ONYX LZR 500w – The Electric Dirt Jump Bike. Onyx e bike

ONYX LZR 500w – The Electric Dirt Jump Bike

Thats right an electric dirt jump bike. When we first saw this we checked to make sure it wasn’t April the 1st. It wasn’t so we took a closer look. Onyx have launched this dirt weapon, the LZR 500w, it seems to have pleased the public based on Комментарии и мнения владельцев we have seen, at the same time we wondered if they had edited the comment section heavily? There is no doubt in the world of dirt jumping this might be a controversial product.


Frame – 6061 T6 Alu Fork – 100mm w/lockout Wheels – 26″ Brakes – Textro HD-M285 Drive – 44T – 14T 170mm cranks Motor – 500 W ONYX Dark Matter Battery – 504wh weight – 45lbs Max rider weight – 300lbs Price – 2799 (Pre-order offer)

Our Take

Riders who dirt jump need a lightweight bike thats robust and can be whipped around easily for all the different tricks they like to do. We have sat here trying to think of how and why you might need a dirt bike thats electrified, “How about a bike thats easy to ride back up to the top of the jump line…” was the answer that came back across the office. Yes, a valid point. Maybe an extra boost up the hill?

Looking at the key product specifications it has its own specific motor, which is centrally mounted plus an integrated battery. They even claim a range up to 70 miles and torque of 95nm. This then is not specs wise a compromise by any means in the world of electric bikes. It looks like it might possibly give you a boost into the jumps? Can it give you that perfect speed hit needed to clear the gap perfectly?

onyx, 500w, electric, dirt, jump

But wait there is a key specification that really jumps out (excuse the pun). Max rider weight 300lbs! This bike is going to be, if that specification has been tested, one of the most robust class 1 Ebikes on the market.


Honestly we want to try one, if it increases ride fun, then hey we are all for it. We will reach out to ONYX to see if someone we know can test it to the max, in the meantime it will be a mythical product that is not cheap compared to other dirt jump bikes, but certainly interesting. Dirt jumping is a niche part of the sport so we don’t expect to see huge numbers of this bike sold, but if people realize it’s one of the strongest bikes on the market it might appeal to those outside the subset of core dirt jumpers.

ONYX LZR Pro Review: Who Is This Jumper E-Bike For?

The California-based electric bike manufacturer ONYX recently unveiled its newest model, an ebike designed to overcome obstacles like jumps and rocky terrain. The brand-new ONYX LZR is being marketed as the ideal ebike to hit jumps and electrify the air and is available with two different engine combinations.

It will have a strong 900W Bafang M600 mid-drive system that can reach speeds of over 30 mph and provide over 1,000 peak watts. Also, as you can see from the photographs, ONYX chose a frame-integrated battery (504Wh) with a range of 30-65 miles per charge, depending on how much pedal assistance you need.


Pre-orders for both electric bikes are now being accepted, with deliveries expected to commence in 6–8 weeks. The ONYX LZR retails for 2,799 and has a significant early-bird discount of 1,999. It comes in two colors. Just the Myst Pearl (blueish) color choice is available if you decide to spend the extra money on the LZR PRO, and it costs 3,399. You better act quickly since the first 100 orders will receive this amazing bike for only 2,799!

ONYX LZR Pro: Design and Build Quality

I’m not sure about you, but I believe these brand-new electric bikes look fantastic. Simply avoid attempting those tactics at home. Obviously, the most expensive model is the ONYX LZR Pro. This bike has a 6061 aluminum frame and an adjustable front fork with 100mm travel, making it ideal for urban streets or jumps.

It’s vital to remember that neither model has a throttle because ONYX anticipates riders to hit jumps, spin the handlebars, and perform other acrobatics. They are totally pedal-assisted bikes, though.

The tough hard-tail e-bikes in the new ONYX LZR series, with their flawlessly balanced, performance-tuned, and power-boosted mid-drive powertrains, are intended to “own the streets and conquer the hills.” On the website, the business even refers to these bikes as “dirt jumpers,” implying that they are suitable for any terrain. Simply watch the launch video to see what I mean.

It’s a stylish bike with a recognizable tapered top tube that, at least in photographs, appears to be incredibly thin where it connects to the seat tube. In person, it appears and feels solid enough; in comparison to a light road bike, it feels more like a tank at 25 kilos.

It sports a lock-out for road riding and a hard-tail frame with an unbranded front suspension fork. There is only the color you see here and one frame size available. It’s perfect for shorter riders at 16.5-inch. According to ONYX, its recommended height and weight ranges are 5’3″ to 6’7″ (160-200 cm) and up to 120 kg (rider luggage).

There are mechanical disc brakes; however, only the 170mm brake discs are included in the Tektro MD-M311 brake system listed in ONYX’s specification list. The brake levers are unbranded, although the actuators (and likely the pads as well) are produced by Zoom.

onyx, 500w, electric, dirt, jump

The back wheel, which houses the Bafang engine, has bolts while the seat and the front wheel have fast release clamps. The motor has lots of power reserve despite having a nominal power rating of 750W; more on that later.

The battery is usefully detachable so that you may remove it from the frame, where it is located in the down tube, and charge it independently from the bicycle.

The ONYX LZR Pro sports a front LED light with a fairly loud horn built in, similar to many other Chinese bikes. There is no rear light; instead, a reflector for the seat post is included in the box.

A rear mudguard and a throttle are also included in the box (with the UK model, at any rate). If you only plan to ride on private property, you can install this along with the shorter handlebar grip that is included. This converts the bike into an electric moped so you can use the motor without pedaling. The ONYX LZR Pro’s top speed in Europe is capped at 28 mph (45 km/h), just like all electric motorcycles.

ONYX LZR Pro: Motor and Battery

It’s wonderful to see a Bafang motor because it’s of higher quality than what you often buy at this cost. If a problem does arise, it should be repairable in addition to being dependable.

But be aware that ONYX only provides a 12-month warranty (two years only on certain components). You can choose from five different power modes on the handlebar-mounted display, in addition to a 0 option that completely turns off the motor. That’s helpful if you’re making slow, precise maneuvers and don’t want the motor to start, knocking you off balance and into the ground.

And trust me, it will accomplish that. The ONYX LZR Pro saves money by choosing a cadence sensor instead of a torque sensor, which is used by more expensive bikes to determine when and how much power to provide. As the motor has no way of knowing how hard or gently you are pedaling, it will start when you pedal, which is typical of most inexpensive e-bikes.

Holding the and – buttons while pressing the power button will bring up the U menu, where pressing the – button will change the speed from km/h to mph.

As soon as you go from the Volt Pulse to the ONYX, the ride comfort is noticeably different. Given the price differential and the fact that the Pulse is not a mountain bike, this shouldn’t come as a surprise, but when I rode both bikes down my neighborhood’s Big Hill, the ONYX seemed much jitterier and unstable.

It was uncomfortable, even if it might have been partially caused by the fact that I had purposefully left the tyre pressures quite low, which is what you want for off-roading.

The ONYX LZR Pro performs admirably on dirt paths, where it is most at home. Although I would prefer it to be a little lighter, once you get used to how the power is delivered, you can predict the power setting you will need for any given inclination.

The large 26-inch Kenda tires are puncture-resistant and provide good traction. The budget fork is excellent at absorbing bumps, but because it is so inexpensive, it might not be able to handle serious downhill mountain biking, especially if the courses have jumps and aren’t rollable.

Remember that the Shimano gears are entry-level equipment, and the restricted ratios aren’t ideal for particularly steep off-roading, but they work just fine for casual forest rides.

Beyond this, the brakes may use some improvement, as they aren’t incredibly potent. The orange reflectors, which make it appear like a child’s bike and are not required by UK law, should also be taken off, in my opinion.

If you’re pedaling, ONYX claims that the ONYX LZR Pro can travel 70 miles between charges. You can travel up to 40 miles solely on the motor, but only if the throttle is installed and you are permitted to ride it in this manner.

Both are obviously the best-case circumstances on a flat, warm road. Considerably shorter range is to be expected for actual mountain biking. Also, because of how heavy the bike is, save the battery power for when you truly need it to climb the steepest inclines; once the battery is dead, your legs won’t enjoy the added work.

You’ll literally get different results. While you’re pedaling hard, you can expect to travel between 30 and 50 miles on a full battery with a combination of on- and off-road riding.

ONYX LZR Pro: Conclusions

If you live in the UK, you might opt to purchase a Carrera Vengeance E at Halfords. For warranty repairs, it is equally expensive and provides the security of brick-and-mortar establishments.

The fold-up, fat-tire M1 of Fiido is an additional option. Although it has front and rear suspension, the ONYX LZR Pro is a little more maneuverable and easier to control. But it folds up to save space in storage, and it has a great design.

In the end, the ONYX is a good buy. Certainly, there are inexpensive parts like the fork and others, but the 750W Bafang motor, and other name-brand parts offer reasonable value.

Don’t buy any of these to ride on the road, but the ONYX LZR Pro delivers for the money when it comes to off-road enjoyment.

A versatile electric bicycle that doubles as a motorcycle? That’s the feat accomplished by Onyx Motorbikes

Is it a bicycle? Is it a motorcycle? It’s actually a little bit of both. The Onyx RCR blurs the lines between practical urban, bike lane-legal ride and high-output highway cruiser in a super-retro package.

Onyx Motorbikes is a San Francisco, California-based company that recently launched two models of electric mopeds. While one is a proper city-dweller, the other one has a wheel in the city and the other on the highway.

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The CTY is the tamer model of the lot and a standard e-bike. It has a 48-volt battery with a range rated at roughly 25 to 40 miles, depending on your speed. It’s the perfect partner for a ride in the city as it can reach a top speed of 30 mph and is fitted with pedals, should the battery run out. The spoke wheels and banana saddle give it an undeniably retro look and for some extra comfort, the CTY has a motorcycle-like suspension to absorb bumps.

It’s priced at 1,875 on pre-order, and comes with a few added perks such as an LCD display, headlight, USB 3.0 port, Bluetooth connectivity, and a Smart key.

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The RCR is a bit of a different beast. It’s hard to understand what you are looking at while scanning the RCR’s design with its low-swept frame and thin tires, but believe or not, it will actually take you on (most) highways. Onyx calls it the Cafe Blaster for its look reminiscent of a cafe racer with its flat saddle, wire wheels, and round headlight.

onyx, 500w, electric, dirt, jump

The model is a cross between electric bicycle and motorcycle. It receives at 72 V battery paired with a 5.4 kW electric motor for a 7.2 HP output. for a bike weighing in at 120 lb. This makes the RCR equivalent to a 125cc motorcycle and therefore doesn’t require a license. Its electric range is estimated at 75 miles. The “economy mode” turns the RCR into a quiet urban commuter, limiting its speed to 20 mph, but when you change the mode, the RCR becomes a proper highway motorcycle with a top speed of 60 mph. The beauty of technology!

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Onyx says that the RCR will go anywhere a bike will go including bike lanes and your office. Regular pricing for the RCR usually starts at 3,500, but when you pre-order via Indiegogo, you can get it for 2600. It receives the same practical features as the CTY. Both models also have regenerative braking and three riding modes; eco, normal, and sport.

Deliveries of the ONYX RCR are expected to begin in December of this year. You will have to wait a month longer to receive your CTY. Just don’t get stuck on the highway having to pedal your way back, that could put a damper on your day.

Onyx RCR review: A powerful e-bike with a lot of hype

This boutique café racer e-bike will turn heads, but is it worth it?

onyx, 500w, electric, dirt, jump

The Onyx RCR is a “café racer” style electric bike from Onyx Motorbikes in California. The RCR fits nicely above the Super73 but below something like the Sur Ron in terms of raw power.

The Onyx was not my first e-bike. I started riding around NYC on a Super73 RX. Then, on my first group ride, I saw a couple of guys riding the Onyx RCR. The difference in acceleration between my Super73 and their bikes was… noticeable. I kept riding my Super73 for a couple of months, but eventually I sold it and bought an Onyx RCR.


Optional upgrades

I ordered my bike back in November 2020 and it took about 117 days to be hand built and delivered across the country to New York City. ONYX says that it will now take about 2 months to build an RCR. Shipping will add a few weeks to it depending on your location.

First impressions

I met up with the delivery crew at a meetup point close by and they rolled my bike off the truck fully assembled and ready to go. I was naturally very excited to give it a try, but the first thing I noticed was how heavy it is. ONYX states that the RCR weighs 145lbs with the stock battery.

My first ride on the RCR was in Eco mode, which tops out at 20 mph. At this speed it was hard to keep up with traffic, so I switched it to “normal” mode, which goes up to 35-40 mph, and that felt a lot better.

There’s also a Sport mode that goes up to 60 mph, but that’s hard to do in New York even in a car.

It’s fun

I’ll go into more detail in a moment, but riding the Onyx RCR is exhilarating. The torque, the form factor, it’s all just very quick and sporty.


I got the optional 2,953 Wh battery, which should provide around 150 miles of range at 20 mph. I ride faster than that. But in the city, range is basically never a problem. I don’t even bring my charger with me.

Build quality

Sadly, for a bike that costs more than 4,000, there are some pretty annoying build quality issues. The wood panel near the seat of the bike is great, but the aluminum panels below it are flimsy and not designed very well. The mounting screws were already broken by the time I wanted to open up my bike.

It doesn’t stop there

There are more issues with the Onyx RCR as well: Compared to the Sur Ron, the suspension is really stiff and uncomfortable. Because of the hub motor in the back, the rear brake is wimpier than the hydraulic disk brake in the front, and that does make me worry about stopping power.

Should you buy one?

Despite these issues, I would still get an Onyx RCR. Just don’t go into it thinking you’re going to get something that matches or exceeds a real motorcycle. I would consider a Sur Ron if I were buying again, but it doesn’t have quite the same style. Luckily there are a number of mods that make the Onyx RCR better, but even those don’t come cheap.

Michael Verdugo is a photographer in NYC

You can find his Instagram at @Kiddox, and his here.

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