SWFT Fleet review: a relaxed ebike for the casual cruise. Swft volt ebike

SWFT Fleet review: a relaxed ebike for the casual cruise

The SWFT Fleet makes cruising around as easy as rolling on the throttle, and it can go a long way at a quick pace thanks to its large battery and powerful motor. It has an unusual riding position that should deter all but the most casual bikers, though, and it’s plainly outmoded by some of its competition.

  • Zero-effort cruising
  • Comfortable seat and handles
  • Large battery
  • Cushy ride

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swft, fleet, review, relaxed, ebike, casual

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SWFT Fleet. Key Specs

Size range: Best for 5’7” to 6’2” Motor: 500W rear hub Top speed (motorized): 20mph Power: 468Wh lithium battery Control: Twist throttle and cadence-sensor pedal assist E-bike classification: Class 2 Speeds: Single-speed Brakes: V-brakes Frame material: Steel Fork material: Steel Wheel size: 26” x 2.125” Weight: 50.7 pounds Weight limit: 265 pounds Range: 37.2 max, 28 avg. miles

The SWFT Fleet electric bike provides an appealing value for the cyclist that wants a hefty motor available to do a lot of the work. This 999 (roughly £745 / AU1375) ebike is on the more affordable side without falling into budget-bin territory, and it’s putting much of that budget into powerful electronics to ensure a capable and comfortable e-bike for casual riders. This is a bike for suburban meanderings and calm trail riding, but look elsewhere for sportier rides and city commuters.

SWFT Fleet ebike review: design and features

The SWFT Fleet is a rad retro cruiser. With a curving steel frame and swept back handlebars, it plainly indicates its nature as a bike ready for a leisurely ride.

SWFT has ensured that this bike offers that leisurely ride, too. The Fleet comes kitted with a 500-watt rear hub motor and a 468Wh battery pack, giving you plenty of muscle to access and the charge to back it up for longer rides.

Since this bike is geared more for casual riding than it is for a break-neck pace or an exercise, it’s built for comfort. It features wide, beefy tires that subdue bumps, and it has a big, cushy seat and ergonomic hand grips. SWFT also kitted it out with a half-twist throttle, letting you get the bike’s max speed without even needing to pedal yourself.

A few other convenience features round out this bike. It has a chain guard, a kickstand, and a built-in headlight that runs off the bike’s battery. The headlight isn’t terribly bright though, and it doesn’t help light up the road much on account of its placement just slightly above the front tire. On the left handlebar, SWFT has fitted an LCD screen to show the bike’s data, like speed, trip distance or odometer data, assist level and battery gauge. The display unit also has the controls for the bike. Some of the controls aren’t obvious, like the headlight requiring a long-press of the up button.

This is a single-speed bike, which keeps some of the design and maintenance simpler. The basic V-brakes are a tad disappointing at the price, though, as they’re almost identical to the V-brakes on a cheap Schwinn I got for a little over 100 several years back. The frame may not have accommodated disc brakes, but something beyond the basics would have been nice given the price of the bike, not to mention the speeds it’s capable of. On the other hand, V-brakes are a little bit simpler to get set up, and this bike required considerable setup and assembly out of the box.

The handlebars go a long way to making this bike stand out. They stretch way back toward the rider and can be hard to get through doorways. This is a bike meant to live in the garage, especially because its 50.7-pound weight makes it an effort to haul around the house or up and downstairs. The fleet attaches that handlebar with a quill stem that has a single bolt clamping down on the handlebar. It’s a sore point for the design, as even getting that bolt feeling fairly tight saw it come loose enough while riding for the handlebars to wiggle up and down thanks to the extra torque I can get on them because of their length.

The Fleet’s battery is housed in a Reention shark-style case that locks onto a slot bolted securely to the seat tube It stays in place while riding and doesn’t wiggle or rattle while on the move. One downside of the big battery is that it can take up to six hours to charge fully.

SWFT Fleet ebike review: performance

The SWFT Fleet has a lot going for it power-wise. The 500-watt motor makes it easy to get up to speed. The throttle won’t work from a stand-still (a safety feature if ever there was one), but after just a little bit of pedaling, the pedal assist can kick in or the throttle can engage to do all the work for you.

swft, fleet, review, relaxed, ebike, casual

The bike makes going about 15mph feel relatively casual, as the motor will continue to assist this level while I pedal at a steady, relaxed cadence. Going much faster by pedaling isn’t too easy, as the bike’s gear ratio isn’t suited to it, and the frame isn’t well shaped for aggressive pedaling.

That said, when it’s time to go fast, the twist throttle is a handy tool. The bike promptly gets up to its 20mph top speed without so much torque that it’s likely to throw a rider. Holding that throttle keeps the bike cruising right along, and I’ve even spent a few rides almost entirely letting the bike do the work. It can make for a nice way to get around town without needing to put in the effort of riding a bike while not having to use a car or find parking.

swft, fleet, review, relaxed, ebike, casual

Though the design is fairly flexible for a variety of riders, the handlebar setup won’t feel welcoming for those used to road and hybrid bikes. The Fleet offers an upright and relaxed riding position that doesn’t put much weight into the arms — a good thing, too, because the angle of the handlebars requires considerable flexion of the wrists — but that leaves it feeling insecure compared the more locked-in feel of road and hybrid bikes.

Without being able to put weight into the handlebars, sudden stops and quick maneuvers are out of the question. Though the brakes do an effective job of slowing the bike down gracefully, this is not the bike to try weaving through traffic or cruising along in the car-door zone with.

In decent bike lanes, it’s comfortable cruising though, and the steel frame combined with the exceptionally cushioned seat and thick tires smooth out the feel of the road considerably. Rougher, smaller bumps just vanish. I took the bike over some craggy patches of road that usually have me on guard, and the Fleet rolled right over it like it was any old road. Though, large and sudden bumps should be avoided as they’re more liable to lift you out of the saddle, leaving you with just the light grip on the handlebars to stay upright.

The battery performance also holds up well. I took the Fleet on a number of rides relying largely on the throttle to keep me going about 20mph, and I was able to get 25 miles of range before the battery started to struggle. The last two miles of charge saw the acceleration really drop off and the bike struggled to get past 15mph, eventually the assist even started going in and out as I hit the 27-mile mark. SWFT lists and average range of 28 miles and max range of 37.2, which both feel reasonable given the battery achieved 27 miles with me putting maximum demand (heavy payload, on it in less-than-ideal weather).

SWFT Fleet ebike review: verdict

The SWFT Fleet delivers a comfortable and effortless ride that can go the distance. Its pedal assist makes for a relaxed ride at a modest pace while the throttle offers a 20mph top speed that you can rely on to cut down travel times. Simple parts make for simple maintenance, but it would be nice to see better gear at the 999 price. Unfortunately, the unusual riding position limits this bike’s viable use cases, and it doesn’t manage to outclass the similarly priced Ride1Up Core-5.

Swft volt ebike

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Swft ZIP Electric Bike. 20 Mph Speed. 37 Miles Range

Six speeds, high-performance fat tires, and responsive shock-absorbing suspension combine to provide an incredibly smooth ride on a variety of surfaces. The practical detachable battery allows you to travel 37 miles on a single charge, and the LCD screen, mounted headlight, and reflectors give you all the tools you need to clear a path. Most riders 5’5 and up fit best in our ZIP model.


Not sure if the ZIP is for you? No stress. We accept returns on unopened e-bike shipments within 15 days of the delivery date.



PRODUCT SIZE68.1 x 28 x 45.3 in(173 x 71 x 115 cm)

PRODUCT WEIGHT57.3 lbs (26 kg)

SHIPPING BOX SIZE64.6 x 9.6 x 36.6 in(164 x 25.5 x 93 cm)

BOX WEIGHT70.5 lbs (32 kg)

MOTOR500W (Sustained), 48V Brushless Rear Hub

THROTTLEThrottle from the initial pedal

DISPLAYLCD Smart Easy Read Display with Backlight

SPEEDUp to 20 MPH (32.2 km/h) on Throttle and Pedal Assist

BATTERYRemovable Lithium-ion 46.8V, 10Ah(468Wh)

SENSORSCadence Sensor, Speed Sensor

CHARGER54.6V / 2.0A

CHARGE TIMEUp to 6 Hour Charge Time


RANGE22 Mile (35 km) Average Range with Throttle on a Single Charge

FRAME20 (50.8 cm) Steel Frame

FORKSuspension Fork with 70 mm Travel

WEIGHT LIMIT265 Ibs (120 kg)

KICKSTANDIncluded, Rear Mount

BOTTOM BRACKETSSquare Taper, Sealed

CRANKSET170 mm w/ 42T




BRAKESMechanical Disc Brakes, 160 mm Rotors

RIMSSingle Wall Aluminum 36H Front Rear

SPOKESFront: Stainless 13 GaugeRear: Stainless 13 Gauge

TUBESButyl Rubber, Schrader Valve

HUBS36H Disc Thru-axle Front, Nutted Rear

TIRES20 x 4.0 E-bike Rated Fat Tires


SEATPOSTNot included (fixed height)

MINIMUM SEAT HEIGHT32.5 from the ground

STEMAlloy, 28.6 x 22.2 mm E: 55 mm

SEAT CLAMPNot Included

HANDLEBARSSteel 22.2 x 720 mm

HEADSETThreadless 10pcs 28.6 x 34 x 30 mm

GRIPSErgonomic Comfort

FOOT PEGSNot Included



While the speed at which you pedal is up to you, our throttle and pedal assist features top out at 19.8 mph, the perfect pace to streamline your commutes and accelerate your adventures without requiring a license in most states.

E-bikes have many components and each year’s technology brings new features and advances to keep track of. We want to simplify the search process so you can shop with confidence. Read on to learn about important features to consider when purchasing an e-bike:

Where do you ride? The BMX’s performance tires are high-tread. The VOLT’s road tires are aerodynamic for fast everyday commuting while the FLEET’s beach cruiser tires offer more cushion and traction for a more comfortable, laid back ride. The ZIP features even thicker tires with substantial tread for riding on or off the road.

Max speed is an important factor to consider depending on your needs, comfort level, and state regulations. Our throttle and pedal assist features power your ride up to 20 mph.

Also referred to as speeds (i.e. 3-speed bicycle), gears allow you to change the ease with which you pedal depending on the incline or terrain. For example a steep incline may require easier pedaling and thus a lower gear, while pedaling downhill may require a more resistant pedal and thus a higher gear so that your pedaling actually helps propel you forward and in addition to gravity. You might opt for a bike with several gears versus a single-speed bike, depending on your needs, but bear in mind that additional gears add weight to your bicycle. Because our bikes are electric, we’ve included features like a throttle and pedal assist to minimize the effort required to ride, in lieu of multiple gears. Our ZIP bike however does include 6 gears for a variety of inclines and terrains.


Batteries are important to consider for the longevity of your bicycle. Our e-bike batteries have a 600-cycle lifespan and have been tested to meet UL2271 standards to optimize performance.

This refers to the maximum distance your e-bike will travel while employing the throttle at medium capacity on a fully charged battery before charging is required. Check below for each bike’s max range on a single charge.

  • BMX E-bike: 18.9 mile max range
  • VOLT E-bike: 32 mile max range
  • FLEET E-bike: 37.2 mile max range
  • ZIP E-bike: 37 mile max range

Some e-bikes are equipped with a throttle, a mechanism that powers the motor with a twist on the handlebar. In addition to pedal assist, all SWFT e-bikes feature a throttle which you can use in tandem with the pedal-assist, or on its own without pedaling.


Most e-bikes are equipped with pedal assist, an operating mode that activates the motor when you pedal to give your ride an electric-powered boost. Some e-bikes forgo pedal assist in favor of a throttle. All SWFT e-bikes feature both a throttle and pedal assist so you can choose how to power your ride, or activate both simultaneously for extra motor power.

Bike weight is a factor to consider depending on how you will store and transport your e-bike. Electric bikes tend to be heavier than traditional bikes due to the added motor, battery and other features. We’ve developed our SWFT e-bikes to optimize performance and minimize weight, with each model falling below the average weight of its respective category.

BMX: 39.7 lbs VOLT: 44.1 lbs FLEET: 50.7 lbs ZIP: 66.1 lbs

E-bikes are typically designated as Class 1, 2, or 3, according to available features and maximum speed. SWFT e-bikes fall under the Class 2 category meaning they feature both pedal assist and throttle with a maximum assisted speed of 19.8 mph.

Seat type is important to consider depending on what type of ride you are looking for. The VOLT features an aerodynamic seat for a faster, more athletic ride while the FLEET is equipped with a wider, more cushioned seat for a laid back and comfortable ride. Our ZIP model features an elongated motorcycle style seat for stability, comfort, and extra room.

Each of our e-bikes works for a range of rider heights and the BMX, FLEET, and VOLT e-bikes feature adjustable seat posts. See below to determine which e-bike is best for you.

  • BMX—best for riders 5’3” and up. See more height and fit details for the BMX here.
  • FLEET—best for riders between 5’7”. 6’2”. See more height and fit details for the FLEET here.
  • ZIP—best for riders 5’5” and up. See more height and fit details for the ZIP here.
  • VOLT— best for riders 5’9” and up. See more height and fit details for the VOLT here.
swft, fleet, review, relaxed, ebike, casual

Not usually. While the majority of states across the country regulate e-bikes similarly to traditional bicycles and do not require a license, some holdouts still place e-bikes into the motor vehicle category. Check your state’s local e-bike regulations to determine which license, if any, is required to operate a Class 2 e-bike.

Our warranties cover your SWFT E-Bike purchase against manufacturing defects. Just register your bike and read the details below:

  • Frame: 24 months
  • Battery: 12 months
  • Electric Motor: 12 months
  • Charger/Controller: 12 months
  • Other Electric Parts: 24 months

This warranty covers manufacturer defects and normal use only. It does not cover the product due to rider misuse, neglect, accident or improper servicing. Any attempt of repair done by the consumer (other than tires and normal adjustments) will void the warranty.

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