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NAMI Burn-e Viper Electric Scooter Review

For many years, manufacturers have promised a high-performance electric scooter that will eliminate the compromises we see in most scooters today and disrupt the status quo. Although it seemed like a far-fetched dream, the wait appears to be over after the release of the highly anticipated Burn-E electric scooter from NAMI, commonly known as the “Viper.”

This newest kid on the block outperforms nearly all scooters that we’ve tested in every aspect. Equipped with a bevvy of top-class features and functions, the urban juggernaut is ideal for on-road and off-road cruising.

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NAMI Burn-e Viper Review: 0-50 MPH in 8.5 Seconds

NAMI Burn-E: The Lowdown…

If you’re in the market for the most complete electric scooter, then look no further than the NAMI Burn-E. The rugged, versatile and robust e-scooter delivers an exquisite ride quality and one of the best performances we’ve seen. With two powerful 1500W motors, this scooter can attain a wind-whipping top speed of up to 60 mph! The motors draw power from the behemoth 72V 35Ah battery, which offers an impressive range of up to 100 miles.

Weighing about 100 pounds, the Burn-E is an absolute beast. Its solid range of features and industry-leading specs means you never have to worry about breaking down easily. While it’s not the lightest to carry in hand, it boasts a patented lock taper folding mechanism that allows you to fold the base for easy storage.

The NAMI Burn-E rides on 11-inch tubeless, air-filled tyres designed to tackle all kinds of terrains. Combine this with the adjustable 165mm hydraulic coil-shock suspensions, and you’re sure to enjoy a smooth ride on any territory.

In addition, the Burn-E scooter comes fitted with powerful disc brakes that combine well with its regenerative brakes to bring the scooter to rest reliably. It also features a motorcycle horn, a powerful headlight, rear brake light, and side LED strips.

We also can’t fail to mention the scooters waterproof Smart display that allows you to adjust multiple settings such as ride modes and acceleration and monitor the speed and battery level. While the display is rated with IP56 for water resistance, the entire scooter comes with an IP55.

Burn-E Specifications

Here is a detailed Nami Burn-E video review that covers its features and specs. In summary – a robust, efficient, durable and innovative high-performance electric scooter designed for ultimate on-road and off-road action.

Armed with two 1500W brushless motors that produce a total of 3000W output power and 8400W peak power, NAMI Burn-E can hit a top speed of up to 60 mph. It’s equipped with a massive 72V 35Ah battery made of Panasonic 18650 cells, which produces enough juice to power the two motors and take you up to 100 miles on a single charge.

NAMI Burn-E represents a quantum leap in build quality and durability. It comes with a 6082 aviation-grade aluminium frame, full carbon steering column and polished stainless steel parts for its folding mechanism. It also boasts one of the most extensive decks for increased stability and comfort. Weighing at 103 pounds, NAMI Burn-E has enough strength to carry riders of up to 330 pounds.

The Burn-E electric scooter comes with solid NUTT hydraulic disc brakes with 160mm disc and electromagnetic brakes whose intensity can be adjusted for riding safety and comfort. The brakes are reliable enough to stop this massive device with minimal effort. Burn-e comes with 11-inch tubeless, air-filled tyres, which deliver unmatched ground traction, hence smooth and comfortable rides on any terrain.

Riders are cushioned against strong impact or force by the industry’s most reliable suspension. The dual 165mm hydraulic coil-shocks on both tyres ensure that this scooter offers the best ride quality in the market. A powerful 2000 Lumen headlight, responsive brake light at the rear, and a strip of LED lighting on the side will come in handy for after-dark riding. It also comes with a loud motorcycle-grade horn to warn pedestrians and motorists of your presence while on the road.

The NAMI Burn-E boasts lots of cutting-edge specs, but the highlight for us is the excellent and easily customisable and IP56-rated display. This crisp and interactive display allows you to toggle between multiple ride modes, activate cruise control and personalise nearly all kinds of data. Besides, it will enable you to view the scooters speed, battery level, front and rear motor temperatures and more.

Due to its weight, it’s not practical to carry this electric scooter by hand for long rides. Luckily, its patented taper stem folding mechanism allows it to collapse at the base of the stem for easy storage in the car trunk.

Finally, this e-scooter is rated with an IP55 water resistance rating, but the display and controllers are rated with IP56.

Overall, the NAMI Burn-E is by a mile the best ultra-performance electric scooter in the market right now for serious riders who enjoy cruising at pulsating speeds in all urban terrains.

NAMI Burn-e 72V 28AH (aka Viper)

Super scooters have promised much over the years, but there have always been compromises, instead the Burn-e has been developed based on community requests and feedback, the BURN-E eliminates the weaknesses of other scooters in the same field and offers a smooth, powerful and safe riding experience.

Michael Sha started the Viper project by improving the imperfections on the current high-powered super scooters. The Nami Burn-e is his perfection.

Max Speed: 62 mph / 100km/h


  • 8.4kw Peak Power from 2 x 50a controllers
  • 72V 28Ah battery with Panasonic 18650 cells
  • Weather resistant. min IP55
  • G Force output reading
  • Adjustable hydraulic suspension
  • Motors- 2 x 1000W- Peak of 5040W
  • Suspension: Adj rebound, Front/Rear, Hydraulic, Lever-arms
  • Front rear hydraulic brakes
  • Wheels: 11
  • Tyres: Pneumatic, Tubeless 90/65-6.5
  • Frame: Heat-treated aviation grade welding frame in one piece
  • Stem: Full carbon fiber steering column

NAMI has integrated innovative technology into its new scooter. Rider controls are programmable via a new central display unit with a range of intelligent functions. The BURN-E is equipped with a large intelligent waterproof display that allows riders to adjust many settings according to their preferences.

You can choose from 5 different riding modes, including a turbo mode for more power and fun. In addition to this, the two speed controller settings are independent, which allows the rider to adjust the front and rear engine acceleration power individually. Cruise control is available for long rides and a built-in overheat protection system keeps you safe during extreme riding.

Two powerful 1500W motors with a peak power of 5040W provide impressive torque and exciting acceleration up to 45mph. Equipped with a large 72V 28Ah battery with 18650 Panasonic cells, the BURN-E can achieve a maximum range of 90 miles (18mph constant, 160lb pilot) and a realistic range of around 50 miles. The drive uses high quality 50a sine wave controllers with 12 mosfets and IP65 waterproof connectors capable of distributing 8.4kw of power.

Just as powerful as the motors are its 160mm hydraulic disc brakes. Combined with the integrated electric brake with adjustable intensity, they bring the scooter to a reliable stop.

Two adjustable 165mm coil-shock hydraulic suspensions and 11-inch 90/65-6.5 tubeless tyres (available on or off-road) make for smooth riding in any territory.

The Burn-e electric scooter is equipped with a 2000 lumen LED front light that is fixed at the height of the handlebars, integrated LED side strips with indicators and horn that are both sides of the bridge.

The solution to a major problem that most big scooters have, incessant movement(wobbling). Its solution was a one-piece welded tubular frame of aircraft grade quality. A piece of aircraft grade aluminium frame welded, solution and heat-aged. A new patented lock taper folding system makes lowering the steering column seamless. A support base plus quick release system, allows it to be easier than ever to fold and unfold the electric scooter and all machined in type 304 stainless steel.

The NEW Nami Burn-E 2 Max is Even Better!: Unbox & Impressions

We believe this electric scooter will be seen as a game changer. the Nami Burn-e will set a new benchmark in the super scooter segment. High-quality parts from its core to the details make the BURN-E one of the most attractive scooters in its class.

New Age Mobility Innovation. These four words sum up NAMI’s ambition to design, develop and manufacture high-end electric scooters and mobility vehicles.

2 years warranty from XCOOTERS

Performance Overview:

Although NAMI Burn-E electric scooters excel in every area, peak performance gave them the worldwide recognition they now have. Nami is the industry standard for efficiency and robustness since it corrects all the shortcomings and mistakes of other ultra-performance motorised machines in Burn-E. The scooter’s dual brushless 1500W motors produce 3000W of output power and 8400W of peak power, which is sufficient to propel it to a top speed of 60 mph. The vehicle can give a desirable maximum range of up to 100 miles because to its sizable 72V 35Ah battery.

Are you concerned about its capacity to climb hills? It will be able to easily climb incline slopes of up to 35 degrees thanks to the engine and battery combination. Electric scooter enthusiasts know how difficult it is to find scooters with such gradient-gobbling capabilities.

Burn-e offers the smoothest and most pleasant ride ever thanks to its ultra-wide, sturdy tyres and two hydraulic shock absorbers on each wheel. Riders can travel anywhere in comfort and style thanks to the combination of the suspension and tyres.

You anticipate dependable braking power from the NAMI Burn-E as befits an ultra-performance scooter of its calibre. Without a doubt, the Viper electric scooter actually outperforms expectations in this area. The scooter can be brought to a stop with the slightest pressure thanks to its precise and well calibrated rear NUTT hydraulic disc brakes and built-in electronic brakes.

Burn-E also has a high-tech dashboard that makes operating and controlling the vehicle simple. Its cutting-edge displays also let you examine, manage, and customise a variety of settings. Regular elements like speed, battery life, and distance are included, as well as complex information like cruise control, ride modes, and acceleration control.

Speed Acceleration:

The BURN-E is faster off the line than even the Wolf King. In fact, the BURN-E set records for the best acceleration in each of our categories, and more crucially, it does it without giving the impression that you are about to lose control.

Although BURN-E is the fastest scooter we have ever tested from 0 to 94.7 km/h, it isn’t the fastest overall.

With a top speed of 95.6 km/h, the Wolf King maintains its title as the fastest scooter we have ever tested. This is because sine drive controllers can offer somewhat more power at the very high end than King’s square wave motor controllers can.

Hill Climbing:

The BURN-E defeated our 10-percent gradient test hill like it wasn’t even there, shattering our previous record by half a second.

We chose to test it against San Francisco’s hardest hill, which is so steep that cars are only permitted to travel in the downward direction. The BURN-E easily ascended the slope, reaching a top speed of 35.3 km/h on the 31.5 percent incline. It even caught air when it reached the top.

A Revolutionary Electric Scooter

Dominate the path with this revolutionary piece of work, the Nami BURN-E VIPER 2 MAX Hyper Electric Scooter, a revolutionary electric scooter.

This electric scooter is built with dual 1500W electric motors, powerful enough to accelerate to moderate speeds in a small amount of time.

Prepare to take a steady ride with its 11-inch tyres that are perfect for taking you to any destination you need to go to.

If power and stability are what you are looking for, the search is over because the Nami BURN-E VIPER 2 MAX is perfect for you.

Outperform the Rest with the Best

Enjoy venturing off-road because this beast of an electric scooter will eat up any path you come across like it was nothing.

With a 165mm Travel Hydraulic coil, you can expect nothing but pure comfort as you ride on any kind of terrain.

Built to last, the Nami BURN-E VIPER 2 MAX is more than capable of lasting seemingly forever with its Aerospace Aluminium frame.

Nothing beats a ride that was built as a beast and the Nami BURN-E VIPER 2 MAX is surely something that will impress.

Key Features

  • The Nami BURN-E VIPER 2 MAX comes with a dual 1500W motor, capable of bringing you easily up to 93km/h (private properly only)
  • You can fully enjoy your rides as much as you like thanks to its more than capable batteries that can bring you up to 150km
  • Built with a sturdy frame and carbon fiber handles, this electric scooter can carry a weight of up to 150kg
  • The 11×3 tube/tubeless tyres on this electric ride are more than capable of bringing more stability wherever you ride
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The World’s Best Performance Hyper Scooter at this Price and Spec bracket.

This e-SCOOTER is Designed Strictly for Off-Road Private Property Use Only.

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