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This is how the first three ultramarathons out of 100 across the USA felt after not running for a month (since I had cycled across the USA first). It is a painful process when the cycling legs are adapting to ultra running. I FOCUS on the kilometres ahead, stay positive and firmly believe that my legs will eventually adap and better times are coming. They always do. Extreme adventures are just like many things in life and business. Concentrate on the task ahead and the things you can influence; stay positive and keep discipline up; push through the hard times and firmly believe that better times are coming. 3 days and 150 km done ♂️ 4.900 km to go and in 97 days I am going to be in New York

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Joints, tendons and lower leg bones are the weak spots and will take very (!) long to recover – if overloaded. This isn’t cycling, this is high-impact distresss.

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Jonas Deichmann: Wenn es Jemanden gelingt, dann dir. Du wirst es schaffen und die Beine besser und besser.

Head of PD and Construction

Alles Gute weiterhin! Schaut zwar aktuell nicht sehr frisch aus. offen gesagt. aber step by step kann es ja noch werden. Und nicht vergessen wie im Business, um nicht plötzlich das böse Erwachen zu haben: auch ein Krankheitstag ist legitim, wenn es nicht mehr geht, bevor nichts mehr geht.

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scott, bike, shoes

Einfach dann bleiben. Konzentration auf das Wesentliche. der Weg ist ist das Ziel. Wünsche von Herzen tolle Begegnungen auf dem Weg. Es wir immer anders und am Ende gut. Diese Erfahrung jetzt ist nicht mit Geld zu bezahlen. Alles gute weiterhin.

Titles don`t mean anything.

Go Jonas, Joachim Heybrock bitte Jonas folgen hier in Linked In

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Lieber Jonas, du bist immer wieder eine Inspiration. Ich freue mich dann wieder auf einen deiner immer sehr gelungenen Vorträge, von denen man immer viel lernen kann. Du nimmst dann jeden auf deine Reise mit. ohne die Schmerzen:).

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Trans America Twice update: 5 days in and slightly ahead of schedule with over 250 km in the legs Today also my body finally started to adapt and I am now running smooth and faster. Unfortunately a huge forest fire 180 km ahead on my route forces me to reroute and I am taking a route close to the interstate across the Mojave desert as I believe firefighters will do everything to keep the fire away from the main road. However, smoke is a big concern as I will be passing just a few kilometres by the fires. Hoping for a good wind direction. Already the past few days it has been very hot and I usually started at 4 am to escape the heat. The next few days across the desert temperatures will climb above 45 degrees Challenging times ahead

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scott, bike, shoes

Time for the longest run of my life. I finished cycling across the USA and arrived in Los Angeles two days ago. So now I an turning around to run back 5.000 km to go until New York, averaging one ultramarathon a day and completing the challenge in 100 days. So looking forward to the second part of my adventure. I will be back in Europe with my motivational speech “The limit is just me” in mid November.

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Great news about my arrival in Los Angeles in Süddeutsche Zeitung and most other newspapers around Germany thanks to at DPA. Deutsche Presse Agentur

Extremsportler Deichmann erreicht Los Angeles

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Cycling across the USA complete After 5.400 km in 25 days from New York to Los Angeles, I reached the Pacific and went in for a nice swim. Tired now but also very happy and excited for leg 2 of my adventure. I am running back to New York on Thursday completing one ultramarathon a day for 100 days to reach New York in early November And then I will be back in Europe with my new motivational keynote in mid November! Pics by Markus Weinberg (Sponsored Werbung)

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Trans America Twice update: with over 5.000 km done I am already in California approaching the finish of the cycling leg in Los Angeles. The past few days have been extremely challenging due to the extreme heat. Today I crossed a remote section of the Mojave desert with temperatures at 46 degree Celsius. So I start my days at 3 am to get the first 150 km done before the heat. Two more days to Los Angeles and than I am running back.

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Having zero emissions is of course the best but often not possible. However, we can calculate our emissions and support projects to offset it. I have partnered with Regreener to calculate the carbon footprint of my Trans America Twice project and we will donate the amount to offset it to a wind energy project in Mexico and another one planting trees in Zambia.

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Trans America Twice update ♂️ After the long and straight stretch across the prairie I reached the Rocky Mountains three days ago and am now approaching Utah. Landscape is stunning and what a contrast to the monotony of the prairie. Making good progress and I am just a week from the Pacific now and the change into my running shoes. Will be a tough final days on the bike with temperatures getting close to 50 degrees Celsius. You can follow my progress on the lifetracker at

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Halfway across the USA ♂️ After 12 days on the bike I passed the halfway mark yesterday. A lot of fields and monotony so far but with the Rocky Mountains, the canyons of Utah. Mojave desert, Death Valley and the Pacific exciting times are ahead

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Almost halfway across the USA ♂️making good progress on the cycling leg of my double crossing „Trans America Twice“. I am now in the prairie with endless straight roads through cornfields and continuous strong headwinds. But the locals are super nice and always a welcoming change from the monotony of the prairie. With my adventure I am also raising money for charity. World Bicycle Relief provides bicycles to children in Africa so they can ride to school which might be too far away otherwise. To support the cause you can donate here:

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Cleats – Will You Need To Buy Them?

Most cycling companies don’t include cleats or pedals with their cycling shoes. That is an extra cost that you will have to take into an account. The good news is cycling cleats and pedals usually last longer than the cycling shoes they are attached to. That means you should be able to swap out an older set of cleats with a new set of shoes.

I am a big fan of Shimano pedals and cleats. They have been tested and worn by some of the best cyclists in the world and continue to be very reliable.

Men’s Cycling Shoe Size Chart

FAQ Cycling Shoe Guide

Most cycling shoes are smaller than dress/street shoes. I usually go down a 1/2 size. The reason is you want a tighter fit for more control on the pedal and also so your feet don’t move around.

Sidi Shoes are made in Italy and most Italian/European cycling clothing and shoes tend to run smaller than the US equivalents.

It really depends on the person, but for me personally, I have yet to wear out a pair of cycling shoes. Unlike running shoes, cycling shoes should last you a few seasons of moderate cycling.

Heck Yeah, they are. Cycling shoes and pedals with cleats (a.k.a. clipless pedals) provide a fantastic platform for cycling and provide you with the ability to pull up on the upstroke giving you more power.

You want your cycling shoe to feel snug, but not overly so. They should feel comfortable on with the ability to tighten them as needed.

I prefer the BOA system to others. They are easy to use, usually easy to tighten while riding and easy to undo after the ride.

When I buy cycling shoes I usually opt for the higher end ones. They are lighter, usually have a better lacing system and almost always look cool.

I would refer to it as a baseline. Different cycling shoe manufacturers design their shoes to fit the average person, but if you find you have a high arch, a really wide foot or a really narrow foot, you might have to try several manufacturer’s cycling shoes. NOTE: Never buy online unless there is a return policy.

Check Out Our Latest Reviews Of Top Cycling Shoes


Each of these wears a pair of top-end Boa Li2 dials, and these allow 1mm adjustments in either direction. It was easy to dial in the perfect fit across the whole foot.

They’re very easy to use even while riding, as you don’t have to release and then retighten them like a lot of Boa dials. I really liked this as, during summer, I need to adjust my shoes as my feet get warm. The Li2s make it super easy.

The heel and toe bumpers are on the small side but give good grip when off the bike, and they protect the sole of the shoe well enough. They have some signs of wear, but after a few months of heavy use that is to be expected.


These are designed for a slim, racing fit, but I found them a bit more roomy than other slim-fit shoes (particularly around the toes), and it gave them an all-day comfort which I haven’t always found with such things. Even on a three-day bikepacking trip I never had any niggles with them, even after nine hours in the saddle on a warm day.

The sizing is spot on. I tested EU45s which equate to UK10.5s – my usual size for road shoes. These were a very comfortable fit, and I had no issues with heel slippage.

Scott‘s ‘Ergologic Insole System’ allows you to adjust the insole depending on arch volume, too, via three pad options that come with the shoes. They’re designed to reduce numbness and distribute pressure evenly, but as I have pretty standard feet I just stuck with the default. It was very comfortable for me.

At 555g a pair in size 45, these are very light and similar to many other top end shoes, although not the absolute lightest on the market.

The upper has decent ventilation and is breathable; my feet didn’t overheat too much, even after some long rides in temperatures of around 22°C. There’s a good sized vent on the front of the sole, but nothing at the back to draw air through – these might be a bit warm if temperatures are getting up towards 30°.

I’d say ventilation is well balanced for the UK, as they’ll keep you cool on all but the hottest of days, but shouldn’t automatically freeze your toes in winter.

While I haven’t tested these in winter temps, given the white front and the price I’d never wear them in poor conditions without toe covers anyway. They got dirty-looking easily even during the unusually dry spell that occurred during testing – that’s always a problem with white. They were easy to clean, at least.


At £439.99 these are some of the most expensive shoes we have ever tested, and some of the most expensive off-the-peg road shoes out there.

The Specialized S-Works Torch shoes were rated very highly, and though Liam (quite reasonably) described them as ‘silly expensive,’ at £385 they’re still cheaper than the Ultimates.

Steve really liked the Shimano S-Phyre RC9 road shoes, which are similarly high-end and a full £90 less at £349.99.

If you are looking for a more affordable pair of premium road shoes, then Shimano’s RC7s also scored well in our testing and are £189.99.


Scott‘s RC Ultimates are very impressive. They are extremely stiff yet all-day comfortable, and the excellent dual Li2 Boas makes it easy to dial in the perfect fit. However, with such high performance comes a very high price.

Very stiff and light shoes that offer all day comfort, but that price is hard to stomach

If you’re thinking of buying this product using a cashback deal why not use the Top Cashback page and get some top cashback while helping to support your favourite independent cycling website

Make and model: Scott Road RC Ultimate Shoe

Size tested: 45

scott, bike, shoes

Tell us what the product is for

The SCOTT Road RC Ultimate is about pure performance. These top-of-the-line shoes offer unrivalled power transfer with a lightweight construction. They provide the perfect fit for racers and those who want the ultimate performance.

Tell us some more about the technical aspects of the product?

HMX carbon sole and Carbitex upper

Adjustable ErgoLogic insole

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