Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Pro in review: Does the top of the line scooter deliver…

Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Pro in review: Does the top of the line scooter deliver what it promises?

Off to a good start. When looking for a high-quality scooter with road approval, you can hardly avoid Xiaomi at the moment. The manufacturer offers various models from different price categories. With the Electric Scooter 4 Pro, we test the top model from Xiaomi, which is supposed to excel with high performance and a long range.

Andrea Grüblinger. J. Simon Leitner. ✓ Brian Burriston (translated by DeepL / Ninh Duy), Published 01/27/2023

Xiaomi lists four different e-scooter models in its store (excluding any special editions): The Mi Electric Scooter 1S with up to 30 km (~19 Mi) range, 20 km/h (~12 mph) top speed, 12.5 kg (~28 lb) weight and a price of around 470 Euros (~512), the Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 with up to 45 km range (~28 Mi), 20 km/h (~12 mph) top speed, 14.2 kg (~31 lb) weight and a price of around 580 Euros (~632), as well as the Mi Electric Scooter 3 with around 30 km (~19 Mi) range, 25 km/h max. (~15 mph) speed and a weight of 13 kg (~29 lb) at a price of 530 Euros (~577), whose test we will publish shortly.

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Mi Electric Scooter 1S Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 Mi Electric Scooter 3 Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Pro Max. Range (according to manufacturer)/battery capacityTop speedRated power/maximum powerMax. GradeabilityWeightTiresMax. load
30 km/275 Wh 45 km/474 Wh 30 km/275 Wh 55 km/446 Wh
20 km/h 20 km/h 25 km/h 25 km/h
300 W/600 W 300 W/600 W 300 W/600 W 350 W/700 W
14 % 20 % 16 % 20 %
12.5 kg 14.5 kg 13.2 kg 17.4 kg
8.5 in. 8.5 in. 8.5 in. 10 in
100 kg 100 kg 100 kg 120 kg

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Technical data. Xiaomi promises a long range

The Electric Scooter 4 Pro already clearly outshines its sibling models in terms of its specifications, which are: up to 55 km range (~34 Mi), 25 km/h (~15 mph) top speed, up to 700 W maximum power with a total weight of a substantial 17.4 kilograms (~38 lb). Xiaomi pays well for the extra performance, range and features with a price of around 750 Euros (~817).

Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Pro batteryDriveTop speedRangeChargerPayloadDimensionsTiresBrake systemWeightLighting/Safetyother featuresManufacturer page
446 Wh (12.4 Ah)
Front wheel drive (350 watts rated, 700 watts max.); max 20% incline
25 km/h; three-stage adjustable to 6 km/h (~4 mph, push mode), 20 km/h, 25 km/h (~12 15 mph);
up to 55 km (~34 Mi)
42 V 1.7 A, corresponds to 70 Watt, charging time about 8-9 h
120 kg (~265 lb)
112 x 49 x 124 cm (~3.7 x 1.6 x 4.0 feet)
10-inch pneumatic tires
mechanical disc brake (rear) electronic brake/E-ABS (front)
17,4 kg (~38 lb)
LED light front/rear, brake light (flashing); E-ABS; IPX4 (protection against splashing water on all sides)
rubberized running board (15 cm/6 in, wide), operating permit for DE available (20 km/h model)
Xiaomi AT

Unboxing and assembly. 4 screws and off you go for a (wild) ride

The carton in which the Electric Scooter 4 Pro is delivered has a printed quick start guide ready on the inside when opened, with which the scooter is ready for use in no time. Unpack it, fold up the folded vertical handlebar and snap it into place, put on the handlebar and fix it in place using four screws. An Allen wrench with an ergonomic handle is included, and no tools are needed other than a knife to open the box. There is also an extensive manual in several languages, but it is not really needed. By the way, you can start driving right after unpacking, the installed Li-Ion batteries are already pre-charged!

As is usual for most e-scooters, the battery is also permanently installed in the Xiaomi 4 Pro and cannot be removed. This means that the entire scooter has to be transported to a charging station. With a total weight of 17.4 kilograms (~38 lb), a staircase that has to be overcome could already be a challenge. The charger weighs around 400 grams (~0.9 lb), has a cable length of around 3 meters (~10 feet) and can thus be carried around if required.

The foldable vertical handlebar can be fixed to the rear wheel with a strap and can thus be used as a carrying handle. The process only takes a few seconds, the locking mechanism on the handlebar makes a very solid and secure impression and is easy to operate. When folded, the scooter can be carried over obstacles and stowed in the trunk. The scooter is somewhat more compact than, for example, the tested Eleglide Coozy.

Structure, equipment and operation. Xiaomi Scooter 4 Pro is fully roadworthy

Aluminum dominates the construction material of the Scooter 4 Pro. The scooter features the typical aluminum tube design of the Xiaomi line, which makes it look lighter and more agile than it actually is. The stability leaves nothing to be desired and the workmanship is also on a high level. Within the Xiaomi family, the Pro 4 sets itself apart with a payload of up to 120 kg (~265 lb). In terms of color, the entire scooter is kept in a black-gray tone. Accents are set by the red-sheathed brake cable, the red cover of the charging socket and the striking red rings in the tires.

The scooter’s high weight is primarily due to the large installed battery. Compared to models with similar capacity or range, such as the Eleglide Coozy, it is even minimally lighter. The dimensions of the scooter amount to 120 cm in length, 124 cm in height and the handlebar with a width of 49 centimeters (~3.7 x 4.0 x 1.6 feet). The footboard measures around 15 x 50 cm (~6 x 20 in) and allows just about a parallel foot position in the direction of travel, although not quite as comfortable as our comparison device, the Eleglide Coozy. The handlebar sits at a height of 102 cm (~40 in) when viewed from the footboard.

The Xiaomi Scooter 4 Pro is controlled via a central control button under the small display in the center of the handlebar. Here, the scooter can be switched on and off, the riding mode can be selected and the light can be activated or deactivated. The display shows the speed, but not the kilometers driven. The range is displayed via a schematically depicted battery cell with 5 segments, each corresponding to 20 percent.

Lighting equipment. “black hole” in front of the scooter

The Xiaomi scooter has an LED front spotlight, an LED rear or brake light (flashing red), reflectors on the sides in the rear area and an additional, forward-facing reflector (white) above the front wheel. A corresponding symbol on the display informs the driver when the light is activated. Unfortunately, the Scooter 4 Pro does not have a turn signal, so a change in direction may have to be indicated with the arms, which requires practice, because an e-scooter is very difficult to drive with one hand.

The LED front spotlight provides a bright cone of light that illuminates the area from 3 to around 17 meters (~10 to 56 feet) in front of the scooter well. This means that driving in the dark works well in itself, but there is a “dead zone” between the scooter and the beginning light cone. There is a risk of overlooking small obstacles directly in front of the e-scooter and thus being thrown off balance.

App. info and setting options

In order to make further settings or read out information, the Xiaomi Home app has to be installed and the scooter has to be paired with the smartphone. This process was a bit tedious for our review sample, since it was still assigned to another account and had to be removed first. This should not be a problem with a new device, but care must be taken with used models.After the scooter was “unlocked” again, the pairing process was quick and the QR code on the scooter itself was helpful.

The remaining range in kilometers and the battery status in percent can now be read out in the Xiaomi Home app. It is also possible to lock the motor and protect the scooter against unauthorized use. Of course, this is not a physical protection considering the e-scooter could still be carried away or pushed, even if the scooter desperately calls for help in the form of quiet beeping noises in the latter case. It is therefore advisable to carry an old-fashioned bicycle lock.

Under the other menu items, the rear light can be set to “always on”, the speed control, i.e. cruise control, can be activated or deactivated and additional information about range and battery can be called up. The degree of energy recovery/recuperation or the electronic braking effect can also be selected in three stages.We miss an option for deactivating the kickstart, as offered by the Eleglide Coozy, for example (caution, may not be permitted in the respective country). An adjustment option for the cruise control would also have been helpful, since it was sometimes a bit tricky to handle. about that a bit later.

Ride performance and comfort. Very agile and good climbing ability

Depending on the selected driving mode, but especially in Sport mode, the performance of the Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Pro is immediately noticeable when the speed control is pressed for the first time. It accelerates noticeably fast, which will put a smile on the faces of experienced scooter drivers, while newcomers might be surprised by the agility.

Xiaomi promises a lot of technology in the tires. Tubeless 10-inch pneumatic tires are used, which have particularly shock-absorbing properties thanks to “DuraGel” construction and are also supposed to be self-sealing. At least that is what the Xiaomi product page promises. In the practical test, we experience the ride comfort expected from tires of this size without any particularly noticeable advantages or disadvantages. Slight bumps are no problem, but potholes or low curbs of a few centimeters or more should be avoided. The Scooter 4 Pro also wants to be driven on roads that are as good as possible.

xiaomi, electric, scooter, review, does

The turning circle (pushed) is just 1.3 meters (~4.3 feet), which makes the e-scooter considerably more maneuverable than the Niu KQi3 (here in the test) or the Eleglide Coozy.

The Scooter 4 Pro from Xiaomi has three selectable driving modes. To switch between them, the central control button below the display has to be pressed twice. A single click activates or deactivates the light. The “pedestrian” mode is a kind of push assistance, for example when the scooter has to be pushed uphill. The speed here is limited to a few km/h and the scooter responds rather leisurely. Problem: To activate the motor, you either have to push or “start” the scooter briskly for a short time or perform a kick start and “accelerate” at the same time, only to jump off again immediately afterwards. Especially in the case of pushing assistance, it would be considerably more comfortable if the motor could be controlled from a standstill, at least in this mode. In “Standard” mode, the top speed is limited to 20 km/h (~12 mph) and the acceleration also seems a bit relaxed. It gets straight to the point in “Sport” mode. The Xiaomi Scooter 4 Pro shows a truly sporty acceleration in this mode and also reaches its (locked) top speed of 25 km/h (~15 mph) here. In Germany, the scooter is throttled to 20 km/h to comply with current regulations.

We couldn’t make friends with the scooter’s cruise control function during the test. Theoretically, at least according to the app, the lever can be released after about 5 seconds of holding the throttle in a constant position and a longer beep is heard afterwards, and the Xiaomi scooter maintains the speed. In the test, this only worked reasonably reliably at the mode-dependent top speeds, i.e. 20 and 25 km/h (~12 15 mph). To be able to fix a freely selected speed below that, it needed almost endless patience. Thus, the speed was repeatedly not maintained after the beep and it took umpteen attempts in each case to be able to log it in. We did not manage to activate the cruise control at all on slight inclines or uneven roads.

Xiaomi Electric scooter Pro 2 Black, 113 x 43 x 118 cm

10 monthly payments of AED 213. Total Purchase Price AED 2130 to be paid over 10 instalments. All exclude tax.

Dirhami Easy Payment Plan:

  • Ten payments in total.
  • First payment today.
  • Nine remaining payments over the next nine months.
  • Delivery within 10 business days.
  • 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • Price does not include any import duties or tax payable in the country of the buyer.

About this item

Performance upgrades that will take you further

When commuting to work, press S to go faster. When cruising around the park, press D, and in crowded areas, you can turn on the pedestrian mode to go slower. Simply double press the power button to switch between modes and easily adjust the speed to your surroundings

It only takes 3 seconds to fold the scooter together. After folding, the vehicle is compact and takes up less space, making it easy to fit in the trunk. The body is made of low-density, high-strength aerospace grade aluminum alloy material and can carry a load of up to 100kg. With a net weight of 14.2 kg, it can easily be taken anywhere at anytime.

The battery is safe and durable with a capacity of 446Wh. Acceleration is fast reaching a maximum speed of 25km/h. A full charge can take you 45 kilometers.

Manual and Activation

Connect with Mi Home (To Activate your Scooter)

The app is referred to as Xiaomi Home app. The name of the app displayed on your device should be taken as the default.

The scooter without being activated will keep beeping when turned on, and its speed is limited to 10 km/h

Scan the QR code to download and install the app.

Open Mi Home / Xiaomi Home app.

Tap “” on the upper right, and then follow prompts to add your device.

Note: The version of the app might have been updated, please follow the instructions based on the current app version.

xiaomi, electric, scooter, review, does

Follow the on-screen instructions in the app to activate your scooter for the first use

The beeping sound will not stop until the scooter is activated.

The battery was tested fully charged, with a 75kg load, at 25°C, with no wind on a level road in pedestrian mode at a uniform velocity of 15km/h. Actual results may vary based on differences in temperature, load, wind speed, road conditions and other factors. Interactive indication: In the off state, short press to start. Short press once at power-on state to turn on/off the lights; short press twice in succession to switch the speed mode; long press to turn off. All above data was obtained from Ninebot labs. Actual results may vary based on differences in use conditions. Before purchasing, please carefully read the Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 user manual and legal notice. Be sure to abide by local laws and regulations when using Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2. Product renders for demonstration only, actual product appearance may slightly vary due to local regulations.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 – reviewed

The original m365 Pro electric scooter has finally been updated! Spoiler alert: If you blink, you’ll miss the improvements.

The Pro 2 electric scooter iterates on the original m365 Pro in the following areas:

  • stronger LED light (2W Pro 2 vs 1W in the original m365 Pro)
  • new yellow side reflectors
  • new pedestrian mode speed limit: 5kmph (although this sort of feature could presumably be retrofitted to older models via firmware updates)

As far as all other specifications are concerned, the m365 Pro and Pro 2 are identical (range, battery, dimensions etc).

Review disclaimer: I’ve bought and paid for the Pro 2 scooter in full (899AUD from gearbite). I’m not a professional reviewer: just a Dad wanting to have fun with the kids and the occasional commute!


Xiaomi have absolutely nailed the packaging of the Pro 2 scooter. Everything is well protected for a courier delivery. All aspects of the scooter were unmarked, and packed solid (not flying around!). Plenty of styrofoam, plastic protection and firm cardboard – but not over-the-top and wasteful!

A quick look at the packaged contents for the Australian market:

  • Scooter
  • Spare tyre (absolutely awesome – thank you Xiaomi)
  • Charger and local AU socket lead
  • Allen key with 5 screws for handlebar installation (only 4 screws are needed for installation – thanks for the spare – good thinking)
  • EU regulatory information sheets
  • Manual


Excess packaging materials are easily removed and the Scooter is equipped with a metal kickstand, allowing a more stable platform for the handlebar installation.

The stem locks in place with a lever (pushed up when stem is upright) and safety clasp which wraps around the locked lever. Very nice design which feels solid and secure. When folded down, the scooter is compact and easily fits in the back of our car.

The scooter is almost ready to ride, requiring the handlebars to be mounted to the stem with 4 provided screws. The electronic control lead needs to be fed down the stem, and the handlebars slotted in, and 4 screws tightened. Easy.

The Scooter is ready for configuration and app pairing. However, before turning the Scooter on, ensure you have the ‘Xiaomi Mi Home’ app installed on your smartphone (Android or iOS).

Power on the Scooter by pressing the button on the top of the stem. Open the Xiaomi App and press the button to add a new device. The following steps will bind the Pro 2 scooter to your Xiaomi account:

  • Select the scooter model you are configuring/pairing
  • Once a bluetooth scan is completed, select your new scooter
  • Press the power button on the scooter to confirm the pairing process
  • Confirm the ‘device added’ screen by pressing ‘done’
  • Assign the scooter to a room (in my case, ‘garage’)
  • Re-name the scooter if desired
  • Press ‘let’s get started’

The Pro 2 scooter should now be added to your Xiaomi account, and now a few regulatory and instructional steps need to be completed before you ride away! It pays to check that the firmware is up-to-date too. Wouldn’t want to miss out on new features or bug fixes.

  • It appears that the 1 minute and 17 second instructional video cannot be skipped. The ‘continue’ button will be greyed-out until the video finishes playing
  • Activate the scooter after watching the video
  • Check for firmware updates

Initial ride impression

There is only 1 physical button on the scooter. Here are the functions:

  • press once to turn on the scooter
  • long press to turn off the scooter
  • quick press to turn light on/off
  • double press to change riding modes

While the scooter is on, a single press will turn the light on and off. A quick double press will cycle between the riding modes: pedestrian, normal, sport.

A newly configured Pro 2 scooter is set to normal riding mode by default.

Don’t forget to fold the nifty side-stand before starting your ride!

You need to propel the scooter (kick-off) to about 3 – 5 kmph manually before pressing the accelerator thumb lever. The accelerator does not move the scooter from a stand-still.

So, back to the first impressions: “Wow!”. Normal mode easily propels an 85kg adult to around 18-19 kmph. Double-tapping the power button and switching to sport mode allows for speeds up to 24-25kmph. This thing rips! It eats up small gradients. The large inflatable tires offer a comfortable ride and buffer small to medium bumps quite well. Although the scooter is not equipped with suspension, the ride quality is very comfortable.

The regenerative braking can be altered in app. By default it is set to low (with moderate and aggressive being the other options). We’ve set our Pro 2 scooter to aggressive regenerative mode. Once you let off the accelerator, there is noticeable braking force from the motor feeding power to the battery. The brake lever action feels smooth and the disc stops the scooter very effectively.

The scooter specs mention a range of 45km. It’s important to mention that this range is achievable in ‘normal’ driving mode. If the scooter is switched to ‘sport’, the range for a full battery immediately drops to 30km. Still awesome!

Charging and maintenance

From empty to full, it’ll take 8 hours to charge! The charger has an indication LED (red for charging, green for full and ready).

So far, no maintenance has been required. A handy adapter tube is supplied with the scooter for pumping up the tires. The unit is sealed, and no lubricant points have been mentioned in the manual.

Who is this for?

Commuters, hobbyists, kids. Everyone. Perhaps if you are a daredevil looking for the next thrill, this scooter may not be for you. Many scooters go much faster than 25kmph, and can climb aggressive gradients.

Neuron hire e-scooter comparison

So is it worth paying 899AUD for the Pro 2 scooter? Or should I just hire out the orange scooters in Canberra from neuron?

Let’s do a napkin-maths comparison. At the time of writing (9th Oct 2020) neuron scooters cost 1 to unlock, and 0.38 per minute to ride. I won’t attribute any costs and time required to locate a scooter, get to it, and co-ordinate the app to unlock, and once your ride is finished, lock and photograph the scooter.

If the average ride is 10km (a figure I have absolutely pulled out of thin air), then a neuron scooter ride will cost about 1 40 minutes @ 0.38 per minute = total of 16.20. Why 40 minutes? If the scooter is travelling at 15kph, then it will take around 40 minutes to cover 10km.

Meanwhile, the Xiaomi Pro 2 is 899, but costs a negligible amount in power to recharge, and is largely maintenance free. Our’s has now covered 190km in the 2 months of ownership. This sort of distance in 10km chunks would have cost 307.80 on the neuron e-scooter hire platform.

Beam hire e-scooter comparison

As of the 10th Oct 2020, Beam has entered the local Canberra e-scooter hire market (the purple scooters).

An identical napkin maths comparison (as the Neuron comparison above) shows 0 to unlock, and 0.45 per minute to ride fee. 40 minutes @ 0.45 per minute = total of 18 to cover 10km. Over 190km, and 19 separate rides, the Beam e-scooter platform would have cost 342.

Hire an e-scooter VS buying a Xiaomi Mi Pro 2

So which solution is better for you? This is largely a question answered considering personal circumstance. My kids already love scooters (non-powered) so I was confident that the Xiaomi Pro 2 would not gather dust in the garage after one ride. We also like the flexibility of going for short and long rides without being charged for unlocks and ongoing timed use. So I think purchasing an e-scooter outright for our needs is the best option for us.

However, if you’ve never used an e-scooter before and would like to try before stumping up the cash, use neuron/beam for a quick spin. If your preference is for small op-ex expenses, particularly if e-scooter usage will be very sporadic, use neuron/beam. If you’re commuting between locations and don’t want to hire a taxi or Uber, use neuron/beam. If you’re holidaying in Canberra and want to enjoy the lake with the family, use neuron/beam.


For 899AUD, the Xiaomi Pro 2 is an all-round fantastic, feature packed electric scooter. This is not a toy. It’s a well built, cleverly engineered package with a large battery providing fast speeds and a long range.

I would absolutely recommend the purchase of this e-scooter, and I look forward to using ours into the future.

xiaomi, electric, scooter, review, does

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2. one of the best-selling and most popular electric scooter on the market. Powerful motor with up to 600W, long range up to 45km, max speed 25km/h, E-ABS, adjustable motor recuperation, cruise control, LCD display showing current speed, battery status and other info, foldable design, weight 14.2kg.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2

Electric mobility is no longer a matter for a select few. Today, electric scooters can easily serve as a supplement or replacement for public transport or your own car. Our best-selling model, the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2, offers a range of up to 45km on a single charge, which is enough for a full day of riding, even if you live in a slightly more remote area.

Transporting from meeting to meeting? To the dentist? To pick up something from the store? No problem. You don’t need a licence to ride a scooter, anyone who is not afraid and respects the law and road safety can ride one. It has a top speed of 25km/h, is equipped with a clever E-ABS system and energy recovery and can be folded in three seconds. It fits in almost any luggage compartment, or you can carry it on the subway.

What’s new between the generations?

You say to yourself. wait! The Pro 2? How is it different from the previous Pro? There are more changes, especially under the bonnet. There’s a new control unit, new EMC or more durable tyres, or a new bell.

The new LCD display between the handlebars now shows more information. current speed, battery level, speed mode, activated lights and more.

The front LED light now has twice the power, reflectors have been added on all sides for added safety and the Xiaomi logo on the handlebar bar so there’s no doubt you’re riding a quality machine.

Cruise control, regenerative braking and handling in practice

We have a lot of experience with scooters and have put many miles on them. With the Pro 2, you can look forward to useful features such as cruise control, recuperation and the ability to connect to your phone. You can use it to set up the scooter in various ways. Whether to turn cruise control on or off, set the scooter lock, or adjust the level of recuperation.

Cruise control comes in handy on longer routes, for example on the cycle path. If you have it activated in the app, just hold the throttle for a few seconds and it will turn itself on. The scooter then rides all by itself, you don’t have to hold the throttle, just the handlebars. Just tap the brake lever and the cruise control switches off.

By recuperation, you can think of engine braking where the energy generated is stored back in the battery. So if you let off the throttle at the handle, the scooter automatically starts to slow down and recuperate. You can adjust the intensity of the recuperation directly in the app, with three levels to choose from. than recharging the battery, a change in the scooter’s controls comes in handy. With stronger recuperation, you can control the scooter practically only with the throttle and there is no need to use the brake lever at all. All you have to do is let off the throttle.

The scooter is otherwise very easy to control and comfortable. Even a child can operate it, provided all safety precautions are taken. Where the scooter loses out, however, is on roads in historic cities, made up of cobbles with large joints. Here, in short, you run into the limits of small 8.5″ wheels and regular travel on such surfaces is not very comfortable.


  • Load capacity: 100kg
  • Max speed: 25 km/h
  • Max. range: 45 km
  • Max. gradient: 20%
  • Power: 300W (max 600W short term)
  • Weight: 14.2 kg
  • Degree of protection: IP54
  • Battery capacity: 12800mAh / 474 Wh
  • Charging time: 8-9 hours
  • Dimensions (unfolded): 118 x 113 x 43 cm (h x d x w)
  • Dimensions (folded): 49 x 113 x 43 cm (h x d x w)

Additional parameters

Category :

Warranty :

Kapcsolat :

Egyéb jellemzők :

Méretei :

Súlya :

24 months (Company 12)
Bluetooth 4.1, Android 4.3 / iOS 9.0 és újabb
Max. sebesség 25km/h, max. hatótávolság 45km, teljesítmény: 300W (max 600W), fokozhatóság: 20%.
49 x 113 x 43 cm (összehajtva), 118 x 113 x 43 cm (kibontva)
14,2 kg

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Xiaomi Pro 2 Electric Scooter

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Performance and Practicality

Xiaomi has come up with one of the most modern designed yet simple of e-scooters, the Xiaomi Pro 2 Electric Scooter.

This electric scooter combines both functionalities with practicality, giving you the best performance at the most convenient price.

Cruise around at speeds of up to 25km/h with this electric scooter 600W motor, giving you excellent acceleration and control over your speed.

The Xiaomi Pro 2 was meant to go places, and you can expect that your riding experiences will always be the best of the best.

Power to Go The Distance

Go up to a distance of 45km after fully charging the Xiaomi Pro 2 Electric Scooter’s battery, perfect for getting around or enjoying casual rides.

Although the Xiamoi Pro 2 is light and fast, it can still carry a weight capacity of up to 100kg, perfect for anyone.

Blaze around with the 8.5-inch tyres, perfect for riding around anywhere, providing the best of stability for your riding experiences.

If you are looking for the perfect electric scooter to get you around or to simply enjoy cruising around for fun, the Xiaomi Pro 2 is the perfect choice for you.

Key Features

  • The Xiaomi Pro 2 Electric Scooter features a powerful 600W motor, capable of making the ride accelerate to top speeds in a small amount of time.
  • The 37V 12.81 Ah battery takes up to 8 to 9 hours to become fully charged, which provides you with long and enjoyable riding experience.
  • Capable of bearing a weight of 100kg, this electric ride is light and durable, weighing about 14.2kg.
  • Brakes include E-ABS and a disc brake, providing better control when slowing down or coming to a full stop.
xiaomi, electric, scooter, review, does

If you are unsure about the legality of an electric ride in your state or area, please refer to this link: https://www.eridesolutions.com.au/pages/safety


Range 45km
Max. speed 25km/h (Max speed for each mode: Pedestrian mode: 5km/h; D: 20km/h; S: 25km/h)
Weight 14.2kg
Rated power 300W
Max. power 600W
Gradeability 20%
Braking E-ABS and disc brake
Tires 8.5″ front and rear pneumatic tires
Controller undervoltage protection 29V±0.5V
Controller current limit 17A±0.5A
Motor type Brushless DC motor
Max. load 100kg
Rider height 120cm-200cm
Rider age 16 (12 with adult supervision)
Working temperature -10°C to 40°C
Storage temperature -20°C to 45°C
IP-rating IP54
Charging time 8-9 hours

Battery Specifications

Battery type Lithium ion battery
Battery model NED1004-K
Rated capacity 12800mAh/474Wh
Rated voltage 37 VDC
Maximum charging voltage 42 VDC
Charging temperature range 0°C~40°C
Discharge temperature range -20°C~50°C
Battery weight 3 kg
Cyclical lifetime 500 charging cycles with power maintained above 70%

Adapter Specifications

Output power 71W
Input current 2A MAX
Output current 1.7A
Input voltage 100-240VAC 50/60Hz
Output voltage 42V
DC cable length 2m
DC cable port type Custom Φ8.01.6mm

Package Contents1x Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2, 1x Power adapter, 1x Hexagon wrench, 1x Extended nozzle adapter, 5x Screws, 1x Tire, 1x User Manual, Important information, Specifications

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  • The competitor must be an Authorized Retailer of the product in question
  • The Price Match Guarantee includes the item price and the shipping charges, it excludes sales tax

Please note that some areas especially regional areas may attract additional shipping fees. These include but not limited to Western Australia, Northern Territory and Tasmania. Please enquire if you’re unsure or would like a quote.

A great way to save here is to get your parcel delivered to your closest depot.Please let us know if you would like a quote or prefer this option.

As soon as you place your order, you will receive an order confirmation e-mail. This means that we have received your order in our system and pre-authorized your credit card for the purchase. As soon as we receive your order, we automatically reach out to our suppliers to confirm that it is in stock and available for immediate shipment. If your item is on backorder or unavailable, we will reach out to you via e-mail to confirm with you. If your item(s) are available for immediate shipment (within 5 business days), we will process the charges and submit the order for shipment.

If your order is stock and we process the charges to your credit card, it will ship within five business days from the date of your order. We will send you tracking information within 24 hours of your order leaving the warehouse to the e-mail address you provided when checking out. If you do not receive tracking information from us within six business days of your order, feel free to follow up with us at orders@eridesolutions.com.au

Please inspect the packaging of your item(s) when they arrive, if you notice any damage you should make note of it when signing for delivery. If your item(s) do arrived damaged, please send photos to returns@eridesolutions.com.au and we will process an insurance claim on your behalf.


All Products purchased from Panmi Pty Ltd (Panmi) Authorized Marketplace sellers are subjected to the Authorized Marketplace Sellers’ return policy to the extent permissible under Australian Consumer Law (‘ACL’). Therefore, customers should contact the authorized sellers to receive instructions on the procedure to return a Product.


In addition to any Consumer Guarantees available under the ACL, Panmi warrants to the Original Purchaser that the Product shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use. Panmi does not warrant the operation of the product will be uninterrupted or error-free. Panmi is not responsible for damage arising from failure to follow instructions relating to the product’s usage.This Limited Product Warranty applies to all Xiaomi products purchased from Authorized Marketplace Sellers for twenty-four (24) months from the date of receipt of shipment (‘Limited Warranty Period’) except for sporting goods and Viomi products which limited to twelve (12) months from the date of receipt of shipment.


If a hardware defect is found and a valid claim is lodged to Panmi by the Original Purchaser within the Limited Warranty Period, Panmi will, at its discretion and to the extent permitted by law, either:

  • repair the Product at no charge to the Original Purchaser, using new or refurbished replacement parts; or
  • replace the product with a new or refurbished Product.

In the event a defect is discovered, to the extent permitted by law, these are your sole and exclusive remedies. Shipping and handling charges may apply except where prohibited by applicable law. This Limited Warranty is valid only in the jurisdictions where the Products are sold by Panmi’s Authorized Marketplace sellers, and is valid to the extent permitted by the applicable laws of such jurisdictions. Any replacement hardware product or parts will be warranted for the remainder of the original warranty period or thirty (30) days, whichever is longer, or for any additional period of time that may be applicable in the jurisdiction under the ACL.


A Warranty Service Order must be first be requested from Panmi within the Limited Warranty Period from the date of receipt of shipment. To request a Warranty Service Order, the original purchaser must contact Panmi IT support and service at support@Mi-store.com.au.In accordance with applicable law, Panmi may require the customer to furnish proof of purchase details and/or comply with Panmi’s registration requirements before receiving warranty service.The consumer bears the cost of return of product to the purchase point, and Panmi will bear the cost of replacement or refund under warranty service and any guarantee of quality to the extent required under ACL. To obtain warranty service, you must deliver the product, in either its original packaging or packaging providing an equal degree of protection to the address specified by Panmi.It is your responsibility to backup any data, software, or other materials you may have stored or preserved on the product. It is likely that such data, software, or other materials will be lost or reformatted during service, and Panmi will not be responsible for any such damage or loss.This Limited Product Warranty by Panmi is separate to the Consumer Guarantees provided under Australian Consumer Law.


This Limited Product Warranty applies only to Products manufactured by or for Xiaomi (and distributed by Panmi), that can be identified by trademarks, trade names, or logos owned by Xiaomi and affixed to the product, and purchased from Panmi’s Authorized Marketplace Sellers.The Limited Warranty does not apply to any:

  • Damage caused by nature or acts of God, for example, lightning strikes, tornadoes and the like;
  • Negligent or incorrect use of the Product;
  • Commercial use of the Product;
  • Modifications to any part of the Product;
  • Damage caused by use with non-Xiaomi products;
  • Damage caused by negligence, accident, abuse, misuse, flood, fire, earthquake or other external causes;
  • Damage caused by operating the Product outside the permitted or intended uses described by the manufacturer’s instructions provided by Xiaomi or with improper voltage or power supply;
  • Damage caused by servicing of the product (including upgrades and expansions) performed by anyone who is not a representative of Panmi; or
  • Damage caused by natural wear and tear.

Recovery and reinstallation of software programs and user data are not covered under this Limited Warranty. No Panmi reseller, agent, or employee is authorized to make any modification, extension, or addition to this Limited Product Warranty.If any exclusion and limitation is held to be illegal or unenforceable, that term shall be severed from this Limited Product Warranty and the validity and enforceability of all other exclusions shall not be affected.


Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.


To the extent permitted by law, Panmi shall not be liable for any incidental, indirect, special, or consequential damages, including but not limited to loss of profits, revenue or data, resulting from any breach of express or implied warranty or condition, or under any other legal theory, even when Panmi has been advised of the possibility of such damages. Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.


The supply of Xiaomi products by Panmi Pty Ltd is distributed in compliance with the laws in the State or Territory in which the products were sold and the Australian Consumer Law. Any disputes or claims pursuant to any Warranties offered by Panmi will be subject to the jurisdiction in which the products were sold and any proceedings should be initiated in a court within the relevant jurisdiction.

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