Recumbent bike exercise program. Use the presets

Easy Recumbent Bike Workout Plan For Beginners

Unlike the traditional upright bikes, recumbent bikes allow you to exercise in a reclining position. The paddle is in front of you and your back is rested on the back support. These bikes offer you an impact-free workout in the comfort of your home. They are great for weight loss and improving cardiovascular fitness.

Take your cardio to the next level with a recumbent bike workout.

Recumbent bike’s low-impact and ease of use make it ideal for the elderly, the novice, and also the seasoned athlete. Once you have bought the best recumbent bike for your needs, ensure that you start correctly to get the maximum benefit. The following section will help you start on the right note.

Adjust the seat

It takes only seconds to adjust the seat. Many beginners fail to do so in their eagerness to start. A proper seat position will make your workout more comfortable and effective. All you have to do is simply slide the seat to a more comfortable position.

Only make sure that the position allows a slight bend on your extended leg in when it is on the far side of the cycle.

Recumbent Bike With Resistance Bands Workout

Adjust your seat for a comfortable and effective workout!

Start with some stretching and warming up

As with all other exercises, it is necessary to limber up before starting. Lunges, trunk rotation, leg swings, toe touches, trunk rotations, etc. will get the juices flowing. After stretching, you can warm up with some light pedaling for about five minutes. Stretching and warming up will help reduce injuries and maximize the benefits of your workout.

A proper position will ensure that you get the maximum out of your workout. It also prevents injuries and helps you burn more calories. Avoid leaning forward and ensure that your back is tightly aligned with the seat. Use both the handles on the side of the seat while doing intense exercises.

recumbent, bike, exercise, program

Maximize your workout: The right position can help you burn more calories and get the most out of your exercise routine.

What You Need to Start

For your beginner recumbent bike workout plan to be successful, you will have to follow certain steps.

The step-by-step guide will make your workout efficient and effective. Let’s have a look at what steps you need to start for a recumbent bike workout plan.

Choose a Good Recumbent Bike

Fitness enthusiasts generally favor recumbent bikes for their ease of use and comfort. Unlike the upright bike, it is convenient and user friendly. You can make exercise fun with a recumbent bike. Hop on and start exercising while handling daily tasks as well.

It has a comfortable seat that provides support to your back. You will not feel any fatigue or discomfort later in your spine or muscles as with an upright bike. It will draw you to exercise more often and then, and this is the best way to achieve fitness goals.

It is also applauded for the versatility it offers. Anyone can exercise regardless of physical issues. Everyone can enjoy the beginner workout on recumbent bike with the same level of comfort and motivation for progress.

Set up your Bike

Take your time to get acquainted with the bike first. Read the manual and instructions for a better understanding of the bike. Adjust the seat according to your body before starting. Also, adjust the pedal straps for a firm grip while cycling. Take a look at the control panel to make sure it has the correct readout.

The panel will display the number of calories burnt, time duration, heart rate, and speed. In the next step, adjust the resistance level according to your need. After checking up on everything, it is time for you to warm up the body.


Warming up is an integral part of the exercise. Warming up puts all the muscles in motion, making it easier for the body to adjust to intense exercise.

Start by stretching your chest. Spread your legs and hold the towel at the back with your hands. Lift your hands and keep the position for 20 seconds and repeat it five times.

With the help of the shoulder reaches, you can also warm up your shoulder. To mobilize your lower body, you need to do the leg swings.

First, grab on to something solid for stability. Swing your right and left leg in a forward and backward motion. It is necessary to swing every leg at least ten times.

Recumbent Bike Workout for Beginners

The cycling position in the recumbent bike is not only good for your back but also for other parts of your body. This easy motion allows you to work for all the major muscle groups at once. Unlike traditional bikes, these bikes do not need hours of sitting straight up. So you can ride without getting tired or sore!

1- Pedaling Workout

Are you looking for an alternative workout to stay active? If so, try a recumbent exercise bike. It’s great to ride recumbent bikes because you keep your feet on the ground and your spine in natural alignment. [1]

This position is much more comfortable than sitting upright on a conventional bicycle or even sitting at a desk all day! The cardio benefits of using this type of machine are also worth noting. When pedaling, you work many major muscle groups – not those in your legs but also in your abdominals and arms.

The recumbent bike is one of the very best gym equipment for achieving weight loss goals. Especially when used in conjunction with other strength training exercises such as squatting, lunging and pushups.

2- Interval Training

Not all recumbent bikes come with a console, but if yours does then there’s no need to worry. This type of exercise equipment is specially designed for use with your own equipment for even more intense workouts!

Simply choose one from among the pre-set programs or create your own personalized routine by downloading an app onto it. These will help keep boredom at bay while also helping shed those extra pounds off in record time.

Tips on How to Get the Most Out of Your Workout

Specific tips will help you in the beginner stationary bike workout routine. If you consider these tips, that will save you time and also let you exercise more effectively.

Some of the beginners use a Recumbent bike ineffectively which leads to unproductive exercise. Below mentioned are some tips for the Recumbent bike workout for Beginners.

  • Adjust the seat according to your stature and posture. It rapidly increases the support enhancing the comfort level. Slide and adjust in any direction you want.
  • Stretch out before hopping on a recumbent bike. Do lunges, toe touches, trunk rotation leg swings for stretching out.
  • Warm-up with the help of a steady start for at least five minutes.
  • Maintain the correct form as advised by the professionals to save yourself from any injury.
  • Start with the low resistance level and gradually increase it with time when you have adjusted to the difficulty level.
  • Interval training is another technique that you can employ to make your work out more effective.
  • Set the duration of pedaling according to your fitness goals. For weight loss, it is recommended to pedal for at least 60 minutes daily.
  • You should take a picture of your body before you start exercising if you want to lose fat. Afterward, compare your before and after results.

Safety Precautions

Make sure that the bike is turned off before getting on or adjusting it.

  • Keep your feet securely placed on the pedals at all times while working out.
  • Lean forward slightly when you’re riding in order to keep your center of gravity within bounds and avoid falling over while exercising. This position will also allow you to breathe easier than if you were leaning back, which can become uncomfortable after a few minutes spent biking!
  • Make sure that the bike has a good grip on the floor and won’t slip while you’re riding it.
  • Don’t wear loose clothing or jewelry when working out, as they can get caught in moving parts!
  • If you feel like there isn’t enough space for both hands, consider wearing gloves to protect them from blisters caused by tight gripping around handlebars.
  • Keep your feet away from any rotating element of the recumbent bicycle (such as pedals) to avoid getting hurt. If you want to rest during workouts then try sitting cross-legged with your arms crossed over each other behind your head for comfort and maximum relaxation.
  • You can also work both sides equally by switching between them every few seconds if desired; this will help strengthen all muscles evenly without putting too much strain on one side at once.
  • Remember not to sit up straight right before finishing an exercise session because you may become dizzy.

Recumbent Bike Workout for Seniors

Recumbent bikes have been designed to accommodate seniors and their workout plans. Regular bikes are not easy to use, especially when your age does not permit them.

Old folks have trouble handling the bike and keeping it in a certain direction as it applies extra strain on joints and muscles. To avoid cramps and at the same time enjoy a healthy workout, it is best to get a recumbent bike workout for seniors.

Never Miss A Day on Your Recumbent Bike

If a senior member of your family is having trouble using a bike to shape up their muscles, worry not, as recumbent bike workout for seniors is a program that can help them in this matter. A recumbent bike workout plan allows seniors to adjust their backs and hips in such a way that there is no strain and they do not feel tired after a small session.

Workout routines for seniors would include them pumping their muscles by riding recumbent bikes all the while watching TV or listening to music. This exercise has helped a lot of senior individuals keep a good shape and have very few joint problems with time.

Recumbent Bike Workout for Seniors

There are several plans depending on the type of routine you have. If you have a plan to start off slow and just shape up your body a little bit, then you can follow the beginner workout plan.

Beginner Workout Plan

Since you would just like to start your exercise routine, it would be best to build the pace with time as it takes time to adjust.

You can start for half an hour and keep on adding a couple of minutes every day once you know you are able to handle the exercise.

A usual beginner workout begins with a slow pedaling for around 10 minutes. After this, medium pedaling speed can be tried for an extra 5 minutes.

You can then vary the intensity from medium to high by giving each one a timeframe of 5 to 10 minutes. In the end, you can try to pedal for an extra 5 minutes at low intensity.

This routine will help with memory and brain functioning in return lower blood pressure and improve the sleep cycle.

Seniors report better mood and more energy levels after exercising and recumbent bikes have so far gained a lot of fame in this spectrum.

Weight loss and reducing body fat can be achieved through a recumbent bike exercise plan as it is perfect for shaping muscles and maintaining your body figure. Higher resistance options in these bikes can help build abdominal strength.

recumbent, bike, exercise, program

Calves, hamstrings, and quadriceps get proper shape after pedaling and you can adjust the pedaling speed as well according to your needs.

Weight Loss Workout Plan

This is a high intensity workout plan where seniors try to shed the extra fat and calories from their system. Your resistance levels will automatically pick up with this type of plan.

You can start with low intensity pedaling for 10 minutes after which you can take it up to medium intensity for 5 minutes. You have to switch between high and medium intensity after every 5 minutes for the next half an hour. In the end, try to get done with low intensity pedaling for 10 minutes.

This type of plan will not only help improve muscle tone but also is an exceptional cardio workout. Recumbent bikes come with a reclined body position to limit the strain on bones and muscles. The lower spine and hip get easily affected while riding a bike so recumbent bikes have been designed in a way to minimize cramps, strain, and other joint issues.

The recumbent bike for elderly has pedals placed in front of the body for easy reach. They have larger seats, full back support, and a comfortable sitting position to reduce lethargy after the session.

Interval Training Workout Plan

If you are looking to build stamina and boost up your strength, then interval training plan is the plan for you. You can start this training by pedaling with low intensity for around 10 minutes.

You can then make it medium intensity pedaling for the next 10 minutes. Then you have to switch between high and low intensity after every 2 minutes for the next 20 minutes. In the end, you can do low intensity pedaling for 10 minutes.

This is the plan where seniors only get to exercise for a brief time and stretch the exercise to a longer time span. This helps them put less force on their joints and bones while getting a full body workout, especially for the lower abdomen.

calories can be burnt in less time with the help of interval training and the best example is this exercise. If you want to give your senior family members space at home for their exercise, make sure you have a recumbent bike as a part of that fitness routine you have planned for them. This will give them an indoor experience and let them enjoy other activities while they work out.

Benefits of Recumbent Bike Workout for Seniors

This is a high intensity workout as it allows blood flow to pace through your body while you ride the recumbent bike. Your body fat, as well as heart rate, becomes optimal if you keep the routine intact.

You will see a significant improvement when it comes to health with the help of a recumbent bike exercise plan.

There are several options that can help you with your riding experience. You can change the resistance levels as well as speeds and make it a custom workout.

WOOHOO! THIS WORKS WELL! How to do recumbent exercise bike workout.

You can choose up and downhill options by adjusting your incline settings so that you can reach the level of workout you have planned for the day.

Never too late to get a recumbent bike for your loved ones!

Exercise is crucial for aged individuals and to keep your loved ones safe, it is best to get the equipment at home so they can exercise while staying safe. Even though jogging is a good option, it is best to get rid of that bicycle and get them the recumbent bike.

It is a hassle to watch over senior folks riding a bike outside as it is not entirely safe. You cannot risk getting them injured as such mishaps are quite common when it comes to exercising outside.

A lot of families have opted for setting up a gym for senior folks so that they can also maintain their health through exercise.

There are several benefits of making a recumbent bike a part of your fitness plan as it will shape up the body and keep the mind active as well. It can be used by anyone, so once you get it, you can let it rip!

You can adjust the speed as per your age and make sure that your body is getting the proper workout it requires. You can check for improvement after a few weeks and you can take proper feedback from the loved ones using it.

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Chris Herry has a Master’s Degree in Sports Science and has worked for fitness brands. He is a regular writer for websites and magazines. Discover his opinions and experiences in all objectivity with regard to fitness equipment, especially about a recumbent bike.

What are the benefits of a recumbent exercise bike?

While the benefits of aerobic activity are vast, ranging from better mood and sleep to reduced health risks, Zolkiewicz shares the findings of a study3

showing that recumbent bikes work two muscles harder than the upright bike: the semitendinosus in the hamstring, and the tibialis anterior, located along the shin. (By contrast, the rectus femoris muscle, which is part of the quadriceps group, was worked harder by upright bikes.)

The specific benefits of recumbent bikes truly come down to the design, which takes ergonomics, comfort, back support, stability, and even seat size into consideration. Their design relays more support and stability, as well as a gentler degree of impact on joints and the back, which makes them great options for older adults, those with back issues or joint pain, larger-sized individuals, those in recovery from an injury, or simply for those days when you are tired, sore, or want to work out your legs.

A lot of users find the body position more comfortable as compared to an upright bike, says Zolkiewicz. They usually have larger seats that make them accessible for larger [sized] individuals, while full-back support makes the seated position more comfortable.

He explains that while upright bikes engage more muscle groups, the support afforded by the recumbent position helps make for an overall gentler ride. The back support takes pressure off the lumbar spine, which means that you will feel less impact and minimize the strain on the back and neck, he says. They can also be a great exercise option for older adults because they don’t require a lot of balance to mount or dismount and are closer to the ground than upright bikes.

Lastly, Zolciewicz points out that greater comfort while working out often translates into longer workout sessions—ideal for the long-term sustainability of a regimen, and the journey toward reaching your fitness goals. This makes them excellent options for newcomers who want to ease themselves into a gym routine.

recumbent, bike, exercise, program

How do you choose a recumbent exercise bike?

Zolkiewicz outlines a few important considerations to take into account when shopping for an at-home recumbent exercise bike. One is to shop from trusted and well-reviewed brands, considering customer reviews if applicable. You should also consider the space you will place it in your home, as they are larger than their upright counterparts.

If this is the only piece of workout equipment you want to have in your home, think about other exercises you can do to complement your bike workouts and ensure there will be space [for a mat, weights, etc.], Zolkiewicz says. Do you get bored easily? If so, get one with a screen so that you can watch your favorite shows while exercising.

Other considerations include the levels of resistance offered, maximum weight capacity, the adjustability of the seat (for height) and handlebars, built-in workouts, water bottle holders, and even aesthetics.

How we picked:


All of the bikes selected had positive customer reviews with special attention paid to reports of quality and any complaints related to malfunction or assembly.

Available features

All of the bikes below feature multiple resistance settings. Additional features include seat adjustability, lumbar support, ease of mounting, Bluetooth capability, and built-in programs.

Cost warranty

The bikes below vary in cost. In instances where cost is high, warranties ensure that they will be long-term, high-quality investments. Plus, a higher cost often comes with a larger range of add-ons, such as seat inserts for more lumbar support or apps access for group workouts.

Size weight

Size, weight, and the presence of wheels to aid with transporting the equipment are incredibly important in the home. Special preference was shown to compact designs and those with wheels on the frame.

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