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C’EST NEUF, ET EN STOCK! Le vélo de ville électrique CITY de Techno Ebike vous comblera de bonheur avec son moteur d’une grande puissance de 48 v 500 w muni d’une batterie 14Vah lithium ion LG.

Le vélo électrique 4 saisons ESCAPE de Techno Ebike vous comblera de bonheur avec son moteur d’une grande puissance de 48 v 500 w muni d’une batterie 12.8 ah lithium ion LG amovible permet une.

English: Experience the revolution in personal transportation with the INNO7 Plus- Li e-scooter, brought to you by ZoomRide by FreeMotion, a leading Canadian company based in Montreal. This powerful.



Lightly used. Really good bike, quite powerful, and the pedal assist works really well. The bike speed is in accordance with the laws in Canada.

Vélo électrique SWFT. Fleet blanc et neuf Vitesse maximale 19,8 mph Autonomie 37,2 mph Neuf. a roulé seulement 1 kilomètre Je le revends car j’en ai reçu un autre peu de temps après mon achat.

Nous avons encore 3 unités en stock! HIKARI Inazuma (Éclaire en japonais) est un vélo pliable superbement conçu. Facile à plier et à ranger. Muni d’un puissant moteur de 250w et une batterie de.

Attention: Les deux vélos sont présentement réservé jusqu’à Mardi le 20 juin 2023. The two bikes have been reserved until Tuesday June 20th 2023 (see english below) 2 Vélos Électriques Igo Elite 3

Electric Scooters Canada We offer 5 models of electric scooters with FREE SHIPPING to major centres in Canada! Synergy Aviator. 600w, 48v. 15.8ah battery. Foldable. Front Rear Lights Synergy Aviator 2.0. 600w Dual, 48v. 15.8 ah battery. 50km Range. Foldable, Front Rear Lights, Signal Lights YouTube Review:

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Fat bike valeurs de 2500 pour 500 le moteur ne fonctione plus il coute 200 sur amazone batterie neuve 36volt 13 ampere 23 mille kilometre au compteur.

Very good bike, looks new. Well maintained, looks handsome. Everything is super okay. 3 hours without padel, and with padel assist you can ride upto 5 hours. Battery is removable, it takes 4 hours.

Electric bike Up to 90km range Max speed 38km/h 4hrs charging time Brand new in box Battery and motor is in the front wheel Delivery available for a fee

Electric Bike like new. Bought 3 months ago. Phone stand and Lock is with the bike. Price is negotiable.

Vintage Iron Cycles Carries the following models of Super 73 Electric Bikes:.Super 73 RX.Super 73 R.Super 73 S2.Super 73 S1.Super 73 ZX SUPER73 is an American lifestyle adventure brand based in Orange County, CA that develops products to help fuse motorcycle heritage with youth culture. Founded in 2016,


Rear Milk Racing 18”x1.85 wheel benefits over stock: 1. You can put very knobby and wide tires, which means more grip 2. You have more tire options than on stock 19″x1.4 3. Better for trail riding – 18″ tire is fatter, so you can also go with less pressure, and it is more resistant to pinching 4. 18″ tire is more flexible – more traction on a hard surface like rocks etc., with lower pressure 5. 18” wheel is the same diameter as the stock 19”, which means you have more rubber to work for you on trials 6. 18″ tire is thicker, which gives more protection for the rim 7. Stronger and wider rim Milk Racing Wheels Sold worldwide and test-proven by thousands of customers on six continents – the best quality/price wheels on the market. Upgraded, reinforced rims stained with anodizing process give them more scratch and corrosion-resistant surface than standard paint. Super strong upgraded stainless steel spokes and double-size brass nipples (stronger and more corrosion resistant than aluminum type) lanced with a 3-cross spoke pattern make Milk Racing wheels strong enough to withstand more than what Sur-Ron bike can stand. Our main goal is to give alternative wheel upgrade options for expensive competitors’ products and give the best product experience possible, providing as much hardware as possible to make it hassle-free for you to FOCUS on riding rather than figuring out how to put an upgrade in. Wheels always come with tools, spare spokes, spoke wrench, inner tube, rim Band, and rim lock – you only miss fitting a tire on. If you need 100% Plug Play wheels, we offer tire fitting as a standard offer. Wheels come ready to ride straight from the box. A tubeless system can be fitted as well. As a direct producer, we provide customization such as color combinations, dishing, etc.

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Informations complémentaires

Silver, Ocynkowany na czarno (czas realizacji 2 tygodnie), Malowanie proszkowe na kolor biały RAL 9016 (czas realizacji 6 tygodni), Czerwony RAL 3020 malowany proszkowo (czas realizacji 6 tygodni), Pomarańczowy RAL 2004 malowany proszkowo (czas realizacji 6 tygodni), Żółty RAL 1021 malowany proszkowo (czas realizacji 6 tygodni), Żółcień siarkowa RAL 1016 malowana proszkowo (czas realizacji 6 tygodni), Malowanie proszkowe na zielono RAL 6029 (czas realizacji 6 tygodni), Peinture à l’huile RAL 6018 (pour les applications à 6 pneus), Peinture à l’huile de couleur RAL 6027 (pour les applications à 6 pneus), Niebieski RAL 5005 (pour les applications à 6 pneus), Niebieski RAL 50015 malowany proszkowo (czas realizacji 6 tygodni), Brązowoniebieski RAL 8003 malowany proszkowo (czas realizacji 6 tygodni), Szary RAL 7016 malowany proszkowo (czas realizacji 6 tygodni) Tele Magneta RAL 4010 malowana proszkowo (czas realizacji 6 tygodni)

BRAK OPONY, BRAK OPONY dished, 3,25 lub 90/90 Off-road Standard (1 tydzień oczekiwania), 3,50 lub 110/100 Big Boy Off-road Standard. dished (1 tydzień oczekiwania), 3,50 lub 110/100 Big Boy Off-road Standard. trimmed (1 tydzień oczekiwania)

Nuetech Tubliss GEN 2.0 (czas postępowania 2 tygodnie), Standardowa dętka

2 małe logo standardowe 2 dodatkowe duże logo, 2 Małe standardowe logo

Czarny, Srebrny (czas postępowania 4 tygodnie), Niebieski (czas realizacji 4 tygodnie), Złoto (czas postępowania 4 tygodnie), Czerwony (czas realizacji 4 tygodnie)


Moyeu arrière OEM SurRon

2 x Sealed BearingSurRon Disque de frein d’origine, modèle de boulon

36x rayons en acier inoxydable 2.6mm/12G

brass nickel-plated – stronger and more corrosion-resistant than aluminum

Embouts moto 6,5 mm (taille de l’outil 5,5 mm)

Verrouillage de la jante

Added as standard. We believe you should get the best upgrade possible for the best price with the little hassle possible. The rim lock prevents spinning the tire on the rim, so you don’t rip off the inner tube valve. You can ride on lower pressure for extra grip and upgrade your power without worrying about the inner tube valve, which is a common issue.

3-cross pattern – strongest possible


Adaptation. Option PlugPlayNous offrons l’adaptation des pneus, de sorte que les roues sont livrées PlugPlay, prêtes à rouler directement depuis la boîte, ce qui vous fait gagner du temps et de l’argent (il se peut que nous dégonflions la roue pour l’emballage).

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If not specified, we use a universal standard tire generic brand known for its excellent price-quality ratio – verified and tested by thousands of our clients worldwide and us.

Le plus gros problème avec les pneus surdimensionnés pour SurRon/Talaria est qu’il est difficile de les trouver et de savoir s’ils seront adaptés. Nous sélectionnons donc les tailles, afin que vous n’ayez pas à vous inquiéter de savoir s’ils conviendront à votre SurRon/Talaria.

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen supply chain issues, tire brands and models are subject to change to other corresponding tire brands and models without notice. Please get in touch with us if you need specific information about the current tire situation.

Type de terrain

SUR ROUTE. uniquement pour une application sur chaussée sèche ou humide ou sur asphalte. Ne convient pas pour le tout-terrain et les conditions hivernales. HORS ROUTE. idéal pour toutes les applications d’enduro/country-cross/motocross. Ne convient pas pour la route. presque aucune adhérence et s’arrache facilement. TRIAL/DUAL. la meilleure option si vous roulez à la fois sur et hors route. Longue durée de vie et traction égale sur toutes les surfaces.

Taille des pneus de la ROUE AVANT

The front fork is a key. We cannot advise on every fork brandmodel as all of them are different, but here are a few tips:

  • any of our 21″ tire will fit any upside-down fork like DNM Volcano inverted OEM fork, Manitou Dorado, DVO Onyx, or KKE. Also to standard (not inverted) Marzocchi Bomber 58, Fox 40, and other 27.5″ and 29″ size forks works with any 21″ wheel/tire. Almost all 26″ forks, along with RST Killah, are NOT compatible with 21″ wheels/tires.
  • WIDE 19″, 18″, 16″ tire size will fit to above mention forks, but it might hit fork covers, so you would need to either trim the tire, cut the covers, or take the covers off
  • REGULAR 19″, 18″, 16″ tire size will fit almost any fork.
  • Any SUPERWIDE tire will fit ONLY DNM front fork (or sometimes FOX), but it might need to be trimmed or/and fork covers need to be cut or taken off. Nevertheless, we do not recommend this size for front as it might rub fork at some point anyway.
  • for KKE, RST Killah and FASTACE fork with 19″ 18″ 16″ wheel you should go only with REGULAR tire size. Those forks are very narrow at the bottom of the upper section, which may cause WIDE/SUPERWIDE tire rub.

N’hésitez pas à nous contacter si vous avez des questions ou des doutes sur le montage de la fourche. nous pouvons vous conseiller sur la largeur des pneus afin que vous puissiez décider vous-même en fonction de la fourche que vous avez.

Taille des pneus de la ROUE ARRIÈRE

  • REGURAL, WIDE (any diameter) size – no wheel modification
  • SUPERWIDE (any diameter) size – wheel modification is required so the tire doesn’t interfere with the chain.
  • Déplacer/offsetting. nous déplaçons la jante vers la gauche sur les rayons (plus d’informations ici).
  • Découpage. nous découpons les boutons des pneus.

Nous recommandons vivement l’option Dishing. pas de perte d’adhérence d’un côté du pneu.

No modification is required on the bike itself for REGURAL, WIDE tire size. For SUPERWIDE, depending on your chain length, you might need to change the kickstand bolt for shorter (we include the bolt in the package). Installation details in MANUALS.

Système sans chambre à air pour les applications tout-terrain

NUETECH Tubliss Gen. 2.0. la meilleure mise à niveau possible pour la roue. Il vous permet d’utiliser des pressions de pneu beaucoup plus basses en toute sécurité, et la baisse de la pression augmente la surface de contact, ce qui augmente instantanément la traction et protège la jante. Plus le flanc du pneu est rigide, plus la pression peut être réduite, ce qui crée un nouveau niveau de traction et de performance.

Système tubeless pour application sur routeDisponible prochainement.


Couleur des rayons

galvanized – more scratch resistantpowder coated

Standard argent. laiton nickelé

pour, electric, bike, vélos

Hub and rim color

Matt Anodized scratch-resistant color for cohesive appearance and corrosion resistance (advanced chemical process)Powder coated with any RAL color – coming soon

Rotor arrière

The larger wheel needs more power to stop, and a brakes upgrade is highly recommended. Magura MDR-P 220mm Floating – the best and the strongest rotor available on the market. Adapted and pre-mounted with thread-locking fluid. Wheels come with caliper spacers.

BalancingThe wheel will be balanced using Electronic Dynamic Wheel Balancer and adhesive steel weights.

Moyeu double

Lancing the wheel on a special dual hub allows you to use a double-disc braking system. You can still use a single disc – we add a free ABS cover for not used side if you plan to upgrade your braking system later.


100% PlugPlay compatibility with OEM for the STANDARD option. Please refer to custom options and tire fitment tabs details.

Chaque année de fabrication.


All necessary tools: wrench, Allen keys, torx key for disc brake bolts (disc brake needs to be swapped from OEM wheel), etc.

VOUS AVEZ BESOIN :vos entretoises de moyeu arrière d’origine existantes.

and (if not selected)sprocket, brake disks, and tires


Nous faisons toujours de notre mieux pour expédier les commandes bien avant la date limite. Après l’achat, vous recevrez un e-mail contenant un lien permettant de suivre l’état de la commande et de vérifier la date d’expédition estimée. Veuillez noter que la commande ne commence à être traitée que lorsque nous recevons le paiement. Si nécessaire, contactez-nous avant de passer commande pour obtenir des informations plus détaillées sur le délai d’expédition actuel.

CUSTOM PRODUCTIf the custom option is selected, the lead time is time for “Usually ships in:” time for proceed time for the longest option. E.g., “Usually ships in:5-7days” “TIRE FITMENT: 2 weeks proceed time” = 3 weeks proceed time.

BACKORDERIf the product/custom option is in BACKORDER, it means that you can make an order, but the lead time is unknown yet (if the date is not specified), and we will postpone shipping until it’s back in stock. Contact us before ordering for more backorder details if necessary.


The shipping for multiple products will begin for the longest lead time product from the order. Please make separate orders if necessary.


Orders with multiple the same products may be delayed depending on the quantity ordered. Please get in touch with us before big order for a more precise lead time if necessary.


The shipping method (priority or economy) does not affect lead time (manufacturing time) of your order. We know that time is of the essence, so we make every effort to fulfill your order ASAP, regardless of whether the shipping is economy or priority.

Talaria Sting Electric Bike 2023. Road Legal. 6000w

For well over a year the Sur-Ron LBX has been the UK’s most popular electric, off-road bike, and has also brought many new riders into the sport. It’s popularity has led to constant shortages and the need to place advanced orders to secure a bike. The lack of competition in this super-light, off-road category is now over, as we’re delighted to add the Talaria Sting to our range.

Although the Talaria Sting bears a striking similarity to the Sur-Ron LBX, it has a number of advantages, as it’s been developed to more than match its rival. Size, weight, power, torque and seat height are very similar, however, the Sting has 19% greater battery capacity, a wider swinging arm and a wider rear tyre to provide improved grip. The Sting also does away with a primary belt (or chain) drive and replaces this with a sealed, fixed ratio transmission box. Replacing a belt drive with a non-serviceable item improves reliability and reduces maintenance, both of which are especially important to off-road riders.

The Sting also offers a four-level, adjustable brake regen capability, which allows the rider to select the ideal engine braking for the type of terrain being tackled. Apart from providing more control on downhill gradients, greater regen will also maximise range, which has already been enhanced by the 19% increase in battery capacity. In addition, the Sting offers an extended, heavy duty motor guard, pro peg footrests and a more robust, single battery and loom connector.

The Talaria Sting has been designed and developed by a team that set-out to take the fight to the competition by producing a superior bike, but at the same price point. Come and judge for yourself by trying our demonstrators.

FREE Fast Delivery

Delivery within the UK and EU within 5-6 weeks.

Note: Range and top speed are dependent on a number of factors including conditions, weight of the rider, terrain etc. If you are in the UK you will need an EU to UK adapter.

Trim Tech Disclaimer It is the Customers complete responsibility to ensure that their E-bike or E-scooter is used in accordance with all local and country laws. The customer when purchasing through Trim Tech accepts and assumes all risk and liability associated the the use of an E-Bike or E-Scooter and/or any other product purchased from Trim Tech. The customer accepts full responsibility and waivers their rights to hold Trim Tech its owners from any liability caused in association, directly or indirectly with their use unless due to the negligence of the company or a defective product. Electronic scooters and Electronic bikes are not for the use of anyone under the age of 18.

Payment Security

Your payment information is processed securely. We do not store credit card details nor have access to your credit card information.

Estimate shipping

Refund Policy

AFTER SALES SERVICE AGREEMENTIn accordance with the principles of equality and mutual benefit, sincere cooperation and common development, in order to better serve clients, after friendly consultations, in accordance with the principles of mutual trust and sincere cooperation, an agreement is reached and both parties abide by it.

All cost covered by buyer themselves if returned without quality issue and the returned goods shall not affect the normal secondary sales. The product shall be intact and complete, including complete packaging and no damage to the appearance within 7 days. If the returned merchandise affects the normal secondary sales, the buyer will deal with it by themselves.

Once you received the product and find quality issue, please feedback to our company within 7 days, and the full amount will be refunded after our company receives and confirms it. If more than 7 days, we will deal with it as normal quality issue. The time is calculated based on the actual logistics information delivery as 7 working days.

a). Within 7 days after the logistics information is delivered, due to product quality issue, the full amount will be refunded after our company received the confirmation, and we stand for all shipping cost also.b). than 7 days, within 1 year warranty period (battery warranty period is 6 months) due to product quality problems, our company provides free accessories and free maintenance, Buyer stand for shipping fee.c). Over 1 year warranty period, our company provides lifetime paid maintenance service, The buyer pay the all cost includes parts cost and shipping cost.

If the issue caused by non-quality problems, even within the warranty period, our company is only responsible for providing after-sales service, but does not bear any related costs.Such as:a). If it is used in the rain for a long time or immersed in water, the battery will be damaged due to various ingresses, the instrument will be damaged, and the connection cable connector will be damaged.b). Issue caused by weight overload driving, long-time climbing or long-distance driving on bumpy roads, etc.c). If the users does not strictly use, maintain and maintain the instructions in the user manual.d). If the users does not authorize our company to modify, add or modify the appearance and function of the product without permission caused issue.e). Issue caused by accidental damage caused by user storage or use in an incorrect environment.f). If the invoice, warranty card, model and serial number do not match or change.g). If the local laws and regulations are not followed, various accidents, etc. do not meet the warranty terms

The specific return process needs to be handled according to the RMA return logistics method specified by our company; if the customer uses other logistics methods for processing, our company does not assume any responsibility and related costs.

The final interpretation of this clause belongs to our company. If there is any dispute within the validity period of the contract, the two parties negotiate to resolve it, and the agreement can be supplemented.

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