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SurRon Electric Bikes

The SurRon electric bike lineup features bikes that are designed for both off-road and on-road riding. SurRon’s off-road electric bikes are some of the most capable on the market, with powerful motors and long-range battery packs that allow them to tackle even the most challenging trails. SurRon’s on-road electric bikes are just as impressive, with sleek designs and features that make them perfect for commuting or leisure riding.

No matter what type of riding you’re looking to do, SurRon has an electric bike that’s perfect for you. So if you’re in the market for an electric bike, be sure to check out SurRon’s lineup. You won’t be disappointed. Besides the great fun you can get from its products, the company also has exceptional customer service. The build quality guarantees you will always have a safe and enjoyable ride.

But before we delve deeper into SurRon’s line of electric bikes, let us first discuss electric bikes’ benefits. Electric bikes are popular for several reasons. First, they’re environmentally friendly. Electric bikes don’t produce any emissions, so you can ride them without harming the environment.

Second, electric bikes are very efficient. They use less energy than traditional gas-powered bikes, so you’ll save money on fuel costs. Third, electric bikes are fun to ride. They’re fast and responsive, and they can give you a workout if you need it.

SurRon’s electric bikes are some of the best on the market and are sure to revolutionise the electric bike industry. So if you’re looking for an electric bike, be sure to check out SurRon’s lineup. This way, you will get the best value for your money.

Here we have compiled three of the best SurRon electric bikes for you to choose from. Read on to learn more about SurRon and their electric bikes!

Our Top 3 SurRon Electric Bikes for 2022

If you are in the market for a SurRon electric bike, you have come to the right place. SurRon is a world leader in electric bikes, and their products are some of the best on the market. Below are our top three SurRon electric bikes for 2022.

The Surron Light Bee X is one of the most iconic electric dirt bikes on the market, and we’re thrilled to be able to offer it to Australian riders. The bike weighs just 50kg and is powered by a 60V 40Ah lithium-ion battery, making it extremely lightweight and agile. The battery also provides a longer cruising range than standard batteries, making it perfect for off-road exploration.

The Light Bee X also features a custom-designed DNM inverted front fork and INTERSECT TR suspension system that makes your rides smoother and more enjoyable. Whether you’re looking for a new way to explore the great outdoors or simply want a bike that can keep up with your adventurous spirit, the Surron Light Bee X is a perfect choice.

The Light Bee X also features an exclusive gold oil seal chain that increases the eBike‘s load capacity, reducing maintenance frequency and allowing you to ride more stably than ever before. Its custom-built, titanium-gold, four-piston brakes vastly improve braking quality and force in comparison to other models.

In 2023, SurRon will be upgrading this model of electric scooters to include a stronger motor (6000w instead of 5000w), higher capacity battery (60V 40AH instead of 34AH), and longer range (75km @40kph instead of 55km @40kph).

The new X controller features Vector Control / Field-Oriented Control (FOC), resulting in a slightly higher top speed and greater torque. The new X controller also has kinetic energy recovery in sport mode, which allows the motor to recharge the battery and extend its lifespan.


If you are a fan of SurRon electric bikes, the Light Bee X is a great option for you. This electric bike will surely turn heads and outperform its competitors. Therefore, it is a worthy investment.

Quick Specs
BRAND Sur-Ron – Sur-Ron
MODEL Light Bee X 2022 – Light Bee X 2023
MAX RANGE 55km @40kph – 75km @40kph
DRY/CURB WEIGHT 45kg/56kg – 45kg/56kg
MAX LOAD 100 KG – 100 KG
BATTERY 60V, 32Ah Lithium Battery – 60V/40Ah lithium-ion removable battery pack
CHARGE TIME 3-4 Hours – 4 Hours
DIMENSIONS 18607801050mm | Ground Clearance: 270mm | Wheel base: 1255mm | Seat height: 830mm – 18607801050mm | Ground Clearance: 270mm | Wheel base: 1255mm | Seat height: 830mm
POWER SYSTEM Brushless; Maximum Power: 5400W – Mid-drive BLDC motor FOC sine wave controller; Maximum Power: 6000W; Maximum Torque: 250N.m
TYRES Spoke Wheels, 19 x 1.4 Alloy Hubs; 26-inch, 70/100-19 CST – Spoke Wheels, 19 x 1.4 Alloy Hubs; 26-inch, 70/100-19 CST
BRAKES Front Rear to the four-piston hydraulic disc – Front Rear to the four-piston hydraulic disc
FRONT SHOCK ABSORBER SYSTEM Double Cylinder, Vertical Telescopic – Double Cylinder, Vertical Telescopic
REAR SHOCK ABSORBER SYSTEM Multi-Link Center Shock – Multi-Link Center Shock
CLIMBING ANGLE 35 Degrees – 35 Degrees
DRIVE SYSTEM Belt Chain – Belt Chain
IP RATING: Motor IP55 ; Controller: IP67 – Motor: IP55; Controller: IP67
RIDING MODES Sports Eco mode – Sports Eco mode

SurRon’s Light Bee L1E electric dirt bike is a top-performance machine that any rider would love. It’s 50kg weight makes it easy to maneuver and the design is a sleek fusion of a downhill mountain bike, off-road motorcycle, and electric e-bike. With max speeds of 50km/h, this Wheeler is perfect for any terrain. The Light Bee L1E is also free from noise pollution and emissions, so you can ride worry-free.

Motorcyclists across the world have been amazed by SurRon’s performance on rougher terrain, and we’re elated to announce that we are now an Australian retailer for this renowned electric dirt bike brand! The Sur-Ron Australia Light Bee L1E is an innovative vehicle that melds the best aspects of downhill mountain bikes, off-road motorcycles, and electric e-bikes. Its design is incredibly unique: it’s lightweight (50kgs), powerful yet easy to use, customisable, and fun. Whether you’re an experienced rider or a complete beginner, the Sur-Ron Australia Light Bee will have you ripping up the trails in no time.

This dirt bike will surely make your riding experience one of a kind. With SurRon, you’re guaranteed a top-performance machine that is perfect for any terrain. The Light Bee L1E is also free from noise pollution and emissions, so you can ride worry-free. You can also ride in style since this bike has a sleek fusion of a downhill mountain bike, off-road motorcycle, and electric e-bike. Get your SurRon Australia Light Bee L1E today!

Quick Specs
MODEL Light Bee L1E
BATTERY 60V/32Ah lithium-ion removable battery pack
DIMENSIONS 18607801050mm | Ground Clearance: 270mm | Wheel base: 1230mm | Seat height: 802mm
POWER SYSTEM Mid-drive BLDC motor FOC sine wave controller
RATED POWER 2040W | Maximum Torque: 250N.m
TYRES Front and Rear 70/100-19
RIDING MODES Sports Eco mode

As any avid dirt bike rider knows, performance and handling off-road are essential. That’s why riders around the world have been impressed by the performance of the SurRon Light Bee Youth electric dirt bike.

Based on the adult version, the Light Bee Youth is perfect for kids ten and up who want the speed and action of a smaller-sized dirt bike. Available in four colours, the Light Bee Youth is sure to stand out on any trail. So if you’re looking for an electric dirt bike that can perform, look no further than the SurRon Light Bee Youth.


Since this dirt bike is made for kids aged ten years old and up, SurRon recommends that a parent or guardian helps with the assembly. Once this dirt bike is put together, it’s ready to roll.

This SurRon electric dirt bike has a top speed of 42 km/h (26 mph), which is perfect for both beginner and experienced riders alike. With a weight of just 38 kg (84 lbs), the Surron Light Bee Youth is also one of the lightest electric dirt bikes on the market.

In terms of range, the SurRon Light Bee Youth can travel up to 40 km (25 miles) on a single charge. And with a fast charger that comes included, you can get back on the trail in no time.

The SurRon Light Bee Youth is equipped with front and rear hydraulic disc brakes for reliable stopping power. And with adjustable front and rear suspension, you can tailor the ride to your preference.

So if you’re looking for an electric dirt bike that’s packed with features and performance, look no further than the SurRon Light Bee Youth. You can guarantee that your child will have a blast riding this bike off-road.

Quick Specs
MODEL Light Bee Youth
MAX RANGE 65 KM (@20km/h)
BATTERY 48V/20Ah lithium-ion removable battery pack
DIMENSIONS 18207301020mm | Ground Clearance: 220mm | Wheel base: 1250mm | Seat height: 780mm
POWER SYSTEM Mid-drive BLDC motor FOC sine wave controller.
MAXIMUM POWER 3000W | Maximum Torque: 220N.m
TYRES Front and Rear 70/100-17
RIDING MODES Sports Eco mode

How To Choose the Right Electric Bike

The right electric bike for you depends on a few things. First, what kind of riding will you be doing? There are electric bikes designed specifically for mountain biking, commuting, or even racing. SurRon makes a great all-around electronic bike that can do all of these things well, but if you have your heart set on one type of riding, it’s worth considering a bike designed specifically for that.

Second, consider how much you want to spend. SurRon’s bikes are some of the most affordable on the market, but there are other brands that offer more expensive models with more features. It’s important to figure out how much you’re willing to spend before you start looking so you don’t get caught up in the options and end up spending more than you wanted to.

Third, think about what features are important to you. SurRon offers a variety of features on their bikes, from basic models with few bells and whistles to more advanced models with all the latest tech. Consider what you really need and what would be nice to have, and then look for a bike with the features that are most important to you.

SurRon’s electric bikes are a great option for anyone looking for a high-quality, affordable bike. They offer a variety of models to suit different riding styles and budgets, and their bikes are packed with features that make them easy and fun to ride. Whether you’re looking for a basic model or the latest and greatest, SurRon has an electric bike that’s right for you.

Purchase One of SurRon’s Electric Bikes Today!

If you are looking for a quality electric bike, SurRon is the company for you. SurRon manufactures high-quality electric bikes that are perfect for anyone looking to get around town or hit the trails. With SurRon, you can expect a reliable and fun ride every time.

Here at iScoot, we are proud to carry SurRon’s line of electric bikes. We can guarantee that you will find the perfect SurRon electric bike for your needs when you shop with us.

What are you waiting for? Purchase a SurRon electric bike today!

Big Sur by Bike and the E-Bike Revolution

Tawn Kennedy | Program Coordinator

The COVID pandemic saw an explosion in e-bike adoption in the U.S. Even before the pandemic, e-bikes were providing adventure and mobility options for countless people, many of whom do not identify as cyclists or thought their biking days were done. A 2017 trip to Big Sur opened my eyes to the transformative potential of e-bikes and still inspires me as I work to make e-bikes accessible to more people today.

Big Sur Adventures:

We are gliding along with no cars in sight, the two-lane road hugging redwood-covered bluffs that plunge into the sea. Five hundred feet below, turquoise waves dance over viridian boulders and sea lions’ throaty barks Echo up steep ravines. It’s the summer of 2017, and my wife Mira and I are riding e-bikes on a nearly car-free stretch of Highway 1 in Big Sur after winter storms battered bridges beyond repair and caused thousands of acres of earth to give way in massive mudslides. The iconic stretch of coast from Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge and Big Sur Village in the north to Mud Creek 35 miles south was largely closed to cars, the only roadway access being Nacimiento-Fergusson Road, a harrowing trip of hairpin turns and steep grades even on a nice day. While Big Sur residents struggled with travel times that were 5 to 10 times longer than usual, we planned to camp at Pfeiffer State Park, hike the newly constructed half-mile trail to Big Sur Village, and make our way to Nepenthe Cafe. The night before our trip, we heard from a friend that an e-bike rental business had popped up, and we both got excited. After arriving and setting up camp, we made our way up the trail and encountered what many were calling Big Sur Island: the cluster of businesses around the Big Sur Bakery had become a meeting spot for the Big Sur community, with message boards, an ice cream social, and locals sharing crafts and wares with neighbors and the steady trickle of visitors who came to explore a car-light coastline. We made our way to a small outbuilding nestled in the cluster of structures by the bakery, where Joaquin Sullivan and his team warmly greeted us. As we expected, all of the fat-tire e-bikes were checked out for the day except for a lone, bright orange, long-tail cargo bike with a padded rear rack. My wife and I had shared my analog Xtracycle cargo bike with me pedaling and her as passenger before, and we figured we could make the cargo bike work for our needs.

Once we were helmeted and checked out, we headed up the hill, and the 750-watt motor began to work its magic. We got to the top of the incline, zipping past Nepenthe and the shuttered gates of the Henry Miller Library, where locals had erected pop-up tents and folding tables into a minimalist taco stand. Then, we descended around the sharp curves hugging the rugged coastline. The bike’s pedal assist helped greatly on the ascents, and we stopped at numerous pullouts normally clogged with tourists. We saw five or six cars total on our trip south, leaving the road mostly to us, which made the experience even more enjoyable. “I felt more connected to our surroundings – rather than a set of distinct pullouts, vistas, and trailheads, I experienced this section of coast as a continuous landscape,” Mira recently reflected. We stopped frequently and found our own impromptu roadside vista points to look at the crashing surf hundreds of feet below, often chatting with other e-bike users who were appreciating the view. If we had been in a car, we would have been the worst sort of tourist traffic Big Sur gets, pulling out for every vista or even stopping in the roadway to get the perfect picture.

Joaquin had encouraged us not to push the cargo bike battery too far, so we turned around after visiting Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park and the ever-glorious views of McWay Falls, one of the two waterfalls in California that fall directly into the ocean at high tide. The ride back was equally stunning, and a surprise flat tire led to an unexpected chance to chat with Joaquin about the genesis of Big Sur Adventures.

E-Bikes to the Rescue:

Joaquin and his father initially bought a set of e-bikes as a tool for getting around when it became clear that CalTrans would take down the bridge at Pfeiffer Canyon. “Just like everyone else, I was amazed the first time I rode one. I’m not in good enough shape to climb this 1,200-foot hill back to my house after a bike ride, but guess what, now I can do it.” In anticipation of the bridge demolition, many locals drove one vehicle to the north side of the bridge. While CalTrans deliberated about installing a temporary foot bridge, Joaquin imagined ferrying supplies across the bridge and down the road between waiting vehicles.

Although the powers that be did not see fit to build a temporary bridge, Big Sur locals loved the e-bikes, and Joaquin’s soon-to-be business quickly evolved. “I’m a woodworker by trade, and I was so busy filling back orders that I had to hire people to help with the rentals very early on.” This meant that, by the time Mira and I came along, thousands of people had heard about this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ride assisted in a car-free Big Sur. Because of this, Joaquin was able to scale up, and his fleet of e-bikes quickly grew to match demand. Mira and I returned the following month and each rented our own e-bike. It felt just as novel and amazing the second time, with the 20 MPH pedal assist making us feel like kids. On our second trip, Joaquin shared his plans for a move to Monterey, keeping the business going even after the Pfeiffer bridge reopened in September.

For the past four years, Big Sur Adventures has called the Tin Cannery building in Pacific Grove home, and Joaquin recently launched a second location in Carmel, selling and renting e-bikes and leading numerous tours along the coast. “It’s the perfect place for us,” Joaquin shares. With the Monterey Bay Scenic Sanctuary Trail across the street, it’s hard to imagine a better location. “We’ve already served 11,000 people this year, and in our busiest months, around 40 people end up purchasing an e-bike after they visit us.” That was true for me: I bought my Mira an e-bike the winter after our Big Sur foray, and I recently purchased an e-mountain bike for myself. “E-bikes are the great equalizer—we still lead trips in Big Sur on Old Coast Road, and we’ll have average folks and professional athletes keeping pace with each other up 2,000 feet of climbing and over plenty of loose gravel. Everyone has a good time,” Joaquin says. The life-transforming quality of these trips is not lost on Joaquin: “I just want to get more people outside and out of cars, experiencing what e-bikes can do.”

Even after the harrowing events of 2017, e-bikes continue to be a lifeline in Big Sur and beyond. Palo Colorado Canyon was devastated by the storms of 2017, and some residents remained cut off from road access to their homes for many long months. “Folks ended up purchasing e-bikes and found that they were much better suited for getting past slides and debris than even 4x4s.” When the pandemic prompted regional and statewide stay-at-home orders in 2020 and many businesses shuttered, Joaquin received numerous calls from locals who were desperate for ways to get outside and expand their shelter-in-place range. Early on in the pandemic, Joaquin petitioned the county of Monterey to let him provide long-term bike rentals to locals. “Once we had the go-ahead, we rented 100 e-bikes to Monterey County residents for 90 a month during the first months of the pandemic.” Not only did this keep some of Joaquin’s staff employed, “it really introduced the community to e-bikes. We quickly ran out of bikes, and we had people calling and saying, ‘My son’s friends are all out on these e-bikes, and where do I get one?’ We had to turn folks away.”

This Bike Boom is Electric:

Simultaneously, e-bikes were taking off in the rest of the country: in April of 2020, sales of RadPower bikes close to quadrupled those of the previous year, and sales of all U.S. e-bikes nearly tripled in June 2020 over June 2019. Even higher-end e-bikes saw the uptick of the COVID e-bike boom: Richard Thorpe, CEO of the UK-based designer of upscale folding e-bikes GoCycle, saw web searches double for his bikes in 2020. “COVID has basically pulled the (U.S.) adoption curve forward for e-bikes,” he shared in an interview. While the pre-pandemic U.S. lagged far behind Europe’s e-bike usage, Thorpe reflects that the U.S. is now out of the “early adopter” phase and into an “early majority” phase, where significant portions of the population have adopted this “new” technology.

At least two of our staff at Ecology Action were also inspired by renting e-bikes from Joaquin, and both have gone on to purchase e-bikes of their own. “Riding those e-bikes was the most fun and inspiring physical activity I can remember,” shares Linda Lloyd from our finance team. “I love bike riding, but as a middle-aged woman, I was thinking that it was over for me. After renting the bikes, we headed out to Lover’s Point and then towards Fort Ord and almost all the way to Sand City. It was so nice for me to be able to ride for 15 miles. I’m not a strong rider, so that felt like magic.” I recently helped Linda and her husband finance a pair of folding fat-tire e-bikes through our Zero Interest Bike Loan program, which I help to manage.

The average e-bike costs between 2,000 and 4,000, which can be a barrier for many people. Part of the appeal of direct-market e-bike brands is the relatively low cost. “Direct market bikes have been the gateway e-bike for many of our customers,” shares Bobby Schultze, Bicycle Trip Sales and Operations Manager. While bikes like RadPower may come at a lower cost, many customers prefer working with a shop that has mechanics who are trained to work on the bikes they sell. “We’re able to offer price-competitive Aventon e-bikes that start around 1,400,” Bobby shares. The Bicycle Trip reports that they’ve sold close to 400 of these e-bikes since they started carrying the brand. “They are by far our most popular e-bikes. This is our third year selling them, and we just can’t keep enough of them stocked.” In June of 2020, Aventon saw demand rise by a staggering 600% over 2019. Shops like the Bicycle Trip provide 12 months of zero-interest financing, helping to ease the strain on customers’ books.

Ecology Action’s 0% Interest Bike Loan and E-Bike Test Ride programs are additional tools available to select employees in Santa Cruz County. We offer interest-free 12-month loans of up to 750 for analog bikes and up to 1,500 for e-bikes as well as a chance to test ride an e-bike for two weeks. These programs are part of our Sustainable Transportation Membership Services and are open to our member businesses, which include UCSC, the County of Santa Cruz, Dominican, Cabrillo, and numerous smaller agencies. As of July, downtown employees can also access these services as part of the GO Santa Cruz program. If you would like more information about these programs, please contact me directly.

In February, Congressman Jimmy Panetta co-authored HR 1019, the E-BIKE Act, and a similar bill was introduced into the senate in July. Both bills would offer a federal tax credit of 30% of the purchase cost of an e-bike, capped at 1,500. “E-bikes are not just a fad for a select few, they are a legitimate and practical form of transportation that can help reduce our carbon emissions,” says Panetta. While the future of the bills in the House and Senate is uncertain, it is notable that e-bikes are receiving more attention as a practical solution to get people out of cars and that lobbying efforts for incentive programs are gathering momentum. In early July, California legislators approve a 10 million e-bike incentive program for the 2022 state budget. Inclusive language in the bill accommodates e-bikes “designed for people with disabilities; utility bicycles for carrying equipment or passengers, including children; and folding bicycles.” CalBike and more than 80 organizations across the state lobbied for the bill, which had initially stalled out early in the pandemic. “E-bikes can be the centerpiece of California’s strategy to replace gas-powered car trips to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions while also advancing equity, promoting public health, reducing traffic, and helping working families save money,” said Dave Snyder, executive director of CalBike. Locally, several other e-bike incentive programs are in the works; starting this fall, Ecology Action is piloting a program in partnership with GO Santa Cruz for downtown employees, and Central Coast Community Energy is exploring a program as well.

A Personal E-Mobility Revolution

I’m struggling to keep up with my 74-year-old father. I’m on an analog road bike, and my dad is already 200 yards ahead of me, climbing High Street toward the University. My dad is on a recently converted recumbent e-trike, which means that we’re riding bikes together for the first time since 1994. In the early 2000s, my father was diagnosed with MS; while it impinged his mobility, he has stayed healthy and active and has adapted to using an electric wheelchair. Last summer, he inherited a recumbent tricycle, and we started to research the possibility of adding an electric motor to it. One mid-drive e-bike conversion kit later and he’s flying up the hill with me following behind. We arrive at the top of the UCSC bike path, and he still has about half of his battery left. I’m sweaty and winded, but I’m so grateful to get to share this with my dad. Biking has become an integral part of my life both personally and professionally, and I can’t wait to share more rides with the man who helped me learn to ride a bike in the first place. We stop at the music center to appreciate the view and begin our descent down the bike path with Santa Cruz and the Monterey Bay spread out before us, beckoning.

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Electric bikes are slowly improving, are petrol powered bikes destined for museums?

Two-strokes are bad for the environment and four-strokes while better are not emission free – an electric dirt bike is quiet so it opens up a large amount of riding areas.

Electric Future

With Stark Varg releasing the details of their new electric dirtbike the motorcycle industry has exploded with talk about electric bikes and whether or not it’s going to be the future. Not having a whole lot of experience with electric bikes I was on the fence as to whether or not electric would be the right direction for our industry.

I was born and bred a petrol sniffing motocross kid. I grew up mixing fuel and racing two-stroke motorcycles where a decent percentage of the fuel we poured in the fuel tank came out of the exhaust unburnt. This on a mass scale is bad for our environment and no amount of arguing can change that. Two-strokes are bad for the environment and four-strokes while better are not emission free.


In today’s age, riding petrol burning dirt bikes projects us as the villains to society. This is where electric comes in. An electric dirt bike is quiet so it opens up a large amount of riding areas.

I’ve lost trails to housing in my local area but having a dirt bike that emits no sound means I can now ride right behind these houses without having them call the Police. The other bonus is the lack of emissions. I’ll be brave enough to put my hand up to say I’m not one that has ever been too concerned about this point.

I’ll likely be long gone from this planet before we ever cause enough damage for it to affect me, but becoming a father has got me thinking about what we are leaving behind for my children and grandchildren. Not only that but I want them all to enjoy motorcycles just as much as I have.

Unplug and play Not your usual powerplant

The Storm Bee

This brings me to the Sur-Ron Storm Bee. When I received the message that we were going to test the Sur-Ron Storm Bee my first thought was “who the heck is Sur-Ron?” A quick Google search tells me they have been around since 2014 developing a bike on the quiet.

My next thought was “oh no, not another Chinese bike”. In the past we have tested Chinese bikes which have left us stranded in the bush while we wait for the rescue crew. I told myself I would go into this with an open mind and take the bike for what it is and not judge it too harshly.

Fast Ace Air Absorber rear shock Black and yellow colour scheme suits the name

Looking at the Storm Bee you can see that it is Chinese made but it looked well put together. They have paid attention to things like wire and cable placements and where and how things are mounted. I have noticed in the past Chinese bikes are built to a price not a standard but the Storm Bee appears to have been made with build quality in mind.

E-bikes are generally just a mountain bike with an engine and they feel very foreign but once I threw my leg over the Storm it felt just like a dirt bike. Sur-Ron has done a good job at replicating the feel of a petrol bike. The seat to foot pegs and pegs to bar ratios all seemed correct and comfortable.

I commend Sur-Ron for this is as being a company that has not mass produced dirt bikes in the past this could have been easily overlooked. After a crash course on how to turn the Storm Bee on and how to select the power modes I was off for my first experience on an electric dirt bike.

How Did It Go?

The first ten minutes was me getting used to the electric dirt bike and the power but mostly the brake on the handlebar. While getting used to the Storm Bee I was thinking to myself “how am I ever going to tell people how good this bike is without them thinking I’m full of it?” Honestly, I was riding around wondering whether this was real or the mushrooms in the forest were spawning and I was hallucinating.

The lack of engine noise allows you to hear the chain and tyres as well as the sticks banging on the swingarm and frame. One noise I did find to my advantage was the rear wheel noise. You can hear it biting into the dirt or spinning and breaking traction. This isn’t something you usually hear on a petrol bike and all of a sudden you can use your sense of hearing to control the rear wheel traction rather than feedback through the pegs and seat.

Rear brake is hand operated Suspension is well balanced for trail riding

The rear brake on the handlebar threw me for a while and I did find myself going for the foot brake out of habit. By having the brake on the handlebar you can feather it with your finger while going through tight trails much easier. You don’t have the weight of your foot on the pedal trying to throw off the balance while you‘re trying to steer.

One question thrown at me the most since the test ride was “how was it having no clutch?” I never once felt like I needed a clutch. The torque of the electric motor allows you to pop the front wheel up any time with the smallest blip on the throttle the same as a clutch. The smoothness of the engine allowed me to trail the throttle through turns without needing to pull a clutch in to skid or change direction.

The balance of the chassis works very well. The Fast Ace suspension comes from mountain bikes but they did a good job at developing and tuning a setup for trail riding. The front and rear is balanced and tuned well together.

Minimal clutter on the ‘bars USB charge point

Not having a whole bunch of rotating mass in the engine such as a heavy crankshaft and cam shafts which you fight against to change directions means you can corner and turn the Storm Bee very easily. It is a great bike to stand up on the pegs and tip in and out of the trees. It requires no effort from the rider to steer it whatsoever.

The power modes are a great addition but I found myself riding around in full power and managing it with the throttle. If you don’t have great throttle control the slower modes would be a great addition. The Turbo mode sounds like a cool feature but it wasn’t something I felt I needed to use so I only turned it on a few times. The reverse feature is certainly something different on a dirt bike and while I only used it out of curiosity I could see it being handy if you get stuck in a deep rut or bogged.

The brakes have a nice solid feel to them and while they are not Brembo they did do a good job for trail riding and managed to pull the bike up easy enough.

The Battery

We rode the Storm Bee for a solid four hours predominately through single trails at slow to moderate speed. We rode it hard for the entire time up many challenging steep hills that required the engine to work hard and we only got the battery down to 50%. I would assume that this run time would cut down if you were riding in sand or on faster tracks and the power would drop at some point but for us the battery did everything we asked.

Black and yellow colour scheme suits the name 240mm rear disc

We Liked

Handling – The Storm Bee was a very smooth and easy bike to ride. It might be a little on the heavy side but it did not feel that way to ride. Power – This electric dirt bike has plenty for the average trail rider. The bike was smooth but aggressive when you needed it to be. Traction – The throttle feels directly connected to the rear wheel. There is no lag time between the rear wheel and your wrist making the Storm Bee a very easy bike to find traction on.

We Didn’t Like

Racing – While we had loads of fun on the Storm Bee I would want more out of the motor and the suspension if I was going to race it. In saying that we had a petrol bike to back it up against on the day and we all felt faster on the Storm Bee through the tight trails than it. The Name – Come on, Storm Bee? Why not Typhoon Tiger or Monsoon Mamba? There’s nothing tough about a Bee.

The Verdict

I was born and bred a petrol sniffing MX kid but the tech enthusiast in me was always curious about an electric dirt bike. I kept telling myself the technology isn’t there yet to compete with a petrol engine but maybe one day. I feel like I need to toss away a large amount of masculinity to admit this but the technology is there and in some circumstances I would even have to say better.

There is so much rotating mass in a petrol engine that negatively affects the way the bike handles. We try to make parts lighter, move the engine around and alter the way the chassis flexes to make it better but it’s a problem we just can’t eliminate. With an electric engine we solve this problem and the bikes handle and react completely different but in a much better way. I am basing this decision solely on what the Storm Bee was like to ride and if this is the start for electric then I think we are heading in a very exciting direction for the motorcycling industry, as long as we allow it to.


MOTOR/OUTPUT: BLDC Mid Motor/22.5kw peak and 520nm of Torque BATTERY: 90v 48Ah Sony VTC LI-ion (Removable) RANGE: 105kms claimed – Varies on conditions SPEED: 110km/h Offroad use only TRANSMISSION: Oil Bath Gear Reduction BRAKES: Dual Piston Front 270mm Disc and 240mm Rear FRONT SUSPENSION: 290mm Fast Ace 47mm Inverted Fork REAR SUSPENSION: 290mm Fast Ace Air Absorber CONTRUCTION: Aluminium Alloy Forged Frame TYRES: MX and Enduro F21/R18 CST Mud Tyres WHEELS: 80/100 – 21 Front and 110/100-18 Rear LIGHTS: Headlight and Rear Taillight on Enduro Model THROTTLE: Fly By Wire Twist Throttle with Eco, Rain, Sports plus Turbo Modes USB: USB Charging Point On Board HILL CLIMBING: Up to 80% CHARGE TIME: 3 hours (Fast Charger) WATER RATING: IP55 LOADING: Max Loading Weight 120kg DIMENSIONS: 2120 x 805 x 1265mm SEAT HEIGHT: 940mm WARRANTY: 12 months BIKE WEIGHT: 126kg RRP PRICE: MX 12,999 ENDURO 14,999 plus on road costs DISTRIBUTOR: EBMX CONTACT:

Surron X Review: A Comprehensive Guide for 2023 Buyers

In this review, we FOCUS on the popular Surron X electric dirt bike.

I had a chance to throughly test both a stock and a tuned up version on the trails. The tuned version came with an upgraded higher capacity battery and an updated motor controller combined with an improved front end suspension and better tires.

In this complete review you will find:

Surron X is a full electric dirt bike. This popular electric dirt bike features a lightweight forged aluminum frame with a powerful 6KW electric motor. Furthermore, a rechargeable and removable Panasonic Lithium ion battery offers few hours of trail riding and charges to full in about three hours.

Introduction to Surron X

The Surron X. also known as Light Bee SUR-RON X or Surron X, is a lightweight electric dirt bike. In other words, it is like a hybrid between a dirt bike and a mountain bike. Surprisingly, it combines the best from both worlds.

Other electric dirt bikes in this category include Surron X Storm Bee (check review here), Stark Varg (check review here) and KTM Freeride.

For full list of available electric dirt bike options, read our recent post: Get the Insider Scoop On The Best Electric Dirt Bikes.

Technical Details

The Surron X is an electric dirt bike that boasts impressive technical specifications. Overall the Surron weight is at approximately 124 pounds, and it is relatively lightweight compared to its gas-powered counterparts. The bike is powered by a 60V/32Ah battery pack, which delivers a top speed of up to 47 mph or 73kmh. The Surron X has a weight limit of 220 pounds, making it suitable for riders of various sizes.

The Surron X has a range of up to 60 miles on a single charge, which makes it perfect for off-road enthusiasts who enjoy long rides. Additionally, the bike has a seat height of 33-34 inches, which provides a comfortable riding position for most riders. It also features a lightweight aluminum alloy frame, hydraulic brakes, and inverted front forks, which provide excellent handling and control on any terrain. Overall, this dirt bike is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-performance electric option that is both powerful and lightweight.

The Surron X is using a pressure forged aluminum chassis with an aluminum alloy swing arm for a lightweight and durable construction. Additionally, the front fork is an inverted with about 8″ of travel. The triple trees are common with many mountain bikes and use a similar axle design.

The owner’s manual explains few of the features well.

Few things to note: The side stand has a kill switch. This prevents the bike from giving power when the side stand is down. A common feature in street bikes and still easy to forget. You also need to wait few seconds when powering on and twisting the throttle to let the computers to run its initial calibration.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the model is equipped with a headlight, a rear light, and a horn, so it can be made street legal with ease. Check other street legal dirt bikes here.

Surron X Review

When you order the bike online, it is delivered in a box requiring final assembly. Fear not, it is not hard at all and requires no special skills.

Unboxing and Assembly

The box includes all tools needed for the assembly with instructions. Additionally, you can easily follow this great unboxing and assembly video for more details.

Putting the bike together is a fairly simple process. In case you’re wondering, you really do not need any special skills or tools to finalize the assembly. The package comes with the electric dirt bike mostly assembled and should take less than 30 minutes to finish.

The rear wheel is already installed. Furthermore, the only parts you need to install is the front end with the front wheel, handlebars, forward controls, headlight, and the display. Finally, you need to install the foot pegs and recharge the battery and you are good to go!

First Impressions

The form factor and chassis reminds me more of a mountain bike than a dirt bike. Surprisingly, the front end is identical to a mountain bike and the handlebar feels like in a high-end mountain bike. It’s a good feeling.

The chassis is narrow and lightweight aluminum and it makes the eBike feel overall very light. The Surron X weights around 104lbs without the battery and the stock battery adds another 20lbs, totaling the overall weight to 124lbs.

Forward controls include rear brake level on the left and front brake lever on the right. As a result, both engage a 4-piston disc brake. Other controls include a large speedometer that includes odometer, trip meter, and total distance. You can also toggle the menu to view the current battery charge.

You also have a switch on the left hand side, which works as a power mode selector between ECO and SPORT mode, and a separate horn.

The dirt bike comes with a key that powers it on and also is used to lock the replaceable battery in place.

Test Ride

Riding the Surron X is a great experience. I have tested several electric cars, mountain bikes, scooters, and one wheels but this one is by far the most fun I have had with any electric powered vehicle.

Powering on the bike is simple. Simply, turn the key on, wait a few seconds for the controller to cycle, and power on. Next, switch the display lights on and you are ready to go.

After getting used to the throttle response and new lever configuration, the first feeling is similar to a trials bike or a mix between a mountain bike and a trials bike. Furthermore, it feels very light, narrow, and very easy to balance with.

Overall this dirt bike is easy to control and the motor feels strong enough to easily pull a slow wheelie. During the test, the suspension felt very soft and needed to be tweaked to my weight and riding style. I used the front fork clickers to stiffen both the compression and the rebound until the suspension had enough dampening.

Trail Test

Next, we took these eBikes to a local trail and put them to the test.

The riding reminds me more of mountain bikes than dirt bikes. This is mainly because the handlebars, forward controls, and no sound is very similar to a mountain bike. The overall lightweight and narrow chassis makes the bike very nimble and fast.

Cornering, especially maintaining speed throughout the corner, is easy and very predictable, at least in good dry conditions. The stock suspension does feel a little slow or maybe too soft and would benefit from a better suspension setup for more advanced riders.


The throttle response needs improving. There is a noticeable delay or slack on the throttle. When you get on the gas, I am used to an immediate raw power that comes on immediately when using the clutch and flywheel in gas powered dirt bikes.

This is completely different with the stock Surron X. I had to teach myself to get on the gas about 1 seconds sooner. The power also comes on slower and is more mellow. It was specifically noticeable when braking hard and getting on the gas. Surprisingly, I almost went over the handlebars the first time I was cornering while waiting for that power to come on and leaning too much forward. This feeling never fully went away and would be the first thing I would fix on the eBike.

Overcoming obstacles, roots, and rocks is easy with this eBike. Basically, after learning how to use the power in combination with the brakes, things got easier. Additionally, using the rear brake with your left hand enables fine tuning the power delivery and helps to increase traction.

Last year, I had a chance to ride behind a skilled rider with a tuned SurRon on a very technical single track. Surprisingly, he was very fast around the slow speed sections and cornering to a point that I really struggled keeping up with him on my gas dirt bike. The only places where I was catching up were high speed straight sections over a grass pastures when his bike was limited with its maximum speed.

Surron X Top Speed

The Surron X has a top speed of 47mph, which is very well adequate for most trail riding. Bypassing the max power and top speed is easy by cutting a wire in the controller, however, most beginner riders really would not even need to do that. If you ride single track, the top speed should not really matter. Speeds over 50mph rarely happen in most trail riding but more power is always welcome.


I also tested the same eBike with few important upgrades. First of all, I like how the stock model can be upgraded with many aftermarket parts. And that they have opted to use parts from mountain bikes, such as the triple trees, handlebars, and other front fork parts. This makes it easy to configure and upgrade to your liking.

The tuned version had upgraded battery, controller, suspension, and tires.

First of all, the throttle response is where it needs to be. Using the new controller, the throttle response was crisp and had basically no delay. This made riding much more predictable and easier.

The upgraded suspension together with a new trials style tire choice definitely made the Surron X much more fitted to my riding style. The stock front suspension felt too slow to response to some repeated heavy bumps and felt frequently like bottoming out. Basically, this feeling was completely gone with the upgraded suspension and it made the eBike float over any bumps with ease.

All in all, I would like to take the tuned version to some very technical and hard terrain with big climbs to fully test the capability of these electric dirt bikes and how well it would perform without clutch and gears.

Overall the difference is noticeable compared to the stock version and if you are an advanced rider, be prepared to upgrade at least the suspension to enjoy this eBike to the fullest.

The Best Electric Dirt Bikes of 2023

Remarkably, only one of them went for the Dirt-E joke.

The motoring world is going electric. And it’s not just fancy, 1,000-horsepower, six-figure electric trucks. Electric motorcycle options have been increasing over the past few years. And even the relatively humble and underpowered dirt bike segment now offers a proliferation of emissions-free options — and we’re here to help you separate the battery-powered wheat from the chaff.

Why You Should Get an Electric Dirt Bike

Helps Save the Planet: Smaller motorcycles are far from the most fuel-thirsty vehicles. But electric dirt bikes still reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and every little bit helps.

Less Maintenance: Electric motors require far fewer moving parts. That means more time riding and less time (and money) replacing parts. You also don’t need to buy things like oil.

Less Noise: Electric dirt bikes do make some noise, but they make less than internal-combustion dirt bikes — noise that can diminish the enjoyment of being in nature for riders and those nearby.

Accessible to New Riders: Like electric cars, electric dirt bikes do not need a manual transmission. This may disappoint some riders looking for a traditional feel. But it’s also way easier to manage while off-road.

Torque: Electric dirt bikes tend to have a lot of torque, and it comes on instantly. This helps them accelerate rapidly and feel quick in everyday riding.

What to Look For

Street Legality: Like combustion dirt bikes, many of them will not be street-legal. And you may live in a municipality that will confiscate and crush them if you try to use them for that — electric or not. There are dual-sport electric dirt bikes (lighter than adventure motorcycles), which can also be used as commuter bikes. But make sure you clarify that before buying.

Battery Range: Range is a significant drawback to any electric vehicle. You want to ensure you have enough range to do the amount of riding you’re planning. expensive electric dirt bikes will have range that can exceed what most drives can handle physically. But that may be costly.

Battery Charging: A nother important factor beyond range is how long it takes to charge the battery. Shorter is better. Manufacturers may offer accessories that improve charging speed. Some dirt bikes can instantly swap in a newly charged battery and return to the trail.

How We Tested

Gear Patrol writers and editors are continually testing the best electric dirt bikes on a variety of terrains to update this guide looking at features like comfort, ease of use and riding characteristics. Our testers have spent time riding the Zero XF and the Cake Kalk INK so far; however, we’ll be updating this guide as we continue to test more models.

Zero’s FX isn’t a one-trick pony; it’s good at a little bit of everything. It’s fast but torque-heavy up front. For comparison, it’s nimble but still about 50 pounds heavier than KTM’s 350EXC-F. And it’s quiet, which anyone who’s ridden a dual sport before knows has distinct advantages and downsides. (Upsides include not disturbing nature as you ride through and saving your eardrums; cons include being unable to announce yourself to other riders on the trail or cars on the street.)

The FX’s ride is very smooth — from city streets to rutted-out trails and even completely off-road in the ungroomed wild. The tires grip well on city streets, even after a light rain. The FX can reach a top speed of 85, but I rarely found myself pushing it above 65 — this is a great cruising bike built for the trails as much as it is for the road. The acceleration feels torque-y until you get the hang of the feeling; I’d recommend starting in Eco until you get a feel for how the bike handles, experienced rider or not.

The profile is lean and mean, just as advertised. Your tester is 5’4” and weigh 110 pounds, and she could handle and maneuver this bike with relative ease, although she did make sure to get comfortable on the bike on uncrowded trails before taking it to the streets. Zero says the charging time is 1.3 hours, but I found it to be much longer than that. the bike was delivered to me with an 80 percent charge, and it took more than two hours to get it full. The range is 91 miles which is a solid day’s ride, but unless you have the means to give the bike a good overnight charge, you’ll be SOL the next day. And that 91-mile range is in the city — if you’re riding on the highway at 70 mph without starting and stopping, it drops to 39 miles per charge.

We’ve been fans of Swedish manufacturer Cake — and Stefan Ytterborn’s helmet/eyewear/apparel brand, POC — for years. Founded in 2016, Cake has consistently put out smooth, innovative electric bikes that offer both gorgeous looks and purpose-built function.

The Kalk class of offroaders, however, is much more about play than work. The street-legal Kalk INK picks up quick thanks to 252Nm of electric torque, while reliable suspension (200mm of travel) and beefy dual-sport motorcycle tires help you keep the shiny side up from the road to the trails.

  • Removable battery charges from 0 to 80 percent in two hours, 0 to 100 percent in three
  • Three ride modes and three braking modes adapt to your style and environment
  • Not exactly the cushiest seat on the planet (or this page)
  • You must come to a full stop to adjust ride and braking modes

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