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Segway Transformer C8 Kids eScooter review – transform and literally roll out

REVIEW – We’ve all seen kids of all ages (including myself) scooting around on a variety of kick scooters for a number of reasons: they’re fun, it’s easier and faster than walking, and … did I already say they’re fun? While our own child is still too small to scoot, I have a roster of niblings (my favorite term for nieces and nephews) that I thought of as soon as the review offer for the Segway Transformer C8 Kids eScooter came in so I volunteered, and luckily it came in time for the big family holidays this year. The niblings had a blast scooting around on it, and their parents were relieved that it was fast enough to be fun, but slow enough that they were not likely to be hurt in crashes (no niblings were injured in the making of this review).

What’s in the box?

Design and features

The Transformers branding, art, and logos are all over the Segway Transformer C8 Kids eScooter. An Autobots logo is above the front wheel, while the entire deck (made of sandpaper-like material for safety and grip) has artwork of Bumblebee:

The Autobot logo is repeated up by the handlebars, and in the picture below you can see the thumb throttle and the multifunction power/mode button.

The left handlebar has the brake lever. Both feature rubbery grips that are comfortable and easy to hold.

The handlebars attach to the deck with both a clamp and a locking pin. They’re not designed to be frequently and quickly collapsed, but you can do so for storage or transport.

Looking at the side profile you can see the Segway logo and the fenders to prevent splatter on the rider.

The kickstand seems sturdy and is easy to flip out and in with your foot. Reflectors on the sides of the front wheels add to visibility, especially at night.

The charging port is protected from the elements by a flip-out seal.

Above that is the indicator light – this shows if power is on or off, and which mode is selected (slow, fast, or cruise).

The next picture is a view from above as if you were the rider on the Segway Transformer C8 Kids eScooter:

And this last shot in this section shows the front tire a bit better. This tire has the electric motor in it, so it’s front wheel drive.

The Segway Transformer C8 Kids eScooter’s build quality all around was very solid, as I’d expect from an established brand like Segway. Some of the welds are a bit sloppy, but in an overdone way rather than not enough. My only complaint about the design would be how far the cables stick out of the scooter – I could see these getting snagged on something with the rough way that some kids play (or get damaged from being thrown down, etc.).


Setup of the Segway Transformer C8 Kids eScooter is as simple as sliding the handlebars onto the post as shown above, and then clamping down for extra security.

Next, plug in the wall charger (the bottom right one in the picture above), which has an LED indicator that is red when charging and green when complete.

Finally, plug the Segway Transformer C8 Kids eScooter in and wait for up to 3 hours if fully empty.


Segway nailed the speed settings for this age range and size of scooter. My niblings that fall in the recommended age and size range all loved riding the Segway Transformer C8 Kids eScooter. Some other electric kid scooters I’ve seen go way too fast and are asking for road rash and broken bones, or are so slow that kids lose interest. The Segway Transformer C8 Kids eScooter was used pretty much nonstop for a week while multiple families were in town for holidays, and it did great all around the neighborhood streets which include some decent hills. Feedback from the kiddos was universally positive, no complaints all around. Likewise, their parents didn’t have any worries about safety and loved that the kids were entertained.

Innovative Design, Heightened Performance

275 lb (125 kg) Maximum Load Spacious Deck

The X7 Pro is compact yet sturdy to carry weight, and its wide, anti-slip deck allows both feet in a secure, comfortable position.

30-Mile (48 km) Maximum Range

A morning ride to your workplace, a noon meet-up with friends blocks away, and an evening visit to the supermarket, all on a single full charge.

20 mph (32 km/h) Top Speed

It is the right speed for you to beat the heavy traffic and arrive at work on time, even after a quick stop at your favorite coffee shop.

350 W Powerful Motor

The motor releases remarkable power when quick acceleration is needed, while its balanced throttle response offers a smooth everyday ride.

Convenient Use, Enjoyable Experience

10-inch pneumatic tires maximize shock absorption for added riding comfort.

The on-board computer displays speed, battery status, and riding mode.

scooter, model, comparison

Eco Mode permits travel at an energy-efficient speed to extend battery life.

Comfort Mode delivers an ideal riding performance for most daily trips.

Sport Mode boosts your ride with a maximum speed of 20 mph.

Cruise Control Maintains your desired speed automatically to avoid hand fatigue.

3-Step Folding Mechanism Makes your e-scooter ride both time-saving and space-saving.

Lightweight Frame Allows easy transportation whenever portability matters.

15% Climb Capability Handles hilly streets effortlessly at a press of the throttle.

Thoughtful Features, Enhanced Safety

3 W LED Headlight The front-facing LED light illuminates the path far ahead, helping with early detection of adverse road conditions such as water puddles and loose rocks. It also increases the rider’s visibility to other vehicles and pedestrians.

Triple Braking System A responsive rear disc brake and front electronic brake, both activated by the hand lever, work jointly with an auxiliary foot brake mechanism to achieve a short braking distance of 16.4 feet. The taillight blinks in red when braking to alert people nearby.


  • 1 x X7 Pro Electric Scooter
  • 1 x Charging Adapter
  • 2 x Handlebars
  • 1 x M6 Hexagon Wrench
  • 1 x User Manual


What makes the X7 Pro folding electric scooter a best-seller?

The X7 Pro folding electric scooter for adults is a great commuting e-scooter that delivers good value for money. With a top speed of 20 mph and an extensive range of 30 miles on a single charge as well as a detachable battery design, the X7 Pro is the top choice for commuters who want to be more efficient, all while being healthier and greener. Its twin model X7 Max with a longer 32-mile range does the same. But if you want to ride further, then the 50-Mile Dual Battery V8 Long Range Electric Scooter is worth taking a look at.

Are the X7 Pro and the X7 Max folding electric scooter the same?

The X7 Pro is TurboAnt’s classic model of folding electric scooter for adults. It is known for its detachable battery design that allows for fast battery change and convenient recharge. The X7 Max is quite similar to the X7 Pro but with some adjustments: an increase of 2 miles in range, a battery lock, and an elevated deck.Both models are an ideal option for commuting, daily activities, and leisure riding. Riders can choose either one depending on their own preferences and needs.

Or you can go to Electric Scooters for Adults for more advice on which folding scooter is right for you.

What is the load capacity of the X7 Pro folding electric scooter?

The maximum load capacity of the X7 Pro is 275 pounds, making it able to carry both heavy riders, or riders carrying extra weight with them. If you are not sure about which kind of e-scooter is suitable for you, read the article to learn more. Best Heavy Duty Electric Scooters for Heavy Adults (275 to 350 lb)

You can also read this article to learn more about the e-scooter‘s weight limit. A Guide to Electric Scooter Weight Limit

What is the size of the X7 Pro’s tires?

The X7 Pro’s tires are 10-inch pneumatic tires with good shock absorption performance. There are other tire types available on the market, and you can read The Guide to Electric Scooter Tire to learn more.

What PSI level should I keep the tires inflated at?

scooter, model, comparison

What is the recommended rider height for the X7 Pro?

Is the handlebar adjustable?

What is the X7 Pro handlebar width?

What is the length and width of X7 Pro’s deck?

What is the weight of the X7 Pro?

What is the weight of the X7 Pro battery?

What do riders like most about the X7 Pro E-Scooter?

scooter, model, comparison

Urban commuters love it for its detachable battery design that makes transportation and battery change recharge easy. They also enjoy it for its powerful performance which allows it to be used for various riding purposes such as daily errands and leisure riding. Click here to see what other riders say about the X7 Pro and why it is trusted and recommended.

Can the X7 Pro E-Scooter handle hills/inclines?

The X7 Pro E-Scooter can climb up to a 15° slope. However, the actual degree that the X7 Pro Electric Scooter can handle will be affected by factors such as the rider’s weight and the riding speed.

Can I ride the X7 Pro on gravel paths?

Riding on gravel paths or other uneven surfaces will affect the riding experience. We highly recommend riding the X7 Pro on smooth, hard surfaces for a more comfortable ride and to keep the tires in good condition.

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“The TurboAnt X7 Pro is like a real ant: small and light with surprising ability. Discover how it stacks up against other budget commuters in this TurboAnt X7 Pro review.“

“In my opinion, the Turboant brand is synonymous with bringing excellent value to consumers who don’t necessarily have a thousand bucks to splurge. They’ve done an excellent job at making Smart design decisions that would yield the absolute best bang for your buck possible.”

“The ability to swap out the battery adds significant, meaningful functionality to the scooter. We love the ability to ride 15 or 20 miles out without having to worry about how much range was left in the battery. It was also helpful to ensure we always had a fully charged battery ready and waiting at home.”

I Did All Brands Name Comparison Before I Made A Purchase By Far TurboAnt Is The Best Scooter For It Price! I Bought 2 One For Myself My Wife After Taking Mines On The AtL BeltLine Around The MidTown Area Then Headed Ova To Little 5 Points just Was Cruising To See How It Hold Up With The Battery Life It Held Up Amazing (I Did Charge It 6 Hrs As Recommended)I Was In Between Speed Mode I Weight About 130 Pounds (Keep That In Mind) I Was Using Medium Speed Mode Due To lots Of Ppl Walking the BeltLine Other Scooters Still Was At A Good Pace Then Fast Speed Mode When I Wasn’t In Crowded Area’s It Really Is Fast 20 MPH With No Problem It Stood Up Strong Also Switching Speed Mode While Rolling Is Another Plus, I Did About 11-14 Miles Total thru The City Still Had A Full Battery When I Was Done! I Cant Find No Complaints On The Scooter Very Happy With The Purchases I Saved A Lot Of Money Going With TurboAnt Instead Of Other Big Brands Names. Priced Right Good Quality I Recommend It

I bought an X7 pro last week, shipping time is okay, 3 days only. I liked its design and appearance as soon as I opened the box so I immediately assembled it. It took me 10 minutes to assemble: basically just the installation of the handlebar, inflating the inner tube and some screws. I started off with Comfort Mode, and changed to the sports mode, from 9 to 20mph. now I don’t have to worry about being late for work, and I don’t have to bear high transportation fees and those troubles anymore. My neighbor also wanted to try it. Now he also wants to buy a TURBOANT. He asked for my recommendation. But when I was riding, I found that there was always the sound of didi on the screen, i thought it must be the battery so I tried to take out the battery and reinstall it, or turned off the scooter and turn it on again, but the same sound was still there. it was frustrating. I thought there would be a problem so soon. So I wrote to the TURBOANT support team, and they patiently reassured me and told me not to worry, they will definitely help me to solve it, and let me send a video of the problem. Soon, the customer service got back to me, saying that it is the cruise control function that make the sound because I kept pressing the throttle, and also shared with me the correct use of the cruise control function, that is, you only need to select the speed you need, and then press the throttle for 6 seconds, the scooter will automatically enter the cruise control mode with a beep, and you can release your finger on the throttle, and the speed can always be maintained at that speed. This design is really suitable for me, I don’t want to keep pressing the throttle, like it. Combined with my riding experience, if you also bought this amazing X7 pro, I suggest that you carefully read the manual and email reminders before using it. TURBOANT will send some usage precautions in advance so that you will not have problems like mine(I didn’t read the manual carefully, so I didn’t understand the use of cruise control power supply, and I almost thought there was something wrong with the scooter), and you will use it better. All in all, I am very satisfied with my first scooter purchase experience and customer service, highly recommend TURBOANT.

Received my Turboant scooter in the timeframe that I was told. Easy unboxing and set up. Everything works like it’s supposed to. Look forward to giving it to my son in college, who will be using it to get to classes, football practice, etc.

We love these scooters! Our main purpose was to have transportation at the soccer fields for our kids’ tournaments. We’ve used them for so much more! Their speed options, collapsibility, removable battery for easy charging and theft prevention makes these scooters worth every penny! Our boys are 11, and 12, but they are big enough for us to ride as well!

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