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Electric Bike Conversion Experience

With bike building and retail experience going back to 2003, we changed our tune in 2011 and created Volton. Our very first ebike was built for a family member looking to keep up his passion for getting some time outside on one of his bicycles. We’ve continued to offer conversion service for a variety of applications since day one.

Clean, low-profile designs and installations are what Volton is known for and we stand behind the work we put into each and every bike conversion.

How to Assemble an Engwe Electric Bike? – Unboxing Engwe C20 Pro

I just received a new Engwe C20 Pro folding electric bike from the courier.

Although the bike is almost fully assembled, there are still many pieces that need to be attached.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to unbox the folding electric bike and how to assemble it.

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  • Engwe C20 Pro Unboxing and Assembling Video
  • What’s In the Box?
  • How to Assemble Engwe C20 E-Bike?
  • Step 1 – Remove Cushions
  • Step 2 – Attach the Handlebar
  • Step 3 – Install the Front Light
  • Step 4.Install the Front Wheel
  • Step 5 – Install the Seat Post
  • Step 6 – Install the Pedals
  • Additional Safety Measures
  • Conclusion

Engwe C20 Pro Unboxing and Assembling Video

If you like to learn from the video instead of reading then here is our video about the whole process.

Although this assembling guide is made on Engwe C20 Pro, the same principles apply to Other Engwe e-bike models like C20 and EP-2 Pro too.

First of all, check that the package is complete and you have all the items listed above. Also, make sure that everything is undamaged.

It may happen that during the transport, something is been damaged.

Then I would suggest reading the assembly guide. It’s quite thorough but it has some shortcomings. But no worries. With the help of this article, you can easily assemble the bike.

Step 1 – Remove Cushions

Firstly, let’s remove all those cushions around the bike.

The easiest way to remove those cushions is to use scissors or a knife.

Be careful when cutting those straps. You don’t want to damage any cables.

Pro Tip! After the cushions are removed, fold the bike and remove the battery. Connect it to the charger and plug the charger into the wall. You can charge the battery while you assemble the rest of the bike.

Step 2 – Attach the Handlebar

For me, it took some time to figure out how it should be done. In reality, it’s quite easy.

You can find the upper part of the handlebar already connected to the bike through the cables. Firstly, take the handlebar subassembly stem and attach it to the upper part of the handlebar.

Secondly, you have to fold the handlebar from the quick release. Then you can see there is a hexagon screw that has to be tightened after you attach the handlebar stem to the bike.

Make sure the fork is pointing forward and orient the handlebar accordingly.

Step 3 – Install the Front Light

Installing the front light is quite straightforward.

Just use those screws that are mounted to the light.

When installing the light, you need to use a wrench from one side and a screwdriver on the other side.

Step 4.Install the Front Wheel

Before you can install the front wheel, you need to remove the transportation bolt from the fork.

Then I would suggest you turn the bike upside down. Be careful to not damage the display.

Next, just attach the wheel in the correct position. Make sure the brake disc goes in between the brake pads.

After that, take the quick-release skewer. It has a lever, 2 springs, and a nut. Note that the springs must be positioned so the narrower sides are inside.

Remove the nut and one spring and insert the skewer from the disc’s side.

Then from the other side, attach the spring followed by the nut.

Then tighten the nut until the lever becomes firm to close.

Step 5 – Install the Seat Post

Next, let’s attach the seat post. It’s probably one of the easiest steps.

Just place the seat post with a saddle where it belongs and tighten it with a quick-release lever.

Step 6 – Install the Pedals

Although the pedals look the same, they are not.

Make sure to install each pedal to the correct side. Both pedals are marked, so you know which one goes right and which one goes left.

The right pedal or drive-side pedal must be threaded clockwise. Start the threading with your hand and then tighten with a wrench.

Repeat this on the left side but the threading must be done counterclockwise.

Good job! Basically, the bike is now assembled. As I promised, it was not difficult at all!

Before you can go for the first ride, you just have to wait until the battery is charged.

Additional Safety Measures

  • Check all the tightening points of the bike.
  • Adjust braking pads accordingly. Make sure the wheels are running freely and there is enough stopping power.
  • Adjust the derailleur if needed. It may happen during the transport that the derailleur moves out of place.


Alright, that’s how you unbox and assemble an electric folding bike Engwe C20 Pro.

I hope this guide could help someone assemble their bike.

If you have any questions or if something remained unclear, feel free to comment down below.

The Good and the Bad

It’s pretty rare for me to not find something that can be improved with a product and for things like electric bikes the pros and cons can depend on your riding needs.


  • Light weight
  • Gorgeous color and minimalist design
  • Reasonable price for an ebike that looks like a regular bike
  • 8-speed and 350W motor propel well up hills
  • Reliable fingerprint sensor
  • Connected tracking and tracking functionality
  • Weighs only 36 pounds (can you tell this is a major pro for me?)
  • Full-featured smartphone app


  • Saddle lacks padding for my rear end
  • No fenders for wet Puget Sound riding
  • Not fully sold on the phone mount, but excellent for Garmin bike computer


I’ve been riding electric bikes for more than five years, primarily as a part of my daily commute to and from work. Ebikes have evolved from basic heavy bikes to cover the last few miles of a commute to car replacements and a means to help you get out and exercise. Some of my coworkers paid thousands of dollars for high-end ebikes that looked like regular bikes, but had hidden batteries and I never could justify spending double or triple what I was paying for a utilitarian bike.

How to Properly Assemble 750Watt Motor kit #For E-bike (Et Discover)

As a result, I was very excited to talk to the folks at Velotric about the 2023 lineup that included an ebike that looked like a regular bike. Velotric impressed me with its 2022 offerings and I knew if this company put it’s efforts into a bike that appealed to regular bike riders they would come out with a winner. The Thunder 1 has not disappointed me at all over the past couple of weeks.

It’s awesome to ride an ebike that functions as a standard bike too so you truly can use it for exercise or for your daily commute. There are fewer visible wires on the Velotric Thunder 1 than there are my standard bikes, which is an impressive design feature. The first thing that stood out to me was the lovely ombre color option of the Frozen Blue model sent for evaluation. It has a matte finish and looks stunning.

I then almost cried with delight when I picked up the bike with one arm. Since I mix in a train commute with my daily bike riding, I have to carry bikes up a few flights of stairs and carrying 60 pounds takes some effort. The Thunder 1 is about half of what I usually ride, just 36 pounds. so I am loving life with the Thunder 1.

A lighter bike also helps me be a bit more agile on the streets of Seattle. The Urtopia Carbon 1 was a blast since it was very agile too, but the single speed limited my hill performance. With eight speeds on the Thunder 1, I have been able to tackle even the extreme hill I have at the entrance to my neighborhood.

The battery is integrated into the front frame of the bike. I was told by Velotric that the company will send instructions to people who may need to replace the battery if it ages in a few years, but I’m perfectly satisfied having it hidden and charging the bike with the battery inside. Velotric bike batteries are UL certified and by following the proper charging recommendations you don’t have to worry about a fire.

Despite its minimalist design, there’s a lot going on inside the base of the frame on the Thunder 1. The drive system includes a controller, VCU, torque sensor, and control panel. The Velopower E35 drive system provides a quiet riding experience with responsive pedal assist torque sensing.

The fingerprint sensor has worked reliably to power on and off the bike and I love that different color rings around the sensor indicate the PAS level you have selected. When I have my Garmin bike computer mounted on the center mount instead of my phone it is perfectly fine to quickly switch PAS level and see the color that shows me what I have selected.

The capable Velotric smartphone app is used to setup the bike and then has a host of features to manage your riding experience. You can select your riding mode, set up fingerprints for the bike, toggle on auto unlock and auto lock, enable the theft alert and enable the light sensing headlight. While riding, the app also displays key riding information such as speed and health tracking metrics

The default riding mode is City Mode that is designed for paved roads and offers the best battery efficiency. Adventure mode is for gravel riding and trails. MAX mode provides the highest level of pedal assist when you feel the need for speed.

In addition to a GPS receiver for detailed route tracking, there is an integrated GSM eSIM in the bike that is used for theft alerts. Alerts are sent to your phone through the Velotric app when your bike is moved and your phone is not connected to it via Bluetooth. It may help you get to your bike before a thief takes off with it, but be careful not to risk your life to recover a stolen bike. This service is provided with your bike purchase for two years. We don’t yet have details on a subscription past the first two years so stay tuned.


Specifications alone don’t mean much, but they are useful for comparing similar devices and checking that you are getting value for your money.

  • Frame : 6061 aluminum alloy with hidden cables
  • Motor : 350W rear hub, peak 600W, 45Nm torque
  • Bike weight : 36 pounds
  • Bike capacity : 330 pounds
  • Pedal assist : Torque sensing with five levels
  • Max speed and range : 20 mph and up to 70 miles
  • Transmission : Shimano 8-speed
  • Brakes : TEKTRO HD-R280 hydraulic disk brakes, 160mm rotors
  • Tires : 700x38c puncture resistant
  • Colors : Frozen Blue and Crystal Black

Bottom Line

I am always on a quest to find the perfect bike for my daily commute and there have been some excellent options over the past year. The simplistic nature of the fingerprint sensor and PAS controls, light weight, and gorgeous design have bumped the Velotric Thunder 1 to the top of my list. I’ll need to at least get a rear fender to keep down the water spray, but can’t stop riding the bike. It’s available for 450,799, which is reasonable given the technology and design.

Velotric also offers the Thunder 1 ST for 300 less that provide support for Apple Find My. It also designed for shorter riders with a couple of different color options.

In addition to having a beautiful bike that can be ridden as a standard bike or ebike, the integrated technology of the Velotric Thunder 1 gives Velotric the ability to offer other features. I understand that crash detection is coming soon to the bike and my wife will love having some piece of mind that she will get notified if I end up ditching the bike on my ride.

Hallomotor Ebike Conversion kit assembly installation video

Velotric is led by hardware co-found of Lime, Adam Zhang, and his team is composed of people from Lime, Giant, Specialized, and Decathlon. The team has released some of the most compelling bikes I have tested and the Thunder 1 is perfect for those who want to experience the joy of an ebike as well as their childhood love of riding a regular bike.

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Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are my own. Velotric sent a Thunder 1 for evaluation purposes, but the company has no influence over the content in this review. All opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links that add no additional cost to you and I may earn a small commission.


When I was asked if I wanted to review the bike and was told the price, I was expecting something similar to my first Rad Power Bike with loose cables everywhere and a decent but basic bike. I was surprised to open up the box top and find that the Velotric Discover 1 is very well built of aluminum with high-quality welds and an attractive matte finish. The large battery snaps securely onto the frame and has a key to lock it in place and prevent theft. The battery charging port is well protected with a rubber cover that stays securely in place too.

The bike power and display controller is located just inboard of the left ergonomic handlebar grip with the front brake handle in front of the grip. There are three display controller buttons for power/lights and increase and decrease pedal assist. I also mounted the bell and my Garmin bike computer to the left side of the handlebars.

The brake handle and gear shifter/indicator are on the handlebar’s right side. There are seven speeds available that have proven useful for climbing hills. A Shimano indicator with an orange line indicates your current gear. Adjacent to the gear shifter is a throttle button that is easy to activate with your right thumb simply by pressing downward.

Wires for the brakes and motor lead forward and then down into the frame of the bike so minimal wires are visible. These wires are also bundled together and secured to make for a cleaner aesthetic. This is one area where you see a huge difference between expensive and less expensive bikes, as intelligent wire control gives you a cleaner look to the bike.

A front fender is included to help keep down the flow of water and debris as you ride the bike on your commute or off-road adventure. It was very simple to secure the fender using the included screws and Allen Wrench. The headlight is positioned on the assembly with the front fender and also includes a front white reflector below the light. I have been extremely disappointed with some past headlights, so I was very pleased with Velotric’s attention to detail here with its high-quality light that connects securely to the cable and shines brightly as I travel down the road at high speeds. Rather substantial tires, puncture-resistant, with good grip, are provided with spoked wheels and reflectors.

The large display is centered on the handlebars and can be rotated up or down to match the height and comfort of the rider. Speaking of comfort, the rubber grip on the handlebars has additional material on the back side to make it very nice for long rides.

Moving back from the handlebar area, we find a large 48V battery attached to the lower frame piece. It can be removed after unlocking the battery with a key. There is also a push-button power level indicator so you can quickly see what the remaining battery power is on the pack. The specifications state that the battery provides up to 60 miles of pedal assist and 45 miles of throttle riding, but that is heavily dependent on your weight and the path you are traveling on. The battery is colored to match the bike color and is very well integrated into the frame, another small touch that you wouldn’t expect on such an affordable e-bike.

I didn’t expect to care much about the step-through design of the Velotric Discover 1, but being able to quickly and easily swing my legs between the seat and the battery has been a great experience. This kind of design also makes the bike more accessible for more people, so even my wife and daughters have enjoyed testing out this new bike. There is also a rear kickstand that holds the bike up well.

The Velotric Discover 1 is powered by a 500W rear hub motor that offers an enjoyable level of power and a very capable electric bike experience. I was able to make it up my very steep hill without having to walk the bike, which is my ultimate test since I weigh in at 250 lbs, and my hill is one of the steepest I have ever experienced. There is also a walk mode on the bike, so if you do find yourself walking beside it, then you can have some assistance moving the bike.

velotric, ebike, assembly, electric, bike, repair

Price and availability

The Velotric Discover 1 has an MSRP of 450,899, but I have seen regular 500 sales that make the effective standard price 450,399. This is a fantastic price for a very capable bike, and it makes this an easy bike to recommend to family and friends who ask me which bikes to consider. It offers a lot, and with rising gas prices, I would seriously consider the Velotric Discover 1 if you have commuting needs that can be satisfied with a bike.

If you purchase additional bikes, then you can save more too. 200 off when you buy two bikes, 300 off when you buy three, and 600 off if you purchase four bikes. Velotric also provides free shipping in the 48 contiguous states within two business days of your purchase. The bike includes a one-year warranty too.

Experiences and conclusions

Three years ago, I purchased a Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent X as my daily commuter primarily due to its ability to get up to 28 mph in pedal-assist mode and keep me moving with local traffic. It serves as my primary e-bike but also had a price of 5000,500. It has a terrible rear taillight that requires its own batteries, but overall it is a solid heavy electric bike.

The bike was easy to assemble with clear directions. The manual even has maintenance directions to help you adjust the brakes and perform other functions to keep the bike up and running. I will be very interested in seeing how it holds up over time, but looking at the detailed construction and attention to detail, I believe it will do just fine.

velotric, ebike, assembly, electric, bike, repair

The mechanical disc brakes, the older generation Shimano shifter, no connectivity to a smartphone, and the basic seat are the only aspects where I can see is a bit of a compromise from more expensive bikes. However, there is still a lot provided for the price, and none of these things substantially impact the bike’s enjoyment.

The Velotric Discover 1 is now my second favorite bike that I’ve tested over the past five years, and it was honestly difficult to come up with any cons at this 450,399 price point. It is very well built, has fenders for safe commuting, provides excellent lights for safety, incorporates a step-through design so everyone can ride it, and provides a throttle option that is useful for starting from a stopped position. Most importantly, it’s a lot of fun to ride.

Explaining All The Button Controls

The entire bike is controlled from a little trip computer on your left handlebar.

You press the up and down buttons to choose your level of e-boost:

  • Level 0: No boost, pedal power only
  • Level 1: Low boost, about 10mph
  • Level 2: Medium boost, about 15mph
  • Level 3: High boost, about 20mph

While you are walking alongside your bike, you can hold the down button to engage a 3mph walking mode.

Holding the up button will turn on and off the headlight. You don’t need to control the rear light, as it functions as a red brake light and lights up any time you pull the brakes.

Besides those simple functions, everything else on the trip computer is informational. By scrolling through, check out your current, max, average speed, and more.


Overall, we love our VELOTRIC Discover1 Urban Commuter Ebike and think you will too. Use our link to receive 600 off the already-reasonable price, and feel secure knowing you have 14 days to return it if you decide it’s not for you.


  • Super fun colors that received lots of compliments
  • Incredible price, just 1199 when you order using our link (typically 1899)
  • Rock-solid construction
  • Impressive speeds up to 20mph
  • Boost using pedals or a switch
  • Built-in headlight
  • Ships with all the tools you need for installation
  • 14-day return policy and helpful customer support
  • Extra options to protect your shipment from porch pirates or other delivery issues


  • A bit heavy at 70lbs, when you are pedaling manually without the e-boost
  • It doesn’t fit on our existing RV hitch bike rack, so we are getting a new one
  • A few elements of the written setup instructions could be more precise, so watch the videos
  • Need to provide your own rear light, as the one included only functions as a brake light
  • Charger runs very hot while in use

A Note

Our first unit had brake issues, so we worked with Velotric’s stellar customer service to receive a replacement bike. They also offered for us to take it to a local bike shop and reimburse us for the cost. So no matter what you choose, their team is prepared to provide a proper resolution if you have any issues.

Conclusion about our Velotric Ebike for our RV lifestyle:

We love our Velotric Discover1 Urban Commuter Ebike and think you will too. The color options range from slick and standard to shiny and statement. The ebike is shipped to you mostly assembled, so you only have a few steps to take before your first ride. The electric boost is robust and a joy to use even at its lowest level.

Whether in a city or RV, at gay campgrounds or public parks, the Velotric Discover1 is for you.

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We received a free Discover1 Ebike from VELOTRIC, but we never promise positive reviews. We only promise the truth. All views are our own.

Do you use an ebike in your RV life as digital nomads, or bring one to gay campgrounds? Have you tried the VELOTRIC Discover 1 or Nomad 1 ebike? Tell us in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below!

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