The biggest dirt bike. BMW G650 XChallenge – 104 mph, 652 cc Engine

Top 13 Fastest Dirt Bikes 2023

There are a variety of choices to consider when purchasing a dirt bike. Experience level, brand preference, budget and overall performance go a long way in determining your ideal ride. When you’re dialed in on your expectations of the above and want to take your experience to the next level, speed is the obvious choice!

While power can be a good metric for speed, don’t let engine size fool you. Some lighter dirt bikes deliver fast speeds equivalent to larger, more powerful bikes without the same effort. That’s why TeamMA is back with the top 13 fastest dirt bikes in the world for 2023. Peruse these powerful dirt bikes and pick your poison!

Fastest 250cc Dirt Bikes

Even though 250cc dirt bikes aren’t considered to be the high end of endurance, they still pack a punch for riders of all sizes and experience levels. Since engine power is often balanced with engine size, lightweight bikes won’t have to compensate for the weight of a larger engine. When you’re just getting started on your quest for a speedy dirt bike, the 250cc range is a great place to start.

Honda CRF250RX

Top Speed: 70 mph / 113 kph

Engine: 4-stroke

Dubbed as the nitty gritty upgrade from Honda’s classic CRF250R, the CRF250RX adds a more durable suspension and frame to take your riding to the next level. New handguards for 2022 have been added for better grip and control. Fitted for both racing and off-roading, the 250RX has three different map settings that can be selected with a button located on the handlebars.

The 2023 CRF250RX also features an airbox that’s 78% larger for more power, fewer overall bolts for easier and faster maintenance, and a seat lowered by 10mm. Even though low-end power isn’t exactly kicking on the 250RX, the high-end payoff is worth the impatience. Handling and power delivery are prioritized on the 250RX, so climbing harsh terrain is a breeze.

You may still need a spark arrestor for trails depending on where you’re riding, but this is a small price to pay for smooth, even power. The Honda CRF250RX is especially ideal for intermediate to experienced riders who want a speedy ride both on tracks and in the backcountry.

Husqvarna FC 250

Top Speed: 72 mph / 116 kph (new 2023 changes not known on improvement)2022 speed

Engine: 4-stroke

The Husky FC 250 is at the top of its class in comparison to other models. Combine user-friendly handling with the same powerful engine as the KTM 250 SX-F and you end up on a joyride. The lowered seat height on the FC 250 has been designed with moto veterans in mind, while still being appealing to younger riders with less experience.

Updated in 2021 with a better suspension and lowered seat height, the FC 250 has many engine parts situated tightly in the dirt bike’s center of gravity. This weight distribution helps to reduce rotational forces when it really counts. That’s not all, either. For 2022, the clutch setup has been upgraded to a Brembo system to match the brakes.

The 2023 FC 250 is powered by all-new 4-stroke engines that are designed to be faster, lighter, and play a vital role in enhancing overall handling. Housed inside an all-new frame, a compact, lighter, redesigned engine features a revised Pankl gearbox, ensuring smoother gear changes with a new quickshifter further aiding upshifts, even under heavy load. A new cylinder and CP piston increase the compression ratio to 14.5:1 for improved torque and peak performance on track. Completing the changes for 2023, striking white, yellow, and grey graphics are applied using in-mould technology for an outstanding and long-lasting finish.

The Husqvarna FC 250 has undergone changes in the last few years that all but surpass KTM for best ride. While some riders may stay loyal to the orange achievers, all your competition will be able to see when it’s over is a trail of white and dark blue leaving them in the dust.

KTM 250 SX-F Fastest Dirt Bike

Top Speed: 85 mph / 137 kph

Engine: 4-stroke

Ideal for riders dedicated to racing, the KTM 250 SX-F is a mean machine on the track. Comparable to its 450cc big brother, the compact centralized engine on the 250 SX-F is an engineering marvel. Much of the 250 SX-F’s power is at the top end, so hard riding and steady speed is essential for a consistent result.

For 2023, KTM has significantly stiffened the chassis, and improved the engine with the motor at about 8mm shorter from bottom to top. It has a set of tiny finger-followers and double overhead cams, which enable more aggressive valve adjustment. Huge 32.5mm intake and 27.5mm exhaust valves are used. The engine can crank to extraordinary heights—well over 13,000 rpm. That’s not really novel, but every year the mapping gets a little more advanced and the rev limiter gets a little softer.

At its highest, the bike produces well over 40 horsepower. The initial Yamaha YZ250F produced roughly 31 horsepower in 2001, and it was so quick that the AMA thought about banning it from professional competition. The world has evolved.

Fastest 450cc Dirt Bikes

Some of the dirt bikes featured below are considered dual-sport bikes. Dual-sport bikes are super powerful and can usually be ridden on a variety of surfaces. However, don’t be fooled into thinking those factors mean lower speeds. The 450cc dirt bike range is a great compromise between leisurely jaunts and performance racing.

Yamaha YZ450F

Top Speed: 80 mph / 129 kph

Engine: 4-stroke

Despite Yamaha being a motocross contender for over fifty years, the YZ450F is still one of their highest rated dirt bikes for its capabilities. This powerful dirt bike is hugely popular with both aspiring riders and racers alike. Reliability is a serious sticking point on the YZ450F, and despite it not being at the forefront of racing, dedication to this model has not waned among its audience.

The 2023 Yamaha YZ450F has seen major updates with 5 pounds weight loss and improvements to engine, chassis and components all over the bike. 500rpm addition to the rev limiter and is the leader of the 450 class in terms of peak horsepower with 54.4 HP.

Deluxe suspension capabilities and an optional Power Tuner app ensure you’re in charge of how your dirt bike functions every step of the way. This is a big perk compared to most other bands, since many dirt bikes require you to purchase a separate transmitter for the same effect. Fit-wise, the YZ450F is ideal for average-to-short statures, and a tall saddle helps pad out the seat for larger riders.

Predictable, effortless and easily managed, the Yamaha YZ450F is capable of keeping up with even the best of the 450 class.

Honda CRF450R

Top Speed: 87 mph / 140 kph

Engine: 4-stroke

Honda is not new to speed or innovation, and this is clearly evidenced by the construction of the CRF450R. With many minute changes like airbox size and arrangement reconfiguring, Honda has worked hard to ensure the CRF450R is a top competitor in its class. Known for high quality durability, the CRF450R can take on any unsavory terrain that might get in your way.

For 2023, the throttle body diameter of Honda’s CRF450R’s flagship motocrosser was decreased from 46mm to 44mm in order to improve the smoothness of power delivery at low speeds. To increase engine response and torque, engineers also made the intake funnel longer and the intake port shape narrower. To further boost torque, the camshaft profile was modified.

Asserting your dominance and speed will be no problem on the CRF450R with its heavy-duty suspension. Whether you’re riding tracks or trails, the CRF450R will help you right along. Featuring three levels of traction control and map preferences, these can easily be toggled using a switch on the handlebars. Despite these presets, we’re optimistic that Honda will rework these settings to be customizable in the coming years.

Responsive, lightweight and affordable, the Honda CRF450R is more competitive than ever in the 450cc range.

Kawasaki KX450

Top Speed: 89 mph / 143 kph

Engine: 4-stroke

Despite Kawasaki’s diverse range of products and devices, their dirt bikes are still second to none. The KX450 offers a lush ride that’s built to handle serious punishment on tracks and trails of all kinds. Power and handling are prioritized for both novice and expert riders alike.

No updates for 2023, but there are rumours of a major overhaul for 2024… watch this space!

Featuring powerful flex for your most competitive rides, the KX450 offers robust impact absorption so your body doesn’t take a beating. For both comfort and functionality, there are two optional handlebar foot peg mounting positions depending on personal preference. Couple these features with the centralized seat height and you’ll see why the KX450 is a highly personalized ride.

Despite the lack of map settings on the Kawasaki KX450, this dirt bike is ultra-easy to ride for almost any experience level or terrain type.

Fastest 500cc Dirt Bikes

Rounding out the top end of the dirt bike spectrum, these powerful dual-sport dirt bikes aren’t to be underestimated. Built for experienced riders, this 500 range is ideal for riders that know how to handle massive power with effortless finesse.

Kawasaki KLR 650

Top Speed: 98 mph / 158 kph

Engine: 4-stroke

The Kawasaki KLR 650 has undergone plenty of changes since its inception in the 1980s. Fuel injection is one of the latest changes, along with a narrower exhaust port. Unlike many of the models above, the KLR 650 features a windscreen that offers some level of protection to the rider and the display.

2023 only sees some cosmetic updates and more graphics/color options.

The no-longer-analog LCD display features the standards: clock, fuel gauge, speedometer, odometer and two trip settings. Larger handlebars, foot pegs and a new seat all include damping for both comfort and protection. Long jaunts at full throttle are a breeze with the KLR 650, and that’s a huge sticking point.

Classic, affordable and reliable, the Kawasaki KLR 650 offers a cushy ride for seasoned riders on and off the road. Mid-range power delivery is reliable as long as you don’t attempt any jumps or ultra-rugged handling.

Husqvarna FE501S

Top Speed: 101 mph / 163 kph

Engine: 4-stroke

If you want a performance dual-sport bike, look no further than the Husqvarna FE501S. With a near complete redesign in 2020, the FE501S looks and feels more like a dirt bike than most dual-sport models. DOT-compliant and quieter than ever, the FE501S is ready to go.

Grandpa Steals My Dirtbike and Does Wheelie �������� #dirtbike #wheelie

For 2023, there are new colors, trim, and eye-catching dark blue graphics with electrifying yellow accents give the Swedish-inspired design a distinctive appearance and attractively embellish it, harmonizing with the new metallic blue of the frame.

Reworked low-end power is a huge selling point on the FE501S, while mid and high-range power aren’t quite as robust. The dirt bike feel is due to the FE501S being exceptionally light, so it won’t get stuck in ruts or lose traction like larger, heavier bikes will.

Since it’s street legal, the FE501S is required to have necessary mirrors and accessories to play by the book. However, these additions are minimal and it’s clear Husky designed this dirt bike to be as low-key as possible. Seen as the best of both worlds, the Husky FE501S is as close as you’ll get to a lightweight, street legal dirt bike.

Honda XR650L

Top Speed: 110 mph / 177 kph

Engine: 4-stroke

Versatile as ever, the Honda XR650L offers a variety of applications across the board. Featuring a simple electric starter, top-level suspension and smooth power delivery, the XR650L yields a dirt bike that performs well in most environments.

The XR650L continues to be unchanged in the 2023 model year apart from some new colors and graphics.

The XR650L boasts a robust steel frame for solid power management and safety on the road. It also comes standard with a passenger seat and fold-out passenger foot pegs that are perfect for showing your friends what cruising is all about. While many dirt and dual sport bikes can’t be easily taken on a road trip, the XR650L excels in this department and offers an effortless ride.

Unlike other dual-sport bikes that hover around 10k, the Honda XR650L comes in at 3k less. The extra-affordable price tag, combined with passenger features and easy handling, makes this powerful dirt bike a no brainer.

Dirt Bike Average top speed Chart by CCs:

In this “dirt bike top speed table chart”, I have discussed various CCs dirt bikes that range from 250cc to 500cc.

  • High-Speed: 72 mph/ the equivalent of 116 kmph
  • Engine: 4-stroke

Its Husky FC 250 is at the top of the line when compared to other models.

Combining user-friendly handling and the similar powerful engine of the KTM 250 SX-F. KTM 250 SX-F, and you’ll be enjoying a ride.

The seat’s lower height of this FC 250 has been designed to appeal to moto veterans and is still attractive to riders of younger age who have less experience.

The model will be updated in 2021 and features an improved suspension and a lowered seat height The FC 250 has many engine components that are tightly positioned within the dirt bike‘s center of gravity.

This distribution of weight helps minimize the force of rotation when they really matter.

This isn’t all. In 2022, the gearbox system is being changed to a Brembo system that matches the brakes.

It’s a great bike. Husqvarna FC 250 has undergone modifications in the past few years that have seen it beat KTM in terms of the most enjoyable ride.

Although some riders might remain in the same direction as the orange-smooth top performers, what your competitors can observe when the ride is over the trail of dark blue, leaving these riders in the dirt.

KTM 250 SX-F Fastest Dirt Bike

  • High-Speed: 85 miles per hour / 137 KPH
  • Engine: 4-stroke

The perfect bike for cross-country and off-road riding and cross-country riding, the Yamaha WR250F is its own league.

It is a step up from the original YZ line, with additional options and settings the WR250F provides an impressive dirt bike that is geared to the racers.

The spark arrestor is included, which lets you take your WR250F to any place that allows it.

The specific engine tuning for the WR250F is ignition and fuel injection that will suit your style of riding.

Switch between race and standard modes based on the goals you have for this day, and then get out there.

Power delivery is steady on the WR250F, however, it’s not without a price, not having the top-end push for huge air or power.

Although the WR250F from Honda may not be the perfect bike for everyone it has its appeal among those who have a clear idea of what they’d like to see.

With a few constant modifications, this is a top-of-the-line dirt bike that provides the smoothest, most solid ride.

Kawasaki KX250

  • High Speed: 80 miles per hour or 129 km/h
  • Engine: 4-stroke

Although Yamaha is a top motocross competitor for more than fifty years the YZ450F is among their top-rated dirt bikes due to its performance.

This extremely powerful dirt bike is popular with novice racers and riders alike.

Reliability is the most important problem with the YZ450F. Despite it not being among the top of racing, enthusiasm for this model hasn’t diminished in its fan base.

The suspension features that are upgraded and the additional Power Tuner app ensure you’re in control of the way your dirt bike performs each step of the way.

This is an enormous benefit when compared to other bands because the majority of dirt bikes require an additional transmitter to achieve the same purpose.

In terms of fit, the YZ450F is ideal for people with average-to-short size, while an extra tall saddle will help cushion more riders.

Easy to predict, simple and manageable The Yamaha YZ450F can be easily managed and can keep up with the top in the class of 450.

Fastest 500cc Dirt Bikes

To complete the top end on the dirt-bike range The high-powered dual-sport dirt bikes are not to be overlooked. For experienced riders the 500 series is perfect for riders who are able to handle enormous power and speed with ease.

Kawasaki KLR 700

  • High-Speed:101 135 mph or 163 km/h
  • Engine: 4-stroke

If you’re looking for a high-performance dual-sport bike then look no further than the Husqvarna F501S. With a complete overhaul for 2020, the new FE501S is designed to look and appear more like dirt bikes than the majority of dual-sport bikes.

It is DOT-compliant and quieter than ever before, the FE501S is all set to go.

Redesigned low-end power is an important feature of the FE501S, but mid-range and high-range power aren’t much more robust. The dirt bike-like experience is due to the fact that the FE501S is extremely light, which means it won’t be stuck in ruts, or lose traction as heavier, larger bikes would.

Because it’s street legal, the FE501S has to be equipped with the proper mirrors and accessories in order to follow the law.

The additions, however, are minimal, and it’s obvious that Husky created the dirtbike to remain as simple as it is. Considered to be the perfect blend of both Husky FE501S is Husky FE501S is about as similar as you can find to a low-cost street-legal dirt bike.

Honda XR650L

The Honda XR650L has a wide range of functions across the board.

It comes with a simple electric starter, top-quality suspension, and smooth motor power, this XR650L is an off-roader that can perform very well in all environments.

The XR650L features a strong steel frame that provides robust power management and safety when driving. It also comes with an extra passenger seat as well as feet that fold out for passengers.

They make it ideal for showing your guests how much you enjoy cruising.

While most dirt and dual sport bikes aren’t able to be transported on a road trip The XR650L is a standout in this area and provides an easy riding experience.

In contrast to other dual-sport bikes that are priced at around 10k, The Honda XR650L comes at a cost of just 3k more.

The price is more affordable and features for passengers and simple handling makes this dirt bike powerful and a simple choice.

Frequently asked questions

Which is the fastest dirtbike?

The title of the fastest 250cc dirt bike has been in a contest with two models: the Kawasaki XK 250 and the Yamaha WR250F. Both dirt bikes have a top acceleration of 85 mph (137 km/h) and have similar features.

If you’re worried about the sole dirt bike experience both models have distinct distinctions.

They are the XK 250 is better suited to motocross, and is the more protracted riding whereas the WR250F is a better choice for cross-country and endurance riding.

Is it the fastest dirtbike?

The most powerful dirt bike of 450cc that we have listed can be one of them: the KTM the 450SX-F. With a staggering speed of 123 mph, the 450 SX-F is able to leave any rival out of the race.

Beyond the 450cc range, it’s the 450 SX-F actually beats the other 500cc dirt bikes for overall speed.

While speeding may sound fun, you need to be familiar with the handling of your dirt bike to ensure that you’re able to keep control even at these speeds.

Is there a dirtbike that is more powerful?

This is all dependent on the way you define power.

Big engines like that Honda 650XR generate a ton of power and come with increased speeds, however, this is all dependent on how you utilize it.

While 2-stroke dirt bikes can provide an abundance of power at the low end but they’re not always able to sustain the same level of power for a long time.

Being able to accelerate out of corners fast is one thing, but maintaining your pace with the competition is a different thing altogether.

The 4-stroke dirt bikes in contrast offer a significant amount of power.

They could take longer than 2-strokes to reach the higher level however they’ll stay at this level for a considerable period. But with power comes the responsibility of a great deal.

GRIP! New R/C Motorcycle Tires- Losi ProMoto MX

Learning to understand your dirt bike prior to when you race or take an extended ride is essential.

As with any other piece of technology, it will be possible to observe small changes in the moment and will have more control over what you do.

What’s the most powerful 2-stroke dirt bike?

From the three brands above, KTM makes the fastest 2-stroke dirt bike available on the market.

KTM EXC 300 nearly matches with the top dirt bike that we have listed (KTM the 450SX-F) for top speed.

The 2-stroke engine produces faster power, giving the rider a boost in low-end speed when they require it.

Are dirt bikes that have two strokes more efficient than four strokes?

Two-stroke bikes for dirt are more efficient off the start line and can generate power quicker than 4-strokes.

Since 2-strokes are the only components of their power cycle, they require less effort to generate fast power.

2-strokes are ideal for getting started on a strong note in competitive races or for speeding up from corners. Since they are so powerful and easy, managing them is a different matter.

You aren’t going to want your bike moving away from you if you’re pushing too fast!

While 4-strokes are more efficient, they provide long-lasting power and endurance.

Being able to maintain a maximum speed for a long duration is the best scenario for 4-strokes as their power is more stable when it’s maintained.

In the end, your choice will be based on the kind of riding that you’ll be using the dirt bike to do.

Which is the most powerful dirtbike?

Although there could be other motorcycles with faster speeds there are a lot of options that aren’t strictly defined as dirt bikes.

biggest, dirt, bike, engine

To put it in perspective there’s only one clear winner, according to TeamMA’s analysis.

The fastest dirt bike we’ve reviewed is the KTM 450SX-F. It’s not surprising that KTM produced this kind of dirt bike since they’re known for their highest standards of speed.

biggest, dirt, bike, engine

The 450 SX offers powerful power and a user-friendly ride for those who are experienced and want an exciting ride.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our look at the most powerful dirt bikes in 2022.

Understanding how to handle the speed of a high-speed bike takes some effort however, it’s worth investing the effort into your motorcycle journey. the team is coming back with more information!

With over 10 years of experience working on cars and trucks Item Training Supervisor Richard Reina is known around the office as one of our technical experts real an automobile person.

His rate of interest began, in his very own words, at the age of two when his father educated him the distinction in between a Chevy and a Ford. Since then it’s been cars regularly.

The 10 Best Automatic Dirt Bikes: Twist and Go

Automatic dirt bikes might be the easiest way for beginner riders to learn off-pavement skills — but they’re not just for kids anymore. Here’s our top 10 list for clutchless motorcycles.

If you want to take your riding from the streets to the trails but are unsure of your ability, why not try an automatic dirt bike? You can take the hassle out of riding by ditching the clutch in favor of a semi-automatic or completely automatic machine.

For many riders, the thought of riding off-road without a clutch is borderline heretical. However, there are times and situations when having an automatic dirt bike can be beneficial.

Young riders and new riders can benefit from clutchless riding, allowing them to FOCUS on learning other skills, such as staying up on two wheels in the rough, refining their body positioning, and learning how to apply the throttle and brakes.

So, what models are available?

Top 10 Clutchless Dirt Bike Models for Off-Road Adventuring

There are plenty of automatic dirt bikes on the market, including top-shelf offerings from the most popular and well-known motorcycle brands, electric motorcycles (which, by definition, are almost always automatic), and cheaper pit bike-style models. To give a broad snapshot of what’s available, we’re going to include a mix of all three types in our top 10 list.

Let’s look at the best automatic dirt bike models you can currently buy.

A quick note about sizes: The majority of automatic dirt bike models are targeted at young riders rather than adults. Most of the world’s biggest manufacturers have automatic and semi-automatic products, but they usually come packaged with smaller frames, lower saddle heights, and smaller wheels. For the sake of a balanced list, we’re going to include a few models for kids as well as for adults.

Kawasaki KLX110R

Kawasaki is one of the most successful off-road brands in the motorcycle industry, and it’s got plenty of off-road models to suit a broad spectrum of riders. However, if you’re looking for an automatic dirt bike, there’s only one choice available to you from Team Green, and that’s the KLX110R. This bike features a four-speed automatic transmission and a 26.8-inch seat height.

This bike stands a little taller than some others. It’s still a long way from being a full-size off-roader, but that doesn’t mean the fun is reserved only for kids. With a punchy 112cc air-cooled four-stroke engine, the Kawasaki KLX110R has more than enough grunt to put smiles on the faces of older riders — it just happens to be good for younger riders to have a rip on, too.

Riders just have to ease off the throttle and click the bike into gear via the usual foot-operated gear lever — that’s it. Or, for riders wanting a fully automatic experience, leave the bike in third gear and twist. There’s enough suspension to handle average off-road and trail-riding terrain and obstacles, and the mechanical drum brakes offer ample stopping power.

Plus, there’s plenty of room for upgrades. Say you want the fun of a semi-automatic dirt bike from Kawasaki but would prefer a taller saddle height. Swing by an aftermarket store that specializes in kits to add inches to your front suspension, with special rear swingarms that help raise the height.

At 5000,349 MSRP, the KXL110R is one great little dirt bike.

Top Features:

  • 112cc air-cooled four-stroke engine
  • Four-speed gearbox with automatic clutch
  • Saddle height of 26.8″
  • Tough and sporty race-inspired bodywork
  • Easy to graduate to the KLX110R L (manual) for those who want more

Honda CRF110F

The Honda CRF110F has long been one of the best midsize, small-capacity dirt bikes out there. The CRF series is legendary, so it makes sense that the smallest member of the family is just as capable as its bigger siblings.

The CRF110F shares a lot of DNA with the smaller CRF50F, but it has a bigger engine, an increased ride height, and plenty of other cool features to keep riders coming back for more.

The most significant difference is the addition of an extra gear, with the CRF110F boasting a four-speed gearbox powered by an automatic clutch to make life nice and easy. Though it’s not much bigger than the CRF50F, adult riders will definitely benefit from the slightly increased ride height and the extra grunt from the engine, making climbing hills much easier — and possible — for most riders.

The throttle is responsive, the ride is smooth, and the tires have enough grip to tackle challenging terrain. While there isn’t much suspension travel, it’s plenty for beginner to intermediate riding. Honda’s automatic clutch is excellent, and clicking through the gears is a dream. If you’re not ready to change gears, just stick it in third and cruise; the bike can handle it.

The CRF110F is 5000,599 MSRP — a great price. Even a second-hand one will be worth the money, too.

biggest, dirt, bike, engine

Top Features:

  • 109cc air-cooled four-stroke engine
  • Four-speed gearbox with automatic clutch
  • Saddle height of 25.9″
  • Easy-to-operate electric starter with optional kickstart function
  • Adjustable throttle stop for limiting younger riders

Get the Best Automatic Dirt Bike and Get Out Riding

If you’re wondering what the best automatic dirt bike is, there are some options available to you depending on what you’re willing to pay and what you want out of your bike. Whether you want to go fully electric and tackle some off-road trails or you want something fun that won’t break the bank, there are a variety of fully automatic dirt bike models that you can choose from.

An automatic dirt bike is like any other automatic motorcycle in the fact that power is transferred from the engine to the drivetrain via an automatic gearbox.

In short, it’s a motorcycle that doesn’t require changing gears with the use of a conventional manual clutch. The term “twist and go” is often used with automatic motorcycles because a rider can simply twist the throttle.

An automatic dirt bike specifically refers to an automatic motorcycle that’s designed for off-road riding, with long-travel suspension, off-road tires, and other accessories for improved riding across unpaved terrain.

A semi-automatic dirt bike isn’t the same as a fully automatic one. A semi-automatic motorcycle works very much in the same way as a step-through scooter or moped. There are gears that can be used and selected, but the use of a clutch isn’t required.

Riders can click through the gears with a foot-operated gear shifter. The shift pattern differs between models, with some requiring clicking down through the gears and others requiring flicking up with your toe.

Though you may see it said that there isn’t a clutch in a semi-automatic motorcycle, that’s not strictly true. In fact, there are two clutches at work, but the rider doesn’t have to worry about them.

One is a centrifugal clutch that keeps everything running smoothly, and the other is engaged by your foot as you shift gears. The two work together to ensure that gear changes run smoothly and the engine doesn’t stall.

The clutch is still there; the rider just doesn’t notice it. There’s plenty of information on how semi-automatic clutch systems work out there if you want to learn more.

First, a pit bike is a small motorcycle that was originally used to ride around the pit area of motorcycle races. Traditionally, they were like small dirt bikes with small engines for transporting racers and crew around. Naturally, they were also raced.

A dirt bike is a motorcycle specifically designed for the purposes of off-road riding, with long-travel suspension, knobby tires, and engines traditionally from 80cc up to 500cc.

But is a pit bike a dirt bike? Well, they share a lot of the same DNA, and if you’re riding and racing a pit bike off-road, then by definition, it has to be a dirt bike, too.

Generally, most people consider a cheap, small-capacity pit bike to be a dirt bike. If it gets ridden or raced off-road, then we think that’s enough to class it as one.

All small bikes are considered mini bikes, but what’s the difference between a pit bike and a bike?

A pit bike, by nature, has off-road origins and generally takes inspiration from larger dirt bikes. A bike, on the other hand, is more like a mini moto.

The term “ bike” doesn’t have a solid definition, but most riders would agree that when you’re talking about a bike, you’re talking about a scaled-down version of a sport bike.

You could say that mini bikes, pit bikes, and mini motos are all bikes since they’re all small in stature, but most of the time, bikes are little sport bikes oriented for on-road riding.

22 Honda CFR450RL

Top Speed: 87 mph

The Honda CRF450RL is packed with off-road goodness. The “R” reminds us that the 2022 model uses the CRF450R motocross platform, then tunes it for trail greatness.

Engine modifications include; a specific crankshaft for this bike that adds inertia and enhances low RPM torque, and three-piston rings to increase durability. A new ECU further refines the fuel injection tuning bringing the 449cc Unicam engine to 41.7 HP, and 23.6 lb/ft of torque.

The frame was widened slightly to accommodate a 6-speed transmission, providing a wider gear spacing to benefit both, low-speed abilities, and a tall 6th gear that should have you seeing 87mph.

22 Kawasaki KX450X

Top Speed: 89 mph

Kawasaki has been building top-level motocross bikes seemingly forever, and the 450 engine in this bike has been proven over and over.

This is the Crosscountry configuration and gets the gearing that allows the rider to really stretch it out on the open stretches. Thanks to a highly capable chassis and suspension there are no worries letting this machine run-up to its 89mph top speed.

22 Kawasaki KLR 650

Top Speed: 95 mph

The Kawasaki KLR650 dual-sport is aimed more at the street side of things but is still incredibly capable off-road. It is that lean towards the street side of things that give the KLR650 the very slight edge, as it is slower from 0 to 60 at over 6 seconds, but has a more freeway-friendly top speed.

This bike was built with touring in mind, evident with the tall gearing and linear power delivery. Hold it wide open and it will take you all the way to 95mph.

22 Husqvarna FE501S

Top Speed: 100 mph

The FE 501s is refined in the most impressive way and houses the strongest engine in the Husqvarna dual-sport range. Despite having large internal moving components, a counterbalance shaft keeps vibration to a minimum, so you can enjoy its seemingly limitless power for hours on end.

Dyno tests have shown as much as 44.5hp, in this excellent chassis you will top out at the century mark.

Suzuki DR-Z – 114 mph, 400 cc Engine

This bike is incredibly powerful and very fast. However, it probably would not be suitable for professional offroading. They designed this bike to be more road-friendly than dirt friendly. (Suzuki)

The speeds it can hit will make it a blast to ride anywhere though. With modifications, you could make it a professional competition bike with modifications. If you have no desire to take it to that level, you will definitely still get your money’s worth out of it.

KTM 450 SX-F – 123 mph, 449 cc Engine

This bike right here takes the number one spot for the fastest back at 123mph. It’s decently lightweight at 237lbs and it packs quite the punch. (KTM)

You may actually recognize this particular model from a motocross rider, Ryan Dungey, a 4-time Champion. This is a competitive bike through and through. Nothing on the market can even touch this bike, at least not on the stock level.


There are a lot of good bikes. Some of them are better for the dirt, others for the road. One thing is evident though, the KTM 450 SX-F is such an incredibly formed piece of machinery and the fastest stock bike on the market.

The competition is fierce though and every year manufacturers are creating powerful machinery that will keep breaking records as they all struggle to reach that number one spot that everyone desires.

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