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Rattan LM 750W Folding Fat-Tire E-Bike Review – Powerful Motor and Long-Lasting Battery

Buying a bicycle has never been an easy decision and it becomes more difficult if you plan to get an e-bike. Nowadays, people use e-bike not just for recreational purposes but also as the primary mode of transportation. A fat-tire e-bike is faster, eco-friendlier, and more comfortable than ever but it is still a huge investment for many people. The Rattan LM 750W has a price tag of 1,299 and we’re going to find out if it’s worth it.

Specifications Features

Weight 65 lbs
Folded Dimensions 38.6″ x 28″ x 18″
Motor 750W
Battery 48V 13ah Lithium
Range 60-80 miles – (with PAS)
Drive Mode 5-Level Pedal Assist System (with Cadence Sensor), Half-Twist Throttle
Charging Time 6 hours
Max Speed 20 mph
Transmission Shimano TX50, 7-speed
Freewheel Shimano MF-TZ500, 7-speed
Brakes TEKTRO MD M280 calipers, 197PDD aluminum alloy brake levers, Tektro 180mm front and Tektro 160mm rear disc brake
Chain D50
Crank 52T 170MM
Suspension aluminum spring suspension fork, suspension seatpost
Wheels 20″
Tires 20″x4″ all-terrain tires
Rims aluminum alloy, 36H
Lights LED front and rear lights
Weight Limit 330 lbs
Recommended rider’s height 5’3″ – 6’4″


My first impression with the Rattan e-bike was really good from the moment I took it out of the box. They use liquid foam packaging process for the bike, so it is well-protected during shipment. Once removing all the foam, I can see the bike in perfect condition, there is not a single scratch. This is totally different from some e-bikes I received earlier as many came with scratches or bent parts caused during shipments.

Another huge advantage is that the Rattan came nearly 100% assembled. I just needed to attach the handlebar and unfold the bike. I even didn’t have to install the front wheel, seat post, or pedals. Then, I just checked the brakes, fully charge the battery, and get it ready for the first ride. Overall, I had no complaint during the unboxing and assembling process.

The bike feels quite sturdy and it has a good design overall. Although it is quite heavy at nearly 65 lbs, the foldable design makes it more portable. I can fold down the handlebar and fold the frame in half, then the whole bike could easily fit in my car trunk. It is just a little difficult when you need to carry it down/upstairs or take it to your car. Fortunately, it includes a handle on the frame to make lifting the bike easier. The design puts a lot of pressure on the folding frame hinge but it holds up pretty well. My only complaint is that there is a patch welded to the main tube and it looks a little ugly.

I really love that the Rattan is equipped with all essential accessories like front and rear LED lights, an LCD display, fenders, and a rear rack. It even has a back seat that is good enough to carry your kid around. The LCD display shows important information like battery level, current speed, electric mode, and odometer.

The bike has a similar design as many fat-tire e-bikes I’ve tested before. It includes an external battery placed behind the seatpost. It might not look as clean as some other e-bikes but it is so convenient to recharge the battery. You can either plug the charger directly to the bike or remove and recharge the battery anywhere.

The Rattan is powered by a 750-watt rear hub motor. You can use it in pedal-assist or full throttle mode. The motor is quite powerful and I can easily ride it in full throttle mode for my whole trip. Its maximum speed could reach 20 mph without any pedaling. The bike features a technology called intelligent pedal assist (i-PAS) which is 83% more efficient. I’m really impressed with battery life as it could easily reach 50-60 miles on a single charge, it could even last longer if you pedal more often.

Similar to other budget e-bikes, the Rattan LM 750 uses a cadence sensor. That means the motor will kick in as soon as I start pedaling. However, I really hate the sudden speed boost because it might be dangerous if you can’t control it. When you start pedaling, you should always keep hands on your brake levers and look around carefully to avoid approaching vehicles.

On the other hand, the Rattan is really comfortable as it is equipped with fat tires and a front suspension fork. There is also a suspension seatpost but somehow it doesn’t work in my bike. Despite that issue, I could ride the bike for a few hours without any discomfort.



  • Great packaging, almost fully assembled
  • Sturdy build
  • Long battery life
  • Powerful motor
  • Comfortable riding


The Rattan LM 750W has a lot of impressive features including great battery and motor. This is a good budget e-bike and I’d highly recommend it if its price drops below 1,000.

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RATTAN Compass Electric Mountain Bike User Manual

Home » RATTAN » RATTAN Compass Electric Mountain Bike User Manual


Thanks for your Compass Ebike purchaseWe really appreciate your business cooperation with us and we wish you a good time with the bike.Please feel free to contact us if there is any questions about the bike. Contact detailsEmail: info@rattanebike.comWebsite: rattanebike.comPhone: 5626086600


Rattan Ebike LLC assumes no liability for any harm, injury, or death of the rider.Congratulations on your purchase of a new Rattan Ebike! The bike comes 85% assembled and here is the guide that helps you get familiar with your new bike in unboxing. The bike may need adjustments in this process as shipping can sometimes be bumpy. We recommend an adjustment and inspection by a reputable, certified bicycle mechanic before the first ride.Please read the whole manual patiently before you use the new electric bike ·do not modify or disassemble the original electrical components of the bike.This manual is not intended to be used as a detailed service manual. Please feel free to contact us if there is anything you would like to know. Rattan Ebike recommends a comprehensive security check before the bike begins its first travel.Any of the above will invalidate the warranty and even bring hurt to you. There will be some risks during the process of experiencing the bike.For technical assistance or warranty claims contact Rattan Ebike atPhone:(562) 608-6600E-mail:info@rattanebike.com


  • Loosen the hub screws to make enough space for the fork.
  • The two feet of the front fork must be aligned with the hub screws’ position before the fork can be installed.
  • Tighten the screws
  • Tighten the screws on the stem
  • Loosen the screws on the handlebar,
  • Hold the handlebar in the middle of the joint, and tighten the screws.
  • Unscrew the screw for the headlight
  • Place the headlight in the right position, then tighten the screw.
  • “L” indicates the left side, and “R” indicates the right side.
  • Make sure to tighten the screws connecting the pedals and cranks.
  • Twist to the left when installing the left side and twist to the right when installing the right one.
  • place the battery on the bike
  • Turn the key to lock/unlock the battery on bike according to the position attached to the battery as the picture shown.Charge the Ebike without removing the battery Or Remove the battery, and charge it.


  • Search a comfortable height of saddle by sitting on the saddle with your feet on the ground.
  • The height of the Saddle should not be pulled higher than the safety tick marks on the Saddle Post.
  • Then please lock the seat post clamp tightly.
  • Make sure the brake disc is in the middle of two brake pads.
  • Adjust the brake tension according to your riding habits. Loosen the screw and adjust the brake wire to the suitable brake tightness. Loosen the screws to adjust the brake disc(abnormal noise or brake stuck
  • Adjust the screw on the shifting wire when it is hard to switch the shifter.
  • Loose screw 1 slightly when the shifter can`t switch to the 7th gear; on the contrary, if it can`t gear down to the 1st level, loose screw 2 slightly and try again.Loosen screws 1 and 2 to make the derailleur move slightly away from the rim in case of the chain rubs the tire.
  • Tighten the screw when the shifter can`t switch to the highest gear.


Serial number:

There is a serial number attached to a head tube or on the bottom axis connecting the pedals as shown in the following picture. Please take a picture ahead once you received the bike. You may be asked for a picture of your bike’s serial number as a part of warranty requests and may also be asked to provide this number to law enforcement provided that your bike is stolen.

  • Make sure all components are tightened. Adjust the height of the handlebar and the seat post. DO NOT raise it above the safety line.
  • Make sure the brakes can cut off the power supply to the motor, and whether it is sensitive and reliable.
  • Make sure the front and rear axle nuts are tightened.
  • Make sure the display, brakes, and lights can work properly.
  • Make sure the chain is tight.
  • Make sure the pedals and all the connection parts are firm and would not loose, and whether the crank is flexible without jamming.
  • Make sure the front and rear tire pressure and tire wear are suitable for your journey ahead.
  • Make sure the throttle works well without jamming, and whether it feels tight or loose when pressing the throttle.
  • Make sure the battery has been locked.


Three modes:Pedal Mode:This mode does not require any power. It allows the E-bike to work as another regular bike. You will be automatically switched to this mode when the battery dies while riding.Electric Mode:Turn on the display and press the throttle slowly to get started. When releasing the throttle slowly, the riding speed will gradually drop until the power is off.Pedal Assist Mode:Accelerate slowly and use the pedal assist in the beginning of riding. When riding against the wind or climbing the hill, avoid using the pedal assist to protect the battery.

NoticesPower on and power off must keep an interval of at least 3 seconds, please don’t press “MODE ” button frequently when it is powered off.When the temperature is under.10ȭ, the s creen will be a little darker than normal, when the temperature increases, the screen can go back to normal10. FAQ1) Q: Why I can not power off?A: Please check connection between display and controller.2) Q: What can I do if an error code displays?A: Find a nearest shop to get repair. We offer 1 year of warranty for quality issue except frame is broken.

VersionThis is a universal manual for GD06.It could be customized by each client. Please confirm all details before purchasing.


  • This Ebike will power off when braking. It ensures safety of riding.
  • Do not carry people on the rear seat. The weight limit of the rear seat is 25kg.
  • Do not ride exceed the speed limit set by the local traffic laws. Comply with the CLASS 1 maximum speed limit: 20MPH.
  • Always wear a helmet that meets the standards and make sure having the necessary protection to ensure
  • Turn on the headlight when riding at night. Use the headlight for a long time will consume part of the electric energy and reduce the mileage.
  • Avoid pressing the throttle frequently and rapidly to start the Ebike when stationary to extend the service life of the motor, battery and electrical components.
  • Turn off the display when parking or leaving the Ebike to prevent accidents caused by accidentally turning the throttle and the Ebike suddenly moving.

Recommendation: Press the throttle slowly for safety.


? The battery cannot be charged, the display shows an abnormal battery power.Use a multimeter to check if the battery still have voltage.Check if the charger indicator is normal. (Red light means charging, green light means fully charged) The battery case is damaged, stop using the battery and contact us.? The brakes make abnormal noise. Adjust the brake pads or brake discs, as we noted in the picture above.? The rear wheel motor makes abnormal noise.Lift the rear wheel off the ground and press the throttle to see if the rear works. Then contact us with a video for further solutions.? The derailleur is pressed or the chain falls.Try to strengthen or adjust the derailleur (refer to the relevant part in above)? Can I refit the bike?The bike can be disassembled and refitted. But our warranty will not cover any bike problems after the refit.? The tires got flat or could not be inflated.The tires will not be filled with air. Ride the bike after inflating the tires. (The pumping range is 17-18 psi)Please check if there is an hole at inner tube and if there is something sharp punctured the inner-tube.? The Ebike comes without keys.The keys are hung on the wires in front of handle bar. Check the wires in front of the handlebar and see if it falls into the box.? It looks like the oil leaks from the front fork?This is a normal phenomenon that occurs after a bicycle has been used for a period of time.? Can people sit on the back seat?The maximum loading of the back seat is 25kg. It is prohibited to sit on it.? Water leak into the displayDo not ride in rainy days, and it is forbidden to ride in heavy rain. Add protection to the display if you ride in rainy days. Warranty will not cover the display problems caused by water damage.? I need to return the bike, what should I do?We only accept returns with original package. Any returns without original package will not be accepted.? Bike won’t turn onMake sure the battery has been fully charged. Make sure the key on battery turned to ON position.Reconnect the display cable to see if it could work.

Please check before riding

  • Check if all the fasteners and accessories are well tightened.
  • Check if the front and rear axle are secure to ride.
  • Check if the handle bar and stem are loose
  • Check if the tire pressure exceed the recommended one marking on the side of tire walls.
  • Check if the brake is tightened enough
  • Check if the seat post is higher than the safety tick marks on it.
  • Check if the total weight the bike carry is higher than 300lbs, that’s the maximum weight capacity of the bike.

Maintaining your bike

Battery Maintenance√Fully charge the battery for the first use.(more than 6 hours)√Do not use the battery in low power level.√Must use the specified charger for charging.√Do not charge the battery at high temperature (over 212 Fahrenheit/100°C). Charge at ventilate place.√If the battery is not in use for a long time, charge the battery at least once a month to keep the battery active.√Keep the battery away from water or any other liquid.√Turn off the battery when not in use.√Fully charged the battery before use each time. It will extend the battery life.If there are problems with the battery, do not charge it anymore and contact us for further solutions.

Frame Maintenance√Pay attention to the frame maintain. Wipe the bike and keep it dry.√Any merchandise with electrical components is notrecommended to be exposed to water and the warranty o the Rattan does not cover water damage. So please try not to store or use the bike in wet condition.

Brake Maintenance√Check brake pads regularly.√Check the brake disc regularly to prevent deform.√If it is a hydraulic brake, check regularly to see if any oil leakage.√Clean the brake regularly.

Motor Maintenance√Do not try to disassemble the motor.√If there is any problems with the motor, contact Rattan with a video.

rattan, compass, electric, mountain, bike

Tire Maintenance√Check regularly to prevent air leak.√Check spokes regularly.

Derailleur Maintenance√Check the rear derailleur regularly to see if it changed to every gear (contact us for the video about how to adjust the shifter).√Check the rear derailleur guard to see whether it bent to affect the derailleur or not.

Warranty Disclaimer

The main parts of the warranty provisions

ComponentWarranty periodPerformance failure

The battery warranty does not include damage from power surges, use of 3rd party charger, improper maintenance or another such misuse, normal wear, or water damage including rust). Accessories sold on rattanebike.com are not covered under warranty (except in cases of shipping damages). Stolen bikes are not covered under warranty. Necessary precautions must be taken to ensure the bike and battery are not exposed to severe weather conditions. Exposure to very wet, hot, or cold conditions may invalidate the warranty.

Items including the chain, tires, wheels, tubes, battery handle, brake pads, cables and housing, grips, and spokes are considered wear items. These items wear down with normal use and are not covered under warranty.

We will replace any parts deemed to have been damaged during shipping. Shipping damage must be reported to Rattan Ebike within 14 days of shipment arrival. This applies to all products including bikes and accessories. You will NOT be refunded as compensation for your time or efforts in replacing damaged parts. Replacement parts will not be sent until photographic evidence has been provided to Rattan Ebike. Rattan Ebike may request additional documentation (such as video) to assist with accurately diagnosing the problem and processing the warranty claim.

Services If you notice any problems under the warranty with your bike, please contact us at info@rattanebike.com with the Following Information:

  • The platform of the purchase, such as Amazon, Brand Store, etc. (If purchased on Amazon, Please also include the seller name on your order) Order number/ID
  • The email and shipping address you used when placing the order Pictures/Short videos of the problems and a brief description of the problems


Ebike performance will vary with rider weight, cargo weight, rider /cargo shape (both contribute to drag), terrain, tire pressure, brake adjustment, throttle vs PAS usage, pedal power, battery charge level, ambient temperature, and wind conditions. Rattan Ebike should be operated in accordance with the Rattan Ebike manual provided with the bike. The warranty will be activated automatically from the date of shipment in a period of one year when Rattan Ebike is used in accordance with the user manual. All other obligations and conditions or liabilities, including obligations for consequential damages, are hereby excluded. Damage caused by failing to adhere to instructions and warnings issued by Rattan Ebike is not covered under warranty. We will replace any parts deemed to have been damaged during shipping. Shipping damage must be reported to Rattan Ebike within 14 days of shipment arrival. This applies to all products including bikes and accessories. You will NOT be refunded as compensation for your time or efforts in replacing damaged parts.Replacement parts will not be sent until photographic evidence has been provided to Rattan Ebike. Rattan Ebike may request additional documentation (such as video) to assist with accurately diagnosing the problem and processing the warranty claim. For warranty services, please contact Rattan Ebike online support by email at info@rattanebike.com. Bikes or parts returned without proper documentation may result in delayed service or denied warranty coverage. All unauthorized returns will be refused. Damage as a result of an accident is not covered under this warranty, and Rattan Ebike is not responsible for the repair or replacement of damaged bikes or parts. Rattan Ebike reserves the right to change it warranty at any time and without notice. Under no circumstances is Rattan Ebike responsible for any damage resulting from damaged, defective, or improperly secured parts. This includes, but is not limited to, damage to personal property, personal injury, or death.

Thanks for shopping with us. Let’s keep riding to keep our planet clean and green

Rattan Ebike Store Reviews

The Rattan 750w lm came in all together and folded up and packaged well. once out of the box and opened up the bike was adjusted properly right out of the box. it was supposed to do 28 mph and on the full throttle was doing 30 mph. very well-put-together bike. very happy with it.

rattan, compass, electric, mountain, bike

Date of experience : March 15, 2023

My bike arrived with the display not…

My bike arrived with the display not programmed. It worked for a few miles and quit. I could not get anyone from Rattan to help me return it so we played email, text, and phone tag for 3 months until they finally sent me a new battery and display. I just now got everything out together and working again and it’s fun to ride. Ime every off the shelf cheap Chinese ebike is a crapshoot and most have bad customer support. They may have an American address but that is just a warehouse so between the language issues and distance it’s going to be difficult no matter the company. If you buy an ebike online for less than 2k expect to have to learn how to fix most issue yourself and expect huge delays receiving the parts you need.

Date of experience : August 26, 2022

Do not purchase a bike from Rattan the…

Do not purchase a bike from Rattan the problem with Rattan batteries is they are made with poor quality Chinese cells that tend to fail in short order. These guys are crooks they sell you a piece of Boob and when things break down like the battery they want you to purchase another one. Also don’t loose your order number when you purchase a bike they will not do anything to help you with service if you do not have an order number. I can go on forever on negative Комментарии и мнения владельцев about Rattan but the list is too long, but again do not buy from Rattan.

Date of experience : November 04, 2022

Bent rim, throttle does not work

Bent rim, Throttle does not work, PAS dangerously aggressiveRattan Compass arrived with bent rim, throttle does not work and PAS is way to aggressive and scary. On any level above 1. Support does not answer phone calls and message box is full. They do not respond to emails or chat. They do this purposely to push back returns that have a 15 day limit. They also have an unreasonable and expensive return policy. 150 shipping paid by customer and no more than 10 miles. Disgusting company.

Date of experience : June 17, 2022


BUYER BEWARE. I purchased two Rattan electric bikes. Have loved ridding them until a month ago when one of them caught on FIRE in my garage I burnt my hand putting out the flame on the battery and charging port. The company won’t communicate after numerous phone calls and email to the problem Do your research and buy from a company that will stand behind their products

Date of experience : May 25, 2021

Avoid and go with a more reputable competitor!

Bought the LM750 and an extended battery shortly thereafter. Battery won’t seat properly due to wrong base. Contacted Rattan and they’ve supposedly sent a different bottom and expect me, the consumer, to replace. They’ve been very dodgy, evasive, and slow, to say the least. Not the only issue I’ve had with them, and I’ll update here as I deem necessary.

Date of experience : June 15, 2021

Rattan Customer Service

Customer service with Rattan has been good to me, unlike some of the other reviews here. I find to get a prompt response I:

1) Write my order number in subject line of email (most important)

3) Attach photos/videos if needed

4) Describe thoroughly the problem

5) Give them a possible solution or two that would make me satisfied to resolve the issue.

When I do the above, I get a prompt (within a day) response. Hope this helps some people with their issues with service.

Date of experience : June 21, 2021

I purchased the Rattan Compass on Nov…

I purchased the Rattan Compass on Nov 26, 2020. I rode the ebike a few times and within 3 months it stopped working. I’ve been contacting the company since then including sending video and photo evidence. Phone number doesn’t work and I keep getting the same email asking me to make sure the battery is connected.

Date of experience : March 22, 2021

The motor failed after two months, no customer service.

The motor failed after two months, but I cannot reach Rattan. The company does not answer emails and the one time I got an answer on the hotline, it rang to a local bike shop in the LA Area. I bought the bicycle through Electric Boarding Company, which claims it cannot reach Rattan, either, though it is still taking orders for new Rattan bikes to be delivered mid-July (??). Rattan has also done a major update to its website since the pandemic started.

Date of experience : June 25, 2020

Opened of Christmas eve

Opened of Christmas eve, excited to put it together. I had it ready and charged the battery overnight and so (today) Christmas day i find the battery (even though fully charged) won’t turn on. It does seem to be a manufacturing defect most likely the Lithium ion pack itself. Will be posting this everywhere.

Date of experience : December 25, 2019

I wanted to give them 5 stars but since…

I wanted to give them 5 stars but since my bike arrived DOA I can’t. I received my bike in great shape however it won’t charge past 42% and I really dislike that you cannot call them directly for support. You are left with sending an email message. It would help if their website had DETAILED support documentation and troubleshooting links and online, detailed owners manuals. I will change my rating once someone responds and this issue is fixed. Update: I’ve changed the stars as they contacted me and everything is working perfectly now.

Date of experience : November 01, 2019

Really liking the Rattan customer…

Really liking the Rattan customer service folks already. and I haven’t even received my Ebike order yet! I realized after ordering on their site that I forgot to enter the discount code that would have saved me 200 (total for the 2 ‘Challenger’ bikes that I ordered). I sent them an email about this, and they very quickly responded, thanking me for choosing Rattan and refunding to me the discount! Very impressive!!

Date of experience : August 22, 2019

I used my Rattan ebike a total of three…

I used my Rattan ebike a total of three times and charged the battery twice after the last charge the battery failed, it will not accept a charge. I contacted the company and after a week of back and forth communications received a response that they are unable to do anything since the warranty expired. I will not ever buy anything from this company again and i urge anyone else contemplating a purchase from Rattan to think twice.

Date of experience : April 09, 2022

buy from a reputable company

I don’t know what I was expecting ordering from a Chinese company.

Not only did they send me the wrong color bike, but it had the wrong controller on it. The one I received doesn’t have a speed limit setting which means I literally cannot ride my bike here in Canada without risking getting arrested. I tried contacting them about it and it was the most frustrating back and forth where I sent detailed explanations, a video, photos with markings and text to overcome the language barrier, and they never addressed my issue.

I even ordered the controller I was suppose to get separately on Amazon, and I couldn’t get it to work.

Save your money for a Rad bike or something.

Date of experience : February 24, 2022

Arrived in perfect condition but no assembly instructions or parts list

Received my Rattan eBike yesterday and assembled it in two hours. On a positive note, the bike arrived in perfect conditon, solid packaging, clean and well secured inside the box. I haven’t ridden the bike yet, but plan to ASAP. I’ll review the performance in another writing.This eBike doesn’t have assembly instructions or a parts list. Without general knowledge of bicycle assembly the average person would be lost on what to do. You must rely on YouTube videos to get to final assembly. There’s zero instructions on bicycle electrical operating system. There’s not an on/off button and again YouTube saved the day. Otherwise appears to be a solid bike and great value for the price. Looking forward to riding it often.

Date of experience : November 22, 2019


BUY LITERALLY ANY OTHER EBIKE. Don’t believe the great reviews on YouTube etc. those ppl are paid plus get swag/Ebikes for thier reviews. The ebike itself is just complete garbage and customer support is a nightmare to deal with. My dumbass ordered one of these in August and the display had no default values entered into it so I first asked for them when I got no reply I asked for a refund. I was only 3 days into the stated 14 day trial period but nobody replied until it was long past so they refused to let me return it. They have a fake phone number that just goes to a VM that has nothing to do with customer service and nobody ever answers or returns messages. After Rattan refused to refund or exchange I asked them for a new display. It’s now November and I’ve spent 150 at a local bike shop, get daily emails, texts, and FB messages asking for the same pics, videos, documentation etc. over and over again and then repeat the same non answers to my issue. They just ship garbage hoping customers will get sick of the run around they get from customer service, give up, and keep the bike so they can concentrate on their more expensive brand Yamee

Date of experience : August 18, 2022

I didn’t do enough research :

Or not enough people knew that this brand wasn’t reputable yet. The battery held no charge, the rear spoke have finally snapped and I cannot get replacements guess 1k is wasted.

Date of experience : September 03, 2022

Do not purchase Yamee/Rattan. You have been warned.

Rattan and Yamee are the same company. I ordered a Rattan and received a Yamee. I was told Yamee is the luxury higher quality product from the same company. My LM-750 arrived defective. Since new the controller reverts to the wrong tire size and pas levels. I have tried multiple times over the last 18 months to get this resolved. Many promises of getting me the replacement parts I needed. Now they say the replacement part is discontinued. 18 months of lies and delays. Now I have to fit a different display and controller. If you buy a Rattan/Yamee bike you are on your own. Don’t expect any after purchase support.

Date of experience : November 10, 2021

Ordered online and got tracking…

Ordered online and got tracking information and received the bike within 5 days. boxed nicely, no damage to the box. Set up the bike in an hour. all good runs nicely. the battery charger port did not fit the battery. Contacted Rattan support via email and received a response, within 24hours, to send pictures of issue. I sent the pictures and got a reply from support, with a Fed X tracking number. The factory had used different size prongs in the port of the battery. Rattan sent the adapter and all is working good now. Note the phone number was not working. I have seen a lot of negative reviews, but this was not my experience. I am very happy with the bike performance and customer service provided by Rattan North America

Date of experience : November 15, 2020

Pleased with our Rattan LM750’s

We have had our Rattan LM750’s for a little over a month now, and quite honestly, despite some of the negative reviews, we love ours. Our Rattan Bikes have made biking an event now, rather than an exercise. My husband and I are spending more time together outdoors because of these E-bikes. We are having a small issue right now with our two bikes, but we are confident enough in the product and the company that we ordered a third bike today. I do believe this company is growing and learning the ropes, and perhaps not the easiest way, but I believe they will get there. Demand is very high and they are trying to keep up, and every business is going thru some issues right now I believe with Covid-19 playing a huge factor. I will continue to support this company and our bikes and post honest and thoughtful Комментарии и мнения владельцев and reviews accordingly.

rattan, compass, electric, mountain, bike

Date of experience : August 26, 2020

Company activitySee all

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Rattan was founded on the belief that a business doesn’t have to compromise to create great products at great prices. We hope to pass a positive attitude towards life to all through our products. We are all a little wild at heart, are we not? There is much to be gained from traveling and seeing the world. We should all embrace at least a little wanderlust. But let us not forget the end goal; in the wise words of T.S. Elliot, We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time. Now, riding your bike and let’s go for a trip! Becasue you will nerver know how beautiful the world is before you go outside. Then you will find that we are not selling you a cool bike but the amazing scenery along the way. Our team has only been in existence for only 5 years since its inception. During these five years, we have grown a lot and won the praise of many customers. But we still clearly understand that there are many places where we are not perfect. So if you have any suggestions, please be free to contact us, we believe that with your help, we will become better. Thank you again, our lovely customers —— Rattan


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Rattan Pathfinder ST Fat Tire E-Bike Testing Full Review

Disclaimer: Rattan sent this product to us for free for a review. That does not affect our opinion about the product. In this article, we list both what we like and dislike. Read more about this here.

Is the Rattan Pathfinder 750W E-Bike Any Good?

Electric bicycles have exploded in popularity. Today there are hundreds of companies making them.

Rattan is an e-bike company that’s been around for a while, and they’ve been improving their electric bikes every year.

They started with the classic folding electric bikes that are perfect for urban life and travel.

Now they’re expanding their reach to mountain and fat tire e-bikes that are better for long distances and difficult terrain.

We’ve gotten our hands on one of their newest releases, the Rattan Pathfinder ST, and we’ve really enjoyed testing it on different roads and trails.

In this review, I’ll cover the main features of the Rattan Pathfinder ST and talk about how well it has performed in the time we’ve been using it.

To answer the question, is the Rattan Pathfinder e-bike any good?

I’d say yes, it’s actually a fantastic e-bike.

I’d recommend it to anyone looking for an entry level e-bike with a medium distance range that can handle any kind of road and even trails.

Rattan Pathfinder ST E-Bike Overview

Rattan Pathfinder ST E-Bike

Quick Note: There are two versions of the Rattan Pathfinder, the Pathfinder and the Pathfinder ST. The ST stands for “step through”.

The main features of both e-bikes are the same, the only difference is the bike frame design.

Main Features

  • 750 watt Motor
  • 1,200 watt Peak Motor Power
  • 80 N.M Max Torque
  • 720Wh Lithium Battery
  • 30-65 Mile Range
  • Class-3 E-Bike
  • 31 MPH Top Speed
  • Shimano 8 Speed (Gears)
  • Sine Wave Controller
  • LCD Display
  • App Control
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Regenerative Braking
  • Front Fork Suspension
  • Remote Suspension Lockout
  • Throttle Pedal Assist
  • Cruise Control
  • Step Through or Step Over Frame Options
  • Microfiber Leather Handlebar Grips
  • Aluminum Alloy Frame
  • Easy Assembly
  • 2 Year Warranty


  • Height Recommendation: 5’5″ to 6’6″
  • Max Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Max Rider Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Total Weight: 77 lbs
  • Max Seat Height: 39.4″
  • Min Seat Height: 33.5″
  • Total Length: 77.2″
  • Handlebar Height: 45.7″
  • Stand Over Height: 17.7″

Dimensions and weight ratings are the same for the step over version.

What’s in the Box?

  • Rattan Pathfinder ST
  • 720Wh Battery
  • 3 Amp Fast Charger
  • Manual
  • Front Back Fenders
  • Rear Rack
  • Front Light
  • Taillight/Brake Light
  • Tool Kit

A Closer Look


The Rattan Pathfinder’s powerful 750 watt 48 volt brushless motor has a 1,200 watt peak power output. It’s located in the rear hub.

The torque is 80 N.M, which is actually pretty high for this type of e-bike.

They usually average around 65 N.M, but the Rattan has a higher torque to help keep the bike moving up hills and when loaded down.

Battery Charging

The 48 volt 15 amp hour lithium battery locks into the frame of the Pathfinder.

It can be removed using a key, and it has an on/off switch on the side.

Make sure you turn on the battery, otherwise the motor and LCD screen won’t get any power.

You can charge the battery while it’s in the bike frame or take it out and charge it somewhere else.

The charging options make it easier to use multiple batteries or start charging the battery without removing it.

The included charger has a 3 amp output, which is fast for an e-bike in this range. It can fully charge the battery from 0 to 100% in around 5 hours.

It’s not recommended to fully deplete a lithium battery, try to not let it go below a 20% discharge. Doing this will increase its life and ability to hold the full 720 watts of power.

The battery measures 16.75 x 3 x 4 inches (LxWxH) and weighs 9 lbs.

Shimano Gears

There are 8 gears on the rear hub that help with pedaling. It’s a fantastic feature, especially if you run out of battery power before you’ve made it back home.

Pedaling a 77 lbs bike without the help of a motor can be pretty difficult, and the gears help make that easier.

The gears are shifted using a standard gear levers on the right handlebar. They’re easy to use and you can shift multiple gears depending on how far you push in either lever.

One nice touch I really appreciate is a metal guard that sticks out from the derailer and gear assembly. This helps protect the sensitive parts if your bike ever falls.

Shimano is known for its quality. Their bicycle gear systems are used on tons of brands of electric and non-electric bikes.

You may need to adjust the derailer a little when you first get the Rattan Pathfinder, but there are some good instructions in the manual to help you out.

Fat Tires Fork Suspension

One complaint many people have about e-bikes is how rough they are on dirt roads and trails.

Many cruiser style electric bikes, like the Rattan Pathfinder, don’t even have front suspension.

To help reduce bumps and road vibration, the Pathfinders have shocks in the front.

The wide fat tires add stability and help absorb some road bumps.

The fat tires are 4 inches wide and 26 inches in diameter.

They also help with traction on rocks, sand, and snow.

Kinetic Energy Recovery (Regenerative Braking)

One unique feature with the Rattan Pathfinder is the ability to charge the battery when braking or going downhill.

This isn’t something you usually see on e-bikes, especially ones in the same price range as the Pathfinders.

When you engage the brake even a little, or set the pedal assist to 0 when going at least 15 MPH, the bike will start charging the battery.

You can see when this is happening by looking at the watt output meter on the LCD display.

When electricity is being created, it will display a negative watt output, which is the number of watts being put back into the battery.

Kinetic energy recovery isn’t going to completely recharge an e-bike battery right away.

It doesn’t generate a ton of power, but it’s a cool way to utilize braking and coasting and it will increase the range a bit when used strategically.

It also helps take some of the pressure off of the hydraulic disc brakes, which makes them last longer and require less servicing.

Remote Suspension Lock-Out

Mountain bikes and bikes with front suspension forks often can lock the shocks so they won’t move.

When you pedal a bike, some of the downward motion is absorbed by the suspension system. Especially when pedaling hard and fast.

Locking the shocks helps make pedaling more efficient. On an e-bike, that translates to longer battery life and less strain on the motor.

Normally, front suspension forks are locked by turning a dial on the top of the right shock tube.

You usually have to bend down to do it, which can be dangerous when you’re going fast.

To make it safer, Rattan has added a remote suspension lock-out feature.

There’s a small lever on the left handlebar to the right of the throttle.

When you press in the lever, it pulls a cable that’s connected to the lock switch on the right suspension fork and engages the lock.

To release the suspension, you press the lever down. This unlocks the shocks, so they move again.

It’s a really simple system that makes cycling a lot safer and increases pedaling efficiency.

Throttle Button Controls

The throttle is a lever on the left handlebar. You push it down to increase speed without having to pedal.

One nice thing about the Rattan is the speed follows the amount the throttle is pressed, unlike other lower range e-bike that only have one throttle speed.

Near the throttle, there are 5 button controls for every electric feature on the Rattan Pathfinder.

There are. light, power, and info buttons.

The “i” info button shows different info on the LCD display primary screen, like the trip mileage, total mileage, max mph, average mph, and total travel time.

Long pressing the “i” button will switch through the ECO, Normal, and Sport modes.

Use the power button to turn on or off the e-bike.

If you hold the “-” button down for 2 seconds, the walk assistance will activate.

The “” and “-” buttons adjust the pedal assistance levels.

If you hold down the “” and “-” buttons, you can access the setting menu to customize things like the max speed, screen brightness, units, and more.

LCD Display

The LDC display screen is in the center of the handlebars.

It has a simple primary display that shows the battery percentage, current watt usage of the motor, mph, pedal assistance, mode, and info like trip miles and travel time.

You can access all the settings through the LCD screen and the handlebar buttons.

There are a lot of settings you can customize, like wheel diameter, max speed, screen brightness, modes, voltage levels, and even more in the advanced section.

In the advanced settings, you can get more specific with how the motor performs.

For instance, you can change how many pedal assist levels there are and the amount each level will assist you.

You can even make it so the motor engages faster or slower when you pedal.

For people like me who want to make things run exactly like I want them to, I appreciate a lot of options and settings.

But the factory settings are pretty good as well, so you don’t need to mess with any of that if you don’t want to.


You don’t have to use it, but the Rattan Pathfinder E-bike can connect to an app called “Key-Disp”

The app helps you access the settings easier. It will also give you more detailed information.

The app also includes navigation and diagnostic tools to help with any issues the Rattan Pathfinder might be having.

The app navigation has a monthly subscription fee, but the rest of the features are free.

It’s also a way to contact Rattan customer service and to read more about the bike.

Included Accessories

You get a lot of value with Rattan e-bikes, especially with the included accessories you get with purchase.

There are front and rear plastic fenders to help keep you and the bike cleaner.

The front light is bright and can be turned on and off via a button on the right handlebar.

The red taillight is also a brake light that shines brighter when you’re braking.

A heavy duty aluminum alloy kickstand is already installed.

Last but not least, there’s a heavy duty rear rack included to help you get the most out of the high 400 lbs weight capacity.

If you want to get more accessories, you can check out the Rattan website.

There are bolt points on the frame for a front rack and water bottle holder.

Rattan Pathfinder E-Bike Testing


Probably the most important aspect of any electric vehicle is how far it can go or how many hours the battery will last.

With e-bikes, the amount of pedal assist used influences the range a lot.

Since the Rattan Pathfinder is a giant 77 lbs electric bicycle, it needs quite a bit of power to move, even if you’re assisting by pedaling.

I did one test using just the throttle at full speed in NORMAL mode and a test with 55% pedal assist in ECO mode.

For the 55% test I was pedaling enough to help the bike, but not enough to make myself tired. Just a steady, comfortable pace.

Pedal Assist Total Distance Total Cycle Time Average Speed
100% 26 miles 80 minutes 30 mph
50% 55 miles 3.5 hours 20 mph

I was riding on paved and dirt roads during these tests, there was some uphill and downhill and some stopping and starting because of traffic.

The range on any e-bike can change a lot because of things like weather, rider size, road conditions, stopping/starting, and more.

Distance per battery charge can be different for everyone.

These numbers are mainly to give you a good idea of the battery life and how far the Rattan Pathfinder can go in good conditions with a 130 lbs rider.


The battery charge percentage is displayed on the LCD display’s main screen in the top left corner.

It uses a percentage and battery graphic to show how much battery you have left.

On my Rattan Pathfinder, the battery percentage is extremely inaccurate.

During the throttle only, full speed test, the battery went from 100% to 48% after only 5 miles of flat road. I kept riding and make it 26 miles in total on that bike ride. That’s 21 miles on the 48%.

Since the battery percentage is so off, I recommend using the odometer to help you judge how much battery is left.

I noticed that if I turned the bike off and then on again, it would change the battery percentage and make it more like what it’s supposed to be.


Moderate hills are no problem for the Rattan Pathfinder.

If you’re only using the throttle, it will slow down a little on long, steep hills, but it’s easy to assist it by pedaling lightly.

On extra steep hills, like the kind you find on the sides of mountains, you definitely need to pedal.

When going downhill, you can start braking a little or turn the PAS (pedal assistance) down to zero to recharge the battery a little.


Even though the Rattan Pathfinder ST looks like an electric dirt bike or a moped, it’s definitely not.

If you’re using pedal assist and moving the pedals, this bike is as comfortable as any other. The cruiser handlebars and seat position make it easy to cycle long distances.

When using only the throttle, your feet have to stay on the pedals which aren’t as comfortable as a stationary foot peg like a motorcycle has.

It’s not terrible to not move your legs, but it’s more comfortable to pedal and keep your legs moving.

Rough Roads Trails

Rough dirt roads with lots of bumps and washboard are still pretty rough feeling, even with the fat tires and front suspension fork.

It is a lot better than other e-bikes I’ve tried.

Because of the stability the fat tires give, I’m not as afraid of hitting rocks when going fast.

If this wasn’t a fat tire e-bike, I would probably be a lot less daring and not go on as many dirt roads.

Review of Rattan Pathfinder ST

First off, I’m 5 foot 4 inches tall. I’m 1 inch shorter than the lowest recommended height, and this electric bike is absolutely huge compared to me.

It’s more like an electric scooter or even motorcycle, and I wasn’t expecting it to be as tall as it is.

Even though I’m barely tall enough for this e-bike, it’s actually still very comfortable and manageable for me to ride.

The step through frame makes it easy for me to get on and off of, and the seat doesn’t even need to be at the lowest height for my legs to pedal comfortably.

The handlebars are a good height too. I really like that they can be tilted up or down to different rider heights.

I really enjoy using this e-bike to get around. I can just pretend it’s an electric moped when I don’t feel like pedaling, or I can go really far distances without having to exhaust myself completely.

The rear bike rack is extremely heavy duty, and it’s easy to load down with groceries and even camping gear.

It has a smooth ride and the fat tires make dirt roads a lot more fun.

One big difference with the Rattan, compared to other e-bikes, is pedaling more won’t change the speed you’re going, it mostly helps out the motor.

Other e-bikes have a lot of speed sensors that adjust the speed according to the amount of pedaling, but the Rattan doesn’t work like that.

For instance, if I set the pedal assist percentage to 50%, the motor will pretty much always try to go 20 mph.

When I pedal, I’m only helping the motor, so the speed stays the same no matter what.

It takes a little getting used to, but once I understood how it works, I’m pretty good at adjusting the pedal assist to get to the speed I want.

You can change the speed sensor levels in the advanced settings. I turned it up as far as it could go (0 to 12). That helped a little, but it still only allows about a 1 mph change.

The Rattan Pathfinder has a lot of speed, power, weight capacity, and stability from the fat tires, but all of that comes at a cost.

This e-bike is super heavy, and it takes a lot of power to move it.

Compared to other e-bikes with a similar speed, weight, and tire width, the Rattan is actually pretty decent.

But if you want a long range e-bike that can take you over 60 miles comfortably, this isn’t the electric bike for you.

For quick trips to the grocery store, or even using as a work commuter bike, the range is far enough.

If you feel like getting a good workout, you can increase the range by lowering the pedal assist below 50% and make it pretty far.

I like the 50% pedal assist level It keeps the bike at 20 mph, which I think is the perfect speed for a decent bike ride.

Fat tire bikes of any kind are not very compatible with most bike racks, platform or hanging.

We have two platform bike racks, and neither one of them can take the weight of the Rattan or the width of the fat tires.

So you’ll need to have a plan B if you want to travel with this e-bike.

I recommend a hitch mount dirt bike carrier. They are often made with lightweight aluminum, have super high weight capacities, and most even have ramps.

They are also wide enough to fit the 4 inch fat tires.

If that’s not a good option for you, a cargo carrier might work as well. Just make sure you strap it down tight.

Parts Quality

This is a very well made electric bike. Most of the parts used work well and seem to be of good quality.

Both of the brakes needed to be adjusted to stop them from squeaking. But once I got that figured out there have been no weird sounds, and I’ve ridden it well over 200 miles so far.

The bike seat has an adjustment feature that makes it so you can tilt it up or down.

The aluminum teeth that are supposed to hold the seat at the angle you want have already completely worn away. So it just stays tilted up no matter how much I tighten it.

I’m planning on getting a different type of seat that stays in the same position.

The battery percentage is also very off. But I’ve found that to be pretty common with bikes in this range.

If you turn off the bike then turn it back on it will adjust the battery percentage and make it more accurate, but it’s an extra step that can be annoying.

Now that I have a pretty good idea of how far the Rattan Pathfinder can go, I monitor the mileage instead of the battery percentage to judge how much further I can ride.

I’ll need to test it a lot more to see how long it will last, but there is a 2 year warranty for a little peace of mind.

Final Thoughts

The Rattan Pathfinder e-bike is a fantastic option for people who want a heavy duty e-bike that doesn’t break the bank.

There are tons of different settings you can adjust, which I really like.

The biggest thing you’ll want to learn how to use is the pedal assist settings.

Since the Rattan Pathfinder isn’t a speed sensor driven e-bike, you’ll need to change the pedal assist percentages to adjust the bike’s speed.

The motor is still working great, and only the bike seat has given me trouble.

I’ve let a lot of people test ride it to see how well it handles different rider weights and sizes. I’ve been impressed with how well the motor has worked, even up hills.

I’ll update this review throughout the summer. I plan on taking the Rattan Pathfinder on longer trips and even camping so I can try out some trails.

So far, I’d recommend the Rattan Pathfinder to people. It’s a great e-bike for the price range and it will get you where you want to go.

Rattan Pathfinder ST E-Bike

What I Like

  • Can use pedal assistance or just the throttle.
  • Front suspension fork that locks remotely.
  • Fits a wide range of rider heights.
  • Powerful Motor
  • Large Battery
  • 8 speed with Shimano gears.
  • Lightweight plastic front and rear fenders.
  • Heavy duty cargo rack.
  • Headlight, taillight, and brake light.
  • Adjustable Handlebars
  • Simple LCD screen display with lots of settings.
  • Can get up to 31 mph.
  • Stable fat tires with great traction.
  • Step through frame makes it easy to get on and off.
  • Great Distance Range

What I Don’t Like

  • Very inaccurate battery percentage.
  • App GPS feature requires a monthly subscription.
  • Very Heavy
  • Fat tires don’t fit most bike racks, even heavy duty e-bike ones.
  • Bike seat tilt adjust wore out really fast and doesn’t work now.

Have questions about the Rattan Pathfinder ST fat tire electric bicycle? Leave a comment below.

by Jenni

Jenni grew up in a small town in Idaho. With a family that loves camping, she has been towing trailers since a very young age.

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