3000W bike kit. 2000W Electric Bike Kit With Battery: What Does It Mean for Your Bike?

Cyclone 3000W Mid Drive : If You’re Gonna Build Something This Illegal Then It Better Be Able To Outrun The Cops

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard. May I present my newest build … Burning Chrome. Bitchen, Yo.

After much anticipation, my 3000W Cyclone mid drive (available here) arrived from Lunacycle.com last week. This kit was on sale during Black Friday for a ridiculously low, low price of 369 so I did what any self-respecting e-bike addict would do. I borrowed my wife’s credit card while she was sleeping and bought myself a Christmas present with it. How could I go wrong when I am only paying about 12 cents a peak watt (369/3000W) as opposed to 53 cents a peak watt for the BBSHD (799/1500W) and 41 cents a peak watt for the BBS02 (525/1300W).

After spending a whole day slaving away installing this drive unit, I am not even convinced that 3000W is the peak that this motor can take, so it might even be an even better deal than I at first anticipated. This post will help guide you through a 100mm wide BB install of the 3000W Cyclone mid drive. You should also check out this article on our evil step-sister site electricbike.com that is more oriented toward the 68-83mm BB install written by Eric of lunacycle.com. This is not a beginner kit (no instructions, no support) and you either need to have a decent sized pile of destroyed ebike parts or a note from your mommy in order to purchase one.

The kit comes with everything you’ll need except some washers, an XT90 connector, the donor bike and a single speed chain.

So your kit shows up, the first thing you should do is lay everything out and make sure you have all the parts you need. There are 2 different kits for the Cyclone, one for 68-83mm bottom brackets and one for 83-110mm BB. The wider BB looks totally different and has a skinny axle and costs 20 more. Make sure you ordered and received the right kit.

The top axle is for 68-83mm BB the bottom is for 83mm-110mm BB and costs 20 extra

The next thing you should do is plug-in your battery and make sure the controller and motor both work. Eric tested every motor that left Lunacycle but he didn’t test the controllers. Remember to turn the key so that the voltage display on the throttle works, then twist the throttle. The motor should spin pretty fast with full throttle. This kit does not include a PAS sensor but one can be added pretty easily. If you add a PAS system then you absolutely must have an e-brake cutout.

Bench test the controller and motor before you install it to make sure it all works, many connectors are not used although they can be if you want to.

You will need to put a connector on the wires to the controller and I strongly recommend the XT90’s with spark arrestors in them. The Andersons just do not do that well at power levels over 2000W or so and the XT90’s can take a whole lot of power without issues. They run about 450.50 each and you can get them here or you take your chances with eBay or Alibaba (you might be able to save a whole dollar, or you might end up with a cheap clone). Incidentally, I accidentally plugged in the giant crappy red power connector on the controller last and got a huge spark and kind of peed myself a little bit because I’m not used to seeing big sparks. I retested the voltage on the pack and connected it with the XT90 and … no spark. whew Remember to put the female end on the battery because WOMEN HAVE ALL THE POWER.

The XT90 with spark arrester is my favorite high power connector, they run about 450.50 each.

3000w, bike, 2000w, electric

For a donor bike I picked a Polished 3 speed IGH Soul Stomper for about 899 shipped located here. Normally I am a total cheap skate and would never spend that much money on a bike, but when I first saw this bike online that little Beastie Boy that hides in my subconscious clicked the BUY IT NOW button before I could stop myself. Although this is a nice bike getting off the bottom bracket was an unbelievable nightmare. It took me 3 hours of cutting, hammering, thread shredding, and dremeling my own tools to get the crappy stock BB off.

lol lol lol ….man the ebike community really needed you man…i just love the title of this story. You are a breath of fresh air in what was a totally stagnant industry. Awesomeness…… Like Like

Thanks Eric, I write the way I do because I find most other ebike articles essentially unreadable. Life is so much better when people say what they really mean and mean what they really say. As long as they don’t say anything that is really mean. Like Like

You could do a Kickstarter with this motor. What would a decent frame, a 1 kWh battery, and the motor cost? Have to sell it as off-road. Maybe this is the year Baffy gets killed by their high and their failure to pursue things like torque sensing PAS. In the words of the cheap TV melodrama: “Maybe they need killing?” At least this is competition. Like Like

oh and it was a well written entertaining story all the way through….your stuff keeps getting better and better…. i am loving it Count me as pinky fan. Like Like

My friend has one of those. It’s louder than a combustion engine and overheats instantly after riding half a mile on more than half throttle. You don’t seem to have the overheating problem though. Interesting kit nevertheless. Like Like

I was running it at 2000W and no overheating for sure. It’s a nice motor for the price in my opinion. Like Like

To be blunt, I think my dog would be embarrassed for me if I put one of those on my bike. You should ask yourself if you want to ride your ebike or tinker with it all the time. Because once you start using hose clamps and zip ties to fasten electric motors that generate a lot of torque, you’ll spend more time in your basement fixing the thing than on the trails having fun. Maybe if I got the kit wholesale I would try it out. But even then I’d have to spend a couple hours with my AutoCAD program and a couple more hours in front of a CNC machine fabricating new brackets. No, the bottom line is that you get what you pay for. And you either pay for it with greenbacks or sweat and aggravation. Like Like

I hear what you’re saying, I felt the same way but I decided to try it because I only had 369 to lose. I was pleasantly surprised. The brackets are not bad, the axle is not bad, everything seems remarkably solid to me, and I’ve destroyed a lot of crap. It might break down with serious trail riding, but for the road I think it will be fine. I’m sorry that your dog is embarrassed by the things you do, don’t take it personally. I had that problem too so I got rid of the dog and became a cat person. Karl Like Liked by 1 person

3000w, bike, 2000w, electric

Go to a machine shop draw your idea up make it out of styrofoam use auto body filler to make it harder shape it then go to a machine shop I did Like Like

Got to disagree. The tinkering and repair work would be a problem if you had a crappy bike. However, if you put this kit on a decent frame with high quality components, it holds up just fine. I rode my Specialized Epic fully loaded 1000mi through the Blue Ridge Mountains, then put on the MTB wheels, dropped to the small chainring and have been riding it through the hills and dales with nary a problem. That said, you need to keep it meticulously tuned; the chain rings are made from soft steel and bend easily… my biggest problem has been with the front dérailleur shifting. Overall, I’m quite happy with my build. Like Like

My point was there’s a lot of work to be done to get one of these things working properly. And cyclone as well as GNG have been around for a long time. There are hundreds of accounts by owners of these products that they just aren’t worth the money. The motors themselves may be adequate but the parts are cobbled together to sell the whole package as a kit. About six years ago I helped a good friend put together a bicycle with a GNG kit. We ended up fabricating a custom bracket as well as replacing many other parts including the controller. Quite frankly we put so much work into it that by the time the project was finished it worked flawlessly. Unfortunately, neither one of us wanted to even look at it for at least another month. And if money was a factor we wouldn’t have completed it. In the final analysis he could’ve purchased and installed a Bafang and spent his spare time riding the bike. But you know what they say about opinions! They are like what? Incidentally, my dog is German and he has impossibly high standards but he makes me want to be a better person. Like Like

I’m sure I’ll feel that way when my Cyclone breaks and leaves me stranded 10 miles from home. My time is worth 80/hr so it doesn’t make sense for me to spend 5 hours installing a Cyclone instead of 2 hours for a BBSHD but I’m interested to see what’s out there so there’s that. I was not expecting much from this kit, but I was pleasantly surprised. My wife is a lot like your dog, except Danish not German. Like Like

Reviewing the Best Electric Bike Kit With Battery

It is a versatile kit from a reputable brand with fancy features like an LCD and has options to install on the rear or front wheel. It is also weather-proof, and you don’t have to worry about riding under harsh conditions.

The BAFANG conversion kit’s power makes it stand out as it is handy for various activities, including mountain cycling. The motor is also quiet, and the battery lasts longer, but the downside is that it is incompatible with some bikes.

EBIKELING Waterproof Conversion Kit

The best aspects of this system is that it helps you attain high speeds of up to 75km/hr and its multifunctional display indicates critical information you need while on the road. However, it is pricier than the 36V option.

This adaptable kit works with many bike types and is easy to install, but it ranks low because its battery is not very effective and needs frequent recharging.

Selecting the proper conversion kit can be complicated, but it has contributed to a reduction in carbon emissions.Those who want to take additional steps to better protect the environment may look for carbon offset providers for programs that they may find interesting.

Do you know how many trees offset carbon emissions? Knowing this can help you understand and motivate you to go for green solutions.

You could learn how your actions might have a detrimental impact on the environment by using an environmental footprint calculator. It will help you decide on what actions to take and just by finding the e-bike that best fits your preferences, you are already one step closer in helping reduce the carbon footprint.

3000w, bike, 2000w, electric

Aside from finding the right e-bike that suits your needs and preferences, carbon offset programs like a road trip carbon offset will help.

Types of Conversion Kits: Mid Drive E-Bike Kit, Friction Drive, and E-Bike Wheels

Here are the three common conversion kits in the market.

Friction Drive

This system is relatively straightforward as the tire pushes against a roller which makes it turn, but it is not as effective as the other versions.

Mid-Drive Kit

This tech is the most common in e-bikes since the weight lies on the lowest part of the frame, applying pressure on the crank. It is pricier than other options, given that the tech is better, but the challenge is how it can be pretty complicated for beginners.

E-Bike Wheels

In this conversion type, the wheels swap out for electric alternatives, seamlessly and naturally distributing the weight but doing this usually affects how you handle your bike. 5

Transform Your Bike with a Cyclone 3000W Mid-Drive Conversion Kit

If you’re looking to transform your traditional bicycle into a high-powered ebike, the Cyclone 3000W Mid-Drive Conversion is for you. Kit is your answer. This kit has been designed with a robust mounting bracket, ensuring easy installation on a variety of bike frames.

Additionally, its chain tensioner ensures correct alignment and reduces wear and tear on the drivetrain, increasing its lifespan. A hose clamp can be used to secure the chain tensioner in place. With a triple chainring, cyclists can enjoy a wider range of gears for various terrains.

Key Components of a Conversion Kit

A conversion kit typically includes a motor, controller, throttle, and other necessary components for enhancing your electric vehicle, such as an ebike. The Cyclone 3000 watt ebike kit, for instance, includes all necessary parts except for washers, an XT90 connector, the donor bike, and a single speed chain.

It’s important to note that the Cyclone 3000w conversion kit does not include batteries.

Compatibility and Installation

The Cyclone 3000W Mid-Drive Conversion Kit is compatible with 68mm and 73mm bottom brackets, making it suitable for a wide range of bike frames. Furthermore, the installation process is straightforward due to the comprehensive instructions and accompanying hardware provided with the kit.

If you’re concerned about the ease of installation, rest assured that the customer service for Cyclone 3000W is excellent, providing quick responses to any inquiries. With the right guidance and support, you’ll have your high-powered electric bike up and running in no time.

Cyclone 3000W E-Bike Kits

The Cyclone Kit 3000 watt ebike kit provides a powerful and efficient solution for those seeking to upgrade their electric bike. Renowned for its powerful output and capacity to generate substantial power at lower RPMs, this motor may be quite loud under hard acceleration but is relatively quiet when traveling at cruising speed. With a maximum speed of approximately 100KPH, you’ll be able to experience exhilarating rides like never before.

The KILLAWATT 3000w Electric Bike Kit includes a 3000w Rear Hub Motor, a 48v 31ah Lithium-ion battery (if the battery option is selected), a 60 amp controller, a UKC-1 (Color)/SW900 Display (Black and White), a throttle and pedal assist sensor, two torque arms, a 26’ MTX 39 rim, a 48v 5ah charger, and two keys for the battery. With a top speed of 65kmh and a range of 60km, this kit offers impressive performance for any electric bike enthusiast.

Customizing Your Cyclone 3000W Mid-Drive E-Bike

Now that you’re equipped with a Cyclone 3000 watt ebike kit, you can further customize your electric bike to suit your preferences and needs. In the following subsections, we’ll discuss fat bike adaptation, the differences between hub motors and mid-drive motors, and controller upgrades for enhanced performance.

Fat Bike Adaptation

Fat bike adaptation allows for better traction and stability on various terrains, making it perfect for those looking to tackle diverse trails with their electric bike. By incorporating or altering components, modifying the frame, or changing the color scheme, you can personalize and modify your fat bike to meet your requirements and preferences.

Whether you’re looking for a more comfortable ride, increased speed, or a unique look.

Hub Motor vs. Mid-Drive Motor

While hub motors are simpler and less expensive, they may not be as efficient and could have a negative effect on handling and ride quality. In contrast, mid-drive motors provide greater efficiency and power transfer than hub motors, as well as better torque, range, and performance.

By choosing a Cyclone mid drive 3000 watt, you’re investing in a more powerful and efficient ride.

Controller Upgrades

To further enhance the performance of your Cyclone 3000W kit, consider controller upgrades such as increasing the voltage, current, and wattage. These upgrades may result in increased speed and power of the motor, leading to a more powerful and efficient ride.

Some recommended controller upgrades for the Cyclone 3000W kit include the Kelly KLS7218S and 750c Display, as well as the ASI BAC2000 and 750c Display, providing superior control for the ride.

Joining the High-Speed eBike Community

Join the high-speed electric bike community and enjoy thrilling adventures while also learning about maintenance and troubleshooting for your Cyclone mid drive 3000 watt.

In the following subsections, we’ll discuss the exciting opportunities available through full throttle adventures and the importance of proper maintenance and troubleshooting.

Full Throttle Adventures

By joining the high-speed electric bike community, you’ll be able to partake in exhilarating experiences, such as connecting with other enthusiasts, participating in group rides and events, and discovering new trails and routes. Group rides offer an excellent opportunity to network with other electric bike enthusiasts and learn from their experiences, while events provide a platform for showcasing the latest innovations in electric bike technology and performance.

You’ll also be able to explore the great outdoors in a way that’s fun.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Proper maintenance and troubleshooting are essential for ensuring the longevity and peak performance of your Cyclone mid drive 3000 watt. By joining the high-speed electric bike community, such as luna cycle enthusiasts, you can gain valuable insights and advice on how to maintain and troubleshoot your electric bike.

This includes inspecting the battery, motor, and controller for any signs of deterioration, ensuring that the motor is suitably lubricated, and that all connections are securely fastened.

Standard Vision

KITCHEN CABINET. Sink with pull down faucet- 3 sliding drawers- 2-door under-sink storage

ROOF FAN. Maxxair 900CFM fan- 4 speed settings- Incredibly quiet

EXTERNAL TABLE. Optional add-on

INDUCTION STOVE. Portable 1800W induction stove for indoor/outdoor cooking

12V REFRIGERATOR. Optional add-on



INDOOR SHOWER. Standard feature

5-GALLON CASSETTE TOILET. Standard feature

DRY TOILET. Optional add-on, replaces cassette toilet

CERAMIC TOILET BLACK TANK. Optional add-on, replaces cassette toilet- Adds 24-gallon black tank

PRIVATE ROOM DIVIDER. Separates bedroom bathroom from front living area

LUXURY BATHROOM PACKAGE. Optional add-on- Expandable shower curtain (6” of additional shoulder space)- Clothes hangar- Vanity mirror- In shower soap dispenser

Standard Vision


INDOOR SHOWER. Optional add-on, requires 24-gallon gray water tank upgrade- Adds shower pan shower head- Increased fresh water upgrade HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

5-GALLON CASSETTE TOILET. Standard feature

DRY TOILET. Optional add-on, replaces cassette toilet

CERAMIC TOILET BLACK TANK. Optional add-on, replaces cassette toilet- Adds 24-gallon black tank

Vision X

3-IN-1 SYSTEM (BED/DINETTE/GARAGE). 4” Memory foam mattress- Standard bed dimensions: 5’10” height x 4’9” width- 15 second transformation (patent pending)

BUILT IN DINETTE BENCH. Standard 4” Memory foam cushion- Stows away for full garage access- Seats up to 3 adults

REAR PASSENGER BENCH SEAT SLIDE OUT DRAWER. Optional add-on Upgrades bench seat to accommodate a slide out drawer underneath with a 150lbs weight capacity

WINDOW FLARE BUMP OUTS. Standard Expands bed dimension to sleep passengers up to 6’5” tall



Revolt RV 400 Price

RV 400 key highlights

Revolt RV 400 is an electric street bike available in only 1 variant and 3 colours. RV 400 price starts at Rs. 1,35,189 in India. Revolt RV 400 generates 3000 W power from its motor. With both front and rear disc brakes, Revolt RV 400 comes up with combined braking system of both wheels.

The Revolt RV400 is the country’s first AI-enabled electric motorcycle with the design on the lines of street naked motorcycles. It gets a muscular tank and beefy tank extensions along with a fairing that covers components like the motor and battery. At the rear, it uses a bolt-on sub frame with a one-piece seat. Braking is done by a single disc at both ends along with CBS. Suspension duties are handled by inverted forks up front and a monoshock at the rear.

The electric motorcycle comes powered by a 3kW motor which produces 5kW of power and 50Nm of torque. It uses a 3kWh lithium-ion battery that is offered with an unlimited kilometer warranty. The bike comes equipped with three modes- Eco, Normal and Sport and the range depends on which mode the bike is being ridden in. The Sport mode propels the bike to a top speed of 85kmph and offers a range of 90km while the City mode offers a 120km range it limits the speed to 65kmph. However, if ridden in the Eco mode in which the bike can go to 45kmph, the RV400 has a range of 156km.

In terms of features, the RV400 is equipped with a full-digital instrument cluster and full-LED lighting for the headlamp, tail lamp and turn indicators. It also gets an app which can be used to start up the motorcycle, setup a geo-fence and also get notified if the battery charge is low. over, the company is offering a ‘Delivery on Demand’ feature which enables the user to have a fully-charged battery delivered to their specified location. Apart from that, the Revolt is offering the RV400 with an onboard charger, portable battery charger and will soon setup battery swapping stations, to be known as Switch Stations. However, the most interesting features are the simulated exhaust notes which can be changed from the app and can also be switched on or off on-the-go.

Revolt is offering the motorcycle in two colour schemes- black and a dual-tone black/red paint.

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