Razor Power Core E90 Review – Heaps of Fun and Tons of Smiles for Kids 8. Razor e95 electric scooter

Razor Power Core E90 Review – Heaps of Fun and Tons of Smiles for Kids 8

In this review of the Razor Power Core E90, we will go in-depth into all of its uses, features, benefits, and whether it is the right choice for your child, or as a gift for the child of a friend or a relative.

Should you buy the Razor Power Core E90 for your kid?

There’s little doubt that Razor is the best manufacturer of electric scooters for children of all time. It’s quite possible that they have sold millions of units in their 20 years of existence, and have brought smiles to the faces of countless children.

Even more, their scooter models seem to get better with time, and even though scooters like the E90 have been around for several years now, they are getting constantly upgraded and improved, so today, nearly all of their models are safe, fun, and durable.

Unboxing, assembly, user manual

The recommended rider age for the Razor Power Core E90 is 8 years or older. However, children much younger (and often a bit older) will almost certainly be able to use it without any issue. Children taller than the typical 8 year old will likely find the scooter small, so if the child is above 4’6” / 138 cm, it’s probably better to get her or him the Razor E200.

The weight limit of the scooter is 120 lbs / 54 kg, which will probably be enough for most kids aged 8-10.

What to know before buying

Even though this is one of the most popular electric scooters for kids ever released, there are still a few downsides that you should be aware of if you consider buying it for your child or someone else’s child.

For starters, even though the top speed is very safe and very limited, it will still be very important for the child to wear a helmet at all times while riding. Safety must always come first.

Unless you decide to get the Glow version (more on that below), the scooter doesn’t come with any lighting, and in that case, it’s recommended for the child not to ride after it gets dark (and maybe that’s a good idea even with the Glow version, as the lights are not spectacularly strong on it neither).

The scooter is well-made, but it will make a sound while riding. I would say that the sound actually sounds worse than how the scooter actually performs, but it’s still not a quiet ride.

Finally, be aware that even though this has proven to be one of the best scooters for children ever, one of the following two will eventually happen: either the child will outgrow the scooter in a few years, or the scooter’s battery will wear out and the range will dramatically decrease (which is the faith of every battery). Replacing the battery is not difficult, and the child will probably outgrow the scooter before that needs to be done. However, often, younger siblings inherit the scooter, or the scooter is given to a younger child in the family or friend circle, so it doesn’t completely go to waste.

Those are all the main issues you should be aware of as a consumer.

razor, power, core, review

Design and colors

The Razor E90 is made to look super-fun, and that’s probably one of the main reasons for its massive popularity amongst children. The lines and color patterns are very lively and playful.

razor, power, core, review
  • black base, green for the details
  • black base, pink for the details
  • black base, red details (Glow version)

Build quality and materials

The scooter is made from steel, which is a very safe choice in my opinion, as it will be much harder to break and much more durable than aluminum (what’s typically used in most electric scooters). This gives the Razor Power Core E90 a lot of safety points.

If you buy this scooter today, you will be buying several years of experience acquired by the previous versions, which includes many improvements and fixes over the years. Razor has been paying attention to user feedback diligently, and today, very few issues remain in this model. In fact, chances are, your scooter will have no issues at all, and your child will almost certainly ride the scooter until it outgrows it.

Everyday experience

Since the Razor Power Core E90 is a children’s scooter, it is not meant for long rides. With both of the wheels being solid to avoid punctures and accidents, the scooter will be quite safe and fun, but also it will not provide the smoothest, quietest ride, and it will shake during faster rides. Pretty much all the parents I’ve talked to say that’s something they’ve observed, and their children have never complained about any of that. On the contrary, the majority of the children can’t get enough of this scooter and ride it until the battery gets empty every time.

Brakes and safety

The brake system is easy to operate. If your kid has had a bike before, it will already know how to brake with this scooter, and if this is your kid’s first rideable, it will figure it out in a matter of minutes.

The brake lever on the left handlebar engages the brake pads on the front wheel. The scooter is not that fast to begin with, but still, the scooter’s brakes are fairly sensitive, and provide a safe stopping distance.

Overall, the combination of a safe top speed, a robust build, and a strong brake, make this scooter very safe.


Since the scooter is intended for kids, it’s made to be durable and withstand a lot of punishment and abuse, so it naturally comes with solid wheels, with the front wheel from urethane, and the rear wheel from rubber. The wheels are pretty small in their diameter as well (around 5 inches). As we mentioned before, they don’t provide the smoothest rides, but they will never go flat and you will never have to worry about them at all.

Motor power and speed

The motor power is 90 Watts, which gives the scooter its model name. Unlike other Razor scooters which have a chain-drive motor, the E90 has a hub motor, integrated into the rear wheel. Even though hub motors are usually quieter, this scooter still makes somewhat of a loud noise while riding, mostly because of the solid wheels but also because of the motor itself.

The Razor Power Core E90 can develop a top speed of 10 mph / 16 kmh.

Battery and ride time

The Razor E90 has a 12-Volt battery. The battery is of the SLA type (sealed-lead-acid), which usually drives the price down when compared to a lithium battery, although charging will be slower.

The scooter provides a ride time of up to 80 minutes in regular conditions, or somewhere around 13 Mi / 21 km as claimed by the brand, and probably around 12 Mi / 20 km as reported by a few owners.


The scooter can take up to 12 hours to fully charge. It’s strongly recommended to charge it fully before the first use, and then charge it fully as often as possible.

Typical for lead-acid batteries, the charge times will be somewhat longer even though the range will not be that great, and you will have to be mindful not to overcharge the battery too much, as that can shorten its lifespan.

Water resistance

The Razor Power Core E90 doesn’t have an official IP rating for protection against water damage. over, the warranty doesn’t cover water damage, so it’s highly recommended to instruct your child to avoid riding in the rain or on wet surfaces.

All of that said, if the child somehow ends up riding through some rain, the scooter will probably be just fine, as most owners have reported that scenario.

Weight and dimensions

The scooter weighs 21.6 lbs / 9.8 kg, which makes it very light when compared to adult scooters, but it will still be robust and reliable enough to keep the child riding it safe.


While the scooter arrives pretty much ready to be used, you may want to customize it further with some additional features like lights or horns or something of that sort. In that case, I recommend checking out my complete guide on the best electric scooter accessories, where you will find every possible option to upgrade any electric scooter, including this one.

As we mentioned before, it is strongly recommended for the child riding the scooter to wear a helmet at all times. Also, pads for the knees and elbows will be a good idea for a child that has never ridden a scooter or a bike before. The scooter is not too fast, the brakes are good, and the scooter is reliable and safe overall, but still, in the case of a fall, the helmet will prevent any sort of more serious injury, and the pads will make sure the child doesn’t get any scrapes.

You might be offered the Razor Helmet as a package deal together with the scooter on Amazon, and that helmet will be both affordable and of solid quality. If you want something safer and of higher quality though, see my guide on the best electric scooter helmets.

Finally, while this is probably not the type of scooter that will be left outside for longer periods of time, it still might be wise to get at least a budget scooter lock to protect it from theft.

Maintenance, repairs, spare parts

Young children, especially ones more on the energetic side, will truly put the Razor Power Core E90 to the test. But that has proven to be exactly where this scooter shines, and it will require almost no maintenance.

There’s practically no other maintenance you should do.

As this is a very popular scooter, spare parts will typically be available and very cheap. Also, because of its widespread use, most scooter, or even bike repair shops, should be able to assist you if you need some repairs.


Razor Power Core E90 (kids) Specifications

Reviews and user satisfaction

The Razor Power Core E90 is one of the best-selling children’s scooters ever. It has been around for more than 5 years now, and while it’s difficult to estimate exactly how many units it has sold, it’s almost certainly in the millions.

Even more importantly, the scooter is universally acclaimed and praised by its owners. In most of the listings on the big online retailers, the scooter has a very high average rating, often around the 4.7-4.8 range out of 5 stars, which is impossible for any other electric scooter for children to match.

Razor Power Core E90 Glow

The scooter is available in a version with lights as well, coming with an EL wire on the deck, and additional 6 LED lights under the deck. This version is called the Razor Power Core E90 Glow, it is available on Amazon for a slightly higher price, and comes in a black base color with red details and a red glow under the deck.

While this will largely depend on the preferences of the child, there is one advantage that the Glow version has over the regular version, and that’s the fact that it is clearly safer for rides after dark, as the standard version has no lights at all. It’s generally not recommended for a child to be riding an electric scooter at night, no matter how well-lit the scooter is. Still, if there’s a chance your child does that often and you prefer playing it safer, then the Razor Power Core E90 Glow is clearly the better choice.

Razor Power Core E90 vs Razor Power Core E95

The differences between the two Razor Power Core versions, the E90 and the E95, are only in the available colors (both are available in pink, and additionally, the E90 comes in green, while the E95 comes in blue). Everything else is exactly the same, and even though the E95 label may suggest that it comes with a 95 Watt motor, both still come with the same 90 Watt motor.

So, those two are practically the same model.

Razor Power Core E90 vs Razor E100

The Razor E100 has a 100 Watt motor, which is only slightly more powerful than the motor of the E90. Their top speed is still the same though.

The major difference between the Razor Power Core E90 and the Razor E100 is in the tires. The Razor E100 comes with a pneumatic front tire, and that brings an interesting set of tradeoffs. The rides with the E100 will be much smoother and more comfortable. However, the tire can easily sustain a flat, and it will require more maintenance on your part.

Another major difference is the ride time. The Razor E100 only has 40 minutes of ride time, which is half the ride time of the E90, and that’s why I’d generally recommend the E90 for most children. Also, I would recommend the E100 for more careful children that will not challenge their scooter too much, and the E90 for more lively and spirited children that are more likely to put it to the test.

If you’re interested in the Razor E100, you can see the full review, or check it out on Amazon.


If you’ve made the decision to get your child the gift of an electric scooter, then I doubt you’ll find a better choice than the Razor Power Core E90 for a child between the ages of 8 and 10. Based on what parents have told me, the moment when the child receives the scooter is alone worth the small price of it, and pretty much every child that receives it as a gift falls in love with it immediately and has a blast with it for years.

Where to buy the Razor Power Core E90 from?

The best place to order the Razor Power Core E90 from is Amazon, as both the price and the delivery terms will almost certainly be the best ones out there. You can also check out the Razor Power Core E90 Glow for a lighted version as well.

In Europe, and the UK in particular, the scooter is available at Ride And Glide, and that might be a better option at times, since shipping is free for some countries, and it will usually be faster.

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The Best Razor Electric Scooter Comparison

The Razor Electric Scooters are a great choice. But there are several models, and sometimes is not so easy to know which is the best one for you or your loved one. Fear not, as we are going to compare all the Razor scooters, so you can make an informed choice and select the one you really want.

What features are we comparing?

At Gear Priest we think that product comparison articles should be centered around the features or categories of features, and explaining the differences or similarities between the products. Exactly that is what we will be doing in this article.

We will compare the Razor electric scooters in these areas:

  • User limits: weight and suggested starting age
  • Riding limits: maximum speed, average ride time.
  • Scooter build: motor, battery system, tires and brakes
  • Structure: deck and frame, dimensions, weight and additional notes

On each of these categories an features we are displaying a comparative chart. This is the core of the comparison article and the easiest way to see the differences between each model. We complement that chart with some additional notes on each category.

User and Riding limits

Power Core 90

Power Core E90

Spider-Man Power Core E90

Power Core E100

Sweet Pea E300S

EcoSmart Metro

Power Core 90

razor, power, core, review

Power Core E90

Spider-Man Power Core E90

Power Core E100

Sweet Pea E300S

EcoSmart Metro

Power Core 90

Power Core E90

Spider-Man Power Core E90

Power Core E100

Sweet Pea E300S

EcoSmart Metro

Maximum weight and age

All Razor Electric Scooters have a maximum allowed rider weight that you must pay close attention to. This is a strict rule you must follow in order to keep your scooter from malfunctioning. As you can see from the previous chart, there are models specially targeted for children and teens (or maybe not so heavy adults), while others will easily allow older teens and adults to ride, provided they are not highly overweight.

The top tier limits you at 220 lbs. or 100 Kg., which can easily be reached by a heavy or big adult even without being overweight. So keep an eye on that limit if you are a bodybuilder or a basketball player

The age limit is just a guideline that Razor adds to all of its products as a suggestion. It’s there to help you understand, that the company deems the model appropriate to be used, on average, for children or teens starting at the specified age. In general terms, the maturity, physical strength, agility and body control required to properly ride these models are, on average, obtained at the specified ages. Be your own judge, you might happen to have a kid that is better adapted at younger ages. Use common sense and monitor the first few rides to evaluate how they manage the scooter.

Speed and riding time

In terms of speed, we have models that can reach a maximum speed of 9-10 Mph and at the top of the scale we have 15 Mph and 18 Mph on the EcoSmart. As a general rule, the lower speeds limits are on the electric scooters targeted at kids. For models targeted at teens the speed limit increases, reaching the top speeds on those for older teens and adults. On the higher end, 15 and 18 Mph can be a pretty fast ride when you are on top of a scooter with the wind hitting your face.

Most of the models targeted at teens or adults have an average riding time of 40 minutes under normal conditions. On the Core models and a few others, Razor introduced improvements in it’s hub motor technology to allow for longer rides. This is done on the models that are targeting younger teens and children. maybe to keep them entertained for longer periods ?

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