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Xiaomi M365 Pro Review

For its size and motor power, it has an effective launch, getting up to 15 mph from a standstill in just 5.3 seconds. This is faster than the Xiaomi M365 (base).

Like many other entry-level scooters, the M365 Pro is a kick-to-start scooter, meaning you have to manually kick-push it up to at least 2 mph before you can engage the throttle. Some entry-level scooters can be switched to zero-start, which means the throttle will automatically engage when you press it.

The start styles allow riders who have less experience to ease into acceleration, first having to kick the scooter up to speed before being able to throttle, while zero start gives riders the control to zip away from a full stop. Kick-to-start is also a good safety feature, as the scooter won’t run away from you if you accidentally hit the throttle.

You can compare the performance of the Pro with others we’ve reviewed on our performance page.

Hill Climb

The M365 Pro has better hill climbing than quite a few other entry-level scooters, including the original M365, the TurboAnt X7 Pro, Segway Ninebot Max, and Gotrax G4. The Pro has an ESG certified 15.6 second hill-climb time up our standard 200 ft, 10% average grade incline with a 165 lb rider. It maintained an average speed of 8.7 mph, which is a bit faster than the Segway Ninebot Max (which is 11 lbs heavier with a slightly larger battery).

After over a year testing other scooters, the Pro remains a stronger hill climber than every scooter under 600. It’s also within striking distance of the more powerful Fluid FreeRide Horizon electric scooter, which is only 0.2 mph faster uphill. While very steep hills will slow down the Pro, you’ll have enough power to go up most hills.

Top Speed

The Xiaomi Pro is capped to a max speed of., but you can get to a reported 20 mph by performing a firmware hack to unlock the Pro to a higher top speed.


The Xiaomi Pro has an incredible 25.1 Mi of RG certified range thanks to a 300 watt lithium-ion battery.

Considering its meager. weight, the M365 Pro still has the best range per pound of any scooter that we’ve tested so far.

We perform all range tests in the scooter’s highest performance mode on the same urban track, which has many stops, hills, and rough terrain. The ride is designed to simulate a real, fast urban commute.

You can compare the tested range of this scooter with others on our real-world testing page.


The scooter has a dual braking system consisting of a front regenerative brake and a rear mechanical disc brake. Both brakes are linked and controlled by a single brake lever. In our braking test, the Xiaomi Pro came to a full stop from 15 mph in just 15.3 ft — a good result.

Despite being cable-controlled, brake activation is smooth due to well-designed, nicely routed cables. You can adjust the strength of the regenerative brake through the Bluetooth-enabled app. Keep in mind that the regen braking strength is substantial when in the maximum setting.

Ride Quality

The Xiaomi Pro is a nimble scooter thanks to its combination of reasonable weight, pneumatic tires, and geometry.

Carving on the Pro’s 2 in-wide tires feels natural. They have enough size and grip to keep you confidently in control, and they conform better to the road than solid tires. The deck is 1.5 in longer and 0.2 in wider than the original. Although this doesn’t seem like much, the Pro’s deck width adds 12.5 sq in of standing room to the M365.

The handlebars are the same width, but are 1.4 in higher than the handlebars on the M365. This change is pretty minimal, and may not make too much of a difference for the ride, but ensures the handlebars latch to the fender (which is now a little further away).

Despite lack of an integrated suspension, the large 8.5 in pneumatic tires give it decent ride quality. On pavement — even in rough patches — the tires soak up much of the punishing road vibrations. If you encounter large potholes or steps, you’ll definitely feel it but the Pro’s tires will absorb some of the sting. If you’re consistently riding on really terrible roads, you’ll probably want to look at scooters with dedicated suspensions or at least larger tires.

Xiaomi M365 Pro Features


The Xiaomi Pro has solid portability, weighs in at 31.0 lbs and folds into a compact 44 in long by 17 in wide by 19 in package — only 2 in longer than the M365. It does not have folding handlebars, but does fold down (as do most electric scooters that we encounter).

The folding mechanism, which has presented issues for some riders, allowing for stem flex with forward pressure, is identical on both the M365 and Pro. It has a lever that locks the stem into place, which is further secured by a rotating safety collar.

The collar prevents the lever from accidentally being pulled while riding. It’s a good design, but not quite as solid as the similarly designed mechanism on the Segway Ninebot Max. The mechanism is quick to release and lock into place, which is a bit more commuter-friendly than the swingarm collar-style folding mechanisms found on most high performance scooters.

When folded, the stem locks to the rear fender for easy carrying. Some of these mechanisms take a bit of practice to aim the latch on the handlebars to the hook on the fender, but folding on the Pro feels very natural.

Overall, the Pro has good portability, but isn’t quite as compact as an ultraportable (it would need to have folding handlebars).


The Xiaomi Pro cockpit looks very similar to the Xiaomi M365, but it has more features by far. Centered on the stem is the LED dashboard, which is a welcome upgrade providing details including your speed, battery level, and riding mode. The display screen is bright and will also show you if Bluetooth is connected and if the lights are on.

You use one button to change modes, switch lights on and off, and power, and can also access rider features through the Xiaomi or other third party mobile apps, including regenerative braking strength and display units (metric or imperial).

The Pro has three riding modes, which limit top speed to 9 mph (eco), 12 mph (standard), and 16 mph (sport), represented on the screen by a small letter beneath your speedometer. One nice feature is the screen’s backlighting is adaptive, dimming when the ambient light has darkened. This is a nice feature for night riding, as it keeps the display from blinding you.

The cockpit of the Xiaomi Pro is clean, simplistic with rounded, texturized hand grips that feel like a good quality rubber. On the left handlebar, you’ll find the brake lever and mechanical bell, with the folding hook doubling as the bell’s hammer (such a Smart design!). On the right handlebar, there’s the thumb throttle with a rubberized pad, and that’s it.

Although its features may not seem premium, it is worth noting that both the throttle and brake lever feel solid and top notch. The mechanical action of the aluminum brake lever is crisp. The lever is wide and feels good on your fingertips, and the lack of extra stuff on the handlebars grants you space to add your own accessories.

The Xiaomi Pro is Bluetooth-enabled and can be paired with a smartphone app like the Xiaomi home app or one of many third party apps. Considering the upgraded display on the Pro provides more details, there’s less reason to use the app, but it does provide scooter health information and allows you to set the regenerative braking strength.


The Pro has a handlebar-height LED headlight and rear taillight that responds to braking. The high-mounted headlight is an appreciated feature that projects light further ahead, improving visibility for you and for others to see you.

Keep in mind that neither light is particularly bright, so you will need additional, brighter lighting, especially when riding at night. We recommend these ultra-bright lights.


The Pro has dual 8.5 in by rg_unit value=2 in] pneumatic (air-filled) inner tube tires. The supple rubber provides the best performance in wet conditions while the air helps to cushion your ride, unlike solid tires which do not conform to the road.

Although you cannot get flats on solid tires, air-filled tires provide a much more comfortable ride. We got a flat while testing the Pro, but most flats can be prevented or repaired with tire slime.

Tx85 pro electric scooter

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The award-winning e-scooter just got better with the upgraded HT-T4 M365 Pro Electric Scooter. perfect for those who value speed, reliability, and convenience. With a max speed of 30km/h and a range of 35km, this scooter delivers power and performance. Its 350W motor is ideal for off-road adventures, while the 6-hour charging time ensures you can keep going all day. Plus, it’s easy to fold up for hassle-free storage.

Key Features:

  • Practical 35km range, with a 5 hours charging time
  • 30km/h top speed and a 350W Motor
  • Premium ride with quality steel frame, featuring large 8.5-inch wheels.
  • 12.5kg total weight
  • High 120kg load limit. perfect for heavier riders and luggage
  • Available in black
tx85, electric, scooter, other, rider

Ideal for:

Wet weather riding, regular use, loads of up to 120kg, beginners and advanced riders


Please note, privately-owned e-scooters can not be used on public highways (roads/pavements), and can only be used on private property with the landowner’s consent. Appropriate protective equipment should be worn at all times.

The distance that you can travel on a single charge. This can be influenced by terrain, riding style and environmental factors.

A motor has an average ‘rated’ power and peak power output. The higher the wattage, the more power that the motor can produce, usually bringing improved acceleration and hill climbing ability.

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Why it’s limited?

Many countries have legislation that imposes a speed limitation on non-registered vehicles such as electric scooters. That’s why many manufacturers limit their scooters to a certain speed.

There are other reasons for this limitation, safety being one of them. It’s not safe going with more than 30 km/h on an electric scooter. The risk of injury is very high as you can easily lose your balance and fall. Always wear protective gear.

Make sure your electric scooter is able to do more

Not all scooters can go over the manufacturer speed limitation. UScooter Booster and Xiaomi Mi M365 clearly can, but these are in the mid-range priced scooters. Cheaper scooters may be limited to 20-25 km/h or so and many can’t reach higher than that even without the speed limitation. Though, the limitation is in place for going downhill.

If you are not sure if you can remove the speed limit on your specific model of electric scooter look around. I found many videos on YouTube that describe the process and the results. Other opinions can be found on forums or even on Amazon’s reviews.

Is removing the speed limiter a bad idea?

Complex questions will usually lead to an “it depends” answer. In this case, it’s hard to generalize and give a clear answer. Some models, like the UScooter Booster can deliver great performance without the speed limitation.

Other models can be damaged because it drains a lot of power from the battery fast and the engine is hot due to high RPM. Unless your scooter has a simple option to remove the speed limit, it’s probably not a good idea to remove it by flashing your controller or other tricks.

If you want to get a fast electric scooter and the local laws allow it, look for one from the beginning. This will save you a lot of trouble.

Here are the main reasons why removing the speed limiter can be a bad idea:


The higher the speed, the higher the risk of accidents. It’s hard to keep your balance when riding with over 30 km/h on such narrow tires. It’s probably ok in a straight line, but don’t take corners with speed. Always slow down and ride defensively.

Another method to protect yourself is to wear protective gear.

Battery Life

The higher speed will require more power delivered fast. Even if the battery is able to supply it, the heating process can damage it in the long run.

It will be out of juice faster, so you need to charge it more often as you will get a lower range/charge. Lithium batteries have limited charging cycles, so keep in mind that going faster can lead to shorter battery life.

Parts Maintenance

Shocks and bumps will impact the electric scooter’s part more when riding at high speed. If your scooter has a suspension and air-tires it’s better, but can still lead to faster wear.

thoughts on “How to increase speed of electric scooter by removing limiter/restrictor”

The scooter I have is the same model as the Xiaomi but with a screen. I tried the first suggestion, pulling the break and turning it on, and it displayed E3 on the screen. I had no other buttons to press to change settings though. The scooter has a singular button for power, light and switching between the two speed modes. Any suggestions regarding this?

I have a Megawheels and a Xiaomi Mi Essential lite. Surely this must be possible with the Megawheels but the instructions described seem to do nothing

Hi Aidan, as far as I know, Xiaomi can be unlocked only by rewriting the flash memory of the scooter. Be careful with this as it automatically voids the warranty. In order to give you a proper suggestion if you are willing to take this path, please let me know the exact model of your electric scooter and a link to it. Also, does it mention something about speed unlocking in the user manual?

unlock ProZip “Edge” UL2272 Commuting Electric Scooter I DESPERATELY NEED the governor OFF It almost threw me off today That alone Also this is a CLONE OF SO many others which THEY all have an option. Anyways thanks

Hi just wondering my scooter comes up with e3 as well is there another way to remove the speed limit

You can make it faster by entering the setup menu…Press the horn button and set button at the same time whilst the scooter is on. cycle through to setting 3 and up the wheel diameter from 8 to 13, then press and hold horn and set again. the scooter will then go 30mph in 3rd gear.

Did you try the steps for UScooters and E-Twow? Kugoo s1 model looks almost the same as UScooters, but your model may be similar to UScooters ECO which can’t be unlocked. Display Factory Setting There are 5 buttons: They are Horn button(K5) Setting button(K4) Switch button(K3) Light button(K2) Speed Level(K1). a.k5 button: Short according to return to the running state, the modification is not effective b.k4 button: Short press to the next parameter;Grow by more than 2 seconds, save the changes made, and return the running state. c.k3 button:Not effective d.k2 button: Short press, reverse adjust parameter. e.k1 button: Short press, adjust parameter 1. Press the k5 and k4 for 3sec to enter parameter table 2. Go to parameter number 2 there and set the value to 0. This should remove the limit. “Km/h speed limit value, unit, 0 means no speed limit, the default of 25 km/h” Let me know!

hi! tried with kugoo s1 to put setting 02 from 25 to 0 and nothing happens. with or without setting 02 on 25 or 0 speed is always same and over 25 anyway, so i think that limiter doesnt work or that setting 02 isnt speed limiter. Best regards, Tom

I have a city coco ct12 60 v 20ah 1500 w Harley fat tyre it won’t go over 40 klm how do I disconnect limiter what colour wires do I un plug?? Regards

hi! tried with kugoo s1 to put setting 02 from 25 to 0 and nothing happens. with or without setting 02 on 25 or 0 speed is always same and over 25 anyway, so i think that limiter doesnt work or that setting 02 isnt speed limiter. Best regards, Tom

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