Sur Ron X Electric Dirt Bike Review. Black electric dirt bike

Black electric dirt bike

Riders around the world have been impressed by their performance off-road and we are just stoked to say that we are officially an Australian retailer for SurRon, one of the most iconic Electric Dirt Bike brands out there!

Based on the favourite adult version, the Surron Light Bee Youth is the perfect electric dirt bike for kids 10 and up, whether they are beginners or older kids who want the speed and action with a smaller sized dirt bike!

The electric bike is aimed at age 10 upwards.

Available in 4 colours: Silver, Black, Red and Blue.

Mid-drive BLDC motor FOC sine wave controller.

Maximum Power: 3000W | Maximum Torque: 220N.m

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Sur Ron X Electric Dirt Bike Review

What do you get when you cross an electric mountain bike with the Terminator? Ever wished to own a vehicle out of Batman’s garage? Look no further than the Sur Ron X Black Edition.

The Sur Ron X is a highly engineered monster electric dirt bike capable of reaching performance levels dwarfing that of even gas-powered dirt bikes. With its highly sophisticated styling, top of the line parts and performance, the “Light Bee” is easily one of the best performing, most recognizable headturners in the E-bike industry and was awarded the German Red Dot Award in 2018.

It is also very popular among professional motocross riders in competitive off-road sports. Needless to say, the Sur Ron X is a well known icon in the e-bike world.

Sur Ron X’s Features

Sporting a futuristic design, matte black finish, and badass off-road wheels, this bike looks like something Darth Vader would use. The structure of the bike resembles a mountain bike-dirt bike mix with the handlebars and front fork belonging to that of a mountain bike and the rest is that of a dirt bike.

The Sur Ron X features 5200w (7 bhp equivalent) electric motor which is a seriously impressive powerup for a mountain bike. That power mixed with the battery’s 2000 watt-hour capacity makes a 50 mile range at 50 miles per hour.

The Sur Ron X also features a keyed “ignition” and keyed battery compartment similar to that of traditional motorcycles giving it the impression of being a legitimate motorbike.

What makes the Sur Ron X stand out from the crowd is it’s dual front shock and single slanted rear shock which is a very rare feature in most other electric bikes. This also classifies the bike as a legitimate off-road electric mountain bike and not just a replica.

Some other unique characteristics of the Sur Ron X Black Edition include its informative heads-up-display (HUD) which displays the speedometer (in kph or mph), battery power, and trip meter, its new Sine Wave X-controller which is quieter, smoother and more powerful than the base model’s, and its new regenerative braking which the base model doesn’t have.

The brake levers are situated on the handlebars. Rear brake on the left and front brake on the right as with an actual motorcycle.

One downside of this bike is probably its brake stopping power during high speed off-road treks. For its speed, brake performance is mediocre making this a dangerous ride especially for beginners.

Sur Ron X Motor Performance

If you’ve seen the video featuring the Sur Ron X winning first place in a hare scramble race with gas-powered dirt bikes, you’d be thinking “How did a small electric-powered dirt bike beat a bigger bike with a more powerful and efficient gasoline engine?”

1st Place Winning Race | Sur-Ron X | Electric Against Gas Motorcycles (Source: Electric Cycle Rider) The Sur Ron X Black Edition’s motor features 5200W (7 bhp) of power and therefore the energy demand on the battery is lowered making the motor run cooler and more energy-efficient.

With a two-stage drive, the Sur Ron X motor runs more quietly and efficiently even on high rpms and without generating too much motor heat. One thing that sets it apart from other e-bikes is its ability to climb inclines. Its strong motor coupled with its lightweight build enables it to easily scale inclines that other electric dirt bikes struggle with.

What about Sur Ron X’s battery?

The Sur Ron — also colloquially called “Light Bee” — features a light but massive 2000 watt-hour 60v 32ah removable battery consisting of high ratio Panasonic PF battery cells, a host computer management process and data interface, high power battery management system, state-of-charge battery statistics and four real-time temperature sensors all contained within a hard case that slides into the “engine compartment” of the bike. This enables the battery to maintain a large capacity of energy while also being highly efficient and safe. A 10A cast aluminum encased battery charger is also paired with this battery

In addition to the above, the Sur Ron X Black Edition features a regenerative braking system which helps charge the battery and aid in hill descents. Though the system takes some practice to use, as the throttle switches between gas and brake, it’s still a nice touch despite its unrefined nature.

Sur Ron X suspension system

Sporting a DNM Volcano front suspension with RST oilspring dampening and a Fast Ace 8-inch travel inclined rear suspension, the Sur Ron X can handle big jumps and rough roads with ease making it a solid choice for both off-road and city rides. The Sur Ron has great suspension for its type although it pales in comparison to suspension found on gas-powered dirt bikes.

Is the Sur Ron X durable?

With a super light aluminum frame weighing only 7.8 kg, it’s hard to think that a bike like this can withstand the stress that comes with regular use. Formed using a large 6000 ton press, the aluminum used on this bike’s frame is several times stronger and lighter than ordinary aluminum. The bike’s swingarm is also constructed in the same way allowing it to withstand even the pressure and shock of high jumps while saving weight.

Apart from that, the quality control involved with the manufacture of this bike’s frame subjects it to dynamic high-pressure and impact tests. Therefore we are assured of the bike’s durability and quality

Advantages when riding the Sur Ron X

Aside from the insane amount of power that this ebike delivers, the main advantage of owning a Sur Ron is leveraging the industry’s most cutting edge technology. Starting with the spiked off road tires, impact-resistant spoked wheels, DNM Volcano front suspension with RST oilspring dampening and Fast Ace 8-inch travel rear suspension to soften impacts and maximize off road versatility.

And with a tempered aluminum alloy frame that’s several times as strong as regular aluminum, axial flux electric motor with the highest usable power and torque of any electric drive motor on the market, and a quiet Sine wave X controller.

The Sur Ron X comes with a light but solid frame that enables it to withstand the stresses of off-road situations. Complementing it is a very powerful motor, a highly energy-efficient battery system, top-of-the-line suspensions, and spiked off-road tires which makes the “Light Bee” a perfect choice for both competitive off-road riding and daily commuting or anything in between.

electric, dirt, bike, review

Disadvantages when riding the Sur Ron X

Even with all its upsides, like all technology, the Sur Ron X has its limitations. Being a lightweight vehicle, the Sur Ron X can be difficult to steer, especially for beginners. Its narrow and light structure gives it the tendency to oversteer during quick turns giving it a twitchy feeling.

Aside from that, the weight of the bike also affects its stability when accelerating. The sudden acceleration resulting from the motor’s strong torque may be prone to popping unintended wheelies, therefore increasing the chances of accidents (or unintended bursts of laughter depending on your riding ability).

The tightly packed nature of the Sur Ron X also limits its customization flexibility. Aside from adding pedals, decals and fenders, there’s really not much you can do to personalize the bike.

60V 2000W Fat Tire Electric Bike Mountain Bicycle Electric Dirt Bike (A7AT26)

Motor: 60V 2000W brushless motor Batttery: 60V 18AH large capacity, long range Controller: Intelligent brushless 60V 2000W Charger: 71.4V 3A 100-240V input Tire: 264.0 fat tyre Brake lever: Aluminum, cut-off electricity when braking Gears: Shimano 21 Speed with derailleur Display: Multifunctional LCD3 display Initiating mode: Pedal assistant ( Thumb Throttle) Max speed: 55KM/H

electric, dirt, bike, review

HOTEBIKE fat tire electric bike A7AT26 was designed with high power motor and high capacity battery and 26 inch fat tire to provide a superb ride on almost any terrain.

Surron X Light Bee Electric Offroad Dirt Bike

The world’s most renowned electric bike just got better! The 2023 Surron Light Bee X Electric Dirt Bike receives significant changes to battery life, suspension, and braking.

2023 Upgrades include: Powerful Motor (6000w instead of 5000w) Higher Capacity Battery (60V 40AH instead of 34AH) Increased Range (75km @40kph vs of 55km @40kphThe 40Kph)

We have limited stock available to order now. Buy a Surron X Black electric dirt bike and get a FREE KKA electric balance bike in either a 16 or 12 size for your son or daughter valued at 795.00 and 595.00 incl gst.

Undoubtedly, the best value and most exciting Electric bike the market has seen. Nothing on the market compares to the Surron X off-road bike.

2023 Surron Light Bee X Model Overview

The 2023 Light Bee X combines the high torque of a dirt bike and the lightweight agility of a downhill bicycle. Wheelie, drifting, tyre burn-out and jumping are easy to handle on the Light Bee X.

The Light Bee X is suitable for newcomers and experienced riders alike. Everyone can enjoy the fun of riding the Light Bee!

2023 Surron Light Bee X New Features:

The specifications for this electric bike are sensational and the build quality is outstanding.

  • Sine Wave X-Controller is quieter, smoother and more powerful than the stock controller of the base model
  • O-Ring Chain for quieter rides and longer use
  • Sports handlebars and upgraded hand grips
  • New upgraded beefier rear suspension
  • Mounting points for a rear fender
  • Upgraded front and rear brake callipers and brake pads
  • comfortable, wider and thicker seat for great riding comfort.
  • Upgraded steering head stem bearings
  • Electronic throttle
  • Front mudguard
  • Rear short swingarm-mounted mudguard
  • Rear rubber mud shock protector

New 2023 Sur Ron X Model. Available in black, Silver or blue.


Dimensions Weight
Length: 1870 mm
Width: 780 mm
Height: 1040 mm
Max. ground clearance: 270 mm
Wheelbase: 1260 mm
Seat Height: 830 mm
Vehicle weight: 50 kg
Weight distribution of Fr. Wheel axle: 24 kg
Weight distribution of Rr. Wheel axle: 26 kg
Max. load capability: 100 kg
Angle Stroke
Forward inclining angle: 26 ¡
Steering angle: 46 ¡
Front Suspension stroke: 200 mm
Rear Suspension/Wheel stroke: 87/210 mm
Performance Transmission
Max. motor rotation speed: 4500rpm
Cooling method: Air-cooled
Climbing angle: 35¡ (³45¡ with accessory kit)
Max. speed: 75km/h
Range: 100km @ 20km/h
Max. torque: 200Nm
Gearshift type and transmission ratio: 1:7.6
Transmission type: Belt Chain
Belt brand and model: ContiTech HTD 8M CXA
Rear sprocket: 48T-106 (Standard)
Frame Shock Absorbers
Frame type: Aluminium alloy double cradle design
Frame colour options: Steel-Grey, Silver-White, Green
Front shock absorber options: DNM USD-8S Forks
Shock Absorber Fr.: Double-tube telescopic shock absorber
Shock Absorber Rr.: Multi-link central shock absorber upgraded to a more heavy duty rear Shock
Tyres Brakes
Tyre size Fr.: 70/100-19
Tyre size Rr.: 70/100-19
Wheel type Fr.: 19 x 1.4
Wheel type Rr.: 19 x 1.4
Brake type Fr.: Bilateral 4 piston hydraulic disc brake
Brake type Rr.: Bilateral 4 piston hydraulic disc brake
Electronic Parts
Controller type: Square wave controller or sine wave controller. The motor controllers can use 48V and 60V Sur-Ron battery packs.
Horn: European standard horn
Charger type: 60V charger, 67.2V @ 10A, 3 hour fast charge
Battery PackÊ60ÊVolt: Cells: 176 Panasonic NCR18650PF 2900mAh Capacity: 40Ah, 1920Wh, Configuration: 16S11P
Headlight type: LED
Brake light type: LED
USB power source: Single USB socket 2100mA (phone charger)
Dashboard: IBN negative LCD display

Warranty: 1 Year on the frame and mechanical components. 1 Year on battery and charger.

Warranty Coverage:

  • In the event of a warranty, Electric Dirt Bikes will pay for the return of the bike by its nominated freight company. The customer will be held responsible for any return freight costs if, upon inspection, the Surron LightBee is found to have no manufacturer’s faults.
  • The warranty will be voided by damage or misuse if the bike has been found to have been used outside its original intended use as stated in the owner’s manual. Proof of purchase is required to be eligible for warranty either via earlier online registration or a copy of the original invoice.
  • The warranty will be voided if any of the original Surron parts have been modified, replaced or amended by any third party other than Electric Dirt Bike staff, authorised Surron Dealers or the Australian importer. Volt Bikes located in New South Wales.
  • The warranty only covers genuine parts as supplied by Surron, Volt Bike and their national dealers.
  • General wear and tear parts ie tyre, tube, brake pads, chain and sprockets are not covered by any factory or dealer warranty.
  • The warranty will not cover any loss or damage as caused by negligence by the use of any rider.

YouTube video channels featuring the Surron LightBee X Model: Click Here

Owner and Service Manuals. Click Here Awesome Surron Owners Forum. Click here Lots of great tips and upgrade suggestions.

Surron X Review: A Comprehensive Guide for 2023 Buyers

In this review, we FOCUS on the popular Surron X electric dirt bike.

I had a chance to throughly test both a stock and a tuned up version on the trails. The tuned version came with an upgraded higher capacity battery and an updated motor controller combined with an improved front end suspension and better tires.

In this complete review you will find:

Surron X is a full electric dirt bike. This popular electric dirt bike features a lightweight forged aluminum frame with a powerful 6KW electric motor. Furthermore, a rechargeable and removable Panasonic Lithium ion battery offers few hours of trail riding and charges to full in about three hours.

Introduction to Surron X

The Surron X. also known as Light Bee SUR-RON X or Surron X, is a lightweight electric dirt bike. In other words, it is like a hybrid between a dirt bike and a mountain bike. Surprisingly, it combines the best from both worlds.

Other electric dirt bikes in this category include Surron X Storm Bee (check review here), Stark Varg (check review here) and KTM Freeride.

For full list of available electric dirt bike options, read our recent post: Get the Insider Scoop On The Best Electric Dirt Bikes.

Technical Details

The Surron X is an electric dirt bike that boasts impressive technical specifications. Overall the Surron weight is at approximately 124 pounds, and it is relatively lightweight compared to its gas-powered counterparts. The bike is powered by a 60V/32Ah battery pack, which delivers a top speed of up to 47 mph or 73kmh. The Surron X has a weight limit of 220 pounds, making it suitable for riders of various sizes.

The Surron X has a range of up to 60 miles on a single charge, which makes it perfect for off-road enthusiasts who enjoy long rides. Additionally, the bike has a seat height of 33-34 inches, which provides a comfortable riding position for most riders. It also features a lightweight aluminum alloy frame, hydraulic brakes, and inverted front forks, which provide excellent handling and control on any terrain. Overall, this dirt bike is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-performance electric option that is both powerful and lightweight.

The Surron X is using a pressure forged aluminum chassis with an aluminum alloy swing arm for a lightweight and durable construction. Additionally, the front fork is an inverted with about 8″ of travel. The triple trees are common with many mountain bikes and use a similar axle design.

The owner’s manual explains few of the features well.

Few things to note: The side stand has a kill switch. This prevents the bike from giving power when the side stand is down. A common feature in street bikes and still easy to forget. You also need to wait few seconds when powering on and twisting the throttle to let the computers to run its initial calibration.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the model is equipped with a headlight, a rear light, and a horn, so it can be made street legal with ease. Check other street legal dirt bikes here.

Surron X Review

When you order the bike online, it is delivered in a box requiring final assembly. Fear not, it is not hard at all and requires no special skills.

Unboxing and Assembly

The box includes all tools needed for the assembly with instructions. Additionally, you can easily follow this great unboxing and assembly video for more details.

Putting the bike together is a fairly simple process. In case you’re wondering, you really do not need any special skills or tools to finalize the assembly. The package comes with the electric dirt bike mostly assembled and should take less than 30 minutes to finish.

The rear wheel is already installed. Furthermore, the only parts you need to install is the front end with the front wheel, handlebars, forward controls, headlight, and the display. Finally, you need to install the foot pegs and recharge the battery and you are good to go!

First Impressions

The form factor and chassis reminds me more of a mountain bike than a dirt bike. Surprisingly, the front end is identical to a mountain bike and the handlebar feels like in a high-end mountain bike. It’s a good feeling.

The chassis is narrow and lightweight aluminum and it makes the eBike feel overall very light. The Surron X weights around 104lbs without the battery and the stock battery adds another 20lbs, totaling the overall weight to 124lbs.

Forward controls include rear brake level on the left and front brake lever on the right. As a result, both engage a 4-piston disc brake. Other controls include a large speedometer that includes odometer, trip meter, and total distance. You can also toggle the menu to view the current battery charge.

You also have a switch on the left hand side, which works as a power mode selector between ECO and SPORT mode, and a separate horn.

The dirt bike comes with a key that powers it on and also is used to lock the replaceable battery in place.

Test Ride

Riding the Surron X is a great experience. I have tested several electric cars, mountain bikes, scooters, and one wheels but this one is by far the most fun I have had with any electric powered vehicle.

Powering on the bike is simple. Simply, turn the key on, wait a few seconds for the controller to cycle, and power on. Next, switch the display lights on and you are ready to go.

electric, dirt, bike, review

After getting used to the throttle response and new lever configuration, the first feeling is similar to a trials bike or a mix between a mountain bike and a trials bike. Furthermore, it feels very light, narrow, and very easy to balance with.

Overall this dirt bike is easy to control and the motor feels strong enough to easily pull a slow wheelie. During the test, the suspension felt very soft and needed to be tweaked to my weight and riding style. I used the front fork clickers to stiffen both the compression and the rebound until the suspension had enough dampening.

Trail Test

Next, we took these eBikes to a local trail and put them to the test.

The riding reminds me more of mountain bikes than dirt bikes. This is mainly because the handlebars, forward controls, and no sound is very similar to a mountain bike. The overall lightweight and narrow chassis makes the bike very nimble and fast.

Cornering, especially maintaining speed throughout the corner, is easy and very predictable, at least in good dry conditions. The stock suspension does feel a little slow or maybe too soft and would benefit from a better suspension setup for more advanced riders.


The throttle response needs improving. There is a noticeable delay or slack on the throttle. When you get on the gas, I am used to an immediate raw power that comes on immediately when using the clutch and flywheel in gas powered dirt bikes.

This is completely different with the stock Surron X. I had to teach myself to get on the gas about 1 seconds sooner. The power also comes on slower and is more mellow. It was specifically noticeable when braking hard and getting on the gas. Surprisingly, I almost went over the handlebars the first time I was cornering while waiting for that power to come on and leaning too much forward. This feeling never fully went away and would be the first thing I would fix on the eBike.

Overcoming obstacles, roots, and rocks is easy with this eBike. Basically, after learning how to use the power in combination with the brakes, things got easier. Additionally, using the rear brake with your left hand enables fine tuning the power delivery and helps to increase traction.

Last year, I had a chance to ride behind a skilled rider with a tuned SurRon on a very technical single track. Surprisingly, he was very fast around the slow speed sections and cornering to a point that I really struggled keeping up with him on my gas dirt bike. The only places where I was catching up were high speed straight sections over a grass pastures when his bike was limited with its maximum speed.

Surron X Top Speed

The Surron X has a top speed of 47mph, which is very well adequate for most trail riding. Bypassing the max power and top speed is easy by cutting a wire in the controller, however, most beginner riders really would not even need to do that. If you ride single track, the top speed should not really matter. Speeds over 50mph rarely happen in most trail riding but more power is always welcome.


I also tested the same eBike with few important upgrades. First of all, I like how the stock model can be upgraded with many aftermarket parts. And that they have opted to use parts from mountain bikes, such as the triple trees, handlebars, and other front fork parts. This makes it easy to configure and upgrade to your liking.

The tuned version had upgraded battery, controller, suspension, and tires.

First of all, the throttle response is where it needs to be. Using the new controller, the throttle response was crisp and had basically no delay. This made riding much more predictable and easier.

The upgraded suspension together with a new trials style tire choice definitely made the Surron X much more fitted to my riding style. The stock front suspension felt too slow to response to some repeated heavy bumps and felt frequently like bottoming out. Basically, this feeling was completely gone with the upgraded suspension and it made the eBike float over any bumps with ease.

All in all, I would like to take the tuned version to some very technical and hard terrain with big climbs to fully test the capability of these electric dirt bikes and how well it would perform without clutch and gears.

Overall the difference is noticeable compared to the stock version and if you are an advanced rider, be prepared to upgrade at least the suspension to enjoy this eBike to the fullest.

Surron X Review Summary

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