e-bike manually until you figure out a plan of action.

Read ahead if you want to learn more about why electric bikes need keys, what you should do if you, unfortunately, lose your keys, and some ways to start up the e-bike without a key.

Do Electric Bikes Need Keys?

The keys to an electric bike do not work exactly how they would for a motorbike. They do not power up or start the bike, but rather, the keys secure the battery in the e-bike. So then we come to our main question, do electric bikes really need keys? The answer is yes, but maybe an indirect yes.

Without the keys, you cannot secure the battery of the e-bike. This means that the e-bike’s motor cannot be powered unless the battery is secure, and the e-bike cannot start up without the key.

You can push on the pedals and start to manually ride the bike without the keys, but there will be no power from the battery to the motor unless the keys are plugged in and turned on.

Most e-bikes come with two identical keys so that you have one for everyday use and one to keep as a spare.

Each e-bike has a specific key, meaning that you cannot use your e-bike key to try and power up your friend’s e-bike. This is an important and helpful safety measure in keeping your electric bike safe and secure.

What You Should Do If You Lose Your Keys

If, by some unfortunate circumstances, you do end up losing your keys, try and remain calm. It’s not the end of the world if you lose your keys, and there are a few things that can be done.

Start by remembering where you keep your spare e-bike key. Remember, e-bikes usually come with two identical keys, so one of those keys is likely kept somewhere safe in your home.

If you don’t have a spare key, you can reach out to the bike’s manufacturer and order yourself a new set. This will cost you some money, and you may also need to pay additional shipping costs depending on where the e-bike manufacturers are located.

To order the replacement keys, you will be required to have a special key card that comes with the bike.

While you wait for a new set of keys to arrive, it wouldn’t be remiss to start double-checking common places where you might have lost your keys.

Check around your home and office, check all your laundry in case you left the keys in some pants s, look in your bags and ransacks, and even ask your friends and family if they remember seeing the keys lying around somewhere. Chances are you haven’t lost your keys for good and have just misplaced them.

Ways to Start an E-Bike Without a Key

If you’ve looked everywhere you could think of and have come up empty-handed, you might need to find alternative ways to start your e-bike while waiting for new replacement keys.

The primary purpose of e-bike keys is to secure the battery and allow power to flow from the battery to the motor. Without a key, you can still manage to get the power to flow manually.

It is actually relatively easy and manageable to start an electric bike without a key.

However, we wouldn’t recommend it unless it is an emergency and you have no other options. This is because some of the methods for manually starting the bike are not very safe and can cause damage to your bike, the motor, and the battery.

electric, bikes, need, keys, operate

So, here are six ways to start your electric bike without a key. Go through each of these ways and consider which method seems most convenient and easy for you to use. You can even try out multiple methods and see which one suits you best.

Connecting Wires

Connecting wires is an alternative way for ignition. An e-bike ignition does not work the same way as it does for a motorcycle or a car. The only function of the e-bike key is to complete the circuit and provide power from the battery to the motor. You can connect wires manually and complete the circuit without the need for the keys.

To do this, you need to take a few minutes to find the correct wires that need connecting. The ignition wiring will most likely be under where the key-lock system is located.

Once you have identified the right wires, you can cut them and connect them. Once the wires are connected, the circuit will be complete, and your e-bike will start.

However, only try this method with keeping safety measures in mind. There is a big chance of giving yourself an electric shock when dealing with open wires. Wear rubber gloves to avoid getting shocked.

Removing the Battery

Removing the battery is one of the safest ways to start your e-bike without causing any damage to the bike or the battery. Once you remove the battery and disconnect it from the e-bike, you are essentially converting your e-bike into a regular, manual bicycle.

With the battery connected and the e-bike turned on, when you peddle, you start the motor up, and it assists you in peddling and helps the bike go faster. While you are peddling a little bit manually, most of the work is being done by the motor.

When you remove the battery, there is no power for the motor. So when you peddle, the bike will move solely from your manual labor and will function as a regular manual bicycle. There won’t be any need for electric power.

Applying a Shim

Another way to start your electric bike without a key is by making a shim. A shim is essentially a small wedge or strip of material that can be used to align the inside of the key-lock system. A shim is a pretty safe and cheap way to start the bike without a key.

The easiest way to make a shim is by cutting up a strip of aluminum from a drink can. Cut off the top and bottom parts of the can till you are left with a plain metal sheet. Then, cut that sheet until it resembles an ‘M’ shape and folds it along the vertical axis.

This will give you the suitable form that you need. While cutting, try and get the size of the shim as close to the length and width of your key. Insert the shim into the lock and bend and twist it to start the bike.

Using a Screwdriver

If you have a toolbox nearby, dig out your screwdrivers, and you might be able to use one of them as an alternative key to start your bike. You have to find a screwdriver with an appropriately shaped tip that looks a bit like your key. It will most likely be a smaller flat-headed screwdriver.

However, this option might not work with new electric bikes as it usually works in older locks. Also, you have to be careful not to damage the e-bike’s key-lock system while you try and start the bike with the screwdriver.

Too much force and you may break some small component in the key-lock system, and then you will have to get repair work done or replace the system.

Using a Bump Key

A bump key is the same as a universal or master key. These are keys that can be used to unlock almost any lock! If you have a bump key on hand or know where to find one, it would definitely be worth the trouble to try it out. If you’re lucky, it will start the bike.

However, the problem with bump keys is that they are not very easy to find. If you don’t have your e-bike’s spare key, you probably don’t have a bump key on hand.

Also, most e-bikes are designed with a key that is specific to that bike, meaning that you cannot use any other key to start it up. For this reason, a bump key might not actually work.

Using a Plastic Pen

And finally, the last method that can help you start an electric bike without a key is using a plastic pen. This is an absolute last option method, and we wouldn’t recommend you try it unless you have tried everything else.

This is because the plastic pen method is quite risky and also a bit old-school in that it mainly only works in older fashioned tubular-shaped locks.

What you have to do is locate a plastic pen and disassemble it. Once you have removed the ink tube and the nib and are left with just the plastic cylinder, place it over an open fire and melt it.

You want to make sure you don’t melt it entirely and only to the point where it is malleable. Insert the malleable pen into the keyhole and wait until it gets cold and solidifies. Then you can try turning it to start the bike.

This method can damage your key-lock system, so we don’t always recommend it. The plastic might become stuck in the keyhole and can be difficult to remove. You might over melt the pen and hurt yourself. There are quite a few risks to look out for.

If All Else Fails, Ride the Bike Manually

If you’re out and realize you’ve lost your keys, you don’t need to worry about being stranded. If all else fails, remember that you can always just ride your bike manually.

Most electric bikes allow you to switch between using the motors or just pedaling with your legs. This is also a good option for you if your e-bike runs out of charge and you do not have any alternate charging options available.

All you need to do is disconnect the battery or remove it. Once you’ve done this, your e-bike has essentially been converted to a manual bicycle, and you can ride it back home where you keep your spare keys.

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Losing your keys can be a frustrating and annoying experience, especially when you don’t have a spare set to fall back on. If you lose your e-bike keys, don’t worry too much. You can always get a replacement set from the electric bike manufacturers.

In the meantime, we have outlined six ways to start your electric bike without a key. These methods are only for one-time use, and we would not recommend starting your bike with any of these methods more than once. The safest method would be to remove the e-bike’s battery and use the bike as a manual bicycle.

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