9 Of the Fastest Electric Bikes in 2020. Fastest pedal assist bike

of the Fastest Electric Bikes in 2020

First of all, just what do we mean by the “fastest” e-bike? Are we talking about a bike with the max top speed, the most acceleration, or simply the most versatile and maneuverable while maintaining speed? In this article, we include a little for everyone.

We will start by focusing on the fastest bikes on the market, the true speed racers that have the most speed the industry has to offer. But, let’s be honest, these aren’t the most practical of choices. So, we then shift our FOCUS to the fastest street-legal e-bikes. These are the ones that you can actually look forward to on your daily commute, the ones whose speed will actually be manageable by the average rider.

So, let’s get right into it, and check out the fastest electric bikes in 2020.

Fastest Electric Bikes

First up, we’re checking out the bikes with the fastest raw speed on the market! They might not be practical for your daily commute. But if you’re in the market for the fastest e-bike, or even just curious, then check out these technological feats:

Hi Power Cycles Revolution X

This one tops our list. A true machine when it comes to e-bike technology, Revolution X boasts a top speed of over 60mph! Its acceleration is also massively impressive, as it goes from 0-30mph in 4.57 seconds! When it comes to pure speed, you can’t really beat this one.

This is also a very capable mountain bike. It has a carbon fiber frame, full-suspension, quad piston brakes, and an 86V 2400Wh lithium ion battery with a range up to 100 miles! If you’re looking for the fastest electric bike on the market that handles well and hits the trails with ease, then this might be exactly what you are looking for.

Stealth Electric Bike

Next up is the Stealth Electric Bike. This one is a true beast, and perhaps the most popular of the high-speed electric bikes on the market. The electric hub motor technology allows you to reach speeds you wouldn’t think possible on an electric bike. This thing caps out at about 50mph with a 60-mile range.

They keep improving it, too. The 2020 model had its power upped by 20%, and motor weight was reduced by 20%. This offers not only a fast ride, but a maneuverable and comfortable ride. This is also a full suspension bike with powerful brakes.

When it comes to high-performance electric bikes, this one tops many lists, and it’s not difficult to see why. If you want some speed and some off-roading capabilities, this might be for you.

Swind EB-01

The Swind is another great, high-performance option that can really fly. A top speed of 60mph! The electric motor boasts 15kW of power, which is the reason for this bike’s next-level performance. The battery pack is quick to charge (only 90 minutes) and lasts up to 80 miles.

The bike itself is quite impressive as well. There is full suspension, and hydraulic brakes on both wheels, ensuring that it can adequately handle whatever you throw at it. It even has three motor settings – street, cross, and MTB. This one is a true feat of engineering, but at 20,000, this is not a very affordable electric bike.

Hi Power Cycles Scout Pro

Another one from Hi Power Cycles, the Scout Pro is another marvel. This is a very fast electric bike with a more reasonable price range. This has power up to 3000W, which means it can reach a top speed of up to 45mph! Not quite as fast as the other electric bikes on our list so far, but still much faster than your typical electric bike. It also offers both pedal assist and full throttle options.

This is another solid mountain bike as well, and Made in the USA! A hardtail design, with 150mm front suspension and 27.5-inch wheels.

Fastest Street-Legal Commuters

So far, we’ve covered some of the fastest, most high-performing e-bikes on the market. But let’s face it, those e-bikes aren’t necessarily practical for daily use. They are very specialized bikes. Great for off-roading and for expert riders, but your average e-bike rider will probably want something a regular bike that’s more accessible as a road bike.

Not to mention, there are currently only three classes of street-legal e-bikes (country dependent). In the USA, Class 3 bikes (the fastest ones) can reach a speed of up to 28mph. In this section, we’re focusing on fast, powerful e-bikes that are also street legal.

Trek Allant

First up is the Trek Allant. Made by Trek, one of the most trusted names in biking, the Allant offers pretty much everything you’d want in a speedy electric road bike that can hit the streets. It can hit speeds up to 28mph, which makes it among the fastest street-legal bikes on the market.

This thing is pretty much built to get around. The FOCUS was almost exclusively on durability and functionality. The carbon fiber frame is sleek, lightweight, durable, and very aerodynamic. It has a 625Wh battery, which is among the longest lasting out there. It also has powerful hydraulic disc brakes for stopping power at all speed and in all conditions.

The Allant is built like a cruiser bike that was designed purely for speed. If your primary goal is to get places fast, this is the bike for you.

Propel Gazelle Ultimate

The Gazelle Ultimate is another excellent all-around bike, which also reaches speeds of 28mph. Its speed is thanks to its Bosch Performance Line motor, which offers 75 Nm of torque, and weighs only 2.9 kg.

This bike is designed to go fast, but also for maneuverability and control. It has a strong, aluminum frame, front suspension, and powerful hydraulic disc brakes. It is also designed to be a comfortable ride, with ergonomic grips and a high-quality bike seat.

Fastest Specialty Bikes

We round out our list with a few e-bikes that didn’t fit comfortably into other categories. E-bike technology is pretty exciting, and there are many different types of bikes as a result. Here are a few really cool designs that also go fast!

Best Speed Trike: Outrider Trike

How about a speed trike? This one allows you to achieve big-time speed. If you’ve ridden one of these trikes, this one will probably be the most powerful you’ve experienced. It tops out at 20mph, which is quite the formidable speed for a trike like this!

This is a strong and durable trike and is even suitable for off-road riding. There are front and rear air-shock suspension, and an electronic drive system. The base battery gets about 15-35 miles per charge, but there is the option to upgrade to about 60-140 miles per charge.

Overall, this is a very specific type of bike, but if you’re in the market for a fast, off-road e-trike, then this might be exactly what you are looking for.

Foldable Speed E-Bike: Voltaire Magnum Premium

Foldable bikes are a popular sub-category of bikes, especially for commuters. The benefit of a foldable bike is that it can be folded into a compact size, and brought with you almost anywhere. Gone are the worries of leaving your bike outside all day with the looming potential of bike thieves.

The Voltaire Magnum Premium is a highly capable folding bike. It reaches 28mph, making it among the fastest street-legal bikes on the market. Pretty impressive for a folding bike, with a 48V battery power, 500W motor. The battery is capable but not incredible, at about 25 to 55 miles per charge.

The Magnum Premium is built for portability, but also for comfort and maneuverability. This one doesn’t sacrifice rideability for portability. It weighs in at only 55 pounds, thanks to its aluminum alloy frame. It also boasts front suspension, and adjustable seat and handlebar height.

Overall, if you’re in the market for a foldable bike, this one is tough to beat. One wouldn’t expect a portable e-bike to pack this much power, but this one proves the doubters wrong.

Best Budget Speed Bike: Aventon Pace 500

We cap off our list with the best speed e-bike for riders on a budget. When it comes to getting a budget e-bike, the odds are pretty stacked against you. E-bikes, in general, are pricy, and the cost only goes up when you factor in a powerful motor.

The Aventon Pace 500 reverses this trend and offers you a powerful e-bike for an affordable price. While not as powerful or capable as the higher end bikes on our list, this one still tops out at an impressive 20 mph, thanks to its 750W brushless motor.

The bike itself is no slouch either. Strong and durable, and built as a quality cruiser bike. There are powerful hydraulic brakes, a cushioned saddle, and an LCD display. Pretty impressive package for such an affordable price.

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Best electric road bikes: ebikes for a boost on road climbs

It wasn’t so long ago that the world of electric bikes was dominated by electric hybrids and electric mountain bike models. Alongside electric gravel bikes, electric road bikes are increasingly popular and, in some cases, look very similar to non-motorised machines.

A road ebike will have drop handlebars and a more sporty riding position than a hybrid – just like a conventional, non-assisted road or gravel bike. You’ll get the gear range to ride faster and to tackle hills, plus narrower road bike tyres for more Rapid progress on the road.

As with any road bike, reducing weight is important, although not usually at the expense of battery capacity and range. Electric road bikes will always be heavier than their conventional counterparts. However, some road ebikes will have carbon-fibre frames and lightweight wheelsets, bringing their weight down to under 12kg – not a lot more than some unpowered bikes. A road ebike’s handling will also be tuned for a sporty ride, so you can enjoy fast descents, while still getting a helping hand from the motor on the uphills. As with any electric bike motor, an e-road bike’s electric assistance will be limited to speeds below 15mph/25kph as per electric bike laws in the UK, EU and Australia. The limit is 20mph in the US. That’s more than enough for climbing – you’ll be able to climb much quicker than on a regular road bike – but could limit an e-road bike’s appeal on flat roads if riding in a fast group, for example. For more advice on what to look for in an electric road bike, our full buyer’s guide is at the bottom of this article, while we’ve also got a separate guide to electric bike types to help you choose the right motorised machine for you.

The best electric road bikes in 2023

Scott Addict eRide Premium

The Scott Addict eRide Premium offers the sleek looks of a regular road bike and a ride to match. Russell Burton / Immediate Media

  • £8,349 / 9,299 as tested
  • 1,040g claimed frame weight
  • The looks of a normal road bike
  • Rides like a non-assisted bike too

Scott’s Addict eRide borrows heavily from the Addict RC aero lightweight bike, with similar geometry and Scott’s top-spec HMX carbon.

It’s powered by the Mahle ebikemotion rear-hub motor, with its fully enclosed battery in the down tube, for a really clean look.

Power assistance is smooth, both in delivery and when it cuts out, so that you’re supported as you ride, rather than the motor taking over.

The eRide is available in a range of builds. The top-level Premium spec has a Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 groupset, a fully-integrated Syncros Creston SL bar/stem and Syncros Capital carbon wheelset, for a sub-11kg weight – about as light as electric bikes come.

Latest deals

BMC Roadmachine AMP One

  • £7,600 / €7,999 as tested
  • Clever assistance
  • Smooth ride
  • Impressive range

Our tester judged the BMC Roadmachine AMP One “simply one of the best e-road bikes available”.

Its geometry and silhouette closely match those of its non-assisted sibling.

However, it packs in a Mahle X20 motor and a 350Wh battery for an impressively lengthy range aided by clever assistance management.

The handling is well balanced and The SRAM Force AXS groupset shifts with precision. Braking is excellent too.

The Vittoria Rubino tyres gripped and rolled well on dry roads, but wouldn’t be the best choice for more hostile winter conditions.

Latest deals

Bianchi Aria E-Road

  • £4,500 / 6,500 as tested
  • Stealthy assistance
  • Great handling
  • Sleek looks
fastest, electric, bikes, 2020, pedal, assist

The motor-equipped Bianchi Aria E-Road aero bike is blessed with the same great handling offered by its unassisted sister bike, the Bianchi Aria.

The Aria E-Road also uses an ebikemotion motor unit at its rear hub, while the 250W/h battery that powers it is concealed within the frame’s down tube. This makes for a road bike that appears unassisted, at least to the untrained eye.

Despite its appetite for speed, the Aria isn’t a bone shaker on rougher surfaces, thanks to its 28mm tyres.

The best compliment we can pay the Aria is it would work well as a non-assisted bike – it just happens to have a 250-watt boost on tap.

Latest deals

Bianchi Impulso E-road

The Bianchi Impulso E-Road doesn’t cut quite as sleek a silhouette as some electric road bikes. Robert Smith

  • £4,400 as tested
  • Ideal for those who aren’t as fit or flexible
  • Punchy motor with impressive range
  • Mudguard and rack mounts open further options

Unlike the racier Bianchi Aria E-Road, the Impulso electric road bike isn’t as much of a looker, but we were still very impressed with the ride.

relaxed geometry and a higher front end make it a good choice if you’re a rider who is less flexible, recovering from injury or looking to keep up with fitter riders.

The Polini bottom-bracket mounted motor system of the Impulso was another pleasant surprise, with plenty of power and an impressive real-world range.

Mounts for mudguards and racks mean this one will also make a great commuter bike.

Latest deals

Cannondale SuperSix Evo Neo 2

Based on the non-assisted SuperSix Evo, the Neo 2 hasn’t lost that bike’s looks or ride. Russell Burton / Immediate Media

  • £5,000 / 6,500 as tested, now £7,000 (Neo 2 no longer available in United States)
  • Ultegra-equipped, with Dura-Ace Di2 and 105 options available
  • Great ride feel and impressive range

Another ebike that uses the Mahle ebikemotion rear-hub motor, the Cannondale SuperSix Evo Neo is based on our 2020 (non-assisted) Bike of the Year, the SuperSix EVO.

It’s inherited both that bike’s looks and its race-bike ride quality and responsiveness. There’s a long reach and low stack, as well as short chainstays for a performance ride feel.

Quality finishing kit includes Cannondale’s aero bar and stem, a Prologo saddle on a carbon seatpost, and Cannondale RDe alloy wheels, for a bike weight of 12.1kg in size large.

We managed 122km with 1,124m of climbing elevation on a single charge, comfortably beating the 75km claimed range. Above all, we were impressed by how well the motor worked with us, rather than dominating the ride.

Latest deals

Cannondale Synapse Neo SE

  • £3,299 / €3,799 / 4,400 as tested, now £3,800 / 4,500 / €3,799
  • SRAM Apex 1x drivetrain
  • Bosch Active Line Plus 250W motor
  • 500W/h down-tube mounted battery
  • SRAM Apex 1x drivetrain, 650b wheels with 47c tyres

If you’re spending your time predominantly off-road but want drop bars and the flexibility of a motor then the Cannondale Synapse Neo SE is hard to beat.

The Synapse may be best known as Cannondale’s endurance bike but, with 650b wheels and massive 47mm WTB Byway tyres, the Neo SE is more gravel bike than road bike.

That’s not to say this machine isn’t sufficient on the road, but its ability to monster truck off-road terrain is seriously addictive. Bosch’s excellent drive unit provides generous assistance, even in its minimal-assistance Eco mode.

We managed to get in excess of 60 miles of power from the battery despite a test route that was almost entirely off-road. Cannondale also offers the new Topstone Neo as a dedicated electric gravel bike.

Latest deals

Focus Paralane² 9.7

The beauty of Fazua’s motor system, used on the Focus Paralane², is its unobtrusive nature. Robert Smith

  • £4,999 as tested
  • Modular Fazua motor can be removed
  • Clearances for large tyres
  • Resistance-free riding above motor assistance limit

The Focus Paralane² was born out of the prototype Project Y electric bike, and makes use of a removable Fazua motor. This minimal motor/battery system weighs only 3.5kg.

Remove the Fazua system and attach the included cover and the Paralane² effectively becomes a standard road bike, with minimal resistance from the gearbox buried in the bottom bracket. Without the motor, it weighs around 11kg.

The USP for the Paralane² is that the motor is designed to work in tandem with you. The result is unobtrusive power delivery with a feel that puts you in control rather than letting the bike take over.

We’d rather see tyres larger than the 28mm specced as standard, particularly seeing as this frame can accept 35mm tyres without issue, making it a great option for year-round riding or dabbling in light gravel.

Latest deals

Orbea Gain Carbon M20 MyO

  • £4,718 as tested, now £4,699 / 5,599 / AU9,699
  • Electric bike packaged with road bike looks
  • ebikemotion hub-based motor
  • New 2021 models offer significant updates

When it was announced, the Orbea Gain was one of a host of refined electric road bikes that eschewed the bulky ebike looks in favour of something more streamlined.

Built for a group test we conducted last year, our luxuriously kitted out Orbea Gain Carbon M20 was configured using Orbea’s MyO custom builder programme. The result was a bike that was a joy to ride, even with the motor switched off.

In 2021, Orbea updated both the carbon and alloy Gain, borrowing features from its OMX aero road bike, upping tyre clearance to 40mm, fully enclosing the cable runs and dropping weight to 11.8kg or less.

It also has integrated front and rear lights, its own head unit with an out-front mount for more info on the motor and battery life, and Mahle’s newest ebikemotion X35 Plus motor. Orbea says it has tuned power delivery to more closely replicate the feeling of riding an unassisted road bike.

Latest deals

Specialized S-Works Turbo Creo SL

The Specialized S-Works Turbo Creo SL is one of the most expensive e-road bikes on the market, but it’s an impressive machine to ride. Russell Burton / Immediate Media

  • £10,999 / €12,499 / 13,500 / AU19,000 as tested
  • High spec with Dura-Ace Di2, a power meter and Roval carbon wheels
  • Stable, smooth, nimble ride

You’re paying a superbike price for the Specialized S-Works Turbo Creo SL, one of the most expensive electric bikes available. But the high-spec frame and top-drawer specification, including Roval CLX50 aero carbon wheels, Dura-Ace Di2 shifting and a built-in power meter, help justify the outlay.

Ride quality feels like the Roubaix endurance bike and the Turbo Creo SL even comes with the FutureShock 2.0 headset damper fitted to that bike. The motor weight sits low down to ensure stability and it’s nimble despite its 13.7kg weight.

The claimed 130km range from the internal battery is increased to 195km with the included range extender, although we didn’t quite match these figures.

Latest deals

Trek Domane LT 7

The Trek Domane LT 7 is equipped with a Fazua Evation motor and comes with the superb Ultegra Di2 drivetrain. Russell Burton / Immediate Media

  • £7,800 / 9,200 / €7,999
  • Lightweight Fazua motor
  • Great ride comfort and handling that can cope with gravel too

The Fazua motor system on the Trek Domane LT7 drops the weight down to 13.8kg and is removeable, so you can ride the bike like a non-assisted Domane too. Like the non-electric bike, it incorporates Trek’s IsoSpeed front and rear decouplers and IsoCore bars for loads of road comfort that transfers over to light gravel rides.

We got over 100km range with 2,000m-plus of climbing – impressive, as is the handling and comfort on offer.

Buyer’s guide to electric road bikes: what to look out for

Electric road bike motors explained

The ebikemotion rear-hub motor is a popular choice for electric road bikes. Russell Burton / Immediate Media

Electric road bike drivetrains are sleeker and more covert than ever, with low-profile batteries often fully enclosed in the bike’s down tube or disguised as a water bottle.

Electric road bike motors tend to be compact and hidden away in the bottom bracket shell or the rear hub – a far cry from the bulky units of old – while controllers are often small, with a tiny button in the front of the top tube being an increasingly popular placement, although you’ll also find bar-mounted controls. That can lead to a bike that at first glance is hard to distinguish from a conventional road bike.

Fazua and ebikemotion motors are a popular choice seen on many e-road bikes thanks to the progressive power delivery well-suited to road riding, although Bosch units and own-brand motors from the likes of Specialized can also cut a minimalist silhouette.

Electric road bike batteries explained

Most electric road bikes have a battery enclosed in the bike’s down tube. Again, that leads to an unobtrusive look. In the case of Fazua, you can drop the battery pack out of the down tube for recharging, or remove it to take it indoors closer to an electric plug. You can even remove it completely and ride the electric bike like a non-assisted road bike.

Other batteries such as ebikemotion’s are more firmly lodged in place, though, so you need to be able to get the bike to a socket to add some juice.

Typical battery capacities are around 250W/h – usually enough for 60km or so of range, although you should be able to get more than that on flatter ground with judicious use.

How much does an electric road bike weigh?

Electric road bikes undoubtedly make climbing a faster affair, but the added weight can be a hindrance when riding fast on flat roads. Orbea

The lightest electric road bikes tip the scales at 12kg or less, which isn’t a lot more than some unpowered bikes. That’s achieved by having a frame and fork made of carbon fibre, often accompanied by carbon-rimmed wheels. That tends to be a pricey menu.

Weight is important, though. On the flat, many road riders will be managing over the 15mph/25kph legal limit (or 20mph in the US) at which the motor cuts out, making the motor and battery a dead weight above those speeds. Keeping the bike’s weight low will make riding without assistance easier, adding to performance and enjoyment.

On the other hand, a more robust, heavier build could be an advantage if you’re aiming to mix in gravel riding. Weight is also less of an issue if you plan to predominantly ride within the legal limit for motor assistance.

fastest, electric, bikes, 2020, pedal, assist

Electric road bike wheels and tyres

Just because a bike’s battery-powered, doesn’t mean the finishing kit has to be sub-par. Scott Sports

With more power delivered to the road and a heavier bike weight, electric road bikes tend to have wider tyres than standard road bikes. Many pair that with beefed-up wheels with alloy rims, although higher-spec models may come with aero carbon hoops.

Tyre width on electric road bikes tends to start at 28mm. That’s not unusual on a pedal-powered road bike now though, and provides a more comfortable ride, with additional versatility for rough roads or dabbling on light off-road trails.

Can you convert a road bike to an electric road bike?

While less common than, say, an electric hybrid conversion, it is perfectly possible to convert your road bike to an ebike.

Check out our in-depth guide on how to convert a bike to electric power for more info.

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The Fastest Electric Bike

So, you’ve found yourself searching for the perfect electric mountain bike. You’re scrutinizing suspension and geometry. You’re making sure you have top-of-the-line brakes and a build kit that suits your riding style. Before you opt all the way in for speed, ask yourself: what do you sacrifice when you go all in on power that’s solely centered on speed? We’re here with a host of tips to help you make sure you choose and create the fastest electric fat tire bike possible.

The Fastest EBike

When we look at any bike that doesn’t utilize pedal assist and touts a motor power of over 5KW (that’s over five times our most powerful motor), we tread further away from the realm of electric bicycles. Truly, they fall into a class of their own that exists somewhere between e-bikes and motorbikes and mopeds. And, they’re not allowed on many bike trails or in National Parks. So before you make a decision, ensure you’re fully understanding what kicking up the speed might preclude you from accessing.

The Three E-Bike Classifications

As the technology of electric mountain bikes becomes more sophisticated and more people around the globe buy and explore on their e-bikes, local and national authorities are creating more legislation to ensure that all user groups can coexist in Smart ways that promote a positive experience for all.

fastest, electric, bikes, 2020, pedal, assist

Recently, there was a monumental announcement from the National Forest Service that paves the way for allowing local governing bodies to decide where and how e-bikes can be used on trails owned and managed by the U.S. Forest Service. Part of what this announcement does is further sharpen the language around the three classifications of electric bikes. Yes, this is a positive step for e-bikes, but it is also something of which you should be well aware when you’re thinking about your need for speed.

Class 1: electric bikes in this category are pedalassist only—meaning the bike will not move without active physical engagement by the rider—and there’s no throttle with a maximum assisted speed of 20mph.

Class 2: electric bikes in this category are also pedal-assisted but also feature a throttle. The maximum speed is still 20mph.

Class 3: like Class 1 bikes, electric bikes in this category are pedal-assist only and there’s no throttle. But, unlike Class 1, the maximum assisted speed is 28mph.

Note that it’s understood that all classes limit the motor’s power to 1 horsepower. So the aforementioned fastest electric bikes on the market are outside of this classification.

Ways to Make Sure Yours is the Fastest Electric Bike

In order to ensure the greatest possible access for our electric bikes, you can expect that maxed out, all QuietKat e-bikes will roll at about 20mph (which—all things considered—is pretty fast when you’re hauling through the forest on the trail). But, there are a number of other ways to attempt to make sure yours is the fastest electric fat tire bike possible. Here are our quick tips:

Make sure you’re fully charged.

A fully charged electric mountain bike yields a higher voltage output. We broke down the full details of what to expect from a (fully charged )1000 watt electric bike on our blog.

Invest in a higher voltage battery.

Like we said above, a bike with a higher charge results in a higher voltage output which, in turn, ensures you’re getting the most out of your speedometer. Peruse the full lineup of QuietKat batteries and charging accessories to see if an upgrade is right for you.

Opt for smoother tires.

If you’re taking your mountain-going steed off the trails and into the urban concrete jungle, one way to make sure you’re achieving top speed is to swap out your knobby, grippy tires for smoother tires. Smoother tires have less rolling resistance and can even add a 1-2mph bump.

Tune your brakes.

Did you know that poorly tuned brakes can slow down your e-bike? The unnecessary friction from brake rub can keep you from your full speed potential. It’s easy to learn how to tune your brakes yourself. If you’d rather leave it to the experts, simply take it to your local bike shop.


Ever watched the Tour de France? Then you’ll see the riders picking up impressive speed when they crouch low into their handlebars and reduce wind resistance. Try it: it’s amazing how much speed you can feel yourself picking up when you’re rolling downhill.

What is the Fastest Electric Bicycle on the Market?

Here at High Country E Bikes, we have two electric bicycle brands that can make you go fastreally fast! Whether you’re looking for off-road e bikes or electric road bicycles, we have an option for you that will allow you to ride at crazy speeds.

Aluminum battery box on the Vintage Electric Scrambler is beautifully designed and sand cast (Sold in Salt Lake City)

The two brands that our high-adventure e-bike aficionados love are High-Power Cycles (HPC) and Vintage Electric. HPC builds amazing mountain bikes. Vintage Electric manufactures the best cruiser-style road bikes. Both manufacturers use Crystalyte motors, a high-performance brand of hub-drive power-system that provide crazy speed and torque.

HPC Super-Crazy-Fast EBikes

One of the most exciting electric-powered bicycle experiences you can explore is to ride a High-Power Cycles e bike. We have two options you want to consider if you’re a mountain biker:

Downhill High-Power Cycles Electric Bike

For downhill racing and high-skilled mountain biking, consider buying the HPC Revolution. It’s a heavy mountain racer at 79 lbs. It has a short headtube angle, giving you the suspension and support you need for going really fast down a mountain.

This bike may seem expensive, but when you ride the Revolution, you won’t pay for a ski lift up the mountain anymore. Use the power of your e bike to climb any hills you want to ride. Then enjoy the journey down!

Enduro Racing Electric Bike by HPC

For a lighter-weight Enduro-style e bike, consider the HPC Enduro. It features three crazy-powerful 750W, 1200W, or a 1500W mid-drive power-systems, ideal for mountain biking.

HPC (Hi-Power Cycles Enduro) at High Country E Bikes in SLC

High-Performance Road Bikes by Vintage Electric

Our Salt Lake City customers love the Vintage Electric brand of e bikes. They are beautifully hand-crafted electric-powered bicycles. And with their Crystalyte motors they can go as fast as 40-mph.

We have three models of ebikes you want to consider:

Vintage Electric Scrambler

Vintage Electric Scrambler in Salt Lake City by electric bike shop. High Country E Bikes

Vintage Electric Cruz

Vintage Electric Cruz sold at High Country E Bikes in Salt Lake City

Vintage Electric Tracker

Looking for the fastest electric bicycless in the state of Utah. Come see us at High Country E Bikes TODAY!

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