The Best E-Bikes for Hunting in 2023. Bafang m620 ebike

The Best E-Bikes for Hunting in 2023

E-bikes are the next generation of rugged transport for hunters looking to beat the crowds and make up some motorized trail ground.

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The best e-bikes for hunting in 2023; (photo/Rachelle Schrute)

E-bikes have no doubt carved out a spot in the hunting industry. They are quieter and more affordable than something like an SxS or ATV. And let’s not forget that e-bikes use zero fuel.

Whether it’s shortening travel time to a glassing spot or aiding with hauling meat out of the backcountry the crew here at GearJunkie knows the makings of what goes into solid hunting transportation. A good e-bike needs to be reliable, rugged, and practical.

If you still want to learn more about picking the right e-bike for your hunting adventures, along with some hot tips on using e-bikes in the field, be sure to check out our Buyer’s Guide, FAQ, and Comparison Chart. Otherwise, scroll through to see our recommendations, or feel free to jump to whatever category fits you best.

Bakcou Storm


  • Weight 70 lbs.
  • Motor Bafang’s ULTRA mid-drive motor
  • Distance 60 Mi. on full charge (subject to change depending on settings)
  • Gearing SRAM 9sp, 40t front SRAM 11-34t rear cassette
  • Load capacity 300 lbs.


There is a very good reason why the Bakcou Storm (6,199) is the bestselling full-suspension e-bike for hunting. Actually, there are several.

The nine-speed Bakcou Storm has a load-hauling capacity of 300 pounds and a ride distance of 60 miles. It comes in frame sizes 19″ and 17″. The Storm is equipped with Bafang’s ULTRA mid-drive motor, which is referred to as the “diesel engine” of fat tire bikes. It’s a Smart motor that senses speed, cadence, shift, and brake, which results in a natural-feeling ride.

The Storm isn’t cheap, though. It’ll set you back at least 6,200, which is no easy pill to swallow for a bike. Thankfully, there are finance options available to help ease the load. And speaking of load, this bike tips the scales at 70 pounds, which might limit the person who can ride and carry it.

From the steep and rugged to the open plains, the Bakcou Storm was created to weather any hunting scenario thrown its way.

Rad Power Bikes Rad Rover 6 Plus


  • Weight 73.4 lbs.
  • Motor 750W brushless geared hub motor
  • Distance 45 Mi. on full charge (subject to change depending on settings)
  • Gearing 5:1 planetary gear reduction
  • Load capacity 275 lbs.


If one thing is true about e-bikes, it’s that they are not easy on the wallet. Lucky for you, we narrowed it down to one that doesn’t sting as much but still delivers on performance. It’s the Rad Rover 6 Plus (1,399) from Rad Power Bikes.

The Rad Rover 6 Plus is the flagship model of the fat tire e-bike from Rad Power Bikes. It’s powered by a 750W brushless geared hub motor and has a weight capacity of 275 pounds. You’ll have the option of either a step-thru frame or high-step frame.

The front suspension offers a more comfortable ride for any terrain with a semi-integrated battery right behind it. That connects to an LCD screen to help monitor battery charge, speed, etc. Along with that, the Rad Rover has hydraulic disc brakes.

While the price is right, you do give up in a few areas with the Rad Rover 6 Plus. One is the amount of miles you get out of a battery when compared to others. It’s not the worst, but it isn’t the best. And next is the weight. This bike weighs 73.4 pounds, which is a whole lot to push if your battery dies.

The Rad Rover 6 Plus is a solid option for the casual hunter looking to snag all of the benefits of an e-bike without paying a truckload.

Bakcou Carbon Alpha


  • Weight 49 lbs.
  • Motor Bafang M600, 500W
  • Distance Up to 60 Mi.
  • Gearing SRAM SX derailleur 12sp, 50 tooth
  • Load capacity Not specified


  • Pricey
  • 27.5 x 2.8″ tires might not be as adaptable to rough terrain as traditional fat tires

Let’s face it — e-bikes are just plain heavy. Bakcou sought to move the needle there with the Carbon Alpha (7,999). It’s the most lightweight in its class.

This 12sp e-bike was made to be the lightest without compromising performance. The Alpha sports a carbon fiber frame(16″, 18″, or 20″), which provides less weight, more shock absorption, and better corrosion resistance.

With that, the 500W Bafang M600 motor will aid in pushing you down the trail and do it in a lightweight package. All Carbon Alpha bikes are full suspension and come with an integrated 14Ah lithium-ion battery.

It may be lightweight, but it comes at a price. The Carbon Alpha will set you back 7,999. After looking at the price, some may be a little more willing to haul more weight around and deal with an aluminum frame instead. Then there are the tires. These are faster than fat tires, but when it comes to rugged terrain, they might not be as favorable.

For those looking to shave as much weight as possible and don’t mind the extra cost, the Bakcou Carbon Alpha is a no-brainer for your next hunt.

Rambo Megatron


  • Weight 77 lbs.
  • Motor Dual Bafang 1,000W Hub
  • Distance Up to 80 Mi. on full charge
  • Gearing Single speed
  • Load capacity 300 lbs.


  • Exceptional range
  • Dual batteries dual motors
  • Can switch between rear, front, or all-wheel drive while on the go


The range of battery life is a huge variable when it comes to e-bikes. With the Rambo Megatron (6,300), that’s a nonissue.

The Megatron comes with dual batteries (34 Ah of battery) and dual Bafang 1,000W hub motors, which allow you to cover up to 80 miles before needing a charge. Hunters can actually switch between front-wheel, rear-wheel, or all-wheel drive while moving.

This is all done via the control panel on the steering wheel. With that, you’ll have the luxury of a revamped horizontal LCD screen that monitors battery life, speed, etc. And being a single-speed, there is less to go wrong.

The Megatron is mega-awesome, but it’s also mega-heavy. At 77 pounds, you could kill two birds with one stone and get some productive curls in with the bike. This is expected, of course, with a beast of a bike like the Megatron. On top of the weight, Rambo only offers one frame size of 19.7″.

For a bulletproof e-bike that can handle the most demanding of conditions and then some, the Megatron from Rambo deserves a gander.

QuietKat Apex Pro


Coming out heavy is one of our ultimate goals when we go hunting. The QuietKat Apex Pro (5,499-5,599) will gladly take the weight off your shoulders and do it in stride. Our Hunt Fish Editor, Rachelle Schrute, is currently testing this bike with hopes of pushing its hauling capacity this upcoming big game season.

Equipped with a silent 1,000W motor, the Apex Pro was designed to tackle the “steep and deep” of backcountry adventures. It comes in small, medium, and large frame sizes.

The inverted front suspension fork will ensure that those trips are even more comfortable, too. For hauling all of your gear, the Apex Pro comes with an integrated pannier rack that sports a 100-pound carrying capacity. You can also customize this bike with a ton of different accessories like trailers, weapon holders, etc.

Like most e-bikes, it’s no surprise that this thing is heavy. The 70 pounds that the Apex Pro weighs will surely not go unnoticed. With that, even though this is a beast of a load hauler, being able to carry 325 pounds, the range isn’t amazing per battery. You’ll get 24-48 miles on a full charge, which is at the lower end of what we’ve covered here.

For a dedicated pack mule in your corner, the QuietKat Apex Pro is about as legit of an e-bike as they come.

Bakcou Mule


  • Weight 67 lbs. (without battery)
  • Motor Bafang M620 Ultra (1,000W)
  • Distance Not specified
  • Gearing Shimano Alivio Hill-Climbing 9 speed, 40t front 11x36t cassette
  • Load capacity 300 lbs.
best, e-bikes, hunting, 2023, bafang, m620


  • Toggle between 750W, 1,000W, and max 1,500W
  • Hauls weight nicely
  • Very popular, so lots of reviews out there


We couldn’t write a piece on e-bikes without mentioning the Bakcou Mule (5,499). It talks the talk and walks the walk. I should say “rides the ride.”

This is a 1,000W mid-drive e-bike made with the hunter in mind. Between the Smart torque sensing Bafang M620 Ultra motor to the 300-pound carrying capacity, the name Mule describes it perfectly.

You can also toggle between 750W, 1,000W, and a max power of 1,500W to meet all e-bike law demands. And with the Maxxis Minion, 26” x 4.0 tires teamed up alongside the Shimano nine-speed gearing and shock-absorbing seat, you’ll get where you need to go smoothly and efficiently.

The Bakcou Mule doesn’t come without its downsides. First, as expected, it comes in at 67 pounds without the battery. Add the battery, and you’ll either up that number by 9 pounds or 12 pounds, depending on what battery you reach for. Along with that, not everyone will be a good fit for the Mule, as it only comes in one frame size of 18″.

Bakcou Mule e-bikes are no stranger to the hunting woods and rough terrain. There is a reason they are so popular and have been the top-selling e-bike for years

Rambo Venom 1000


All around from front to back, the Rambo Venom 1000 (8,300) is a sturdy choice of e-bike no matter where you’re planning to go.

The Venom 1000 was made as a top-tier do-it-all bike that does it in style. Rambo put on a Bafang 1000W Ultra Drive motor as well as a new Rohloff 14-gear speed rear hub, so there are no boundaries on terrain. And the lower integrated battery keeps the weight of the battery low, which results in a faster-responding bike.

You will get up to 40 miles of travel distance on a full charge as well. Let’s not disregard the sweet looks this bike has, either. The TruTimber VSX camo is a nice cherry on top.

best, e-bikes, hunting, 2023, bafang, m620

In order for a bike to do it all and have no boundaries like the Rambo Venom 1000, you’re going to pay for it. Your bank account will be missing 8,300 once the dust settles. So, I wouldn’t call this an economically friendly option in the least. And unlike most of the bikes we’ve mentioned, the Venom only has one frame size available, which is 19.7″.

The Venom is definitely not for everyone, but if the glove fits, then it’ll tackle anything in its path for you.

QuietKat Ranger


QuietKat is well known in the e-bike world, and its Ranger (3,499-3,599) is no stranger to hard work. The 65-pound Ranger is basically the little brother to the Apex Pro, which we covered above. It’s a load hauler for less coin.

With up to 1,000W of power and an integrated 100-pound load capacity pannier (325 pounds total), there is no worry about performance in rough terrain. Like other QuietKat models, the Ranger is also highly customizable with add-ons like trailers, weapon holders, etc.

QuietKat added two-piston hydraulic disc brakes to the Ranger too, which will ensure safe stopping while carrying those heavy loads. This bike comes in both camo and solid colors with sizes small, medium, and large.

While the Ranger has “range” in the name, it doesn’t exactly give a ton of range on one battery. It’s rated at only 19-38 miles on a full charge. You do have the option of adding a bigger battery, though, which will increase your reach. Secondly, and this is really more personal, the Ranger’s LCD screen is not color and has somewhat of an outdated look to it when compared to others.

E-Bikes for Hunting Comparison Chart

E-BikePriceWeightMotorDistanceGearingLoad Capacity
Bakcou Storm 6,199 70 lbs. Bafang’s ULTRA mid-drive motor 60 Mi. on full charge

Why You Should Trust Us

We’re not going to lie. Here at GearJunkie, we’re spoiled and get to spend a crazy amount of time in the field testing gear. Be it hiking deep into the backcountry or hauling out big game, we’ve got no shortage of miles beneath us. This translates into an intimate view of what capabilities/features an e-bike needs to have for hunters, which are you and us.

When choosing the best e-bikes for hunting, along with our own research and experience, we also took into account the experience of seasoned hunters around us. That, paired with market demand, helped paint a clear picture of our top picks that are sure to please.

The bottom line is that transportation in the field is no joke to us. It needs to be reliable and functional for the hunter. We believe our e-bike list hits that on all fronts.

Things to Consider When Choosing an E-Bike for Hunting

E-bikes are fantastic tools for hunting, but there are a few things to consider before investing in an e-bike for your hunting adventures.


So, obviously, the first thing we need to look at is the budget, as everyone has one. As you can see, you can buy an e-bike for under 2,000, clear on up to approaching 10,000. Aside from what you can afford, of course, how do you decide what’s worth it?

I think the best way to go about deciding how much to allot for an e-bike is to ask yourself the question, “How much am I actually going to use this?” If you’re planning on only using a bike once a year for a hunt, then a more affordable option makes sense.

However, if this is going to be your go-to option of transportation in the field, I think it’s wise to save up a little more money to get a higher-end option. This is just like any other piece of gear. You get what you pay for.


Believe it or not, there are actually regulations on e-bikes. And more particularly, the wattage and speed of the e-bike. Some states consider e-bikes simply bikes, and they fall into the category of regular bicycles. Others don’t allow e-bikes to exceed 750W and 20 mph. And the majority seem to use the three-tiered classification of e-bikes. So, before spending your hard-earned dollars on an e-bike, look into the three classifications of e-bikes and what states allow what.

Load Capacity

Another thing to consider here is load capacity. We are all different sizes. Some of us are hunting elk, and some of us are hunting whitetails. Because of this, you need to have a realistic vision of what amount of weight you need an e-bike to carry. Take the load capacity of the e-bike and subtract your weight. That’s how much weight you’ll be able to haul with the e-bike itself.

Adding a trailer, though, will increase that. Say the trailer has a load capacity of 100 pounds. That’s 100 pounds in addition to the load capacity of your e-bike. So, for a bike with a 325-pound load capacity, you could essentially be sitting at 425 pounds total if the e-bike accepts a trailer, of course.

Range/Battery Life

Range in relation to battery life is a big factor here as well. These bikes have different ranges associated with them, and it absolutely needs to be considered. You don’t want to get caught with a dead battery far off the beaten path.

Basically, the longer the battery life, the more miles you’re gonna go. That battery life is affected by how you use the bike, though. How much assistance do you require of it? What’s the terrain like that you’ll be riding through? The more assistance, the more battery life will be drained. So, don’t take the listed range number as concrete. There are variables at play.

Some companies offer extra batteries as well as solar charging capabilities, too. A very practical feature that could come in handy. Let the battery charge while you hunt all day, and no worries.

Mid-Drive vs. Hub Drive

There are two different options when it comes to motors on e-bikes. They are hub-drive and mid-drive. Hub-drive motors are located at the back wheel of the e-bike and basically have one speed and no gear changing that happens. Mid-drive is located at the peddles and has the ability to shift gears.

For those on flat ground wanting a simple option, hub drives will be a great option. It’s a press-the-throttle-and-go situation. These will suffer a bit on steep inclines and have a limited speed, which is where mid-drives take the wheel.

Mid-drives are going to be king when it comes to steep terrain because of their ability to switch gears. They can also go much faster than hub drives. With that being said, there is more of a learning curve for them. It’s like comparing a stick shift to an automatic that only has one gear.


The best e-bike for hunting is the one that lines up the best with your personal needs and wants. For us, though, we stand by our choice of the Bakcou Storm as our best overall pick.

From where we’re standing, they are absolutely worth it for hunting, and are great tools for the field. As long as you make sure to follow local rules and regulations, they can be a serious asset.

Yes, 100%. Folks even haul elk quarters out of the field with e-bikes.

Because some e-bikes can reach some pretty dangerous speeds, they can cause serious injury on the trail, not only to riders but also to bystanders. There are also some concerns about negative wildlife and habitat impacts. Just be sure to check your local regulations and follow them.

Class 1: When it has a top speed of 20 mph and an electric motor that works only with pedaling (pedal assist).

Class 2: If equipped with a throttle-actuated motor. That motor must cease to assist when the e-bike reaches 20 mph.

Class 3: A bicycle with a motor that provides assistance only if the rider is pedaling and should cease to assist when the e-bike reaches 28 mph. Class 3 e-bikes are also known as pedelec bikes. Class 3 is the most restricted classification, and some states impose additional safety restrictions for riders on Class 3 cycles.

Update: Jeep introduce their new e-Bike featuring a BAFANG motor – another Groundhog Day?

That was the most exciting Super Bowl ever! We have no idea who won, and we don’t really care either, as we’re much more interested in the Jeep ad that was screened during the game, introducing their first eMTB. Equipped with a BAFANG motor, the new e-fatbike should be available from June 2020. We’ve got all the latest details.

The Super Bowl: 150 million viewers, 300 million advertising budget. One of the largest stages in the world and here is Jeep, nonchalantly teasing their new eMTB. Bill Murray himself was cast in an alternative version of “Groundhog Day” to advertise the new Jeep Gladiator pickup. Unlike the original movie, the days here aren’t all the same – all thanks to the Jeep! But we want to talk about Jeep’s new e-Bike, which featured in the ad only briefly but very prominently.

The details of Jeep’s new e-Bike

The final specs haven’t been officially released yet, but the clip has been uploaded to YouTube and besides garnering over 50 million clicks so far (as of 10. Feb 2020), they’ve included a link to the official site with some basic information. However, we’re still waiting for a detailed spec sheet. What we do know is that the bike was developed by QuietKat and is currently receiving its finishing touches. So, we went directly to the source for more info. QuietKat’s answer: “The technical specs are very similar to the QuietKat RidgeRunner!” Accordingly, the bike features a BAFANG M620 motor, as you can see in the pictures. With a nominal power output of 750 W, the motor, unfortunately, exceeds the maximum output of 250 W permitted in the EU. However, they could use BAFANG’s M500 motor for the European market, which we briefly presented in our coverage of the 2019 Eurobike. The bike rolls on 4.8” wide fat bike tires, which should help it perform even in extreme conditions such as snow. We should have more detailed information on the componentry by June at the latest when the bikes are officially expected to go on sale. Jeep have promised to release more details soon.


QuietKat, the manufacturer of the new Jeep e-bike, has now given us more information. The Jeep e-bike is now available for 5,899 and can be delivered in June 2020. Due to its motorisation with a 750 W strong BAFANG M620 engine, the Jeep e-bike does not comply with EU regulations. The equipped thumb throttle grip also classifies the bike legally as a small motorcycle and no longer as a bicycle.

Motor BAFANG M620 with 750 W and 160 Nm – not approved in the EU Battery no info Fork RST Air Suspension 150mm Shock RockShox Monarch RL 120mm Brakes hydraulic 4-pot brakes 203 mm Drivetrain Manufacturer not named 1×10 Reifen CTS Roly Poly Fat Tires 26 x 4.8″ Size 17″ and 19″

best, e-bikes, hunting, 2023, bafang, m620

Accessories from QuietKat

Trailers, luggage racks, bags, lights and fenders are compatible.

Standout features

In the USA, the Jeep e-bike meets the Electric Bike Laws of class 1: 750W / 20mph max, pedal activated only and class 2: 750W / 20mph max, throttle activated only.

Colorado-based ebike brand QuietKat is aimed at hunters and outdoor enthusiasts who want to be able to travel quickly yet relatively quietly over rough terrain. An interesting fact for hunters: the trace of smells you leave behind is supposedly less if you travel by bike rather than on foot. QuietKat also offer a wide range of bags and trailers that you can use to carry hunting, fishing or camping gear. This harmonises well with Jeep’s image because both brands are closely associated with nature, adventure and, above all, extreme off-road capabilities.

If you want to take a quick look at the bike or watch the Super Bowl advert (after all, it’s the first and, according to him, also the last commercial featuring Bill Murray), click on the following video. If you’re only interested in the bike, fast forward to approx. 39 seconds in or get more information and photos here.

Our opinion on the new Jeep e-Bike

Groundhog day? Unfortunately, in this case yes, because it looks as if Jeep – like many automotive brands before them – have bought into the ebike market without really putting their own know-how into the development of the new Jeep e-Bike. But, with its 4.8” fat bike tires, the Jeep e-Bike serves a niche that could be interesting for nature enthusiasts and adventurers. We don’t know whether the bike will ever make it to the EU since QuietKat is primarily aimed at the US market and with a nominal output of 750 W, the BAFANG M620 motor isn’t approved in the EU. Jeep promised to release more information soon that will hopefully answer some of the questions we still have. The new e-fatbike is officially due to go on sale in June 2020.

A few basic details and pictures are available on the official Jeep e-Bike website. For more information on QuietKat visit

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Words: Robin Wormer, Manne Schmitt Photos: Jeep PR

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