Segway Ninebot GT2 Electric Kick Scooter. Segway super scooter gt2

Segway Ninebot GT2 Electric Kick Scooter

SKU: 1SG-GT2 UPC: TOP SPEED: ~70 km/h (43.5 mph) MAX RANGE: ~90 km (56 miles) WEIGHT: 52 kg (114.6 lbs) MOTOR: 2 x 1500W / 3000W BATTERY: 50.4V 30Ah / 1512Wh MAX LOAD: 150 kg (330 lbs) MAX GRADE: 18 Deg (30%) TIRE SIZE: 11 in Tubeless Tire


The Segway GT2 model is the boldest electric kick scooter you’ve ever tried. The Segway GT2 pushes the brand into high-performance territory with a fast and powerful standing electric scooter. Coming with 11-inch tubeless pneumatic self-healing tyres, adjustable hydraulic damping suspension and dual wheel drive, you couldn’t wish better to challenge yourself. Segway engineered 30Ah 50.4V (1512Wh) V High-Performance Battery with Heat Flux Multi-Layer Cooling System to balance the heat generated in furious driving condition.

The pair of powerful motors help the Segway GT2 electric kickscooter blast its way up to a top speed of 70 km/h (43.5 mph). A transparent OLED screen adorns the handlebars, providing info like speed, battery, ride mode, turn signal status, and more. Riders won’t need to check the battery status too often though. Segway says the scooter can travel as far as 90 km (56 miles) per charge.

LED Lights

To guarantee the safety of all riders, the Segway GT2 electric scooter has front and rear LED lights. A brilliant and non-dazzling 9W LED front light and LED DRL (Daytime Running Light) helps keep your path clear while making you more visible.In addition to the lights, the GT2 come with certified reflectors on the front, rear, and side, making it easy to spot you in low light conditions. And finally, front, and rear integrated indicators allow for better rider visibility and safer commuting.

Smooth ride or sporty ride: everything is possible!

Its 11-inch self-healing tubeless pneumatic tires with jelly layer inside the tires: this offers more assurance with lower puncture risk and less maintenance needed. In addition, the 92 mm wider treads allow for heavier usage and better durability on any surface.With a powerful dual-wheel drive and a power output of 3000 W, you can try out almost all terrains, with a climbing angle going up to 30%.

The Segway KickScooter GT2 will offer you the best all-terrain experience.

Thanks to its front and rear suspension, and as well as the adjustable damper to adapt perfectly to different riding conditions, you can challenge every off-road terrain. In addition, this new Segway also boasts traction control, the Segway Dynamic Traction Control (STDC), which means more grip, and therefore safety, when turning and on rugged riding conditions. The all-new SDTC system allows torque adjustment between the two motors to increase traction on slippery roads for better performance and safety.

Twin-Charging Technology

To speed up the charging time, GT2 contains two chargers in standard, allowing “Twin-Charging” simultaneously. Also, you can separate 2 chargers in different area to facilitate your charging experience.


The GT2 features an ultramodern suspension system that ensures a smooth and comfortable ride regardless of the terrain. A double-wishbone suspension is fitted to the front of the scooter, while the rear features a trailing arm suspension. In addition, the hydraulic shocks offer 15 levels of damper adjustment for ultimate riding pleasure and supreme off-road capabilities.

Strong Body Frame

Segway has built the whole frame from aviation-grade aluminum alloy for better strength and stability. The upgraded frame is more robust and has the ability to conquer rough terrains seamlessly.


Speed: Up to 70 km/h (43.5 mph)

Range: Up to 90 km (56 miles)

Max. rider weight:150 kg (330 lbs)

Product dimension – Unfolded: 1485 x 656 x 1308 mm

Product dimension – Folded: 1485 x 656 x 860 mm

Net weight: 52.6 kg

Climbing angle: Up to 30% (18 Degree)

Shock Absorption: Front rear dual arm suspension, with adjustable hydraulic damping

Water resistance: IPX4

Smart Battery Management System: Yes

Battery Capacity: 1512 Wh (30 Ah)

Charging time: Up to 16 hours (single charge); up to 8 hours (dual charge)

Rated Power: 3000 W (1500W2)

Max. Power: 6000 W (3000W2)

Wheel drive: Front and rear wheels

Brake: Front and rear disc brakes

Lights: Front LED (9 W high power ), DRL (Day Running Light) and Rear LED lights

Rear brake light: Yes (Flashing)

Ambient lights: Yes, under the footboard

Tire Type: Tubeless Pneumatic Tyres with jelly layer: self-healing tyres

Tires size: 279 mm / 11 inch

App monitor: Yes

Bluetooth: Yes

Folding mechanism: Easy 2 steps folding (require hand)

Info display: Digital with Transparent PM OLED

Information on LED Screen: Speed, remaining power, which mode is activated, 1WD or 2WD, maintenance, Bluetooth connection, turn signal indicator headlight on/off, lock, USB port icon, etc

Riding modes: 4 Riding modes (Eco, Sport, Race and BOOST modes), 1 Walk mode and 1 Park mode

Cruise Control: Yes

Certified reflectors: Yes (front, rear, and side E-MARK reflectors)

Integrated Indicators: Yes, front and rear

Bell: Yes, electronic horn

USB C port: No

NFC technology (for un/lock): No

Segway Ninebot SuperScooter GT2

Bringing you an experience that’s faster, stronger, and ever-better, Segway presents the latest super scooter–the GT2 fast electric scooter. Catch the wind with us at nearly 70km/h, shooting from 0-48kph in less than four seconds. Limited to 25km/h due to government regulations

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70 km/h Max Speed

0-48 km/h in 3.9 seconds

90 Km Range

Transparent PMOLED Display

Aircraft Grade Aluminum Build

2 Wheel Drive

4 Speed Modes

Double Wishbone Suspension Structure

11 inch Anti-Puncture Tubeless Tires

Front and Rear Damper Adjustable Suspension

Front and Rear Hydraulic Disc Brake

Segway SuperScooter GT2

Feel the need for speed? We’ve got you covered. You’re riding in style on the GT2, a fast electric scooter as perfectly at home on the road to work as it is on the road to adventure. Have a longer trip in mind? The GT2 combines exceptional speed with an outstanding battery range of 88 kms.

Personalize your experience

Whether you’re on flat asphalt, country lanes, or off-roading, you can personalize your hydraulic shocks to achieve the perfect ride. The GT2 includes a front and read 15-level damping adjustable hydraulic shock system.

GT2 Features

6000W Rear-Wheel-Drive Air Cooled Hub Motor The GT2 two-hub motor generates a 3000W maximum motor power in each, reaching 88Nm peak torque. With this powerful motor, the GT2 reaches an exciting 70km/h top speed, with an acceleration of 0-48km/h in 3.9 seconds. Limited to 25 km/h due to government regulations

1512Wh High-Performance Battery Segway engineered a 1512Wh, high-performance battery with a Heat Flux Multi-Layer Cooling System, keeping the heat balanced in even the most extreme driving conditions.

SDTC Segway engineered the unique Segway Dynamic Traction Control System (SDTC) to ensure you remain in control on gravel or a slippery road, providing better handling at high speeds.

BOOST MODE Leave the world behind with Boost Mode. Boost Mode activates overpower, shooting you ahead in seconds.

Front Double Wishbone Suspension GT series includes a supercar-level, front double-wishbone suspension structure, ensuring the suspension is stable and handles well.

segway, ninebot, electric, kick, scooter, super

Rear Trailing Arm Suspension The rear trailing arm suspension structure is built like a high-end motorcycle, providing agile suspension and a comfortable drive.

Hydraulic Shocks The GT series is equipped with front rear 15-level damping adjustable hydraulic shocks. These can be personalized based on the driving conditions. Whether on a smooth asphalt road or off-roading, your GT2 is always in a perfect state.

Hydraulic Disc Brake Powerful breaking strength is ensured in the most furious driving conditions. The GT series has 0.8-inch front rear dual-pistons, a 5.5-inch diameter hydraulic disc brake, and a 0.1-inch perforated brake pad.

Self-Sealing Tires GT series provides 11-inch by 3.6-inch tubeless tires with a unique self-sealing function, providing an ultimate road-gripping capacity. With these innovative tires, the risk of punctures is low, regardless of road conditions.

Aluminum Alloy Frame To ensure the best body durability in extreme conditions, the GT series is equipped with an aircraft-grade, lightweight aluminum alloy frame.

PM-OLED Transparent Display The GT2 boasts the world’s first transparent PM OLED display, showing Speed, Motor Power, Battery Life, Range, Drive Mode, Lighting, and STDC. While in Boost Mode, an Energy Reserve Bar is displayed.

900 Lumens LED Light The GT series includes a 900 lumens LED headlight, LED daylight, and a front rear turn light.

Ambient Lights The GT series includes optional rear ambient lights with 11 light mode options that can be chosen from the Segway app.

Twin-Charging Technology To speed up the charging time, the GT2 contains two chargers, allowing for simultaneous charging or separate chargers in different areas.

segway, ninebot, electric, kick, scooter, super

Double Safety Quick-Folding Structure The GT2 includes a safe, solid folding rod, allowing the scooter to be quickly and easily folded down and stored in a narrow space.

Boost your performance

It is essential to exercise caution while riding and to wear protective gear, including a helmet. It’s worth noting that each state and territory in Australia has varying rules and regulations regarding the use of such products. This includes where they can legally be used and whether registration with the state’s road traffic authority is required. Please keep in mind that any information provided by Segway Ninebot Australia is general in nature and may not take into account your specific circumstances. It is the responsibility of each rider to verify their local laws before riding.

Segway super scooter gt2

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Bringing you an experience that’s faster, stronger, and ever-better, Segway presents the latest super scooter–the GT2 fast electric scooter. Catch the wind with us at nearly 44mph an hour, shooting from 0-30mph in less than four seconds

Bringing you an experience that’s faster, stronger, and ever-better, Segway presents the latest super scooter–the GT2 fast electric scooter. Catch the wind with us at nearly 44mph an hour, shooting from 0-30mph in less than four seconds

Perform The Future

A high-performance Supercar Packed in a Scooter! Meet the reinvented Scooter powered by Segway. Inspired by the Mecha Supercards, the Segway GT Electric Scooter Series is the latest innovation that allows the rider to enjoy a furious speed with excellent stability and off-road capability thanks ton the front/rear damper adjustable suspension.

Unrivaled Performance Brings Real Excitement

Innovated by the team at Segway, the Segway GT Series is a real racing machine that offers the most exciting rides. The ultra-powerful dual 1500W motors with a peak power of 6000W enable a top speed of up to 70kph on private property, and a 0-30mpg acceleration in only 3.9 seconds.

Massive-capacity Battery with Cooling System

segway, ninebot, electric, kick, scooter, super

Equipped with a 1512Wh High-performance battery with HeatFlux Multi-layer cooling system, the Segway GT Series reaches a range of up to 90km. Get ready for a long ride you have never experienced before!The specs featured here are achieved with the Segway GT2.

Great Off-road Capability a Real Comfortable Ride

The Segway GT Series features a double-wishbone suspension in the front and a trailing-arm suspension in the rear of the scooter to ensure a safe ride. In addition, it has 15 levels front/rear damper adjustable suspension system for maximum ride comfort and off-road capabilities.

SuperScooter GT Grips the Ground at All Times

The all-new SDTC system allows torque adjustment between the two motors to increase traction on slippery roads for better performance and safety.

Large Tubeless Tyres Designed for a Smooth Ride

The Segway GT Series has two 11-inch tubeless all-season tyres with 3.6-inch width and self-sealing function. The 0.1-0.2 inch self-repair inside the tyres withstands multiple punctures without leaks.

Great Stopping Power at your Disposal

With the Segway GT Series, you have total control. Features a powerful braking system that includes front and rear hydraulic brakes with double pistons and 5.5 inches ventilation discs.

6 Different Modes to Go With Your Ride

The rider has the ability to twist the supercar-like shifting knob to select different riding modes (Park, Eco, Sport, Race) with the option to press down to select the exclusive Boost mode for blasting speed and Walk mode for easier maneuvering.

Lights Up in Day and Night

Designed with safety in mind, the Segway GT Series is equipped with 900 Lumens LED front light, LED daytime running light, and turning signal lights in the front and rear of the scooter. And you can customise the atmosphere light to show off your personality!

Things to know before you ride

It is essential to exercise caution while riding and to wear protective gear, including a helmet. It’s worth noting that each state and territory in Australia has varying rules and regulations regarding the use of such products. This includes where they can legally be used and whether registration with the state’s road traffic authority is required. Please keep in mind that any information provided by Segway Ninebot Australia is general in nature and may not take into account your specific circumstances. It is the responsibility of each rider to verify their local laws before riding.

Segway SuperScooter GT2 Review

The SuperScooter GT2 is a high end electric scooter made by Segway with a whopping price tag of 4000, or a discounted price of 3500 on Indiegogo. I have a review unit loaned to me from Segway. My henchman Max has thoroughly tested it, and I’ve ridden it a little myself as well. The GT2 packs a whole lot of performance and features, but is it worth 4000?

Max weighed 80 kg or 176 lb at the time of testing, and the weather was a cool 13 ºC or 55 ºF. His average ride speed was 49 km/h or 30 mph. For the majority of his ride he was going full throttle in Sport mode, which drains the battery significantly faster than riding at a more relaxing pace.

The top speed reported by the GT2 speedometer was 69 km/h or 43 mph, which matches what Segway claims. According to Segway, the GT2 goes from 0 to 30 mph in 3.9 seconds. We didn’t measure that ourselves but we can say that the acceleration on full throttle felt incredibly strong.

Specs Components

The battery in this thing is 1512 Wh. That’s over twice the capacity of most electric scooters and skateboards.

To keep the pack cool when the motors are drawing maximum power, there’s a system Segway calls HeatFlux Multi-layer Cooling System. From what I can tell, they consist of vents on the front and rear of the deck that draw air across some radiators or heat sinks to cool down the battery cells. Like other scooters with similar cooling systems, the majority of the intake is right behind the front wheel. We speculate that it could get clogged up by dirt and grime over time, so you might want to give it a quick brush every now and then.

To charge this absolute unit of a battery, a pair of 2A chargers are included in the box. If you plug both in, it takes about 8 hours to charge from zero to full. That gets doubled to 16 hours if you use just one charger. It seems weird to not just ship with one fast charger, but apparently using two chargers simultaneously is a common thing among high powered scooters.

The wheels on the GT2 are absolute chonkers and with that chonkiness comes ride comfort, traction and safety. They’re 11- by 3.6-inch tubeless pneumatic tires. For reference, most electric scooters come with 8- to 9-inch tires, so 11-inch is quite huge.

To minimize the risk of punctures, the tires on the GT2 have a layer of tire-liner pre-installed, which seals any small punctures that may occur during a long ride. Features like this aren’t immediately appreciable until you encounter a flat, so it’s pretty nice that Segway decided to include it.

Inside each wheel is a 1500W motor, which draws a peak power of 3000W each. Segway claims it can accelerate a rider from zero to 30 mph or 48 km/h in just under 4 seconds. I haven’t tried it out for myself, but Max has some experience building his own electric scooters, and he was pretty impressed by the torque.

The GT2 has a traction control system that adjusts the torque put out by each motor to increase traction on slippery roads. It’s pretty rare to see electronic traction control implemented in electric scooters. Most scooters in this class have anti-lock braking systems instead, which seems to have a reputation for being rather ineffective and janky. Seems like Segway has really put a lot of thought into the safety of the GT2.

Of course, if you want to do some donuts in the parking lot, just switch to Race mode, which turns off traction control. According to Max, he could definitely feel the difference between having traction control on or off, especially in the front wheel when accelerating hard.

There’s a double wishbone suspension system on the front and a trailing-arm suspension in the rear. They both have 15 levels of adjustment for the hydraulic dampers. To tune it, there’s a little red knob that you turn. Adjustable damping isn’t just useful for off-roading – having it dialed in for your weight and riding style can improve the comfort and safety on regular old roads too.

The GT2 has dual piston hydraulic brakes with 140mm discs, with regen braking in the back wheel, which should further improve braking power, with the added bonus of recharging the battery a little at the same time.

From what I can tell, they’re also compatible with standard mountain bike brakes. So if you want to replace or upgrade any part of the brake system, it should be plug and play.

Twisting the shift knob changes riding modes, which include Walk, Park, Eco, Sport, and Race. There’s also a Boost mode for you speed junkies that’s activated by pressing down on the same knob.

The torque is already incredible even without using Boost. Speaking for myself, even Eco mode felt really powerful.

According to Max, the handlebar is well designed and all buttons were within reach of his thumbs. His only minor critique on the handlebar is that there’s no room to mount anything, such as a camera.

The PMOLED display on the GT2 is transparent and easy to read even under bright sunlight. It looks pretty awesome and kind of resembles a fighter jet’s heads up display. The layout is similar to what you’d find on a car dashboard, with your speed, riding mode, battery percentage, et cetera.

This thing has a ton of lights. There’s a main headlight, a daytime running light, turn signal lights on the front and back, a brake light, and even party lights.

The headlight has a max brightness of 900 lumens. That’s plenty for night time use. For reference, high beam lights in cars start at around 1200 lumens.

The standing area of the deck measures 69 by 24.5 cm. That’s 27 by 9.5 inches. The surface is made of textured rubber which is decently grippy and comfortable. It’s just wide enough to ride with your feet side by side. For a more skate-like stance, it’s plenty comfortable, with a on the front to snuggle your toes into, and a wedge on the back to brace against when accelerating hard.

The long wheelbase of 114.5 cm or 45 inches and the relatively low ride height of 22 cm or 8.7 inches provides much needed stability when riding at high speeds.


The only real issue we had with the GT2 is its portability. This thing is heavy! At 53 kg or 117 lb, the portability of the GT2 is closer to the kind of scooter that you sit on than a traditional kick scooter. While it does fit inside the back of an SUV, it was not easy putting it in and taking it out because of how heavy it was. It’s definitely not something you’ll want to do everyday.

Even moving it up or down a couple steps was difficult, so this is something to consider if you have to deal with stairs. If you need a scooter that you can pick up, the GT2 is not for you. You’ll definitely want to use a ramp or an elevator.

There’s a couple of other cool features like Sentinel mode, walk assist, cruise control, and NFC unlock.

Sentinel mode is something like an anti theft mode for when you’ve got to hop into the convenience store for a moment, or quickly rob a bank. The scooter basically locks itself, sounding a loud alarm and freezes the motors if someone tries to move it without first unlocking it. And trust me – no one’s going to pick it up and run away with it. This is a feature I think all electric scooters should adopt.

The design style of the GT2 is a huge distinguishing feature from other high performance electric scooters. The cockpit layout, the suspension design, the cooling vents, and even the splash-guards all feel extremely well thought out and polished with a coherent theme throughout. This is one of the few PEVs that look great from a distance and even better up close. In fact, the design kind of has a mecha style going, which I obviously think is awesome.

segway, ninebot, electric, kick, scooter, super

The frame is made of aircraft grade aluminum which Segway says can handle a max rider weight of 150kg or 330 pounds.

The duration of the warranty on the GT2 is different for each component. Some parts, like the hub motors, are covered for 2 years. The battery is covered for 1 year. And even the consumable parts like tires and brake pads have warranty for 30 days.

Segway has authorized dealers and service centers across the globe – more than 30 of them in just North America. You can find them on Segway’s website. Segway also sells replacement parts for those who want to service the scooter on your own.

Is it for you?

Many e-scooters in the high performance category can look and feel a little rough around the edges, with a function over form design philosophy. There’s definitely a market for that, for the enthusiasts looking for the most performance per dollar. And those products really do push the limits of electric scooter performance.

But the GT2 seems to be trying to attract a different kind of audience. Compared to other high performance scooters around 4000, it doesn’t have the largest battery or the highest top speed, but most of us don’t need those kinds of specs anyway.

What the GT2 has to offer is a more holistic and well-rounded experience for the rider with all its unique quality of life and safety features – without skimping on performance that most riders can reasonably appreciate. All of that packaged in an aesthetically pleasing design with exceptional fit and finish.

The SuperScooter GT2 is a fast and powerful street cruiser, a daily driver that’s more than powerful enough for weekend thrill rides. And for some, probably the best looking scooter at this price point.

So if you’re looking to throw 4000 at an electric scooter, the GT2 is absolutely worth considering.

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