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Razor E Prime vs E Prime 3 Electric Scooters

The Razor E-Series of electric scooters has been around for many years now and have proven to be extremely popular with kids. They were not, however, particularly suitable for use by adults, unless you were happy riding along at 10-12 mph on a brightly colored electric scooter that looked very much like a kids’ toy.

Having a go on a kids’ electric scooter is one thing, but it’s just not the same as having an electric scooter that is designed for adult use in a more practical everyday sense.

You probably wouldn’t want to show up at work, having commuted there (quite slowly) on a bright red Razor E100 electric scooter.

The good news is that Razor have introduced the E Prime Series of electric scooter that are specifically designed for use by adults and older children.

There are 3 different models of electric scooter within the Razor E Prime series:

Within this post, I will be taking a closer look at the similarities and differences between the Razor E Prime and Razor E Prime 3 models. You will see that, although these scooters both carry the “Razor E Prime” branding, they are very different machines.

I hope that my Razor E Prime vs E Prime 3 Electric Scooter Comparison Review will help you to make the right decision about which of these electric scooters is most suitable for you.

Razor E Prime vs E Prime 3 – The Similarities

#1 Throttle Mechanism

Although the 250W hub-driven motor on the E Prime 3 scooter is different and more powerful than the motor on the standard E Prime scooter, the basic throttle mechanism is similar.

The throttle system on both scooters comes in the form of a thumb-activated, variable speed, paddle lever. They are very simple to use.

#2 Braking System

The braking system on both scooters is comprised of a thumb-activated lever and use of the rear fender.

#3 Folding Mechanism

Both scooters can be folded for easy transportation and compact storage.

Razor E Prime vs E Prime 3 – The Differences

#1 Rider Age Weight Limits

The maximum rider weight limit for the Razor E Prime is 176 lbs (80kgs).

The maximum rider weight for the Razor E Prime 3 is 220lbs (100 kgs).

So, if you are a little on the heavy side, the E Prime 3 is going to be a much better option.

The recommended minimum rider age for the standard E Prime scooter is 14 years.

The recommended minimum rider age for the E Prime 3 is 18 years, making it an electric scooter that is genuinely designed for use by adults.

Of course, these are recommendations, and you are advised to use your own judgment on such matters.

#2 Scooter Weight

Both scooters are made with an aluminium frame and this makes them pretty lightweight and easy to control.

razor, prime, electric, scooter

The E Prime is a little lighter than the E Prime 3 version, weighing in at 21.78 lbs as compared with 24.2 lbs.

#3 Wheels Tires

Both scooters come with 8 inch front and rear wheels/tires but they are a little different.

Both of the tires on the E Prime are solid and airless, which means that you don’t have to worry about punctures, but it does mean that they are a little heavier and the front tire is less able to absorb bumps than the E Prime 3.

While the E Prime 3 scooter has an airless rear wheel, the front wheel is pneumatic, which helps it to negotiate small bumps and imperfections on the ground while riding it to ensure a more comfortable ride.

#4 Motor Top Speed

The Razor E Prime and E Prime 3 scooters are both powered by high-torque, hub drive motor.

The 250W motor on the E Prime 3 is more powerful than the motor on the standard E Prime scooter. As a result, they have different top speeds.

The maximum speed of the standard E Prime is 15 mph.

The maximum speed of the E Prime 3 is 18 mph.

#5 Battery Run Time / Range

In addition to a difference in top speed, these 2 scooters have different maximum battery run times per charge.

You ought to be able to get 10 miles of use out of the standard E Prime scooter before you need to recharge the battery or swap it out for a spare.

The E Prime 3 should get about 15 miles out of a single charge.

So, the Razer E Prime 3 scooter is capable of going further, and at a faster speed, than the standard E Prime scooter.

#6 Security Safe Storage

Since the E Prime 3 scooter is genuinely designed for use by adults and could be used for commuting and making short trips to the store, it comes with a security lock point.

This takes the form of a ring built into the scooter frame that can be used to loop a chain lock through when you need to keep the scooter safe while you go about your business.

Compare to Similar Products

Our Analysis and Test Results

What made the Razor E Prime III a standout in a class of scooters offering stiff competition is that it’s an obvious fit for those who make short but frequent commutes that involve carrying the scooter. Obvious candidates are college students and urbanites that use a bus or train as part of their daily travels. The machine is light, easy to fold/unfold, and it has a smooth ride. So, when you’re running a bit late, reach for this practical (and fun) machine as it won’t let you down.

Performance Comparison

To make accurate and reproducible assessments of the scooters reviewed here, we developed tests that reveal the products’ strengths and weaknesses regardless of marketing hype or looks. These exhaustive tests cover common (and some not so common) uses of these products so you know what you’ll be getting into before making a purchase. Below is an account of the testing process and the E Prime III’s performance.


For many would-be scooter commuters, range is at the top of the list of considerations. If you fall into this category, the 8.2 measured effective miles of flat ground cruising that the E Prime III delivers won’t be all that impressive. Nor will its 46-minute runtime. If these limitations don’t bother you, you might raise your eyebrows when you find out that it will take a whopping 6 hours to recharge a fully depleted battery.

Further hurting the Razor’s standing in the range assessment is the fact that the scooter’s top speed and power tapered gradually as the battery charge drained. As a result, the top speed for the majority of the range test was approximately 12 mph. This is a far cry from the max speed of 18.4 mph observed in the power tests (see below).


As with the Range assessment, the power tests render less than impressive results that landed the Razor E Prime III at the bottom of the class. It wasn’t all bad, however. When fully charged, this model will cruise at 18.4 mph, which is well above the class average. Additionally, the scooter will work its way up hills as steep as a 3.5% gradient at approximately 5 mph.

Okay, bright spots aside. The Razor’s top speed is not maintained throughout the battery’s charge and started decreasing around mile 2 in our battery test. By 50% battery life the max speed was around 12 mph. Additionally, the steeper of our test hills which averages a gradient of 10.5 % stopped the E Prime III dead in its tracks.


No one likes a bumpy ride. That’s why we use one of the worst roads in town to run the scooters here reviewed up and down to test the feedback from bumps and cracks. The Razor E Prime III sports a pneumatic front tire (great for shock absorption) and a sold rubber rear tire. Solid tires are nice as they require little to no maintenance but they tend to create a rattly ride.

We use a crack and bump-riddled section of street near our lab to test the smoothness of the ride. This road is traversed on all models more than once and allows testers to comparatively assess the scooters. The Razor‘s unique combination of a front pneumatic tire and a solid rubber rear tire shows that the front tire is the most important for shock absorption as this tire carries the most weight and is in direct line with the hands and forearms which suffer the most from cracks and bumps.


The Razor E Prime III uses both an electric brake in the front and a fender brake in the rear. Fender brakes are simple friction brakes and have proven to be effective for Rapid stops. While the E Prime III manages to maintain safe and comfortable speeds while descending our 15% test slope, it delivered a lackluster performance in the flat ground stopping tests.

The flat ground stopping test is repeated three times and the stopping distances are averaged. The tester throttles the scooter to approximately 12 mph and at a preset mark engages the vehicle’s brakes. The E Prime III averaged 22.7 feet to stop. This is significantly above the average for models with fender brakes.

razor, prime, electric, scooter


The Razor E Prime III gave a stellar performance in the portability evaluation. As the name suggests, this metric evaluates all things dealing with the ability to transport the vehicle when it is not being ridden. As such, the model’s feather-weight 24 pounds, hassle-free folding mechanism, and easy to grip carrying handle make this model a standout for the commuter that will be regularly carrying the vehicle.


The Razor E Prime III offers consumers a good, but not great, value.

razor, prime, electric, scooter

In the above review, we have taken a deep dive into the performance of the Razor E Prime III. Specifically, we have looked at the range, ride, power, braking, and portability of this machine. Our testing and analysis revealed this model to be economical, of high-quality while offering innovative safety features. Additionally, we found that this scooter is particularly well-suited to short-range commuting where carrying the vehicle is frequently required.

Speed and Mile Range

This e-scooter offers a good average mile range of 7 up to 15 miles and a top speed of 15 mph which is perfect for a long-distance commute.

If you are using this for leisure rides, however, the run time will only last you for 30-40 minutes on a full charge. Still, for kids and recreational purposes it can give you good riding experience. To power on, simply press the power button; give it a push or two for take-off and you’re good to run it for miles.

The 200mm tires are made of solid airless rubber tires for smooth rides. The wheels roll well on flat surfaces and pavements and also capable of 10 degrees climb on inclines. Like most scooters, however, it doesn’t have any suspensions so it gets a little shaky on uneven grounds and will not be able to handle off-road tracks.

Stronger friction is also felt when used on grassy or wet grounds. If you’re taking it to commute or just go around the campus, Razor E Prime can handle day to day rides.

Battery and Motor

Powered by a high-torque electric hub motor and 36V lithium-ion battery pack, this electric scooter has variable speed controlled from the handlebars. It takes up to 4 hours to fully charge the batteries and could last you up to 40 minutes run time.

The LED battery indicator has 5 lines for battery levels. The indicator’s location may not be exactly ideal for you will have to look down to see how much battery life is left. You’d be taking off your eyes on the road for a tiny second or go on a full stop to check.

The charging port is located under the deck and protected by a waterproof cover against water splashes. The port is very tightly covered which also means it might also be a little stubborn to take it out.


Users rave E Prime for its efficient design and features. Performance-wise, it gives a decent run time perfect for a short commute. The less than an hour run however may not be as enjoyable for leisure rides.

As mentioned, it only takes a power button and a small kick to start its engine, so kids won’t have trouble starting it off and keep it running. The recommended weight is up to 176 pounds or 80 kg and marketed for teens 14 years old and above.


The whole trip to and fro went without a hitch – and in record time. I rode on the bike lane when there was one, the street when there was enough space, and kicked manually on the sidewalk (without the throttle) otherwise. It was simply amazing to pass by all the cars sitting in bumper to bumper traffic.

It’s rough on these kinds of roads

Though the E Prime folds up nice and compact, there’s no easy way to carry it in a crowded area (the handlebars don’t fold down and the board will rotate left and right as you hold it.) Those are minor niggles, but one thing that did stand out was the numbness I felt on my hands because of the poor quality of the bumpy roads. I found it better to ride on sidewalks because they’re smoother, but this in turn meant no electronic use because of the sea of people, who rightly have priority. If you can balance between sidewalks and streets (or just live somewhere with really nice roads), this thing can be godsend.

7ft 3in – space needed for a 180 degree turn

The one other thing is limited maneuverability in tight spaces. Making u-turns in a narrow hallway or elevator isn’t doable because you need about 7 feet of space to make one. In those cases, I use my foot as a pivot point near the center of the board and twirl it around. While it doesn’t affect the ride in any way, if you’re trying to make a quick getaway after pranking your siblings, you better make sure this escape vehicle is pointed in the right direction first.

Last but not least, the E Prime operates quietly. You can hardly hear anything aside from some slight electric humming if you drive it hard.

All in all, I think the E Prime is a great piece of gear and really helps me get to places quickly. Used in conjunction with public transport, this can be a really good way to save on travel time and a downpour of sweat on a really hot day. Office people in white button down shirts would certainly agree with me on this point.


Charging is easy as pie. With the E Prime powered off, you use the included charger to plug one end into a wall socket and the other end into an inlet on the board where a rubber plug protects it from the elements.

Feeding time for the E Prime

Two different lights indicate a completed charge – one on the charger plugged into the outlet (red when charging, green when finished) and the power meter on the scooter itself (the 5 level meter animates upwards as it drinks its fill and turns off eventually when full.) For the technically inclined, the Li-ion battery is 36V and 3.2 Ah. There isn’t much to do with this info at this point, but you may need to know in the future.


This kick-stand is the best!

Now it may sound kind of stupid, but my favorite thing about the E Prime is the kickstand. I love how small and out of the way it is, yet keeps the scooter up straight without falling over. You have no idea the amount of struggle you have to put up with without one – and believe me, trying to balance it against a wall or “hooking” a handlebar on a table won’t work. I mean you might get lucky once or twice, but mostly the front wheel will roll away for no reason, breaking or damaging things that hopefully belong to you and not someone else.

For me, it’s the little details like this that offer a lot of unsung value.

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