Personal Loan EMI Calculator. Mantra e bike

Personal Loan EMI Calculator

A simple way to understand the finances of multi-purpose loans. personal loan EMI calculator. All you need to do – fill the loan amount, interest rate and select the tenure (in months). You will see a monthly payment amount calculated by Bank of Baroda personal loan calculator.

Calculate Your Personal Loan EMI


Personal Laon Amortization Schedule

Month Opening Balance Interest paid during the month Principal repaid during the month Closing Balance
1 500,000 4,271 25,815 474,185
2 474,185 4,050 26,036 448,149
3 448,149 3,828 26,258 421,891
4 421,891 3,604 26,482 395,408
5 395,408 3,377 26,709 368,700
6 368,700 3,149 26,937 341,763
7 341,763 2,919 27,167 314,596
8 314,596 2,687 27,399 287,197
9 287,197 2,453 27,633 259,564
10 259,564 2,217 27,869 231,695
11 231,695 1,979 28,107 203,588
12 203,588 1,739 28,347 175,241
13 175,241 1,497 28,589 146,651
14 146,651 1,253 28,833 117,818
15 117,818 1,006 29,080 88,738
16 88,738 758 29,328 59,410
17 59,410 507 29,579 29,831
18 29,831 255 29,831 0

Personal Loan EMI Calculator

You can calculate your loan with the Bank of Baroda Personal Loan EMI calculator tool. This personal loan EMI calculator online calculates the EMI value in no time.

On the three sliders, enter the principal amount borrowed, the interest rate of the bank and the period of repayment. By adjusting the sliders, you can compare the variables and fix them as per your suitability. You can pay low EMIs by opting for lower loan amounts, thus reducing the interest rate, or increasing the loan tenure. The calculator makes predictive calculations quite easily for you.

How can an EMI calculator for a personal loan assist you?

The handy and automatic online calculator gives you a head start in calculating the EMI numbers that you will need to pay while calculating your personal loan EMI. It allows you to assess your affordability and determine the loan term that is best for you.

If you can pay many EMIs, the interest rate will be lower, but the loan repayment period will be longer. Changing the EMI amount and numbers can help you find the best loan repayment term.

The loan interest rate is determined by the EMI and the loan term. Choose an interest rate from a vendor, who offers a competitive value.

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Amortization Schedule for Personal Loans

The personal loan amortisation schedule is a periodic tabular representation of loan repayment. The payment amount, which includes the principal and monthly interest, is shown until the end of the term. The loan repayment is structured in such a way that most of the payment goes toward interest and the remaining goes toward principal repayment.

A personal loan amortisation schedule displays the monthly payments that are due. Dividing each payment into interest and principal. It assists you in keeping track of the monthly due amount, and the forecast assists in budgeting.

Factors that affect a Personal loan EMI amount

The factor that affects a personal loan on EMI is the interest rate, loan tenure and amount.

Income: The lender looks at the borrower’s ability to repay. The loan limit is determined by an individual’s income, age and loan tenure. Details of employment: This criterion is critical because the bank determines whether you work in the public, private or self-employed sectors. The nature of your job, as well as your years of service, are also considered.

Credit score: The bank decides whether your behaviour is creditworthy. If your score is greater than 800, the best interest rates are offered.

Debt-to-Income Ratio: Your EMI should not be more than 40-50% of your net take-home pay. If your salary is Rs. 80,000 and your monthly EMI is Rs. 45,000, your debt-to-income ratio is nearly 60%. In such cases, the bank charges a higher interest rate. But you will get a competitive interest rate if the debt-to-income ratio is healthy.

Benefits of using the BOB Personal Loan EMI Calculator

User-friendly: The tool is simple to use and provides adequate guidance, allowing the lender to understand what they are attempting to achieve at each stage. Select the desired personal loan amount and set the interest rate and repayment term. Your EMI is calculated automatically.

Time saver: This is a quick loan calculator that eliminates the need for manual calculations.

Correct results: These automatic PL EMI Calculators are completely accurate and make no errors, which are common in manual modes. You can change the factors for a comfortable EMI with time-saving accuracy.

Aids in better planning: You can plan accordingly once you understand the EMI calculation, the interest and principal payable on the loan amount. The repayment schedule for personal loans is broken.

Hrithik shared his health mantra with fans by adding a pun from his film Koi. Mil Gaya.

Shirtless Hrithik Roshan Is A Ray Of Sunshine In This Gloomy Weather |

Hrithik Roshan is giving major fitness goals with his new Instagram post. On Wednesday, the Krrish star took to the photo-sharing application and dropped a shirtless picture of him flexing his biceps. Hrithik shared his health mantra with fans by adding a pun from his film Koi. Mil Gaya.

In the picture, Hrithik can be seen on an exercise bike soaking in some sun. He wore unbuttoned jeans and a yellow cap, flaunting his glistening ripped physique. He captioned the picture, “When you need to shred fast, nothing works better than vitamin D’hoop! Soak it in before the yellow turns blue. #keepgoing”


Hrithik built a muscular physique for his role in the upcoming film Fighter, which is helmed by Siddharth Anand. Fighter will be India’s first aerial action film. It will also be the first time that Hrithik will share screen space with Deepika Padukone.

The film is tipped to cater to a global audience with a story deeply that is rooted in India. Presented by Viacom18 studios in association with Siddharth Anand’s Marflix Pictures, Fighter is set to release on January 25, 2024. Anil Kapoor is also a part of it.

He also has War 2 with Jr NTR in the pipeline. Hrithik, on the sidelines of IIFA Awards 2023, expressed his happiness about sharing screen space with the RRR star. “I am very excited,” exclaimed Hrithik.


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Published on: Wednesday, June 14, 2023, 10:19 AM IST

WIN THIS BIKE! Is This The Best E-Bike Under £5k?

And you can win yourself one! The Saracen Ariel 50E is more than the sum of considerable parts. Great geometry, great suspension, great parts allied to a capable Shimano STEPS motor and capacious 720Wh battery from Darfon.

The 2023 Ariel E bike range takes the essentials of the previous Ariel E (shall we call that Ariel E the ‘Mark II’?) and slaps on new and improved finishing kit.

Now then, the MK II was a giant leap forward from the MK I Ariel E. Remember the MK I’s external battery and all the other clunky not-quite-finished articles that were on all early ebikes? As well as having the DIY-project aesthetic of early e-bikes, the geometry of the MK I was also pretty old skool.

When the MkII came out in 2021 and it was a whole new animal. Better motors, better integration, better geometry… The 2023 Ariel E bike (MK III?) range further builds on these improvements.

Let’s get back to the bike we have right here.

2023 Saracen Ariel 50E

Aluminium frame. In a particularly banging shade of Neon Red. Uses an e-bike specific version of Saracen’s much-admired TRL linkage design to give out 150mm of rear travel. This TRL layout is an oft-overlooked aspect of the new generation Ariel E-bikes. Single pivot linkage activated goodness. Super supple around sag point and quickly rising in progression to give the rider loads of support and feel.

We have a Large size Ariel 50E here, which is 29in wheel front and rear, as too is the Extra Large. The Medium and Small Ariel Es come in mixed wheel mullet configurations. Truth be told, on regular bikes I’m personally not massively sold on mullets but on full-bore e-bikes like the Ariel 50E, I must confess to finding the extra manoeuvrability and the increased arse-clearance very useful.

Damper deets

Up front we have 160mm travel forks. In the 50E’s case, the fork is a 160mm travel Marzocchi Bomber Z1 with some well-executed custom colour matched decals on its legs. Nice. Air sprung. Rebound adjust, ‘sweep adjust’ Grip compression damping. It’s a really, really good fork that is well up to the rigours of e-bike ragging.

The rear shock is a Fox Float X Performance unit with rebound adjustment and 2-position compression (it’s got a climb switch in other words). This is not a tinpot weedy shock. 230mm eye-to-eye delivering a full-on 65mm of shaft stroke.

It’s things like this that are easily missed on spec sheets but have a massive effect on how well – and consistently – the bike rides. Not to mention how more forgiving they are in terms of setting up. Dinky, weedy shocks suck on e-bikes. A lot. Kudos to Saracen for making the considerable effort to package proper shocks into these bikes.

Oh, the decals are colour coded on the Float X shock as well. Neat.

It’s worth pointing out that Saracen have a comprehensive and – for once – actually accurate and useful suspension setup guide for this shock on this bike. Hours of faff saved. Even the most suspension-phobic tweak-freaked riders can get a decent there or thereabouts suspension set-up. Again, well done Saracen for going the extra mile.

The e-bike stuff

Motor is a Shimano E-7000 on this entry level Ariel 50E. Whilst this motor ‘only’ has a top grunt of 60Nm of torque – compared to its siblings’ EP-8 85Nm – this is the key item that helps bring this bike in at under £5K. It’s something of a gamble by Saracen to spec a middling motor with decent dampers and finishing kit, but I think it’s a gamble that pays off handsomely on the trail. I’m more than happy to trade in 25Nm in exchange for proper suspension, brakes, wheels, tyres and all the other Good Stuff.

And hey, to look on the considerable bright side, 60Nm is still quite a lot of assist. And it is certainly significantly less battery-draining. And let’s be honest, a lot of 85Nm motor-ed e-bikes often don’t get used often in BOOST mode because of just how much it can rinse a battery.

Speaking of batteries, the Saracen Ariel 50E contains a big ol’ 720Wh battery inside its down tube. No more 504Wh range-anxiety specials that came with the previous Ariel E-bikes. is more. You’ll be doing many, many more miles of mountain biking with the battery and motor combo.

Buttons, screens and apps

The main power switch is neatly integrated into the top tube (there’s a USB-C power port just below the power button too for powering GPS device or even smartphones). There’s the simple bar remote near the left hand grip and the display sits besides the stem and gives you all the info you really need. Shimano’s remote control and dinky screen combo offer the best balance of discreteness and useful info. Other systems either give you too much info on a too-big screen, or give you next-to-no info on a screenless set-up.

You can connect via Bluetooth to the bike via Shimano’s actually good phone app – called E-Tube – to do some tweakery. You can tweak the motor’s power levels and you can also change what stats and info the display shows.

Geometry is key

Geometry talking time. Sorted geometry is Saracen’s other secret weapon (alongside their TRL rear suspension design).

In a word, the Ariel 50E is… long.

It may not be hugely slack up front – 65° head angle – but the bike sure is long. The reach on this Large is a magnificent 505mm. The chain stays are an excellent 465mm length. Yes, I said ‘excellent’. Am not a fan of short chain stays on any bike but especially an ebike. Maximise your climbing capability to a ridiculous degree – it’s an ebike! Insane climbs are now actually fun.

To counter – or to work with – these lengthy rear stays is a relatively high bottom bracket height (a modest 25mm of BB drop). Healthily high BBs are actually great for a bike of this wheelbase and reach. Lowslung BBs often aren’t so great on long bikes. They can leave you a bit ‘lost’ and overly stuck-to-the-ground. Bringing up that BB height adds shedloads of dynamism and control back into the mix. This BB height is another easily-missed – and misconstrued – sign that Saracen know what they’re doing with geometry.

That 65° head angle may get some folk’s eyebrows a-raising – we’re getting used to bikes with head angle a degree or two slacker up front – but that Z1 fork comes into play here. The Z1 has masses of support and is well placed to be set up to ride nice and high in its travel whilst still allowing the full travel to be accessible – even if it means lighter riders may need to remove a few volume spacers from its stock configuration. That’s what volume spacers are for – fine tuning things to work best for you. E-bike forks don’t need loads of sag to be plush. Run your e-bike forks with less sag, remove some volume spacers if need be to get at full travel, and reap the benefits of a better handling front end.

Finishing off kit

Let’s finish things off with a quick rundown of the finishing kit of this Saracen Ariel 50E.

Shimano Deore brakes with 203mm rotors front and rear. SLX 12-speed drivetrain with 165mm length XT cranks.

DT Swiss HX552 wheelset features a 30mm internal width, ideal for supporting the 2.4in width tyres such as the excellent Maxxis Minion DHR II tyres that are specced.

Up front the handlebar is from RaceFace and is 780mm wide with 35mm of rise, paired to a suitably stubby 40mm Race Face stem.

Finishing off the package are a pair of proper ODI lock-on grips, a KS Rage dropper post with Westy remote and Saracen’s own e-bike specific saddle.

Review soon

We’ll have a full review of this Saracen Ariel 50E up on site very soon. We’ve already been putting a load of miles through it. I don’t think it’s too much of a spoiler to say that it’s a really good performer. How could it not be?

Saracen Ariel 50E Specification

  • Frame // Series 3 Custom Butted Hydroformed 6013 Aluminium
  • Shock // Fox Float X Performance 230 x 65mm, rebound, 2-position compression
  • Fork // Marzocchi Bomber Z1 Grip
  • Wheels // DT Swiss H552 rims on KT hubs
  • Front Tyre // Maxxis Minion DHR II 29 x 2.4in EXO TR
  • Rear Tyre // Maxxis Minion DHR II 29 x 2.4in EXO TR
  • Chainset // Shimano XT E-8000, 165mm, 34T
  • Drivetrain // Shimano SLX/Deore 12-speed, 10-51T
  • Brakes // Shimano Deore 2-pot, 203/203mm
  • Stem // RaceFace Chester 35, 40mm
  • Bars // RaceFace Chester 35, 780 x 35mm
  • Grips // ODI Elite Motion
  • Seatpost // KS Rage I, 30.9mm, 150mm
  • Saddle // Saracen Custom CRMO E-MTB
  • Motor // Shimano STEPS E-7000, 60Nm
  • Battery // Darfon 720Wh
  • Size Tested // Large
  • Sizes Available // Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

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