Rad Power Bikes Takes A Bold Step With New Electric Trike. Three wheel electric cycle

The Original 3.0. Electric Cargo Bike

Skip the traffic. Soar past the carpool line. Forget finding parking. Fill up on giggles, not gas. It’s the school running, kid hauling, grocery getting, beach cruising, life changing fun machine from Bunch Bikes!

We’re proud to introduce the Bunch Original 3.0: Updated components on our flagship model, including improved display and controls, more comfortable saddle, flat-resistant tires. and those long-awaited color options!

Transform your daily routine into a joyful outdoor adventure. With super easy steering and a powerful electric assist, the Bunch Bike makes your family life easier, more sustainable, more accessible, and more fun.

Shipping: 199. Arrives Fully Assembled

Bikes in stock will arrive within 2 weeks in the US. 3 weeks in Canada.

Front Bench (no front door) Front Door (no front bench)

Sedona and Honey are high-gloss lacquer finishes that highlight the natural woodgrain.

Cool Black and Sleek White are premium paint finishes that create a uniform semi-gloss appearance without visible woodgrain.

Custom Design: Create a showstopping custom look and highlight your brand, your organization, or your family’s unique style. Learn more about pricing and options here. We also offer a range of artist collaborations.

The Front Bench option maximizes seating. Passengers can use the front or rear bench, for a total of four seats and four seatbelts.

The front bench is not compatible with the front door. Most typically abled children aged 2 can climb in using the side steps.

The Front Door option allows easier access to the cargo area for large dogs and passengers with limited mobility. Passengers can use the rear bench only, for a total of two seats and two seatbelts.

The front door is not compatible with the front bench.

If you wish, you may order both options. Switching between Front Door and Front Bench mode takes approximately 5 minutes. Order an additional front panel here!

Every Bunch Bike comes with our 12 month warranty. Your bike is guaranteed to work perfectly for you! If you run into problems or defects during the warranty period, we will cover both parts and service to get your bike running smoothly for you. You can read more about our warranty here.

You can also purchase optional extended warranty coverage through Mulberry.

We want you to be able to try your Bunch Bike risk-free. All new Bunch Bikes come with a 14-day free trial period, beginning the day you receive your bike. If the bike doesn’t work for you, let us know within 14 days. We’ll arrange for your bike to be returned to us and you will be eligible for a 100% refund, including shipping costs.

We pride ourselves on exceptional customer care. We want your family biking experience to be fun, safe and stress free! Please check out our reviews for feedback from our customers about the Bunch Bike experience.

Battery: 48v 13.6Ah Li-ion. 653 Wh,Samsung 35E Cells

Battery Charger: UL Certified, 48v 2A Smart Charger

Brakes: Bengal Hydraulic Disc Brakes, 160mm Rotors

Cargo Box: Marine Plywood with locking storage benches

Chain: KMC 27

Crankset: 38T, 170mm DAPU crankset with magnet speed sensor

Derailleur: 7-Speed Shimano Tourney

Fenders: Included, black steel front and rear, full coverage

Freewheel: Shimano 7-Speed

Frame: Steel. Black CNC painted, ED rust-proof internal coating

Grips: Comfort EVA foam grips

Handlebars: Alloy, Height adjustable by 8.5

Lights: Front. XC-297E LED light, Rear. Spanninga Lineo. integrated in battery case

Motor: 500W brushless, DAPU M155 Geared Hub Motor, 45 Nm of torque

Pedals: Wellgo K79 with reflectors

Rims: Samson, double wall, alloy, (36H front | 36H rear)

Saddle: Bunch comfort saddle. black

Seat Belts: Four 3-point seat belts included

Seatpost: Promax, 28.6mm x 350mm

Seatpost Clamp: Promax 319Q, quick release

Shifter: Shimano Tourney 7-speed

Spokes: 12-gauge stainless steel

Steering Damper: Single gas-spring damper

Rear Rack: Included, 66-pound load limit, integrated battery rack

Tires: CST C-1635, Front. 20 x 2.15 | Rear. 24 x 2.00

Throttle: Wuxing 108XL side-pull thumb throttle

Recommended Rider Heights:

5’4. 6’5. On standard equipment

power, bikes, bold, step, electric, trike

5’0. 5’3. Let us know so we can customize the seat height

Seat Height: 29.5. 39.5 (measured from bottom of pedal stroke)

Handlebar Height: 43. 49

Total Length: 83

Width at Widest Point: 33.25

Handlebar Width: 24

Usable Length of Rear Rack: 14

Rear Rack Capacity: 55 lbs.

Total Loading Capacity of Bike: 350 lbs.

Max Loading Capacity of Cargo Area: 220 lbs.

Bike Weight: 152 lbs.

Seatpost Diameter: 28.6 mm

Cargo Box Internal Width: 23

Wood Thickness: 0.5

Cargo Box Internal Length: 35.75

Cargo Box Height: 18.5 at the front to 22 near the handlebars

Height of Benches from Floor: 9.25

Depth of Benches: 9

Height from Ground to Floor of Box: 15

Sale price 4,965 Regular price (/)

Don’t love your bike? We’ll pick it up and refund 100% including shipping

Your bike comes fully assembled, charged, and ready to ride!

As low as 0% APR or 150/month with Affirm

We care for our Bunch families with personal service that is justly famous. Read our reviews!

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Why Bunch?

Learn what makes our bikes unique

Why Bunch?

Learn what makes our bikes unique

Three wheels make the bike easy to start, stop, and handle, even for beginners.

So you can talk, laugh, sing, and enjoy the ride. Seatbelts included!

With 500w of power, your family will soar. even uphill, even fully loaded!

We’re proud to take exceptional care of our Bunch families. We’re here to make your bike life easy, accessible, and fun!

We use quality components and build and test each bike in our warehouse in Texas. That’s how we ensure safety for our kids. and yours.

Meet a Bunch Squad member in your community to test ride a Bunch Bike in person

Everything you’ll need to get rolling

Upgrades Accessories

Sale price 289 Regular price 499

Sale price From 94 Regular price 158

Customer Reviews

It’s a ton of fun. It’s a great alternative to a minivan for our family when we’re going anywhere within a 5-10 miles. which is a lot in our city. We’re constantly going to street festivals that we didn’t go to before because we didn’t want to deal with traffic and parking. The electric assist provides plenty of power, even with two kids and an adult in the basket. Customer service has been great as well. We strongly recommend getting one.

We thought about getting a cargo/family bike for over a year. Even after we tried a Bunch bike we weren’t sure if we could justify the price — would we get enough use out of it? Was our town bike friendly enough? When we thought about purchasing a second a car we decided to buy the Bunch bike instead. We knew it would allow us to be more active and that it would be better for the environment but what we didn’t anticipate is how much our entire family LOVES riding the bike. It turns daily tasks into a fun adventure and is an instant mood lifter. The kids being in the Bunch instead of a trailer behind me allows me to engage with them during the entire ride. They also have such a good vantage point to look around. We used the rain cover in the winter to keep the kids a bit warmer, the sun cover for shade, and we definitely recommend the seat cushions for a more comfortable ride. We are so happy with our purchase!

Hey Jessica, You said it better than I could, but this review sums up my experience Bunch Biking with my kids over the last 6 years. Always a mood lifter and never any regrets about taking the bike instead of the car (we’ve never owned a 2nd one, and don’t ever plan to). I’m so glad that it’s working out for you guys! Aaron. Bunch Bikes CEO

So happy with our Bunch bike for so many reasons. Customer service is the BEST. Their inclusion program is wonderful. This bike has changed the way our family enjoys the outdoors! I look forward to school drop off and pick up, park trips are easier than ever and my two littles can go with their sister and I nearly anywhere on our bikes now. So special!

Hi Jessie, I can’t imagine our family’s life without our Bunch Bike, it’s how we do everything! Inclusion is at the heart of what we do and we want to make our bikes accessible to as many people as possible! I’m so happy to hear how the bike has become a part of your life! Aaron. Bunch Bikes CEO

I did not get this trike a moment too soon! I’ve been a urban bike commuter for over ten years and giving up the bike during my first pregnancy and not being able to ride with my daughter for a year was one of the toughest sacrifices to my mental and physical well-being at the time. Just when it was getting too uncomfortable to stay on my bike this time around my Bunch trike came and I’m so thankful to still be on the road. I want to promote upright electric trikes like Bunch to anyone facing mobility issues. It’s a game changer. One minor issue I’m still working on is with this pregnancy I am expecting twins and unfortunately the rain cover doesn’t zip down completely with two infant seats installed. I’ll have to trouble shoot this one. But considering this bike is the difference between me having the independence to go to the grocery store or not it’s a minor issue. I also highly recommend including the cafe lock when purchasing. It can be difficult to find a suitable spot to lock the trike up to, so the cafe lock offers great peace of mind when running errands.

Hi Rachel, I’m so glad to hear that the Bunch Bike has made it feasible to bring the joy of biking back into your life. I too have been a bike commuter for about 10 years, and I don’t think I could have kept it up when we had kids if it were not for our Bunch Bike. I know Lelac is already working with you on a workaround for the rain cover and infant seats, but thanks to yours and others’ feeddback it’s something we’re working on improving on the next version of the rain cover. Aaron. Bunch Bikes CEO

We absolutely love our Bunch Bike, and so do our kids. They prefer it for going to school or playdates over a car ride and it’s been a really great way to meet more of our community as well since everyone is curious about the bike. We had been nervous about how well our family would take to it considering the cost, but when viewed as a car replacement it’s been really incredible. and economical!

Hey Kevin! The Bunch Bike is definitely an investment, but it’s allowed our family to never own a 2nd car, and we barely use the one that we do have. Doing daily school drop offs, trips to the park, pool, library, cafes etc. has more than paid for itself over time. So glad you guys are loving your new Bunch lifestyle! Aaron. Bunch Bikes CEO

We were a little nervous to make such a big purchase not knowing if the bike would live up to our expectations. After using our new bike a few times we are in love! The bike has been perfect for adventures with our baby. I love that this bike gives us the opportunity to have an experience together where we can talk with our baby as we bike and she’s not stuck in a trailer behind us. The Bunch rides well and has a nice battery life. Would recommend the bike with 5 stars!!

Hi Julie, I’m so glad to hear that the bike worked out for you guys, but even if it hadn’t our return policy is great and we would have taken the bike back at no charge or hassle to you. Having the kids in front is a total game changer and perfect for making years of memories and sharing the joy of family biking together! Aaron. Bunch Bikes CEO

I have to say that I had the best experience asking questions and ultimately buying my bike from Bunch. Impeccable customer service. I had an absurd number of questions and they were kind, patient and informative. Double thumbs up.

Hey Matthew, A bike like this is a big investment and it’s not for everyone. It can take a lot of questions about your personal situation and use case to figure out if it’s going to be the bike you need. So no, it wasn’t an absurd number of questions! Whatever it takes to feel comfortable, we’re happy to help customers out! I’m glad to hear you had a great experience! Aaron. Bunch Bikes CEO

I got it to ride with my toddler who loves outside time and hates the car. I use it more without her! I commute to work as a music teacher and can load all my instruments and gear with one of the benches removed. It feels so stable and is FUN to ride. I am amazed at how helpful the pedal assist is for going up hills. The throttle helps get going from a standstill at red lights or stop signs. I can’t wait to ride with my daughter, but in the meantime am loving commuting three days a week cargo bike style. I LOVE my bunch bike.

Hey Jamie, Fun fact, in the distant past I was a school music teacher, and if I had had a Bunch Bike back then, I would’ve been a sight to see riding around town with my double bass. Good on you for getting your commutes done car-free! Your daughter will love it more and more as she grows. Sounds like you guys have years of fun family memories to come! Aaron. Bunch Bikes CEO

Moved to a new home right next to bike bath. HATE DRIVING A CAR! Beyond thrilled to safely take my two kiddos on daily rides. I felt 100 times safer in this than all of the other E.Cargo Bikes I text drove. I am a buncherr for life!

Hey Laina, I hate driving my car too 🙂 Welcome to the Bunch life. the stability of 3 wheels is a game changer for practicality riding with kids. and handles better than 2 wheels in the winter weather (as I’m sure you’ve noticed!). Aaron. Bunch Bikes CEO

The Bunch is a really enjoyable and practical way of transporting multiple kiddos. Before this bike, and while we only had a single child, I would ride my solo e-bike while baby-wearing our daughter. However, at 3-years-old, she was starting to get a little heavy and too tall to continue this for much longer; and once we had two kids and our youngest could be apart from his mother long enough, I needed to up my game. I wanted to keep having the kids in front where I can see them and interact with them rather than put them in a bike trailer, so I searched around and found Bunch as the perfect solution. The Bunch has been great for that.- a ton of fun for me to ride, and with both the 3-year-old and the 10-month-old (in a toddler seat) enjoying it as well. We’ve taken in on several rides already, both during daytime and night-time.- and both rain and shine.- and it’s been a blast in each of those conditions! The bike handles pretty well on a gravel road, and up a pretty steep (~18% grade) gravel hill.- though of course it feels smoother to ride once we get to pavement or a well-packed gravel road. The bike isn’t perfect, but I think it’s the best that exists on the market today. There are a few improvements I would love to see Bunch make, and I’ve given feedback on some of those items already. Most notably, the thumb throttle being impacted by the passive-assist setting is a poor design choice (i.e., you can’t be on level 0 and still use the throttle, you need to bump up the PAS level first; however, I hear that it’s on their radar to improve eventually, decoupling the throttle from the pedal-assist level). The motor isn’t silent, which is a bummer (by contrast, it’s silent on my solo e-bike from Rad Power Bikes), but it’s also not too loud.- and on the flat I just put the bike into assist level 0 and get some excercise, whereas once I need the extra help I don’t care how loudly the motor whines. Other small things: the headlights could be brighter (but it’s easy to just attach a standalone bike light); and the toddler seat faces forward rather than backwards by default and doesn’t have shock-absorption (but I did a DIY modification to have it face towards me, and sit atop the cushion for some shock-absorption on the bumpy gravel road). Overall it’s a great family bike, by a company that’s got fantastic customer service and a really positive and helpful group (search for Bunch Bikes Club: Owners Friends). I’m glad I got the bike, have already recommended it to friends, and look forward to riding it with the family for many years to come!

Hey Michael, As always, we really appreciate your feedback and I’m glad you’ve shared it here. All things you mentioned are on are radar and things we’re working on improving behind the scenes, thanks for sharing the honest pros and cons! I’m glad you guys are getting a lot of use out of the bike! Aaron. Bunch Bikes CEO

Rad Power Bikes Takes A Bold Step With New Electric Trike

That’s right, gang: an electric trike! Today, Rad Power Bikes is introducing perhaps its most controversial and disruptive product ever and it just might remind you of the Big Wheels you used to rip around your neighborhood on.

The RadTrike is an attempt to marry the stability and utility of a three-wheeled cycle platform with Rad Power Bikes’ expertise in building e-bikes for the masses. We spoke to Rad Power Bikes founder and Chairman Mike Radenbaugh ahead of the launch to understand how the RadTrike came into existence and where it fits in the Rad Power Bike lineup.

Since before the founding of the Rad Power Bikes, friends and family members were requesting a three wheeled electric bicycle from founder Mike Radenbaugh. He had cut his teeth on e-bikes in high school, where he saw the possibility of compact and powerful electric motors when paired with the impressive power density of lithium-ion battery packs and began retrofitting bikes with electric drives.

Interest was so high that he actually built a few electric trike prototypes as he toyed with early designs of some of his two-wheeled electric bikes. Even with so much early interest, it was clear that the low hanging fruit in the world of e-bikes was in products with two wheels. So the company was founded building two-wheeled Class 2 electric bikes using 750W motors. Over the years, Radenbaugh continued to refine the idea of what a three wheeled Rad Power Bikes trike would look like. Today, it is finally time to take the wraps off of this labor of love as Rad Power Bikes officially unveils the RadTrike to the world.

Electric trike courtesy: Rad Power Bikes

The Rad Trike

At its core, the RadTrike is a RadPower Bike. You get the same 750 watt motor, a right-mounted twist throttle, 5-speed pedal assist, and the quality Rad Power Bikes is known for. At 2,499, it is more expensive than the rest of Rad Power Bikes’ lineup, but that’s understandable given how much larger the RadTrike is and how much more it can do. It also has a few extra features like a rear coaster brake, parking brake, and an integrated rear rack that kick it up a few levels.

The low center step through of the RadTrike, when combined with the stability provided by its three wheels, makes it easier for riders with mobility challenges to mount up and get riding. Similarly, the seat was designed with stability in mind. It boasts a wide, supportive saddle with a backrest designed to ensure a comfortable ride for the long haul.

Electric trike courtesy: Rad Power Bikes

Rad Power Bikes typically locates its motors in the rear hub, but they opted to locate it up front on the RadTrike. This puts the power in the center of the bike and makes it easier to change a flat for all of the three tires. Typically, changing a flat on a rear tire of an e-bike requires messing with the chain, derailleur, and power for the motor. Moving the motor up front means you don’t have to worry about the chain when fixing a flat tire.

Pro Tip: Putting tire sealant (like Slime or Flat Out) in your tubes will pay for itself in avoided frustration in a very short period of time. Bonus tip: For extra protection, throw a set (3, in this case) of tire liners in as well.

This doesn’t just move the problem to the rear of the bike. In fact, it simplifies things entirely. Tires and tubes on both rear tires can be fixed without removing the rims from the bike. That’s a huge improvement in repairability and a huge win for customers. If you get a flat or need to upgrade to new tires, the old tires can be pulled off and new ones added without having to pull the wheels off the bike. If it’s as easy to do this as it sounds like, this is a big improvement. Also, the bolts for the rear tires are recessed to keep the width of the trike to a minimum.

Electric trike courtesy: Rad Power Bikes

Speaking of that front motor. The RadTrike isn’t just an amalgamation of Rad Power Bikes’ existing components tossed arbitrarily into a three wheeled format. There are a number of improvements made specifically for the new member of the family to ensure a better experience for riders. One of those is reverse mode. The RadTrike’s front hub motor can actually go in reverse to make it easier to turn around in tight quarters.

Moving the motor up front required rethinking the typical approach to the front fork and steel was the answer. The RadTrike is built with a steel frame and that includes the front fork for exactly this reason. Using steel ensured a rigid platform for the RadTrike’s motor and boasts beefed up nuts for the front wheel that are larger than anything Rad Power Bikes’ has used in the past.

The steel frame provides a solid base and according to CEO, Mike Radenbaugh, it gives the bike a tight feel that’s extremely responsive to steering input from the customer. This was important to the team designing the RadTrike because many trikes can be awkward to steer due to their three-wheeled base. The steel frame also provides an industry-leading 415 pound total payload capacity for the RadTrike.

Electric trike courtesy: Rad Power Bikes

To give new buyers a head start on the learning curve of going from a two-wheeled bicycle to a three-wheeled adult tricycle, Rad Power Bikes will be launching an all new “Trike School.” The new offering is a tailored set of questions and answers designed to give prospective buyers a leg up on learning about the differences between a RadTrike and traditional two-wheel bicycles.

It’s not so much of a formal class, but a new approach to teaching customers about the RadTrike to give them a leg up on riding it safely right out of the gate. It’s the little things like how fast to take turns, how to plan for the extra girth of the RadTrike, and how to navigate difficult terrain. These are things best taught and learned in-person but an online version of this content will be available for customers not located near one of Rad Power Bikes’ retail locations. The lessons specifically for the RadTrike are new, but this same type of instruction has been online for Rad Power Bikes’ two wheeled bikes for quite some time.

Comfortable and in Control

Moving upward on the bike, the wide handlebars are swept back allowing full control of the RadTrike from an upright position without having to lean forward. The swept back format puts riders in a position where they don’t have to stretch to touch the handlebars. They can ride in a comfortable upright position, while staying in full control of the bike.

Image courtesy: Rad Power Bikes

The adjustable handlebars play a dual role, as they can also fold down completely that, along with removing the seat, make it possible to roll the RadTrike into the back of an SUV or truck. Rad Power Bikes also utilized this folding capability to make it fit into a relatively compact box. It arrives 95% assembled with a single set of bolts to attach the two parts of the bike at a plate in the middle of the frame.

The front hub motor has been tuned specifically for the RadTrike. Part of that work was to limit the top speed of the motor. Most class 2 e-bikes are speed limited to a top speed of 20 miles per hour for pedal assist and the throttle. When testing the RadTrike, the team found that a lower top speed felt more comfortable and provided the best experience on the bike. Implementing a lower top speed than is required as a class 2 e-bike shows that Rad Power Bikes is really looking to build a product with safety as a key priority.

Electric trike folds up for easy storage: Rad Power Bikes

Use Cases

Mike said that he has been riding around Seattle after hours on a prototype electric trike, and he’s been surprised by just how much fun he is having on it. He saw the potential of a three-wheeled cycling platform early on, but he did not expect to be as personally drawn to it as he has been.

His experience on the early prototypes he’s been blasting around on only reinforced his belief in the utility and the need for a three-wheeled Rad Power Bike. Beyond merely validating the platform, his personal experience spawned new ideas for RadTrike-specific accessories like a new canopy to provide shade and protection from the elements for riders.

A RadTrike kitted out with Rad’s large basket on the rear and a front rack with another basket up front. Image courtesy: Rad Power Bikes

As with any disruptive product entering the market, the RadTrike is sure to stir up controversy. As a three-wheeled vehicle, it is going to have a slightly larger footprint than a traditional e-bike. Similar to how we all had to adjust to the early e-bikes running around town trying to find their place, the RadTrike and its wider stance will have to find its place in city, state, and country regulations as early customers hit the streets.

The obvious customer segment for the RadTrike is active seniors, but CEO and founder Mike Radenbaugh expects adoption across a much wider range of use cases including last mile delivery, including and especially pizza delivery given Rad Power Bikes’ existing partnership with Domino’s. It’s not hard to imagine the RadTrike being used to pick up groceries, ride with the kids to school in the morning, hauling goodies down to the beach for a picnic or loaded up with sports gear on the way to the park. The possibilities are endless and it will be exciting to see people taking them out into the wild and making them their own.

Image courtesy: Rad Power Bikes

The RadTrike is compatible with all of Rad Power Bikes’ existing accessories and comes with a built in rear rack and integrated front rack mounts. It’s quite an impressive platform that really starts to open up when you step back and look at the wide array of accessories — and thus, use cases — already easily within reach.

Staying active is a key piece of healthy aging and the more options we have to do that, the better. The three-wheeled RadTrike presents unparalleled possibility for riders looking for a more stable platform to get around town and stay active and engaged in their communities. In addition, an electric trike like the RadTrike is far, far cheaper than any other vehicle on the market while also providing the option of engaging in physical activity.

Regulators will have to weigh these benefits alongside the challenges of fitting these e-bikes into traditional bike lanes. It’s sure to stir up controversy, but it’s hard to discount significant benefits to individuals and our societies. Let’s encourage regulators to support progressive mobility. To increase access to affordable mobility, fitness, and engagement in communities. To support the integration of electric tricycles like the RadTrike into mobility infrastructure. A progressive push for wider bike lanes and more access feels like a step forward for all of us and the RadTrike is helping take us there.

The RadTrike is available for pre-order starting today in the U.S. for 2,499 with the first shipments going out to customers in mid-January.

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The new EWheels Electric Trike can easily be operated as a regular trike by just pedaling, or as an electric trike with 100% electric power by just twisting the hand throttle. You can even combine pedaling and electric power at the same time.

This well balanced trike can reach speeds up to 15 mph and travel up to 20 miles on a single charge. It features:

  • A low step-thru steel frame for easy seating
  • 500 watt direct-drive hub motor
  • A 48 volt sealed, maintenance-free battery
  • Oversized seat with backrest
  • Forward reverse switch
  • Front storage basket and large rear storage basket
  • LED front electric light
  • Electric horn electric battery indicator

Get your fully-assembled trike sent to you today!



Weight Capacity

Fully Assembled

Number of Wheels


Max Passengers

Airline Approved

Seat Dimensions (LxWxH)

Type of Seat

Type of Battery

Overall Width

Overall Height

Overall Length


Scooter Weight

Shipping Method

Top Speed (Up To)

Distance (Up To)


Turning Radius

Braking Type

Left Hand Control Option


Incline Capability

Ground Clearance


Type of Tires

Battery Charger

Speed Control



Throttle Type


Front Tire Size

Cell Phone Holder

USB Port


Motor Wattage

Motor Type



3 Year Limited Warranty
400 lbs
3 Wheels
Front Wheel Drive
10” x 12” x 9”
Oversized seat with backrest
Deep Cycle Sealed Lead Acid
128 lbs
LTL Freight
15 mph
20 miles
LED Headlight
Hand Brakes
Up to 10 Degrees
48 volt offboard
Variable Twist Throttle
22” x 1.95”
48 volts
500-750 peak
Brushless Front Hub Motor
Front and Rear Basket


Models Included

EW-10, EW-11, EW-12, EW-14, EW-19, EW-20, EW-29, EW- 36, EW-36 Elite, EW-46, EW-52, EW-54, EW-66, EW-72, EW-Vintage, EW-Bugeye.

Three Year Limited Warranty

Three (3) years from the date of purchase on all structural frame components, seat post and frame.

One Year Limited Warranty

One (1) Year from the date of purchase, if any part or electronic component of the scooter is found upon examination to be defective in material and/or workmanship, it will be replaced at Ewheels discretion.

Two Month Warranty

Two (2) Months from the date of purchase on the batteries. Batteries are subject to a stringent wear and tear clause. Any battery faults due to a manufacturing defect will become obvious within the first two months of use. Any gradual deterioration in performance after this period is normal and associated with fair wear and tear, misuse or accidental damage and as such is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

One Month Warranty

One (1) Month from the date of purchase on the scooter’s charger.


Service and Labor Costs

Unless previously authorized, service calls and labor costs are NOT included or covered under any warranty. The purchaser is responsible for the delivery to the authorized repair facility. Satisfactory proof of purchase is always required for warranty service. Please contact Ewheels directly for any assistance in locating a service provider or to make a warranty claim.

Consumable Items

Consumable items which may need replacing due to normal wear and tear like tires, tubes, lights, chains, upholstery and seating, brakes and brake pads, cables, fuses, buttons, shrouds and covers.

Damage, Accidental Damage and Misuse

Damaged caused by: battery fluid spillage or leakage, abuse, misuse, accident, negligence, improper operation, excessive loading, maintenance, storage, acts of God, commercial use, or use other than normal, extreme riding, modifications and alterations.

Second Hand Owners and Reselling

No warranty will be offered or honored for second hand owners. The warranty is exclusively offered to the original purchaser.

power, bikes, bold, step, electric, trike


Initiating A Warranty Claim

To initiate a warranty claim, please contact Ewheels service department by calling 888-571-2845, or by email at “Service@ewheelsdealers.com”. Note that before any warranty claims will be fulfilled, satisfactory proof of purchase will be required, and a photo or video of the damaged part must be sent and reviewed by Ewheels.

Returning Faulty Parts

power, bikes, bold, step, electric, trike

Do not return faulty parts to Ewheels without prior consent. A request for a return authorization is required prior to returning items. All transportation costs and shipping damage incurred while submitting units and/or parts for repair or replacement are the responsibility of the original purchaser.


Shipping Damage

In the event shipping damage occurs, it must be reported and addressed in a timely manner. Shipping damage claims are time sensitive and cannot be delayed. In the event the packaging is extremely damaged and the bike is beyond repair, please refuse the shipment, and contact Ewheels for further steps.

Shipping – Domestic

When applicable, part costs will be covered under warranty, and all warranty items will be shipped via FedEx Ground. Shipping fees will be at the expense of the purchaser.

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What Are The Advantages Of Tricycles Over Bicycles?

There’s no doubt that electric bikes are a viable alternative to cars and other forms of transportation. Riding a bicycle provides a low-impact workout that provides solid cardiovascular exercise. Apart from a traditional two-wheel electric bike. there are also three-wheel battery-powered trikes that are gaining more and more attention.

There are several benefits to riding a tricycle, both for children and adults. People usually associate electric tricycles with children and the elderly, but they’re beneficial to everyone. The many models and styles available make it possible for anyone to find a trike that suits their needs.

What are the advantages of tricycles over bicycles?

For all ages, tricycles are a great way to exercise, play, or get rid of excess energy. Whether you are a toddler who is just learning how to balance or an adult looking for an effective means of exercise, tricycles make a great choice.

If you are someone who’s considering this option but still needs more convincing, here are the advantages of an electric tricycle over a traditional two-wheel electric bicycle.

#1 Better Stability than Bicycles

It is easier to keep your balance on a trike because of the third wheel’s increased stability. Because of their 3-wheel design, tricycles ensure their riders will not fall over. Even if you cycle slowly, you cannot fall out of balance on a tricycle. Most tricycles have a low center of gravity, so you feel more stable since you are nearer the ground.

Furthermore, the tricycle’s wheels are always on the ground. On wet roads, on gravel, and on poorly maintained roads, they provide stability at all speeds. As a result, it can be argued that tricycles are the safest cycling option.

#2 Getting on and off a tricycle is easy

Tricycles are more stable than bicycles because they have three wheels. In addition, they are easier to ride. Additionally, you won’t topple over while riding them. over, tricycles don’t need to be balanced when stationary, making riding and dismounting them easy. After getting into your proper posture, you can ride it. After that, it’s just a matter of checking your brakes, engaging the clutch, and shifting the trike into first gear.

#3 comfortable than bicycles

Tricycles are extremely comfortable for adults and children alike. In comparison to bicycles, tricycles have large, padded seats which are much more comfortable for people with back problems.

On upright bikes with smaller seats, you may experience discomfort in your bottom as a result of the greater weight distribution. It will be easier for you to ride longer because your butt will feel more comfortable on a tricycle’s seat. When you can sit comfortably for a long time without feeling pain, you will enjoy riding a tricycle more.

#4 Better exercise

Tricycle riding works for more muscle groups in your body than a bicycle, which makes it good for low-impact aerobic exercise. On an upright bike, your legs and arms do most of the work. However, on a recumbent trike, when your legs extend out in front of you, you use more of your hamstrings and your core muscles to pedal.

Electric trikes are heavier than electric bikes. Therefore, they provide better exercise for your muscles. Furthermore, even elders and disabled people can get the required workout. In this way, electric trikes offer more exercise for riders.

#5 Offer more cargo capacity

It is common for tricycles to have sturdy frames. As a result, they are capable of carrying a substantial amount of weight. In addition to being great cargo bikes, they are great for heavy riders as well.

For city residents, a tricycle can be a good substitute for a car for carrying grocery bags. It is possible to carry 400 pounds on a tricycle, depending on the model.

Choosing an electric tricycle is the best option if you intend to tow a substantial amount of weight. It will be easier to move uphill with the motor providing pedal assistance.

#6 Suitable for hilly areas

When riding a bicycle, it is imperative that the rider maintains forward momentum. They will lose control of the bike if they cannot do this. As a result, some riders have to dismount before climbing a hill since they lack momentum.

There is, however, an obvious difference between a tricycle and a bicycle. There is no forward momentum required for a tricycle. Consequently, you can pedal slowly to the top of the hill by selecting a low gear.

#7 Offer a better experience

Compared to a standard bicycle, tricycles are much easier to ride because they are much more stable. Due to their lower ground clearance, riders won’t have to lean forward when climbing uphill, which will save them energy. As a result, trike cyclists are able to easily climb steep terrain by simply lowering their gears.

Furthermore, they provide superior comfort during cycling, which makes the experience much more pleasant. Additionally, different seating options are also available.

#8 Anyone can ride a tricycle

There are a variety of frame styles available for three-wheeled bikes, including basic, trendy, and speedy. With this versatile range of designs in frames and enhanced stability and comfort, electric tricycles are for everyone. People of all ages can benefit from them.

Even people with some disability issues or those trying to recover from an accident can ride adult electric trikes for sale because they are highly stable and easy to ride.

Bottom Line

An electric trike is incredibly stable, doesn’t require as much strength, balance, or coordination as a two-wheeled bicycle, and is as easy as riding a two-wheeled electric bike. Tricycles have their advantages and disadvantages. However, the goodwill usually outweighs the bad most of the time. In the end, tricycles can be useful for people of all ages and from all backgrounds.

Whether you’re a kid or a senior, they’re always a hit. To further make up your mind, you can visit Addmotor to check out three wheel electric bikes for sale There is an electric trike for anyone, just be sure to try them out.

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