Stir assist bike. Female transgender athletes banned from women’s cycling races

British Cycling suspends transgender and non-binary participation policy

Transgender cyclist wins female race to prove males are physically superior to women, has message for trans athletes: ‘They’re being selfish’

Born a biological male, one South Korean has continued her passion for completive cycling after transitioning to a woman against biological female riders — not for glory, but to prove a point to “selfish” trans athletes.

Na Hwa-rin, 37, was raised in a Christian family but knew since the age of 7 that she should have been born a female.

Following her transition last year, she was legally recognized as a woman in the eyes of the South Korean government and has continued with her lifelong love of racing as a cyclist now as a female.

Na secured a victory at the Gangwon Sports Festival in June but had an out-of-character reason for racing and winning — she set out to prove biological men are physically superior to biological women.

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“I have no unresolved feelings over winning because that’s no longer what I want. My goal was to stir controversy and get my story heard by competing,” Na told the Korean Times.

Na, who was born and raised in Cheorwon, a city about 40 miles northeast of Seoul and bordering North Korea, is the first recognized transgender athlete in all of South Korea and said the win had her feeling “more relieved than triumphant.”

“I am not proud of myself at all. I believe other transgender athletes would feel the same way. They may not want to admit it, but they’re being selfish. There is no honor as an athlete in that,” she told the outlet.

Before her transition, Na had already earned a reputation as a fierce competitor as a male — winning several medals in men’s races — some of which took place while she was undergoing hormone therapy, according to the South Korean Times.

Na is not “honored” by winning the race but used her moment on the podium to send a message that athletic committees should include a “third gender” category for transgender athletes.

“It could be like how we have many weight divisions in some sports … Under the current binary system, women athletes will be discouraged, and their hard work might not be recognized due to the participation of transgender athletes,” she relayed to the outlet.

After clinching the victory, the transgender cyclist qualified to compete in the National Sports Festival — which she declined.

“I don’t want to make an issue to the point where I harm other people,” the cyclist told the outlet.

Na believes making a separate category is only fair to respect biological women athletes and other transgender athletes who wish to compete fairly against others with similar physical characteristics.

“Trans woman athletes, no matter how hard they worked, will never be truly honored for their wins. Honor is the goal that all athletes aspire to attain, but this is a situation where nobody will be honored. I think that shouldn’t happen.”

UCI’s Controversial Policy: Transgender Cyclists Banned from Women’s Cycling #news

As the only trans athlete in the country actively competing, she understands some people may ask, “Why should [they] do that for only one person?”

The cyclist says it can only help others and make it easier for committees to accept a third-gender category.

“If we lower the bar, more will join. The room will quickly fill up if we allow more people to compete in sports and let them live their dreams,” she told the outlet.

Na, who’s an asparagus farmer when she is not training or in competition, reiterated her message for winning the race and what she and others are looking for to pursue their athletic passions honorably.

“Respect and harmony,” she expressed to the outlet. “Those are the core values of Olympism and sports.”

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How I Found the Perfect E-Bike

I ran into another family at the playground who had a family cargo bike with just 2 kids on the back and freaked out and asked them a million questions. I had no idea an e-bike could carry multiple kids without a cargo trailer! After talking with them, I went looking!

Side note: if you live in the Bay Area I highly recommend heading to Blue Heron Bikes in Berkeley! They have tons of cargo bikes you can test ride with your kids to see what you’re most comfortable with. They also have awesome customer service. After tons of research, and test-riding a bunch of different bikes, see what I decided on below!

My Electric Family Cargo Bike Setup

I test-rode A LOT of e-bikes. I wanted to make sure I felt comfortable, especially riding around with all three of my kids. It was important for me to find the ride add-ons and the best helmets to make this family cargo bike safe and functional for all of my needs.

  • Family Cargo Bike:
  • Yuba Spicy Curry: Our electric cargo bike in White.
  • Front Basket
  • Infant Seat in the Front
  • Child Seats in the Back: Got 2 of these bike seats for the big boys.
  • Adjustable Monkey Bars: The bars that go around the kids’ seats that they hold on to.
  • Bamboo Running Boards: What the big boys rest their feet on, these make it easy for them to climb up too.
  • Roots Kickstand: If you have kids DEFINITELY recommend upgrading to this kickstand. Way more sturdy when they’re climbing on and off.
  • 2 Go Cargo Bags: I actually didn’t end up using these. The footrests of the Yepp seats make it too hard to access these. But eventually, when the kids are bigger and we transition from Yepp seats to soft spots I’ll be able to use the bags!
  • Side mirror that’s on the left handlebar: I HIGHLY recommend getting this, so nice to be able to see cars approaching from behind.
  • Infant helmet: This is what Luke is wearing, he’s 7 months old in this picture and wearing the size XS 45-49cm.
  • Adult helmet: What I’m wearing in a size Large.
  • Toddler/Kid helmet: What the big boys are wearing, they decorated them with stickers, ha!

Common Reader Questions

I had a ton of questions. That family at the park probably thought I was crazy. But they were so sweet to answer all of them and now I want to return the favor. Here are all of the most common questions I had, and some that people have asked me about my family cargo bike.

I am shocked at how simple and fun it is! It is an electric assist bike, so it is maybe 5 times easier than peddling on a regular bike. It’s literally easier for me to pedal all 3 kids on this e-bike than it is for me to pedal a regular bike by myself. Without pedal assist, I would die!

I can do hills with no problem on the e-bike, I just break a little bit of a sweat. Flat roads are effortless. I am not particularly athletic, and it is very doable for me. It’s also a good core workout keeping the kids balanced while riding.

The hardest part is getting on the e-bike when all 3 kids are on and I’ve pushed up the kickstand. Takes good arm and core muscles, and make sure you tell the kids to not move and wiggle, ha! But extremely doable. We’ve never tipped over. And I’m not particularly strong, haha!

They LOVE it! This is the perfect e-bike for kids. They fight way less than when we’re in the car. Their friends all think it is the coolest! They feel like such cool kids getting dropped off and picked up on the e-bike.

We got this e-bike when Luke was 7 months old and able to sit up all on his own (and obviously hold his head up). I feel like this would be fine as soon as your baby can hold their head up and fit into a helmet. Maybe 6 months. This will vary a lot depending on your baby.

YES! That’s the main reason I got it! I’m able to cut the dreaded car pickup line, which is such a lifesaver and timesaver! I get to cut right to the front and pick up my kid. It makes it so much more efficient door-to-door, it’s actually faster than being in a car. If I were to drive, I have to allow 20 minutes from leaving my house to having my kid in the car. On the e-bike, it’s just 8 minutes! Not waiting in the car line is one of the best perks! Their book bags fit perfectly in the front basket.

I am hoping Luke will be able to fit in this seat until he is 2. By that time Josh (my oldest) will be 7. So hopefully by then, Josh can pedal along on his own bike. It’s also possible to maybe have Josh and Ryan (my middle) sit on soft seats and have Luke in a Yepp seat. Also possible to hitch a bike cargo trailer to the back, which would be great if we have another kid, haha! To be determined!

stir, assist, bike, female

I am on the bike for maybe 1.5 hours a day doing pickup and drop-off for school each day. Sometimes longer if doing other errands. After 2 days of riding the battery gets to 30% and then I charge it. Amazing battery life!

My sister and her husband have e-bikes, so for now Shawn has been borrowing one of theirs and we all go on rides together! I think an e-bike is in his very near future!

Our town is extremely bike friendly. We have this trail called The Iron Horse Trail that goes straight through town. It was the railroad, but they paved over it. It is just a walking and biking trail, so no cars. We live just 3 blocks from it, so we are only next to cars for a very short time. So I feel super safe since we can be on the Iron Horse Trail so much.

To avoid fighting! Ryan (the middle boy) was getting jealous that Josh wasn’t buckled and was sitting on a soft seat. And it was becoming a whole thing. So! We got 2 Yepp seats and the problem was solved! Feels even safer to have them both buckled anyway. Josh (5 years old) I totally trust to be on a soft seat. But! Ryan is 3 and still might fall asleep on longer rides after a long day at school. I love knowing he is strapped in and safe just in case.

Yes! I tried a ton! The Spicy Curry felt the most like a regular bike to me. Almost no learning curve to pedal it with all 3 kids on it. It’s just a tad bit longer in the back, so pedaling and turning felt exactly the same to me.

There are lower-priced models by Yuba, but I liked the stronger Bosch battery and brake assist of the Spicy Curry. Carrying all these kids it was worth the extra money to get the best motor for the easiest, most carefree rides! We went to Blue Heron Bikes in Berkeley and were able to test-drive a bunch of cargo bikes. Here are the ones I tried and my thoughts:

Urban Arrow front load bike: This was very tricky for me to maneuver. It was hard getting used to the SUPER long front. Plus, I worried the kids would fight a ton all squished in there and get into kicking fights.

Tern GSD cargo bike: This was my 2nd favorite! The only difference was the Tern bike had a smaller front tire, which felt different maneuvering. The Spicy Curry has a bigger front tire than a regular bike and was much more natural to me. And great going over bumps and curves which we go over a lot heading into school zones.

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