80Hp electric dirt bike. Highlights

HP – 110 kg electric motocross bike to go on sale in Australia

No it’s not made by the fictional Tony Stark character of Marvel movies fame but the new Stark VARG electric motorcross bike would certainly fit with that script and Stark Future CEO and Co-Founder Anton Wass could pass for a Marvel character.

VARG is Swedish for strong wolf and with 80 horsepower it certainly has some fangs. With customisable power modes that can mimic anything from a 125 cc two-stroke to a 650 cc four-stroke, it can also play many different characters.

The bike’s power curve, engine-braking, traction control and virtual flywheel weight can be tuned in a few seconds and through as many as 100 ride ‘modes’. Be nice if the audio track changed with the selection though…

The chassis is a combination of carbon-fibre, magnesium and aerospace grade aluminium which along with the 32 kg – 6kWh battery system sees the manufacturer claim a ready to ride weight of 110 kg. That’s a power to weight ratio that bests anything else currently racing on motocross tracks.

They also claim a riding range comparable to a conventional 450 motocrosser, six-hours of trail riding, or an MXGP race distance at maximum attack. Recharge times are quoted as 1-2 hours.

For those that know about such EV things Stark claims that their ‘powerplant has been forged with advanced tech and ideas, such as the patent-pending magnesium honeycomb casing, ‘slippery-fingers’ cell holders, a pressure relief system and a one-sided powerboard configuring the battery cells. The ‘flying V’ system connects every cell directly to the tough, waterproof casing. This brings high conductivity to the air-cooled structure. The result is a very even and regular battery temperature that removes unnecessary weight for water or vapour cooling.’

80hp, electric, dirt, bike

No radiators, fuel tank or air-box means that the VARG should offer great ergonomics.

Stark have not tried to reinvent the wheel when it comes to suspension and use industry standard Kayaba forks and shock.

Stark originates from Sweden and was established in 2019 but has put its roots down on the fringes of Barcelona.

80hp, electric, dirt, bike

The company plans to self-distribute in Australia and told MCNews.com.au that an Australian location and warehouse is currently being finalised. Pricing in Europe is 11,900 EURO which translates to around 19,000 AUD.


Anton Wass, Stark Future CEO and Co-Founder

“It is a very proud moment for us to finally start talking and showing the Stark VARG. As motocross riders and fans, we knew that the sport was in a chronic state, and we are losing tracks in Europe every week. It felt like motocross was going backwards while the potential for innovation with electric mobility is going quickly forwards. Our motivation was born out of frustration with the scene and the need to contribute something that would help our world and our surroundings. It’s been a fantastic journey so far and it’s exciting to see how the Stark VARG had exceeded our expectations. From a business perspective, we also wanted to set the bar in motocross because it is the toughest challenge for material and technical ideas before we move on to produce a full range of on-and-off-road motorcycles. Riders are going to love the full potential of the Stark VARG and the amount of ‘clean’ and easy fun it provides. We aimed to produce something greener and better, and we think anyone trying the bike will agree that we reached our vision.”

Testing Director and former World Champion Sébastien Tortelli

“When I first jumped on the Stark VARG it was a step into the unknown. The very first impression was from the outright performance; it was much more than I expected,” commented Testing Director and former World Champion and AMA Supercross race winner Sébastien Tortelli. “Suspension-wise, chassis-wise I immediately felt at home. This is a real motocross bike. I had to learn about the electric power and I was surprised of how fast I adapted and how fun it is to ride. We have done quite a lot of development work already. The chassis is balanced as well as nimble. The light weight means you can really move around it with ease and attack those jumps and sections. I feel awesome on the track and I can race with this bike, and this is what we are aiming for. It’s an amazing experience to ride in silence! You can hear the way the bike picks up traction, the impact of the stones and the jumps. It’s an amazing sensation.”

AMA Supercross race winner Josh Hill

“It is probably the most responsive power I’ve ever felt on a bike. The designers have done an amazing job with the chassis and the ergonomics right out of the gate. There was very little to adjust. I also love the ‘one size fits all’ idea: someone with very little experience of a dirtbike can feel safe and have fun – especially compared with trying to get their head around a new 250 or 450 – but then the serious racers or free-riders can make it as explosive as they want. The possibilities with the Stark VARG are endless. Once you’ve ridden an electric bike then its unlike anything else.”

The Concept Of The Stark VARG

The design and technology (patent pending) of this new model seek to change the direction of the industry and will encourage users’ interest in sustainability. Aiming to outperform traditional technology, the Stark VARG has was designed from a blank sheet of paper.

The powertrain and chassis are engineered to work together, and each element was optimized for its specific purpose. It’s physical proof that an electric dirt bike could outperform the best motocross bikes in every aspect.

The famous rider Josh Hill said, The first time I saw the Stark VARG I just fell in love with it. When I finally got to ride it and feel the power of it, it’s so good. It’s just an instant response. It feels like the throttle is so connected to the rear wheel, you just twist it, and it goes with no hesitation. It’s got so much torque; you can go up to anything slowly and then, ‘wooosh’ you just get over it. It’s so much fun to ride.

80hp, electric, dirt, bike

Stark Varg Is A Different Motorcycle

The concept ‘drive when and where you want’ made a reality thanks to low maintenance and the absence of emissions and noise. Apart from its brilliant performance and exceptional handling, the Stark VARG seeks to please the user by the short charging time, its good range (up to 6 hours of driving on simple routes, with 1 to 2 hours of recharge).

The Stark VARG is also a versatile bike. The Stark Future application installed on your control device.which consists of a waterproof and shock-resistant smartphone, solidly anchored in its support- allows you to adjust the power curve, engine brake, traction control, and engine speed, the power curve, the engine brake, the traction control, and the virtual engine flywheel, as well as selecting up to a hundred driving modes in just a few seconds.

Best In Class Power To Weight Ratio

The heart of the Stark VARG is a quiet yet extraordinary motor that produces 80 HP of power (30% more than any 450cc and twice the torque). The powertrain is actuated by the Stark battery system, one of the most compact and ‘energetically powerful’ globally, with a 6 kWh capacity for less than 71 pounds.

Advanced technologies and ideas came together to achieve this. Novelties include the magnesium honeycomb casing (patent pending), cell supports, a pressure reduction device, and a power plate configuring the battery cells.

Stark VARG’s Flying V system connects each cell to the housing, allowing high conductivity to the air-cooled structure. As a result, the battery’s temperature is regular and uniform. It saves the weight involved in its cooling by water or steam. In addition, the autonomy at full load is like that of a 450 with a full tank.

The low weight is key to the agile handling of the Stark VARG, whose 242 pounds give it an excellent power-to-weight ratio. The engine acts as a structural element in the package, allowing Stark to offer the world’s lightest cross-country chassis. Its composition (including the carbon sub-section) articulates the ideal lateral, vertical, and torsional flex mix. In addition, it places the center of gravity down, optimizing the dynamic behavior of the bike, which has and turns like no other. Ergonomics designed for sporty riding and well-shaped lines (goodbye to air boxes, radiators, and tanks) improve the rider’s sensations and help reduce the total weight.

Kayaba and Technical Touch, Japanese experts in suspension, oversee providing the damping, with 310 mm of travel on both axles, adjustable in seven different settings according to the size and volume of the rider.

The Stark VARG packs eye-catching details; The innovative phone that allows you to configure multiple driving settings; the full dual floating type skid plate (patent pending) that eliminates the lower section of the chassis; there’s also the innovative click chain tensioner and axle and nut arrangement for even more effective protection. Even the footpegs consist of special stainless steel alloy, 40% stronger than titanium or chrome steel and lighter, to make it the lightest footpeg ever.

The installation process is also quite simple, as Stark has eliminated the need for a locking pin. The cycle includes wheels with CNC machined 6082 T6 aluminum hubs, 7050 T6 rims, and Pirelli MX32 tires.


The VARG has been developed with a clear purpose, to show that electric technology is superior to gasoline by outperforming all traditional motocross models available.

It’s more powerful, it’s lightweight and has significantly less motor-inertia than any of the gas bikes, providing you with better handling and an enhanced riding sensation.

Possibly the strongest adrenaline rush money can buy. And there’s no noise, meaning you can ride almost anywhere, at any time.

The face says it all! Seeing and trying an 80hp electric MX bike for the first time#StarkVARG

The motor, vehicle control unit, inverter and battery have all been developed by our team of high power electronics specialists. They have collaborated with our engineers, combining vast experience from the motocross motorcycle industry in order to integrate the powertrain into a chassis that matches the groundbreaking power. Our team has achieved this through a process focused on challenging the norm in order to innovate and improve function and performance. Several of those improvements are now patent pending.

Features may include:

What do you want to ride next? A 450cc four-stroke beast? A snappy 125cc two-stroke, or something gentler?

The Stark VARG is the most advanced and versatile motocross bike on the planet. You can instantly modify your ride mode, adapting and customizing perfectly to every type of circuit and riding style. On the Stark VARG’s App you have the capacity to build up to 100 ride modes and have five of them actively installed on the bike at any time.

The Stark VARG offers you a similar range as a 450cc with a full tank of fuel, but without polluting the environment, with a battery capacity of 6kWh. A complete recharge takes between 1 or 2 hours depending on the outlet and charger. A fully charged Stark VARG will complete a full MXGP heat or allow you to enjoy up to 6 hours of easy trail riding.

The Stark VARG’s cutting-edge ‘flying V’ battery design features a patent-pending lightweight honeycomb magnesium battery case structure which connects every cell directly to the casing. The high conductivity to the fine air-cooled case provides a very consistent and regular battery temperature which removes unnecessary weight for vapor or water cooling.

At 110kg / 242 lbs fully charged, the Stark VARG is lightweight. An important benefit of our electric powertrain is that it has a fraction of the inertia of a gas motor, providing you with a featherweight riding sensation.

By using the motor case as a structural component, we’ve been able to develop a frame that is almost 50% lighter than the competitors, still maintaining the same or higher strength properties and optimized flex characteristics.

The Stark VARG’s near-silent motor means you can ride anywhere, anytime, allowing you to reinvent the possibilities of off-road riding in places you’d never previously imagined.

Better for the environment and easier to maintain: With zero emissions and no filters to change the Stark VARG requires a very simple level of maintenance. It’s as easy to take care of as a bicycle.

  • Carbon Fiber Sleeve Motor Inverter
  • Battery
  • Chassis
  • Suspension
  • Design Bodywork
  • Stark Varg Display, Phone App
  • Forged And Cnc-Machined Wheels
  • Industry Leading Brakes
  • Chain Sprockets
  • Handlebar Grips
  • Charger
  • Chain Adjuster Rear Axle
  • Revolutionary Skid Plate
  • Pirelli Mx32 Tires
  • World’S Lightest Foot Pegs

80hp Stark Varg Electric Dirtbike on the Dyno!


  • Sale Price 100.00
  • Location Rapid City, South Dakota
  • Condition New
  • Year 2022
  • Make Stark
  • Model Stark VARG MX 19_60HP
  • Fuel Type Electric
  • Status Available
  • 2022 Stark Stark VARG MX 19_60HP
  • Year 2022
  • Manufacturer Stark
  • Model Name Stark VARG
  • Trim Name MX 19_60HP
  • Generic Type (Primary) Off-Road
  • Motor
  • Motor Power 60hp
  • Motor Torque 938Nm
  • Battery
  • Battery Charger Type The Stark VARG’s charger is included in the price of the motorcycle. It is delivered with a plug that fits in your normal power socket. For certain markets we include an adapter. It delivers 3.3 kW of charging power and will charge the bike to full battery in less than 2 hours.
  • Battery Charging Time 1-2 hours | Riding Time: 6h
  • Performance
  • Cooling Air cooled
  • Drivetrain Ride Modes: 100
  • Chain Type The RK MXU UW-ring Gold 520 chain is extremely strong, narrow, light and with the highest tensile strength on the market. A popular choice for teams in both MXGP and FIM Hard Enduro championships. Same sealing solution is also used in the Moto3™ category of MotoGP™, the construction permits 5% less friction compared to a non-ring chain and therefore longer range and higher performance. Optimized rubber rings reduce chain vibration and remove plate friction. | Chain Adjuster: Clicking chain adjuster enables hassle free chain adjustment. You no longer need to use two wrenches, simply one hex.
  • Sprockets, Rear The rear sprocket is machined from German 7075 T6 aluminum for the highest wear resistance in the product range. The front sprocket is forged from hardened steel for a similar lifespan.
  • Axle Bearing Extensions, Rear Flush rear axle nut reduces risk of getting caught in ruts.
  • Handlebar Grips 7075 T6 aluminum handlebar with 28.6mm diameter, comes with soft compound rubber grips.
  • Suspension
  • Front Travel (in./cm.) 310mm
  • Rear Travel (in./cm.) 310mm
  • Rear Shocks 50mm
  • Brakes
  • Brake System Type Leading brakes manufacturer Galfer provide 260mm and 220mm front and rear discs with pressure applied by a Brembo hydraulic system.
  • Brake Disc Diameter, Front 260mm
  • Brake Disc Diameter, Rear 220mm
  • Wheels Tires
  • Wheels Forged and CNC-Machined: 6082 T6 aluminum CNC-machined wheel hubs for extra strength and low weight. The spokes have been sourced for the highest-grade steel. 7050 T6 aluminum aero-grade rims complete the package. | Spokes: Highest-grade steel spokes.
  • Front Wheel 7050 T6 aluminum aero-grade rims.
  • Rear Wheel 7050 T6 aluminum aero-grade rims.
  • Front Tire MXGP World Championship winning tires: Pirelli Scorpion MX32. 80/100-21 on the front wheel.
  • Rear Tire MXGP World Championship winning tires: Pirelli Scorpion MX32. With 110/90-19 on the rear
  • Hub Type Forged and CNC-machined 6082 T6 hubs.
  • Weights
  • Weight 110Kg
  • Lights and Safety
  • Lighting World’s Lightest Foot Pegs: The foot pegs have been casted and machined from a special stainless steel: a rust-free material that has 40% higher yield strength than titanium or chromoly steel. This has enabled us to produce a foot peg that is lighter than the titanium units currently used in the market and in racing, whilst being 20% stronger than the market OEM references. The foot peg design is a fine example of how we challenge the industry and improve the riding experience.
  • Features Revolutionary Skid Plate: Revolutionary light skid plate featuring a low-density foam for high impact absorption. The skid plate acts as a shield for the powertrain whilst also helping to protect the rider. When casing a jump the impact absorption foam drastically reduces the impact on the rider’s ankles over a traditional frame, as the foam will absorb the impact while the traditional frame stays stiff. The patent-pending ‘floating’ skid plate also enables vast weight savings by removing the need for a lower frame.

Battery and motor specifications

The all-important battery is a 6kWh pack housed in an extremely cool, form functional magnesium case rated at IP69, so rounding up your cattle through raging torrents should not be a problem. It has a really intelligent looking design that embeds the cylindrical cells into each side of the cases for mechanical robustness and good heat dissipation – critical on the passively cooled pack.

It also has a unique V shaped housing which allows for a really low weight distribution but also uses as much chassis space as possible to jam our all-important little lithium buddies into.

Varg claims this provides enough range for riders to “complete a full MXGP heat or up to 6 hours of trail riding.” Now ,of course, range claims are all-important in the word of electric vehicles but in fairness the Varg’s mileage doesn’t matter as much – I think their claims fit the design brief just fine.

With a 6kWh battery in a 110kg bike you could probably expect around 50-75kms at speed, but of course you are sitting very high up on energy sapping knobby tyres so it’s not really the point.

This bike is about big air, point and squirt, wheelie inducing good times that will exhaust the fittest of humans in no time, not Hyper-miling efficiency tests.

Varg also claims to have developed an all-new high power and super compact inverter/controller, “the world’s smallest inverter for 50-100kW power range;” which in their images at least looks incredibly small.

They talk a lot about their original dream of overcoming all the inherent limitations of existing EV equipment – and this is a big one which I hope flows into the rest of the electric motorcycling world soon.

The inverter controller is integrated into the motor drive housing and shares the same cooling system. This also enabled them to work on the critical challenge of reducing component count for simplicity and is further enhanced by the motor, controller and gear reduction system forming an integral part of the chassis, further reducing weight.

The motor features a carbon wrap for higher performance via increased rpm capability, less inertial weight and better thermal performance and weighs a mere 9kg.

This is clearly a trend that we will see more and more of in electric motorcycles and follows the outstanding work by Energica, MotoE and a handful of other high performance manufacturers that we are seeing.

The spelet förändras Varg

“Game changing” is the only way to describe the promise of the Varg, quite simply because it is the very latest, highest specification all electric dirt bike the world has seen yet.

However, I am equally impressed by the stunning attention to innovating the way the bikes are designed, with efficiency, performance and optimisation in liberal doses, as the company’s very detailed video library will show you.

Anyone who knows motorcycles and has played with dirt bikes, particularly, will appreciate their attention to detail on solving small but important issues, which is insanely good. Here are just a few examples:

Chain “click adjuster” – Anyone who has grappled with motorcycle wheel alignment will love this feature and it completely removes the need for time consuming and fiddly manual alignment. They also reinvented the axle nut so it is protected from damage.

The lightest, strongest foot pegs on the planet – In the performance world grams count so hell yes I need these made of an exotic stainless blend. Even better, they can be quickly replaced without tools.

Shock absorbing bash plate – How about we completely eliminate your lower sub frame and protect your valuable battery with an intelligent shock absorbing, floating foam/plastic bash plate? Bring me that log jump!

Dash-be-gone – In yet another elegant step, Stark eliminated the dashboard and replaced it with a shock and waterproof housing for a digital phone, accompanied by an extremely detailed looking app allowing up to 100 ride modes (!) and providing OTA connectivity all in one. Oh, and it’s removable with a single button push.

Carbon fibre cooling tunnel – The bike features a carbon fibre front support which doubles as the air duct to direct cooling air to the under seat mounted radiator and battery housing. Let’s face it, who doesn’t want carbon fibre bling and to be able to say they have a “cooling tunnel”.

Super light everything – Everything from the wheel hubs to the chassis uses the best light weight but super strong materials in a combination of chrome moly steel and forged aluminium helping them deliver the lightest motocross chassis in the world at just 6kg. When you drop it on yourself being a motocross action Hero, your buddies can lift it off you using the forged and machined integrated grab handles.

30 second tear down – The bodywork features a 15% weight reduction through internal hexagonal patterning and can be removed with 5 screws in 30 seconds. Handy.


Stark have already received tens of thousands of pre-orders and although you can place an order now, at this stage it appears that you’ll be waiting until late 2023 to see your bike. The web page currently lists them starting at A18,200 and I got to around A19,500 with all the add-on’s.

I note that Stark lists no less than 12 dealers in Australia already, testament to the interest. Orders and configuration can all be done online, with a decent selection of customisation available (eg wheel size, shock spring weight, 60Hp or 80Hp motor, hand or foot brake, colours etc).

Time will tell whether Stark can overcome the global supply chain challenges that most manufacturers are currently suffering and, whether the bike can reliably deliver on its promises when wannabebutnot19yearoldplumpoldguys put the Varg through the ultimate test. But if their attention to detail is anything to go by we could be in for some very exciting and very dirty times ahead.

Now, where’s my Golden Breed Mr Motocross T shirt ….

The Best Electric Dirt Bikes to Ride in 2023

Over the last decade, the electric vehicle segment has experienced enormous technological leaps and bounds, giving way to increasingly powerful and compact motors and battery packs. It’s only been within the last year or two, however, that this technology has finally become potent and advanced enough to genuinely lend itself to use in off-road motorcycles. So, while this segment may not have even really existed half a decade ago, there’s recently been a major influx of new, ever-more-capable models hitting the market on a regular basis — the latest and greatest of which we’ll be counting down in this curated guide to the best electric dirt bikes.

While the sheer number of available options on the market currently gives riders a diverse selection of proton-powered machines from which to choose, it’s also made it increasingly difficult to hone in on the bike that best suits you and your intended riding use — especially to the uninitiated. In an effort to streamline the experience of shopping in this emerging segment, we’ve broken it down, delving into the benefits of electric dirt bikes and what to consider when shopping, before diving into our picks for the best battery-powered dirt bikes currently on the market.

The Best Electric Dirt Bike Breakdown

The Upsides Advantages Of Electric Dirt Bikes

There are numerous areas in which modern electric dirt bikes are objectively superior to their gas-powered counterparts — seven of the most crucial of which we’ll be unpacking below.

Unparalleled Power: At times boasting more than ten times as much torque as standard 450cc dirt bikes, electric models offer what are truly remarkable, otherwordly amounts of torque. And, as an electric motor without a powerband, the gobs of stump-pulling torque produced by EV dirt bikes are unleashed instantaneously — rather than over a gas-fed engine’s rev range.

Minimal Noise: And, as much as we enjoy the roaring four-stroke or the ringing of a two-stroke engine, the lack of an internal combustion engine does admittedly allow the rider to better appreciate their surroundings when riding out in nature — not to mention the fact electric dirtbikes don’t annoy neighbors or attract unwanted attention from park rangers and/or law enforcement. With that said, electric dirtbike motors are far from silent, producing a whirling sound that increases in pitch as RPMs go up — not unlike a gas engine, albeit markedly quieter.

Reduced Maintenance: With far fewer moving parts, no need to change out fluids, spark plugs, or filters, and no cams or timing chains to adjust, motorcycles that are kicked along by EV powertrains require far less maintenance than regular gas-fed dirt bikes. This makes ownership a much more convenient experience, especially compared to two-stroke models that need top-end rebuilds after every couple dozen hours of riding.

TwistGo Throttle: Without the need for a clutch and gearbox, electric powertrains are markedly more approachable than their manually-shifted counterparts, lowering the intimidation factor and making riding more accessible to novices. Rather than having to work a clutch and shift lever, electric dirt bikes boast an automatic, “twist-and-go” style throttle — which can often have its sensitivity adjusted.

Smart Tech Future-Proofing: Because electric powertrains are regulated by modern, computerized controllers, the motor’s performance characteristics can be adjusted, with elements such as throttle response, traction control, and “engine braking” able to be dialed in on the fly. As rolling Smart devices, electric dirt bikes also often come with capabilities such as geofencing and tracking, remote locking and unlocking, and firmware updates that can be received over the air, largely future-proofing any one particular model.

Environmentally Friendly: While it probably goes without saying, since zero-emission vehicles don’t produce any combustion, electric dirt bikes are almost always tremendously more environmentally friendly and sustainable compared to gas bikes. With the right equipment on hand, some of these bikes can also be solar-charged.

Freedom Of Design: Traditionally, the layout of dirt bikes has been dictated by the positioning of vital components such as the engine and gas tank. Electric dirt bikes, on the other hand, aren’t limited by this layout and can have their motor and battery pack(s) strategically located in a myriad of different places, giving designers and engineers markedly more freedom, along with the ability to experiment with outside-the-box ideas and setups.

Battery-Powered Braappers

Factors To Consider When Buying An Electric Dirtbike

Whether it’s an enduro, supersport, or an electric dirt bike, purchasing your first motorcycle can be a daunting task, especially if you didn’t grow up riding. Knowing this firsthand, we’ve generated this handy primer on the eight most important areas to review before buying your first — or next — electric dirt bike.

Battery: Batteries obviously play a crucial role in the overall quality and performance of an electric dirt bike. Areas such as capacity, voltage, and the number of cells will collectively determine specs such as range, recharge times, and the number of lifecycles. It’s also worth exploring if a battery is swappable, as well as what types of outlets or chargers it’s compatible with.

Motor: As the heart of any electric dirt bike, its motor is extremely important. When shopping for a battery-powered motocross machine, you’ll want to explore factors such as the type of motor, how much it weighs, how it’s cooled, and where it’s mounted on the bike (typically the swing-arm or frame).

Power: The immense power produced by electric dirt bikes is undoubtedly one of the segment’s biggest benefits over traditional petrol-powered models. As such, it’s well worth exploring an e-MXers horsepower and torque figures — the former of which is often measured in kilowatts.

Running Gear: While a dirt bike’s power and acceleration are primarily owed to its powertrain (and gearing, to some extent), its other riding characteristics mainly boil down to the running gear — or components — with which they’re equipped. This includes elements such as an e-dirt bike’s suspension setup, chassis, swing-arm, and braking hardware — all of which play a pivotal role in a bike’s handling and stopping power.

Size Weight: Just like with traditional dirt bikes — that are typically offered in everything from 49cc up through 450cc sizes — electric models come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, with a slew of different seat heights and riding positions. These battery-powered bikes can also weigh in at anywhere between around 100lbs all the way up to two-wheelers pushing 400lbs. When reviewing this particular area, you’ll want to consider your height, skill level, intended riding applications, and whether or not the bike’s ergonomics (and/or seat height) can be adjusted.

Smart Tech: GPS tracking, remote unlocking, and on-the-fly parameter adjustments are all frequently featured on late model electric dirt bikes, allowing for more personalization. What’s more, similar to smartphones, today’s electric dirt bikes also often come loaded with sensors such as accelerometers, gyroscopes, wheel speed monitors, and GPS sensors — all of which feed data several hundred times every second into an advanced processor.

App Connectivity: A growing number of dirt bikes are now being offered with connectivity to dedicated smartphone apps that allow users to adjust settings and parameters of the bike, such as power output, throttle response, traction control, or ABS levels. Many of these apps can also be used to download over-the-air updates.

Experience Level: No matter what type of motorcycle you’re purchasing, your search should always be limited by your level of skill and riding experience. Starting on a machine that’s too large and too powerful isn’t just inconducive to learning, it’s downright dangerous — plus it limits the amount of fun the rider has, as they’re forced to FOCUS on keeping the bike in check rather than perfecting their technique and advancing as a rider. The good news, however, is that quite a few of today’s electric dirt bikes can have their power level and throttle response adjusted (i.e. lowered) in order to be compatible with novice pilots.

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