Stark e dirt bike. Front & Rear Disc Brakes

SPLACH-STARK: The Iron Man-like Expeditioner

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750W Power with removable battery-Powerful, Fast, and Long-Ranged

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Dual Batteries Dual Assist

speed Transmission

7 gears adapt to rough conditions and accommodate inclines, bumps and other difficulties. It’s ideal for traveling on varying terrains.

All About The Details

Hydraulic lockout front suspension absorbs energy when riding downhill to make riding more comfortable enjoyable. Bumps and terrain irregularities are flattened out!

The rear coil shock provides more consistent, reliable and robust performance with smooth and supple feel.

Bafang brings more fun. 750W brushless geared DC hub motor empowers you all the way during your ride with a top speed of 25mph (40km/h).

Dual batteries make SPLACH-STARK go the distance. One is encased in the frame; the other is hidden under the rear rack.

Disc brakes provide a quick, clean stop for its stronger stopping power. reliable and all-weather braking.

20 inch 4 inch fat tires provides enhanced traction on slick and rough surfaces, enabling you to travel further without exerting as much energy.

Wiring is water-resistant, giving itself long lifespan and easy for maintenance.

Guarantee your cycling safety create great visibility in traffic.

Ergonomic design of the slightly wider seat with sculpted center cutaways, is ideal for trail, downhill and cross-country beatings.


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The Concept Of The Stark VARG

The design and technology (patent pending) of this new model seek to change the direction of the industry and will encourage users’ interest in sustainability. Aiming to outperform traditional technology, the Stark VARG has was designed from a blank sheet of paper.

The powertrain and chassis are engineered to work together, and each element was optimized for its specific purpose. It’s physical proof that an electric dirt bike could outperform the best motocross bikes in every aspect.

The famous rider Josh Hill said, The first time I saw the Stark VARG I just fell in love with it. When I finally got to ride it and feel the power of it, it’s so good. It’s just an instant response. It feels like the throttle is so connected to the rear wheel, you just twist it, and it goes with no hesitation. It’s got so much torque; you can go up to anything slowly and then, ‘wooosh’ you just get over it. It’s so much fun to ride.

Stark Varg Is A Different Motorcycle

The concept ‘drive when and where you want’ made a reality thanks to low maintenance and the absence of emissions and noise. Apart from its brilliant performance and exceptional handling, the Stark VARG seeks to please the user by the short charging time, its good range (up to 6 hours of driving on simple routes, with 1 to 2 hours of recharge).

The Stark VARG is also a versatile bike. The Stark Future application installed on your control device.which consists of a waterproof and shock-resistant smartphone, solidly anchored in its support- allows you to adjust the power curve, engine brake, traction control, and engine speed, the power curve, the engine brake, the traction control, and the virtual engine flywheel, as well as selecting up to a hundred driving modes in just a few seconds.

Best In Class Power To Weight Ratio

The heart of the Stark VARG is a quiet yet extraordinary motor that produces 80 HP of power (30% more than any 450cc and twice the torque). The powertrain is actuated by the Stark battery system, one of the most compact and ‘energetically powerful’ globally, with a 6 kWh capacity for less than 71 pounds.

Advanced technologies and ideas came together to achieve this. Novelties include the magnesium honeycomb casing (patent pending), cell supports, a pressure reduction device, and a power plate configuring the battery cells.

Stark VARG’s Flying V system connects each cell to the housing, allowing high conductivity to the air-cooled structure. As a result, the battery’s temperature is regular and uniform. It saves the weight involved in its cooling by water or steam. In addition, the autonomy at full load is like that of a 450 with a full tank.

The low weight is key to the agile handling of the Stark VARG, whose 242 pounds give it an excellent power-to-weight ratio. The engine acts as a structural element in the package, allowing Stark to offer the world’s lightest cross-country chassis. Its composition (including the carbon sub-section) articulates the ideal lateral, vertical, and torsional flex mix. In addition, it places the center of gravity down, optimizing the dynamic behavior of the bike, which has and turns like no other. Ergonomics designed for sporty riding and well-shaped lines (goodbye to air boxes, radiators, and tanks) improve the rider’s sensations and help reduce the total weight.

Kayaba and Technical Touch, Japanese experts in suspension, oversee providing the damping, with 310 mm of travel on both axles, adjustable in seven different settings according to the size and volume of the rider.

The Stark VARG packs eye-catching details; The innovative phone that allows you to configure multiple driving settings; the full dual floating type skid plate (patent pending) that eliminates the lower section of the chassis; there’s also the innovative click chain tensioner and axle and nut arrangement for even more effective protection. Even the footpegs consist of special stainless steel alloy, 40% stronger than titanium or chrome steel and lighter, to make it the lightest footpeg ever.

The installation process is also quite simple, as Stark has eliminated the need for a locking pin. The cycle includes wheels with CNC machined 6082 T6 aluminum hubs, 7050 T6 rims, and Pirelli MX32 tires.

Power Delivery on the Stark Varg Electric Dirt Bike

While 450 models are powerful in their own regard, gas-powered dirt bikes of all levels are still confined by all the moving parts that are required for functionality. This is not true of the Stark Varg electric dirt bike. Since you’re not actively combating momentum in all directions, the result is a smooth and prompt power delivery at all times.

Power on electric dirt bikes tends to lose momentum on the mid-to-high-end, but this is not the case with the Stark Varg electric dirt bike. Though it’s hard to say how long you could ride this power, you’ll be able to catch up in a big hurry when it counts and sneak up noiselessly to boot. Stark engineers were happy to explain that the on-board computer is constantly moderating power levels on the Varg, so you’ll get steady power delivery at every step of your ride.

As part of this programming, battery preservation is a huge priority. Engine braking is a unique feature on the Stark Varg electric dirt bike since downshifting isn’t an option. This, combined with deceleration, means that the Varg works hard to save all the battery power it can for an optimal ride. You also don’t have to worry about the normal maintenance like clutch swaps or oil changes that you’ve come to expect from a standard 450 dirt bike. We know some folks can go either way on this, but for those who find maintenance to be a chore, it’s a definite selling point.

Stark offers two different electric dirt bike options as far as horsepower. The 60 HP model is technically the low end, but for just 1000 more, you can bump up to 80 HP for the ultimate thrill ride. When you’re coughing up that much cash for a new dirt bike, we think it’s worth it to go all the way. The Varg isn’t for those just looking for a cheap ride, and the new tech makes this investment worth the wait. We could see the Stark Varg electric dirt bike being even more fun if we’d been able to tinker with the map settings to create our perfect ride, but we’ll save that for when they’re a bit easier to get ahold of.

Stark Varg Handling Responsivity

For those of us who are used to shifting, the Stark Varg electric dirt bike has a bit of a learning curve associated with it. Even though shifting might give you a bit more control, we have to say it’s super fun to just zip along the track without a care in the world.

It’s hard to say whether we’ve ridden any other 2-stroke dirt bikes (as an adult, at least) that do as well zipping out of corners. However, because of the associated power and responsiveness of the Stark Varg electric dirt bike, you’re in for some stuttering as a result. This no doubt shows the capabilities that the Varg has in store, but it also highlights how much power you have to contend with at a moment’s notice. Since downshifting isn’t possible, laying off the throttle as you’re hitting corners seems to be the ticket to more control on this electric dirt bike.

The included KYB suspension held up for optimal balance and made us feel secure the whole ride. Jumps are another big adjustment, but don’t let that sound like a bad thing. There was some noted deflection depending on our landings, but we’ll take that with a grain of salt. Since you can’t exactly dial into a gear on the Stark Varg electric dirt bike, the lack of sound and new feel will definitely take some getting used to. Our approach was to FOCUS on the terrain in order to assess our speed coming up to a jump so we didn’t have too much or too little power. The Brembos leave little to be desired, and despite a variety of terrain changes, we didn’t find ourselves wanting for handling during our time with this electric dirt bike.

With these differences in mind, the act of jumping isn’t much different than on a normal 450, with the exception of your back wheel potentially spinning at a faster rate. Even in the air, the Stark Varg electric dirt bike feels somehow lighter than a standard 450, despite weighing in within the normal range. We think this goes back to fewer moving parts, but this makes jumping even more fun. As a result of these features, there’s no need to panic if you didn’t quite launch your jump as planned. Hitting the throttle will raise the front end mid-jump so you can actually correct your trajectory, which is a huge advantage compared to a gas bike.

One drawback we noted was the ultra-smooth body paneling and lack of graphics on the Stark Varg electric dirt bike. While this no doubt makes it look sleek and sexy, the lack of grip during a ride can easily become a problem especially in wet conditions. The rear part of the seat on this electric dirt bike is also quite narrow, and sliding around was a bit disorienting compared to a gas-powered dirt bike. Even though these issues aren’t deal breakers, they’re worth mulling over as you consider your purchase. Also, while riders in warmer climates may rejoice that their engine won’t act as a heating agent, riders in colder climates will have to find a new way to warm their hands in frigid temperatures.

Stark Varg Proprietary Parts Charging

It goes without saying that the parts on the Stark Varg electric dirt bike have been painstakingly selected for their quality. Going even further, Stark has designed and crafted their own brake pedals, bodywork and foot pegs to complement their high end electric dirt bike. Stark also offers the relocation of the standard brake lever to the left handle, which results in unburdening the right foot so it can fit tightly against the frame. It may not be second nature for those of us who have been in the game for a while, but for anyone with a cycling background, the transition will feel second-nature.

Another built in feature to love on the Stark Varg electric dirt bike is the proprietary stand that integrates charging into your off-track breaks. Even though a full charge may not be realistic during rest periods, this system will add power back incrementally while you rest and re-fuel. This is one of the few areas that could always stand to improve, but for a first run, Stark has got the right idea. Despite charging and batteries on this electric dirt bike always needing some improvement, the Varg has got it where it counts for casual riders and professionals who don’t mind planning or being conscious of their day ahead of time.

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Battery-Powered Braappers

Factors To Consider When Buying An Electric Dirtbike

Whether it’s an enduro, supersport, or an electric dirt bike, purchasing your first motorcycle can be a daunting task, especially if you didn’t grow up riding. Knowing this firsthand, we’ve generated this handy primer on the eight most important areas to review before buying your first — or next — electric dirt bike.

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Battery: Batteries obviously play a crucial role in the overall quality and performance of an electric dirt bike. Areas such as capacity, voltage, and the number of cells will collectively determine specs such as range, recharge times, and the number of lifecycles. It’s also worth exploring if a battery is swappable, as well as what types of outlets or chargers it’s compatible with.

Motor: As the heart of any electric dirt bike, its motor is extremely important. When shopping for a battery-powered motocross machine, you’ll want to explore factors such as the type of motor, how much it weighs, how it’s cooled, and where it’s mounted on the bike (typically the swing-arm or frame).

Power: The immense power produced by electric dirt bikes is undoubtedly one of the segment’s biggest benefits over traditional petrol-powered models. As such, it’s well worth exploring an e-MXers horsepower and torque figures — the former of which is often measured in kilowatts.

stark, dirt, bike, front, rear

Running Gear: While a dirt bike’s power and acceleration are primarily owed to its powertrain (and gearing, to some extent), its other riding characteristics mainly boil down to the running gear — or components — with which they’re equipped. This includes elements such as an e-dirt bike’s suspension setup, chassis, swing-arm, and braking hardware — all of which play a pivotal role in a bike’s handling and stopping power.

Size Weight: Just like with traditional dirt bikes — that are typically offered in everything from 49cc up through 450cc sizes — electric models come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, with a slew of different seat heights and riding positions. These battery-powered bikes can also weigh in at anywhere between around 100lbs all the way up to two-wheelers pushing 400lbs. When reviewing this particular area, you’ll want to consider your height, skill level, intended riding applications, and whether or not the bike’s ergonomics (and/or seat height) can be adjusted.

Smart Tech: GPS tracking, remote unlocking, and on-the-fly parameter adjustments are all frequently featured on late model electric dirt bikes, allowing for more personalization. What’s more, similar to smartphones, today’s electric dirt bikes also often come loaded with sensors such as accelerometers, gyroscopes, wheel speed monitors, and GPS sensors — all of which feed data several hundred times every second into an advanced processor.

App Connectivity: A growing number of dirt bikes are now being offered with connectivity to dedicated smartphone apps that allow users to adjust settings and parameters of the bike, such as power output, throttle response, traction control, or ABS levels. Many of these apps can also be used to download over-the-air updates.

Experience Level: No matter what type of motorcycle you’re purchasing, your search should always be limited by your level of skill and riding experience. Starting on a machine that’s too large and too powerful isn’t just inconducive to learning, it’s downright dangerous — plus it limits the amount of fun the rider has, as they’re forced to FOCUS on keeping the bike in check rather than perfecting their technique and advancing as a rider. The good news, however, is that quite a few of today’s electric dirt bikes can have their power level and throttle response adjusted (i.e. lowered) in order to be compatible with novice pilots.

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