The 5 Top 30 MPH Electric Performance Scooters. Ridel xs1 electric scooter

The 5 Top 30 MPH Electric Performance Scooters

Let’s dive into the 30 mph electric scooters range of e scooters and find out the best ones available at the time of writing.

30 mph (48 kph) is fast standing on what is basically a motorized skateboard. But not crazy fast as far as top speed goes. And there are benefits in this speed segment that makes commuting long range faster possible.

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And they can still be reasonably portable whereas the fastest electric scooters are not, due to their bigger battery packs adding weight to an already heavy kick scooter.

  • Apollo Explore
  • Mantis 8 (dual motor version)
  • Apollo Phantom
  • Mantis Pro
  • How to choose the best 30 mph electric scooter for you
  • Our top picks for 30 MPH Electric Scooters
  • How fast can an electric scooter go?
  • Final thoughts on 30 mph electric scooters.
Model WideWheel Pro CityRider Horizon Mantis WolfWarrior
Model explore Mantis 8 phantom mantis 10 INOKIM OX

How to choose the best 30 mph electric scooter for you

Finding the right scooter for you is a question of what you will use it for and what type of terrain you need to travel. Is it for commuting, off road sporty activity, or maybe a bit of both? In any case, safety always first.

We can’t stress this enough as, on a daily basis, we see people riding without a helmet. Sigh!Make sure to be the smarter person and always ride with a helmet. How you ride is also important. Aggressive riding will eventually bite you and you might hurt yourself as well as other people.

E scooters are quite fast and also quiet. And since we need to share space with other traffic users it is incumbent upon the e scooter rider to be responsible.

The quality of the e scooter is also to be considered. A proper braking system, as well as high quality components, might be a better investment rather than going for the highest max speed only.Shock absorption in order to get a comfortable ride also puts an onus on the suspension system. Choose wisely.

Our top picks for 30 MPH Electric Scooters

Below we have listed our top picks of 30 mph e scooters.Depending on what type of riding experience you are looking for, it might be worth considering looking over the various options and not FOCUS on top speed figures only.

A couple of mph:s here or there is not the most important factor.Better to make sure you find the best electric scooter for your specific needs.

An off roading e scooter needs proper shock absorption, a sturdy frame with good build quality, and great disc brakes. Max top speed might not be the be-all and end-all if you plan on riding in rough terrain.

A commuter scooter might need to be nimble enough so portability, a smooth ride, and if it is foldable are all things to consider.And maybe you have a long daily commute. What is the scooter’s max range? And so on.

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First out is the new and improved 2021 Apollo Explore. This is a very good advanced commuter scooter if you are looking for that 31 mph (51 kph) number as well as good portability and long range.

It does up to 34 miles (54 km) on a single charge. 10 inch pneumatic tires, as well as a dual spring suspension in the rear and an additional spring suspension in the front, makes it possible to venture off road and it will be an ultra comfortable ride on smooth surfaces.

Led lights all around and dual disc brakes ensure safety in traffic. 1000 watt rear wheel drive motor with three speed settings available. It weighs 52 lbs (23 kg) and both stem and handlebars are foldable.

You can quickly pick it up and it is one of this e scooters particular strengths to be able to deliver good performance and still not turn into a whale of a scooter. You can even adjust the acceleration speed and choose between zero or kick to start. And of course, it has cruise control.

Great upgrade from Segway NineBot G30 Had Segway NineBot G30 for a few months.

After getting used to it, became irritated by its ride bumpiness and low top speed. With the Explore, there are big improvements in ride smoothness and higher top speed/acceleration. It’s a thrill to go 33 mph on level ground with a smooth ride. At this point in time, the top acceleration is too much, so I toned down the acceleration P-setting to 3 from a max of 5.

The plethora of well-done support videos is amazing. seem to be added on a regular basis (for example, Spring Tune-up). It’s more convenient to watch a video and do your own maintenance compared to bringing the scooter into a shop or mailing it somewhere.

Mantis 8 (dual motor version)

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If you are looking for an even longer range and a bit more top speed, an excellent contender is the Mantis 8. Named so after its 8 inch tubeless tires. It comes in single motor or dual motor spec versions.

Here we FOCUS on the dual motor spec version. Plenty of power from the double 48V 800Watt motors. A top speed of 33 mph (53 kph) and a range of 40 miles in eco mode. If you know about the Mantis and Mantis Pro, you are familiar with the power and strength of the brand.

The mantis 8 is all that but not as big. so it feels a bit more compact compared to its bigger siblings. You get a very good e scooter of high quality as we have come to expect from the Mantis. Dual swing arm suspension provides a smooth ride and even though it is not specifically an off road e scooter, some trails might be fine.

Excellent dual disc brakes work brilliantly in unison with the wider tires. Front and rear LED lights, lateral LED strips, and turn signals are all part of the safety package. The Minimotors display allows for advanced torque configurations, ABS, and cruise control.It weighs 60 lbs (27 kg) and the stem locks onto the deck for easier carrying although the handlebars do not fold.

If you are looking for a proper fast electric scooter and an inner city commuter scooter that you can still pick up and carry, the Mantis 8 can be the one for you.

Possibly the perfect scooterI

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have the 2021 Mantis Pro 8 and absolutely love it! It does it all, exceptional torque and power yet nimble enough to go anywhere. Takes hill’s and trails with ease and a great city scooter,closest thing to a magic carpet out there. We have 4 scooters but I’m seriously considering getting another one for my wife. Only thing I would want from the factory is a keyed start and a horn, but now you can get a fingerprint start but that just do appeal to me and a after market horn is easy to find. Hopefully they will add those features in time. Honestly the best all around scooter you can find.

Apollo Phantom

38 MPH e scooter

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Looking for more of everything? How about dual 1200W motors with a peak power output of 3200 Watts? And quadruple adjustable spring suspension system for maximum shock absorption.

You might need this e scooter if you live in an area where the roads are not of pooltable smooth variety. Potholes, cracked surfaces, or very steep hills will be a piece of cake for the Apollo Phantom. A 38 mph (61 kph) top speed and up to 40 miles (64 km) range in eco mode are good figures. A 7 inch ground clearance means you can jump down curbs and go off roading easily on the 10 inch pneumatic tires.

Dual disc brakes with an option of standard or fully hydraulic, regen brake, as well as turn signals and a very good led light package put safety first.An all new folding mechanism ensures no stem wobble and durability. This is a very high quality build e scooter and its 300 lbs (136 kg) max weight is further testament to that.

All that quality of course means it is not a lightweight contender. It clocks in at 77 lbs (34 kg). You can lift it up but you won’t carry it for long.The price tag is around 2 100 USD and you do get a lot of performance e scooter for that money.


40 MPH e scooter

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A personal favorite. I will never forget the first time I tried the 24.5 AH spec version and took off like a bat out of hell. I glanced at the speedometer what felt like two seconds later and saw 40 mph (64 kph) on the display.

My hair was on fire and maybe I also needed to change my undies.But it still felt rock solid stable and it was not difficult to ride.This is a bigger type e scooter and that is part reason why it feels rock solid. It is still a foldable electric scooter but it weighs 65 lbs (29,5 kg). It’s up there with the Apollo. As mentioned the max speed is 40 mph (64 kph) and you can get a proper 45 mile long range in eco/single drive mode.

The dual spring shock suspension system provides one of to best rides available on an e scooter today. On all types of terrain. 10 x 2.5 inch pneumatic tires have plenty of grip especially when cornering.Fully hydraulic dual disc brakes are some of the best on the market.

The stopping power is tremendous. Exactly what you want from an adult electric scooter. Bicycle wide handlebars with index fingerstyle throttle and separate buttons for eco mode or the faster turbo mode. The display shows all relevant info you need, such as battery life, different p settings, and is easy to read even in bright sunlight. Side lights, white front and red rear lights, all led obviously. If the Wolf Warrior or the bigger Dualtrons feels a step too far. Then the Mantis is the way to go.


Kaboo Mantis ProI love it.

It is so fun an easy to ride. I live in Bremerton, WA and it handles the hills no problem. Highly recommend this scooter! This is my first scooter. I almost got a cheaper unit, but I knew I wouldn’t be happy with it. I wanted something that had some torque for the area I live in. I’m a 200lbs adult and this puppy just glides.Only one small con. The rear brake line was low on fluid when I unboxed it. I contacted and they quickly reviewed the problem and sent me out a kit to top off the brake. Very responsive and awesome customer support. They take care of their clients. 🙂


28 MPH scooter

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If you are not looking for the fastest cheapest e scooter you can find on Amazon, but rather something fast enough, extremely well built and that will most likely never break down or require a lot of maintenance, there is but one choice.

There are two specs available where the difference is the lithium battery. 60V Li-ion 13Ah (Hero) or the LG 60V Li-ion 21Ah (Super). The bigger battery will have a longer range. All other specs are the same. Maximum speed is 28 mph (45 kph). It does not have zero start and the acceleration will not scare you. And some prefer it this way.

The riding experience is terrific. You can feel and hear the quality when you are riding. It is super quiet. No squeaking or other annoying sounds. Inokim takes pride in producing very high quality e scooters and it shows.

Adjustable front and rear suspension soaks up most bumps and instills confidence even if it is a bit stiff. 10 x 2,5 inch pneumatic tires are the right choice. And you can actually change them without having to remove the wheels. This is due to the single sided swingarm that only connects to the wheel on one side. Very functional but also looks very cool.

Amazing brakes. A drum brake in the front and a disc brake in the rear perfectly dialed in right out of the box.The stem folds but the handlebars do not, and it weighs 61 lbs (28 kg). You won’t carry it very far but you can pick it up.Excellent thick rubber grips and a thumb operated throttle which is perfectly calibrated indicate the attention to detail that has gone into the OX. Led lights all around obviously but as per usual and with most e scooters. We recommend additional lights for riding at night. This is one of the best e scooters on the market and Fluidfreeride offers a 12 month warranty.

The best of the five Ive owned in 15 years Ive had so many different forms of transportation in my life. Many have been more recreational than actually functional. This Inokim OX can be a great recreational scooter. A great weekend fun ride. HOWEVER, this is not just a recreational toy. It is solid safe substantial transportation to commute to work, run errands, visit friends AND be a weekend warrior. I’ve had two electric and two gas scooters. This is by far the best. Smooth. Rides like a Cloud. Stops on a dime. Very safe and visible lighting system. Wear a helmet no matter how safe you feel. Customer support is personal and prompt. Trust me, you wont be disappointed. If something is not right, they will make it right. The accessories are perfect. This takes you almost to the top of the electric scooter world. I may have to try other models. I’m not a little guy and this unit FLYS FAST. I cant tell you enough, this is not a toy. It is transportation. Well done FluidFreeRide. You did good. When you own an Inokim OX, you make friends. EVERYBODY wants to see it and ride it, and I let them. Scooters build bridges and make friends

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